d=M165.494,533.333c-35.545-73.962-16.616-116.343,10.703-156.272c29.917-43.728,37.627-87.013,37.627-87.013 s23.518,30.573,14.11,78.39c41.548-46.25,49.389-119.938,43.115-148.159c93.914,65.63,134.051,207.737,79.96,313.054 c287.695-162.776,71.562-406.339,33.934-433.775c12.543,27.435,14.922,73.88-10.416,96.42C331.635,33.333,225.583,0,225.583,0 c12.543,83.877-45.466,175.596-101.404,244.13c-1.965-33.446-4.053-56.525-21.641-88.531 C98.59,216.357,52.157,265.884,39.583,326.76C22.551,409.2,52.341,469.562,165.494,533.333z/ sold in last hours

PREORDER : ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED FROM 30/10/2022 Introducing the new release from Ninebot; the Ninebot Mini Pro! COMPARISON CHART FEATURES Ninebot miniPRO Ninebot miniPLUS Length x Width 10.3 x 21.5 in 11 x 22.7 in Height 20-34 in.



FEATURES Ninebot miniPRO Ninebot miniPLUS
Length x Width 10.3 x 21.5 in 11 x 22.7 in
Height 20-34 in (adjustable height) 24.4 in (non adjustable)
Weight 28 lbs 35.9 lbs
Maximum Speed 11 mph (18km/h) 12.5 miles (20 km/h)
Maximum Range 19 miles 22.5 miles
Max. Climbing Angle 15 o 15 o
Maximum Weight 220 lbs 220 lbs
Charging Time 4 hours 4 hours
Steering Bar Adjustable steering bar Fixed steering bar
Trolley Handle YES NO
Dual Motor YES (400Wx2) YES (800Wx2)
Remote Control NO YES
Warranty 1 year waranty 1 year waranty

The following text outlines all the amazing features and capabilities of the Mini Pro. to access a lot of these you need a Mobile Device that has Bluetooth 4.0 and over. For instance you need to run through a tutorial, this needs to be done via the APP to unlock the top speed on the Mini Pro.

Looking forward to each new exciting riding experience Life can be a playground to explore and enjoy the birds are singing in the park, and the gentle breeze kisses your face…What are you waiting for?

Step on a Mini Pro without further ado and feel the speed of wind and experience the magic of technology!

This amazing robot automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Wanna go forward? Just lean forward. The high-performance, cutting-edge control algorithm works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Mini Pro can cope easily with all normal road conditions, and will take you up to 30 km on a journey of fun.

Go wherever you want whenever you want.

Explore the wonder of Mini Pro. Let’s look for the next fast, fun ride!

3 minutes Master riding skills 4 times Faster than walking 15˚ Gradability 30Km Ultra-long riding distance Self-induction LED rainbow lamp

Four times faster than walking

High-performance 800 W direct-drive dual motor.

Can you believe that this little guy at just 12.8 kg can give such an amazing performance and reach a max speed of 18 km/h?

Not only is it four times faster than walking, the Mini Pro is also super stable due to its dynamic balance function. even a 15˚ steep slope or small hump is no problem.

The advanced configuration yields a powerful engine and a smooth riding experience.

With the two direct-drive motors generate a total output power of 800 W and an instantaneous power above 2,000 W – almost the same as an electric motorcycle.

Almost silent and maintenance-free, we call the power supply surge, just like the happiness you will feel the moment you step on a Mini Pro.800 W rated power, dual motor.

Easily gets up 15˚ steep slope and small humps It’s not all about smooth roads – it’s also about the challenge on off-road conditions. Speedy Feet recommend learning to ride on flat before you attempt any of the more extreme stuff.

It’s tricky to ride a self-balancing transporter on a slope or over small obstacle. Because only high-performance motors can ensure balance and safety, our engineers have designed a dynamic power algorithm that automatically identifies small obstacle or slopes, and dynamically adjusts the power based on road conditions.

When a small obstacle is ahead, the motor temporarily increases the power and enhances vehicle stability so you can travel smoothly over any humps.

The super-standard 9 cm-high chassis and the carefully crafted damping foot pad substantially reduce bumps and vibration.

over, the IP54 dustproof and waterproof features mean that the Mini Pro isn’t scared of the rain.

Beauty for the sake of safety

Inductive LED rainbow lamp. The designers considered safety in dark ambient-light environments, equipping the Mini Pro with an automatic headlight and LED taillights.

The front headlight illuminates the way ahead, and you can adjust the brightness by up to five meters based on the ambient light.

The two LED taillights are blue by default, becoming red when you brake and yellow in the direction you turn. You can also customize the taillight color with a choice of up to 16 million colors!

Mini Pro’s light scheme is designed to be safe and good-looking. Standing on the Mini Pro, with the light shining and your handsome or pretty profile lit up on the road, yes, you’re a star!

Try the unmanned vehicle! King-size remote-controlled toy via Bluetooth If you don’t fancy riding your Mini Pro, you can remotely control it with your phone using Bluetooth.

With adjustable speed and a 360˚ turning circle, you can use your Mini Pro to drop stuff off to your friends, amuse or annoy your dog, or do some robotic dancing.Have a go and see what your Mini Pro can do!

30 km ultra-long riding distance Compact and stylish, you’ll also be amazed that this little guy can take you as far as 30 km.

Ordinary batteries can’t deliver both high performance and distance. So, the Mini Pro uses an imported, cutting-edge 18650 lithium battery for sustainable power at 1200 W.

A set of advanced intelligent battery management system (BMS) monitors the status of every battery cell in real time, and performs auto load balancing when the battery is low.

The BMS tells you battery status through your phone, and alerts you if a problem occurs so you stay safe. Share the fun with your durable and reliable Mini Pro!

Smart auto-learning wows you every time As you improve your riding skills, the Mini Pro also improves itself thanks to what we call a black technology.

Perfected over a decade by Ninebot Segway, the intelligent self-learning algorithm tracks your riding data and automatically analyzes and adjusts control parameters by virtue of multiple embedded sensors for weight, gestures, speed, temperatures, and current. Making the vehicle dance to the driver’s tune is a gift of modern technology, ensuring your Mini Pro a loyal and safe robotic companion.

Your phone: the key and your Smart assistant manager

Mini Pro connects to your phone by Bluetooth.

Your phone serves as a key. any attempt to move an app-locked Mini Pro triggers shaking, an audible alarm, and an alert that’s sent to your phone.

Your phone is also a remote control unit and a dashboard that displays the Mini Pro’s current speed.

The embedded vehicle status diagnostic function activates an alarm if a fault occurs, and suggests a solution. You can also customize settings like software upgrades and speed limits using your phone.

Lightweight, compact, portable, durable 12.8 kg and fits in your boot.

Design essentials include a light, compact structure that you can easily lift into your car’s trunk.

After comparing the durability and performance of different aircraft materials like titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber, magnesium alloy emerged as the winner for the main frame.

Found in space shuttles, this super-tough and light metal yields a total Mini Pro weight of just 12.8 kg.

Tire and aluminum magnesium alloy wheel hub all in one Mini Pro!

Tires and wheel hubs must fit properly for comfort and safety.

Going beyond just measurements, the engineers adopted vacuum tires and alloy wheel hubs for their superior performance.

Compared to ordinary 6- to 8-inch solid tires, the 10.5-inch antiskid vacuum tire delivers better anti skid and shock absorption performance, while computer-designed tread patterns substantially enhance stability and riding capability.

Safety is of course paramount for self-balancing transporters. With over 400 patents, Ninebot Segway have infused the Mini Pro with more than 16 years of experience in safety technology.

Patented technologies automatically stop the motor when you lift the vehicle or if it falls to avoid damage and injury.

Mini Pro has passed the reliability test for shock resistance, meeting military grade standards. Even on bumpy roads, the Mini Pro gives a smooth riding experience.

than 50 rigorous tests qualify it as a safe transporter.

Despite a complete safety guarantee, raising awareness of safe riding is also required – so don’t ride near people or vehicles or on roads/motorways

Smart design everywhere Ergonomic foot-control pad for safety and riding comfort

The foot control pad is ergonomically designed to provide a maximum curvature radius for your inner leg, so you can keep your legs together.

When your body moves during acceleration and deceleration, the front and rear radian design of the pad prevents the feet from slipping when your legs are slightly bent.

The upper and lower radian design of the pad ensures smooth left and right turns, while the pad’s PU foam is flexible and soft for maximum comfort.

Innovative three-segment extensible foot control for personalized requirements

To meet the requirements of various ages and heights, Mini Pro has undergone stringent design and testing so that every detail is perfect.

To adjust the height, turn the height adjustment button counterclockwise and pull the foot control to the desired height. Then, tighten the height adjustment button by turning it clockwise.

The height range is 611 mm to 866 mm.

For places that are not suitable for riding, the retractable hidden rode with an inbuilt balance-assistance function allows users to pull the vehicle up and down slopes, much like a four-wheel suitcase.

Segway miniPRO by Ninebot Review

Walking on our own two feet just isn’t enough anymore for some people, there needs to be some style in it now. Does the Segway miniPro deliver this?

Ninebot Segway miniPRO

With a regular Segway costing over 5,000 for the base model, the miniPRO is a great concept from Ninebot. At the 1000 price point, it’s a vast saving over the larger, much bulkier version but does have its compromises and in the end, just feels a little too expensive (still) for its limitations.

What we like

Steering system is more logical than a typical hoverboard

Good range coverage from battery

What we don’t like

Expensive cost makes it a tough buy

Security feature requires Bluetooth connection to work

Bulky size and heavy weight

Stability becomes a bit unpredictable at higher speeds

Ninebot Segway miniPRO

With a regular Segway costing over 5,000 for the base model, the miniPRO is a great concept from Ninebot. At the 1000 price point, it’s a vast saving over the larger, much bulkier version but does have its compromises and in the end, just feels a little too expensive (still) for its limitations.

Walking on our own two feet just isn’t enough anymore for some people, there now needs to be some style behind the process – or else you’ll look very much like everyone else, exerting energy into it. While some don’t mind it all, others however are finding alternative forms of personal transportation. Over the most recent holiday season, so-called “hoverboards” roared unexpectedly onto the scene and became highly coveted amongst gift hunters, garnering huge sales in the process. Despite the sales surge, controversies surrounding safety recalls and the banning of its use in certain places, seemingly killed the hoverboard’s potential.

Long time connoisseur in personal transportation, Segway, believes that a better alternative will be achieved by the company’s latest, consumer-centric transportation vehicle in the Segway miniPRO by Ninebot. Given Segway’s history and reputation, the miniPRO is clearly distancing itself from being associated with hoverboards in general, as there’s no mention of it being one at all. Instead, Segway is selling it as being a “Smart self balancing personal transporter.” This Bluetooth enabled personal transporter can be controlled via your Android smartphone, in addition to delivering vital information about its operation.

Slapped with an MSRP of 1300, it might be regarded as a pricey investment at first, but considering that commercial Segways start at 5,000 at the very minimum, the miniPRO’s cost is definitely easier on the s. Is it really worth getting though and is this the future of personal transportation tech?


First and foremost, the Segway miniPRO is a beast in terms of its size and puts to shame how those aforementioned “hoverboards” are built. Right away after taking out of the packaging, it’s tough to overlook the sense of solidness that accompanies its construction and design – one that favors an aggressive styling with its mostly dark black paint job. Meanwhile, the red accents found throughout the body help to exemplify its aggressiveness even more, making those hoverboards appear kiddy by comparison.

[related_videos title=”Top phones of 2016:” align=”center” type=”custom” videos=”705052,704852,698369,686764,684693,679646″]Even though it shares the same foundation as most hoverboards, where it’s essentially a base held together by two 10.5” pneumatic, air-filled tires, which in this case are military-grade shock resistant and durable, the miniPRO is differentiated by a center column that controls its left/right steering by swaying your knees towards the corresponding direction. Again, there’s that sense of meticulousness with its design, as it incorporates an abundant set of LEDs and indicators on the platform to provide lighting while it’s on operation and relevant vehicle diagnostics without having to rely on the app – they include things like the battery level, speed limit, and Bluetooth connectivity indicators.

This isn’t a dainty, hastily put together contraption, like some of those unbranded hoverboards you might find sold at grocery stores. Building on top of its existing reputation in the business, Segway’s devotion in designing a personal transporter for the masses is evident here with the miniPRO’s outstanding design.

Balancing Movement

Anyone who has experience in riding a hoverboard will undoubtedly have an easier time adjusting to the Segway miniPRO’s operation, seeing that its steering implementation is similar to a certain degree. Forward/backward movement is done in similar fashion by balancing yourself on the board and either leaning towards the appropriate direction. Of course, leaning a little bit makes the miniPRO move slowly, but leaning a lot will naturally make you move quicker. The skill in balancing on the Segway miniPRO might be difficult to newcomers who’ve never used a hoverboard, but once mastered, getting on/off and movement becomes second nature – it’s just finding that sweet spot with your center of gravity.

What’s different, though, is the center column that rests over the knees for left/right steering. This particularly implementation isn’t just safer for the rider, but also more logical because it aids in the balancing. In comparison, typical hoverboards rely on opposing foot tilting, wherein a left turn is done by tilting you left food forward and your right one backwards, which we feel is a more clumsy way of executing it – more so when you’re already trying to keep steady on the board. This implementation is what sets this apart from other personal transporters.

Admittedly, navigating around on the miniPRO was a breeze, even on some steep inclines. With a maximum weight limit of 220lbs, we’re able to safely traverse terrains without any issues, including some uneven areas. However, it’s best to take these types of terrains with caution, since going through them at faster speeds is a cause for some unbalancing.

We only had one minor altercation riding the Segway miniPRO, which relates to one incident when we got off it, but our shirt got caught towards the end of the center column – causing the unit to steer towards one direction, as well as the wheels grazing the bottom of our ankle.

Is it a practical form of personal transportation?

Size-wise, the Segway miniPRO offers personal transportation in a package that’s considerably less than your ordinary bicycle, but still bulkier and heavier than a skateboard or scooter. With a top speed of 10 mph and a range of 14 miles, the miniPRO clearly has some advantage over other manual forms of personal transportation, but we wouldn’t recommend lugging around a heavy backpack or other gear while using it. Instability alone, especially at higher speeds, is something we’re afraid of happening in the process. Even by ourselves, we still feel leery about pushing it to its maximum speed limit.

Using it to travel short distances is fine, say somewhere around one or two miles, but bear in mind that factors such as weight, terrain, and the incline will play a role in depleting its battery faster. Speaking of battery life, it might not have gotten close to its rated range of 14 miles from a full charge, but given out weight and whatnot, our 6 miles of usage isn’t too shabby at all. And when it comes to recharging it, the included wall adapter plugs into the port on the front section of the miniPRO, taking upwards of around 4 hours to completely charge.

The premise of the Segway miniPRO is alluring, a personal transporter that gets you from point A to point B in style. At the same time, though, its heavy weight (28 lbs) makes it almost impractical to bring along on the subway – you’ll be exerting more energy just lugging it around and carrying up stairs. Yes, there’s a steering guide at the top of the column that extends that allows us to pull the miniPRO, but it’s still a lot of work bringing it around. In fact, it’s just as heavy as some entry-level folding bikes.

Segway Ninebot MiniPRO

Powered by Segway, the Ninebot miniPRO is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life – which makes it the perfect supplement for filming with gimbals or handheld cameras.The miniPRO is built to easily traverse a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. It’s 10.5” vacuum tires and high-performance dual motor have been engineered to handle road obstacles with ease. The engine can easily traverse 15° slopes, and its 3.5-inch chassis turns bumps and vibrations into a smooth ride.

Adjust your tire pressure for optimal shock absorbtion with the included battery powered air compressor. For hassle-free operation on the set, the tires are filled with Slime tyre sealant to prevent puncture.

Have a look at the manual for further instructions.

In the Case

  • Segway Ninebot MiniPRO
  • Charger
  • AC cable
  • Rechargeable air compressor
  • AC adapter
  • Car charger
  • Air hose
  • Extended air hose adapter
  • Accessory bag
  • Air compressor soft bag
  • Compressor manual

Find suitable gimbal rigs here

Length x Width: 546 × 262 mm (10.3 x 21.5 in) Mainframe Height: 611 – 866 mm (20 – 34 in) – adjustable height

Unit: 12.8 kg (28 lbs) Maximum Payload: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Tire Pressure

Recommended Tire Pressure: 40 psi

Machine Parameters

Max Speed: 18 km/h (10 mph) Typical Range: 25 km (14 miles) Max. Climbing Angle: 15° Applicable Terrain Pavement, packed dirt, slopes 15°, obstacles 0.4 inOperating Temperature:.10 – 40° C (14 – 104° F) Storage Temperature:.20 – 45° C (-4 – 113° F) IP Rating: IP54

Nominal Voltage: 54.3 VDC Max. Charging Voltage: 59.6 VDC Nominal Capacity: 310 Wh Smart BMS Overvoltage / Undervoltage / Short Circuit / Overheating Protection, Auto-Sleep / Wake-up / Detailed battery information can be checked with App

Nominal Power: 400 x 2 W Max. Power: 800 x 2 W

Nominal Input Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz Nominal Output Voltage: 59.6 VDC Nominal Output Current: 1.9 A Charge Time: 4 Hours

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Our Motivation

We created the to offer high performance gear and an unprecedented level of service to production companies and freelancers alike. then a simple rental company we established an open space to exchange ideas and offer support. As filmmakers ourselves, we know what creatives really need to get the job done.


Du kannst ein Produkt nicht finden oder wünschst Beratung? Bitte ruf uns an! Wir freuen uns von dir zu hören. 43 1 22 760 22


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Official Ninebot (Segway) Mini Pro in Black

Enjoy great intuitive control and keep it beautiful when your hands free. All this and much more enable a unique two-wheeler Ninebot Mini. This is the latest model in a series of gyroscopic transporters, which originated from the mutual cooperation of two leading brands of manufacturers. Ninebot and Segway. The result is a unique facility with a powerful dual motor, maximum speed up to 18 km / h and distance of up to 30 km. During the ride it offers much greater interaction with the environment than all of his predecessors and colleagues. Bluetooth Smart technology enables remote control in your smartphone via a firmware update.

Technical specification

Customer Reviews

This is great love the black colour and it’s not difficult to balance on. Takes a few goes to feel confident but now I’ve got one everyone wants a go. Getting lots of practice before I go further on it.

Love this! Got it as a birthday present and it’s amazing to go to college on. Lovely in the summer and easy to master.

Impressed with this little machine! I wanted a new way to get to work rather than being stuck on the bus and this is brilliant. So far I’ve only had it down the park but planning on using it on Monday to get to the office.


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