How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike? – Detailed Guide. Haze electric bike

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike? – Detailed Guide

Electric bicycles normally come with a speed limiter. It is a helpful device to ensure that the bike does not accelerate more than the allowable speed. A speed limiter also guarantees safety while you are on highways or busy roads.

However, it can reduce the motor’s speed and limit it from reaching its maximum performance. So to fully enjoy the bicycle’s full speed capacity, many people would rather remove the speed limiter.

How to remove speed limiter on electric bike? Read this guide to find the step-by-step process:

Things You Need for This Tutorial

This may sound like a complicated process, but you only need some tech skills for electric bike speed limiter removal. If you prefer the easiest method, you will need to purchase an electric bike tool kit.

Methods of Removing Speed Limiter on Electric Bikes

How do you override the speed limit on an e-bike?

There are different ways to override the speed limiter on your bike. You can remove it by taking off the limiting wire, using a special e-bike tool kit, or handling it manually. Here in this guide, we will show you all the methods to modify your equipment:

Process 1: Removing the bicycle limiting wire

The first process is probably the easiest way to remove the speed limiter on your bike. If your electric bike has limiting wire installed, you just have to remove the e-bike speed limiter wire from your equipment and follow the instructions below:

  • You have to locate the limited wire installed on your bicycle. It is usually found at the controller and normally comes as a single wire.
  • Then, since it is attached to the connector, you can simply take it off.
  • After removing the wire, your bicycle now lacks the e bike speed limit, and you are free to enjoy its full speed.

Process 2: Derestricting bicycle with the use of manual tuning

This process to derestrict an electric bike is also called the By-Hand Method. You can do this manually by hand without any extra bike tool or tool kit. It is cheap but effective in removing the speed limiter on your bike.

Understand some technical terms before you move forward:

Working on the sensor

The sensor monitors and reads the behavior of your bike. It sends data to a computer unit that analyzes the input, and comes up with the proper output needed by your bike motor.

Modifying the sensor is one of the critical ways of taking off your speed limiter. It is usually found at the base of the bike frame, and it directly works with the magnet. The magnetic device works side by side with the sensor, too.

With the use of the magnetic device, you can make your bicycle faster. You can relocate the device away from the bicycle wheel. In this way, the controller will notice a lower frequency and signal that you are using the bicycle at a lower speed.

In turn, the controller will prompt the engine and the speed limiter to move at a faster pace. But this ebike speed limit hack should be done properly, following the guide below:

  • Locate the magnetic device and sensor on your bike. Remove them from their respective locations and find another place to re-position them.
  • The best place to relocate the magnet is the pedal bracket of your electric bike. Once you move the magnetic device, proceed to the sensor.
  • the sensor near the magnetic device. Make sure that the sensor is facing the magnet.
  • By this time, your bike is derestricted, and you will that the bike speeds up upon using it.

Process 3: Use of e-bike tools

Since plenty of bikers are complaining about speed limiters, manufacturers came up with e-bike kits to help cyclists manipulate the speed. Compared to the first two methods mentioned, this process can cause you money.

You need to buy an e-bike tool kit that will help you modify the speed rate of your bike and distort the speed data on the equipment. There are two kits available in the market:

You should know which tool kit to purchase. For instance, the tool kit on electric bike Bosch is one of the most commonly used kits available in the market today. It is compatible with most e-bike brands.

The first tool kit type does not require you to disassemble the circuit of your bike. The kit comes with switches that can easily be activated and deactivated by pressing the keypad’s lighting button

Using the type I tool, it is important that you remove the battery of the bike.

Compared to the first type, the second type of tuning kit is more convenient to use. You do not need to disassemble any circuit from your bike. You only need to attach a part of the kit to the sensor of the electric bike.

Once it is fully intact with the sensor, the device will already work its wonders. You have instantly removed the speed limiter on your bike, and you can now ride at the fastest speed.

If Type II did not work immediately, be reminded that some kits only get activated once you are riding on the bike and reach the maximum speed.


The speed limiter can be part of an electric bike’s safety features, but to adrenaline junkies who ride at top speed, it can be too restricting. Bikers who are used to enjoying the rush of cycling at maximum speed will want to know how to remove speed limiter on electric bike without causing any damage. You just need to follow the guide and enjoy your bike’s optimum speed.

Jetson Bolt Pro Review: The Perfect Bike for Urban Riders? (2023)

Can the Jetson Bolt Pro convince commuters to make the switch to e-bikes? This compact e-bike gets you to work or school sweat-free and is small enough to carry into the office. The 350-watt motor and innovative folding design could be the solution urban riders seek, and the competitive price is perfect for tight budgets.

The Bolt Pro’s affordable price tag is unbeatable, but is the deal too good to be true? In this article, I summarize the Bolt Pro’s specifications, give specific ratings, and discuss possible alternative e-bikes. Keep reading to know my thoughts on the Jetson Bolt Pro and its performance on the city streets.

  • What Type of Bike is the Jetson Bolt Pro?
  • Jetson Bolt Pro Specs at a Glance
  • Is Jetson a Good Brand?
  • Performance Rating 6/10
  • Foldability Rating 8/10
  • Key Features
  • Frame 3/5
  • Motor 4/5
  • Battery and Range 3/5
  • Brakes 5/5
  • Jetson Bolt Pro Full Specs
  • Overall Impression 7/10
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • How the Jetson Bolt Pro Stacks Up
  • Similar Models to the Jetson Bolt Pro
  • Aventon Sinch Foldable Ebike
  • RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Bike is the Jetson Bolt Pro?

The Jetson Bolt Pro is a compact e-bike designed for city use. While it’s technically a folding e-bike, only the steer tube folds down rather than the traditional double-fold system where the frame folds in half. A 350-watt rear hub motor tops out at 15.5 mph with throttle or pedal assist modes.

The Pro model is an upgraded Jetson Bolt electric bike with a 250-watt motor and the same top speed. The standard Bolt doesn’t have pedals and only runs via the twist throttle for pedal-free cruising. The Jetson Bolt Pro has a retail cost of 599.99 but is currently on sale for 499.99 on Jetson’s website. This falls well under a grand; riders can see our list of the best e-bikes under 1,000.

Check out this hands-on review video to see the Jetson Bolt Pro in action.

Is Jetson a Good Brand?

Jetson is a lesser-known brand in the e-bike industry, but what they lack in name recognition, they make up for in their variety of electric mobility products. The brand also specializes in electric scooters, hoverboards, and products for kids. Jetson offers the Bolt and Bolt Pro foldable e-bikes and full-sized electric bikes designed for urban use.

The emobility brand made a splash because their Jetson electric bikes ended up in Costco, the huge wholesale retailer with stores all across the US. This introduced the Bolt Pro folding electric bike to millions of shoppers where they could check out the bike in person and purchase it at a discount— the Costco in-store price for the bike was around 349-375 instead of the 599 retail price on the Jetson website.

Jetson is currently offering the Bolt Pro for 499 online, so customers can snag a deal while the sale lasts. Recent articles and user reviews have reported that Costco is now Jetson Haze Electric Bike model instead of the Bolt Pro. Compared to the cheaper Bolt Pro, the Haze is a fully-foldable Jetson bike with larger 16” wheels and a removable battery but it currently costs 549.99. Considering how much electric bikes cost, both models are a convincing deal.

Performance Rating 6/10

The Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike is designed for cruising through the city streets, and it does a decent job for such an affordable and compact e-bike. I don’t expect tons of power or breakneck pace, but the 350-watt motor provides sufficient speed on commutes and quick errands. The standard Bolt has a 250-watt rear hub motor, and Jetson did well to upgrade the motor on the Pro version.

The listed top speed is 15.5 mph, which is usually achievable. However, the suggested 30-mile range is overestimated, so riders can expect less distance on a single charge. If you only go on short trips or can easily recharge at your office, that range should be fine for most days.

If you’re looking for an electric tricycle, check out our list of the best three-wheeled e-bikes.

Foldability Rating 8/10

This section could also be called the Ease-of-Use rating since it also includes how easy the Bolt Pro is to assemble, carry by hand, and transport. Almost all user reviews report that the Bolt Pro is a piece of cake to assemble and only requires two tools included in the box, typically taking only around 15 minutes.

The Bolt Pro’s foldability is unique because it only collapses at the handlebars— riders can also lower the seat to make it even more compact. I think this semi-fold design is a benefit because traditional frame-folding bikes can be difficult to use and make riders never actually take full advantage of the complete foldability. The extra-small 14” wheels help the silhouette remain compact.

My favorite feature is probably the integrated handle between the batter and the top tube. It’s placed around the bike’s center of gravity so it can be carried with one hand with proper balance— that said, the bike still weighs a hefty 42 lbs. that’s lighter than other full-sized e-bikes but will still be a challenge to haul upstairs.

Key Features

Frame 3/5

The Jetson Bolt has a steel alloy frame that surrounds the battery and can fold at the steerer tube. Available in only one size, the Bolt Pro is a compact e-bike that best fits smaller or shorter riders. Tall riders will find that the seat can’t be raised high enough, and their knees must bend a lot while pedaling.

Another detail I noticed is that the frame geometry places the seat directly above the rear wheel rather than a bit further forward like on standard bikes. This means heavier riders will put more force on the rear tire, and it can look squished as if it is flat or losing air. The Jetson Pro is rated for riders 12 years and older with a maximum rider weight of 265 lbs.

Motor 4/5

I rate the motor highly on the Jetson Bolt Pro because it delivers plenty of power for the bike’s intended use. It engages relatively smoothly, and it’s a huge plus that it can operate in both throttle and pedal assist modes. The 15.5 mph top speed works well for typical stop-and-go riding within the city grid but isn’t great for faster riding on open trails or bike paths.

Riders who want to retrofit their current bike with an electric motor can do so with an electric bicycle kit. Browse our picks for the best electric bike conversion kits.

Battery and Range 3/5

For such an affordable e-bike, the battery’s performance is decent, but I was expecting more. Many e-bikes on the market today boast a range of between 40-60 miles, but the Bolt Pro maxes out at 30 miles on a single charge, and that’s on a good day. Many users reported less range on most rides and very slow charging.

The battery isn’t removable either, so riders need to bring the entire bike inside in order to charge it, rather than locking up the bike outside and simply carrying in the battery. The bike won’t take up much space inside your garage, house, or office, but the flexibility of a removable battery is ideal. The Jetson Haze features a removable battery.

Brakes 5/5

I appreciate the dual disc brakes on the Jetson Bolt Pro that deliver powerful and predictable stopping force. Ebikes can zoom fast and require brakes that are stronger than traditional rim brakes, especially in wet or humid conditions. It’s not recommended to ride the water-resistant Bolt Pro in heavy rain, but at least riders can rely on decent-quality disc brakes.

Jetson Bolt Pro Full Specs

For an in-depth look at the Jetson Bolt Pro, watch this video overview of the folding e-bike.

Frame Steel Alloy
Wheels 14”
Motor 350-watt rear hub motor
Battery 36V, 6.0 lithium-ion
Throttle type Twist throttle
Pedal assist Yes
Max. speed 15.5 mph
Max. range Up to 30 miles with pedal assist
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Folded Dimensions (L x W x H) 46.5″ x 19.3″ x 23
Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x H) 46.5″ x 19.3″ x 38.6″
Charging time Up to 4 hours
Weight limit 265 lbs.
Product weight 42 lbs.
Frame colors available Blue, Green, Black
Price 499.99

Overall Impression 7/10

At the price of the Jetson Bolt Pro, it can be difficult to purchase a standard bike, let alone an electric bike with 350 watts of power. The Bolt Pro is a great way to try out riding an e-bike without breaking the bank and can be perfect for short city trips. That said, Jetson does leave out some key features like a long-range, removable battery and slightly larger wheels.

Taller or heavier riders should look elsewhere for an e-bike, and riders who expect serious weekly mileage can seek a model with a longer range. If the Bolt Pro ticks everything on your wishlist, it’s a Smart investment, but I wouldn’t write off browsing other compact e-bikes on the market.

Our verdict: Impressively affordable folding e-bike that’s easy to carry but lacks in comfort.


  • Innovative frame design to make carrying the bike easier
  • Capable 350-watt motor with a top speed of 15.5 mph
  • Twist throttle and pedal assist
  • Easy to assemble and fold when transporting
remove, speed, limiter, electric, bike


  • Battery isn’t removable so bike has to be carried inside to charge
  • Small 14” wheels are sensitive to bumps and potholes
  • Slow charging rate can take a while

How the Jetson Bolt Pro Stacks Up

Jetson Bolt Pro Aventon Sinch RadExpand 5
Motor 350W 500W 750W
Range 30 miles 30 miles 45 miles
Gearing Single-speed 7-speed 7-speed
Wheels 14” 20”x4.0” 20”x4.0”
Price 499 1,399 1,549

Similar Models to the Jetson Bolt Pro

Aventon Sinch Foldable Ebike

The Sinch is a fully-collapsible electric bike made by Aventon, one of the most popular ebike brands on the market. Unlike the Bolt Pro, the Sinch folds at the frame and has front suspension, 7 gears, and wide fat tires. The range and top speed are a bit higher at 40 miles and 20 mph, respectively. Those performance gains come at a premium, though. The Sinch costs 1,399 which is much pricier than the Bolt Pro but still a great deal for an ebike.

RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike

Another e-bike heavy hitter is the Rad Power Bikes brand which offers the RadExpand 5 folding electric bike. A direct competitor of the Aventon Sinch, this model boasts an impressive 750-watt motor and included rear rack. The externally mounted battery is easy to remove and charge. This model is ready for everything from rugged gear hauling to off-road adventures. The RadExpand 5 costs 1,549.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike can ride up to 30 miles on a single charge. However, the battery life can vary depending on things like terrain, rider weight, and whether you’re riding in throttle or pedal assist modes.

The Jetson Bolt Pro has a top speed of 15.5 mph.

Riding the Jetson Bolt Pro in the rain is not recommended, as it is not waterproof. Water damage can harm the bike’s electronic components, including the battery.

Folding e-bikes can be worth it if you need a compact and portable bike for commuting or storing in a small space. They are also convenient for travel and transport. However, they may not be as comfortable as full-sized bikes and may have a limited range and speed.

The Jetson Bolt Pro is designed for riders who weigh up to 265 pounds and have a minimum height of 4’5″. Therefore, children shouldn’t ride the Jetson Bolt Pro unless they meet these requirements.

Yes, the Jetson Bolt Pro has a pedal-assist mode, which means that you can pedal the bike while the electric motor provides assistance. The standard Bolt model is pedal-free and only has a throttle mode.

Have more questions about the Jetson Bolt Pro folding e-bike? Drop us a line below!

Jeffrey Brown is a writer, editor, and professional bike mechanic with over 7 years of experience working in full-service and community-based bike shops. As a bicycle educator, he has supported youth programs across the US that teach bike mechanics and life skills to prepare the next generation of cyclists.

Jeffrey began his professional mechanic career at his university bike co-op, so he recognizes the grassroots power of the cycling community. Initially self-trained as a mechanic, his subsequent positions as manager and lead educator gave him official training. He has won various awards and grants for his role as a bicycle and environmental advocate.

Haze electric bike

Roll over image to zoom in Click on image to zoom

Jetson Haze Folding Electric Bike

Enjoy a better ride with the Jetson Haze Folding Electric Bike. The Haze comes with a 350-Watt hub motor that allows riders to hit up to 15.5 mph. And with its folding frame, folding handlebars, and folding pedals, this is one ride that is super convenient for storing and transporting, while a built-in magnet helps the Haze’s frame stay securely folded. Riders can select from three speed modes while riding. An anti-theft locking mechanism on the Haze’s rear wheel will also help riders keep peace of mind. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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Ultimate 16-Inch Wheel Folding E-Bike Roundup (2023)

Folding e-bikes are just all-around fun. In recent years, the popularity of electric bikes has grown significantly as individuals seek eco-friendly and efficient transportation alternatives. One particular e-bike model that stands out is the 16-inch folding electric bike.

So Why Choose a 16-inch Wheel Folding E-bike?

While people have traveled the world on smaller wheeled Bromptons, the 16-inch folding electric bike tends to exist more for the commuter or urban rider. The compact 16-inch wheels are not only easy to maneuver, but also ensure seamless storage when folded and offer unmatched convenience and flexibility, especially for those living in urban environments with limited space.

16-Inch folding e-bikes usually have smaller hub motors, smaller batteries that limit your riding range, and gear configurations from single-speed to multiple gears with gear ratios capable mainly for that last mile.

When considering a purchase of a 16-inch wheel folding electric bike, it’s important to pay attention to the weight of the bike. A lightweight bike can be easier to carry and transport, especially if you need to take it on public transportation or store it in a small space. Additionally, the battery size and charging time should be taken into consideration, as these factors can impact the bike’s overall convenience and usability.

We spent hours researching 16-inch wheel folding electric bikes to identify the ones that offer the best combination of portability, convenience, and performance. Owning a 16-inch wheel folding electric bike can be a game changer for those who need a reliable and easy-to-use mode of transportation that can be easily stored and transported.

Important Buying Features

When choosing a 16-inch wheel folding electric bike, there are several factors to consider. We have compiled a list of features to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Motor Power

The motor power determines how fast and how far you can go on your electric bike. While most of the e-bikes below have 250 hub motors and have max. speeds of 15.5 m.p.h. These e-bikes are locked for the UK market whose regulations require a pedal-assist motor, a maximum power output of 250 watts, and electrical assistance that must cut-off when it reaches 15.5mph / 25kmph. A few of the folding e-bikes listed have 350W rear hub motors that can achieve faster speeds. If you plan to use your bike for hilly terrain or long distances, consider a motor with a higher torque.

Battery Life

The battery life is an important factor to consider when choosing an electric bike as it determines riding range. Most batteries below provide power for up to 20 miles while riding with the highest assist level. Max ranges takes into consideration the lowest power mode (meaning more pedaling). If you plan to use your e-bike for longer distances, consider purchasing a second battery to carry along.

All the folding e-bikes below have removable batteries providing safety and ease to carry or replace.


Gearing is usually seen as an afterthought on 16-inch folding electric bikes. While it is true that these e-bikes are not designed for long trips a rider does enjoy the option of pedaling. Single-speed gearing is more suitable for throttle riding. If you are really looking to do more pedaling you will probably need to upgrade the front sprocket to 52T or higher.

remove, speed, limiter, electric, bike

Weight, Fold, and Max Height

The folding mechanism is an important feature to consider if you plan to transport your bike frequently. While most of the folding e-bikes are bi-folds there are two tri-folds that are lighter and easier to carry folded. A few of the folding e-bikes have added wheel stabilizers in place of a frame protector so the e-bike can be wheeled while folded.

Weight does matter for e-bikes regardless of their ability to fold so think about how often you actually plan on carrying your e-bike. These 16-inch folding e-bikes range from 34 to 50 pounds.

With the smaller frames come smaller seat posts hence lower max heights. While most of these e-bikes top out at a max rider height of 5’10” inches a longer seat post can be swapped out.

Additional Considerations

  • Brand Reputation – Well-respected brands are more likely to offer quality products
  • History and experience in the industry
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Warranty – Most reputable companies will provide a warranty on their electric bikes covering the frame and components.

In this Ultimate Roundup, we pulled together a full range of the best folding e-bikes from low-budget to high-end premium in the 16-inch wheel category.

While the frame design may be similar on a number of these e-bikes each has its own custom set of features.

ADO A16 Folding E-Bike

ADO is an acronym for A Dece Oasis. The ADO A16 folding e-bike offers a full suspension ride in a small frame package. ADO A16 can be powered by a thumb throttle but is also equipped with ADO G-Drive frequency conversion control system (cadence pedal assist).

250W Rear Hub (Torque 22 nM) / 36V 7.5Ah Battery / Max Speed 15.5 m.p.h. / Max Range 45 miles / Weight 44 lbs

  • Full suspension
  • Frame carry handle
  • 1.95″ inch tires
  • Shimano 7-Speed, 52T front sprocket
  • Display with USB port
  • IPX5 waterproof, 1200 lumen headlight
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Price: 820 USD

Hitway BK2 Folding E-Bike

HITWAY BK2 is another 16-inch wheel, sub 1,000 folding e-bike with full suspension. What sets the Hitway BK2 apart is the ability to unlock the rear hub motor to 20 m.p.h. and maximize its full power potential. To make certain you can hit that max speed the Hitway BK2 houses a larger 8.4Ah removable battery.

500W Rear Hub / 36V 8.4Ah Battery / Max Speed 15.5 m.p.h. / Max Range 45 miles / Weight 49.6 lbs

  • Unlock speed to 20 m.p.h
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Single speed
  • Dual disc brakes with motor cutoff
  • 3 Levels PAS
  • Front headlight and horn

Price: 760 USD

Swagtron EB7 Plus Folding E-Bike

Swagtron EB7 Plus provides 7-speed gearing to make this their upgraded version of the Elite Commuter. Max speeds are tied to each of the 3 modes (1-11 mph, 2-13mph, 3-18.6 mph) as well as a twist throttle if that is the way you wish to roll. The handlebar stem does not adjust for height so this e-bike has a max rider suggestion of 5’10” inches.

350W Rear Hub / 36V 5.2Ah Battery / Max Speed 18.6 m.p.h. / Max Range 20 miles / Weight 42.3 lbs

  • Frame handle for easy lifting
  • Max speed of 18.6 m.p.h.
  • Shimano 7-speed (read our review for upgrade recommendations)
  • Integrated front headlight
  • Swagtron offers a Protection Plan

Price: 650 USD

Fiido D2S Folding E-Bike

Fiido provides a full line of folding e-bikes. The Fiido D2S is their 16-inch wheel mini folding e-bike with a high-performance rear hub motor, rear suspension, and fenders all of which are needed for commuter riding. The 1.95-inch thick tires provide additional cushion for those bumpy city streets.

250W Rear Hub / 36V 7.8Ah Battery / Max Speed 15.5 m.p.h. / Max Range 37 miles / Weight 43 lbs

  • Frame carry handle
  • Tires 16 x 1.95 inch
  • 6-Speeds
  • Fiido D2S fenders
  • Rear suspension
  • Integrated front headlight

Price: 799 USD

JupiterBike Discovery X5

The JupiterBike Discovery X5 looks similar in frame design as some of the others above but with JupiterBike’s personal touches. The roller wheel for a frame protector is a great feature for those who want to roll their e-bike plus a magnetic buckle to hold the bike together while in the folded position. The handlebar stem does not adjust for height, however, the JupiterBike Discovery X5 does offer powerful disc brakes, an upgraded rear motor, and a dual spring comfort saddle.

350W Rear Hub / 36V 5.2Ah Battery / Max Speed 16 m.p.h. / Max Range 30 miles / Weight 40 lbs

  • Twist throttle
  • CoreRide disc brakes with 160mm rotors
  • Chain ring protector with stabilizer wheel
  • Single speed
  • Reflective tire sidewalls
  • Dual spring comfort saddle

Price: 995 USD

Zhengbu K6 Folding E-Bike

The Zhengbu K6 16-inch wheel folding e-bike has that fun, futuristic-looking design. The design does limit the seat post length (which sits higher) and has a suggested rider height range of 5’1′-6’5″ inches. The K6 features a 400W rear hub motor with a powerful 48V battery providing a longer riding range. While Khengbu does not mention it on their website we are sure the K6 could be unlocked for faster speeds. We do like the use of the mid-rise handlebars.

400W Rear Hub (Torque 42nM) / 48V 12.8Ah Battery / Max Speed 16 m.p.h. / Max Range 40 miles / Weight 51 lbs

  • Powerful rear hub motor
  • Integrated front and rear headlights
  • Mobile phone holder and USB port
  • Full suspension
  • Tires 16 x 1.95 inch

Price: 999 USD

Jetson Haze Folding E-Bike

Jetson produces a full line of micro-mobility products from bikes to scooters and hoverboards. They are probably most known for their Bolt e-bike which could be purchased at most Costco locations. The Jetson Haze is a step up from the Bolt Up and features 16-inch wheels, custom magnesium alloy folding frame with built-in headlights. The handlebar stem does not adjust for height and the seat post is also limited height adjustment.

350W Rear Hub (Torque 42nM) / 36V Battery / Max Speed 15.5 m.p.h. / Max Range 20 miles / Weight 48 lbs

  • Rear suspension
  • 3 levels PAS
  • Cruise control
  • Single speed
  • Built-in rear lock
  • Tire pump
  • Integrated front and rear headlights

Price: 900 USD

remove, speed, limiter, electric, bike

Qualisports Nemo

Qualisports Nemo is a smaller version of the more well-known model the Qualipsorts Dolphin. Using the seat post to house the battery has made this lineup attractive to many riders. The Nemo has a front wheel hub motor which tends to provide a pull versus push feeling when riding similar to the Brompton Electric C Line below. While the Nemo is only single speed it is equipped with a 12 point cadence sensor for a true pedal assist.

250W Front Hub (Torque 30 nM) / 36V 7AhBattery / Max Speed 16 mph / Max Range 20 miles / Weight 34 lbs

  • Seat post battery
  • Thicker tires to absorb some bumps
  • Adjustable stem
  • Single speed
  • 12 point cadence sensor
  • Cruise control
  • LCD display with USB port

Price: 999 USD

Slinker Lindie Mini

The Slinker Lindie Mini is similar to the Qualisports Nemo but with a few modifications – hence the higher price. The Lindie Mini folding e-bike features a 350W rear hub motor (vs Nemo front hub motor) and a larger seat post battery coupled with a usable 4-speed thanks to a 52T front sprocket. The Slinker Lindie Min does lack suspension but bumps should easily be absorbed by the 2.125″ inch wide tires.

350W Rear Hub / 36V 10.5Ah Battery / Max Speed 16 mph / Max Range 30 miles / Weight 34 lbs

  • Seat post battery
  • Thicker tires to absorb some bumps
  • Tires 16 x 2.125 inch
  • 4-speed (52T front, 11-18T rear)
  • 12 point cadence sensor
  • Cruise control
  • LCD display with USB port
  • Integrated front headlight

Price: 1,299 USD

MiRider One GB3

Ok, let’s say you liked the frame style and rear suspension feature of some of the 16-wheel folding e-bikes in the “below 1,000” category above but each one needed some upgrades to make them better. Now put your entire wishlist together and this is what you get – the MiRider One GB3. We will eventually write a more detailed review later but suffice it to say we are impressed!

The MiRider One GB3 features a belt drive (oil-free) and an Efneo GTRO 3-speed gearbox. Thanks to adjustable high-rise handlebars, an adjustable stem, and a telescopic seat post the MiRider One GB3 can accommodate most riding heights. When folded the MiRider One GB3 has a stabilizer wheel for a frame protector allowing you to roll your e-bike and wheel magnetics as well as a folding strap.

250W Rear Hub (Torque 40 nM) / 36V 7Ah Battery / Max Speed 15.5 mph / Max Range 45 miles / Weight 42.8 lbs

  • 5 Levels PAS
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Color display with USB port
  • Lightweight CNC pedals
  • High rise handlebars
  • Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser tires
  • Telescopic seat stem
  • Wheel magnets
  • Chain ring protector with stabilizer wheel

Price: 3,110 USD

MiRider One GB3 –

Flit M2

FLIT is a 16-inch folding e-bike that started from the ground up. Flit’s first e-bike was the FLIT-16 Commuter Edition. It is currently sold out as Flit awaits its newest creation the FLIT M2. The FLIT M2 was developed based on market feedback and the founders’ desire to make their original design better. While currently available for pre-order this 16-inch folding e-bike is quite a head-turner.

The FLIT M2 weighs in at just under 31 pounds making the M2 the lightest of this group. The battery sits inside the tubular frame and is removable. The chain stay is designed to absorb road bumps. Oh, and did we mention this is a tri-fold?

250W Rear Hub (Torque 35 nM) / 36V 6.4Ah Battery / Max Speed 16 mph / Max Range 30 miles / Weight 30.8 lbs

  • Tri-fold frame
  • Pedal torque-sensing
  • Single speed – 44T x 11T rear, 48T chainring available
  • Hydraulic Tektro HD-R280 Disc Brakes
  • Schwalbe Marathon 16″, 349 ETRTO tires
  • Integrated front and rear lights
  • Rider height range: 4ft 10″ – 6ft; extended seat post available

Price: 3,115 USD

Flit M2 –

Brompton Electric C Line Explore

Last but not least the Brompton Electric C Line Explorer. Brompton stayed true to its iconic tri-fold design as it entered the folding electric bike arena. The Brompton Electric C Line has a custom 250W front hub motor and is powered by a front-mounted battery pack. If you love the Brompton brand (and its eco-system) and don’t mind carrying the battery pack then this is for you. If you already own a Brompton you may be financially better off electrifying with a Swytch kit.

250W Front Hub / 36V 300Wh Battery / Max Speed 15.5 mph / Max Range 45 miles / Weight 38.4 lbs

  • 3 levels of Smart Pedal Assist
  • 6-speed (2 x 3 speed), 300% range
  • Mid or High handlebar option
  • 349 x 35C Schwalbe Marathon Racer with reflective sidewall
  • 40 Lux Busch Muller AVY LED front and rear lamp

Price: 4,150 USD

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