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The ulti-MATE Guide to the MATE X!

After reviewing the Mate X Assistant, scouring the forums, and riding the first 100 miles on my own Mate X, here are my top 8 tips for your new Mate X!

Adjust these settings on your display (or watch these YouTube videos):

Maximize your Mate X’s range with with these 4 tips!

How to access Ludicrous Mode on the (new, 850C) color display!

  • Wheel size: adjust the “wheel size” setting from 20” to 24” for a more accurate speed reading.
  • Current level: I recommend 15. 20 Amps (you’ll need to access “advance setting” (code is 1919 for Taiwan bikes or 1801 for China bikes). While the factory setting of 25 Amps gives you LOADS of acceleration and speed, it drains the battery very quickly.
  • Pedal assist (PAS) levels: Pedal assist levels control the top speed of the bike. The higher the PAS, the less range you’ll get. To maximize range, stay in PAS 5 or lower. For example, PAS 1 equates to about 8 mph, while PAS 5 equates 23 mph.
  • Battery reading: change to “Voltage” for more granularity. The percentage changes in 20% increments which isn’t enough for most people. The voltage setting shows your battery’s actual voltage. It will range from about 54.3 Volts (fully charged) to 43 Volts when empty. When you get near 44 Volts, start looking for your charger 🙂
  • Ludicrous Mode: We can’t forget that, can we? Disclaimer:by using Ludicrous Mode, you will void the warranty of your bike. You will also experience a significant loss of range due to the high speed and power output. That said, if you’re okay with this, go to “advance setting” enter the code (1919 for Taiwan bikes or 1801 for China bikes) then adjust the speed limit from 32 kmh to 99 kmh. Check out my YouTube video on Ludicrous Mode for more details! If you have bikes from China, scroll down to see detailed instructions for the other displays (color and black and white).
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Replace the handlebar clamp screws ASAP:

The factory screws which hold the handlebar in place are too short, resulting in stripped threads and loose handlebars I suggest replacing them ASAP with longer screws and a blue threadlocker. Check out the video for more!

Buy longer screws (M6 x 30 mm):

Tighten these four things immediately:

Then again after 10. 20 miles. As with all new bikes, it’s important to tighten the components as soon as you receive it. These 4 items are known culprits which you should pay attention to:

  • The kickstand allen screws; they’ve been known to come loose.
  • The allen screw which secures the folding stem to the headset (see picture). I’ve noticed a wobble in the handlebars after a little riding. A half turn (or two) of the screw should resolve it. Note: Do not over-tightenthis screw, as it may become impossible to release the folding latch.
  • The seat post clamp: Unlatch the lever and twist the screw until your seat post becomes snug, but not fixed. Then adjust your seat post to your desired height. Fold the latch closed again to secure it.
  • Handlebar clamp: same as #3. To adjust the handlebar height: when sitting on the seat your hands should angle downward 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) below the height of your shoulders.

⚙️ Consider gearing UP your Mate (if riding over 25 mph)

To improve pedaling cadence at higher speeds, consider either changing 1) your chainring to a higher tooth (58T) or 2) your rear cassette to an 11-34T 8 speed. The factory setup becomes difficult to pedal beyond about 25 mph (due to a very fast pedal cadence), so if you’re planning to do a lot of riding above that speed, consider changing the gearing on your Mate. You can do this two ways:

1) Installing a 58T chainring like this one (on Amazon) is the simplest option since you don’t have to remove the rear wheel. However, the downside is that it doesn’t provide the same low speed cadence and torque benefits as installing an 11-34T 8 speed. Note: I have not yet verified this fits the Mate yet. While it has a similar 5 bolt pattern I have not verified the spacing fits the 110 mm pattern. I will update this once I verify, so please do your own research before buying in the meantime.

2) Installing a 11-34 T 8 speed freewheel will give you the same low-speed starting torque, but gives you a higher top gear. The smallest cog (highest gear) is 11T instead of 13T, so you can pedal at 30 mph more comfortably. Since the 11-34T freewheels are hard to come by, a DNP 11-32T freewheel is available here on Amazon and here on AliExpress. The 32T will make your starting gear about 6% slower than the 34T. Note: be sure to order a freewheel, not a cassette.

Battery charger issues

Some people have noted issues with the battery charger. See resolutions to the following issues

  • Wrong plug type (e.g. EU prongs shipped to US customers): You’ll need a simple EU to US plug adapter like this one from Amazon.
  • Charger gets quite warm (even hot): this is normal due to 200 Watts of power conversion from DC to AC. However, if the charger is too hot to hold or starts smoking, unplug it immediately (from the wall and the battery) and see the next bullet.
  • Sparks when plugging into the battery: To prevent this, plug the charger into you wall outlet first, then into the bike. If your battery is completely drained, you may experience this but leave it plugged in for 2-3 minutes
  • Charger is smoking, making a noise, or the light doesn’t turn on: you likely have a defective charger and you contact Mate Customer support to get a new one (email:

Need a new charger?

Check out this 2 Amp charger on AliExpress. Be sure to select the “RCA” plug option (see picture) and allow 2-4 weeks for delivery since they ship directly from China.

Consider changing the pedals

The factory pedals fold in half to save space, which is nice, but not always necessary. The problem with the folding pedals is that they’re known to make a rather annoying “squeak” or “click” on each pedal rotation. To fix this issue, you can either try putting some oil in the folding mechanism, or install stiffer mountain bike pedals (like these).

Secure the fenders (or don’t install them)

The fenders don’t have enough securing points to the frame of the bike, which can cause them to squeak, wobble, and even break (as mine did). However, with a little elbow grease, they can work nicely. As Eric Brisco pointed out on. a simple DIY wire stay fix from REI’s DIY fender blog post can fix the issue.

Until I post a detailed how-to, see Parts 3 and 4 of the REI blog post above to create and mount DIY wire stays (don’t forget your drill and 5/32nd bit). These two items you’ll need are:

12 ga. solid galvanized wire

MATE X e-bike

12 months of FREE servicing 30 days Free insurance with LAKA 50% off any lock Go anywhere, wide tyres Full front rear suspension Hydraulic disc brakes Folding frame Large removble battery Smart LCD colour display Test rides available

x.png?v=1673430983 /

The pioneering design of the MATE X combines effortless mobility with a rugged durability that invites you to indulge in every extreme. From the streets to the pathless traveled, expand your playing field and tackle any terrain.


From the concrete jungle to the freedom of the countryside, from smooth roads to bumpy paths, the MATE X is the most resilient foldable e-bike on the market. It has the power to push you far beyond the city limits. A single charge of the high-voltage battery will provide the energy needed for the powerful motor to deliver an extended range of up to 120km


Designed to stand out, the MATE X is available in a range of eye-catching colours. Whether you choose to express your individuality by selecting a colour that matches your personality or opt for your favourite colour, the MATE X empowers self-expression.

mate, electric, bike

The MATE X is an endorphin-releasing e-bike that’s robust and boundary-pushing. The power and resilience invite you to tackle the most hazardous terrains with mischievous ease, pushing you to stray further off-grid with each ride. The compact design enables you to tackle both the built-up inner-city playground and the wild, breathless ascents that lurk far beyond the city limits.

The MATE X offers unmatched stability with its robust frame, secure full-suspension system, and twin hydraulic disc brakes. A single charge of the 250W high-voltage battery delivers enough energy to reach speeds of 25 km/h across an extended range of 120km. In addition, the MATE X has an advanced drivetrain integrated into the design that lets you smoothly shift gears with a twist-grip gear shifter, while a Smart LCD colour display screen enables you to always keep track of your pedal assist level, speed, and battery life across the duration of each thrill-seeking adventure.

Available in 17.5Ah (17Ah) and 15Ah (14.5Ah) battery options.

Available with every eBike

We’re able to offer buy now pay later options through Klarna, Paypal and LayBuy.

Credit options are also available from Klarna and Paypal. Select your preferred option at check out.

Visit here for further details

Battery Warranty

Batteries purchased as part of a bike are initially covered by the legal warranty implied in the defect in product(s) section above. However, batteries wear out over time, and thus the warranty obligations are limited to the following situations:

  • If, within 12 months from the date of shipment of the battery, under normal conditions of use, the actual capacity of the battery falls below 70% of its nominal capacity
  • If, within 24 months from the date of shipment of the battery, under normal conditions of use, the battery has total failure.

The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuse, normal wear or water damage.

Limited Warranty for Products

Subject to the following limitations, terms and conditions, the provisions of the defect in product(s) section above applies to product(s) purchased on this website by customers residing outside of the EU. It is emphasised, however, that the limited warranty rights may vary depending on the applicable laws of the country or state to which the product is delivered.

MATE.BIKE warrants to the original purchaser of each product, that such product when purchased new, is free of defects in materials and workmanship. It is the responsibility of the owner claiming under this limited warranty to demonstrate that the product has been maintained according to the instructions in the MATE.BIKE owner’s manual.

MATE.BIKE will not replace any part without first seeing photos or videos of the damaged part. We will not offer warranty services to second owners. We will not replace any part damaged by the user. We will not pay for any third-party service, repair or part replacement unless this has been specifically agreed to in writing prior to the service, repair or replacement.

We will not pay for return shipping of any damaged or defective product or component. If MATE.BIKE requires the return of any bike or bike part to process your warranty claim, you must pay the cost of the return shipment. MATE.BIKE will not cover any damage that may occur during shipping if the owner sets up their own shipping option.

You must provide the order number, email address or name used at the time of the purchase to prove the warranty date.

MATE.BIKE reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.


Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, any timeframe provided by MATE.BIKE is a good faith estimate of the expected delivery date. MATE.BIKE will use commercially reasonable efforts to fill customer’s orders within the time stated but in no event shall MATE.BIKE be liable for any damages associated with MATE.BIKE’s inability to meet any such timeframes or deadlines.

The customer is responsible for safe and legal use of the product(s) supplied to them, including any minimum age limits for the use of electric bikes and ensuring that other persons using the product(s) are capable of doing so safely.

The minimum age requirement in the UK to ride an electric bike is 14.

MATE.BIKE shall not be liable for damages in the event of death, personal injury, or damages arising from material contractual obligations unless caused directly by MATE.BIKE’s gross negligence.

In the event of damage that means we have not fulfilled the contract, we take responsibility for typical contractual obligations, such as foreseeable damage. MATE.BIKE shall under no circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential damages or expenses. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of income, profits and third-party claims.

The product liability rules remain unchanged.

Force Majeure

MATE.BIKE will not be liable to the customer or deemed to be in breach of contract because of any delay or non-performance directly or indirectly due to any cause beyond MATE.BIKE’s reasonable control including without limitation lack of adequate instructions from the customer, Governmental regulations or requirements, Acts of God, unavailability of materials, work stoppages, strikes, slowdowns, boycotts or other industrial action and in such case may wholly or partially suspend shipment of Goods.

Applicable Law

The entire legal relationship between the customer and MATE.BIKE shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) do not apply.

For consumers, this choice of law applies only to the extent that the protection afforded is not nullified by mandatory provisions of the law of the country or state where the consumer has his normal place of residence.

MATE Service Plan

MATE Service Plans are designed to ‘refresh’ your bike. If your bike or parts thereof are damaged, you will need to complete a warranty case, if possible.

MATE Service Plan are available exclusively at MATE Flagship Stores. Bookings are essential for all MATE Service Plans. Bikes booked in for a MATE Service Plans may not be ready for pick up on the same day due to availability of service parts.

MATE Service Plans exclude freight, additional parts and extra labour. Additional parts that need replacing may come at an additional cost. (E.g. tires, tubes, tire sealant, cables are not included). You will be contacted if there is any change to the cost of the service. Any freight costs incurred obtaining parts to complete your MATE Service Plan or repair will be on-charged to you per item.

Any service required as a result of misuse/abuse, rental/commercial use, racing, stunt riding or jumping, or alteration is not covered by a MATE Service Plan.

MATE reserves the right to refuse service. This may be the case if a bike is modified in a way that, in the opinion of MATE, will make it impossible to perform the MATE Service Plan. MATE will then refund the purchase price of the Service Plan.

Whether a service or repair is covered under the MATE Service Plan is at the discretion of MATE.

For more information and to purchase a MATE Service Plan, please contact our Customer Service Team at

MATE Repair

MATE will carry out work(s) to your bike as agreed. We will not undertake any additional work(s) or replace any parts without your consent. MATE accepts no liability for any defects arising with the bike as a result of not having the work(s) undertaken.

Contact our customer service team to either book a repair at our Copenhagen flagship store, or to assist with determining if your repair at your local bike store can be reimbursed. Bookings at our Copenhagen flagship store are essential for all MATE repairs as we have limited space available per day. The estimated time scale that we provide you with are estimates only. Time for completion of this work will not be of the essence. Payment in full is required on completion of any work undertaken to your bike and MATE reserves the right to retain your bike until you have paid in full.

You must collect your bike within 5 days of MATE notifying you that it is available.

Any personal items left on the bike are left at your own risk and MATE accepts no liability for any loss or damage to these items. We recommend you remove any such items prior to dropping off your bike.

Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any of your statutory rights or in any way exclude or limit our liability to you for any death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.

MATE reserves the right to refuse repair. This may be the case if a bike is modified in a way that, in the opinion of MATE, will make it impossible to perform the repair in a satisfactory manner.

It is essential to keep your receipt for the repair completed at your local bike store. This is necessary for any future issues and for potential compensation. The receipt should include the date of the work(s) and a description of what was repaired on the item. It is also necessary for you to keep your receipt if the repair was undertaken at an official MATE repair partner and must be approved by customer service prior to undertaking the repair.

We offer a no quibble 30 day refund policy.

The New MATE X Folding E-Bike Gives Commuters An Affordable, Electrified Alternative

MATE Bikes made its debut on the world stage with an affordable folding electric bike. CleanTechnica recently spoke with co-founder Julie Kronstrøm, who, along with her brother Christian Adel Michael, founded MATE two years ago. Their mission back then was to make an affordable, high-quality, well-designed e-bike that would make riding an electric bike an option for millions of people around the world.

MATE Bikes made its debut on the world stage with an affordable folding electric bike. CleanTechnica recently spoke with co-founder Julie Kronstrøm, who, along with her brother Christian Adel Michael, founded MATE two years ago. Their mission back then was to make an affordable, high-quality, well-designed e-bike that would make riding an electric bike an option for millions of people around the world.

Funded by the Crowd

They are back for their second act on IndieGoGo with the MATE X, which brings a ton of upgrades to a lightly polished version of same successful platform that they originally brought to the world. The core bike can still be purchased by itself — or customers can add on a number of options that let customers build up a custom bike for their lifestyle. On the back end, MATE has been hard at work to give the company a tune-up to ensure they are able to keep costs low as they scale up operations while delivering at the same quality that early riders came to love.

The campaign has already raised an impressive 11.7 million, which clearly takes what the team can do, and must do, to the next level. Julie shared that, “crowdfunding was one of the ways we were able to make it affordable at such a low price,” noting that the model allowed them to not only share their product directly with customers but to talk with them along the way.

Effectively engaging customers in the process turned customers into brand advocates and was one of the ways they built such a strong brand in such a short time, according to Julie. “It’s more or less one to one with crowdfunding,” which the team at MATE have demonstrated can be leveraged as a huge advantage when done well.

The Next Generation

The dynamic duo at MATE were excited to bring the second-generation of MATE to IndieGoGo because they were inspired by the feedback they had received through the campaign for the first-generation MATE bike. They were firmly committed to the idea of bringing a well-designed, affordable e-bike to the world, and the first-generation MATE demonstrated that there was demand. Also, along the way, they identified opportunities to improve upon the platform with add-ons as simple as fenders and lights. Julie shared that in the second campaign, they are looking to “give people the choice to make the upgrades they want.”

The new MATE X does add a few subtle base upgrades that Julie believes will boost the experience for riders in meaningful ways, including a performance boost that translates to a voltage boost that has been “increased from 36V to 48V, which means you get a much more powerful bike with more torque.” E-bikes are a lot like electric cars in that when you ride one, you just get it.

Julie shared that this is something they have seen at all levels. “Even those bike fanatics, when they get on an e-bike, they understand.” E-bikes enable bikers to ride for longer, faster, and even when they aren’t in shape. It’s a transformative experience that opens up the possibility of commuting and long-range biking to even more people. That lets people get in shape while getting the planet back in shape by cutting emissions at the same time. That’s a beautiful thing, whether it happens on a MATE bike or not.

Inspired to Change the World

MATE sprung out of some late-night ideation sessions between Julie and Christian. Julie was bored with the mundanity of life and out of the deep conversations with her brother they decided to take the plunge together, though Julie shared it was Christian who was the catalyst for taking the plunge. Their hard work, late nights, and the work they’ve done resulted in the MATE eBike.

Most importantly, the MATE has not only served as an inspiration for the establishment of the company, it has also inspired MATE customers around the world. Julie shared that they have shipped MATE bikes all over the world, including a few to exotic locales like Kazakhstan, where they shipped 4 MATE bikes. “I think we were just really surprised that it was so many countries,” Julie shared.

“We had some guy from Lima [Peru] riding and it was so inspiring to him that he wanted to change the whole traffic situation in Lima.” One of the beautiful things about promising new technologies is how they serve as a platform that opens up new possibilities for customers. E-bikes are certainly that, as MATE bikes are but a single example of how bike riders new to motors and batteries get on and take them out for a spin.

Julie shared that, “for me, it has been rewarding to see the impact we’re making on a single person.” That impact is being realized around the world by many more people in this second round of MATE bikes as the campaign soars to heights they had never dreamed of.

MATE X: Round Two

Don’t read this and get the impression that it’s all been a path covered in rose petals and champagne. Speaking with Julie, it was clear that the process of learning how to design a product for manufacturing, line up partners at all levels of the company — ranging from manufacturing to shipping and customer service — have all been challenges that have pushed the team to the brink.

Julie shared that, “we like to work together with people for a long time.” Building a company that’s not just filled with people, but that is filled with people who work together is key. “Making good relationships work,” is how Julie put it, but it really just shows how focused she is on building products and a company that works for people. “We let people shine around us,” she shared. And that’s amazing.

On the other hand, the experience has been extremely rewarding as they’ve built a team of people who now feel like family and that they can rally to overcome newer, larger challenges. Shipping has been one of the challenges for MATE, as the size of the LG or Samsung battery packs they use make all MATE eBike shipments “class 9 dangerous goods.” Not only that, but any container shipment containing a MATE e-bike is classified in its entirety as dangerous goods, which comes with its own set of increased rules and regulations.

MATE.BIKE. The Ultimate eBike.

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, expected to increase to 68% by 2050. In the U.S. alone, car trips of less than one mile account for 10 billion miles annually. Potentially switching these car rides for an eBike ride would save 550 million USD of fuel and about 20M metric tons of CO2.

Fixing ‘the last mile’ problem is a 38.6BN opportunity.

Electric bikes are increasingly being adopted in many cities around the world as a solution to the last mile problem (too long to walk, too short to take public transport), as well as a green alternative to polluting vehicles.

Electric bicycles are on track to become the most convenient way for people to commute with a CAGR of 9% and an estimated 38.6BN dollar market globally by 2025. Yet to date the available options for electric bicycles have been limited, with most electric bikes being bulky and not designed with a discerning and style conscious urban consumer in mind, limiting broad scale adoption.

Introducing MATE.BIKE, the ultimate designer eBike for the discerning, environmentally conscious urbanite.

By making eBikes cool, sexy, practical and affordable, we wish to make bicycling the preferred mode of transportation for people and decongest urban areas.

Kickstarting a biking revolution.

MATE.BIKE is on a mission to create what we believe is the perfect bike for any journey, any rider in any situation with great design that is fun and affordable while keeping cool functionality in mind. MATE.BIKE is a bicycle at the cross section of sustainability, fashion and technology.

mate, electric, bike

Different from any other bike.

Most electrical bikes today look incredibly unsexy, granny bikes, which are effectively traditional bicycles with a slapped on electric engine, foregoing any real design considerations. MATE.BIKE is a uniquely designed electric bicycle, whereby the battery is needly integrated inside the frame of the bike while still being foldable, fashionable and above all: affordable.

MATE.BIKE was even further adopted by the world of fashion after it’s unique collaboration with world renowned fashion brand Moncler. This limited edition run of the MATE.X has become a highly coveted eBike and fashion accessory.

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