Newest Zero 10X High Speed Electric Scooter 65km/h Range 50km. E scooter zero 10x

Newest Zero 10X High Speed Electric Scooter 65km/h Range 50km

Zero 10X Updated Dual 1000W with nominal total power output of 1600W and a peak power output of 3600W.

  • Max Speed: 65 km/h
  • Charging Time: 4-9h/5.5-11 hours
  • Battery: Samsung 18.2Ah/23.8Ah- 946Wh/1237Wh
  • Motor: 52V 1000W 2 Front and rear double drive motor
  • Controller: 2 x 25A
  • Maximum Grade Ability: 45°
  • Brake: Front and rear disk brakeEMS
  • Weight: 34/35 kg
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Suspension: Front C shock air suspension,Rear dual hydraulic suspension
  • Tire size: 10 inch

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Product details

Zero X10- Upgrade ver.

The Zero 10X electric scooter is the most powerful in the Zero range. It has two engines for a total power of 2000w, semi-hydraulic suspensions, ventilated disc brakes and can drive up to 65 km/h.

The Dual 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X Dual provides a nominal total power output of 1600W and a peak power output of 3600W.This 3200W power output is powered by 2 x 25A speed controllers with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as fast and effective as possible, provide optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

10X is built of high end quality material which make it well capable of handling a good amount of heavy use and load without ever worry about it suddenly breaking down under you while riding. With the well tested impressive 1,6kW motors, you get a crazy amount of torque and it can handle most hilltop without any problem

When on the go- you can drive on with full power or use the single motor ,economy mode. The last mentioned modes are made for saving energy on longer trips

X10 also has different speed modes that let you set the top speed to certain spot. This is quite good when riding in the city where speed limits might be an issue or if you’re riding through crowded small streets or publics square, where having better throttle control and being able to quickly stop is important.

ZERO 10X 60V Electric Scooter Review

I’ve ridden the Turbowheel Lightning/ZERO 10X 52V version before so I was expecting the 60V version to be the very similar. However, after riding the 60V version it felt completely different. I think the main thing that made it feel so different was the tire choice.

The Turbowheel Lightning I have has off-road tires. Surprisingly, the ZERO 10X with off-road tires felt better on smooth pavement than the street tires. In the future, I think I will switch the tires out so I can get a true side by side comparison.

The Different Models and Specs

Battery 52V 18Ah 52V 23Ah 60V 21Ah
Tire Size 10 inch 10 inch 10 inch
Brakes Dual Disc Dual Disc Dual Hydraulic Disc
Tires Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Range 35 miles 55 miles 40-50 miles
Top Speed 35-38 mph 35-38 mph 45 mph
Weight 80 lbs 80 lbs 80 lbs
Suspension Swingarm\spring Swingarm\spring Swingarm\spring
Lights Front and rear LED Front and rear LED Front and rear LED
Load Capacity 330 lbs 330 lbs 330 lbs
Controller 2x25A 2x25A 2x25A
Motor Power Dual 1000 Watts Dual 1000 Watts Dual 1200 Watts

Top 5 things I like about the ZERO 10X

The ZERO 10X is compared to the Mantis Pro very often. However, the 10X has more torque on steeper hills than the Mantis Pro. If you live in a hilly area, I highly suggest the ZER0 10X over the Mantis Pro.

The ZERO 10X is great for light off-roading, I love using it at local mountain biking parks. I don’t go off the extreme stuff with large gaps, but the ZERO 10X handles small jumps with ease. It also has great ground clearance so it handles well if you go out of the single track by accident.

Top 5 drawbacks about the ZERO 10X

  • Single stem
  • Needs brighter headlight for night riding
  • Does not lock into itself when folded
  • Creaky stem
  • Large footprint so hard to fit in a trunk of a car

Three Upgrades That Would Make It A Solid Scooter

By adding a rugged folding clamp, it will prevent that creaky noise coming from the stem. The clamp will also stay in place better so it will prevent the stem from folding in on you when riding. It fixes a safety issue and prevents that annoying creaky sound that a lot of people complain about.

The steering damper helps keep the steering steady helps prevent the scooter from getting into the speed wobbles. I was surprised that the street tires felt so more more loose on the smooth pavement than the off-road tires. A steering damper would make me feel more comfortable when traveling at speeds greater than 25 mph.

It you are going to ride at night, a upgraded headlight is a must. The front facing lights are at the deck level so they do not project light very far. There are tons of choices for upgraded headlights that can be recharged or hard wired in.

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Zero 10X Electric Scooter Review

It’s not every day you find an e-scooter with higher-than-normal ground clearance, top speed, and outstanding range. The Zero 10X electric scooter sets the benchmark by combining unmatched speed, power, and superb off-road performance. If you want a scooter that delivers peak performance over long distances, uphill, and on rugged terrains, then the Zero 10X from Titan/Unicool is a gem worth checking out!

Zero 10X – The Lowdown

The Zero 10X has dominated the high-performance class with three variations that are differentiated by battery capacity: the 52 V 18 Ah, the 52 V 23 Ah, and the 60 V 21 Ah. However, in this piece, we’ll FOCUS on the Zero 10X 60 V/21 Ah model since it’s the most recent one to hit the market.

The Zero 10X electric scooter comes with a dual 1200W brushless motor, delivering a performance that outranks the rest of the scooters in its price range.

Aside from its robust motor, it also boasts a welded stem, a solid and large deck, Cadillac Plush dual suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and comfortable handlebars. Whether you’re looking for something to zip around your neighbourhood on, reinvent your commute with, or enjoy a scenic ride on off-road terrain with, the Zero 10X electric scooter is unparalleled.

Zero 10X Specifications

Zero 10X Review Video

Check out this comprehensive video review of the Zero 10X electric scooter; an aesthetically appealing, rugged and sturdy electric scooter that offers insane top speed and superior range.

Zero 10X Pros

Powerful dual 1200W motor that produces a top speed of 40 mph

Full-sized 10-inch pneumatic tyres for unmatched stability and comfort

Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with outstanding stopping power

newest, high, speed, electric

Solid battery that provides a superior range of up to 50 miles

Dual-spring suspension for easy manoeuvring over potholes, bumps, and rough terrain

Extra-large deck and solidly welded stem for improved stability and comfort

Zero 10X Cons

Extremely bulky and can’t be used as a last-mile solution

Stem doesn’t lock when folded

Handlebars might be too tall for small-framed individuals

Zero 10X Summary

Everything about the Zero 10X is a touch of class. Aesthetically, this e-scooter boasts a minimalist design and breaks the mould by incorporating charcoal and crimson into its colour palette. When it comes to power, the Zero 10X is unparalleled. With a dual-hub brushless motor, this mini-vehicle produces enough power to attain a top speed of 40 mph. The engines are powered by a 60V 21Ah Samsung battery, which can last up to 50 miles (80 km) on a single charge.

The Zero 10X also boasts features that guarantee safety and comfort. The 10-inch ultra-wide wheels, combined with the dual suspension, enhance traction and stability. All make this scooter suitable for on-and-off-road driving.

For after-dark driving, this scooter comes with deck-mounted LED front lights and bright brake lights. It also features reflective material on the sides to enhance your visibility while on the road. The Zero 10X has even made stopping easier, thanks to the powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Are you worried about the electric scooter’s durability? Don’t be! This beast is made of 6082-T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy which is strong yet lightweight. The handlebars look sturdy and are reinforced with an extra set of rings. Another exciting feature is the Eco and Turbo modes, which allow you to switch between a single drive and a dual-motor drive.

Undoubtedly, the Zero 10X ticks all the right boxes, and that’s why it’s the best e-scooter for extreme driving over both on-and-off-road terrains in the UK.

Performance Overview

Just by looking at this electric scooter, you can tell it was designed for unrivalled action. Indeed, it’s as if the Zero 10X were designed purposely for off-road riding, but after the wild success, the designers tweaked a few features to make it ideal for urban cruising, too. Its new dual 1200W motor delivers 2400W of output and a 3200W peak performance, making it the most powerful scooter in its price range.

The massive power from the motors is controlled by 2×25-amp speed controllers that feature comprehensive heat sinks, which dissipate heat as fast as possible. The engines are powered by a large 60V 21Ah battery that can last for up to 60 miles on a single charge. But that’s not all! This motor is capable of accelerating the scooter to an incredible speed of 40 mph (64 km/h).

As we said, the one thing to love the most about this e-scooter is its off-road action. The powerful motors allow the scooter to easily handle 45%-grade hills while maintaining a decent speed. With this mini-vehicle, you can effortlessly transition from asphalt to mud to gravel, and then back to asphalt again.

Riders will also love that this e-scooter comes with two riding modes. The Eco mode engages one motor, leading to lower top speed and slower acceleration. This results in the battery lasting 40% longer than normal. On the other hand, the Turbo mode engages the two motors, thereby allowing the scooter to accelerate up to 40 mph (64 km/h).

Top Speed Acceleration

With two engines that produce 2400W and a peak power of 3200W, the Zero 10X electric scooter delivers a fascinating speed and is one of the fastest we’ve had our hands on.

Acceleration feels effortless and riders won’t realise how fast they’re going unless they check the dashboard. The Eco and Turbo modes allow riders to choose whether they want to drive slowly and enjoy the view or cruise at maximum speed and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Hill Climbing

Since this scooter was initially designed for off-road riding, you can bet it is one of the best on the market when it comes to handling inclines. The manufacturers claim that it can easily climb 45%-grade hills while carrying a middle-weight rider and maintain a top speed of 35 mph while at it. Put simply, the Zero 10X electric scooter is designed to crush any hills in your city.

Battery Life Range

The newest Zero 10X model comes with a 60V 21Ah Samsung battery that delivers a maximum range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. However, one of the downsides of this battery is that it requires 10-12 hours to fully charge. The good news is if you want to cut the charging time down to seven hours, you can invest in the optional Zero Fast Charger.

Motor Configuration

One of 10X significant highlights is its motor. The electric scooter comes with a double-hub brushless 1200W motor, producing a total power output of 2400W and peak power of 3200W. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 km/h). For your riding convenience, you can either choose to ride on the Eco mode with lower speed and extended battery life. Alternatively, use the Turbo mode which activates the two motors, thereby giving you maximum speed and crushing any suburban hills.

Construction Build Quality

Besides the insanely powerful motor, fantastic speed, and ultra-large and wide tyres, the scooter’s construction quality is also unquestionable. The body frame is made of 6082-T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which is durable and robust, yet light. The only parts made of plastic are the encasements.

The area around the deck is reinforced with a metal plate to protect the battery against damage. The T-bar is also ultra-wide to ensure that adults of all sizes can comfortably control the e-scooter. However, riders may feel like the handlebars are too wide when cruising down a busy street.


One of the reasons the Zero 10X has such a high clearance is its double-hydraulic suspension. The presence of shock absorbers on both wheels allows riders to easily handle bumps and rugged terrain. However, the suspension feels a bit soft and some riders have complained that it makes the scooter jumpy after hitting the slightest of obstacles. While they consider this to be unsafe, it only happens at very high speed on bumpy roads.

Ride Quality

With its 10-inch ultra-wide wheels, extra-large deck, dual suspension, and powerful motor, the Zero 10X electric scooter offers one of the most comfortable rides ever. Whether you live in the suburbs or downtown, this e-scooter has enough power to tackle all inclines, sturdy enough dual suspension to handle all kinds of bumps and obstacles, and a wide enough extended deck and welded stem to offer plenty of space for your feet to move.

Additionally, the hydraulic disc brakes easily bring this e-scooter to a smooth halt after fast-paced riding action. The Zero 10X scooter also comes with great controls that are well laid out for more straightforward and comfortable riding. For some riders though, the stem may feel a bit taller and the handlebars a bit wider than other e-scooters on the market.


Bringing the Zero 10X to a halt feels smooth and effortless, thanks to its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. With such outstanding speed, riders need reliable brakes to deliver matching stopping power, and for this, Zero 10X doesn’t disappoint.


If you are looking for a scooter that you can carry to the metro bus, then you better hit the gym properly if you choose the Zero 10X; you’ll be lifting 75 pounds (34 kg) daily. While this scooter comes with a foldable design, the extra-wide grips make it occupy extra space, even when folded. Additionally, there is the issue of the stem not locking in place when the scooter is collapsed. The only good thing about the scooter in this aspect is that can fit in the boot of a medium-sized car.


The Zero 10X electric scooter boasts a complete set of lights for night-time illumination. The most conspicuous ones are the front LED lights and rear brake lights mounted on the deck. Their glow is decent, but a lot of riders say it could be better. This is primarily attributed to the lights’ location on the deck. If you struggle with night-time vision especially, we highly recommend investing in extra lighting.


With its 10×3-inch pneumatic air-filled tyres, this scooter is highly stable. The dual suspension further balances its frame, deck and tyres while ensuring the scooter absorbs shocks and pressure from imperfect roads. Additionally, taking out the inner tube when the tyre goes flat has been made easier, thanks to the split rim.


Unlike other scooters, with which you must place your foot behind the other one when riding, the Zero 10X electric scooter offers enough space for both your feet. With a 48.8 x 22.9 cm deck space, this vehicle allows you to almost assume a normal standing posture. This comes in handy for long rides.

Controls Display

The Zero 10X controls are elegantly anchored onto the T-bar and look neat and stylish. The brakes sit on the left handlebar. Occupying the central position is the crystal-clear LED display, which allows you to keep tabs on stats like travel distance, current speed, voltage, total mileage, and battery level. You can also change modes and activate cruise control using the buttons next to the display.

Under the dashboard is a theft-protection lock that turns the scooter on and off. However, activating this feature doesn’t mean you should park the scooter outside the office and leave. It won’t prevent a determined thief from hoisting it up and carrying it away!

Reliability, Warranty Customer Support

Everything about the Zero 10X shows that it’s a reliable product. This scooter offers unmatched performance, outstanding speed, and unrivalled comfort and stability. Indeed, the hundreds of rave reviews online are a testament to how good it is.

The scooter comes with a six-month limited warranty for all the key components and wear-and-tear on parts.

Any problems with the Zero 10X should be directed to Titan/Unicool’s customer service centre. However, most customers have lamented that the support team doesn’t respond to queries as quickly as they’d like. To resolve this, a large community of Zero 10X users has formed a support platform to help each other instead.


Although 10X has tried to minimise the use of screws, it still has a few that need to be tightened often. Riders should also check the pressure before every ride and repair any punctured tyres and/or inner tubes. To improve this scooter’s longevity, it’s vital that you keep all parts of the scooter dirt-free. The manufacturer also recommends changing the battery whenever riders start noticing unusual lags.

Known Issues

The most common complaint is about the locking system. This scooter lacks a locking system to hold the stem in place once folded. This makes carrying it (75 lbs / 34 kg) a challenging task even for the strongest riders.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

With a superior range, insane top speed, outstanding power, and impressive gradeability, the Zero 10X is the best e-scooter in its price range. Add in the rugged and sturdy body, fantastic design and unrivalled riding comfort, and this electric scooter is an excellent alternative to high-performance scooters that cost an arm and a leg. Overall, this machine offers superb value for your hard-earned cash and is one of the best options on the market right now.

Zero 10X Turbowheel Lightning

The Zero 10X is a high-performance electric scooter backed by the quality and brand reputation of Zero. It has all the stats that one would expect of a beast-mode electric scooter, but at an incredible value. Dual 1200 W motors, dual brakes, and dual suspension make this an on- and off-road beast. The front and rear spring shocks soak up any rough terrain you throw at it. In the city, potholes, road debris, and trash will be no match for the Zero 10X at nearly any speed. Off the road, the suspension has enough travel to take jumps.

Topspeed: 25km/h 65 km/h unlocked. Range: 70-90km Highlights: Powerful motors, high performance, semi-hydraulic adjustable suspension.

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Ordered recently by Gleb from Barcelona, David from Newton le willows 32 others.

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Zero 10X Turbowheel Lightning It has all the stats that one would expect of a beast-mode electric scooter, but at an incredible value. Dual 1200 W motors, dual brakes, and dual suspension make this an on- and off-road beast. The front and rear spring shocks soak up any rough terrain you throw at it. In the city, potholes, road debris, and trash will be no match for the Zero 10X at nearly any speed. Off the road, the suspension has enough travel to take jumps.

The Zero 10X comes in 3 variations: The 52V 18Ah has disc brakes with dual 1000W motors. The 60v 21Ah has hydraulic brakes with dual 1000W motors. The 52V 23Ah has hydraulic brakes with dual 1200W motors.

“> Battery “>52V 18Ah “>52V 23Ah “>60V 21Ah
“> Wheel “>10 inches “>10 inches “>10 inches
“> Tyre type “>Front rear pneumatic “>Front rear pneumatic “>Front rear pneumatic
“> Brakes “>Front rear disc brakes (18Ah) “>Front and rear hydraulic brakes (23Ah) “>Front and rear Zoom hydraulic brakes
“> Range “>65km / 110km (Eco mode) “>65km / 110km (Eco mode) “>75km (Eco mode)
“> Top Speed “>65km/h “>65km/h “>65km/h
“> Weight “>35 Kg “>35 Kg “>35 Kg
“> Max. Load “>120 Kg “>120 Kg “>120 Kg
“> Suspension “>Front and rear spring suspension “>Front and rear spring suspension “>Front and rear spring suspension
“> Lights “>Front rear LEDs “>Front rear LEDs “>Front rear LEDs
“> Controller “>2 x 25A Squarewave “>2 x 25A Squarewave “>2 x 25A Squarewave
“> Motor Power “>2 x 1000W (peak power output of 3600W) “>2 x 1000W (peak power output of 3600W) “>2 x 1200W (peak power output of 3600W)

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