Mototec 48v Pro Electric Dirt Bike 1500w Lithium Blue. Pro electric dirt bike


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Venom Pro 1600W Kids Lithium Dirt Bike

Belmonte Bikes is happy to introduce the LARGEST electric dirt bike on the market! Great for driveway, backyard, and off-road riding! The included 48V Lithium battery is substantially lighter, offers greater performance, and has the longest lasting ride time on an electric dirt bikes. a The new Pro Lithium Electric Dirt bike comes equipped with upgraded drilled disc brakes to help you quickly and safely come to a full stop. The upgraded powerful 1500 Watts rare-earth brushed electric motor will give you power for almost every road condition including going through mud, and even snow. This model also comes equipped with dual front hydraulic shocks for a more smoother ride.

Also, the 1600w pro dirt bike comes equipped with a upgraded advanced Speed Governor which will allow you to customize your riders experience and is customizable for every parent’s preferences!

S: Speed Control

25 MPH (adjustable with variable knob)

R: Response Control

.2sec. 1sec (adjustable with variable knob)

The Pro Lithium Electric Dirt Bike is available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Red, Orange, and Pink. This will be matched with its aerodynamic design for a truly awesome ride. This electric motocross is equipped with large 14 inch front, and 12 inch rear rubber tires; do not be scared to take it out on the trails, in the mud, or even in the snow! You will notice the Pro Lithium 36V Motocross has enough power for uphills and inclines.

mototec, electric, dirt, bike


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The MotoTec Pro Electric 48V Lithium Dirt Bike Comes Equipped and Installed With Over 700 Worth of Upgrades!


The new Lithium Pro Electric Dirt Bike is built on solid steel frame with a bigger seat height of 27 inches from the ground up. You will notice the bigger front rear tires installed on this model:

Front Tire: 2.75×14 Knobby Pneumatic Rear Tire: 3.00×12 Knobby Pneumatic


Not only do you get longer ride times, the lithium battery is much lighter and provides a much quicker recharge time.


Strong and powerful 1500 watts motor will give you a top speed of 30 km/h with enough torque and power for inclines.



mototec, electric, dirt, bike

Great for off-roading in muddy environments and the dual hydraulic front shocks are ready for your adventures!


Recommended Age: 13 Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs Top Speed: 5. 25 MPH (adjustable with variable knob) Throttle Response:.2sec. 1sec (adjustable with variable knob)Final Drive: 10T/76T, 219H# Chain 63 LinkFrame: SteelFront Tire: 2.75×14 Knobby PneumaticRear Tire: 3.00×12 Knobby PneumaticRims: AluminumBrakes: Front and rear discSuspension: 2 Hydraulic Front shocks, 1 Rear shockThrottle: Variable twist-gripSeat: Padded (single rider)Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/BackBattery Meter: YesKey Start: YesCharging Time: 4-6 hoursCharger Included: YesAssembly Required: YesWheelbase: 40 inchesSeat Height: 27 inchesMin Ground Clearance: 12 inchesProduct Size: 58x24x36 inchesProduct Weight: 93 lbsBox Size: 51x15x26 inchesBox Weight: 115 lbs

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Color: Blue

Introducing The New Mototec 48V 1500W Lithium Pro Electric Dirt Bike! Great For Driveway, Backyard Or Dirt Track Racing. Comes Standard With Front Rear Suspension, Front Rear Brakes. Three Adjustments For Throttle Response And Top Speed. The Lithium Battery Is Substantially Lighter, Offers Performance And Most Importantly A Longer Ride Time. In Optimum Conditions, Up To 9 Miles Per Charge. Safety First. Always Wear Your Helmet And All Safety Equipment And Observe Safe Riding Rules. A Parent’S Decision To Allow His Or Her Child To Ride This Product Should Be Based On The Child’S Maturity, Skill And Ability To Follow Rules. Motor: 48 Volt 1500 Watt (Brushless. Rare Earth. Neodymium Magnet) Battery: 48 Volt 13Ah Li-Ion Recommended Age: 13 Max Rider Weight: 150 Lbs Top Speed: 5. 25 Mph (Adjustable With Variable Knob) Throttle Response:.2Sec. 1Sec (Adjustable With Variable Knob) Final Drive: 10T/76T, 219H# Chain 63 Link Frame: Steel Front Tire: 2.75X14 Knobby Pneumatic Rear Tire: 3.00X12 Knobby Pneumatic Rims: Aluminum Brakes: Front And Rear Disc Suspension: 2 Hydraulic Front Shocks, 1 Rear Shock Throttle: Variable Twist-Grip Seat: Padded (Single Rider) Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/Back Battery Meter: Yes Key Start: Yes Charging Time: 4-6 Hours Charger Included: Yes Assembly Required: Yes Wheelbase: 40 Inches Seat Height: 27 Inches Min Ground Clearance: 12 Inches Product Size: 58X24X36 Inches Product Weight: 93 Lbs Box Size: 51X15X26 Inches Box Weight: 115 Lbs Product Decoration And Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. Warranty: 60 Days Parts Replacement Recommended Ages: 13 Years And Up Weight (lb.): 150 Lb Assembly: Assembly Required Base Material: 100% Plastic Country of Origin: Made in US

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Surron X Bike (Black Edition)

The latest most updated version of the Sur Ron X Bike. Save up to 500 with free shipping for our lowest price of the year. Free shipping is a limited time offer.

Also this bike is offered with the 38ah battery upgrade. The upgraded battery will give you a few extra miles of range and uses the Samsung 35E cell instead of the standard Panasonic PF cell.

This has the X-controller with Regen breaking and quieter operation. 80amps of power. Programming instructions can be found (here)

The Surron X bike is the same as the original Sur-Ron Light Bee with the added above features. The most significant upgrade is its state of the art sine wave controller which makes it quieter and more powerful with much smoother throttle response.

( Click Here for a Close Up)

Incredible Battery

On any electric bike, you should take a good look at the battery since it is by far the most expensive part of the bike. Lightweight power dense batteries are not cheap, and if they are cheap they are probably not safe or reliable. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. To give you an idea how much range to expect it has 4x the capacity as most of today’s production bikes.

The battery consists of panasonic PF cells (or Samsung 35e for the 38ah version) cells i in a well built case that slides in and out of bike, a microprocessor based battery management system and extra goodness.

Awesome Engineering

Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.

It has one of the best constructed battery packs ever offered in a small EV.

The Surron is designed for serious off road riding and we have done tests with many drops that confirm the suspension system on the Sur Ron is rock solid.

The Surron comes with an 8 inch travel for both front and rear suspension.

mototec, electric, dirt, bike

Upgrades Available

Surron Gates Belt Kit Upgrade is now available installed by our shop (See on This Upgrade), and pairs great with the Moto Kit in mind, but still works without.

Super Moto Kit Swap is 17 Smooth Tire install upgrade that is ideal for riding on smoother terrain. Ideal for Moto racing, this kit lowers your Sur-Ron a little due to the smaller size, but don’t worry you’ll have the same top end speed. If you want both sets of wheels, purchase a Separate Moto Kit Here. If you want both drivetrains, the belt kit is available here and the stock drivetrain is available here.

We at Luna take our flagship products serious and we have many upgrades for this bike including a Super Moto Tire upgrade, Sprocket upgrades, and

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes of 2023

Remarkably, only one of them went for the Dirt-E joke.

The motoring world is going electric. And it’s not just fancy, 1,000-horsepower, six-figure electric trucks. Electric motorcycle options have been increasing over the past few years. And even the relatively humble and underpowered dirt bike segment now offers a proliferation of emissions-free options — and we’re here to help you separate the battery-powered wheat from the chaff.

Why You Should Get an Electric Dirt Bike

Helps Save the Planet: Smaller motorcycles are far from the most fuel-thirsty vehicles. But electric dirt bikes still reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and every little bit helps.

Less Maintenance: Electric motors require far fewer moving parts. That means more time riding and less time (and money) replacing parts. You also don’t need to buy things like oil.

Less Noise: Electric dirt bikes do make some noise, but they make less than internal-combustion dirt bikes — noise that can diminish the enjoyment of being in nature for riders and those nearby.

Accessible to New Riders: Like electric cars, electric dirt bikes do not need a manual transmission. This may disappoint some riders looking for a traditional feel. But it’s also way easier to manage while off-road.

Torque: Electric dirt bikes tend to have a lot of torque, and it comes on instantly. This helps them accelerate rapidly and feel quick in everyday riding.

What to Look For

Street Legality: Like combustion dirt bikes, many of them will not be street-legal. And you may live in a municipality that will confiscate and crush them if you try to use them for that — electric or not. There are dual-sport electric dirt bikes (lighter than adventure motorcycles), which can also be used as commuter bikes. But make sure you clarify that before buying.

Battery Range: Range is a significant drawback to any electric vehicle. You want to ensure you have enough range to do the amount of riding you’re planning. expensive electric dirt bikes will have range that can exceed what most drives can handle physically. But that may be costly.

Battery Charging: A nother important factor beyond range is how long it takes to charge the battery. Shorter is better. Manufacturers may offer accessories that improve charging speed. Some dirt bikes can instantly swap in a newly charged battery and return to the trail.

How We Tested

Gear Patrol writers and editors are continually testing the best electric dirt bikes on a variety of terrains to update this guide looking at features like comfort, ease of use and riding characteristics. Our testers have spent time riding the Zero XF and the Cake Kalk INK so far; however, we’ll be updating this guide as we continue to test more models.

Zero’s FX isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s good at a little bit of everything. It’s fast but torque-heavy up front. For comparison, it’s nimble but still about 50 pounds heavier than KTM’s 350EXC-F. And it’s quiet, which anyone who’s ridden a dual sport before knows has distinct advantages and downsides. (Upsides include not disturbing nature as you ride through and saving your eardrums; cons include being unable to announce yourself to other riders on the trail or cars on the street.)

The FX’s ride is very smooth — from city streets to rutted-out trails and even completely off-road in the ungroomed wild. The tires grip well on city streets, even after a light rain. The FX can reach a top speed of 85, but I rarely found myself pushing it above 65 — this is a great cruising bike built for the trails as much as it is for the road. The acceleration feels torque-y until you get the hang of the feeling; I’d recommend starting in Eco until you get a feel for how the bike handles, experienced rider or not.

The profile is lean and mean, just as advertised. Your tester is 5’4” and weigh 110 pounds, and she could handle and maneuver this bike with relative ease, although she did make sure to get comfortable on the bike on uncrowded trails before taking it to the streets. Zero says the charging time is 1.3 hours, but I found it to be much longer than that. the bike was delivered to me with an 80 percent charge, and it took more than two hours to get it full. The range is 91 miles which is a solid day’s ride, but unless you have the means to give the bike a good overnight charge, you’ll be SOL the next day. And that 91-mile range is in the city — if you’re riding on the highway at 70 mph without starting and stopping, it drops to 39 miles per charge.

mototec, electric, dirt, bike

We’ve been fans of Swedish manufacturer Cake — and Stefan Ytterborn’s helmet/eyewear/apparel brand, POC — for years. Founded in 2016, Cake has consistently put out smooth, innovative electric bikes that offer both gorgeous looks and purpose-built function.

The Kalk class of offroaders, however, is much more about play than work. The street-legal Kalk INK picks up quick thanks to 252Nm of electric torque, while reliable suspension (200mm of travel) and beefy dual-sport motorcycle tires help you keep the shiny side up from the road to the trails.

  • Removable battery charges from 0 to 80 percent in two hours, 0 to 100 percent in three
  • Three ride modes and three braking modes adapt to your style and environment
  • Not exactly the cushiest seat on the planet (or this page)
  • You must come to a full stop to adjust ride and braking modes

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