Juiced Bikes RipRacer Ebike review: Fun, Fun, Fun. Juiced bikes 52v battery

Juiced Bikes RipRacer Ebike review: Fun, Fun, Fun

Juiced Bikes has created a truly fun BMX-style ebike for hitting trails and tough urban streets. The RipRacer also delivers enough power to keep you rolling uphill and put a smile on your face. Best of all, the RipRacer is hundreds less than comparable off-road ebikes.


  • Powerful pedal assist with a full-throttle mode
  • Maneuverable
  • Competitively priced


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Battery: 800 Wh Max estimated range: 55 miles Max assisted speed: 28 mph Motor: 1300W (Peak) 750W (Sustained), Rear Hub Motor Gearing: Single speed Wheel diameter: 20 x 4 inches, all-terrain Weight: 66 lbs. Price as tested: 1,599

With all the talk about micromobility and concerns about sustainability, an important fact about ebikes is often overlooked: they’re fun. Fortunately, Juiced Bikes hasn’t forgotten, producing a new ebike, the RipRacer, that is all about fun, fun, fun.

The Juiced RipRacer is a small-frame fat-tire ebike with a 40.3-inch wheelbase and 20-inch wheels designed for trails and urban BMX joy rides. Traditionally, BMX bikes don’t have any suspension or shock absorbers, which would tend to interfere with tight turns and tricks. So the RipRacer’s lack of shocks should appeal to such purists. On the other hand, BMX bikes don’t typically include an electric assist, making this Juiced ebike a somewhat unorthodox design among the best electric bikes. Is its unique styling for you? Read the rest of our Juiced RipRacer review to find out.

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Price and Availability

Juiced is known for producing powerful ebikes that tend to be more of a cross between a dirt bike and a moped. Models like the 1,999 Scorpion X and the 2,699 Hyperscrambler 2 are typical Juiced models, built to withstand the daily punishment of pockmarked city streets. The RipRacer is cut from the same cloth, albeit with more of an eye toward fun rather than function.

The RipRacer, which is sold directly online, comes in two models: the 1,299 base model is a Class 2 ebike with a top assist speed of 20 mph, a 52V/10Ah battery, and an estimated range of 35 miles. Our test model, however, was the 1,499 Class 3 version of the RipRacer with a top assist speed of 28 mph, a 52V/15.6Ah battery, and an estimated range of 55 miles.

The RipRacer takes a minimalist approach to accessories. Fenders and cargo racks are not included, for example, but are available for 89 and 79, respectively. And the bike only includes a mechanical bell (which offers less volume than an electric model which is a 59 option).

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Design

The hardtail BMX-style ebike is built on an aluminum frame. Hydraulic disc brakes are standard, as is a twist throttle for times when full electric boost is necessary.

The RipRacer features a single speed transmission, with a 12T-52T ratio. That translates into about 4.5 wheel rotations for every pedal rotation. With the electric assist kicking in, it means you won’t find yourself pedaling like mad at high speeds, although we tended to coast more often than not going down steep grades.

Cadence sensors account for that pedal speed, adjusting the amount of electronic assistance as you pedal. The 750-watt, rear-hub motor can be adjusted using the monochrome LCD controller with 5 mode settings: electric assist levels 1 through 3, a Sport mode, and a Race mode, which will give you a kick in the pants at up to 28 mph. The handlebar-mounted controller also conveys standard information, such as battery level, speed, and distance traveled.

As standard equipment, Juiced includes a bright 1,050-lumen headlight and a taillight that brightens whenever you touch the brakes, so you won’t need to invest in one of the best bike lights. And there’s a secret compartment for stashing an Apple AirTag to track your bike.

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Performance

You’ll flip over this powerful little ebike. I certainly did. Literally. On one of my initial excursions, an overly enthusiastic steep uphill run kicked the bike out from under me and landed me right on my keister, a reminder of the RipRacer’s power. (It’s also a reminder to wear one of the best bike helmets before going out for a ride.)

With nothing wounded but my pride, I came to appreciate that the RipRacer has as much if not more power and torque (a peak of 1300 watts) than big, bad boys like the Aventon Aventure or Biktrix Stunner X. With a more compact BMX body, that translates into peppy performance and a fun ride as long as you don’t get overconfident.

Out on dirt and gravel roads, the RipRacer had so much pep, in fact, that I found myself throttling it back from level 3 to 2 or even down to 1 on the flats. The more conservative setting minimized sudden surges of power on straightaways and back country trails.

From a standing start, the cadence sensors take a moment to kick in, so there’s a power lag when you first push off — common to this kind of design and rear hub motors — but once engaged the RipRacer is very responsive, delivering a satisfying boost to match your pedal input. (A gentle twist on the throttle will also get you rolling if you don’t want to exert yourself.)

Using the controller, owners can set the RipRacer to recognize R (for race) mode. This is necessary to get the 28-mph maximum out of the bike’s powertrain. Indeed, the race mode delivers considerably more power and propelled me up one hill with assistance at over 18 mph — a good 7 MPH faster than the beasts like the Aventon Aventure. Out on the dirt road flats, it was easy to exceed the 25 MPH speed limit with the power assist. Could it have used a lower gear to make it even easier to pedal at high speeds? Yes, but how fast do you really want to careen down a gravel road?

juiced, bikes, ripracer, ebike

If you’re out for a long country jaunt, the RipRacer’s lack of shocks will wear on you. On dirt road washboards, your arms will take considerable punishment and some riders will weary of handling all the bumps on downhills — bumps that are usually mitigated on mountain bikes with front shocks. Furthermore, after a couple of 20-mile trail rides, we felt the padded seat could use some additional cushioning.

On the other hand, the RipRacer is tight and maneuverable. And while riding it means being more keenly aware of protruding tree roots and rocks on paths, the RipRacer’s more compact stature means it’s also more at home on trails, ducking under branches and dodging boulders. Juiced specs the RipRacer as being suitable for riders from 5’ to 6’ 3”. At 6 feet, I felt very comfortable with the bike.

juiced, bikes, ripracer, ebike

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Battery Life and Range

The RipRacer model I tested came with a 52-volt, 15.6 hw battery. It’s larger than most and consequently I found it came closer to its rated range than most ebikes I have tested.

Juiced estimates that the RipRacer has a maximum range of 55 miles, and I found I usually got about 40 miles of riding out of the battery. That’s quite impressive, given that I was testing it on steep Vermont mountain roads and trails. And I made no attempt to extend the battery range, liberally applying the full-throttle mode when the going got tough uphill — or I just wanted to see how fast I could go on an empty trail.

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Competition

There are plenty of off-road ebikes on the market, but the vast majority are designed as full-sized, heavy metal electric versions of mountain bikes. Examples include Rad Power’s RadRover 6 (1,599) and Aventon’s Aventure (1,999). But none of these models offer the maneuverability and quick handling of the BMX sized Juice RipRacer.

If you want more power than what the RipRacer offers, generally that means moving up into the electric motorbike category. Here you’ll find what essentially amounts to electric motorcycles, like Cake’s Makka, which costs 4,200.

Juiced RipRacer Ebike review: Bottom line

The Juiced RipRacer is a seriously fun fat-tire ebike that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you tear up whatever road or trail you’re on. The bike’s low starting price of 1,299 — it’s one of the best budget electric bikes for offroading — will also have you smiling. The RipRacer is definitely more balanced and maneuverable than full-sized, fat-tire bikes. Just remember that iIts lack of suspension means your arms will get a bit of a workout over rougher terrain, while its powerful motor, large battery, and full-throttle mode will keep you out on the trails for hours on end.

John R. Quain has been reviewing and testing video and audio equipment for more than 20 years. For Tom’s Guide, he has reviewed televisions, HDTV antennas, electric bikes, electric cars, as well as other outdoor equipment. He is currently a contributor to The New York Times and the CBS News television program.

Juiced Bikes vs Rad Power Bikes Comparison

Deciding to invest in an electric bike is always a good idea. Riding an electric bike is not only great. it’s eco-friendly and cheaper in the long run!

E-bikes may cost a lot initially, but the “juice” for them is less than a few bucks on your electric bill. Also, you can charge your bike for free in so many places!

So, there are two market leaders in the electric biking world. a company called Juiced Bikes and a company called Rad Power. These two have a lot of e-bikes and e-bike accessories in their product range.

However, if you’re new in the world of electric biking, it could be very difficult to pick a bike for yourself. To help you out, we are going to compare products from both companies and see what they are all about!

For the best comparison of Juiced Bikes VS. Rad Power bikes, continue reading our article!

About The Companies

In reality, Juiced Bikes and Rad Power are similar companies, offering similar products. They are both based in California, and they specialize in manufacturing affordable but high-quality products.

Juiced Bikes was founded in 2009 by Tora Harris, a Princeton graduate. Juiced Bikes was initially an importer of Lithium-ion batteries, but they went on to make electric bikes. which was perhaps the best idea, given their popularity today.

Juiced Bikes launched their first electric bike in 2010, and they have been producing them ever since. Now, they offer a lot of different bikes. the and the specs vary a lot.

Rad Power was founded in 2015 when the founder Mike Radenbaugh and the co-founder Ty Collins came together to make eco-friendly bikes. Mike Radenbaugh made his first electric bike in 2007.

He needed an efficient way to get from point A to point B, which is how the idea to make an electric bike was made. His idea was a great success, and the first product they launched was the Rad Power fat tire bike.

Nowadays, the Rad Power company offers many different bikes. They even have various price ranges and types of bikes, to suit everyone’s needs. but the bikes are overall affordable, with some models falling in the medium price range.

Generally, the two companies are very similar in the product range they are offering. However, we should take our time to compare the products and see what bikes are better!

Comparison Of Juiced Bikes VS. Rad Power

Here, we picked out the best four bikes from Juiced Bikes and the four best Rad Power bikes. Both companies offer a lot of different bikes, so it was no picnic picking out the very best.

We feel that comparison tables show the facts the best, so we are going to put all the specs in there! Let’s check it out:

Battery Range

Battery Specs


Pedal Assist

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain

Rad Power RadCity Step-Thru 3

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain

Gray, black, red, silver, blue, white

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter

Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion Express

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano 8 Speed Freewheel

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano thumb shifter, 7-speed

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain

Torque and Cadence Assist

Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter

Comparison Of City Bikes: Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 And Rad Power RadCity Step-Thru 3

In the table, we can see that these two city bikes are pretty similar, but they are not the same. The two bikes vary in price, with the Juiced Bike being a few hundred dollars more expensive.

Both bikes pack a lot of power in their shared 750W motor. the Juiced Bikes has a geared hub motor, and the RadCity Step-Thru 3 has a direct drive motor. The top speeds are quite different. the CrossCurrent packs a lot of power with a 28 mph top speed, while the RadCity has a top speed of 20 mph.

That is a significant difference since the Juiced Bike’s speed falls in the industry average, and the RadCity is below that. The battery specs are different. all Juiced Bikes pack a 52V battery, as well as CrossCurrent. Rad Power bikes usually have a 48V battery, and the RadCity does, too. They both come in only one color: black.

The battery range is where the CrossCurrent excels with the 55 mile range, while the RadCity has a range of 45 mile range. The transmission is a little different, too. the CrossCurrent comes with a Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain, and the RadCity has a Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter. The RadCity packs 7 speeds, and its counterpart has 9 speeds.

Overall, we feel that the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S2 offers more than the RadCity Step-Thru 3. It is a bit more expensive, but it packs a better top speed and a larger mile range. We feel that both have a lot to offer, but CrossCurrent has our vote!

Comparison Of Commuter Bikes: Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X And Rad Power RadMission 1

Commuter bikes are essential in the electric biking world. since many e-bikes are designed for this specific purpose. Commuting with an electric bike is super efficient: you don’t have to stroll the streets for parking, the costs are significantly lower than paying for gas.

So, the best commuter bikes from these two companies. the Juiced Bikes’ CrossCurrent X and the Rad Power’s RadMission 1. Thankfully, both of these bikes come in a variety of colors to choose from, so you can pick one that looks more elegant, or a bold color that stands out in a crowd.

The bikes pack a different battery, though. the CrossCurrent X packs a 52V, 19.2Ah battery with an astonishing range of 80 miles. On the other hand, the RadMission 1 packs a 48V, 10.5Ah battery, which offers a smaller range of 45 miles, so it offers around half the range of its counterpart.

The CrossCurrent X, as well as the RadMission 1, have the 750W geared hub motor, but despite that fact, they pack a different top speed. The RadMission packs 20 miles per hour, while the CrossCurrent X has way more. 28 miles per hour.

The CrossCurrent excels at another category. the gears. It has 9 speeds, two more than the RadMission 1. That is due to the transmission. the RadMission 1 has a Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter, opposed to the CrossCurrent X with the Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain. A 7-speed transmission is a common deal for Rad Power electric bikes.

To conclude, CrossCurrent X takes the lead in the commuter category of electric bikes. Howver, the X costs more than double the price of the RadMission bike, so it’s only expected that it goes over the top specs-wise.

Comparison Of Cargo Bikes: Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion Express And Rad Rover RadWagon 4

Cargo bikes are usually bought due to a certain need, rather than anything else. Cargo bikes are commonly used as delivery vehicles since they are more convenient than cars. Bikes are less affected by rush hour, and electric bikes cost less power-wise!

So, it’s only natural that both Juiced Bikes and Rad Power created a vehicle for this exact need. These bikes between themselves are pretty different, despite their shared purpose. The first thing that comes to mind is the price, as the HyperScorpion costs almost a thousand dollars more.

Furthermore, the HyperScorpion Express packs more power with the 1000W retro blade motor, opposed to the 750 Watts of power in the RadWagon 4. Of course, this affects the top speed as well, as the RadWagon 4 has a top speed of 20 mph, much less than the HyperScorpion. Its counterpart can go over 30 mph!

As for the battery, this is also a place where the two bikes are different, as well. A 48V battery is a classic for Rad Power’s vehicles, as is the 52V for the Juiced Bikes. However, the HyperScoprion packs 19.2Ah, which enables its 70 mile range. The RadWagon 4 packs 14Ah, which results in it having a 45 mile range, significantly lower than the HyperScorpion Express.

The HyperScoprion packs an extra speed in its gears, thanks to its Shimano 8 Speed Freewheel transmission. So, the RadWagon has 7 speeds in its Shimano thumb shifter.

The general feeling is that both cargo e-bikes have a lot to bring to the table. The HyperScorpion Express is more powerful and it has a better range, but it’s a very expensive bike. If your main goal is to find an affordable cargo electric bike, you won’t make a mistake by investing in the RadWagon 4.

Comparison Of Fat Tire Bikes: Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S And Rad Power RadRover 5

Fat tire bikes are all the rage for going on off-road adventures, be that electric or fossil-fueled bikes. Fat tire bikes offer a more comfortable ride, and they are suitable for all kinds of terrain. For adventure types, the only bike that will suffice is a fat tire electric bike!

The best picks from these two companies are the Juiced Bikes’ RipCurrent S and the Rad Power’s RadRover 5 electric bike. The RipCurrent S comes in a variety of colors. red, black, and silver. What we liked about the RadRover 5 is that it comes in two colors. black and green, so you can choose between an elegant and a color that makes you stand out.

When were talking about the battery, this is where these two are the same as their cargo counterparts. The RipCurrent S has a 70 mile range thanks to its 19.2Ah battery, and the RadRover 5 has 45 miles. way less because of the 14Ah battery.

The bikes share the motor specs. they both have the 750W geared hub motor. The RipCurrent has a top speed of 28 mph, an industry average, and the RadRover 5 has a top speed of 20 mph.

The transmission on the RipCurrent S is a Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Drivetrain, which is the reason why it has 9 gears. The RadRover 5 has 7 speeds thanks to its Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter transmission.

Naturally, the higher price of the RipCurrent S means that it packs more power than its counterpart. However, that doesn’t make the RadRover 5 a poor choice for an e-bike, just a more budget-friendly one. Additionally, an upgraded version for this bike has come out, the RadRover 6. importantly, though, is that a new version of the RadRover has come out, the RadRover 6, which outperforms it’s predecessor in many areas.

Bottom Line

To conclude, we can say that both Juiced Bikes and Rad Power offer fantastic bikes. We’ve thoroughly reviewed and compared their top picks in four categories.

The general feeling is that Juiced Bikes make more powerful bikes with better specs. On the other hand, we must take into account the price, because Juiced Bikes are usually more expensive. with some models costing double the money.

So, if you are looking for the best value for money, you will find that Rad Power suits your needs perfectly. If you need your bike to be a little over the average, Juiced Bikes offer the bike best suited for your needs!

Juiced RipCurrent vs RipCurrent S – A Review of Juiced Fat Tire Ebikes (2023)

Juiced Bikes is a company known for its large 52 volt battery packs and long-range ebikes. The RipCurrent and RipCurrent S are the sport utility fat tire models. These models tick lots of boxes for riders but there are also some finer details on these ebikes that many will appreciate which we’re excited to highlight in our RipCurrent S review.

The RipCurrent sells for 1,699 while the Rip Current S comes in at 2,499. The extra money buys you a larger motor, a bigger battery, and a rear rack as well as fenders. Read on for more details. As always, if you decide to buy a Juiced RipCurrent or RipCurrent S, please consider using our affiliate links as a free way to support Ebike Escape.

Juiced RipCurrent S Video Review

The RipCurrent S comes with a massive battery: 52V 19.2Ah! That provides a total of 998.4 watt-hours and is a battery that is hard to beat. It also has a large 1000-watt Bafang Hub motor with a peak power of 1,300 watts. This bike is powerful and will go the distance. In fact, Juiced estimates a range of over 70 miles with a single charge! This might be a generous estimate but the fact is that this ebike will meet most riders’ range requirements. One quirk on the new Juiced gen 2 batteries is that there is a power button that is not accessible with the battery inside the frame. It needs to be turned on before placing your battery into the frame.

Hills or speed will not be a problem for this bike. It ships as a Class 2 ebike with a top speed of 20 mph while pedaling or throttle alone. However, it can be unlocked for Class 3 speeds up to 28 mph. For even higher speeds, the RipCurrent S Performance Upgrade is available for 249. This allows the bike to reach 30 mph on the throttle alone and works on the 2022 RipCurrent S, excluding the step-thru. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations.

Even the more affordable Rip Current base model has a 52V battery though with a smaller 15Ah pack. That is still a big battery. Besides the smaller battery, the motor is a 750-watt Bafang Hub motor. The range is estimated at a still respectable 45 miles per charge.

LCD Screen and Power Modes

The LCD screen for the Rip Current S is backlit and small but shows all the essential information such as current speed, odometer, remaining battery life – even the battery voltage. Using the screen, you can choose between seven different levels of assistance. From slowest to fast the options include Eco, 1 2, 3, Sport, and Race (unlockable). Whatever your goals are, this bike can help you get there.

Want even more options? Dive into the advanced settings. We found these pretty easy to use and Juiced has a very helpful video going through all of the features. The RipCurrent S also has a walk function to provide a bit of assistance if you are pushing the bike. This ebike also has cruise control! It will lock in any speed you choose 20mph or below and hold it even without pedaling or using the throttle. If you pedal, it will increase the speed. As soon as you apply the throttle or brakes, or push any button, the cruise control will turn off.


The Rip Current and Rip Current S have both cadence and torque pedal assist. The torque sensor measures how much effort you are putting into the pedals and proportionally adds power. This helps avoid the feeling of ghost pedaling allowing for a more natural feeling ride. The cadence sensor allows the motor to still provide some power even while providing little effort (as long as your legs are spinning). This setup is really the best of both worlds and is one of the unique features of this ebike. Don’t feel like pedaling? There is a left-hand thumb throttle available as well.

Both the base RipCurrent and S version have hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors (Logan HD-E500 on the RipCurrent S). The RipCurrent S featueres a 9-speed L-TWOO A5 trigger shifter and matching A5 derailleur. In the rear is an 11-32T cassette and a 52T Pro Wheel chainring. Juiced nailed it on the gearing which allows you to continue to provide human power even at faster speeds and be able to get into sufficiently low gear on hills. We would have liked to see name brand Shimano components for the drivetrain but the L-TWOO components performed fine in our testing.

Both bikes have fat tires sized 26″ x 4″. They also have the same bright 1,050-lumen headlight and battery-operated rear taillights. We found the headlight to be super bright but didn’t really like the battery-operated rear light, perhaps a change Juiced can make in the next generation.

Click for larger image

While the basic model comes without racks or fenders, the Rip Current S includes both fenders and a rear rack. The rack has a 50 lb capacity. Unfortunately, there is no option for a front rack.

One additional upgrade the S has is an integrated compartment for an Apple AirTag. This is made possible by the gen 2 or G2 battery. If theft is a problem in your area, this is a helpful feature. Make note, the Apple AirTag itself is not included in the purchase of the bike. It is currently for sale from Juiced for 30.

Bike Frame and Sizing

Both the Rip Current and the Rip Current S come in traditional high step as well as a step-through variation for easier access. The S models frames include an upgraded air suspension fork with lockout compared to the coil suspension on the RipCurrent. The original RipCurrent frames are around about 5-6 lbs lighter than the S models due to the smaller battery but overall the sizing is the same.

The high step frame comes in three sizes. The medium has a 30.5″ standover height and is recommended for heights between 5’4″ and 6’0″. The large fits heights from 5’8″ to 6’3″ with a standover height of 32″. Finally, the XL has a standover height of 32.8″ and fits rides 6’0″ and over. The high-step model weighs 76 lbs with the battery in place and has a 300 lb weight capacity. You have a choice of red, black, and gray for the frame color in the S but the base model RipCurrent only comes in black.

The step-through model is recommended for riders from 5’3″ to 6’1″. Color options are a little brighter and include black, beach blue, arctic white, and yellow. The ebike weighs slightly less at 73 lbs and has a slightly lower weight limit of 275 lbs.

The large swooping handlebars on both bikes provide a comfortable upright riding position. Aiding to the comfort with the handlebars are the ergonomic and locking grips.

In Conclusion

The Juiced Rip Current and Rip Current S are notable for their massive batteries and powerful motors. The S has slightly better specs and an expected higher price point. Both bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, step-through or traditional frame options, and fat tires. These bikes are versatile and able to handle off-roading as well as roads. The S model comes with a rack for extra storage area. Juiced Bikes is a reputable brand and you should feel comfortable doing business with this company. There are certainly more affordable fat tire ebikes out there but you won’t be getting all the impressive specs this bike has to offer.

Overview of Juiced Bikes

Just as the lawmakers created regulations that recognized three classes of e-bikes, a few companies decided to push the boundaries and take things a step further. Juiced Bikes is one of them.

“We believe in fearlessly pushing boundaries and boldly disrupting the status-quo,” the company says.

That makes a lot of sense as its powerful electric bikes are often hard to distinguish from electric mopeds or motorcycles.

These electric speed demons are ideal for commuters, leisure riders, and urban dwellers who want maximum practicality and power at a reasonable price point.

Overview of the Company

Juiced Bikes was founded in California in 2009 by Tora Harris. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. On top of that, he is also a record-breaking high jump Champion, five-time American Champion, and a 2004 Olympian.

Juiced Bikes offers high-performance e-bikes with innovative technologies at a reasonable price.

This is a consumer-direct brand, which means it eliminates redundancies in the supply chain. That allows it to sell its products directly to customers with much lower margins.

Originally, Juiced Bikes started as an importer of Lithium-ion batteries. However, in 2010 it decided to make its first electric bicycle as well.

Today, the company takes the most pride in its moped-style e-bikes called Scorpion and Scrambler. Though it also makes RipCurrent off-road-ready e-bikes and CrossCurrent electric commuter bikes.

Its products were tested and praised by some of the most successful websites in the industry. Some of these include Insider, Bicycling, Wired, Forbes, The Verge, and many others.


RipCurrent is the ultimate do-it-all electric bicycle. This is a lineup of fat-tire bikes with front suspension, wide-range gearing, and relaxed geometry. At the moment, this series consists of two models:

juiced, bikes, ripracer, ebike

Juiced RipCurrent bikes are famous for their power and versatility. They’re equipped with 750W rear hub motors that will easily propel you up to 28 mph with pedal-assist or throttle.

The budget-friendly RipCurrent model gets a 45-mile range from a 52V 13Ah battery. On the other hand, the more expensive model promises 70 miles thanks to a 52V 19.2Ah powerpack.

The electric assistance feels very natural as Juiced bikes use both torque and cadence sensors that measure your pedal force 1000 times a second.

However, RipCurrent bikes have a few things in common as well, such as the front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and super-versatile all-terrain fat tires.

These fun e-bikes also have 9-speed Shimano drivetrains, bright headlights, and an advanced LCD display that shows loads of information. The more expensive models also feature fenders and a rear rack for even more practicality.

If you need a bike to ride on light trails, dirt and gravel roads, or just enjoy the stability and comfort provided by wide tires, Juiced RipCurrent models will meet your needs.


The Scorpion is a lineup of step-through moped-style e-bikes with extremely powerful motors and batteries, as well as game-changing accessories for city riding and commuting.

These are tiny electric monsters that pack a strong punch thanks to 1000W or 750W rear hub motors, depending on the model. At the moment, the three models in the series are:

The HyperScorpion models have impressive top speeds of 30 mph and an expected range of 70 miles. Frankly, that’s more than most riders need for daily use, but the more the merrier. The weaker Scorpion X model will assist you “only” up to 28 mph for up to 55 miles.

juiced, bikes, ripracer, ebike

Like all other Juiced bikes, these ones feature both pedal assist modes and throttle. Though, keep in mind that pedaling for a long time on one of these quirky beasts is not very practical due to the saddle height and saddle shape.

Scorpio e-bikes are also known for their super-bright headlights that easily illuminate the road in front of you, as well as a host of other accessories and features. These include front and rear fenders, blinkers, a rear rack, and even rearview mirrors.

Get it if you want a technologically advanced e-bike that looks amazing and you don’t mind the weight penalty that comes with it.


Scrambler Electric Adventure Bike

The Scrambler series has a lot of similarities with the Scorpion as both are moped-style e-bikes. However, the Scrambler e-bikes are built around step-over aluminum frames that make them resemble a motorcycle even more.

And that semblance does not end with the looks. Namely, the HyperScrambler 2 is Juiced Bikes’ most powerful e-bike that blurs the lines between a bicycle and a moped.

It has an intimidating 1000W (1500W peak) rear hub motor supported by two 52V 19.2Ah batteries. Therefore, the total battery capacity is close to 2000Wh and the maximum PAS range is in excess of 100 miles. These are truly impressive stats.

The less powerful Scrambler e-bike has a 28 mph top speed, a 750W motor, and a 52V 13Ah battery. You’ll get a 45 mile range depending on how you ride.

You can enjoy these features with a friend as these bikes come with a long passenger seat. They also boast lights, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, and 7-speed geared drivetrains.

Urban riders will also appreciate having a stoplight and blinkers, a loud horn, and a USB charging port that will make everyone happy.


CrossCurrent models are commuters’ dream bikes that come equipped with everything you need to get from point A to point B quickly and effortlessly. They boast powerful motors and batteries, great accessories, aluminum frames, and quality components.

At this moment, there are three models you can choose from:

These are Class 3 e-bikes that will assist you up to 28 mph with pedal assist modes or thumb throttle. Depending on the model, you can expect a range of between 65 and 80 miles, which is more than enough for a week’s worth of commuting for most people.

Considering these are commuters, Juiced put comfort and practicality at the top of the priority list. The aluminum frame has a relaxed upright geometry and comes equipped with fenders, a rear rack, front suspension, and a kickstand.

All models also sport front and rear lights, hydraulic disc brakes, and 9-speed drivetrains. Therefore, you’ll be able to travel faster, further, and make short work of any hill.

It’s obvious that we like Juiced Bikes and believe that you’d like them too. The only problem we see is the weight, though that shouldn’t be an issue for most people as long as you keep the battery charged.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look at our list of the best electric bike brands.


When it comes to sizing, Juiced has made the process as simple as possible. Its moped-style and step-through models are available in a single frame size only, whereas the step-over models come in three sizes.

The company provides a detailed size chart for each model, along with a height range that will help you find the right frame size based on how tall you are.

Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure to take all of this information into consideration, and don’t hesitate to contact Juiced support if you happen to have any questions or doubts.


Are Juiced Bikes any good?

Juiced Bikes is a USA-based company that makes high-quality electric bicycles propelled by powerful rear hub motors. Juiced bicycles are popular for having massive 1000Wh batteries and zippy 1000W motors that make short work of any hill. Plus, these bicycles come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

How much is a Juiced Bike?

Juiced bikes are not too expensive, as most models cost between 1,800 and 3,000. This is not affordable for everyone, but we’d say Juiced has pretty reasonable price tags considering the components and the value you get. On average, you’ll have to spend around 2,300 to buy a Juiced bicycle.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

The main disadvantage of e-bikes is the weight. On average, e-bikes weigh around 50 lbs. because of a heavy motor and battery. This weight is not an issue as long as your batteries are charged, but if you run out of battery, you might struggle to pedal uphill without assistance.

Are Juiced Bikes made in China?

Juiced bikes are made in China, which is also where they go through final assembly and inspection. This way, Juiced reduces manufacturing costs and achieves a lower final price. However, some models are shipped to the USA for inspection, since Juiced Bikes’ headquarters are located in San Diego, California.

Where are Juiced Bikes manufactured?

Juiced bicycles are manufactured in China in order to reduce manufacturing costs. This is something that almost all bicycle manufacturers do, including the biggest ones in the industry. Juiced bikes go through final assembly and inspection in China and are then shipped to the USA for sale.

Our Thoughts

Juiced Bikes definitely takes a completely different approach to building e-bikes. Naturally, this comes with advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, these are some of the most stylish and unique e-bikes we’ve reviewed so far.

They’re also insanely powerful, pack loads of battery capacity, and sport quality components and a plethora of accessories.

The price tags are also quite reasonable, you’ll get plenty of juice for the price range of 1,800 to 3,000.

On the other hand, all of these extras come with a weight penalty, meaning Juiced Bikes are quite hefty. The moped-style models are also not the most practical for pedaling, though that’s not what the intention was in the first place.

All in all, if you want a powerful e-bike that does the electric part of the job perfectly well and serves as a great conversation starter, you won’t regret buying a Juiced bike.


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Revv 1

20 MPH on throttle pedal assist. Additional class modes speeds.


Powerful 750w sustained geared hub motor with 95nm torque


30-60 miles depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Durable Alloy Frame with internal protected locked electronics


Frame geometry components built for a comfortable upright position


The Revv 1 ships pre-programmed as a class 2 (pedelec) ebike which enables speeds of up to 20 MPH on pedal assist and throttle. The multi-class speed system gives riders the ability to configure the settings and switch between Class 2, Class 3, and ‘Off-Road’ mode which unlocks speeds of 28 MPH for private road use only. Learn more.

Service Support

Seasoned Bike Mechanics Offer Expert Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.

1-Year Warranty

Every Ride1UP eBike Comes With a Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Terms Apply

Free Shipping

On All Bikes to Contiguous 48 States. 400 Direct Shipping to Canada. Exclusions Apply.


  • FS Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 93lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5″
  • Stand-Over Height 32.5”
  • Wheel Base 49″
  • Total Length 72″
  • HT Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 83lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5”
  • Stand-over Height 32.5″
  • Wheel Base 44”
  • Total Length 69″


Powerful integrated moto-style headlight and brake taillight. FS frame shown includes turn signals. (Signals not included on HT Frame)

Handlebar-Mounted, Two-Tone LCD Display. Customizable Pedal Assist (PAS) Settings and Advanced Metrics for Intelligent Riding Feedback.

All-terrain 20″x4″ e-moped fat tires for cruising comfort and advanced cornering traction. High performing and reliable –– perfect for variable terrain.

Heavy-duty, adjustable chainstay kickstand. High-load capacity for extra support and stability.

52V 4 Amp (FS) charger and cable 52V 3 Amp (HT) charger and cable LED indicator provides real-time charging status.

Two keys for the removable battery system. Theft protection design –– battery anxiety begone!

Shipping Information

In-stock Revv 1 models will ship out in the next 2-3 business days. Refer to each respective model for expected shipping times.

The bike will arrive 90% assembled (electronics are pre-assembled). Basic assembly is required.

The Revv 1 shipping dimensions vary by frame type:

FS (Full Suspension) – 62.5″ x 12.5″ x 34″ (L x W x H)

HT (Hardtail) – 58.5″ x 13″ x 34″ (L x W x H)


When will the Revv 1 ship out?

In-stock Revv 1 electric bike models require extra processing time and will ship out within 2-3 business days of placing your order.

Can I test ride an electric bicycle?

We are a direct-to-consumer electric bike company both in pricing and strategy. You will generally pay a premium for the ability to test ride an electric bike through a dealer. However, our electric bikes have been thoroughly tested by top reviewers such as Electric Bike Review, Electric Bike Report, Cycling Weekly, Clean Technica, Electrek, and many others who have published their reviews on YouTube. You can read electric bike reviews on any of those sites. Additionally, we are now supporting an independent network of owners offering their bikes for demos. Learn more about electric bicycle demos here Locations

What is the Return Policy for Revv 1?

We only accept returns on unopened and unused electric bike shipments for this model that have been reported within 14 days of delivery. You must provide photo documentation to verify the ebike was not opened or used. After approval by Ride1Up, return is subject to a 350 restocking fee per bicycle.

Once the bike has been received and passes inspection, Ride1Up will issue the refund less the 350 restocking fee. Learn more

What can I expect ordering a bike from Ride1UP?

This article will explain all about what to expect when ordering an electric bike from us. Ordering With Us

Can I upgrade the Revv 1’s battery?

If you purchase the Hardtail (HT) frame type, which comes with a 15ah battery, you can purchase the 20ah battery if it is in stock as an add-on. We cannot replace the 15ah battery with the 20ah battery before shipping out the hardtail bike.

Can I switch the handlebars to another electric bike model?

No, you cannot switch the handlebars on the Revv1. The variations you see on the site are the only options we have for our electric bike models.

Can you ship to _?

We only ship our electric bikes within North America. The Continental United States is FREE. Shipping electric bicycles to Canada is 400. Currently, not shipping to Hawaii. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs charged by your local government which are often-times applied after importing electric bikes. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our electric bikes directly to Europe or Alaska at this time. You can use a shipping forwarder like ShopUsa.com to reach your country.

Are the bikes water-proof?

The electric bikes are not water-proof, they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the bikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, our electric bikes can handle water exposure. Leaving your ebike in the rain or other hazardous conditions could shorten the lifespan of the electric bike.

What Is a Moped-style eBike?

The difference between an ebike and a moped-style ebike is all in design and top speed. Typically, moped electric bikes have programming and motor capabilities that allow for a higher top speed than class 3 ebike regulations allow. This is more than 28 mph, but designed for private property and technically not legal to ride on public roads at these speeds. Additionally, moped-style electric bikes are typically designed with wide tires, classic moto-inspired styling and have a retro look, akin to cafe racer motorcycles.

Our Revv1, available in Graphite Gray and Moss Green, is pre-programmed as a Class 2 e-bike, so you can ride most anywhere at twenty miles-per-hour with throttle and pedal assist. However, you can unlock the programming to reach speeds north of 28 mph. This is intended for private property only.

This agile and robust bike is tough enough to cope with the most demanding of rides. However, with its practical and sturdy design, it remains suited to any rider with a comfortable saddle, upright riding position and throttle forward use-case that provides a boost up to twenty-eight MPH or more when unlocked for “Off-Road Mode”

What Is the Difference Between a Moped eBike and Electric Moped?

A regular electric moped works on a twist-and-go basis. Akin to a motorcycle, they do not have pedals, require insurance and registration and are heavier than an electric bike because of a larger battery and frame build. An electric moped ebike incorporates a motor, does not require insurance or registration and has pedals so in theory, the rider is intended to power the bike by pedaling. This design bypasses the regulatory needs of a moped, has a smaller, lighter battery and incorporates an element of exercise that you do not get with an electric moped or electric motorcycle.

Ride1Up’s electric moped bike takes all the best bits from both types of vehicles and blends them to create something different. The Revv1 is a moped-style e-bike engineered with a café racer, moto-inspired design, giving our riders the best of both worlds.

What Are the Benefits of a Moped Ebike?

There are tons of reasons to consider an electric moped bike, commonly referred to as a moped-style ebike, whether you’re looking for a next-gen e-bike upgrade or an electric moped experience capable of more than a typical commute.

The Revv1 suits every environment, from stop-start city travel to off-road adrenaline-fueled rides and everything in between. Variable settings allow you to ride safely anywhere, releasing higher speeds for weekend off-roading or sticking to permitted top speeds on public roads. An electric moped ebike provides great energy-efficiency, where you can rely on the pedal assist to extend your range or use the throttle when you’re looking for a more thrilling, faster pace experience.

You’ll find the quiet motor, and lack of fumes a literal breath of fresh air, whether you’re navigating through heavy traffic or enjoying the feeling of cruising confidently for a superior ebiking experience.

How Is the Revv1 Different From a Traditional Electric Moped?

The Revv1 is a full-spec moped-style ebike with the safety features and functionality you’d expect from any premium-quality ebike–but the comparisons stop there! This exceptional electric moped acts like a hybrid between the two, with the capacity and build to cope with high-speed, rough multi-terrain off-road rides, with a super-stylish frame, rugged wide-profile tires, and a powerful motor.

Riders can commute in style, with an ergonomic frame created for comfort, and let loose on private land, by switching to Off-Road mode and unlocking speeds of twenty-eight MPH and above. If you’re after a fantastic moped-style ebike that looks incredible and adds exhilaration to your off-road adventures, the Revv1 is the only bike for you.

This is not an electric scooter, but like some of the fastest electric mopeds, we’ve added some extra-special features to boost your riding experience, with superb traction tires, a two-tone mounted display, and moto-style headlights, turn signals, horn and bright braking lights as a finishing touch.

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