Is Riese & Müller a Good E-bike Brand to Buy? Brand & Models Review. Riese muller ebike

The Riese Müller highlights 2023 – the new Multitinker, the new Packster 70 and the new UBN models

Riese Müller are known for their innovative mobility solutions, whether for urban environments or weekend outings with the whole family. At the 2022 Eurobike, the ebike specialists present their latest models and celebrate the return of an ebike that we thought we’d never see again. Read on for all the highlights.

The new Riese Müller Multitinker

With the new Multitinker, Riese Müller combine the characteristics of two existing ebikes in their portfolio, making an all-new model. According to RM, the Multitinker promises to be as manoeuvrable as the compact Tinker, which also rolls on 20″ wheels. The small and wide tires are intended to provide a low centre of gravity and stable handling. At the same time, it’s said to be as versatile as the Multicharger thanks to its long rear bench. The luggage rack, which doubles as a bench for up to two children, can be equipped with different cargo attachments. With these attachments, the luggage rack can carry a payload of up to 65 kg. The cargo attachments include a waterproof bag, the Safety Bar Kit for small passengers or the Passenger Kit for a bigger person. The Multitinker is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor and 625 Wh battery. Pricing for the Multitinker starts at € 5,600

The new Riese Müller Packster 70

The Riese Müller Packster 70 is back. After the previous version had problems with the cable steering and they had to do a recall, the engineers at RM got to work and developed a completely revised version of the cargo bike. The steering of the pack mule has been given a new head angle, larger pulleys and improved steering stiffness. The steering angle has been decreased from 85° to 65° degrees, which means that the ultra-small turning circle of the over 2 metre long bike will have grown somewhat, but the steering should be more forgiving. In addition, RM have refined some of the details that we noticed in our review of the previous version. Thus, it should have more clearance for riders with large feet so that their toes will no longer overlap the transport box when pedalling. The transport box has also been updated with regard to child seats. Thanks to a new headrest and 5-point safety belts, the little ones up front should be even safer and more comfortable.

riese, müller, good, e-bike

But Riese Müller aren’t just celebrating the return of the Packster, but also the launch of a full-suspension, off-road version of the same cargo bike. The FS version will be added to the Riese Müller configurator. The rear end is suspended via coil shock, similar to the Riese Müller Load. In addition, the Packster can be equipped with knobby tires for more grip off the beaten track, so that you can safely cover the last few metres to your campsite. The Packster models are powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Pricing for the Packster 70 Touring starts at € 7,199.

The new Riese Müller UBN Five and UBN Seven

Those who prefer to pack light and travel in urban environments instead of going on tour with a large cargo bike and a heavy load should take a look at the two new city bikes in Riese Müller’s portfolio. The RM UBN Five featuring diamond frame and the UBN Seven step-through promise to put a smile on your face during your daily commute thanks to their simple design and intuitive handling. The new FAZUA Ride 60 motor is said to be a decisive factor in the new, lightweight riding experience. Due to its inconspicuous integration and sensitive response, it promises a pleasant level of assistance without being overly imposing. The UBN Five and UBN Seven models come equipped with everything the modern city dweller needs. The stem comes with an SP-Connect mount as standard, so you can attach your smartphone. over, you can charge your smartphone while riding thanks to the USB-C port in the FAZUA display, allowing you to tap straight into the main 430 Wh battery. The UBN models can also be outfitted with the optional RX Connect chip from Riese Müller, protecting them from theft with the help of an alarm system and smartphone notifications. You’ll find a host of other useful accessories in the online configurator. The UBN models are available with a classic derailleur drivetrain, a geared hub and a belt, or as a single-speed version, for those who want an even more purist experience. If the roads department in your city is lagging behind with the expansion of the cycle path network, you might want to opt for the suspension kit in the configurator, giving you a suspended fork and seat post instead of the rigid versions. That way you won’t have to fear potholes and curbs when changing lanes from the road to the footpath. Pricing for the new UBN models starts at € 4,899

Is Riese Müller a Good E-bike Brand to Buy? Brand Models Review

Based on global recognition alone, Riese Müller is one of the more reputable, high-end German brands in the e-bike industry. This fact is notable in itself, considering it’s a brand that’s only been around for close to three decades, having been founded in 1993. Compared to its other German counterparts with more historical mileage, that’s an arguably bonafide achievement.

Much like those time-tested brands, Riese Müller mixes innovation with its “passion for the yesteryears”. Based on the name and reputation it has built for itself, it won’t be farfetched to assume that that’s what the brand, as a whole, stands for.

Its name derives from its two founders: Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. Interestingly, it didn’t function as a bike company from the get-go. It was actually an earmuff manufacturer first before it entered the industry. Its very first model, the folding bike, Birdy, is still around and happens to be the only model in its catalog that isn’t an e-bike.

Being German-made, more or less, connotes high quality for decades now. Let’s just say that Riese Müller is a paradigm of that statement, considering its sheer dedication to producing mostly top-of-the-line models for a long time now.

Looking at the status of its catalog now, we can safely say that it makes a claim for both quantity and quality. As of this writing, it has 14 distinct e-bike lines, most of which fall under any kind of main e-bike category you can think of such as city, eMTBs, road, commuter, cargo, and cruiser varieties.

If you choose Riese Müller, expect high-end price tags that are pretty much in line with the brand’s dedication to providing quality through design and components integrated.

Riese Müller Superdelite Model Line

The Superdelite serves as an excellent introductory model to the kind of abundant quality that you can expect from the brand. It’s an offroad, sporty offering that has a dedicated Mountain version that’s designed to fulfill touring and mountain biking needs, respectively.

It’s definitely big-ticket, and everything about it spells premium. From the Bosch motor and the general combination of the components and accessories to the top-notch tech included, it’s an e-bike line that pulls no punches, to say the least.

The original Superdelite, as does its Mountain version, is designed for all terrains, which is another plus. Many love the palpable power that makes light work of even the steepest inclines. Another clear standout is the batteries included. The e-bike uses DualBattery Technology that can boost the capacity to 1,250 Wh, the riding range obviously along with it.

The Road touring version integrates every component you need for lengthy offroading such as fenders, Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, and Magura MT5 disc brakes. The Mountain sheds the fenders to be more conducive to mountain climbing overall.

One glaring downside of it is the weight, and a lot of riders transitioning from a previous model can definitely feel the immense difference.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Superdelite model line here.

Riese Müller Delite Model Line

This full-suspension city offering readily exudes a bulky sportiness, which is only magnified by its thicker-than-normal frame and battery housing. The latter is particularly sizable since the e-bike also accommodates two batteries. One battery along is enough to give you 80 miles (130 km) of range, so you can expect to double that with the dual tech.

We also can’t help but praise the way the brand uses a hydroformed aluminum frame that’s designed in such a way as to reduce the battery weight even if two cells are installed. The Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 motor is pretty much an automatic checkmark with its generous power.

Overall, it has the same accessories as the Superdelite such as the SmartphoneHub and holder. The displays are as minimalistic as they are modern, with a subtle German aesthetic. The premium Supernova lights shine relatively brighter than most we’ve seen, and it’s pretty much a trademark of almost all of the brand’s models.

We like the sheer durability of the fenders this brand uses, and the one included in this model is definitely no exception. Other notables include the wide rear rack mount and a sturdy adjustable kickstand. Incidentally, it also has a Mountain version that’s essentially a watered-down counterpart of the Superdelite’s.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Delite model line here.

Riese Müller Homage Product Line

This one’s unique in that it’s the only step-thru and full-suspension model available in the market. Much like most premier models offered by the brand, you can upgrade it to run with two batteries. It has the same oversized build overall as well.

The step-thru frame is an automatic check as it’s always a perk city riders look for. Specs-wise, it’s almost similar to the Delite. We can say the same for the accessories included. You get the same Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 with a 75-Nm torque.

Talking about its design, we definitely need to highlight the fact that the rear rack is part of the down tube. This allows it to mitigate any kind of impact that might cause the cargo to lose its contents. It also lends itself to improving the riding experience.

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We can say that it’s one of the more comfortable models in the catalog. It accelerates quickly, too, and achieves its 28kph top speed in no time, while having great handling, too. The tech integrated, such as the GPS, complements its premise of being a more laid-back, but no less powerful model coming from a top brand.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Homage model line here.

Riese Müller Load Product Line

There are two models in this e-bike line: the Load 60 and Load 75. The latter is evidently longer the former, which heightens its capacity. That’s not to say that Load 60 falls short in that regard. Overall, these are pretty capacious models that share the same specs and have a narrow price difference as a result.

The Cargo Line Gen4 Bosch motor is a slight downgrade from the sportier Performance Line we’re used to getting from other Riese Müller e-bikes. However, it does get the job done if your intent is to haul stuff and don’t want to have to worry about not being able to negotiate steep inclines with it. We also like the sophisticated motor sensor technology it integrates that makes riding a smooth, seamless experience.

The weight, despite most cargo e-bikes naturally being bulkier, doesn’t depart much from the usual sporty Riese Müller offerings. It tops at 38.2 kg should you choose the Touring HS variety.

As mentioned before, these e-bikes have a generous cargo capacity. In fact, it occupies half of the entire model, which is a plus if you want more of that. It obviously makes sure you’re able to fulfill any kind of hauling and transporting task with its help.

It’s got the extra-bright lights found in most models as well as the tech and the dual battery capability. Should you decide to purchase the extra battery, you really won’t have to worry about running out of range.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Load model line here.

Riese Müller Packster Product Line

The Packster 70 showcases the same jumbo cargo box you should come to expect from this brand’s cargo offerings. It appears to almost be comparable to an SUV, with many agreeing that it’s most probably intended as a replacement for it. It can fit two kids or one adult, and even then, it’s still debatable whether it can fit two of the latter.

It gets the same motor as the Load models, so expect it to perform like it — adequate torque and smooth riding. The dual Bosch batteries are integrated into the frame and require a key to take out and lock in place. They can be charged in place or after you’ve removed them.

The wide Schwalbe tires make a suitable component to provide stability when riding. One unique component is the rear rack, which slightly increases the items or passengers you can carry with it. It’s got every accessory you’ll expect from a cargo e-bike, with the Riese Müller trademark, including an adjustable kickstand.

Overall, it’s a better family option than other cargo offerings in the catalog.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Packster model line here.

Riese Müller Multicharger Product Line

The Multicharger’s is unique in that it’s designed like a regular road e-bike, but obviously leaning more toward being a cargo model. True to its name, it’s more of a hybrid that fulfills different purposes.

The amply spacious rear cargo holder, while not really that comfortable to be ridden as a passenger, ups the capacity of the e-bike as a whole, especially if you choose the more capacious Mixte version.

A cushioned version is available in the original Multicharger, so it’s the more passenger-friendly of the two. The holder is complemented by a front carrier that can be extended so you can add more things. It’s not wanting in total available hauling capacity for these reasons.

Looking at its specs and components, think of it as a slightly declassed version of the Homage. It only uses a 10-speed derailleur as opposed to that model’s 11-speed one. There are also subtle differences in the accessories. It only uses a smaller Supernova mini 2 for its headlight. But it still comes complete with essentials plus the same Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 motor.

One other notable downside is that it doesn’t have DualBattery technology found in higher-end models.

If you’ve always wanted a cargo e-bike that positions its trough at the back, then this is a good choice for you. It’s also recommended for anyone who wants to be able to do lengthy casual rides comfortably without having to pay for another e-bike to do so.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Multicharger model line here.

Riese Müller Roadster Model Line

The Roadster is a pure city e-bike that’s great for commuting. Thanks to the beefy Bosch motor and brand-standard Bosch PowerTube 625Wh battery, it seamlessly makes your commute faster. You won’t be disappointed with the range, torque, and speed, even if you don’t buy a second battery.

The Mixte boosts stability a bit by incorporating a receding top tube in its frame, and in the process, easing mounting and dismounting. Both models aren’t lacking in the accessories department. Everything we mentioned in past models like the Multicharger and Homage can be found here with slight deviations. Its Supernova lights are smaller, for example, but there are no significant differences of note.

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Overall, the Roadster line prioritizes practicality and is evidently made for the casual commuter and rider that loves to ride through wide, open city roads. It’s a bit cheaper but isn’t a pushover with its unmatched motor and other premium components. A great added bonus is that it can handle some light offroading, too.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Roadster model line here.

Riese Müller Nevo Model Line

Riese Müller’s answer to most riders who have leisure in mind, the Nevo is at once sporty and comfortable. It lets you boost your range further with the DualBattery feature, up to 1,125Wh, to be exact. The step-thru frame, which paves the way to better handling and comfort, makes it a solid cruiser option.

It pretty much has the same specs as most of the casual-oriented offerings already featured above. It’s complete with all the Riese Müller accessories you can expect from the brand, too. It’s a bit cheaper than the other performance, offroad models.

Ultimately, it’s the comfort factor that makes it stand out. In fact, many riders praise it as one of the most comfortable e-bikes at present, thanks to the overall design and the belt drive incorporated.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Nevo model line here.

Riese Müller Charger Product Line

The Charger serves as another sporty city commuter from Riese Müller. It’s one of the older lines available in the catalog, but it’s obvious that the brand is still focused on improving it. It’s versatile in that it offers comfort even as it lets you experience a sportier ride, as evidenced by the way you can adjust its stem and, in turn, your seating positions for both.

Another proof of its attention to comfort is the wider saddle, which makes this a recommended choice for heavier riders. When it comes to design, it’s closest to the Delite, considering both use a rear-suspension seatpost.

It has practically the same outstanding components as others made by this brand. The motor and battery are topnotch. The versatile Schwalbe tires it incorporates have high demand precisely because they can make easy work of any kind of terrain. It comes complete with the other accessories mentioned before, such as the powerful Magura MT4 and MT5 brakes at the rear and front respectively, plus a chain lock.

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When the Charger was released, it came with an upgrade on its rear rack that can now accommodate more than 60 pounds. The Mixte version, with its noticeably lower top tube, offers the same stability perk as the Roadster’s rendition of it.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Charger model line here.

Riese Müller Supercharger Model Line

The Supercharger more than earns its name by going all the way with riding range, power, and speed. It pushes the battery capacity to 1,250Wh and uses the same Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 motor found in other models.

It uses the same bright Supernova lights used by the other higher-end, offroad offerings. The Schwalbe Moto-X tires make easy work of any kind of terrain, except softer ones where their traction evidently dips a bit. It’s pretty similar to other models in every other accessory it uses.

With all its design aspects and components in mind, it’s apparent that it’s made to be a reliable, feature-packed, and powerful everyday e-bike. It’s great for both commuting on city streets and forest trails, thanks to the front rack and remarkably wide handlebars.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller SuperCharger model line here.

Riese Müller Swing Model Line

The Swing is clearly one of Riese Müller’s more laidback options, based on the way it looks completely different from its cousins. The design instantly calls to mind a more traditional European aesthetic.

It’s cheaper because it uses a toned-down Bosch motor (a Performance Line Gen3, to be exact), but it’s arguably no less powerful compared to other motors in the market. You’ll also see that the bells and whistles it uses are slightly a level lower than the other models already featured.

For instance, it uses a Schwalbe Big Ben 50-622 Reflex for tires and only has Magura rim brakes. Nonetheless, these components aren’t exactly pushovers. On the whole, these components are just right for the intents and purposes of an e-bike of this caliber.

It’s obviously aiming for more comfort, with its wider cushioned saddles and upright seating position. The optional inclusion of a large rear basket and front rack makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a smooth errand e-bike, which functions just as perfectly as a commuter and leisure model.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Swing model line here.

Riese Müller Cruiser Product Line

With its straightforward name, there’s not much guesswork required to figure out what the Riese Müller Cruiser is all about. Just think of it as a variation of the Swing, for both these lines share the same specs. It’s comfort-oriented with its handlebar design alone, which evidently spells ‘Cruiser’ with its adherence to that traditional look.

Interestingly, it’s naturally a step-over e-bike, although, there’s a Mixte version that drops the tube slightly and offers the unique benefits we’ve already mentioned above.

Another aspect that makes it different is that it doesn’t offer the option to add a rear basket, even though there’s an optional front carrier you can add to it. It does allow you to throw on its unique frame bag, to make it up for that.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Cruiser model line here.

Riese Müller Tinker Model Line

Think of a compact e-bike infused with the perks of German engineering. That’s pretty much what the Tinker is all about. Obviously, it doesn’t push its limits as much as the brand’s sportier offerings, but the components are still patently topnotch.

You get a Bosch Performance Gen3 motor, which is still powerful and assures better handling. The same can be said for the battery PowerPack 500. It doesn’t compromise on its specs in short.

While doing so, it manages to keep its size fairly compact. The weight is still manageable even while folded, not making it hard for you to lug around while taking public transportation, for example. It also accommodates both tall and short riders (5 to 6 feet, to be exact), so you can definitely lend it to other family members or your friends without much issue.

It’s amenable to comfort given the highly adjustable stem, and it doesn’t skimp on the accessories, too. If you live in an area where roads are particularly narrow or congested, and space is pretty much constrained, then this is a good e-bike to consider.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Riese Müller Tinker model line here.

What Most Riders Think of Riese Müller

If you pay for Riese Müller models, you’re essentially paying for the name as well. Not a lot of e-bike brands enjoy the same clout. That should give you a good idea of the almost unrivaled prestige associated with this brand, especially among diehard e-bike riders.

We also can’t deny that the brand knows what riders want. All their handmade models can be integrated with a second battery, so there’s not much to worry about the riding range becoming inadequate for most rides. You also get to have many options in the belt drives you can integrate into any model of your choosing. There are plenty of customization options, in short, and many riders definitely love that.

The accessories and components are what you’d expect from a high-end e-bike. The designs deserve the “made in Germany” tag, and you can immediately feel the difference in torque, handling, stability, comfort, etc.

These facts are echoed by pretty much a vast majority of riders that own or have given Riese Müller e-bikes a try.

What Countries Does Riese Müller Ship To?

Given its stature and popularity, it’s not surprising that Riese Müller has a global reach. Expect plenty of dealers worldwide, where shipping options aren’t limited.

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Riese Müller Nevo3

With a captivating presence, agile riding behaviour and safe handling, the Nevo3 has all bases covered. A comfortable low step-through combines with an expansive frame profile, hard edges and high mounted battery.

John says.

’The best step-through ebike on the market! From the most premium quality e-bike brand on the market, the Nevo3 has a sporty and striking look – with an option to customise colour, gearing and batteries.‘

Using state-of-the-art technology and pioneering design, the Nevo3 offers:

  • A Bosch Performance CX e-motor with the power to tackle the toughest hills
  • An elevated chainstay for a sporty look
  • A range of striking colours – this bike wants to be seen
  • A comfortable suspension fork and seat post to take the bump out of gravel paths, cobblestones or small potholes
  • Optional DualBattery Technology for twice the range, higher climbs or fewer charging breaks

One of the most premium bikes on the market, the Nevo3 is unrivalled when it comes to quality, reliability and durability. Unique to Riese Müller, you also have the option to customise colour, gearing and battery.

Have fun customising your Riese Müller via their website or give us a call.

Key Specifications


Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen4), 85Nm, 250W


Bosch PowerTube 500Wh or 625Wh (optional 2nd battery providing additional 500Wh)

Riese and Muller eBike Homage Review

The Homage electric bike model from European electric bike brand Riese and Muller is a very well considered electric city bike. Very few bikes are rated this high on the Tower eBike Score scale. It gets a 90 and even higher on it’s specialty score when we omit our comfort and universal ratings. At 64 lbs this e-Bike is a little heavy but it’s all done with quality parts. Note that this electric bicycle gets a score of only 4 our our low proprietary risk scale, which means it may be hard to find parts if Riese and Muller were to go out of business or stop supporting this specific model at some point in the future.

DISCLAIMER. Riese and Muller, Riese Muller, and Homage are trademarks of Riese Muller GmbH, and use of that trademark in this review does not indicate that the reviewer is claiming any interest in the mark or any affiliation with or sponsorship or endorsement by Riese Muller GmbH.

Riese and Muller Homage

We’re going to review and rate the Riese and Muller Homage electric bike. It is a German-based company with its own factory. It gets a rating of 90 on our 100-point scale, which rates it as an e-bike with the highest distinction. This is a well done bike and the only thing on our list that received a specialty score of 96. But it takes out the universal appeal and the comfort attributes of the bike. The base model of this bike, however, comes with a specific battery integrated on the front tube. They also offer dual battery option, which allows you to put an extra battery integrated inside. But the base model comes with a single battery.

If you’re going to upgrade and purchase a second battery, it wouldn’t increase the Tower Score, but you would extend the range. It already maxes out on our Tower range 1-10 point scoring system with just the base level single battery. While on the specialty score, this e-bike will get a 96. Also, this is a well-designed and well-considered electric bike. Quality wise, this e-bike is as good as you’re going to get like the design and everything on it.

Overall, it gets 90 points. While on the specialty score, it gets 96. So before we get into the review of the Riese and Muller Homage e-bike, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stephan Aarstol. I’m the founder and CEO of the Tower e-Bike Repair Shop here in San Diego. We see hundreds of different brands and models of e-bikes on a monthly basis here. Our mechanic experts can really get a good feel of what are quality and non-quality bikes. So what we’ve done is to eliminate some of the confusion for buyers when they go out and buy an electric bike.

We see a lot of people that come into our shop purchasing some crappy bikes from Amazon or some crappy direct-to-consumer brands. They get a Chinese non-brand eBike for a thousand bucks or something like that. But when they brought it in, they realized that they had to spend like 300 bucks in order to repair this bike. What they don’t really understand is that, reparability and quality is a matter of concern because repairs are expensive, even if the original bike is not. The idea that if you invest a little more upfront, you’re going to save a little more on maintenance. These are not like traditional bikes. They are purchasing e-bikes that require a lot more mileage on them.

Basically, what the Tower e-Bike Repair Score does is to get a single point score from zero to a hundred that assesses the quality of an e-bike. After that, we rate it on seven different attributes. Each attribute gets a 1 to 10 score, and then we normalize those seven scores to get a hundred point score. This is the Tower e-Bike 100-point Scale. Overall, the Riese Muller Homage e-bike gets a score of 90.

These seven attributes that we used to rate each electric bike are materials quality, the mechanical quality of the e-bike, low maintenance, hill climbing ability, range, comfort, and universality. Low maintenance is about how much work this bike will most likely require. Hill climbing ability, on the other hand, is a critical attribute of electric bikes because they’re really built for transportation. So if you live uphill or visit a friend that resides on highland, you’re not going to be able to get there with your ordinary bike. Universality, the seventh attribute, revolves on how good of a fit is this bike for everybody, like one-size-fits-all.

These seven attributes that we used to rate each electric bike are:

  • Materials quality
  • Mechanical quality of the e-bike
  • Low maintenance
  • Hill climbing ability
  • Range
  • Comfort
  • Universality

Low maintenance is about how much work this bike will most likely require. Hill climbing ability, on the other hand, is a critical attribute of electric bikes because they’re really built for transportation. So if you live uphill or visit a friend that resides on highland, you’re not going to be able to get there with your ordinary bike. Universality, the seventh attribute, revolves on how good of a fit is this bike for everybody, like one-size-fits-all.

So that’s the Tower Score. It’s really like a wine spectator score, wherein we give this a single point. And it allows people, particularly those who do not have an in-depth knowledge about this industry, to understand what kind of quality this bike has. Unlike e-bike mechanics that are already expert in this field, they could sort of compare one bike to another. And that’s really what we’re doing here at the Tower e-Bike Score.

We also give a second score, which is known as the specialty score. This specialty score omits the comfort and the universality attributes. The reason why we do not include them is because bikes, such as road bikes and mountain bikes, are built for specific purposes. They are not necessarily designed for comfort or universal fit. In fact, many of these e-bike companies often have five different frame sizes, which are intended for different people. And that’s in the traditional bike world. However, when it comes to the e-bike world, they are used more for transportation. Many people, for instance, want to have bikes that make them feel comfortable even riding for a long period of time. You also want an e-bike to be universal because you may have several people riding the same bike at the same time. Maybe you’re buying it remotely, thus you want to know if that bike will fit. But we do split out the specialty score for more premium brands and specific models of mountain bikes and stuff like that. This is the purpose of the Tower Score to help consumers in assessing and weighing the value and worth of a certain e-bike. This e-bike isn’t a universal fit as well because they really have five models for you.

I know you wanted to learn more, so let’s get into it.

e-Bike Materials Quality 9/10

On materials quality, the Riese Muller Homage e-bike got a score of a near-perfect 9. They have excellent materials across the board. They’ve got a premium aluminum frame, which is really well-designed. Aside from that, they’ve got an integrated rear rack right into the frame. The overall looks and entire setup are quite similar to a traditional European style of bike as well. They’ve got very high quality tires on this bike. In addition to that, the rims and spokes are also excellent and premium quality. The seat, pedal scripts, everything is top notch. This is the best you can get on materials quality.

Mechanical Quality of Electric Bike 10/10

For mechanical quality, this e-bike gets a score of 10. They have premium hydraulic brakes. A front and rear suspension as well. They also have a swing arm suspension built into the frame for the back suspension, and a quality suspension upfront. Actually, this is a critical feature on e-bikes because if you’re going at high speeds, rough roads or over cobblestone, you don’t want to get beat up. Aside from that, this e-bike has a belt drive and a threadless headset. So they received 10 out of 10.

Low Maintenance 9/10

The Riese Muller Homage e-bike gets a score of 9 on low maintenance. They received a nine or ten on almost everything here. They got really high quality tires, which are critical components in e-bike. As you can see, the biggest problem when using an electric bike, which is also what we’ve always witnessed in our shop, is getting flat tires. Especially, if you get a flat on the rear tire, that’s a pain in the neck to change. And you have to take it into a shop, which is not cheap. You also need to haul it and it’s a whole hassle.

However, they do have high quality hydraulic brakes on this bike. This is a huge benefit because it means you’ll have to do less maintenance. Compared to mechanical brakes that you have to manually adjust every mile or two, hydraulic brakes are self-adjusting brakes that adjust automatically to allow you to safely stop in an emergency situation. Additionally, this e-bike is very rust proof and for shifting bike gears, it’s sort of an integrated system.

It’s not like a traditional derailleur on the back of the bike. Although derailleurs tend to get some issues, this e-bike has got premium components. So you’re going to have less problems on that. And then, the belt drives are also very low in maintenance. Therefore, they got 9 out of 10 which is an excellent score.

Electric Bike Hill Climbing Ability 10/10

Next attribute is hill climbing ability and this e-bike gets a score of 10 out of 10. They have a 250-Watt Bosch mid drive motor with gearing built into it. This is sort of a torque motor with it’s 48-Volt system, which is a great combination for an e-bike. It’s really what they put in mountain bikes to go straight up a mountain. Furthermore, they’ve got a very high quality motor known as a Bosch motor. So you’re not going to have any problems climbing hills. Despite the fact that this is a very expensive e-bike, they did a lot of quality components here that justify it’s value.

Electric Bicycle Range 10/10

On a scale of 1 to 10, we give the Riese Muller Homage e-bike a score of ten on range. With the base configuration, there is an integrated battery placed in the front bar of the bike. It comes with a single battery. It’s like a default configuration, though the compartment is designed to fit two batteries. They’ll try to upsell you a second battery.

Regardless of the upgrade in range option, the default configuration of this e-bike, such as the size motor and battery capacity still get a 10 out of 10 on range on our Tower eBike Score. So you won’t have any range issues on this bike. I mean, it’s got a score of 90, which is one of the highest scores we’ve ever had on an e-bike. But if you’re going to upgrade and have additional motor, you’ll get even better range. However, it will cost you a lot of money.

But we rate all of our bikes on the base model and not on the added features. Because a lot of these companies based their marketing on their base models, and this is the base model’s price point. So if their upselling ends up costing you a lot more, you’re on a completely different bike. Again, we rate the base models in order to keep things fair.

Electric Bicycle Comfort 7/10

The sixth attribute we’re looking at here is comfort. And this e-bike got a score of 7 out of 10. The biggest thing here is that it’s sort of like a city bike. In terms of the sitting position, it’s somewhat upright; we call it semi-upright sitting. And you’re still engaged over the handlebars. So if you’re planning to go to cities like Amsterdam, expect to see everyone riding a bike. I mean, regular bikes not electric bikes, since regular bikes have been one of their modes of transportation for decades.

They all seem to like these city type of bikes, which have a very similar geometry to the Riese Muller Homage e-bike. And it’s kind of engaging to ride because it’s almost like a cross between a mountain bike and a beach cruiser, except you’re a little hunched over there. And so, it’s not like you’re kicked back on a beach cruiser. What’s going on there is that if you’re actually pedaling this bike, you want to be engaged on it a little bit. But when you shift to an electric bike, it’s mainly built for transportation.

The perfect electric bike, in our opinion, is like a beach cruiser. You’re completely sitting upright. But that’s not how this bike worked. In order for you to reach the handlebars, you need to be hunched over. So it receives a slight ding on comfort.

Universality of this Electric Bike 8/10

And then on the universal attribute or universality, this e-bike gets a score of 8 out of 10. This is an excellent score, considering the fact that universality is about how well this bike works for everyone. Aside from that, this is a step-through bike, so it’s going to work for most people. You’ve got quite a bit of seat adjustment. In the step-over height. I think it’s approximately 19 inches. There isn’t a lot of flexibility either on the handlebars up front, but most people will be fine with it.

Overall, they got an excellent rating of 90 in our Tower Score and 96 points on the specialty score. This is really what we consider an e-bike of highest distinction.

Electric Bike Weight

This e-bike weighs 64lbs. It’s quite heavy due to its beefy frame. And it’s not that they just used cheap parts, which tend to run up the weight of a bike. They actually built it for durability with very high quality parts. So the weight isn’t such a concern. A lot of people think that heavy bikes often used cheap metal parts, but that’s not really the case here. Still, it’s quite hefty, so carrying it up your stairs or loading it into the back of a pickup truck will be difficult.

eBike Looks

When it comes to the overall looks, the Riese Muller Homage e-bike resembles a European style of bike. It has an integrated rack with a sort of funky swingarm on the back. Again, we don’t provide points for appearance because, in this case, looks is somewhat subjective. But this really looks very European. Personally, I think it’s a pretty good looking bike. It’s clean. Although there are some funky angles on it, it doesn’t appear to be a low-cost bicycle. But more of like a high-end model.

Low Proprietary Risk 4/10

This doesn’t get calculated into the Tower E-bike Score or even the specialty score, but we do give a 1 to 10 point score on what we call low proprietary risk. Low proprietary risk is all about how easy would it be for you to keep this model running, even if this company were to go out of business or stop supporting this model.

So this e-bike gets a score of 4 on this scale, which is pretty low. If you bring this in the Tower e-Bike Repair Shop here in San Diego, and this company is out of business, we can’t really assure you that we’ll be able to get all of the parts for it.

riese, müller, good, e-bike

You might also run into complications because of some pretty customized parts. They do have an integrated battery, non-standard controller, and their own proprietary LCD screen.

Despite having an excellent rating, the Riese Muller Homage e-bike isn’t a diversified company. Whether they like or not, they are in a competitive market. This is why they have such a low proprietary risk score. And the reason we’re bringing this up is because there are hundreds of brands in the e-bike industry, but 90-95% of those brands will no longer be in business after 10 years or so.

Although some of these bikes may last 10 or 20 years, it’s better if you pay attention to that. But Riese and Muller is a pretty strong brand. They’ve got their own factory in Germany, so they are in a market that can kind of sustain them. It’s either in the small German market or the larger European market. But there are still some risks there. So we just wanted to make you aware of that.

To summarize, the Riese Muller Homage e-bike receives an outstanding 89 points out of 100 on our overall Tower Score. They’ve got high-quality materials that are built to last. They also scored an amazing rating across the board, from material quality to hill climbing. That’s all there is to it.

To keep you updated, you can always check out our site. We provide a Tower Score on a growing list of other e-bikes that we get our hands on, as they come through the Tower e-Bike Repair Shop here in San Diego.

Riese muller ebike

We’re excited to be one of Riese and Müller’s US dealers. Riese Müller blends quality engineering with proven, best-in-class Bosch electric assist systems. R M’s track record in Europe (since 1993) is founded on producing quality bikes for niche markets.

R M’s philosophy is quite compatible with ours: produce high quality bikes, stand behind their products, and give customers options to customize their ride. Whether buying an e-cargo bike or e-bike each bike is made to order. You’ll have a number of options including color, drivetrain, e-system, and more! That customization nets you a bike built to fit your needs, and that means you’ll get the most out of your bike for many years to come.

We’ll be stocking a great selection of their most popular e-bikes and e-assist cargo bikes.

R M produces so many options with each model, you may prefer to make a special order purchase. Choose the options that fit your style and your bike will be built to order! So, if you’re interested in a model we’re not stocking, let us know and we can guide you through the ordering process.

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