Kymco 2022. Global Sales Fell Down (-10.5%), Third Year In A Row. Kymco electric scooter

Kymco 2022. Global Sales Fell Down (-10.5%), Third Year In A Row

McD tracks new vehicles registrations across the World (over 85 countries), reporting data on calendar year. When you wish to compare data reported by us to those declared by the manufacturers, consider they usually report their “sales” (vehicles invoiced), which are usually different from “registrations”, accordingly with their fiscal year split.

Global Registrations Trend

Kymco is one of the biggest scooter specialist worldwide, with global sales steady growing in the last decade and an all-time sales record at 542.941 hit in the 2017.

Having care to fully absorb the available capacity, the company exports one-third of production and is very dependent by the performance obtained in the domestic market, in Taiwan. where it was the leader for the last decades, before to be overtaken by SYM, during the 2022.

Global sales kept declining last year stepping down at 365.495, losing 10.5% versus the previous year, the third lost in a row.

Since 2017 sales declined by 177K of which 150K lost at home, in Taiwan.

In 2022 Taiwanese sales declined 20.2%, under the SYM strong advanced, while sales abroad grew up at 153.289 (7.4%).

Sales are fast growing in China (48%) and the future plans are ambitious.

In the rest of the World, we found a littler growth in Europe (1.6%), in ASEAN (5.3%) and in East Europe (6.4%), while are declining in Latin America (-6.2%).

New facilities in the Philippines

In a press briefing in Makati City on early April 2020, KYMCO Philippines president Allan Santiago announced the company decision to invest nearly 20 million US dollar in a new facility in the Philippines. The operations are supposed to start in the 2023, when the forecast indicates that the demand for a new type of two-wheeler models (mainly electric fueled) will be huge.

Indeed, the Philippines are among the fastest growing markets all over the World and new rules to limit pollution will dramatically transform the industry. The new Kymco plant will have a capacity of 6,000 units per month. It will replace the current facility, located at the Sta. Maria Industrial Estate in Bagumbayan, Taguig City which has a capacity of 5,000 units per month and “old” technologies.

Brand Heritage

KYMCO stands for Kwang Yang Motor Company, headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It has about 3.000 employees and produce more than 600,000 vehicles per year.

The company has established several production facilities abroad. Those are located in Indonesia (Jakarta), Malaysia (Petaling Java), China (Shanghai, Chengdu and Changsha) and Philippines (Bagumbayan, Taguig City).

Founded in 1964, KYMCO originally started out with technology transfer from Honda, Japan. Thanks to the technical know-how from Honda, KYMCO became one of Honda’s high quality overseas manufacturing facilities.

Over the next two decades, Honda increased its business interest in Kymco, becoming one of its significant shareholder. However, their strong relationship ended in the 2000, when Kymco started to move on its own feet.

Kymco celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2014 hitting the milestone of 10 million scooters, motorcycles, e-bikes, side-by-sides and ATVs sold in 100 countries, with an annual sales revenue exceeding (US) 1 billion.

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Kymco Scooters

To get a better understanding of what makes Kymco so popular, let’s take a closer look at the brand’s offerings.

If you’re looking to try your hand at motorcycles, but you are not really sure if they’re right for you, you can always start with a more manageable alternative, such as a scooter. Scooters are easier to use and safer than most motorcycles on the market.

One of the most popular scooter brands is the Kymco Scooter. These scooters are made by Kymco, which is an acronym for a Taiwanese motorcycle company that stands for Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd. Kymco was founded in 1953 and is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The company came to be after parting ways with Honda. Before 1963 Kymco, was a Honda subsidiary that only made parts for Honda. In 1970, the company built its first scooter. However, it was not until 1992 when Kymco scooters were sold under the company name.

By 2002, Kymco was the biggest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and the fifth worldwide.

To get a better understanding of what makes this brand so popular, here is everything you should know about the Kymco scooter.

History Of Kymco

When Kymco broke off its engagement with Honda, it evolved from a parts making company to a fully-fledged motor company. The company is known for its wide range of scooters, but it has also tried its hand at motorcycles and ATVs.

This does not mean that Kymco does not take parts jobs every once in a while. One of their latest parts jobs involved building an engine for the BMW G459 X Enduro bike in 2008. Since the company produced its first scooter in 1970, it has gone on to build and sell over 63 scooter models throughout the world.

Today, the company is the second-largest in Taiwan and sits on over 2 million square feet, and they conduct business in over 107 countries globally. The scooter that started it all was the Kymco C200 that was unveiled in 1964.

Two years before Kymco was fully independent of Honda, they built the Hao Mai 125; this was the scooter that made a name for the company. This beauty sold over one million units hence setting the pace for all other Kymco builds.

There Are Many Kymco Scooters

Kymco scooters have become a favorite for anyone looking for a sturdy and well-built scooter. Kymco scooters generally come with a 24-month unlimited miles warranty, which many customers find useful.

Some people across different markets think that Kymco scooters are built by Honda. But based on the dates given by the company, in 1963, Kymco broke off any engagements with Honda, but it was not until 1992 that the company could sell its products under its own name.

While many scooters have been known to trace their roots back to China, Kymco is one of the many exceptions. However, the company does have manufacturing and assembly facilities in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

A New Era For Kymco Scooters

With so many motor manufacturers looking to make their products as green as possible, Kymco has not been left behind. In 2019, the company announced that it would be making five new motorcycles. Many saw this as the beginning of a new era for the company.

This is because success on the electric motorcycles would translate to success with electric scooters that not only looked good but performed better. In 2021, the company launched two new scooters that promised to deliver, and so far, they’ve lived up to everyone’s expectations.

These scooters were the Agility 50, which has a starting cost of 1,879, and the Agility 125 that comes with a base price of 2,199. Other 2021 scooters include the A Town, Super 8 50X, Super 8 150X, the People S150, and the X-Town 300i.

Launching a Game-Changing Electric Scooter Solution That Eliminates All Barriers to Go Green

TOKYO. JAPAN – March 22. 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – KYMCO unveils Ionex at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2018, marking the beginning of a new era of electric scooter with its innovative vehicle designs and open energy platforms.

Ionex is a game-changing electric scooter solution that eliminates all barriers to go green:

  • With the Ionex scooter architecture, the electric scooter for the first time overcomes the compromises associated with electric vehicle design. The scooter is Smart, thoughtful, and head-turning cool.
  • With the Ionex energy architecture, charging no longer means waiting. While the battery is being charged, the electric scooter still allows riders to ride and take care of business.
  • W ith the Ionex charging architecture, a full-range of innovative solutions cover all private and public charging scenarios. Every morning riders start with a full charge. Shared outlets and public charge lockers are everywhere. The maximum range is 200 km with extra batteries added.
  • W ith the Ionex public charging infrastructure, policy makers have an economically feasible plan for implementing a green revolution on a local or national level. Governments now have a complete game-changing blueprint to go green.

“Electric is one of the most significant transformations of personal transportation,” said Allen Ko. Chairman of KYMCO. “With Ionex, we want to make the world greener, to make our cities cleaner, and to make electric a practical reality for consumers worldwide. KYMCO is committed to making an impact at the juncture of the most important transformation in recent history.”


Until today, buying an electric scooter has meant accepting tremendous compromises. Finding a place to charge has been difficult. The battery has taken up too much storage space. It has also been tedious to remove, heavy to lift, and ungraceful to carry.

KYMCO pioneers the industry’s first Smart energy bay, which makes battery removal not only delightful, but also cool to watch. At a touch of a button the energy bay opens, bringing the battery to the perfect lifting position. Riders gracefully bring out the battery with ease. When returning the battery to the scooter, riders simply nudge the battery against the Smart floor to trigger the bay door open. The experience is intuitive, convenient, and elegant.

The Ionex battery is compact and stylish. At less than 5kg it is effortless to carry for anyone. It also features a specially designed handle, so two batteries can be carried with one hand. The under-floor battery placement helps the electric scooter achieve the lowest center of gravity possible. At the same time, this architecture also offers the largest under-seat storage ever.

With the Ionex scooter architecture, the electric scooter for the first time overcomes the compromises associated with electric vehicle designs and becomes an object of desire.


The conventional belief is that after plugging in the scooter to charge, we must wait. If pulling out the battery for charging, riders cannot go anywhere. Always seeking to go above and beyond, KYMCO challenged this never-questioned assumption and came up with a revolutionary e-scooter design. With this design, riders can still ride the scooter even when the battery is removed. Therefore, riders don’t have to wait whil e charging the scooter.

Every KYMCO Ionex scooter has an internal core battery. When riders charge their removable battery, the scooter uses the internal core battery as the power source to continue to operate. Riders can go about their business without being tied down. Later, they can simply pick up the fully-charged removable battery at their convenience.

The core battery is constantly kept fully charged by the removable batteries. Ionex automatically selects the optimal battery to charge the core battery and decides on the right battery to supply power. It makes all batteries seamlessly work together. Riders simply ride without worrying about a thing.

With the Ionex energy architecture, the electric scooter allows the rider to ride and take care of business while the battery is being charged.


Range anxiety and limited number of charging stations always come up first when people are asked about their hesitation for buying an electric scooter. This is by far the most common and legitimate reason not to go green. KYMCO Ionex finally solves this previously un-addressed challenge with an innovative charging architecture.

Effortless Home Charging

Home is where the riders’ journey ends each day. Once they return home, they no longer want to go anywhere. In short, home is everyone’s best everyday charging station. Therefore, Ionex made home charging a delightful experience. Ionex ensures riders’ mornings always start with full charge to cover the entire day.

Occasionally riders want to recharge during the day. Ionex offers an extensive Charge Point Network. At Charge Points, riders can hand over their battery to have it charged. Most Charge Points can fully charge a battery in less than an hour. One hour is a blink when they can go about their business without wait.

Once in a while, riders may need longer range when they travel. Ionex offers Extra Battery Rental. When starting a long journey, riders simply rent extra batteries for the trip. Every KYMCO Ionex scooter is designed with under-seat storage that accommodates three additional batteries. Hence, the maximum range is an astonishing 200 km.

To completely eliminate any range anxiety, Ionex offers the Power Outlet Network. These are the locations where riders can use their public outlets to charge their battery. KYMCO has designed the charger to be easily portable and to fit nicely in the scooter. Wherever riders go, they can always count on these most widely available power sources.

Sharing Economy Approach

To scale everything to the next level, the Charge Point Network, Extra Battery Rental and Power Outlet Network all embrace the spirit of the sharing economy. Everyone is invited to take part in this open energy network. It is also hugely rewarding to join. Aside from raising their public image, participating businesses can draw the right crowd to their establishment.

With the Ionex charging architecture, a full-range of innovative solutions cover all private and public charging scenarios, so riders never worry about range.


As the green movement gains momentum, policy makers all over the world are rushing to take the lead. However, any government’s effort to build out charging infrastructures has until now been met with very real obstacles.

First, it has been technically unfeasible to install fast chargers that rival the fueling time of a typical gas pump. As a result, the approach to building charging facilities that match the convenience of the gas station network has mostly been abandoned.

The next attempt has been to install one charger at every parking slot in a parking lot, so vehicles could be charged for a longer period when parked. This has also failed as it has been too impractical to rapidly install enough charging stations to make an impact.

Finally, in very few countries battery swapping has been attempted. Battery swapping requires every vehicle to use more than one share of battery resources, which generates excess pollution. Consequently, this is the least environmentally friendly approach and is also the most expensive option.

To overcome these aforementioned challenges previously faced by many policy makers, KYMCO introduces a brand new path to a complete public charging infrastructure, the Ionex Energy Station.

The Ionex energy station is a stand-alone station designed with multiple charging bays for Ionex batteries. It resembles any vending machine people see every day. It can be placed anywhere without lengthy construction which causes inconvenience to consumers.

Because of its extreme flexibility in deployment, the Ionex energy station can be quickly rolled-out across public places such as subway stations, parking lots, and tourist spots. Governments can also set policies to encourage commercial entities, residential buildings and businesses to install their own energy stations.

The Ionex energy stations can be used by employees, customers and visitors for drop-by charging. They can also be used by residents for overnight charging. These energy stations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has the potential to be the most visible demonstration of a government’s commitment to the green movement.

Beyond charging, the Ionex energy stations also serve as the foundation for supporting multiple battery swapping services.

First, companies can use the energy stations to provide various battery swapping services for their customers. While KYMCO is the first provider, other vehicle brands and service providers may also join this endeavor. Consumers will have choices.

In addition, postal services, delivery services, and logistic operators can use the energy stations to operate battery swapping services for their own fleet of electric vehicles. Businesses will have more reasons to go green.

With charging services, swapping services, and private energy networks operating concurrently, Ionex is the world’s first multi-function open energy platform. It is the simplest, most economical, and instantly scalable solution to enable all parties to embrace electric.

With the Ionex public charging infrastructure, governments at last have a game changer to build up a truly ubiquitous public energy infrastructure that transforms the entire city.

“In the next 3 years, KYMCO plans to launch 10 electric models, establish charge networks in 20 countries, and sell over half a million electric vehicles worldwide,” said Allen Ko. Chairman of KYMCO. “With KYMCO Ionex, together we start an open movement that celebrates one of the most important social missions of our time.”

A MILESTONE: To electrify its 26,000-strong fleet by 2023, GBG Express plans to adopt KYMCO’s electric scooters and Ionex battery swapping network across the country

KYMCO (光陽) last week announced a strategic partnership with the nation’s biggest cab-hailing service provider, Taiwan Taxi (台灣大車隊), to electrify the latter’s two-wheeler delivery fleet, GBG Express (全球快遞), using KYMCO’s Ionex battery swapping solution.

GBG Express, a wholly owned delivery arm of Taiwan Taxi, has 26,000 riders with yellow jackets delivering food, clothing, groceries and all sorts of products to people’s doorsteps in Taiwan’s 132 districts.

The firm also focuses on providing business-to-business last-mile delivery services, and has accumulated more than 40,000 corporate clients in more than 100 industries, including Taiwan’s most well-known e-commerce brands, brick-and-mortar stores, convenience store chains and government agencies.

KYMCO chairman Allen Ko stands next to an electric scooter in an undated photograph.

To electrify its fleet, GBG Express plans to adopt KYMCO’s electric scooters and Ionex battery swapping network across the nation.

The two firms said that they would jointly design Ionex electric vehicles optimized for making deliveries and promote viable incentive schemes to accelerate the transition of GBG Express to an electric fleet, both at home and, later, as it expands globally.

“KYMCO Ionex is a leading turnkey solution for electric vehicles that empowers businesses and governments to go electric,” KYMCO chairman Allen Ko (柯勝峰) said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

KYMCO chairman Allen Ko stands next to one of the company’s Ionex battery swapping stations in an undated photograph.

“The partnership with Taiwan Taxi marks an important milestone for KYMCO, as the company is committed to leading the world and helping all businesses usher in the electric era,” Ko said.

KYMCO is moving into the global electric scooter market. Over the past few years, the firm has cooperated with Chinese and Southeast Asian express logistics and vehicle-sharing firm through capital investment and technical cooperation. It also exports its Ionex electric scooters and battery swapping platform to overseas markets.

“The partnership with KYMCO creates a win-win situation for all three parties,” Taiwan Taxi chairman Gary Lin (林村田) said in the joint statement.

KYMCO Capital managing partner Gary Ting speaks at the Smart City Summit Expo at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center on March 24.

“It demonstrates our long-standing and continuous efforts to explore new business opportunities for our rider partners and to provide better services for our clients. Together with our strategic partners, we will be able to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport network,” Lin said.

With the help of KYMCO, GBG Express aims to convert more than 50 percent of its 26,000-strong fleet to electric by 2023.

Meanwhile, KYMCO is speeding up its deployment of battery swapping stations in Taiwan, including by installing in-house battery swapping stations for GBG Express, the company said.

KYMCO Capital managing partner Gary Ting poses in an undated photograph.

The logos of KYMCO, left, and Taiwan Taxi are displayed in an undated handout of Taiwan Taxi’s GBG Express deliverers using KYMCO’s electric scooters and an Ionex battery swapping station.

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Where Is Kymco Scooters Made? (You’re In The Right Place!)

Where Is Kymco Scooters Made? Kymco manufactures scooters and motorcycles in Taiwan. It is a well-known brand with a wide range of products that appeal to a variety of riders. Kymco’s scooters are known for their quality and durability. The company also offers a variety of accessories, including aftermarket parts and frames.

Kymco is a Taiwanese scooter company that manufactures scooters and motorcycles. The company was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan.

MothAr 19mm Carburetor W/electric choke for Honda 50cc 2 Stroke engine Kymco Dio 50 SA50 SK50 SYM DD50 ZX50 AF34/35 ZX34/35 28

CDI Box Unit, 8 Pin Unrestricted CDI Unit Ignition High Performance Replacement for KYMCO Scooter Supper 8 4T 09/10

Kymco produces a variety of scooters, including the Kymco Agility, the Kymco Super 7, and the Kymco Mx-7. The company also manufactures motorcycles, including the Kymco Agility 1 and the Kymco Agility 3.

Kymco is a well-known brand of scooters that has been around for many years. Kymco manufactures their scooters in China, which is where a large majority of scooter manufacturers make their products.

Where is Kymco Scooters Made?

Kymco is a Taiwanese scooter company that manufactures scooters and motorcycles. The company’s headquarters are in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Kymco produces a wide range of products, including small displacement motorcycles, 125cc-750cc street bikes, and electric motorcycles. Kymco also produces scooters, starting with the 125cc model in 2002.

The company’s scooters are popular in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world where riding a motorcycle is not allowed or not advisable. Kymco exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Is Kymco a Good Scooter?

Kymco is a well-known scooter manufacturer that has been in business for over 30 years. They produce a wide variety of scooters, from small, inexpensive models to high-end luxury models. While their products are available in a variety of countries, their main market is in Asia.

Kymco scooters are generally considered reliable and fairly durable, but they may not be the best choice for riders who are looking for an extremely comfortable ride.

Where Can I Buy a Kymco Scooter?

Kymco is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer that produces scooters. The company’s scooters are made in several different countries, including China, India, and Thailand.

There are also several models of Kymco scooters available, including the KYMCO ARROW150, the KYMCO SCOOTER125, and the KYMCO SCOOTER150L.

Kymco Scooters Available in the US?

Kymco scooters are available in the US through a variety of retail channels. Some of the more popular Kymco dealers include Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Kymco offers a wide range of scooters to choose from, including the Scout S150, Sport S120, and City S50 models.

All three models come equipped with automatic transmission and front and rear suspension. The City S50 is also available in a limited edition pink color.

What are the Different Types of Kymco Scooters?

There are many different types of Kymco scooters, each with its own unique features. Some of the most popular types include the MX150 and MX200, both of which are small and lightweight scooters that are perfect for urban environments. The MX200 also has a powerful engine that makes it ideal for longer trips.

Other popular types of Kymco scooters include the Typhoon and the Rallye. The Typhoon is a large and powerful scooter that is perfect for off-road adventures. The Rallye is a smaller version of the Typhoon that is perfect for urban streets and parks. Each model has its own unique features that make it perfect for specific uses.

What are the Specifications of Kymco Scooters?

Kymco is a well-known brand in the scooter market, with models that cover a wide range of price points and features. Some of the more popular Kymco models include the KYMCO Super 8 150 Sports Edition and KYMCO Super 10 250 Sports Edition.

These two scooters share many of the same specs, including engines that produce between 16 and 22 horsepower, automatic transmission, fuel injection, adjustable suspension, and front and rear disc brakes.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to get around town or you’re looking for a powerful sports machine that can take on bigger hills, Kymco has a model to fit your needs.

Buying Guide On How to Choose the Right Kymco Scooter?

When it comes to finding the right personal transportation device, there are a variety of options to choose from. One of these options is the Kymco Scooter. If you’re new to this type of vehicle, or if you’re looking for an option that’s easy to use and affordable, then you should know about some things to consider before making your purchase.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is the size of the scooter. Some models are designed for smaller individuals, while others are designed for larger people.

Another important factor to consider is price. Like with any other type of vehicle, there are a variety of available for Kymco Scooters. If you’re on a budget, then you may be better off looking at cheaper models that still offer quality construction and performance.

Conversely, if money isn’t an issue then you can spend more and get models that offer even more features and functionality. Consider the following steps:

  • 1. Look at the size of the bike. Some scooters are small enough to fit in a small car trunk, while others are large enough to require their own trailer.
  • 2. Consider the type of riding you plan to do. Scooters are designed for commuting, but they can also be used for recreational riding.
  • 3. Think about your budget. Some scooters cost less than 1,000, while others cost more than 10,000.
  • 4. Consider your needs. Some scooters have features that are specific to certain types of riding, such as downhill or motocross riding.
  • 5. Look at the reviews of the scooters you are interested in. This will help you to make an informed decision about which model is right for you.

Final Words! Where Is Kymco Scooters Made?

Kymco manufactures its scooters in Asia because it allows the company to reduce its costs and still maintain a high level of quality. Kymco is a well-known scooter manufacturer based in China. However, they also have a manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use scooter, then you should definitely consider purchasing a Kymco Scooter.


Where are KYMCO Like scooters made?

The company has a global workforce of more than 3000 people, and operates three manufacturing plants, an RD facility, logistics center, and 185,000sqm test track in Taiwan.

Who Makes Engines For Kymco?

Kymco is a famous motorcycle brand in China. They make motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. Kymco engines are mostly made by two companies: the Yamaha Corporation and the Suzuki Corporation. The engines are usually built in China by a company called Wanxiang, with some exceptions.

What Country Made Kymco?

The Kymco Agility scooters are manufactured in Thailand. The company has been in business since 1965 and has a strong customer base in Asia. Kymco was founded in Taiwan in 1988. However, the company moved its manufacturing operations to China in 2004.

Are Kymco Scooters Made In China?

Yes, Kymco scooters are made in China. The company has a global workforce of more than 3000 people, and operates three manufacturing plants, an RD facility, logistics center, and 185,000sqm test track in Taiwan.

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