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I had no idea the headlight had an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. Neat, and nice to see you implement innovative features like this that are following what your users (like me) are doing Tora! Any chance we’ll get an updated/revised Hyper Scorpion this year. I’d happily jump into a FOCUS group and share my insights and experience using the OG HS since launch if it meant helping improve that product, just sayin’.

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Here is a detailed look at our new RipRacer E-bike! Pre-orders start on Black Friday! https://lnkd.in/gFwSz_dd


Congrats to the Juiced Team!

hyperscrambler, electric, bike, theverge

We are incredibly honored to be named 2021 Black-Owned Business of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal and the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to all of our amazing San Diego employees, agencies, and partners for your ongoing contributions to our success. #blackbusinessmatters #thankyou https://lnkd.in/gHZKZE4

The Juiced HyperScorpion voted the e-bike of the year! https://lnkd.in/g7vWnFt

Electrek’s ebike of the year is the Juiced HyperScorpion. Electrek

Well that was totally random. #notsponsored #e-bike #juicedbikes

The All New Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2! https://lnkd.in/gi5EzGt The totally new HyperScrambler 2, with DUAL BATTERY CAPACITY, delivers unparalleled riding range, extreme speed and power, and loads of upgraded e-bike components. Never again ride with range anxiety and underwhelming pedal power. FIND OUT MORE: https://lnkd.in/gru8Dkj PRE-ORDERS BEGIN: 9/23/20 Key features include: 1,000W Bafang Motor 30 MPH Top Speed Dual 52V/19.2Ah Battery Capacity (38.4Ah) 100 Mile Range Dual Suspension Torque and Cadence Pedal Sensors Front Rear Turn Signals Integrated Brake Light Puncture-Resistant Tires Moto-Style Headlight Dual Rear View Mirrors Alarm System USB Port Horn

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Here is a very detailed overview of the new HyperScorpion! Enjoy! #ebike #ebikes #moped #micromobility https://lnkd.in/gBk85Xh

Juiced HyperScorpion. A Closer Look

https://lnkd.in/gYsn9TA The first HyperScorpion production e-bikes are complete! Check out some of our performance testing and my very comprehensive test ride: We spent the last week finalizing the HyperScorpion motor controllers and then moved into assembly and production. With the first few production units, we completed extensive performance testing, and test riding, to ensure every component lived up to our expectations. We are now finishing production on the first batch of Hypers and on schedule to ship later this week. Shipments to early Indiegogo backers will begin in June and continue throughout July. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the performance of the HyperScorpion, and can’t wait for all of you to start riding your own Hypers. It’s been a long road, with some unexpected delays along the way, but the finished product will absolutely set a totally new standard in the pedal-assist e-bike market. When you ride your new HyperScorpion, I’m confident you’ll agree that it was very much worth the wait! A huge thank you to all of our early backers for helping make the Scorpion and HyperScorpion a reality. We’re incredibly grateful for your loyalty and support. https://lnkd.in/g9GvGvh


Who said the thrill of Juiced Bikes can only be enjoyed by humans? Certainly not Jeff Schildgen! The crafty San Diego resident added a sleek black crate to the back of his HyperScorpion Express so his canine companion can embark on exciting excursions to beaches, parks, and more. A bright yellow Scorpion draws plenty of admiring glances from people, but Jeff punched up the curb appeal by adding decals to his bike frame to create a unique caution tape aesthetic.

hyperscrambler, electric, bike, theverge

Macho Machine

Some say love knows no borders — and this is definitely the case with Luke McKinna, who had his HyperScorpion shipped thousands of miles from the U.S. all the way to Scotland! Leaving the exceptional mechanical components of his Scorpion stock, Luke instead elevated the aesthetics and functionality with a few eye-catching enhancements. A custom-fabricated lighting faring evokes motorcycle vibes and really complements the Scorpion’s moped-inspired styling. McKinna also upgraded his Juiced bike with a bespoke passenger seat and backrest to let his buddies come along for joy rides around his neighborhood. Setting off the whole package are tan wall tires that, in our humble opinion, really lend Luke’s bike a timeless look.

Than Meets the Eye

San Diego Juiced rider Arnell Gallardo has really outdone himself with all the awesome mods he’s added to his HyperScrambler 2. At first glance, you may just spot the front shock with gold vinyl-wrapped upper and modified mirrors. But look a little closer, and you may catch the handlebar-mounted Bluetooth speaker, headlight grill cover, custom carbon fiber vinyl-wrapped plexiglass covers, and folding pegs. The lengthy list of upgrades doesn’t stop there, though — Arnell lowered the rear of his Juiced bike with a 9.25-inch air gas shock with reservoi r, and added trick lighting like a yellow fog light, strobe/steady white led cube pods, and LED lighting under the top tube. We love the subtlety of Arnell’s modifications and think it’s the perfect blend of form and function.

Juiced Scrambler Review

Juiced Bikes‘ Scrambler moped-style e-Bike comes in two distinct styles, the Juiced Camp Scrambler and the Juiced City Scrambler.

The Camp Scrambler comes with k nobby tires and regular spoked wheels for extra traction, durability, and performance off-road. On the other hand. the City Scrambler comes with Mag wheels and urban tires for less demanding city riding.

Aside from that, both versions of the Scrambler e-bike are the same and perform great in diverse scenarios thanks to powerful electronics, hydraulic disc brakes, and a rear rack designed to have the carrying capacity for an extra person.

Juiced Scrambler Review

Available in mag wheels for city riding (20×4″) and spoked wheels for trail rides (20×4.25″)

  • Price: 450,799
  • 28mph / 750W Bafang rear hub motor,Class 3 eBike
  • Battery – 52V 13Ah – 676Wh,Availability to upgrade for a 19.2Ah (1,000Wh)
  • Cadence Pedal Sensor Throttle Assist
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Fits riders:5’7″ taller


  • Two models to choose from depending on your riding style
  • Hydraulic lockout suspension fork
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • High 1300W peak power
  • 1,050 lumen LED headlight
  • Two passenger capacity
  • Versatile and comfortable fat tires on both models


  • Low weight capacity of 275lbs despite an extra passenger seat
  • 78lbs weight is very high for the Camp Scrambler electric bike
  • Minimal 7-speed gearing is low for off-roading
  • Not very comfortable for riders over 6ft tall


The Juiced Scrambler is, without a doubt, a good deal at 450,799. It has a respectable range, a high-powered motor, comfortable components and geometry, and other helpful additions such as a headlight and space for an extra passenger. Additionally, we like that this bike comes in different styles depending on how you want to ride.

Although the bike itself is pretty heavy and has limited rider height compatibility, you will surely enjoy riding it for its unique design and excellent value if you look past those small details.

Hyper Scrambler 2 Review

Dual Suspension / Dual Battery / Moped-style e-bike

A moped-style long-range 20″ wheel eBike – Dual-battery – 2,000Wh

  • MSRP: 5000,999 – 3,499
  • 30mph / 1,000W Bafang,Class 4 eBike
  • Dual Battery Capacity – 52V 19.2Ah
  • Cadence and Torque Sensor Throttle Assist
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Fits riders:5’7″ taller


  • Passenger seat-ready
  • Full suspension
  • High max assisted speed of over 30mph
  • Huge 100 mile range with dual batteries
  • 2,000-lumen headlight
  • 4.25″ puncture-resistant fat tires
  • USB charging
  • Cadence and torque-sensing motor


  • This bike is hefty with two batteries at 119lbs (96lbs without)
  • Class 4 e-bikes must be licensed to use on the road
  • Basic control panel
  • You cannot adjust the seat
  • Hydraulic disc brake rotors are slightly undersized for the power (180mm)


In the Hyper Scrambler bike, Juiced has made an incredibly powerful and fun moped-style e-bike that is inexpensive and versatile enough to use in many scenarios. In addition, thanks to the extra passenger seat space, you can share the enjoyment with a friend or family member.

Because of the low carrying capacity of 275lbs and the limited seat adjustment, we feel some minor adjustments could make this bike even better.

However, long-range, smooth and high-power, comfortable full suspension, and all bells and whistles for safety and convenience mean this bike is a joy to use for any (licensed) rider.

Street-Legal Moped Features

  • Bright headlight
  • Turn signals
  • Horn
  • Brake Light Turn Signals
  • Mirrors

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