Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter Review. Mantis electric scooter

Kaabo Mantis King GT Electric Scooter Review

The Kaabo recently released the newly refreshed and highly upgraded Mantis King GT and it is a beauty! The Mantis King GT got a major overhaul in design and some key upgraded features which makes it a super versatile electric scooter and a contender for one of the best scooters of 2022. I have fallen in love with this stunning scooter and the ride quality is top notch.

If you are looking for a scooter with the latest and greatest technology, the Mantis King GT should be on your radar. In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the Mantis King GT.

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What type of controller does the Kaabo Mantis King GT have?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT has dual 27 amp sine wave controllers.

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Sine wave controllers make the Mantis King GT easier to control at lower speed and deliver strong power smoothly to the motors.

The acceleration curve on the new sine wave controllers is way better than the previous Minimotors controllers.

Most scooter controllers use square wave technology, also known as a trapezoidal wave. Sine-wave creates a more rounded wave that is a lot quieter when ramping up speeds. Sine wave controllers are also used on the Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport, NAMI BURN-E MAX 2, Kaabo Wolf King GT, and Fobos X.

For more info on how sine-wave controllers work, check out this article from electricbike.com

What type of display is on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT features a 4.2 inch TFT LCD display.

TFT LCD displays are more expensive than traditional LCD screens, but the quality of the image is far superior. You can easily read a TFT display in direct sunlight while an LCD display gets washed out and is hard to read.

The display on the Kaabo Mantis King GT and Wolf King GT are the best displays I have tested and reviewed. I love how crisp the display looks and the colors pop.

What kind of folding mechanism is on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT uses a robust hook latch with a rotating safety mechanism we have never seen before.

I like how quickly you can secure the safety mechanism compared to the VSETT 9 and VSETT 10. The hook latch looks similar to the VSETT 9 and VSETT 10, but there are key differences. For example, on the VSETT scooters, the threaded bolt can get cross-threaded if you don’t pay attention. The safety mechanism on the Kaabo Mantis King GT simply rotates until it engages into place.

I started to notice a little play in the stem after 50 miles which were caused by the two bolts becoming a little loose after some aggressive riding and testing. If you have a little play in the stem, tighten the bolts on each side of the latch to give it a snug fit.

How do you control the deck lights on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The RGB hue deck lights are controlled by a mobile app. You can adjust the colors, and you can adjust them to be solid or in different patterns.

Some of the colors are incorrect in the app, so mess around with the different buttons to find the color you want.

Click here for the Android app that controls the deck lights. Click here for the iPhone app that controls the deck lights.

What type of tires is on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT features 10″ x 3″ hybrid offroad tires.

Previous Mantis verisions had 10″ x 2.5″ street tires. The extra 1/2 inch adds more stability when riding at higher speeds. I love the hybrid knobby tires with rounded profile because I can ride streets and offroad trails without having to do a tire change.

The hybrid tires combined with the adjustable suspension allow me to ride whatever terrain my heart desires.

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What is the water resistance rating on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT has an IPX5 water resistance rating.

IPX5 means the scooter can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. I like that it has some type of water resistance rating, but ride it in rain at your own risk. We do not know of any scooter dealer that covers water damage.

What type of charger does the Kaabo Mantis King GT have?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT features M16 3-Pin chargers.

Previous Mantis scooters used GX16-3 3pin chargers. Most electric scooters use GX16-3 3pin chargers which is notorious for arcing. If you aren’t paying attention when putting the charge port in, you can hear a pop which can damage the charge port.

M16 3pin chargers have raised plastic to isolate the pins and prevent arcing. The charge ports are conveniently placed on the neck of the scooter so you don’t have to look under the deck to line them up. The charger ends fit snuggly into the charge ports and there is no need to screw anything on to secure it.

How long does it take to charge the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT takes 8 hours to charge from empty to full.

It comes with two 1.5 amp chargers but if you only use one, it will take 16 hours to charge.

Can I password protect the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

I love being able to password protect my scooters. It allows me to run in for a quick errand and not have to worry about someone blasting off on the scooter. I can run after a thief if they try to wheel it away with no power.

However, a thief can always pick it up and throw it into a vehicle, so make sure to lock it up for extra security!

Jimmy loves password protection because it can prevent his kids from taking off on a high-powered scooter without his permission.

How wide are the handlebars on the Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The handlebars on the Kaabo Wolf King GT are 26 inches wide. On previous models they were 24 inches wide. Wider handlebars add to the stability of the scooter.

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What I hate about the Kaaabo Mantis King GT

My biggest issue is the dead zone on the thumb throttle. The first 1/3 of the throttle stroke gets zero response from the scooter.

The other major issue is the display does not show the correct voltage. The voltage is about 2 volts off so make sure to account for that so you don’t end up out of battery and stranded.

The display has no memory of the speed mode you last used. The Kaabo Mantis King GT will always start in mode 0 and single motor each time you turn on the device. I like to ride it fast and in dual motors, so I have to press the button five times and hold down the button for three seconds to engage dual motors every time I turn on my scooter for a ride.

The turn signals are low and not that bright, so they are hard to see during the daytime. I wish they would have used brighter LEDs to compensate for them being so low.

Speaking about lights, the front-facing light is not bright enough for safe night riding.

One minor issue is the small metal folded locking clamp near the handlebars used to lock the scooter when folded will slap against the steering pole when riding.

I tightened it up and could never get it to stop moving. Adding a piece of furniture felt underneath it will resolve this issue.

The pros outweigh these few cons, and I absolutely love the Kaabo Mantis King GT!

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Final Thoughts

The Kaabo Mantis King GT is more than just an incremental upgrade from previous versions of the Mantis. It builds upon an established platform, but makes huge leaps in improvements.

The Kaabo Mantis King GT is easily my favorite Mantis scooter I have tested and reviewed. I love riding it and it has become my new favorite scooter to take out for a quick cruise.

The versatility of the Kaabo Mantis King GT makes it great for commuting, street riding fun, and off road trails. It’s nimble and easy to navigate in densely populated areas like Downtown Denver.

I love the ride and the design is stunning. The acceleration curve is the fastest we have tested on any Mantis models. I would definitely spend the extra money to get the Kaabo Mantis King GT over previous models.

Kaabo Mantis King GT Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

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Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter Review

Despite the oversaturation of the high-end electric scooters market, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has managed to stand out as one of the most capable units in terms of speed, range, and overall reliability.The Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the most wallet-friendly e-scooter out there; priced slightly higher than most competitor units within its class, but it offers a tremendous deal of value, justifying its comparatively steep price tag.

In this Kaabo Mantis Pro review, we cover everything you need to know about the e-scooter, from its design, speed, and power to its braking, suspension, and overall riding experience. We also made sure to shed light on a few excellent alternatives in case the Mantis Pro doesn’t meet your needs.

This electric scooter really does have a lot to offer and it definitely will exceed any expectation of it that you may have. Firstly, dependent on the weight of the rider and the speed you travel at, it can offer you up to 40 miles of range which is super impressive. It means that any trip you or your commute to and from work – can be done even if you don’t live close by.

Also with an impressive top speed of 40 mph – it makes being on this scooter a thrill, especially for those who want more from a scooter. The battery however does take around 8 hours for a complete full charge, but many riders don’t mind this as they love how this scooter operates.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Review Video

To start us off, here’s a quick video review on the Kaabo Mantis Pro — showcasing the unboxing, quality check, and some more information and footage of the electric scooter ridden on different roads and surfaces. The video quickly shows how much this scooter has to offer!

Kaabo Mantis Pro Pros

The speed of the scooter is very fast up to 37 mph

Excellent value for money for what it has to offer

Fantastic hydraulic braking system

Portable and lightweight scooter

Kaabo Mantis Pro Cons

The scooter needs an improved read mud guard

The scooter could have better locking mechanisms

Not waterproof

The headlights aren’t overly powerful

Kaabo Mantis Pro Summary

The Mantis Pro absolutely crushed our expectations when it comes to its acceleration capabilities, in a good way, mind you. We had high expectations, to begin with, considering the scooter is equipped with a dual-motor system, 27A controllers, and a 60V battery, but it still blew us away.

This brilliant piece of machinery was able to go from 0 to 15 mph in only 2.0 seconds, which is insane for an electric scooter. It blew us away even more, when it reached its top speed in only 10.4 seconds.

Note that you may need to start at a low setting when you’re first getting started with the scooter so that you can get used to its pull. Bear in mind that this is one of the most powerful scooters on the market, so please don’t go full throttle right from the get-go.

We noticed that the Mantis Pro’s acceleration is pretty even and consistent at low speeds. It balances out at around 30 mph. Sensation-wise, you can feel the dual motors pulling you the second you squeeze the accelerator. The throttle is remarkably responsive with this scooter as well.

Compared to other scooters in its class, the Mantis Pro is a force to be reckoned with. It accelerates faster than the original Mantis. The only scooter we can think of that can slightly top the Mantis Pro is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, reaching 15 mph at 1.9 seconds.

Performance Overview

When it comes to performance – this scooter offers it all.

Not only does it have a top speed of 36 mph but it does come with a range of 40 miles (this of course depends on the average speed you’d travel at and how much the rider weighs). But this is impressive and very quick for an electric scooter.

Top Speed Acceleration

With a dual 1,000W brushless motor system, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is able to reach a maximum speed of 40 mph, which is remarkably fast for an e-scooter. It’s able to go from 0 to 15 mph in 2 seconds; a testament to how powerful it is. It’s an excellent e-scooter for high-speed getaways.

Note that the scooter’s ability to reach top speed is influenced by the rider’s weight. For instance, with a rider weighing 163 lbs, the scooter’s top speed will be around 39 mph, whereas, with a rider weighing around 233 lbs, the scooter’s top speed will be approximately 36 mph.

Other factors that can influence an e-scooter’s overall performance include terrain and incline. The rougher the terrain and the more inclined it is, the longer it’ll take the scooter to reach top speed.

Also, note that extremely rough and steep terrain may restrict an e-scooter from reaching its official top speed. So, if you’re hill climbing with the Mantis Pro, don’t expect it to reach 40 mph.

Battery Life Range

Having learned about the Mantis Pro’s acceleration and speed, you’d think that it’s subpar in terms of range. After all, the faster an e-scooter, the more power it requires, which, in turn, translates to a lower range. To our surprise, the Mantis Pro makes no compromises when it comes to range.

The Mantis Pro’s official range is 40 miles, which is insane considering how fast it is. What’s even more impressive is that we were able to get more than 40 miles in our performance tests. To be more specific, we were able to get 45 miles out of the Mantis Pro.

Like we already mentioned, an e-scooter’s performance is influenced by various factors, including the rider’s weight, terrain, incline, and so forth, so don’t expect the Mantis Pro to always cover 40 miles. You must also note that an e-scooter can’t reach its maximum range if it’s not fully charged.

We feel the need to remind you that the Mantis Pro can operate in a single or dual-motor mode. The former will give you more range and less speed, whereas the latter will give you more speed and less energy conservation.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is equipped with a 24.5Ah Lithium-ion battery from the industry-leader, LG. The battery is fully integrated into the scooter’s deck, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from harsh bumps and sudden hits.

This scooter’s battery is quite capable, granting it a maximum range of 40 miles. It’s notably costly, which is one of the reasons why the Pro model is notably more expensive than the base model, which happens to house a 17.5Ah battery.

If the 40-mile range is too much for your needs and you’re looking to save some money, you should consider buying the base Mantis instead of the Pro model. If you want something in between, consider the Mantis Pro SE, which houses an 18.2Ah model.

The Mantis Pro’s battery needs anywhere from 13 to 16 hours to be fully charged. This is fairly long compared to other e-scooters in its class. Kaabo is planning to release a fast charger that you can buy separately. They’re saying that the charger can help reduce the charging time to 4-5 hours.

It’s worth noting that the Mantis Pro’s battery is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that does an excellent job of protecting it against short circuits, under and overvoltage, under and overcurrent, and other faults of that nature.

Motor Configuration

The Kaabo Mantis Pro houses a powerful dual 1,000W 60V BLDC motor system, meaning you can toggle between using one or two motors at the same time using a switch near the cockpit. That being said, when both motors are engaged, the motor system is able to muster up a whopping 2,000W of motor power.

Why not equip the scooter with a single motor that can muster that kind of mean power alone, you might be wondering? Well, it’s not really about power. It’s more about the versatility of being able to switch between the single-drive and double-drive modes.

When you engage a single motor, you get more range, whereas, with both motors engaged, you get higher top speed and faster acceleration. You can switch back and forth between the two modes depending on what you prioritize.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is also equipped with an eco/turbo button that enables you to toggle between range and speed. If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the turbo mode is your best bet. If the battery is running low on juice, toggling to eco mode will help it last longer.

Construction Build Quality

The design of the Kaabo Mantis Pro is something we really love about it. Everything on this scooter feels robust, safe and overall it has a very solid construction.

All the cables are neatly wrapped up and protected, all the bolts or screws that you can see on the scooter also look robust and neat. When it comes to the build quality of this scooter – there’s nothing we can’t fault.


Boasting a dual-coil spring suspension system, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is able to provide one of the smoothest riding experiences in scooter history. The dual spring arms do an excellent job of absorbing shocks and bumps, ensuring maximum comfort.

The Kaabo Mantis lineup of scooters is designed primarily for urban use, but thanks to the remarkable suspension system, the Mantis is able to travel across off-road terrain without any problems, be it gravel, dirt, grass, or other. It also performs very well on wet terrain.

Ride Quality

Overall, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has a smooth ride which is all down to its brilliant dual shock suspension and 10.0 pneumatic tyres which keeps the scooter sturdy at high speeds as well. This also means that the scooter can handle all types of terrain.

It feels very nimble and even when riders lean into a curve or a bend on the path you’re taking – you feel safe and supported at higher speeds as the scooter works with you. Some bigger scooters with a similar speed to the model can feel wobbly or as if you’ll lose your balance.


The Kaabo Mantis Pro, like the base model, features dual-disc brakes that are extremely reliable at higher speeds. The difference between the two models is that the Pro version has fully hydraulic brakes, whereas the base version has semi hydraulic brakes.

It’s worth noting that hydraulic brakes are notably more expensive than their mechanical counterparts because of their better performance. This is one of the reasons why the Mantis is one of the more expensive high-end scooters on the market.

What we love the most about hydraulic brakes is that they’re very efficient and responsive. You won’t have to apply a lot of pressure on the brakes for the scooter to respond.

During our performance test, the Mantis Pro’s braking was buttery smooth. It wasn’t chunky whatsoever. We were able to get a braking distance of around 13.3 feet from 20 to 0 mph. This is super fast compared to the performance competitor e-scooters.

What’s more, the Mantis Pro is equipped with dual electronic brakes. The strength of these brakes can easily be programmed to meet the rider’s requirements.

The electronic brakes feature an Antilock Braking System (ABS), which helps prevent the wheels from locking up, ensuring responsive steering while braking. The ABS can be toggled on and off.


The Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the most lightweight scooter out there, weighing 65 lbs. When you take into consideration that it’s a high-end scooter equipped with tons of impressive features, 65 lbs don’t sound too bad, especially when you learn that the Wolf Warrior 11 weighs a whopping 101 lbs. For your information, the base version of the Mantis weighs 61 lbs.

The scooter’s stem folding mechanism is quite reliable. It enables you to fold the scooter into a more compact size so that it’s easier to carry and put in the trunk of your car. It’s quite challenging to carry the scooter with one hand, though.

Bear in mind that the scooter’s handlebars cannot be folded, which makes it challenging to go through doors and tight openings with the scooter.

The stem is equipped with two locks that help prevent the scooter from wobbling around, which is a problem that’s quite common among most electric scooters. When folded, the scooter measures 48x24x19 inches.

The folding mechanism is responsive and very easy to use. It’s basically a sleeve that slides down, clamping the stem. Such locking systems tend to be loose, which is why the Mantis Pro is equipped with opposing quick-releases that help ensure firm locking; no bending, creaking, or wobbling.


The Mantis Pro is spangled with built-in lights. There are LED lights mounted on the front and back of the deck. There are also white lights mounted on the sides.

You’ll notice that all of the lights are near the ground, which makes it easier for other people to see you coming along the road. However, the lights don’t project that far ahead, so you’ll have a hard time seeing at night.

Luckily, this is a problem that can easily be solved by investing in high-mounted taillights and headlights. If you’re not going to ride your scooter at night, you don’t have to invest in high-mounted lights.


The Mantis Pro is equipped with large 10×3-inch pneumatic tube tyres. Their rounded profile adds to the scooter’s ability to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. They also contribute to the responsiveness and overall agility of the scooter.

Replacing the inner tubes and changing the tyres is super easy with the Mantis Pro, as the tyres are mounted on a split rim. Scooters with a solid rim are typically hard to work with in the event of a flat tyre.


The deck on the Mantis Pro measures around 20×20 inches, so it’s quite commodious in terms of standing space. The deck is outfitted with an emblemized rubber mat that helps maintain traction in both dry and wet conditions.

We love how the mat grips to the rider’s shoes, reducing the risk of slipping or falling. We also like that it covers all of the seams and screw holes in the top plate of the deck, giving the scooter a more aesthetically pleasing layout.

Controls Display

The cockpit on the Mantis Pro is nothing to write home about. It’s just a simple cockpit with wide handlebars that almost resemble those of a bicycle. One thing we don’t like about the handlebars is that their foam isn’t very high-quality and isn’t likely to last long.

On the controls, you’ll find the button you use to switch between single or dual motors. You’ll also find the button you use to switch between eco and turbo modes. Note that the scooter doesn’t feature a horn or bell, but you can purchase one separately. They’re pretty cheap.

And like all high-end scooters, the Mantis Pro has a Minimotors throttle on the cockpit. It’s a neat addition, but it gets uncomfortable the longer you use the scooter. You can find the throttle trigger built right into the LED display.

Speaking of which, the LED display is bright enough for you to read everything clearly in broad daylight. The backlighting is of the color green, which is convenient for night riding. The programming presets can be adjusted using the motor mode and power buttons.

Water Resistance

This electric scooter is not IP Water Resistant rated. Take care of its motor and battery to never go near a lot of puddles and water/rain.

Reliability, Warranty Customer Support

The Kaabo Mantis Pro comes with a two year manufacturers warranty.


There’s a bit more maintenance to go with this electric scooter, especially if you do take it to dirt or mud terrains. Aside from the occasional deep clean, just make sure to have the battery constantly charged, the tire’s pressure always on point, and the tyres spike thickness to never go below anything unsafe.

Known Issues

In our opinion, the Mantis Pro is the best electric scooter on the market today, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are a couple of things we think could use some improvement.

After having tested the scooter for a few months, we noticed that the mudguard on the rear tire doesn’t do its job all that well. When you ride over wet and dirty terrain, it’s highly likely that the back of the scooter will be sprayed with mud.

Another thing we wish this scooter had is a locking feature. You’d expect such a premium-priced scooter to come with a locking accessory such as a chain or combination lock, but it doesn’t, so you’ll have to buy one separately. Nonetheless, these are just minor complaints.

Is this E-Scooter value money and is it worth buying?

All things considered, we feel like the Mantis Pro is darn near perfect. Yes, it could use a better rear mudguard and a locking accessory, but we’re just nitpicking here.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro has everything right going for it, from remarkable speed and range to responsive steering and braking to excellent portability and deck standing space. It’s very well-rounded, all in all.

Overall, it’s a scooter that lives up to expectations and is perfect for people who like to cruise and power through beyond what the road can offer.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Review – The Perfect Mid-Price Scooter

In this detailed Kaabo Mantis Pro SE review, we will take a closer look at one of the best mid-to-high priced scooters in the world today, and see why this scooter enjoys such a good reputation and is beloved by its owners.

  • Who should buy the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE?
  • Ordering, shipping, warranty, discounts
  • Unboxing, assembly
  • User manual
  • How to use, basics, folding
  • Build quality, durability
  • User experience, ride comfort
  • Screen, handlebars, cockpit
  • Deck, frame, stem
  • Brakes, safety
  • Tires, wheels, suspension
  • Motor, controller, power
  • Speed, acceleration
  • Climbing
  • Battery, charging
  • Range
  • Water resistance, riding in the rain
  • Lights, night rides
  • Portability, weight, dimensions
  • Weight limit, usage by heavy adults
  • Security, lock
  • Problems, defect rates, known issues
  • Accessories, customizations, gear
  • Maintenance, repairs, spare parts
  • App
  • The Kaabo scooter line
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs similar scooters
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Kaabo Mantis Kaabo Mantis Pro
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Zero 10X
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Inokim OXO
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Apollo Ghost
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Apollo Phantom
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro vs Dualtron Ultra 2
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro vs EMove Cruiser
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Varla Eagle One

Who should buy the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE?

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is a high-quality, strong performing scooter that has practically never disappointed a single person that has tried it.

This is certainly not an entry-level scooter, both because of its price tag and its performance, although it’s still not a crazy scooter that will reach those insane 80 mph speeds.

The Mantis lies somewhere in between those categories, and as such, is perfect for your second scooter or your upgrade.

However, it will do a great job even for first-time owners that have used some ride-sharing scooters in the past and are looking for that next level, or for anyone that just wants to add a bit more spice to their rides.

Ordering, shipping, warranty, discounts

You will probably want to get the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE from Voromotors. Not will you only get the special upgraded edition (SE stands for special edition, more on the differences below), which has several important upgrades over the regular version, but you will also get the best price and delivery terms, and further, a discount of 50 if you use the coupon code escooternerds at checkout.

Also, if you order through Voromotors, you can get some great financing options.

Voromotors is one of the best brands in the scooter world today, especially when it comes to mid-price or higher-end scooters like this one. They will ship the scooter for free in the continental US, and shipping will take between 2 and 4 business days. They also ship internationally, although that can take between 10 and 15 days.

The customer support team of Voromotors is one of the best in the game, and individual members of their team even have star status in some scooter communities online.

The Mantis will come with the standard Voromotors warranty of one full year. You have a return period of 10 days.

Unboxing, assembly

The box is relatively big, although not too huge and bulky. The scooter has enough protective covers and styrofoam, and damage on delivery is very rare.

  • scooter
  • charger
  • handlebar top and four screws for securing it
  • hex key
  • user manual
  • tighten the locking mechanism
  • place the handlebar on the stem and screw on the handlebar top
  • install the display

Make sure that the folding mechanism is nice and tight, and that the tires are sufficiently inflated, the battery is full, and all the other screws are tight. Also, it’s a very good idea to charge your battery fully before you ride the first time.

User manual

As usual, manuals for Kaabo scooters are clear and detailed, with lots of helpful tips and illustrations. I know that everyone hates reading those things, but I recommend at least skimming through the user manual that arrives with your scooter, chances are it will include some information for your specific scooter version that will not be available elsewhere. Plus, if you’ve never read a scooter manual before, you will learn a lot not just about the Mantis, but about electric scooters in general.

How to use, basics, folding

Powering the scooter on or off is as simple as holding the power button for a few seconds.

Holding the mode button for a few seconds gives you access to the scooter’s P-settings.

The scooter has 3 speed modes, and you can switch between them by pressing the smallest button with the dot on it.

In addition to the speed modes, the scooter has two additional performance settings – the eco or turbo mode, and the single or dual motor mode. The eco mode is better for longer-range rides, and the turbo mode will give you quicker acceleration and faster rides. When in single motor mode, the scooter only engages the rear motor, and in dual motor mode both motors are used.

The stem and the folding mechanism are very secure, and you need to unlock not one but two levers to loosen the folding mechanism before you can fold the stem. The hinge from the handlebar top is used to lock against the small frame on the back of the deck when the scooter is folded.

Build quality, durability

Every part of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is of great quality individually, as Kaabo never really skimp on parts. But even more importantly, the scooter is more than just a sum of its parts – it is so well-engineered and well-put-together, that early defects are practically unheard of, and owners often use (or even abuse) their Mantises for years before they notice a single scratch on the scooter.

Every unit goes through an extensive quality assurance process before it gets shipped to you, and the packaging includes a lot of protective materials, so defects on arrival are very rare as well.

Of course, nobody can guarantee you how much any scooter will last, but I’d be truly surprised if your Mantis has suffered a serious defect in the first two to three years of usage.

User experience, ride comfort

With a strong build, great balance, large tires, and dual suspension, it’s no wonder that the Mantis provides one of the smoothest, most enjoyable rides out of all the scooters priced around the 1500 mark. The scooter is famous for several things, but many scooterists buy it precisely for its comfortable, silky-smooth rides, and that’s one of its strongest features in general.

Screen, handlebars, cockpit

The display is EY3 LED, which is the same brand of displays used in the celebrated Dualtron scooter line. It will display the current speed, battery level, speed mode, voltage, or some of the other details like the trip distance or time depending on what you select through the mode button.

The right handlebar hosts the display along with the three buttons (power, speed mode, and settings mode), as well as the other two buttons for eco/turbo mode and single/dual drive.

The left handlebar has a light button.

Both of the handlebars host one brake lever each (as usual, the left lever is for the rear brake, and the right lever is for the front brake).

Deck, frame, stem

The scooter has a very solid and sturdy feel to it, and that’s because it’s truly reliable, made from the highest-quality materials.

The deck of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is comfortable and spacious, with a length of 23 in / 59 cm and a width of 8.5 in / 22 cm. The rear of the deck is slightly elevated and it can serve as a footrest for longer rides. The top of the deck has a silicon mat on it to prevent slipping.

One of the biggest advantages of the upgraded version of this scooter is the reinforced stem. Stem defects were somewhat of an issue with the previous version of the Kaabo Mantis, but with the newer version, the chances for that are much lower.

Brakes, safety

The scooter has dual fully hydraulic brakes on both tires. The brakes come from Zoom, which is one of the best manufacturers of brakes for scooters, and with a dual braking system, the Mantis can be classified as a very safe scooter. The brakes are very responsive and will give you a braking distance of just a few meters.

kaabo, mantis, king, electric, scooter, review

It’s recommended to always try to brake with the front brake first, to prevent the scooter from tipping over when braking from higher speeds.

The scooter comes with the E-ABS (electronic anti-locking braking system) option, which you can turn on or off depending on your preference. I usually like leaving it on because braking is just safer with it.

Since this is quite a powerful scooter, riding without the proper scooter helmet is not an option.

Tires, wheels, suspension

The 10-inch pneumatic tires of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE are made from high-quality rubber and provide excellent traction. Flats can happen with this scooter, but are very rare and usually easy to fix by yourself. The tires are meant for standard road usage and only have small treads, but given their diameter and the other features, the scooter will be able to handle some rides on rough terrains (I still advise avoiding that as much as possible though, you will likely want a specialized off-road electric scooter for that).

Both of the wheels have a very solid suspension system, with two springs on the front wheel, and an air shock absorber on the rear, and that’s the main reason why the scooter is capable of providing very smooth rides. Also, both of the wheels have mudguards, and even though they are quite small, they do a good job of keeping you clean.

Motor, controller, power

The scooter has two motors, each with a peak power level of 1000 Watts, for a combined peak power output of 2000 Watts. The motors are connected to the 60 V dual 27A Minimotors Controller, which is one of the best in the game.

The motors are brushless DC motors, and as usual with dual-drive scooters, they will provide excellent performance not just in terms of speed, but also when climbing or carrying heavier loads.

Speed, acceleration

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is capable of developing top speeds up to 40 mph / 64 kmh.

Those are its official specs.

Unofficially, the scooter has proven numerous times through several independent owner tests that it can easily reach those speeds without problems, even with heavier riders and when not riding with a 100% full battery.

The scooter needs just 2 seconds to go from 0 to 15 mph / 25 kmh.


The official climb angle of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is 30% / 16.70°.

Unofficially, I believe that the scooter is capable of much more, and several tests have confirmed that. The scooter does come with two motors after all, and the tires provide a lot of traction, so you can expect some solid climbing overall.

Battery, charging

The 60 Volt battery comes from LG, and that is one of the strongest sides of this scooter, as LG is one of the top 3 battery manufacturers for scooters. With a capacity of 18.2 Ah and 1092 Wh, the scooter gets plenty of range and a solid performance overall.

The charging port is located on the left back side of the deck, and it is protected by a plastic cap. As usual, the charger has an indicator light that lights up green when the scooter is fully charged and red when the scooter is still charging.

Charging the scooter should take between 4 and 5.5 hours. One owner has reported a much longer charge time of around 10 hours, but he must have probably used a slower charger.


The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE will give you a range of up to 40 Mi / 64 km if you ride in the eco mode, and somewhere around 25 Mi / 40 km if you ride in the turbo mode. These are the official ranges for the scooter, but they have been confirmed in several independent owner tests. You can probably get even more range than that if you ride in the eco mode but at a slower speed as well (one owner has reported getting around 48 Mi / 77 km without even draining the battery).

Water resistance, riding in the rain

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE seems to have no official IP rating at Voromotors, but another place unofficially specifies an IPX4 rating. While several owners have reported riding through some light rain without any problems, it’s still best to avoid riding in any wet conditions as much as possible. Also, be careful when cleaning the scooter, you shouldn’t hose it.

Lights, night rides

The scooter has LED light strips on the sides of the deck, two lights on the front of the deck, and two on the rear.

The lights are not terribly strong, especially the front and the rear ones. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of this scooter, and it makes the scooter somewhat unsuitable for riding after dark. You might want to buy some after-market lights if you plan on riding at night.

Portability, weight, dimensions

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE weighs 65 lbs / 29 kg, which definitely puts it in the category of heavier scooters.

The scooter is also not really small in dimensions:

  • length: 48 in / 122 cm
  • width: 24 in / 61 cm
  • height: 48 in / 122 cm (unfolded), 19 in / 48 cm (folded)

Most adults will not have any problems carrying this scooter for shorter distances, but anything longer than a few dozen yards will be a problem, and people that are not very strong will also struggle with carrying this scooter as well. All in all, portability is not really a strong side of the Mantis.

Weight limit, usage by heavy adults

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults in the world right now. It comes with a weight limit of 330 lbs / 150 kg, making it one of the top choices for this category of people.

Since many heavier owners have bought this scooter, we have quite a few reports of heavier riders on how the scooter performs for them, and they all confirm that the scooter carries them without any problems.

Security, lock

The scooter can be started just by pressing the power button, and it doesn’t have any security or locking mechanisms.

Since this is a very expensive scooter, you should never leave it outside without locking it with a strong scooter lock. I would recommend not trying to save on the lock here, as thieves will easily recognize this scooter as a premium model and do their best to try and steal it. Something like the Master Cuff Locks or the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 14 mm should get the job done.

Problems, defect rates, known issues

The design and the execution are almost flawless, and the scooter is of such high quality, that defects are truly rare.

The biggest issue for me is the lack of IP rating. You never know when you might get stuck in the rain with your scooter, and while some owners have reported riding in the rain successfully, I wouldn’t take that risk, especially since the warranty never covers water damage. If it rains a lot where you live, I recommend taking a look at my guide on the best waterproof electric scooters.

Also, while the lights are kinda ok, I don’t think they’re strong enough for the longer night rides. They are positioned in the deck itself, which is not my favorite position for the lights to be in.

One smaller issue is that the display can’t inform you on whether you’re in eco or turbo mode, or if you’re in single or dual motor mode. You will quickly learn to tell the difference only after a few seconds of riding, but it’s still a feature that’s lacking for this scooter.

Those are pretty much all the important things that you should be aware of if you’re thinking of buying this scooter.

Accessories, customizations, gear

There are many options for customizing your Mantis, and the good news here is, they are all original and specific parts that will always fit this exact scooter. You can always take a look at some generic scooter accessories as well, but with those, there’s always the chance of some of them not fitting your scooter.

Take a look at the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE accessories at Voromotors, you will probably find everything you need there to make your scooter more personalized. I recommend the mirror, the headlight, and the handlebar extender if you’re on the taller side.

Maintenance, repairs, spare parts

The Mantis is a very high-quality scooter, so repairs are likely to not be an issue for months or even years after buying it. In case something goes wrong, you can find all the spare parts for the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE at Voromotors.

  • clean the scooter with a damp cloth and some soap water (don’t spray it though)
  • make sure there are no loose screws
  • make sure the brakes are operational
  • check the tire pressure


There is no official app for Kaabo scooters. The scooter doesn’t support connecting to it via Bluetooth.

The next best thing is the EScooterNerds Universal Scooter Helper App. Of course, this app won’t connect with the scooter either, but it will provide you with some additional helpful features such as calculators, guides, resources, tools, checklists, etc. You can find it available for both iPhone and Android.

The Kaabo scooter line

The Kaabo brand is well-known for designing high-quality scooters. They are one of the first scooter brands that got famous right after Xiaomi and Ninebot, but they don’t really worry too much with budget scooters and only craft premium or power models. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is another famous scooter of theirs that’s simply brilliant, probably their most celebrated scooter, although that’s an off-road model that’s really not in the same category as the Mantis.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs similar scooters

There are several Kaabo Mantis models that are often compared against the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE. Also, there are some other scooter brands that are often pitted together against this scooter as well. Let’s see how the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE handles the competition.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Kaabo Mantis Kaabo Mantis Pro

The first difference between the Kaabo Mantis and the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is the merchants that sell them.

The scooter sold by Voromotors is called Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, while the version sold by FluidFreeRide is called just the Kaabo Mantis (or the Kaabo Mantis fluid version).

Now, the version sold at FluidFreeRide comes with two battery choices – a Base 17.5 Ah battery that has a maximum range of 30 Mi / 48 km, and a Pro 24.5 Ah battery with a maximum range of 45 Mi / 72 km.

The Kaabo Mantis Base version costs 1649, which is about the same as the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE (probably exactly, since you can get 50 off at Voromotors with the escooternerds coupon code). While the are very similar, you will get considerably more range with the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro version at FluidFreeRide costs 2299, while the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE sold at Voromotors costs 1695, and you still get basically the same range, with about 6 Mi / 10 km extra range.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Zero 10X

This is a somewhat interesting comparison, but ultimately I believe that the Mantis is a better choice than the Zero 10X for most scooterists.

For starters, the Zero 10X will cost around 350 more, while having the exact same range and top speed as the Mantis.

The biggest advantage of the Zero 10X will be the better climb angle, as Zero scooters are well-known for their climbing power, but at the same time, the Zero 10X will also be heavier, have larger dimensions, and still have a smaller weight limit.

I believe the Mantis is simply the better choice. You can take a look at the Zero 10X at Rydology if you’d like to see that scooter as well.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Inokim OXO

The Inokim OXO is quite more expensive than the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, typically priced around 2490, which is almost 1000 more than the price of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE after the discount.

The top speeds of both scooters are the same. Weirdly enough, even though the Inokim OXO has more powerful motors on paper, that advantage doesn’t translate into stronger performance. The Inokim OXO even has a slightly lower climb angle.

The advantage of the Inokim OXO is in the range. With 68 Mi / 100 km of range, it has almost double the range of the Kaabo Mantis Pro, while only weighing around 9 lbs / 4 kg extra.

If range is important to you, and you’re comfortable with spending that kind of money on a scooter, you will want to check out the Inokim OXO, as it’s one of the highest-quality electric scooters available on the market today. You can see my complete Inokim OXO review or check out the Inokim OXO at FluidFreeRide.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Apollo Ghost

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE and the Apollo Ghost definitely belong in the same category of mid-priced strong performing scooters of great quality, and the differences are kind of subtle even.

The Apollo Ghost is about 100 cheaper, but it will also have around 6 Mi / 10 km less range and it will be slightly slower as well.

Both scooters weigh about the same, but the Apollo Ghost can carry around 30 lbs / 14 kg less on its deck, so the Mantis is better for heavier adults.

If you want to save a bit of money and don’t mind getting less performance, you can take a look at the Apollo Ghost, it’s also a very good scooter that will perform similarly to the Mantis.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Apollo Phantom

The Mantis is often compared against another popular Apollo scooter, the Apollo Phantom.

Apollo scooters are almost like gradual upgrades of one another, and the Apollo Phantom is more performant than the Apollo Ghost, but personally, I don’t think it does enough to justify the price difference. While I would consider the Apollo Ghost as a viable alternative to the Mantis, I think the Apollo Phantom is not really a choice when compared against the Mantis.

The Phantom will be about 200-250 more expensive than the Mantis, while having the same range, being slightly slower, and having less weight capacity. Its only advantage might be the IP54 water resistance rating, something which the Mantis lacks, but I don’t think that’s enough.

Take a look at the Apollo Phantom if you’re interested, or see my complete Apollo Phantom review, but I would pick the Mantis out of these two.

Kaabo Mantis Pro vs Dualtron Ultra 2

I’ve seen this comparison made online several times, but I don’t think it makes a lot of sense.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 costs more than double! And the Kaabo Mantis Pro is not a cheap scooter to begin with, so comparing these two is kind of futile.

The price difference is somewhat justified, however, as the Dualtron Ultra 2 outperforms the Kaabo Mantis Pro by about 22 mph / 36 kmh in speed, which does make it a true power scooter.

The range of the Dualtron Ultra is probably its biggest advantage. With 87 Mi / 140 km of range, it has more than twice the range of the Mantis, and that’s where it justifies the price difference.

If you’re after a much more performant scooter, you can take a look at my Dualtron Ultra 2 review, or check it out at Voromotors.

Kaabo Mantis Pro vs EMove Cruiser

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for the Kaabo Mantis Pro comes from another mega-popular scooter sold by Voromotors, the EMove Cruiser.

Both scooters are similarly priced, with the EMove Cruiser being around 200 cheaper.

The biggest advantage of the Kaabo Mantis Pro comes from its dual motors, which give it a top speed that’s about 12 mph / 20 kmh higher, better torque, and better acceleration. Those are not trivial advantages, and the Mantis is the definite winner for anyone looking for more performance out of their scooter.

The EMove Cruiser, however, has several strategic advantages that I believe make it a better choice for several large categories of owners. It has quite a lot more range (22 Mi / 36 km more), it has an IPX6 water resistance rating (the best in the world actually), and it weighs significantly less, making it a much better commuter choice.

If you’re after raw performance, stick with the Kaabo Mantis Pro. However, if you’re after a more regular type of scooter, go for the EMove Cruiser, which is also one of the best mid-priced scooters in the world. In fact, in my personal opinion, the EMove Cruiser is the single best electric scooter in the world right now. You can see my complete EMove Cruiser review or check out the EMove Cruiser at Voromotors.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE vs Varla Eagle One

These two are practically the same scooter. They cost the same, have the same speed, the same range, weight limit, tires, brakes, suspension… pretty much all of the important things are the same.

The Varla Eagle One has an IP54 ingress protection standard, while the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE has an unofficial IPX4 standard.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE will weigh about 11 lbs / 5 kg less, which is probably its biggest advantage here.

The Varla Eagle One will be a better climber, on the other hand, and that will be its major advantage. So, in essence, if you liked the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, but you’d like a bit more climbing power, check out the Varla Eagle One at the official Varla store.

User reviews, owner reports

The Kaabo Mantis Pro has always had a passionate user base, and that base has been steadily growing over the years because of the scooter’s great quality and performance. The scooter enjoys a very positive view in the scooter community, and is one of the most in-demand mid-price scooters ever made, something that we can easily notice by how often the scooter is out of stock.

Price, value for money

Typically, the Kaabo Mantis Pro costs 1695, but if you use my coupon code escooternerds for a 50 discount, the price goes down to around 1645.

That still makes it quite an expensive item, but for the vast majority of owners, those have been money well spent, as the scooter is of excellent quality in general, performs at a level just below the most powerful scooters, and yet it’s still a great choice for more casual riders as well.

Overall, considering everything you get from the Kaabo Mantis Pro, we can easily say it’s a solid value for money (probably not the best value, but still pretty close).

Is the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE right for you?

If you’re tired of your Xiaomi or Ninebot and want a much more exciting scooter, then the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE will be the perfect choice for you.

Also, if you’re not looking to spend several thousand dollars on a scooter, but you still want top-level quality, you will find the Mantis to be an excellent pick.

If you’re after that next-level performance, but you’re not ready for the racing scooters yet, or you simply like to continue riding comfortably but on a much more fun vehicle, then you should definitely take a look at the Mantis.

Where to buy the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE from?

The best place to buy the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE from is Voromotors. Not only will you get free and fast shipping in the US, but by using the coupone code escooternerds, you will get a discount of 50!


Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Specifications

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