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Kaabo Mantis Pro Review | Impressive But With Some Red Flags

Are you a big fan of high-performance e-scooters — like the Wolf Warrior 11 and the DualTron ||| — but consider their price and weight ranges a massive turnoff when selecting the best electric scooter for your needs?

The good thing is you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice the thrill of brain-melting speeds, conquering steep hills, and powerful vibrations for convenience and affordability.

Enter the Kaabo Mantis Pro!

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is a portable high-performance (65lbs/30Kg) e-scooter with dual 1000W motors that deliver up to 3200W at peak power.

Accelerating from 0 – 15mph in 2 seconds (which is just 0.1 second slower than the Wolf warrior’s 1.9 seconds), the Mantis Pro’s speed features make it stand out as a viable competitor to higher-powered (5400W) E-scooters.

Specifications Of The Kaabo Mantis Pro

40 miles (64km) in Eco mode.

Full hydraulic disc brakes.

Features Of The Kaabo Mantis Pro

1) Coil Spring Suspension System

Because of their design, coil-spring suspension systems can soak up more shock than typical shock absorbers.

This is because the active coil is able to absorb and store energy from the bumps before transferring it to the dampener to dissipate. Resulting in very little of the energy (from the bump) being transferred to the rider.

This shock mitigation system facilitates a smooth riding experience for riders even at high speeds above 30mph. It also ensures riders can maintain complete control (and balance) of their e-scooter when they jump on — or with — their scooters.

2) Light But Durable Frame

I don’t know how, but Kaabo was able to optimize all that beastly power into a 65lbs (30kg) frame.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro, when compared with other high-performance electric scooters in its class, is actually lightweight.

The table below better illustrates the weight difference between the Kaabo Mantis Pro and other high-powered e-scooters.

Scooter Name

Scooter’s Peak Power

Scooter Weight

The Mantis is not lightweight enough to be considered a commuter e-scooter — even Hafthor Bjornsson won’t be comfortable carrying 60lbs (30kg) in between commutes.

However, if you’re in the market for an extreme electric scooter that won’t hurt your back every time you try to lift it, you might want to consider the Kaabo Mantis pro as it offers a reasonable performance-to-weight ratio compared to other beasts.

Testing Evaluation

Tested against similar models within the same category

Main Features:

3) Minimotors EY3 Display

The Minimotors EY3 display gives you full control of your Kaabo Mantis pro by taking the guesswork out of riding.

Ensuring riders can see what’s being displayed on the screen even in daylight (with adjustable brightness settings), the Minimotors EY3 displays your current speed, battery power (not just in blocks or bars but a battery percentage to complement), battery volts, power mode, etc.

It also lets riders toggle between power modes — 1,2, and 3 with 1 being the most conservative and 3 being the most assertive.

The Minimotors EY3 display is like the Kaabo Mantis Pro’s infinity gauntlet. When wielded properly, riders can easily switch between power modes — ECO/single motor mode when you want to cover more distance and Turbo/Dual motor mode when you want to travel at insane speeds.

Pros of the Kaabo Mantis Pro

1) It Is a Portable High-performance E-scooter

As I mentioned earlier, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is lighter than other high-performance scooters of the same class — in fact, it could be the lightest 40mph(64km/h) electric scooter.

Its folding mechanism is straightforward. Since carrying a folded e-scooter with one stem is more practical than carrying one with a split stem (like the Wolf Warrior 11), riders might find conveying the Mantis a bit more convenient than carrying split-stem high-performance e-scooters.

2) Excellent Ride Quality

The Kaabo Mantis pro promotes a smooth riding experience thanks to its bouncy spring suspension system and 10-inch pneumatic tires.

For slightly heavier riders looking for an e-scooter that can hold up their weight without slowing down a considerable bit, you might want to take this beast out for a spin.

Real-world tests record that the Mantis Pro attained speeds of 37mph (60km/h) when it was ridden by a 235lbs (106.5kg) rider. So, if you are worried that your weight could influence this e-scooter’s performance, tell that to its dual 1000W motors.

Cons Of The Kaabo Mantis Pro

1) The Kaabo Mantis Pro Has a History of Wobbly Stems

A few riders complained that after riding a few miles on the Mantis, they noticed the stem started to wobble. This happens when the stem’s bolt gets loosened as the e-scooter is being ridden.

If eventually you purchase the Kaabo Mantis Pro and experience such problems, it’s best you stop riding as a wobbly stem might result in the rider losing control of the scooter.

It’s worth noting however that this isn’t a general flaw as not all users have encountered this issue while riding their Mantis.

But to be on the safer side, Fluidfreeride has put together a video on how to stop the stem’s bolt from loosening due to vibrations from riding.

2) It Doesn’t Come With Bright Headlights

Its front-facing lights — located on the deck — are not bright enough to illuminate your path at night. They only extend a few feet ahead of the rider.

This makes riding at night very dangerous as riders are unable to see objects in front of them before coming within close range of these objects — or people. Giving the driver less time to react — brake or swerve, maybe even both — resulting in a collision that may lead to serious injury.

Installing additional lights somewhere around the stem or handlebar will solve this problem as the light beams will illuminate the path ahead.


Who’s the Kaabo Mantis pro for?

If you’re a speed junkie, I’m guessing the Mantis’ impressive 0–15 mph in 2 seconds speaks to you just as much as its 40mph top speed does.

Its beastly 3200W power and 30° hill-climbing ability might also appeal to off-road riders.

Who’s the Kaabo Mantis Pro Isn’t for?

It might be a lighter scooter when compared to other high-performance e-scooters, but it’s not light enough to be considered the best commuter scooter out there.

Trust me, you don’t want to haul 30kg in-between commutes.

Is Kaabo Mantis 8 Best E-scooter under 1200?

Picking the best electric scooter under 1200 is really not an easy task.

You may find so many amazing e-scooters in this range, such as a well-balanced model fit for the majority of people, or some special scooters designed for your specialized need.

However, after experiencing Kaabo Mantis 8, I finally found my answer Mantis 8 can meet almost all your requirements for electric scooters with only 1000 dollar.

This post contains affiliate links. We’re an Amazon affiliate. That means that we get small commissions for some items you buy through links in this post. And you don’t get higher expenses that way.

I would like to introduce Kaabo Mantis 8 from the following 5 aspects based on my personal experience.

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The Motor of Kaabo Mantis 8

It is not easy to find a suitable description to the power of Mantis 8. Different from the ordinary 1000W single motor electric scooter, the dual 500-watt motors are very powerful and get me moving quickly.

You can even feel the power coming from the whole body. I believe the power of Mantis 8 is also enough to cope with some basic off-road needs.

However, the top speed of 25 mph is fast enough to feel excited but not kill yourself. I believe relaxed and comfortable should be the most intuitive experience of Mantis 8 for me.


Kaabo officially claims that the biggest strong point of the Kaabo Mantis 8 is its excellent stability. After riding, I probably got this point.

The disk brakes are adequate for the speed and weight of the scooter, although I will probably upgrade to hydraulic eventually. The suspension is awesome.

Not too soft and not too hard. Just right for NYC streets. The scooter was delivered faster than I expected and arrived in perfect condition.

46.8 Inches High. 45.6 Inches Long

23.6 Inches High. 45.6 Inches Long

Kaabo Mantis 8 Tires

Like its name, the Mantis 8 has eight-inch tubeless tires, which means it has greater puncture resistance as well as abrasion resistance, and with the dual front and rear motors, it will, in theory, wear out much more slowly than normal tires.

And I really like the tire and body design of this e-scooter, which makes it look very symmetrical.

Remember to air up your tires to the proper pressure to ensure a smooth ride and no flats. Tire slime is highly recommended to prevent flats.

Various Mode

Another part of this one that interests me most is its three-mode switching function.

In addition to traditional single and dual motor mode switching, the Kaabo Mantis 8 is designed with a special eco turbo mode for both single and dual motor situation, different power and voltage allow Mantis 8 to adapt to different scenario needs.

Load-bearing Capacity

As the lightest weight in the 1000W motor, Kaabo Mantis 8 claims to be able to carry up to 264 pounds.

The majority of the scooters you may see in this price range will certainly have been designed for smaller sized riders.

In fact, the range tests produced by manufacturers are generally made with riders that weigh 100-170 lbs. (45-77 kg).

So if you’re a heavier guy, the Mantis 8 will be your best choice at this price category.

People Don’t Like

Like other electric scooters with eight-inch tires, in some extremely rough off-road conditions, the Mantis 8 will be unavoidably bumpy.

But we have to remember that Mantis 8 is not designed for off-road but for daily commuting.

If you are a veteran off-road enthusiast, I highly recommend you consider the Mantis 10, which is a complete upgrade on the Mantis 8 configuration.

FAQs about Kaabo Mantis 8

Can you ride Kaabo Mantis 8 in the wet weather (snow and rain)?

Kaabo USA recommends all riders avoid riding in wet conditions. Learn more about how to ride electric scooter in rain here.

Can you ride a Kaabo Mantis off-road?

The Kaabo Mantis 8 is not built for off-road use. This one is good enough for light trail riding. However, they do not recommend riding it in heavy off-road conditions.

Can you ride Mantis 8 with a passenger?

It is doable, but you need to know that that is not legal in the United States.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Review

The electric scooter industry is filled with some exciting makes with power-packed features. Kaabo Mantis scooters are known for delivering superior performance in both urban streets and off-road paths. With the combination of reliable flexibility and incredible acceleration, you would surely love the ride.

Kaabo Mantis Pro scooter is the advanced version of the base model Kaabo Mantis. Similarly to 17.5 amp-hour base make, the scooter is available with a 1000-watt dual electric motor, best build-quality – all these packed in 64 lbs (29 kg) package.

However, with the pro, you also get hydraulic zoom disc brakes, Minimotors EYE throttle, a large battery, and also a lot more powerful controllers. This is probably the best scooter available within 64 lbs (29 kg) that has been tested and delivers 33.7 miles (54.3 kilometers) of urban maxed-out commuting, based on real-world range tests.

Let’s dig deeper and find out what Kaabo Mantis Pro really is about!

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  • Kaabo Mantis Pro Specs
  • Electronics
  • Features
  • Motor, Speed, and Acceleration
  • Battery and Range
  • Brakes and Tires
  • Suspension
  • Portability
  • Lights
  • Riding quality
  • The cockpit of Kaabo Mantis Pro
  • What can be improved on Kaabo Mantis Pro?
  • Other Electric Scooters to Consider?
  • Kaabo Mantis vs Zero 10x
  • Conclusion

Kaabo Mantis Pro Specs


MSRP: from 1,699

See Availability at VoromotorsGET 7% OFF with a Coupon Code EWHEELERS

Motor, Speed, and Acceleration

The 60V BLDC dual 1000-watt motor system is among the most impressive aspects of Kaabo Mantis. With the switch nearby the “cockpit”, you’re quickly able to toggle between the use of one or two motors. The motor has a total of 2000W mean power. You’ll surely feel it!

In many acceleration tests, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is a land rocket. It can accelerate to 15 mph (24 km/h) within 2.0 seconds, and to 20 mph (32 km/h) within 2.8 seconds. It reaches a top speed of up to 35 mph (56 km/h) within just 9.3 seconds.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro has large 10 inches (25.4 cm) inner tube pneumatic tires with rounded profiles for a smooth and performance packed ride. With these tires the ride quality becomes great and the scooter feels a lot more responsive and agile.

The tires get mounted on the split rim, which is a great bonus. With split rim, inner tube replacement and changing tires becomes easier compared to scooters having solid rims.


One thing that most people remain excited about Kaabo Mantis remains to be the spring suspension with dual coil. With it, you feel like you’re hovering above the ground. Even the worst road conditions can feel insanely smooth because of dual spring arms.

Although the scooter is designed for urban use, it is quite capable of also going off-road. The suspension system lets you ride smoothly on dirt, gravel, and grass on both sunny and rainy days as well.


Kaabo Mantis Pro features inbuilt lights like the white side deck lights, rear, and front-mounted LED deck lights.

As all lights have been mounted very low, they don’t project at farther distances. You’ll be completely visible to anyone on the road but would have a hard time while seeing the way ahead. It is recommended to have an additional high-mounted bicycle taillight and headlight to ride safely at nighttime.

Riding quality

Overall we can say that the Mantis Pro has performed excellently in the ride quality aspect, due to having best-in-class suspension along with 10 inches large pneumatic tires.

A quite sizeable deck, which is 20.3 inches long and 8.3 inches wide (51.5 x 21 cm), makes standing on it very comfortable. The deck has been covered in a rubber emblemized mat with a grip on shoes in wet or dry conditions. Also, it covers screw holes and seams in the deck plate top.

The standout suspension is made up of springs in both the rear and front. Also, the suspension preload is adjustable. With it, the suspension remains adaptable for different weight riders. Also, it ensures that you’re staying in the suspension’s sweet spot.

Despite some weight, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is a highly agile scooter. It offers a stable suspension with tires of a rounded profile. The stock tires have a tread pattern that is grippy and smooth. However, the scooter is quite powerful for seriously burning rubber while launching from a standstill.

The cockpit of Kaabo Mantis Pro

The Mantis is fitted with a simple-style cockpit having relatively wide bicycle-style handlebars with Minimotors trigger-style throttle. The cockpit is available with buttons to control the motor mode (dual or single) and power (faster or eco turbo mode).

Trigger-style Minimotors throttle becomes ubiquitous on high-performance scooters is uncomfortable to have prolonged usage.

Throttle trigger has been built in an LED information display which is quite bright enough for reading in entire sunlight with green backlighting to have night riding. A lot of P-settings get tuned through clicking power and mode buttons.

On the display, you’re always able to notice the current speed, gear, and battery level. The throttle, level of acceleration, top speed, and various other things can be customized.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro offers customization for the speed limit. Unlike the base model, Pro-version has a Minimotors Eye display which has been a major upgrade.

Other Electric Scooters to Consider?


The Mantis Pro from Kaabo is packed with high power and great range into a manageable 64 lbs (29 kg) package. The acceleration, ride quality and handling have been loved by a lot of riders.

Overall, this is the finest available electric scooter that you can try as not only it is comparatively faster than others but it also has a great range.

The Mantis Pro thrashes a lot of scooters in its segment with its fine detailing, superior built quality along customization options through Minimotors display. Even at the listed price range.

If you’re quite serious about having a proper electric scooter and you wish to pay a little extra, you can get your hands on Kaabo Mantis Pro. Users ride it on a daily basis and absolutely never get tired of loving it.

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