Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Problems and Complaints: Are there some common ones. Wolf king scooter

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Problems and Complaints: Are there some common ones?

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter is one of the most premium models and is recommended by many.

Retailing at more than 3,500, most of its owners expect it to have little to no flaws and with all due honesty, they are justified to have such an expectation.

Having been one of the first big dawgs to ride the King GT Pro on different occasions, I feel that I am in a relatively better position to talk on whether the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro has some common problems or not.

One of the vital reasons why I decided to write this article is that a lot has been said on some electric scooter groups and other scooter forums.

I have read some saying that this scooter is low quality for its price, catches fire, the front forks break apart anyhow, et al.

There are others who are selling their expensive rides at throwaway for the fear of them failing and such.

But then, what is the entire truth about owning the Wolf King GT Pro?

kaabo, wolf, king, problems
  • Some common Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Problems and complaints
  • 1. The rear suspension is problematic
  • 2. Loose Bolts and Nuts
  • 3. Throttle’s Dead Zone
  • 4. Loose brake pressure
  • 5. Unbalanced tires
  • 6. Ineffective splash guards
  • 7. Battery Management System Issues
  • 8. Water Resistance
  • 9. Stuck brake icon on the screen
  • 10. Catching up fire
  • In Summary
kaabo, wolf, king, problems

The rear suspension is problematic

The suspension support plate that holds the bushings in place in a GT Pro has conical-shaped risers to put the bushings on.

The surface of the riser which contacts the bushing is far too small, which would cause the bushing to splay open.

Consequently, they put a washer in there to give it more surface area and protect the bushing.

The washer is 20mm in diameter, the same as the bushing.

Unfortunately, the bushing expands under compression, and the hole in the center of the washer is 8mm which is large enough to allow some “play” around the center post/screw, therefore allowing the washer to dig into the bushing and destroy it very quickly.

That part of the scooter was in fact poorly designed.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

They should have made the suspension support plate NOT require bushing by making the top surface sufficiently wide.

Either that or get 22 to 23mm M5 washers that would have no play and provide enough surface area to truly support the bushing.

Fortunately, people are making decent quality replacement bushings inexpensive to access, and you can put a new, more appropriate washer in.

So for about 20 bucks, less than most people spend on any single accessory for their scooter, this issue can get mitigated fast.

Unfortunately, this mistake is costing Kaabo in reputation and exacerbating other issues which are minor or non-existent…and that sucks because I think what they’ve otherwise given us is an amazing product.

Loose Bolts and Nuts

This is hit or miss, but it is completely normal and NOT a quality issue for there to be loose bolts either delivered or worked loose over time.

This is true of every scooter and bicycle I’ve ever owned.

Things constantly need tightened.

You’re dealing with vehicles that go 15 mph (24 kph) on a regular basis (in our case, 2 to 3 times that fast) with smaller tires and suspensions on the same imperfect surfaces that cars ride on.

To keep these vehicles relatively lighter, smaller parts are used, and as such, much smaller bolts.

Smaller bolts can only take small amounts of torque to tighten them, that’s just physics.

For instance, the bracket bolts on the brakes on my car are hugely bigger than anything on any scooter or bicycle, and require a massive 120 lbs/ft of torque to be properly tightened!

Even though, it’s still recommended to put on a little bit of Loctite.

There’s nothing on my scooters or bicycles that require that amount of torque!! Lower torqued bolts come loose easier, that’s just facts.

That means that lightweight personal vehicles like this, whether a bicycle or scooter or EUC or whatever, should be inspected for loose bolts frequently as a part of routine maintenance.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to tighten bolts on my YUME X7 and every bike I’ve ever owned.

Sometimes even after a touch of blue Loctite.

And if you’re one of those “I’ve never had to tighten a single bolt on any of my other scooters” then you’re damn lucky.

Also keep in mind that this is a much heavier, beefier scooter than most, that goes faster than most… all while having similar-sized nuts and bolts.

Greater speed and heft without increasing the size of fasteners (which would increase the size of member parts and therefore overall weight) in turn means a far greater likelihood of them working loose.

So you have to be willing to maintain the nuts and bolts! It’s just a part of small personal vehicle ownership, especially a larger one like this, and is NOT a reflection on brand or model quality.

Throttle’s Dead Zone

I’m not sure if the stock throttle has so much of a dead-zone than an intentional but the GT Pro motorized scooter has a weird curve to the throttle response.

Knowing how to replace the stock throttle with one that mitigates the issue to some extent helps.

I suspect mostly due to the longer travel at the fulcrum required to get to different throttle positions.

However, even with that improvement, it’s still fundamentally an issue and I feel like this is actually an issue with the controller board… and I think it’s on purpose.

The reality is that a natural sine wave controller mapping to the throttle input would be an underwhelming feeling compared to the used square-wave controller.

So I’m guessing they tried to do some software magic to make it feel punchier when they either shouldn’t have touched it, or they should’ve made it configurable.

Loose brake pressure

Tightening the components of an electric scooter is part of the maintenance routines that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Keep everything tight without over-tightening to avoid slow leaks that result in low brake pressure.

If your scooter has low brake pressure out of the box, then top it off with a refill kit.

Most places sell and then make sure everything’s tight and carry on.

It’s not a defect… it’s a 120 lbs behemoth being tossed about by FedEx for a week before you get it.

Just check every nut everywhere.

Unbalanced tires

While taking the GT Pro for a spin, I didn’t have this issue, and I don’t hear a lot about it but I’m sure for the two owners that complained about it on. it’s a huge pain for all people that are forced to deal with it.

But compared to auto tire manufacturing, whoever Kaabo’s supplier is (same one as a number of other scooters that use the same exact tire) is actually doing a pretty damn good job making them balanced… not 100% good but better than the auto industry has been doing.

The fact that whoever has been making these self-sealing scooter tires has been making the vast majority of their product being uniform enough to not have vibrations is damn near a miracle lol.

Even better, PMT tires from Italy do an even better job with that uniformity and make their tires out of better compounds, so when you replace your tires, that’s a great option at 60-70 a tire.

Hopefully, you’re not one of the unlucky ones that got an unbalanced “factory” tire, but if so, this is an accessory-level cost to replace with even better quality…it’s a shame there aren’t any wheel balancers for scooter tires that can handle the motors too.

Ineffective splash guards

This isn’t a quality issue but a design issue.

I suspect they figured people would be using it more in dry conditions and they wanted it to have a certain aggressive, carefree “open-wheel” look.

Kaabo also makes the Mantis which has vastly more functional splash guards.

So this one has me a little annoyed.

Hopefully, they improve the upcoming models and provide something better in the future.

Battery Management System Issues

So far, the issue I’ve personally had with the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Battery Management System is the unit not turning on until I’d plug a charger into it and then unplug it.

It was confirmed that this is a BMS issue.

However, it’s easy to work around.

I realized I had been turning on the power while charging to check the status of the charge, but the BMS wasn’t designed to handle that.

My other scooters just shut off and won’t turn on while charging, so that could be a general limitation.

One that they could probably work around in the electronics, but if they never do, it’s really no big deal.

Another issue is the BMS shutting off the unit while riding below a certain voltage.

This is to protect the electronics, and not really a defect! However, their UX (user experience) could be beefed up by letting you know in advance of this happening with an audible alarm or something.

The GT Pro design also prevents it from turning back on until you hook it up to power when this happens, and that’s genuinely inconvenient, so that’s not a quality issue so much as bad UX design; which means they’ll likely improve it on the next version if people keep speaking up.

Water Resistance

This is not necessarily a problem with the Wolf King GT Pro but a complaint.

The IPX5 water-resistance rating is reasonable, and the concerns are overstated.

Just my opinion maybe, but I’m not too worried about it being rain resistant should I get stuck in it.

The cells seem to be pretty well wrapped, but other people that have taken theirs out might be able to tell you better.

Point is, it’s not supposed to be plugged at every possible orifice any more than a car or motorcycle is.

The stuff inside the controller box for example is potentially water sensitive but has rubber gaskets under the cover to prevent rain entry and only small gaps where the wires come out, and that’s fairly high off the ground.

Stuck brake icon on the screen

I’ve seen this come up a few times and seems that there’s a sensor on the actual handle that you can adjust.

Goes right along with the “make sure everything is tight/adjusted right.”

Catching up fire

Having a Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter catching fire isn’t a problem or a complaint but a point of concern for some people who would consider buying the beast.

It’s true that there have been a couple of battery fires among scooters but only a very small percentage.

From what I can tell, there have been more people claiming “fire” by showing old pictures and videos from the original incidents than there have been actual incidents… I assume to badmouth the product.

(Competitor? Anti-scooter people? Who knows?)

There’s also been numerous Tesla fires, countless cell phone fires, etc.

Lithium-powered devices do have a chance to spontaneously combust.

That’s just the nature of the beast.

Fortunately, Lithium batteries have come a long way, and newer chemistries (including what’s in the LG version of the Wolf King GT) are far more stable.

So if you’re worried about this issue, just know that this is the case for ALL electric vehicles, period.

It’s a rare issue but needs to be acknowledged.

In Summary

Kaabo makes a great model in the Wolf King GT Pro.

Would I recommend that scooter to my audience? Yes, of course.

In fact, the only real common problems with the GT Pro are that its rear suspension somewhat sucks, the splash guards are of a much lower quality than say its older model (Mantis), and the throttle has a small dead zone.

The others are complaints from owners who may not be aware that tightening different parts is part of the regular maintenance routine but we would also like to ask Kaabo to include some crucial info such as how to handle the BMS and include on the manual the components that need to be tightened when need be.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Summary

If ever there was a time to be green, now is it. Consumers have shown growing concern for brands they associate with, especially whether they help in any way to combat climate change. And that being the core business of the entire electric scooter space–we can safely say scooters is where it’s at.

But even with that, some brands are more in than others, and Kaabo just happens to embody everything we’re hoping the transport system of the future to look like. They don’t make dirt-cheap scooters that break down after hardly any use, and they sure don’t make scooters that limit the vehicle’s functionality.

Kaabo scooters are multi-purpose, relatively affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and always in line with the technology of the day. And today, we review the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter to see whether it’s made in line with Kaabo’s philosophy.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Electric Scooter Summary

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Kaabo changed the game when they released the original Wolf Warrior 11 back in 2020–a scooter riders recognized as the World’s Most Loved Beast Scooter twice because it was so fast and so good offroad. But there was a setback with the 11–at 108 lbs; the scooter wasn’t the most practical.

So, Kaabo returned to the drawing board, and out of the kitchen came the Wolf Warrior X and X-Pro – smaller, lighter versions of the Wolf Warrior 11 with closely competing performance specs. Some would even call the difference in the experience negligible.

Since then, we’ve been watching Kaabo upgrade scooter after scooter to the “GT” version(models that seek to improve further on the already impressive features of earlier versions). Starting with the amazing Wolf King GT and, more recently, the masterpiece-Mantis King GT.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

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According to our expert rider (and physicist), this electric scooter is perfectly sprung for heavier riders.

We’ll take it straight from the horse’s mouth;

“It was a little firm for my 165 lb rider weight. but that means for me, the harder I ride, the better it works. Heavier riders from 200 lbs up to the weight limit will find it perfectly sprung, and honestly this feels like a scooter that would carry 300 lb riders easily, but we can’t really recommend exceeding the recommended limit,” Paul, RG.

We agree. Besides the high rider weight capacity, the X GT electric scooter has one of the largest decks in our database–23-inches x 8-inches. This gives riders with larger feet plenty of space to shift around and find the most comfortable stance.

The handlebars sit 39 inches above the deck, which means no slouching when riding. And as opposed to earlier units, this one does not have a scraping issue on the rear fender when hopping off curbs–complementing the nice 5.8-inch clearance.

The large pneumatics guarantees a comfortable ride, and you cannot exhaust the 1680 wh battery on casual errands. Therefore, if you’re a big dawg–this one is for you.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Review

Performance Summary

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)


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We see the return of the sinewave controller and its accompanying ultra-smooth acceleration. Here, the Warrior X GT electric scooter shows off a little, reaching 15 mph in just 2.1 seconds, which is a tie with the Base model. This is no mean fit as it falls in 6th position for the fastest acceleration we’ve tested in our database.

The Mantis King GT and the Warrior 11 electric scooter take this crown with a slightly faster pick-up that sees them hit 15 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

Top Speed

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We have a new best-in-class top speed from the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter. This baby went as fast as 45.3 mph, beating even the Warrior 11’s max speed of 45 mph and the Mantis King GT’s 45.1 mph. This top speed also makes it officially the 10th fastest scooter we’ve tested.

It is also officially Kaabo’s third fastest scooter, coming behind the super beastly Wolf King and Wolf King GT. And at its price point, you already know you’re not getting anything faster.

Hill Climb

The Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter is also an excellent hill climber, reaching the top of our 200 ft, 10 % incline in just 7.6 seconds from a standing start.Its lighter weight helps it maintain a speed of 17.5 mph to the top of the hill and ties the Wolf Warrior 11’s time.

However, it’s no surprise that Kaabo made a scooter that rocks in hill climbing. After all, the top 10 list is characterized by the same brands–three NAMIs, three Dualtrons, four Kaabos, the Segway GT2, and Vsett 10.

Check our database to see how your favorite scooter performs against other scooters for different metrics–all our tests for the different scooters are performed under similar conditions.

Range and Battery

We took the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter on our usual range course, and since we spilled the beans about the X GT getting efficient sinewave controllers and a big battery, you probably guessed it already, it just kept going. The Warrior X GT has the 8th longest range out of well over 100 range tests we’ve performed, with an RG-certified range of 44.2 miles. That puts the Warrior X GT’s range right in between the much more expensive Dualtron Thunder and the Dualtron Storm, and within 2.8 miles of the world’s most famous long-range scooter, the EMOVE Cruiser.

The range is courtesy of the large 60v, 1680 Wh battery, which you can get with either Samsung or LG cells. We already had the name-brand cells with the Warrior X Pro but not with the base model, so we like the upgrade on this one.

The scooter also now comes with two 1.75 Amp chargers that cut charging time to about 5 or 6 hours. It’s the same type of port used on the Mantis King GT with the same small problem.Visually match the charger pins to the holes on the port before connecting–they have a way of feeling like they’re properly connected and ready for charging when they’re actually not. Or, just watch out for the red indicator that shows charging.


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The Zoom brakes on the X GT are outstanding and super consistent. Our Wolf Warrior X and X Pro stopped from 15 mph in 9.9 ft, and the Warrior X GT stopped in 9.8 ft, which is an outstanding result. Our only complaint? –you can turn regenerative braking up or down, but there’s no way to turn it off completely.

The Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter has the 6th shortest stopping distance. 2022 has really shaken up the braking records with new entrants continually giving shorter braking–Segway GT2 electric scooter at 9.4 ft, Segway GT1 and the Apollo Ghost 2022 at 9.5 ft, and NAMI’s BURN-E 2 MAX at 9.7 ft. We’re thrilled at the safety-first approach they are taking and hope to see the same with mid-range scooters as well.

Ride Quality

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When it comes to ride quality, we’re spoilt for choice by the Kaabo line of electric scooters. For starters, like our Mantis King GT scooter, our Warrior X GT from Voro came with hybrid off-road tires, which really make sense on the X GT since it’s such a great offroad scooter. We thought they would have less traction than the road tires on our X Pro, but based on our braking test, in a straight line, the X GT’s offroad tires have the same traction or more.We also tried them on hard-packed dirt and dry grass, and traction was excellent as well. The only downside is they make a little more noise than road tires and are a tiny step down in the smoothness of the ride.

The suspension is firm but works well. It feels exactly the same as that of the X and X-Pro. Aftermarket bushings can stiffen up the rear suspension, but we think the stock ones will work fine for anyone under the 265-pound weight limit.

And if this isn’t your first hurrah with us, you’ve probably come across us complaining about the dead zone on thumb throttles. The NAMI, Wolf King GT and Mantis GT all use the same one.So, here’s something interesting–there’s a slight but measurable reduction in dead-zone on the X GT. The throttle now has ⅛” less dead zone at the beginning of travel. The motor picks up the minute the back side of the throttle is even with the housing, unlike all others that only start when the face gets even, which is microseconds later. However, it still works best if you anchor your thumb on the housing and rock your thumb into the throttle.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Features


You want to know the least interesting bit about the Warrior X GT? It’s packing up your scooter.In the time it takes to fold the scooter, somewhere in Las Vegas someone’s already pulled the lever in a slot machine, hit the jackpot, and made enough poor decisions to see them back at the slots again.

The folding time, and folded height are bigger than other light-heavyweights like the Mantis King GT. Two double-clamps mean more than twice the folding time, and once it’s folded the stem doesn’t lock down to the deck. Thankfully, it’s still smaller and easier to fold than the super clunky folding of the original Wolf Warrior 11 which gets even longer when folded.

And while the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter will fit in some trunks, 86 lbs and a stem that doesn’t lock down ultimately make for an awkward lift. So, if you need to carry it upstairs daily or put it in a trunk more than once a week a Mantis might be the better choice.


The cockpit is revamped on this scooter. It is not simple; it is elegant, and looks like it’s doing everything it’s meant to be doing. The dash is the star of the show–an amazing 4-inch antiglare TFT Display that shows all the information you need, and then more.

In fact–as a first for Kaabo, the screen now has Turn Signal Indicators on the Screen. Besides that, you get a lock code on the screen that serves as extra safety for the scooter. The scooter comes with 5 ride modes that are customizable to suit your riding style on the display.The one shortcoming is the display doesn’t remember your last riding mode, so if you like riding in gear five and dual motor like we do, you’ll have to go up four gears and then hold down the plus button every time you turn on the scooter. The dash also gets less bright with the headlight on, so if you’re riding in the day time and your dash isn’t bright enough, turn off your headlights.

The Eco/Turbo buttons are gone, but you still have buttons for single and dual motor. The Headlight button also lights up to indicate that it’s on, as do the turn signals. Kaabo also switches from the trigger-style throttle to the more ergonomic thumb throttle.

The Scooter also has a USB port on the front face of the control buttons. This is unlike most other scooters, e.g., NAMI, which typically place the USB on their dashboards or other central locations. However, while this feature may seem like a boon for any avid smartphone user, we were disappointed to find out that the USB port on the Scooter doesn’t allow you to charge your phone. Well, at least not the iPhone 11 Pro. So the real question here is, what is the purpose of this USB port if not charging our phones? Perhaps there was a malfunction with our particular unit?

The display can be password-protected and works, but there are a couple of tricks if you want to edit the modes or turn off the password entirely:

To edit the different modes:

    You need to press the “M” (mode) button within a few seconds of turning the scooter on.

To turn off the password entirely:

  • Once you power up and hit the M button (quickly), scroll down to the “Password ”option. You’ll see 2 options:

    Therefore to turn off the password completely, you will have both options disabled. This will enable you to bypass any password requirements when turning on your scooter.


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By now it’s widely known that Kaabo has the best-in-class headlight, which makes for unmatched visibility. What’s more, for the Wolf Waarrior X GT, there are 3 modes for the headlight; low, strobe mode, and the talk of the town, the high beam.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

And finally, the NEW swag lights. They look much cooler now with Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT emblazoned on the sides. AND, like the previous version and the Mantis, you can control the color, speed, and pattern with the LED hue app. Sadly, there is still no app for the scooter itself.

Previously the trigger throttle Zoom hydraulic brakes made your fingers do an awkward split if you wanted to cover throttle and brakes at the same time. No more!

Early production Wolf Warrior X’s had a problem with the rear tire rubbing on the fender if you jumped off a curb. When we received our Base model Warrior X, and X Pro this had already been fixed. Our X GT also didn’t scrape at all.

However, Rear Fender protection is not the best, especially considering it’s rated IPX5. If you’re going to ride in rain or mud, you’ll want to make a fender extension, which can be as simple as sticking a short section of inner tube or black plastic to the rear fender. On the plus side, it has a large amount of fender clearance, especially at the front, so it won’t get clogged with mud.

The X GT also uses a new type of charge ports on the right side, and you need two hands to plug in because of the spring-loaded plastic covers. These ports are well protected from shorting, dust and water and are impervious to getting shorted out by random pieces of metal. They look like the plugs on the Mantis King GT electric scooter, but these are even bigger.

And finally, like the Base and the Pro, be careful not to turn the bars fully to the left or right because the wiring harness can get pinched between the forks and the frame. We wish Kaabo would install a steering stop or re-route the wiring harness to prevent this. We’ve called this out before, and unfortunately, it’s still a problem–so here’s (fingers crossed) to the next one.


Kaabo has never been a slacker when it comes to safety.

The Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter still has the world’s best headlights, like other Wolf scooters, but now has even better swag lights. However, we still worry about breaking them when offroading because they sound fragile when you tap on them.

And, not to rain on what was almost the perfect scooter, but it’s really weird that you get brake lights or turn signals, but not both. If the turn signal is on AKA the blinking edge light, then there is no further response from the brake lights if you also squeeze the brakes.

On the bright side, the signals are visible from the front, but we wish they were yellow not white, because with the amazing headlight doesn’t need any help from these deck lights.

Finally, the entire Wolf series uses the world’s loudest scooter horns. They look like something straight off of a motorcycle. This is great for interacting with cars, but I’d consider adding a bell if I were riding around bicycles or pedestrians because this thing will startle people.


Kaabo’s warranty is straightforward–you get 2-years on the mainframe and a year of coverage on other major parts against manufacturing defects. The warranty is also limited to the repair or replacement of the defective items. General wear and tear are not covered, and neither are cosmetic issues of faults arising from accidents, misuse, or abuse.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Electric Scooter: Review Conclusion

What are our thoughts on the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter? On the outside, it’s the same scooter as the other XS, but with a gorgeous new TFT display like the one on the Wolf King GT and Mantis King GT…which, as we mentioned, is the first one to add turn signal indicators.

The X GT also changes from the trigger throttle in the previous versions to a thumb throttle, like the Mantis King GT, Wolf King GT NAMI, etc., which accounts for better ergonomics and has a smaller dead space in the throttle than all previous versions of this thumb throttle.

When we tested the original Wolf Warrior X, we kept coming back to one thing: It’s hard to explain why, but it feels like you own the road on these scooters. This is even more so on the Wolf Warrior X GT electric scooter. And part of it is that you get absolutely everything you need: as much deck space as you can possibly want, more power than you can realistically use in town, more top speed than you can use, brakes strong enough to make your eyes bulge out when you drop anchor, more range than most people have the stamina to use in one ride… and, the weight is just low enough, that you don’t feel like the scooter dominates you.… you get the idea.

In conclusion, the WW X GT is the best off-road platform we’ve seen AND one of the best long-range light heavyweights, period. It is the Wolf Warrior X we always wanted, because it’s got the power and smooth throttle of the base model X and the big name-brand battery from the Pro.

We also have a link for you down below for the most exclusive deal on the Wolf Warrior X GT.

In-depth of Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 and Varla Eagle One Pro

If you’re in the market for a high-performance electric scooter, consider the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 and the Varla Eagle One Pro. Both scooters are known for their speed, power, and durability, but which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features and specifications of these two scooters to help you make an informed decision.

Specification Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Varla Eagle One Pro
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Suspension Dual suspension system Dual suspension system
Tires 11″ Tubeless Road Tires 11″ Tubeless Road Tires
Top Speed 50 MPH 45 MPH
Motor Dual 1200W brushless motors Dual 1000W brushless motors
Max Load 330 lbs 265 lbs
Range 93 Miles miles on Eco Mode Up to 45 miles on a single charge
Battery 60V 35AH 60V 27AH
Brakes Dual hydraulic disc brakes Dual hydraulic disc brakes
Lights LED headlights and taillights LED headlights and taillights
Throttle Electronic throttle Electronic throttle
Display LCD display showing speed, battery life, and other information LCD display showing speed, battery life, and other information


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 can reach speeds of up to 50 mph thanks to its two 1200W motors, and it has two riding modes: eco and turbo. Its range is impressive, with the ability to travel up to 93 miles in eco mode on a single charge. Although You could take the Wolf Warrior 11 on a long ride from Governors Island in New York to see the Statue of Liberty, cross the Brooklyn Bridge via the East River Greenway, and ride from the Hudson River Park Bikeway to the Staten Island Greenbelt Blue Trail. Customers want a longer range and improved suspension, which are their top priorities. However, excessive speed can be a safety concern, so the Wolf Warrior 11 is designed with safety in mind. It has a large wheelbase, a low center of gravity, and a broad riding deck to ensure stability at high speeds while maintaining safety. Overall, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 series offers both speed and safety.


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter is renowned for its 11″ tubeless tires, which are considered the best in their class. When it comes to electric scooter tires, tubeless options offer several advantages, including:

Firstly, exceptional shock absorption. Pneumatic tires are typically preferred for electric scooters that prioritize comfort owing to their superior shock-absorbing properties. This is due to the suppleness of the rubber used in the inner and outer tubes, as well as the cushioning effect of the air inside (similar to the air suspension found in high-end cars or the NIKE AIR series footwear). Additionally, their hollow design makes them lighter than solid rubber tires.

Secondly, they offer greater stability. The tire’s flexibility and suitable air pressure determine the size of the contact area between the tire and the ground and how stable the pneumatic tire is. Adequate tire pressure, coupled with a large force, results in a larger contact area between the tire and the ground, providing a firmer grip and better riding stability.


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 boasts an impressive dual hydraulic braking system for safety, along with powerful headlights and taillights. Additionally, a digital display provides riders with valuable information such as speed and battery life. The 60V35A designation of the electric scooter refers to its maximum operating voltage of 60V and the inclusion of a battery pack consisting of 12V35A cells, resulting in a current intensity of 40A and a battery input voltage of 60V. The battery, controller, and drive motor are the primary factors that determine an electric vehicle’s speed, with power, current, and voltage as the key determinants. A higher voltage leads to a faster speed, while a larger stored power allows for a greater distance to be covered.

over, the Wolf Warrior 11’s 5.8 hours of charging time is a significant advantage for commuters, long-distance riders, and frequent users, providing ample opportunities to charge the scooter quickly and conveniently.

Climbing Angle

Climbing uphill can be a major challenge for electric scooters, as the motors play a crucial role in determining the incline angle. As experienced motorcyclists often say, “The greater the hill that can be conquered, the more exciting the riding experience becomes.” The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 boasts dual 1200W motors, an impressive range, and a 45-degree climbing angle, allowing it to effortlessly conquer 95% of uneven terrains. Although, a good climbing angle is an essential factor in showcasing the outstanding performance of electric scooters.


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 and Varla Eagle One Pro both come with a range of features that make them stand out from other electric scooters. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 has a bright LED headlight and taillight, as well as a built-in horn and turn signals. It also has a digital display that shows speed, distance, and battery life. The Varla Eagle One Pro, on the other hand, has a built-in alarm system that can be controlled via the companion app. It also has a bright LED headlight and taillight, as well as a digital display that shows speed, battery life, and range.

Frame Material

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is both stylish and durable, with its forged aviation-grade aluminum construction being both strong and long-lasting. Additionally, the scooter’s weight limit of 330 pounds ensures a safe and secure ride. The aluminum alloy used in its construction has the advantages of being lightweight, highly malleable, and resistant to oxidation. It can be formed through cold working and can be easily bent back into shape if needed. Meanwhile, the cost of an aluminum alloy frame may be slightly higher, the single-piece design is more robust than a multi-piece one, with its integrated structure providing exceptional strength and rigidity. Furthermore, both materials have undergone numerous impact tests, demonstrating the scooter’s ability to withstand pressure. For those who demand high quality, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is the ideal choice.

Varla Eagle One Pro In-depth:

The Varla Eagle One Pro is a fantastic choice for anyone in the market for an electric scooter. With a powerful 1000W motor, it can reach speeds of up to 45 mph and has an impressive range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. The front and rear suspension system makes it a comfortable ride, even on rough terrain, and the hydraulic braking system ensures maximum safety. The scooter also comes equipped with bright headlights and taillights. The Eagle One Pro has two riding modes to choose from, eco and sport. In addition, a digital display shows important information such as speed and battery life. While the design is more conventional, it is still visually appealing. Although they may not be the most portable scooters due to their size and weight. However, the Varla Eagle One Pro and Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 can be easily folded down for storage and transportation.

Overall, both the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 and Varla Eagle One Pro are powerful and capable electric scooters. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 has a higher top speed and longer range, as well as a more advanced suspension system. However, it is also heavier and more expensive. The Varla Eagle One Pro is slightly lighter and more affordable but has a slightly lower top speed and range. However, the choice between these two models will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Wolf king scooter

On May 5, 2023, Kaabo presented its latest electric scooter. Wolf Warrior KING GTR. Although the appearance of the scooter does not differ much from the previous KING GT Pro model, there are still quite a few updates. Let’s look at them in more detail.

New shock absorbers

One of the major updates to the Wolf King GTR is the adjustable shock absorbers. Earlier models of the Wolf series had front shock absorbers with no adjustment function, while the rear used standard springs with bushings of different hardness. Now it will be possible to adjust the softness not only in the front, but also the softness rebound speed in the rear according to your needs. Thus, driving will become more comfortable and pleasant.

Removable waterproof battery

Another important highlight of the scooter is the easily removable and waterproof 72V 35Ah Samsung / LG battery. Although the capacity has remained unchanged, this design of the battery should be especially relevant for those who want to store the scooter somewhere in a warehouse or basement (where there is no electrical outlet), and the battery can simply be taken with you and charged at home. On the other hand, there are probably quite a few customers who would have been happier if Kaabo had simply offered a larger capacity 40Ah-45Ah integrated battery.

Scooter protection

The Kaabo Wolf KING GTR model comes with a 3.5 TFT screen and a minimally updated user interface. The scooter can be unlocked by entering a 4-digit PIN code, and if someone decides to move or steal the scooter, the alarm will start to howl very loudly and will certainly attract everyone’s attention. It is also worth mentioning the fact that in such a situation, the motors will start to block the wheels, thus making life even more difficult for the big toe.

New 2in1 controller

The updated 2in1 type 100A controller is integrated in the front of the scooter between the forks, so it has good cooling and is easily accessible. That is why, in the event of a malfunction, it is much easier to access it and eliminate the problem. This new controller is also fully waterproof, as are the battery and motors.

Wolf KING GTR has Pedestrian Mode (P), which is activated by default when the scooter is turned on. This solution helps to protect people from accidentally hitting the gas hard, and with such a powerful beast at your side, this protection can really come in handy. Also, this function can be very useful if you need to bring the scooter next to you.

As for other new features, this scooter also has a Traction Control (ESP) system, which ensures better grip and stability, especially when riding the scooter more aggressively: accelerating more sharply, making sharper turns, etc.

Other updates

There is an integrated hook on the frame of the steering wheel of the scooter, which can be of great use if you want to lift/carry this monster more conveniently. True, such is the consolation of a more comfortable pick-up, when the Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GTR weighs as much as 62 kg. God grant that it would be less necessary to lift it. Haha.

The nominal power of the motors remained unchanged at 22000W. True, thanks to the new controller and the special S (sport) mode. it will be possible to 10 sec. for a period of time to raise the current of the controller to 110A and max. the speed should reach even 110 km/h. You get a NITRO button.

Hybrid 12 inch tires. It’s like an intermediate option between asphalt tires and off-road tires. Although Kaabo presents them as a universal option, I think that for more serious rides on forest trails or more difficult surfaces, you should put full off.road tires.

Price and when will it be available?

Pre-sales of this model should appear soon, and the price is likely to reach ~ €3300. Of course, NiuxTech will always try to find better deals and VIP discount coupons for you to get this Kaabo Wolf Warrior King GTR beast for less! If you don’t want to miss out on offers, be sure to follow our news on the page.

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