Introducing: STARK VARG. Stark electric dirt bike

Introducing: STARK VARG

To challenge and inspire the motorcycle industry to sustainability by building the fastest and most thrilling motocross bike in the world. To provide the ultimate emotion on two wheels. To prove electric technology is superior to gas.

introducing, stark, varg, electric, dirt, bike

We push the boundaries of technology to reshape the future of motorcycling. Through building electric motorcycles that outperform traditional technology we will inspire the world to sustainability.

Our bike is easier to ride, requires less maintenance, can be ridden anywhere without disturbing neighbors and has higher performance than traditional gasoline-powered bikes.



What will you ride today? A 125cc two-stroke? 250cc or 450cc four-stroke? The VARG is the most versatile and advanced motocross bike on the planet. It can be easily customized to your skill level and riding style at any circuit. Through the Stark VARG App you can create up to 100 ride modes, adjusting the power curve, engine braking, traction control and virtual flywheel weight according to your liking, and have five modes actively installed on the bike.

But, will you have enough power? The VARG boasts peak performance of 80hp, 30% more than a typical 450cc four-stroke. We also give you 938 Nm of torque on the rear wheel, more than double of any of the 450s.

Control the VARG’s power. You can adjust from 1 to 80hp in just a few seconds through the Stark VARG App, an intuitive and comprehensive tool available in your display, or through your Apple or Android phone.


The VARG has the most energy dense production battery system in the world. 6kWh of battery capacity at less than 32kg, including the complete case, battery management system and all other internal components. This has been made possible mainly through several groundbreaking innovations, which are currently patent pending: the magnesium honeycomb casing, slippery-fingers cell holders, pressure relief system and a one sided power board configuring the battery cells.

The range is similar to a 450cc motocross bike with a full tank. The VARG will comfortably complete a full ‘moto’ at MXGP intensity or up to 6 hours of easy trail riding and will fully recharge in 1-2 hours depending on the charger and power outlet.

Cutting-edge battery design: Using a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium battery case structure, the VARG ‘flying V’ scheme connects every cell directly to the casing. This creates high conductivity to the air-cooled case. The result is a very even and regular battery temperature and it removes unnecessary weight for water or vapor cooling.

Small, light and strong: The honeycomb shell architecture ensures an extremely strong, lightweight and compact structure, contributing to the slick handling of the VARG.

Safety: The VARG’s battery is completely waterproof, exceeding the requirements of IP69K. The strong honeycomb structure will also ensure high resistance against impacts, providing you with a durable, safe and lightweight battery.


At 110 kg / 242 lbs fully charged, the Stark VARG is lightweight. An important benefit of our electric powertrain is that it has a fraction of the inertia of a gas motor, providing you with a featherweight riding sensation.

By using the motor as a structural component, we have been able to develop a motocross frame which is almost 50% lighter than the competitors. All the while maintaining the same or higher strength properties and optimized flex characteristics.

The electric carbon fiber sleeve motor generates a fraction of the inertia found on a four or even two-stroke motorcycle. This provides a unique lightness, agility and maneuverability.

Benchmarking to be the best: We carefully tested and analyzed the current and best-performing motocross bikes. This methodology empowered us to craft a chassis that provides the ideal amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional flex to enable a predictable, stable and comfortable ride.

Premium Suspension: Benefiting from a partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch, the VARG’s suspension has been developed with 310mm of travel both for the front forks and rear shock. The standard linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst improving traction. There are seven different stock settings for riders within a 5kg weight margin, meaning that you choose the suspension adapted to suit your weight and ability.


Silent. Ride anywhere, anytime and open up the possibilities to enjoy nature, to ride in places you never imagined, thanks to the near-silent motor.

Clean: Zero emissions, no filters and a simple level of care. The VARG requires no more maintenance than a bicycle.

Cheaper less time wasted: No gas, fewer spare parts, less time wasted servicing your bike, more time to ride.

MCN guide: choosing an electric dirt bike in the UK

While the motorcycle world at large is taking its time to warm to electric alternatives to petrol, there’s one category that’s embracing the tech with open arms in the UK: electric dirt bikes.

Lightweight, unlikely to break down, torquey and with barely any servicing to worry about, UK electric dirt bikes are fast becoming a genuine alternative to petrol models. This is especially the case at the intersection between electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric mopeds.

If you’re using your bike for competitions or on private land (with the owner’s permission) then you don’t need to worry about the legal side of things. But if you want to use your electric dirt bike on the road or public byways then there are a few things you need to know.

Electronically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs) can be ridden everywhere a bicycle can by anyone aged 14 or over without a licence as long as they adhere to the following rules.

  • An EAPC must have pedals that can be used to propel it.
  • It must show either the power output or the manufacturer of the motor.
  • It must also show either the battery’s voltage or the maximum speed of the bike.
  • Its electric motor must have a maximum power output of 250 watts and should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph.
  • An EAPC can have more than 2 wheels (for example, a tricycle).

Any electric bike that doesn’t meet the above rules counts as an electric motorcycle or electric moped and must be registered and taxed. You can only ride it on the road if you can the relevant licence and you must wear a helmet.

Road-legal electric dirt bikes for sale in the UK

Sur-ron L1E

A 50kg crossover between a bicycle and a motorcycle with 8bhp and 28lb.ft of torque on tap and a 60 mile range. Not to be confused with the cheaper and non-road-legal X model, the L1E costs £4995 and requires at least a CBT licence to ride.

Cake Kalk

The Kalk (Kalk And) is the first road-legal model from Swedish fans of awkward bike names, Cake. The bike weighs 69kg and has a power rating of 13.5bhp meaning a top speed of 56mph. It’s much costlier than the Sur-ron with a price tag of £12,500 and you’ll need at least a CBT to ride it.

Competition only electric dirt bikes

Stark VARG motocross racer

Meet the Stark VARG: An all-new electric motocross racer claiming to outperform its combustion-engined rivals in every way.

Developed over the last two years on the outskirts of Barcelona, the Stark VARG (‘strong wolf’ in Swedish) weighs a claimed 110kg ready to race, with a suggested power figure of circa 78.9bhp.

introducing, stark, varg, electric, dirt, bike

Said to be more powerful than its 450cc petrol-powered competition, the bike has been developed alongside Stark Future by former AMA Motocross Champion Sébastien Tortelli and AMA Supercross race winner Josh Hill.

This performance is then delivered in a range of customisable power settings, with maps to mimic a 125 two-stroke, up to a 650 four-stroke – controlled via a smartphone app, which also doubles up as a dashboard for the bike. There are over 100 riding modes in total.

Housing that motor is a lightweight chassis, which uses the unit as a stressed component and features a carbon fibre sub section to help keep the weight down.

Providing the energy is a compact sub-32kg 6kWh battery, which claims to offer both full Gran Prix intensity or up to six hours of gentle trail riding – a performance they claim is similar to a 450 four-stroke with a full tank of fuel. Expect between one and two hours to recharge it.

On top of that, other quality touches include Pirelli MX32 tyres and KYB suspension with 310mm of front and rear travel.

If you’re interested, the Stark VARG is available to order online now for €11,900 – around £10,170 to you and me. Visit


Ducati MIG-RR eMTB

Ducati paired up with eMTB specialists Thok to create the MIG-RR. Costing £5412, the MIG can be ridden anywhere a bicycle can with no licence requirement.

That’s because it’s an electric mountain bike rather than a dirt bike, but it’s still available to buy in the UK.

Stark Varg Dirt Bike – Sparking Next Level Performance

The Stark Varg dirt bike is an electric off-road motorcycle, that may be changing the game.

It is powerful, lightweight, and sustainable, making it a perfect choice for motocross and off-road riding. The Stark electric dirt bike has a long range and customizable ride modes, so you can customize it to suit your riding style and the terrain you are riding on. It is also priced competitively, making it a great value for the money. But there are bumps on the road to success.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Stark Varg dirt bike and everything it has to offer. We will discuss its features, performance, and price as well as compare it to other electric dirt bikes.

Keep reading to learn more about the Stark Varg dirt bike and see if it is the right electric dirt bike for you. We will tell you the expected Stark varg release date, technical specs and much more!

Table of Contents

Let’s begin!

Stark Varg Dirt Bike Explored

The Stark electric dirt bike is an impressive machine with powerful performance, long-range capabilities, and customizable ride modes.

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the technical specifications of this hyped electric dirt bike, including its electric motor, battery, range, top speed, weight, suspension, brakes, wheels, ride modes, charge time, and warranty.

Powerful, Lightweight, and Sustainable

The Stark Varg dirt bike is powered by a 7.5 kWh battery that produces 60 or 80 horsepower and 938 Nm of torque. This makes it one of the most powerful electric dirt bikes on the market.

The Varg is also very lightweight, weighing just 110 kg. This makes it easy to maneuver and control, even on rough terrain. In addition, the Varg is built with sustainability in mind. It is powered by a battery that is made from recycled materials, and it produces zero emissions.

It is a game-changer for motocross and off-road enthusiasts. With its powerful yet eco-friendly zero-emissions electric motor, the Stark Varg is a sustainable alternative to traditional gas-powered dirt bikes.

But sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing performance – it’s designed with a lightweight frame that maximizes power-to-weight ratio, providing riders with an exhilarating ride. Its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth ride, while its customizable ride modes allow riders to tailor their experience to their liking.

Perfect for Motocross and Off-Road Riding

The Stark Varg dirt bike is the perfect electric dirt bike for motocross and off-road riding, as well as enduro dirt biking. It has a long, 310 mm travel front suspension and 50mm rear linkage style shock, that can handle even the most challenging terrain.

Its lightweight and compact design allow for maximum maneuverability on any terrain, from dirt trails to rocky mountainsides. Although it is mainly built for motocross, buyers can select the 18″ rear wheel and a side stand to make it more trail friendly.

And with customizable ride modes, riders can adjust the bike’s performance to suit their individual riding style.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, this dirt bike provides a thrilling off-road experience that’s unmatched by traditional gas-powered dirt bikes.

Is Stark Varg Road Legal?

The Stark Varg is not road legal or street legal, which may be an issue for some riders. However, in many states in the U.S. you can add lights, turn signals, and other necessary controls to make it road legal with ease.

Most dirt bikes are not made for road or street riding simply because they are off-road dirt bikes. These accessories typically break easily and cause issues in off-roading and for these reasons the company has not made the Stark Varg street legal. However, this may change.

Explore more options for street legal dirt bikes in our recent post: Best street legal dirt bikes on the market.

Long Range and Customizable Ride Modes

The Stark Varg electric dirt bike has a long-range battery, allowing riders to explore the great outdoors for extended periods of time.

The bike is boasting a range of up to 6 hours on a single 1-2 hour charge. This means you can ride all day long without having to worry about running out of power. It also comes with a variety of ride modes that you can choose from. Additionally, it can be customized to suit your riding style and the terrain you are riding on. This makes it a great dirt bike option for both beginners and advanced riders.

The Stark electric dirt bike has 100 ride modes that you can customize to suit your riding style and the terrain you are riding on. With the onboard Android Stark phone you can customize the bike, adjust the power curve, engine braking, flywheel effect and traction control, to make the perfect bike for every rider and track.

Here are some of the most common ride modes:

  • Eco: This mode is designed for maximum range. It limits the power output of the motor and reduces the regenerative braking.
  • Street: This mode is designed for riding on paved roads. It provides a good balance of power and range.
  • Off-road: This mode is designed for riding off-road. It provides more power and torque, and it reduces the traction control.
  • Race: This mode is designed for racing. It provides maximum power and torque, and it disables the traction control.

Stark Varg Dirt Bike Price, Availability, and Warranty

The Stark Varg dirt bike is priced at 12,900 here in the USA. This is a significant investment, but it is comparable to the price of other high-end motocross bikes. The Varg is currently only available for pre-order. It is expected to be released in early 2023. The Varg comes with a two-year warranty on the frame and battery.

It is worth mentioning that buyers today should expect at least a year to get it delivered. They have also pushed back the release date several times, so risk of another delays is to be expected.

The dirt bike is competitively priced in comparison to other high-end electric dirt bikes, making it a realistic option for off-road enthusiasts.

You can now preorder yours online, however expect long wait times. Although it may require a larger upfront investment, the Stark Varg’s sustainable and high-performance features make it a worthwhile investment for any off-road enthusiast.

Is It Worth the Money?

When considering the purchase of an electric dirt bike, one of the biggest factors to consider is the cost. The Stark Varg dirt bike is certainly not the cheapest electric dirt bike on the market, but is it worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look at what it offers and whether it justifies the price tag.

First, it is a high-performance electric dirt bike that can compete with gas-powered bikes in terms of speed and power. It also has a long ride time of up to 6 hours on a single charge, making it a great option for extended off-road adventures. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced riders.

Another key feature is its sustainability. With zero emissions and a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with renewable energy sources, this dirt bike is an eco-friendly option for riders who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Of course, all of these features come at a cost. Priced higher than many other electric dirt bikes on the market, which may be a barrier for some riders. However, when you consider the performance, sustainability, and long-term cost savings of an electric bike, the investment may be worth it for those who are committed to this type of riding.

Ultimately, whether or not the Stark Varg dirt bike is worth the money depends on your individual needs and priorities as a rider. If you prioritize performance, sustainability, and range, and are willing to invest in a high-quality electric dirt bike, the Stark Varg may be the perfect choice for you.

Stark Varg Dirt Bike Review

Until the Stark electric dirt bike rolls out of the factory floor sometime in early 2024, we can only do tabletop reviews. Right now the Stark Varg release dates set to January 2024, which already has been pushed several times.

Here is how things look like glancing at the specs.

  • Powerful electric motor
  • Lightweight and agile
  • Sustainable design
  • Long range
  • Customizable ride modes
  • Powerful brakes
  • Expensive
  • Suspension
  • Not street legal
  • Limited availability (startup, long wait time, risk)
  • Better Options such as Surron X and Sur Ron Storm Bee

Stark Varg: The electric motorcycle unicorn rises

  • June 13, 2022
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  • 7 minute read
  • Nigel Morris

I must be excited about this new bike because it’s 5.30am on a very cold Saturday and I just have to tell you about the Stark Varg.

Who is Stark and what is a Varg?

Let’s unravel a few things first. Stark Future is a new manufacturer of electric motorcycles founded in 2019 in Sweden and headquartered out of Barcelona.

The company was founded by Anton Wass, who sold his share in a highly successful online motorcycle parts business some years ago and is allegedly the largest investor. Wass brought in CTO Paul Soucy and additional Swedish investors (Kichi Invest) and, by all accounts, Stark Future is well funded and almost ready to launch its first bike, the Varg.

Stark is Swedish for strong, and their first bike is called the Varg, which translates as wolf in Swedish.

Rising unicorn

I’ve been following the launch of this bike and company for some time, most notably because their performance, price and specification claims were so incredible I frankly doubted that this unicorn could rise – it was that impressive.

However, I happened to meet a fellow electric motorcyclist recently who personally knew a highly respected Australian journalist and motocross rider who attended a recent press launch for the company in Spain.

“The claims are all true, the bike is not only real, it’s mind blowingly good,” my new friend enthused, citing feedback from his source and explaining he has one on order.

And the reason I am sitting here typing is because this morning I woke to find new videos and press releases from that day where no less than fifty journalists and world class motocross riders spent two weeks flogging this unicorn for all it’s worth. They were universally impressed and full of adulation for the wolf.

Digging around, I can also see public claims that Stark Futures recently stated they had pre-sold more than 5,000 bikes by the beginning of February 2022 – which equates to roughly A95 million of final sales value and A0.5 million of deposits. I also note that Australia is in its top five markets, as far as interest goes.

While launch hype and deposits are very different to successfully taking on the global dirt bike industry with an all-new bike, it certainly looks like the Strong Wolf is off to a good start.

Designed for a purpose

Now let’s be clear, although in my head I still feel like a 19 year old who could jump a dirt bike meters into the air, or even handle flogging an 80Hp dirt bike senseless and flat out over a bumpy off-road circuit, I am in reality, no longer that young man on the outside. Let’s just say the memories and injuries from a 12 hour enduro race I once did linger; this bike would be wasted on me.

But I still fantasise about owning one.

You can read and configure all the specifications here, but in summary the Varg is a quite astonishing 110kg, 80Hp (59kW) and 938Nm of rear wheel torque electric motocross bike.

As an (inappropriate but relevant to me) comparison, my much beloved Harley Livewire is 250kg, 100hp (78kW) and 1125Nm of rear wheel torque and a more suitable comparison the 2021 KTM 450 is 111kg and 63Hp.

This is where the Varg is precision focused as a dirt bike with an outstanding power to weight ratio of 0.536 kW/kg (0.326 HP/lb). On paper this means the Varg has a power to weight ratio of 1.88 – meaning it has 1kW of power for every 1.88kg of weight versus for example the 2021 KTM 450 at 2.33:1. For its intended design brief (super snappy, hard hitting launches off big jumps) it’s extremely impressive.

introducing, stark, varg, electric, dirt, bike

Battery and motor specifications

The all-important battery is a 6kWh pack housed in an extremely cool, form functional magnesium case rated at IP69, so rounding up your cattle through raging torrents should not be a problem. It has a really intelligent looking design that embeds the cylindrical cells into each side of the cases for mechanical robustness and good heat dissipation – critical on the passively cooled pack.

It also has a unique V shaped housing which allows for a really low weight distribution but also uses as much chassis space as possible to jam our all-important little lithium buddies into.

Varg claims this provides enough range for riders to “complete a full MXGP heat or up to 6 hours of trail riding.” Now ,of course, range claims are all-important in the word of electric vehicles but in fairness the Varg’s mileage doesn’t matter as much – I think their claims fit the design brief just fine.

With a 6kWh battery in a 110kg bike you could probably expect around 50-75kms at speed, but of course you are sitting very high up on energy sapping knobby tyres so it’s not really the point.

This bike is about big air, point and squirt, wheelie inducing good times that will exhaust the fittest of humans in no time, not Hyper-miling efficiency tests.

Varg also claims to have developed an all-new high power and super compact inverter/controller, “the world’s smallest inverter for 50-100kW power range;” which in their images at least looks incredibly small.

They talk a lot about their original dream of overcoming all the inherent limitations of existing EV equipment – and this is a big one which I hope flows into the rest of the electric motorcycling world soon.

The inverter controller is integrated into the motor drive housing and shares the same cooling system. This also enabled them to work on the critical challenge of reducing component count for simplicity and is further enhanced by the motor, controller and gear reduction system forming an integral part of the chassis, further reducing weight.

The motor features a carbon wrap for higher performance via increased rpm capability, less inertial weight and better thermal performance and weighs a mere 9kg.

This is clearly a trend that we will see more and more of in electric motorcycles and follows the outstanding work by Energica, MotoE and a handful of other high performance manufacturers that we are seeing.

The spelet förändras Varg

“Game changing” is the only way to describe the promise of the Varg, quite simply because it is the very latest, highest specification all electric dirt bike the world has seen yet.

However, I am equally impressed by the stunning attention to innovating the way the bikes are designed, with efficiency, performance and optimisation in liberal doses, as the company’s very detailed video library will show you.

Anyone who knows motorcycles and has played with dirt bikes, particularly, will appreciate their attention to detail on solving small but important issues, which is insanely good. Here are just a few examples:

Chain “click adjuster” – Anyone who has grappled with motorcycle wheel alignment will love this feature and it completely removes the need for time consuming and fiddly manual alignment. They also reinvented the axle nut so it is protected from damage.

The lightest, strongest foot pegs on the planet – In the performance world grams count so hell yes I need these made of an exotic stainless blend. Even better, they can be quickly replaced without tools.

Shock absorbing bash plate – How about we completely eliminate your lower sub frame and protect your valuable battery with an intelligent shock absorbing, floating foam/plastic bash plate? Bring me that log jump!

Dash-be-gone – In yet another elegant step, Stark eliminated the dashboard and replaced it with a shock and waterproof housing for a digital phone, accompanied by an extremely detailed looking app allowing up to 100 ride modes (!) and providing OTA connectivity all in one. Oh, and it’s removable with a single button push.

Carbon fibre cooling tunnel – The bike features a carbon fibre front support which doubles as the air duct to direct cooling air to the under seat mounted radiator and battery housing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want carbon fibre bling and to be able to say they have a “cooling tunnel”.

Super light everything – Everything from the wheel hubs to the chassis uses the best light weight but super strong materials in a combination of chrome moly steel and forged aluminium helping them deliver the lightest motocross chassis in the world at just 6kg. When you drop it on yourself being a motocross action Hero, your buddies can lift it off you using the forged and machined integrated grab handles.

30 second tear down – The bodywork features a 15% weight reduction through internal hexagonal patterning and can be removed with 5 screws in 30 seconds. Handy.


Stark have already received tens of thousands of pre-orders and although you can place an order now, at this stage it appears that you’ll be waiting until late 2023 to see your bike. The web page currently lists them starting at A18,200 and I got to around A19,500 with all the add-on’s.

I note that Stark lists no less than 12 dealers in Australia already, testament to the interest. Orders and configuration can all be done online, with a decent selection of customisation available (eg wheel size, shock spring weight, 60Hp or 80Hp motor, hand or foot brake, colours etc).

Time will tell whether Stark can overcome the global supply chain challenges that most manufacturers are currently suffering and, whether the bike can reliably deliver on its promises when wannabebutnot19yearoldplumpoldguys put the Varg through the ultimate test. But if their attention to detail is anything to go by we could be in for some very exciting and very dirty times ahead.

Now, where’s my Golden Breed Mr Motocross T shirt ….

Check out our Models pages for news and analysis, reviews and road trips on this and all EV models currently or soon to be available in Australia.

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