Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S vs Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion: 6 Key Differences. Juiced bikes scorpion

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S vs Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion: 6 Key Differences

Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion Featuring all the features required to be a great delivery electric bike.

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S vs Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion: Specs

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent SJuiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion
Max. Range: 70 miles(112km) 70 miles (112km)
Wattage: 750W (250W in UK EU) 1000W
Weight: 73lb(33.1kg ) 102lb (46kg)
Load Capacity: 300 lb(136 kg) 275lb (124kg)
Gears: 9-speed 8-Speed
Pannier Rack:
Estimated Price: 2,399 2,599

Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion Review

Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

Weight: 33.1kg (73lb)

Wattage: 1000w

juiced, bikes, ripcurrent, hyper, scorpion, differences

Range: 112km (70 miles)

Gears: 9-speed

Coming in a choice of three colours: red, silver and black, this electric fat bike is both stylish and fun.

Boasting a 1000-Watt Bafang motor, with the RipCurrent S you can be sure to get through even the deepest of snow.

The bike is also fitted with 26″ x 4″ puncture resistant knobby fat tyres which offer stable and comfortable ride quality on many different tricky terrains as well as in adverse weather conditions.

  • Multiple colours and frame size available
  • Complete with ‘guards, lights and rack
  • Advanced display with plenty of fields

Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion

Range: 70 miles (112km)

An ultimate e-delivery bike

These days delivery to your front door is big business. An electric bike is a low-cost, low-emission way of getting products from the warehouse or restaurant to the buyer quickly and easily. Juiced, with their HyperScorpion, has produced a fat tyre electric bike that’s great as a delivery bike for both personal and business users. A humungous 1000W motor is powered by an equally size 995Wh battery so the bike’s extra power won’t be quickly expunged.

Fat E-Bikes:

  • Himiway Zebra
  • Engwe M20
  • Cyrusher Kommoda
  • RadRover 6 Plus
  • Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S
  • Himiway Cruiser
  • Engwe EP2 Pro
  • RadRunner Plus
  • RadExpand 5
  • Juiced Bikes Ripracer
  • Himiway Cobra
  • Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion
  • Juiced Bikes City Scrambler
  • Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike

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Juiced Electric Bikes Review

Juiced electric bikes is a California-based company founded in 2009 by Princeton engineering graduate and Olympian Tora Harris. The company has been manufacturing top-quality electric bikes and mobility products for over 10 years now, with its first bike, the ODK Utility, launched in 2010.

All Juiced electric bikes are manufactured in China and designed, engineered and supported by a San Diego-based team of experts that ensure a high degree of quality, durability, and affordability. Besides its selection of 11 ebikes, the company also sells a wide range of upgrades and accessories such as gear, merchandise, and components.

Bikes Range.CrossCurrent.RipCurrent.Scorpion.Scrambler

FAQs Conclusion

About Juiced Bikes

The ODK Utility – first electric bike introduced by Juiced Bikes. (Credit – juicedriders.squarespace.com/odk)

The Juiced bicycles range comprises 11 bikes split into four categories:

  • RipCurrent – 26 x 4″
  • CrossCurrent – 28 x 1.75″
  • Scorpion – 20 x 4″
  • Scrambler – 20 x 4″ / 4.25″

Each category serves a unique discipline or use-case, like fat-tire bikes for off-road riding, compact bikes for short trips, or commuter bikes for work trips. In this way, they appeal to a wide range of recreational and functional riders, although they don’t make sports models for pro riders.

All the bikes are Class 3 e-bikes, able to reach a max speed of at least 28mph, with some models going even faster. range from around 1,500 for entry-level models up to 3,000 for the most expensive, making them fairly average-priced within the e-bike market.

What Makes Juiced Bikes Unique?

Juiced ebikes stick out from the competition due to their higher speeds and longer battery ranges.

With 52V batteries, most Juiced ebikes can cover around 60 miles (96km) on a single charge, with the longest range bikes hitting 100 miles (160km). Their powerful Bafang motors range between 750W and 1,000W – considerably higher than the standard 250W motors found on most electric bikes.

This means they not only go faster but climb hills easier, even when heavily loaded. Juiced Bikes come in a broad range of colors with a wide selection of optional accessories, all designed and engineered in the USA. Unlike many other e-bikes, Juiced bikes all come with acceleration throttles, large headlamps, and advanced LCD displays.

Juiced Bikes – Who Should Get One?

With an extensive selection of sizes, designs, and frame options available, Juiced ebikes are ideal for people of all ages and lifestyle types. From recreational weekend riders to commercial users and work commuters, there’s a Juiced bike for everyone!

Shop owners and delivery staff will find the cargo bikes especially useful, while adventurous souls will appreciate the thick tires on the off-road models.

RipCurrent 1,999 Fat 750W Standard 9 26×4″ Adjustable Coil
RipCurrent S 2,699 Fat 750W Standard / ST 9 26×4″ Coil Hydraulic Lockout
CrossCurrent S2 1,999 Commuter 750W Standard 9 700C Suntour NCX
CrossCurrent X 2,499 Commuter 750W Standard / ST 9 700C Suntour NCX
Scorpion X 2,199 Moped Style 750W ST 8 20×4.25″ Hydraulic Lockout
HyperScorpion 2,699 Moped Style 1,000W ST 8 20×4.25″ Hydraulic Lockout
HyperScorpion Express 2,899 Moped Style 1,000W ST 8 20×4.25″ Hydraulic Lockout
Scambler 1,799 Moped Style 750W Standard 7 20×4″ / 20×4.25″ Hydraulic Lockout
HyperScrambler 2,999 Moped Style 1,000W Standard 8 20×4.25″ Hydraulic Lockout

Juiced CrossCurrent

CrossCurrent is a range of commuter e-bikes that comes in 3 models – the X, the Step-through, and the S2.

They all have 700c wheels similar to standard road bikes, with basic front suspension, 9 gears, and 750W motors. The step-through model is easier to mount while the slightly pricier X model has a larger battery for longer distance.

Juiced RipCurrent

RipCurrent is Juiced Bikes answer to off-road ebiking, with fat 4″ tires fitted to compact 26″ wheels and powered by a 750W motor.

Both the RipCurrent S and Step-through models come fitted with a rear rack and fenders and larger batteries that go a full 70 miles (112km), while the standard model only goes 45 miles.

Juiced Scorpion

Juiced Bikes’ Scorpion range are small, compact bikes with 20″ x 4.25″ tires, perfect for zipping around town.

The standard X model has a 55 mile (88km) range at 28mph (45km/h), while the upgraded Hyper models can go over 30mph (48km/h) for up to 70 miles (112km). With large integrated rear racks to carry luggage, they make great delivery bikes.

Juiced Scrambler

There are only two models in the all-purpose and efficient Scrambler range – the standard and the HyperScrambler 2.

juiced, bikes, ripcurrent, hyper, scorpion, differences

Both run fat 20″ wheels and fat tires – 4″ wide for the City, and 4.25″ for the Camp series. Juiced Scrambler bikes with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. The upgraded Hyper model has a more powerful motor and two batteries for extra long 100 miles (160km) range.

Juiced CrossCurrent S2

  • Class 3 eBike – 28mph
  • 750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor
  • 780Wh Battery
  • Range: 65 Miles
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Max Payload: 275 lbs

As a Class 3 ebike, the CrossCurrent S2 can reach speeds up to 28mph (45km/h) using either pedaling or the convenient thumb throttle.

The 780Wh battery can go for 65 miles (104km) or more depending on how much pedal assistance you provide via the 9-speed Shimano drivetrain. For smooth riding, you get a Suntour NCX suspension fork paired with 1.75″ tires and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for super-safe stopping in any weather.

Overall, this is an affordable ebike for recreational rides, work commutes, and general day-to-day trips.

Size Recommendations:

Medium: 5’4″ – 6’0″ Large: 5’8″ – 6’3″ X-Large: 6’0″

Price: 1,999

Juiced CrossCurrent X CrossCurrent X Sep-Through

3 color options for CrossCurrent X

The Juiced CrossCurrent X is the upgraded model, featuring a larger battery with an 80 mile (128km) range so you can go that extra distance. This makes the bike slightly heavier than the standard CrossCurrent model but is otherwise exactly the same.

The CrossCurrent X Step-through has all the same features as the standard CrossCurrent but is heavier, at 67 lbs (30kg). This is likely due to thicker frame material to accommodate the lack of a top tube. This bike is ideal for women or shorter riders who prefer an easier way to mount the bike.

CrossCurrent X vs CrossCurrent S2

CrossCurrent S2 vs CrossCurrent X
1,999 Price 2,499
65mi Range 80mi
52V 15Ah Battery 52V 19.2Ah
59 lbs Weight 65 lbs
No Rack Yes
No Tail Light Yes

Juiced RipCurrent

The RipCurrent from Juiced bikes is a tough-looking beast that resembles a hardtail MTB, complete with fat tires and front suspension. Add a 9-speed drivetrain and hydro disc brakes and it’s a truly impressive machine for the price, coming in at just under 2,000.

As a Class 3 ebike with a 750W motor and 780Wh battery, it bears many similarities to the CrossCurrent but with larger, off-road tires. Unfortunately, these tires bring the overall weight up to 70lbs (31kg), reducing the range to only 45 miles (72km) on average. However, if you want to hit the trails and dirt tracks through mountains and forests, this is a small price to pay.

Price: 1,799

Juiced RipCurrent S RipCurrent S Step-Through

Juiced bikes’ RipCurrent S model powers in with an upgraded 994Wh battery, giving you an extra 25 miles of battery range. This equates to a full 70 miles (112km) of riding on a single charge while only adding 6 lbs (2.7kg) of weight – so it’s definitely worth it.

All the other killer Juiced bikes features are there, like rear rack and fenders, advanced LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes, and the convenient thumb throttle. Yes, the RipCurrent S is quite a bit more expensive than the standard model but if you love getting out into nature, it sure does give bang for your buck!

RipCurrent vs RipCurrent S

RipCurrent vs RipCurrent S
1,799 Price 2,699
45mi Range 70mi
52V 15Ah Battery 52V 19.2Ah
70 lbs Weight 76 lbs
No Rack Yes

Juiced Scorpion X

The Scorpion eBike from Juiced is a cool-looking vehicle, resembling a nifty little moped – only without the annoying noise and fumes. The X model is the smaller of the two, with a 750W Retroblade motor and a battery that delivers about 55 miles (88km) on one charge.

juiced, bikes, ripcurrent, hyper, scorpion, differences

Two funky additions are the rear suspension twist throttle, making it feel like you’re riding a real motorbike – albeit one limited to 28mph (45km/h). However, this does all add a bit of weight, making the Scorpion one of the heaviest e-bikes on the market at a full 100lbs (45kg).

Juiced HyperScorpion

If you think the Scorpion X is cool, this tower of power will really get your motor going. This upgraded Juiced Scorpion eBike has a massive 1000W motor, capable of hitting speeds above 30mph (48km/h). Add to that a larger 19.2Ah battery and you can zoom along for a full 70 miles (112km) on a single charge.

Juiced HyperScorpion is the big daddy of electric bikes and it really does feel like you’re on a motorbike. It comes with brake lights, turn signals, rearview mirrors, a horn and a key ignition. Of course, this does mean it lacks the true feeling of a bicycle, so it might not appeal to traditional cyclists with fitness in mind.

Scorpion X vs HyperScorpion

HyperScorpion on the left and Scorpion X on the right.

Scorpion X vs HyperScorpion
2,199 Price 2,699
750W Motor 1,000W
28mph Speed 30mph
55mi Range 70mi
52V 15Ah Battery 52V 19.2Ah
100 lbs Weight 102 lbs
MicroShift 8-Speed Cassette Transmission Shimano 8-Speed Freewheel

Price: 2,699

Juiced HyperScorpion Express

The Express version is a mild upgrade of the HyperScorpion, with an added wide rack on the back specifically designed for making deliveries. Other than that, it has all the same features: 1000W motor, 70 mile range, dual suspension, and all the bells and whistles.

The Express really does feel a lot like a moped bike, especially with a rear box or bag attached full of pizzas, packages, or groceries. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, fuel-free electric delivery bike, this is the perfect solution.

HyperScorpion vs HyperScorpion Express

The HyperScorpion and HyperScorpion Express are the same other than the wider rear rack.

Price: 2,899

Juiced Bikes Scrambler

Stylish electric moped bike

  • Class 3 eBike – 28mph
  • 750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor
  • 676 / 780Wh Battery
  • Range: 45 Miles
  • Weight: 78 lbs (City) / 71.5 lbs (Camp)
  • Max Payload: 275 lbs

The Scrambler is another moped-like bike in the Juiced series, with a compact frame, dual suspension, 20″ wheels, and comfy 4.25″ tires. It has a 750W motor and 780Wh battery, delivering a 45 mile (72km) range. The Scrambler can be ordered in two different versions – the Camp and the City.

The Juiced Camp Scrambler has spoked wheels and thick-treaded knobbly tires for off-road riding, while the City Scrambler has mag wheels and smooth, fast tires for pavement and tarmac. They have a max speed of 28mph and include a twist throttle, headlamp, horn and tail light.

MSRP: from 1,799

Juiced HyperScrambler 2

The HyperScrambler 2 is a pimped-out upgrade of the Scrambler, with two batteries so you can go a full 100 miles (160km) without having to recharge! This is probably the longest range you’ll find on any e-bike, as most go only 50 miles or less.

In addition, the powerful 1000W motor can go above 30 mph (48km/h) so you’ll plow through those 100 miles in no time. Naturally, this pseudo-motorbike is the most expensive and heaviest of the Juiced bikes range, at a hefty 119lbs (54kg).

Scrambler vs HyperScambler

Choosing between the Scrambler and HyperScrambler really just depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a real motorbike experience, the Hyper will give you that extra oomf but you may not be able to use it legally on some city streets. If you’re just riding around town you might find the standard Scrambler is more than enough.

Scambler vs HyperScambler
from 1,799 Price from 2,999
750W Motor 1,000W
28mph Speed 30mph
45mi Range 100mi
Up to 780Wh Battery Up to 1,997Wh (2 batteries)
78 lbs Weight 119 lbs
7 Gears 8

Price: from 2,999

Juiced Bikes Accessories

Divided into 3 main categories:


Personalize your Juiced bike with the wide range of upgrades available. These include small things like mirrors and fenders and larger mechanical upgrades like passengers kits and improved suspension.


Juiced sells a lot of extra gear to pimp out yourself and your bike. This includes carrier bags, baskets, hats, helmets, t-shirts, and tools.


Juiced bikes sell a wide range of parts and components if you need to add or replace anything on your bike. This includes batteries, chargers, cables, tires, wheels and other spares.


Where are Juiced Bikes made?

Like most bicycle brands around the world, Juiced bikes are manufactured and assembled in China. However, all design and engineering aspects are completed by a specialized team in California, USA.

Are Juiced electric bikes any good?

Juiced Bikes takes a unique approach to electric bicycles, focusing on the things that matter most to ebike riders: the motor and battery. However, to keep costs down they use cheaper traditional components like gearing, saddles, and handlebars. This makes for decent quality, affordable ebikes that will appeal to the average rider.

How much is a Juiced Bike?

Juiced bikes range from 1,700 to 3,000.

How fast are Juiced Bikes?

Almost all Juiced bikes can reach a maximum speed of 28mph (45km/h) as stipulated by legal classifications applied to electric bicycles in most countries. However, they do sell some faster bikes that may not be legal on all roads.

Our Thoughts

Having read our Juiced reviews you’ll see that Juiced Bikes clearly stands out in an otherwise saturated e-bike market. Their unique, powerful and well-designed ebikes are built with high-quality materials and motors. Furthermore, they FOCUS on the specific needs of an e-bike rider rather than traditional cyclists, making their products attractive to people from all walks of life.

Mighty 1.8 KW HyperScorpion, All Inclusive 30 MPH Electric Motorbike from Juiced Bikes

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Juiced Bikes 2,000 HyperScorpion Electric Moped

Everything you need in an E-bike

Looking for a new ride that can reach 30 mph and range of up to 70 miles? The stunning HyperScorpion Electric Moped Motorbike is excellent for you. This 102-pound 1.8KW electric motorbike is a strong, comfortable, and stylish electric moped that will get you to work in style.

The complete ride

The HyperScorpion features a 52V high-discharge battery pack and a 35A controller for exceptional and dependable cruising speeds. The fast and vintage-designed bike is also equipped with hydraulic brakes, 20×4.25 fat tires, a horn, and headlights to complete your ride.

The HyperScorpion is a complete ride. It has all the features and performance that all moped e-bikes should strive for. The package is hard to beat, giving models from SUPER73 a run for their money. Let’s take a closer look at the HyperScorpion to discover why it’s the bike you’ve been looking for.

Powerful Motor

30 MPH high speed cruising

The strong 1,000-Watt RetroBlade engine in the HyperScorpion was made to work perfectly with the bike for a fantastic ride while reducing wear and tear. With this strong engine, you can go faster than 30 mph. The Retroblade motor is unique to Juiced Bikes and was produced by Bafang.

It has a strong class 3 punch and keeps pulling at high speeds. The retro design of the blade is a nod to the first mopeds, and the frame is made of cast aluminum and has very little maintenance.

  • Price: 2,000
  • Motor: 1,000W RetroBlade (1,800W Peak)
  • Battery: 52V/15.6Ah or 19.2Ah
  • Controller: 35 Amp Peak
  • Throttle: Twist Throttle
  • Display: Advanced Matrix LCD Display
  • USB: 1A USB Port for Phone Charging
  • Charger: Standard 2 Amp Charger
  • Turn Signal: Front and Rear LED Turn Signals
  • Brake Light: Integrated Brake Light
  • Pedal Assist: Torque and Cadence Sensors

Battery Pack

Extended range for long rides

A bigger battery gives you more power and a longer range. The 52V 15.6Ah or 19.2Ah battery, which has a power output of 994 watt-hours, is one of the highest capacity removable down tube battery packs on the market. The HyperScorpion’s battery is a one-of-a-kind monster designed to support top speeds.

  • Range: 50-70 Mile Range
  • Speed: 30 MPH
  • Bike Weight: 102lbs(90lbs w/o battery)
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs
  • Pedal Sensors: Torque and Cadence Sensors
  • Suspension: Dual suspension with adjustable lockout
  • Tires: 20″x4.25″ Puncture Resistant Tires
  • Transmission: 8 Speed Cassette
  • Extras: Rack, Fenders, Mirrors, USB


Crank it up!

The most advanced pedal sensor technology helps the rider with torque and cadence. This dual-sensor technology measures how hard you push on the pedals 1,000 times per second and gives you the right amount of power. Juiced also uses a high-definition cadence sensor that sends more than 100 signals for every turn of the crank. With this level of sensitivity, the delay that you feel with traditional 12-magnet cadence sensors is almost gone. A torque sensor measures how hard you pedal, while a cadence sensor measures how much energy you put out.

Full Suspension

Plush and easy riding

The adjustable dual suspension takes the bumps in the road in stride, making riding an e-bike a more pleasant experience. Unlike most e-bikes, the HyperScorpion has both front and rear suspension, which makes it incredibly comfortable to ride on any terrain or road condition.

Display and Control

Easy to use

The back-lit LCD can be seen at any time of day and offers a broad range of trip tracking options. It has advanced real-time metrics and adjustable parameters. The elevated features of a Juiced Bikes display allow for much customization. For instance, the ECO mode makes it easy to pedal and conserves battery life, while the Sport and Race modes let you ride fast. Everything can be set up on the LCD screen! Find out everything you need to know about your trip.

  • Frame: Aluminum, Heat-Treated Step-Through
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Wheels: Custom Cast Aluminum ‘Mag’
  • Tires: 20″x4.25″ Puncture Resistant Tires
  • Horn: Integrated Motorcycle Horn
  • Headlight: 2,000 Lumen Headlamp w/ Halo
  • Tail Light: LED w/Brake Light Turn Signal
  • Saddle: Comfortable, oversized saddle
  • Mirrors: Right and Left Safety Mirrors
  • Rack: Includes 50 lb. capacity
  • Fenders: Front and Rear Fenders Included
  • Fork: Triple-Clamp Hydraulic Lockout
  • Rear Suspension: Steel Spring
  • Chain Ring: Pro Wheel 56T | 170mm Crank
  • Pedals: Platform Pedals

Lighting and Signals

See and be seen!

The upgraded and stylish moto-style headlight makes it easy to see at night, making riding safer and giving you more confidence. The 2,000-lumen light also has a daytime running halo light that performs for daily and dusk rides. This feature is just what you need to have the safest e-bike rides of your life on a powerful E-bike.

Stay safe with built-in turn signals and brake lights that let other cars know what you’re doing and where you’re going. This premium upgrade is only available on Juiced Bikes Hyper e-bikes. Most bikes don’t have these lights. When you use your turn signals and brake lights, other drivers will know what you plan to do next.

Braking Power

Ride fast, stop fast

With the HyperScorpion hydraulic disc brakes, the rider only needs to use half as much force to control as mechanical brakes. This gives the best pad modulation against the rotor because the fluid is not compressible like cable wire.

Because an e-bike goes faster and has more power, it needs much more stopping power. In the end, hydraulic brakes make riding safer and more enjoyable. Whether in the city or the country, you need brakes that work well to stop on a dime.


With the extra loud horn, it’s easy to get the attention of drivers who aren’t paying close attention, which makes streets and roads safe and secure. The built-in alarm system also works to keep your e-bike safe and stop it from being stolen. When riding your top-speed Hyper bike, you’ll feel better knowing you have everything you need to be heard.

USB Power

Charge it up

A USB port is built into the handlebar so you can keep charging your devices. The 52-volt main battery is a handy source of power. It’s the simplest way to keep going strong as you move forward.

Add On’s

Extra goodies

Every HyperScorpion e-bike comes with an enhanced rear RelayRack and fender set. RelayRack integrates with the cargo platform to allow rack attachments to be quickly and easily installed. Secondly, whether riding on or off-road, the updated fender kit keeps you and the HyperScorpion looking clean and beautiful. It will be simple to store everything you need for your next fast e-bike excursion.


It’ll be alright!

Revolutionary NEW fully cushioned shipping materials are designed to protect your new e-bike from the warehouse to your front door. Designed to give your e-bike the best possible protection during shipping, these custom padding materials preserve every part of your bike, giving you peace of mind. You can be sure your e-bike won’t become damaged while moving or on the way to its new home.

See also SUPER73 introduces four new S2 colorway: obsidian, bone white, flannel green, and arctic white.

Worth it?

This bike has almost everything you need for about 2,000! With the HyperScroption, you get the performance, chassis, battery pack, and all the extra features. The Juiced Bikes team did a good job, the HyperScorpion franchise is a work of art, and this bike would be an excellent choice for adults who want to have fun and save money.

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34 MPH 37 Miles 66 LBS. 1,299

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50 MPH 50 Miles 114 LBS. 2,895

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50 MPH 60V 20.8AH 86 LBS. 1,709

Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

33 MPH 56 Miles 52 LBS. 1,399

62 MPH 105 Miles 105 LBS. 4,299

Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

35 MPH 50 Miles 55 LBS. 1,695

Save 50 with Code VROOOMIN

62 MPH 70 Miles 115 LBS. 3,195

Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

43.5 MPH 65 Miles 72 LBS. 2,495

62 MPH 74 Miles 100 LBS. 4,199

Commuter Friendly

27 MPH 30 Miles 57 LBS. 1,299

Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

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The Scorpion X is the the 2020 edition of the Juiced Scorpion model and is labeled as a “moped-style electric bike”.

The Juiced Scorpion X recently replaced the original Scorpion moped-style electric bike and offers new upgrades to improve upon an already strong entry in the market. Chief among the upgrades is the inclusion of a more powerful motor and a larger battery.

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Monday – 6 PM – 8 PMTuesday – 6 PM – 8 PMWednesday – 6 PM – 8 PM Thursday – 6 PM – 8 PM Friday – 6 PM – 8 PM Saturday – 11 AM – 6 PM Sunday – 11 AM – 6 PM

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