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Pinarello: An Italian company with over 68 years of history

If there’s something that cyclists love if the fact that there are different bike companies out there. But, some of those companies are the best of the best, such as the example of Pinarello.

The Italian company named Pinarello has been around for more than 50 years and so far, they have left a mark on the cycling history. That can be denied, and today we will talk more about them, and their impact on the cycling world.

The history behind Pinarello: Their first years

Just like many other Italian companies out there, Pinarello started as a dream. The man who had the idea of making the company was named Giovani Pinarello, who was part of a huge family with over 12 brothers.

The dream of Giovani started when he has young, he was only 15 when he began to make bicycles at Paglianti. But that was not what he wanted.

Giovani worked hard and practiced a lot too, he became a professional cyclist when he was 25, back in 1947. And once his career started, after 6 years, the Pinarello company became true.

The company is 68 years old nowadays, and they are still making amazing bikes even though Giovani Pinarello passed away in 2014. But, it’s not the right time to be sad, let’s take a look at the masterpieces the company has created.

Historical models created by Pinarello since 1963

With over 50 years behind their backs, it is fair to say that Pinarello has worked a lot to create bikes that will supply cyclists’ needs. And they have truly worked a lot to make that possible.

Nowadays, the company still has an important spot in the cycling world, but let’s see how things were back in the day.

One of the first and most used models designed by Pinarello was the Pinarello Montello SLX which helped the company to achieve their first major pro victories in the cycling world. The first time that people saw this model was back in the ’80s where the bike helped some cyclists to achieve major wins in races such as the Giro d’Itaia, La Vuelta a España, and some stages of the Tour de France.

But, obviously, the company needed to improve more and more. That’s why after some years, the company released the Pinarello Treviso. Most people saw it as quite similar to the Montello SLX, but there were some major changes that made the Treviso better than the Montello.

And, after the success of the Treviso, they worked even harder in order to stay on the elite. The company couldn’t stay still waiting for something to happen. So they put a lot of effort to release the Banesto Line.

The Banesto Line from Pinarello was released in 1993 after Miguel Indurain won three races from UCI. Pinarello decided to create a bike that was designed to fulfill the preferences of Indurain, and they made it possible.

italian, road, bikes, pinarello

Pinarello was evolving faster and faster with their bikes. The models changed, the way they ensembled them changed, the frame, and even the materials used changed too.

These changes later lead to the development of the Pinarello Paris, a 7005 series that was made of aluminum and an aria carbon fork. The Pinarello Paris won the 2007 Editor’s Choice for the best road racing bicycle, which is a pretty huge award, but it was more than worth it.

italian, road, bikes, pinarello

Current bicycle models created by the company after their success

Pinarello could not only settle down with the historical models that led them to fame. The company tries, year after year, to change the bike markets by delivering new models for cyclists around the world.

Let’s see some of the newest models that Pinarello has designed in the last few years.

  • GAN Series: The GAN Series is quite similar to the Dogma Series. But, it’s a bit less powerful than the Dogma. Don’t get us wrong, the GAN Series will surely provide cyclists with what they need.
  • Dogma Series: The Dogma will go through Pinarello history as one of their historical models. With the addition of the Dogma F12, they earned a well-deserved spot among the best bicycles companies in the world, and so far, the Dogma Series is the flagship of the company.

Will Pinarello be present in the following years in the cycling industry?

A company with over 60 years of history will not let go of what they have built with so much effort so easily. We can be sure that in the future, Pinarello will continue to surprise us. It’s a matter of time until they create another powerful bicycle that will rule over the cycling world.

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Atala is one of the famous Italian bicycle brands that made a long history.

It was founded in 1907, and in 1909, it won the First Giro d’Italia, which was a big race in Italy. Because of this, the Atala brand became better known all over Italy. When it merged with Cesare Rizzato’s Ceriz brand, it also started selling bicycles outside of the country for the first time.

Since 2011, the company has been doing business in Monza. It is part of the Accelli Group, which makes accessories for bicycles by focusing on the quality of each piece and making sure that they can stand out by being the best.

For more than a century, this Italian bike brand has always paid attention to the quality of the materials used to make bicycles, ensuring the lightness and strength are at their best.


The Wolsit Officine Legnanesi Automobili factory opened in Legnano, Italy, in 1907. At first, it made cars and parts for vehicles. But the company had trouble because of the war in 1915. Still, it was saved by Emilio Bozzi, a businessman who loved bicycles.

Bozzi bought the factory, which helped it through some hard times in Italian history.

The Legnano brand is known for making racing bikes that are both light and strong. These bikes come with gearboxes and other mechanical parts from the latest generation, so cyclists can find out everything they need about this brand.


Pinarello landed a spot on our top Italian bicycle brands. It is a bicycle company in Treviso, Italy, that has been around since 1952 and makes racing bikes for some of the best teams in the world.

Pinarello came from a man’s intuition and his undying love for running.

Giovanni Pinarello was known as a cyclist who won the Maglia Nera at the Giro d’Italia. His name has become a synonym for victories, like Maglia Rosa and Maglia Gialla. However, his frames are more famous than he is.

Pinarello racing bikes are simple and professional, so both beginners and experts can use them. These Italian bikes are built to last and have good tires, brakes, and gears.


Mario Schiano founded his eponymous company in the town of Frattaminore, about 13 km. north of Naples.

After three generations, their passion for two wheels hasn’t changed: They continue to think, design, and build bicycles in the name of quality.

Vintage collections but also cutting-edge carbon fiber racing bikes that are light and snappy. Its children’s line is incredibly well-liked, making Schiano one of the most popular bicycle brands in Italy.


Though still producing bikes of all varieties, Atala’s glory days are in the past.

Atala produced several championship-winning racing bikes in the first half of the twentieth century, before fading into relative obscurity through financial difficulty in the late ’80s onwards.

Atala was one of a handful of quality bike brands available in the US market before the “Bike Boom” of the 1970s.


One of the younger firms on this list, Basso was surprisingly founded not by former world Champion Marino Basso, but by his brother Alcide.

Alcide started producing bespoke bikes from the family garage in 1974, before registering Basso as a company in 1977.

Basso was among the early pioneers of carbon fiber in bicycles, with their earliest carbon frameset being sent to the University of Graz for extensive research on the material’s properties and ability to withstand bending and torsional forces.


Benelli is an Italian road bike brand that has been producing bikes for over a century. The company’s bikes are known for their excellent performance, style, and quality.

Benelli bikes are aimed at the keen amateur, with current models exclusively available in carbon fiber, with upper mid-range componentry such as Shimano 105 Di2. They also now produce gravel bikes and MTBs, so there is a Benelli bike for any terrain.

Benelli bikes are also equipped with advanced features such as hydraulic disc brakes, electronic shifting, and suspension systems.

However, bizarrely, the company was purchased by a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, who now produce a variety of motorbikes, and even weapons, under the name Benelli. This has somewhat impacted their reputation as a bike manufacturer.


Pinarello makes gravel bikes for competitions and for endurance purposes. Their race-oriented model is called Grevil and comes with several gravel-specific groupsets.

The endurance models feature electric motors and batteries, so they’re ideal for recreational riders and commuters.


Pinarello did not remain immune to the gravel craze that swept the cycling world. It probably didn’t even want to. Instead, it entered the gravel world in grand style by introducing the Grevil bike.

Grevil boasts T700 Toray UD carbon that maintains performance and reactivity but maximizes comfort and vibration dampening. That’s exactly what you want from a gravel race-ready bike.

This bike will accept both 700c and 650b wheels, with up to 42mm or 2.1″ wide tires, respectively. Pinarello’s tagline for this model is “Full gas everywhere!” and such wide tires will definitely make this possible.

Grevil also comes with flat-mount disc brakes, 12mm thru-axles, and an asymmetrical frame design that maximizes tire clearance and power transfer. In true Pinarello style, this gravel grinder also gets you an Onda fork and FlatBack tubing.

In terms of components, this bike is available with Campagnolo Ekar, Shimano GRX, or SRAM Force and Force eTap AXS. Therefore, it’s ready to take any challenge, recreational or competitive.

The New Pinarello F5 Disc Road Bike 2023 First Look | Sigma Sports

The only thing to consider regarding Grevil is its stiffness. The frame is aero and fast, which is excellent, but it might be too unforgiving on everything but hardpacked gravel routes.

Nytro Gravel and Grinta

If you love exploring scenic gravel roads but your legs usually suffer too much, then you’ll be happy to know that Pinarello also makes electric gravel bikes.

Nytro Gravel and Grinta are the brand’s two electric gravel grinders equipped with Fazua Evation mid-drive motors and batteries that are seamlessly integrated into the downtube.

The motor develops 250W of power and up to 55 Nm of torque, whereas the battery has a 250 Wh capacity. The system operates in three pedal-assist modes:

  • Breeze: Up to 100W of added power.
  • River: 210W of added power.
  • Rocket: All-out 250W of added power.

Nytro Gravel and Grinta are on a similar mission, but they are different bikes. The gravel model has a T700 carbon frame, whereas Grinta has an aluminum frame and carbon fork. Therefore, the latter is more suitable for budget-conscious riders.

However, both bikes have powerful disc brakes and 700C x 40mm tires. If that’s not extreme enough for you, the Gravel model lets you fit 700c x 42mm or 650b x 2.1″ wide tires.

Even though these are e-bikes, they still offer Pinarello’s recognizable sporty performance. They are fast, light, fun, and capable.


Pinarello’s e-bikes allow you to ride these bikes the way they were designed to be ridden—full gas all the time! The e-bike range includes road, gravel, and urban bicycles. At the moment, there is one urban model, called the Urbanist, which is perfect for daily commutes and casual rides on the weekend.

Nytro Urbanist

Pinarello is best known for its race-worthy road bikes. There’s no doubt about that. However, that’s not the only discipline where this brand excels. The Nytro Urbanist is the perfect example of that.

This is an electric commuter bicycle that’s perfect for day-to-day city riding or for weekend adventures. It’s made around a durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame coupled with a stiff carbon fork.

Pinarello Urbanist is powered by the Fazua Evation Ride 50 motor and a 250Wh battery. They are perfectly integrated into the down tube and bottom bracket, so they are hard to spot at first glance. This drive unit offers three levels of pedal assistance that deliver between 100W and 250W of supplemental power.

italian, road, bikes, pinarello

Having A Pinarello Experience In Italy.

The bike has an active geometry that will put you in a comfortable upright riding position, which will allow you to relax and enjoy the ride a bit more.

As a true city bike, Urbanist comes equipped with a heavy-duty rear rack and front and rear battery-powered lights. Therefore, you can easily carry all of your necessities and commute safely during the nighttime.

At the moment, this bike boasts an 11-spd Shimano Deore drivetrain, Deore disc brakes, thru-axles, and 40mm all-road tires.

Get it if you want to transform your city mobility!


Pinarello Dyodo is an electric road bike that will help you finally experience the speeds at which the pros ride their Pinarellos. No matter if you’re a cycling beginner, a seasoned rider, or you’re dealing with an injury, Dyodo will help you keep up.

This electric marvel is made around a T700 Unidirectional Carbon frame with geometry and tubing inspired by the award-winning Dogma. Therefore, despite the electric drive unit, Dyodo still rides and feels like a Pinarello.

italian, road, bikes, pinarello

The 250W Ebikemotion motor offers three assist modes that you can control via a single button located on the top tube. The 250Wh battery is hidden inside the downtube and charges fully in just four hours.

However, Dyodo will ride like a fast road bike even if you run out of battery. Pinarello bejeweled it with a host of aero features, such as FlatBack tubes, Onda fork, fork flaps, and more.

In terms of components, this e-bike boasts a SRAM Force groupset, hydraulic disc brakes, Mavic Aksium Tubeless Disc wheels, and a MOST cockpit. Frame and fork clearance allows for up to 28c tires, so you can enjoy some comfort as well.

Get this state-of-the-art e-bike if you want to ride like a pro without training as hard.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Take a look at our review of Cervelo bikes.


Are Pinarello bikes any good?

Pinarello is a premium brand that makes some of the best road bicycles in the world. Its products are not the cheapest, but this is a boutique brand that focuses on quality and innovation. Team Sky/Ineos has been riding these bikes since 2010, winning multiple Grand Tours on them.

Are there fake Pinarello bikes?

Yes, unfortunately, there are fake Pinarello bikes out there. Pinarello addresses this issue on its website, giving instructions on how to spot a fake frame. According to the brand, these counterfeits have structural issues that could lead to failure and injury, so you should not buy one if you encounter it.

How much are Pinarello bikes?

On average, the of Pinarello bikes start at around 5,000. However, there are some models that cost less than that and many models that cost a lot more than that. For example, Dogma F12 comes in a single Dura-Ace build and costs 12,000.

Is a Pinarello worth the money?

High-end Pinarello bikes are definitely worth the money, especially if you are a road racer and you want to improve your results. Lower-end Pinarello bikes have a “brand upcharge,” so you’ll get less in components for the same price compared to other less popular brands.

Is Pinarello made in Italy?

Cicli Pinarello is a company based in Treviso, Italy. This is where all of its bikes are designed and where new technologies are developed. However, its carbon frames are made in Taiwan by Carbotec in order to reduce the manufacturing costs and offer the bikes at a lower price.

Our Thoughts

If you’re on a mission to find the fastest, most efficient, and most technologically advanced road bike on the market, you can stop your search here and buy a Pinarello. The only potential problem is that you’ll have to pay top dollar for it.

There’s a good reason why so many world-class cyclists choose Pinarello bikes, including the Ineos Grenadiers—the claims that the company makes have been proven time and again in the real world.

That said, this might not be the best choice for a complete beginner. You can get more value in components elsewhere, without risking a crash on a higher-end bike.

But if you want to spend more time taking photos on podiums, we say go for it!


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