How to Lock an Electric Scooter? Here’s What To Do. Electric scooter bike lock

How to Lock an Electric Scooter: Protect Your Investment Efficiently

Keep your electric scooter from being a convenient target for thieves. Learn how to lock your electric scooter securely to protect it while you are out and about. We’ve got you covered with the best advice and methods for securing your vehicle, from cable locks to U-locks.

Keep your electric scooter from being a convenient target for thieves. Learn how to lock an electric scooter securely to protect it while you are out and about. We’ve got you covered with the best advice and methods for securing your vehicle, from cable locks to U-locks.

Although an electric scooter is a practical and environmentally beneficial means of transportation, it is crucial to take security measures to prevent theft. In this article, I will tell you how to keep electric scooter from being stolen and how to lock an electric scooter. By locking your electric scooter, you can help prevent theft and make sure it remains where you left it.

This post will go over several locking options for electric scooters as well as security advice. Knowing how to lock an electric scooter correctly and how to keep electric scooter from being stolen can provide you peace of mind and enable you to enjoy your ride, whether you are traveling to work or running errands around town. You can also fix your electric scooter yourself. Take a look at how to charge your electric scooter here.

Understand the Lock

When it comes to locking an electric scooter, it is important to understand the various types of locks available and the best way to use these power tools for maximum security. There are many lock types available for electric scooters, from cable locks to U-locks and chain locks. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand the best way to use each type of lock to ensure maximum security.

Identify the type of lock

There are several types of e scooter locks you can use. Before you decide which type of lock is best for you, it’s important to understand the different options and how they work.

The most common type of electric scooter lock is the U-lock. U-locks provide a high level of security and are made from metal or hardened steel. U-locks, commonly referred to as D-locks, are shaped like a U or D. They are a safe option for locking your electric scooter because they make them hard to cut or break. They come in various sizes, making them easier to fit over your electric scooter frame components. These can be use as bike locks as well. U-locks are best e scooter locks according to me.

Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty U Lock

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Cable locks

Cable locks are flexible and lightweight, so they’re easy to take with you on rides. They also come in different lengths, allowing you to secure multiple components at once as well as hard-to-reach items such as your kickstand or brake handle. They can cut cable locks with bolt cutters but offer enough resistance that a thief will think twice before attempting a theft with one. You can use it as a bike lock as well.

Titanker Cable lock

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You can secure the frame of your electric scooter and a stationary object by wrapping cable locks, which are often made of braided steel or other sturdy materials, around both. Although these locks are lightweight and portable, they are not as secure as U-locks.

Combination locks

Scooter locks that use a combination of numbers or letters to secure a scooter are known as combination locks. To avoid theft, they are often used to fasten the scooter to a bike rack or other fixed object. The user must type the right string of letters or numbers to unlock the lock. If the user forgets the combination, certain combination e scooter locks also offer key backup mechanisms.

Combination locks are similar to cable locks but offer the benefit of not having any keys to keep track of since they open using code numbers that you select yourself when setting up the lock. Combination locks can be more difficult for thieves to crack because mostly there’s no keyhole for them to pick or tamper with.

KEYSTP Combination Lock

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Chain locks (Recommended)

Chain locks also offer similar levels of protection as U-locks, but often come in longer lengths that allow you to cover a larger area and secure multiple pieces at once. Chain links must be picked apart individually, which makes a long chain link much more complicated and more time-consuming for thieves than simply cutting through U-locks or cable locks!

Titanker Cain Lock

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Similar to cable locks, chain locks are formed of interlocked metal links and can be used to lock up your electric scooter. Generally speaking, they are more secure than cable locks, but they are also heavier to handle.

Folding Locks (Best Scooter Lock)

We can lock an object like a bike rack or fence with a folding lock to keep a scooter or bicycle in place. It is known as a “folding” lock because it is made up of several hinged metal bars that may be folded up when not in use.

A folding e scooter lock is easy to use; just unfold it, wrap it around the frame of your bike or scooter, then lock it to keep it there. Folding locks can be quite efficient at deterring burglars because they often construct folding locks of hardened steel or similar sturdy material. They are also fairly portable because they are simple to transport in a bag or backpack while not in use.

FoldyLock Compact Lightweight Folding Lock

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Disc Brake Locks

They make disc Brake Locks to hold a scooter’s disc brakes in place to keep the wheels from turning. They normally operate by using a metal arm to clamp onto the disc brake rotor and can be opened with a key or combination to prevent the lock from being removed.

We can use disc brake locks, in addition to conventional scooter locks, including chain locks or U-locks, to add an added measure of security. Since the lock makes it challenging to remove the wheel without harming the disc brake rotor, they can be very helpful in keeping thieves from taking the wheels or the complete scooter. The majority of scooter models that feature disc brakes may normally use disc brake locks.

Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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Ring locks

Scooter ring locks are a sort of locking device that is used to fasten a scooter to a fixed object, such as a bike rack or pole. We also know them as frame locks or bicycle ring locks. They typically consist of a metal ring fastened to the scooter’s frame and a locking device that is opened with a key or combination.

A scooter ring lock must first be used by the user to secure the metal ring around a fixed object before we turn the lock on to hold the scooter in place. Since it is more challenging to remove the scooter without harming it, this may help dissuade thieves from taking the scooter. The majority of scooter ring locks are compact and lightweight, making them portable and practical for use while traveling. Additionally, they frequently work with the majority of scooter models.

M-Wave Frame Lock With Cable Ring Loop

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Steps of How to Lock an Electric Scooter

Your electric scooter’s parking spot should be one of your first considerations when locking it. Look for a location that is both visible to the public and well-lit. To discourage potential burglars, try to park close to a security camera or a busy roadway. Avoid parking in dark or isolated spaces.

Keep an eye out for anything that cannot be easily moved, such as poles, bike racks, signposts, stair railings, and other substantial objects.

You can lock your electric scooter with several locks. Because they constructed it of hardened steel and is challenging to cut or break, a U-lock is a popular option. To keep the scooter in place, we can loop cable locks around both the scooter’s frame and a stationary item. With these power tools your scooter will be safe.

It might be a good idea to remove the battery if you plan to leave your electric scooter unattended for a long time. A removable battery is a common feature of electric scooters, and it may be removed and locked in a safe place. As a result, even if the lock is broken, the scooter cannot be driven away.

Another helpful item for safeguarding your electric scooter is a GPS tracker. These gadgets can be used to track the scooter’s location in real time by attaching them to it. You can use the GPS tracker to find and recover your scooter if it is stolen. If anyone moves the scooter without your consent, some GPS trackers can also alert you.

Parking your electric scooter properly might also aid in preventing theft. Always place the scooter in a steady, upright position when parking. Try not to rest it against a wall or other structure because doing so could make it simpler for a burglar to tip it over and escape.

It is a good idea to cover your scooter if you need to leave it outside for an extended amount of time to protect it from the weather. A scooter cover can serve to shield your scooter from debris such as dirt, dust, and other foreign objects as well as from weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind.

Place the scooter cover over your scooter and fasten it in place using the bungee cord or elastic cord that is frequently provided with the cover. Make sure the scooter cover covers all exposed areas and fits snugly around the scooter. Use a cover made of a sturdy, waterproof material if you plan to leave your scooter outside for an extended time to ensure optimal protection.

Built-in electronic alarms

A security feature that is included in the design of a scooter is a built-in scooter alarm. Raising an alert if someone tampered the scooter with or if someone tries to ride it without the right authorization is meant to deter theft. The scooter’s movement, such as when it is being pushed or ridden, or the opening of particular components, such as the seat or handlebars, often set off the alarm. Some built-in scooter alarms may also come with extra functions, such as an immobilizer that makes it impossible to start the scooter without the right key or code.

Not all scooters are equipped with an alarm. Alarms are not always included as standard equipment with scooters. You might want to seek scooter models that are particularly touted as having an alarm if you’re interested in buying one. As an alternative, you might get a separate alarm system and mount it on your scooter.

How to Lock a Kick Scooter

It’s crucial to lock your kick scooter to something fixed that can’t be removed or cut easily. This will lessen the likelihood that your scooter will be stolen. You can use any of the locks explained above in this article that suit your scooter size and your needs and lock your kick scooter while commuting. The methods to lock electric scooters and kick scooters are the same. If you read the above article, you will know how to lock a kick scooter as well. If you are looking to buy pro scooters, do read my article on the best pro scooters.

Tips For How to Keep Electric Scooter From Being Stolen

You can take a number of precautions to lessen the likelihood that your scooter will be stolen:

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  • Even if you’re just stepping away for a short while, always secure your scooter. To tie your scooter to a fixed object, use a sturdy lock, like a U-lock.
  • Place your scooter in a secure parking area or somewhere that is visible and well-lit. Do not park in isolated or empty spaces.
  • To help dissuade criminals and aid in recovery in the event that your scooter is stolen, think about utilizing a GPS monitoring device or installing a security camera in it.
  • To make it more difficult for thieves to start and ride off with your scooter, install an alarm or immobilizer.
  • To guard against theft-related loss or damage, think about getting insurance for your scooter.
  • When riding a scooter, pay attention to your surroundings and keep an eye out for any unusual activity.
  • When not in use, put your scooter inside your garage if you have one.

You can protect your scooter and lower the likelihood of theft by keeping in mind these above points, which tell you how to keep electric scooter from being stolen. Always remember to wear protective gear before riding electric scooters for your own safety. Always buy your scooters from the best brands for long-lasting and durable scooters.


A crucial step in protecting your electric scooter from criminals is locking it. Now I hope you know how to lock an electric scooter and how to lock a kick scooter. You may secure your scooter while protecting your investment by installing a high-quality lock and adhering to recommended procedures. Therefore, be sure to take a few extra seconds the next time you park your electric scooter to secure it properly. You’ll be grateful to your future self (and your money account)!

Frequently Asked Questions

If the battery is harmed or the charging system is broken, electric scooters could catch fire. However, there is little risk. Use only the charging equipment supplied by the scooter’s manufacturer, maintain the scooter properly, and charge it as directed in order to lower the danger.

Consider parking your scooter in a safe, enclosed space or a bike rack with a lot of foot traffic. You can buy a heavy-duty chain or cable lock. Additionally, it’s a good idea to engrave your identity information on your scooter, use a GPS tracking device and register it with the local authorities so that it may be recovered if it is stolen.

A U-lock or chain lock is a good choice because they are strong, high-quality locks with solid ratings for security and longevity. Keep an eye out for extra features like keyless entry or anti-theft technology.

Some electric scooters do come equipped with security measures to prevent theft, like GPS monitoring, keyless access, and alarms. These characteristics are not offered by all electric scooters, though. Always lock the scooter securely with a high-quality lock and keep it in a well-lit, high-traffic place.

Electric scooters can be stolen, particularly if they are left unattended or parked in a remote location. Thieves can easily steal scooters that are not locked or have locks of poor quality. Thieves, with the ability to get past the installed security measures, can also take them.

Yes, you can use a sturdy lock like a U-lock or chain lock to secure electric scooters to bike racks. It’s crucial to pick a bike rack that is near a lot of traffic and is well-lit when locking an electric scooter on it. Additionally, for added stability and security, lock the scooter to the rack itself rather than simply the wheel.

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How to Lock an Electric Scooter? Here’s What To Do

Ergonomic and easy to use, an electric scooter provides convenience for transport. However, locking electric scooter is crucial to prevent thieves from stealing it. It is also necessary to determine the perfect lock and the best locking point of your scooter.

To help you out, this tutorial will guide you on how to lock an electric scooter. You don’t have to agonize by finding your electric scooter missing. You can go to your workplace or shop in a public market with peace of mind.

Tools You Need to Prepare

Before you proceed with the tutorial, there is a specific item that you must have first. Without this item, it is impossible to execute the procedures. You can purchase it at the nearest hardware store or you can also check online. Check the guide below to know more about the specifications.

Electric Scooter Lock

Types of electric scooter locks Advantage Disadvantage
Cannot be easily defeated Not portable
Prevents the wheel from rotating Only use for scooter with open spokes
Cannot be easily cut using wire cutters

There are many options that you could choose from, but you must purchase an electric scooter lock that will suit your electric scooter. The most secure type of lock is a D-lock or a U-lock. It has a hardened shackle that cannot be easily defeated by tools. The only disadvantage of this kind of lock is that it is not portable compared to others.

If your scooter has open spokes, you can also use a ring lock. This is better than a regular cable lock since it prevents the wheel from rotating. You can also use a scooter chain lock since it is easy to carry and cannot be easily cut using wire cutters.

Cover (optional)

If you need to leave your scooter overnight outside your house or your friend’s house, you will need to cover it. A cover made of polyester fabric would be the best cover since it could also protect your scooter from heavy rain and intense heat. Aside from that, it is also heavy to remove.

Thieves may not like the hassle of having to take it off and avoid your scooter as a result.

In case you don’t have a cover made of polyester fabric, you could also use a thick blanket or cloth to cover it. Make sure that you secure it so that the wind won’t be able to blow it off.

What to Do to Lock Up Electric Scooter

Step 1: Purchase a lock that will suit your scooter

To know the proper size of the lock you need, check the locking point of your scooter. The bulkier it is, the larger the lock you will need. Aside from the size, purchase a lock that will suit your scooter. The kind of lock you need will depend on the features of your electric scooter.

Instead of using one lock, it is recommended to have multiple locks for your electric scooter. The more expensive it is, the more you must spend on its security. It is cheaper to buy new locks than to purchase a new electric scooter.

Step 2: Look for a post or a permanent fixture to secure your electric scooter

After you have purchased the lock for your scooter, look for a post or a permanent fixture where you can secure the electric scooter. Don’t thread the lock on metal fences since they can be easily cut. You can choose a bike rack, a tall signpost, or a steel post.

It is advisable that you lock it in a public place where others can notice if someone is trying to steal your scooter. If it’s nighttime, lock it in a well-lit place. Thieves are hesitant to cut wires if the scooter is in a public place or a camera is recording them.

Step 3: Thread the lock on the locking point of the scooter

Before you thread the lock on the locking point of the scooter, make sure that you know the best points first. Some of the best locking points for your scooter are the folding mechanism, around the stem, or through the carrying handle.

Avoid threading the lock on the scooter’s wheels, handlebars, fenders, and bolted-in accessories. It would also be better to add other security devices such as alarms and tracking devices.

Step 4: Cover your scooter or add heavy objects to it

This procedure is optional if you will only leave your scooter for a while. However, it is necessary if you would park it overnight outside your house or leave it at your friends’ place. You need to cover your scooter to make it less attractive.

Thieves usually analyze if the scooter is easy to steal or not, so they would have to remove the cover first before they can look at your scooter. Aside from that, you can add heavy objects to your scooter so that it won’t be easily moved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lock my electric scooter using a scooter chain lock?

If you opt to use a scooter chain lock, make sure that you keep it off the ground. This would prevent the thieves from putting insertion tools to pinch the scooter. Aside from that, choose a heavy chain lock. It may be difficult to carry around, but it is studier compared to the lightweight ones. It would take time before a thief could cut it.

What are the different kinds of electric scooter locks that I can use?

The different kinds of electric scooter locks that you can use are grip locks, ring locks, cable locks, scooter chain locks, disc locks, D-lock or U-lock, and cuff locks. The lock must fit the size of the locking point of your scooter.

What are the other additional security systems that I can buy for my electric scooter?

To add electric scooter security, you can use a key ignition switch, alarm, and tracking. The key ignition switch prevents the scooter from moving unless there is a key. A loud alarm, on the other hand, activates once a thief tries to tamper with your scooter. The tracking device is also useful to locate the scooter in case the thief takes it away.

How will I lock my kick scooter?

The best type of lock that you can use for your kick scooter is a cable lock. Just run the lock through the front wheel spokes of the scooter and secure it on a permanent post or fixture. There are also kick scooters that include holes in their frames to accommodate cable locks.

Is it easy to steal electric scooters?

Unfortunately, yes. Thieves could carry them or use tools like wire cutters to cut off the locks. It is important to use sturdy locks that could not be easily defeated by power tools. Aside from that, they must also be thick enough so that the thieves would need to spend a lot of time cutting. This will buy you time to catch the thief in the act.


Have you learned how to lock an electric scooter through our tutorial? Most of the thieves nowadays have found ways to steal scooters. However, with the help of sophisticated and durable locks, you can secure your electric scooter and do your thing without worrying.

If you find this article useful, we encourage you to share it with your friends. We also love to hear your suggestions on what are the best locks to use in securing an electric scooter. Just leave a comment below.

How to Lock Your Electric Scooter Securely

Why would you lock your electric scooter? Your electric scooter is valuable and thus, subject to theft. Much like regular bikes.

Since they are quite light, easy to fold, can be picked up, and carried easily, you need to protect your e scooter.

So you are asking yourself: How can I prevent my electric scooter from being stolen?

See below for details on the best electric scooter locks.

  • How to lock an electric scooter
  • Thread your lock through a secure locking point on your electric scooter
  • Lock the electric scooter to a permanent fixture, such as a bike rack
  • Which type of lock and/or electric scooter lock should you use?
  • Keeping it safe

How to Lock an Electric Scooter

In order to prevent theft and keep your scooter safe, you need to check your e scooter for secure locking points. I.e. a part of the scooter that is sturdy, made from metal not easily cut or broken, even with power tools.

It might be around the stem, sometimes through the folding mechanism, or another part that is fixed and that you can get your lock through.

Avoid weak parts made of plastic, rear fenders f.e. or through the front wheel spokes, since some wheels can be unscrewed easily.

Thread Your Lock through a Secure Locking Point

Thread your lock through the secure locking point of your e scooter. Some electric scooters have specific slots designed for this. In most cases, the stem or folding mechanism will be the best locking point.

Lock the Electric Scooter to a Permanent Fixture

Make sure to lock your e scooter to a permanent fixture, such as a bike rack, or some other metal construction that is concreted to the ground. Anything that can be unscrewed, cut through, or in another way be lifted is to be avoided.

Which Type of Electric Scooter lock Should You Use?

There are a variety of locks to choose from. Should you go for a cable lock, chain lock, ring lock, disc lock, or U lock?

U locks are the best option if you get the right one. They vary in quality, and if you go for the cheapest one, it will be possible to cut it with power tools or even bolt cutters. A quality U lock will be heavy, made from hardened steel, and will be around the 90 mark. To prevent theft, don’t go for the cheapest option.

A proper wearable chain lock such as Kryptonites New York Fahgettaboudit, is a heavy but reliable option to a U lock. It’s 6 ft 6 inches (2 meters long) making it possible to lock on to many more things.

lock, electric, scooter, here, bike

But there are other lock types that can be good either as a compliment to or instead of a U lock.

Immobilizing the wheel, if possible, is also an effective way to prevent thieves from the action. A ring lock or disc brake lock is designed for this exact purpose. Depending on what type of wheels your e scoter has you can get it through or attach it to the disc brake.

A cable lock or some type of chain locks is probably best suited for bicycles. They can be cut or smashed and also if it sits to lose, they can be slipped off your e scooter.

Keeping it Safe

It’s not if you should pick a lock but rather. pick the right lock. Don’t make your e scooter the easiest target.

There are many locks to choose from and securing your e scooter will be important. You might consider some type of immobilizer alarm that prevents the electric scooter’s wheels from turning. Some e scooters have Bluetooth security enabled through an app, which can sound an alarm and also stop the wheels from turning.

But even if you have the best lock on the market, the toughest scooter chain or U lock, if thieves with bolt cutters or some other power tools are given enough time, they will be able to succeed.

As a general rule, avoid parking in a dark alleyway, or to metal fences and other weak structures.

As much as possible, try to bring it inside, safe and secure, and avoid having it parked in public spaces for too long.

The 8 Best E-Bike Locks to Keep Your Ride Safe

Learn why the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock is our top pick.

Heidi Wachter was a senior editor at Experience Life magazine for 10 years. She has written for publications like Experience Life, Shondaland, and betterpet.

Electric bikes are becoming more popular and more affordable. But they’re still a substantial financial investment for most people. Once you’ve found your perfect e-bike, dropping some extra green on a high-quality bike lock (or two) is one of the best ways to protect your purchase.

Spending about 10% of your bike’s value on a locking system is standard advice. So, if you have a 1,000 e-bike, you’ll want to shell out about 100 for a system of locks for protection. You’ll want to spend about 200 to protect a 2,000 e-bike and so on. But, really, consider spending as much as you can on a reliable lock (or locking system).

But how do you choose? There are three higher security options—chain locks, U-Locks, and folding locks.

Chain locks are bulky and heavy, but what they lack in portability, they make up for in versatility. You can lock them to just about any immovable object. U-locks are less bulky and more portable than chain locks, but can limit the options of things to lock up to. Folding locks tend to fit neatly into backpacks or panniers so they can be easily transported. They also offer more flexibility than U-Locks.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the best e-bike locks in each category.

Best Overall

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Disc Lock

Wrapping this chain/u-lock combo around your e-bike is a great way to tell would-be bike thieves to forget about it.

This chain and disk lock from Kryptonite poses a double challenge against theft, making it our top overall pick. It blends a 150-centimeter chain made of 16-millimeter six-sided hardened manganese steel links and a 15-millimeter u-lock outfitted with a steel shackle. The disc lock is reinforced with an anti-drill, anti-pull protection system.

It’s hefty and not super portable at 15.25 pounds, but it is excellent for securing your e-bike in a garage or on a bike rack near an office. It offers plenty of length and flexibility for locking up both wheels, and most e-bike frames. It’s even an excellent choice for locking two e-bikes together. The manufacturer offers a generous theft protection program with purchase.

Price at time of publish: 133

Best D or U Lock

Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder Bike Lock

Treehugger’s Design Editor likes this e-bike lock so much that he purchased a second one. It’s made with graphene-reinforced steel that’s resistant to angle-grinders, in fact the lock’s material will destroy the grinder’s blade if a would-be thief tries to cut it. The outer surface is rubberized to prevent scratches. It weighs over 4 pounds, and comes with a pick-proof lock and three coded, replaceable keys.

“It’s really heavy, and feels like it is made of lead, but the weight is comforting. The design of the key is unlike any other I have seen, looks much more difficult to pick. My daughter dropped hers and the plastic cracked, but it is cosmetic, the hard stuff is underneath. I worry that an angry thief might take his angle grinder to the bike frame out of frustration, but then his grinding wheel has probably broken already.” ~ Lloyd Alter, Treehugger Design Editor

The only major drawback is the higher cost, coming in at roughly twice the price of our Best Overall pick. Price at time of publish: 300

Best Budget

OnGuard Brute Mini Lock

U-Locks tend to be lighter and less expensive than chain locks, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily less secure. This mini version of the Brute classics, for example, is small but mighty. A whopping 16.88 millimeter shackle thickness makes this lock extremely difficult to break into, even with an angle grinder. It’s super portable and easier on your wallet, too. It fits into a back or bag, making it a favorite of bike messengers and anyone looking to keep their weight down while cycling. Get two for your e-bike for extra protection. Price at time of publish: 96

Best Splurge

ABUS Granit CityChain XPlus 1060 Chain Bicycle Lock

Strong, flexible, and heavy. That’s the best way to describe this tough chain lock from ABUS, known for securing bikes, scooters, and motorcycles since 1924. The chain is beefy, weighing in at about 6 pounds. That’s because it’s comprised of 10 millimeter thick steel hexagonal links, and the textile housing protects against paint damage and wear and tear. It’s equipped with patented ABUS technology that provides extra protection against twisting and violent break-up attempts by hammers, bolt cutters, and saws. It has coded keys that are pretty much impossible to pick. It can be a bit bulky to transport, but you can wrap it around a seat post or even your waist while you’re in motion. Let the extra weight bring you peace of mind. Price at time of publish: 210

Best Wearable

Hiplok E-DX

Looking for something specifically designed with an E-Bike in mind? The Hiplok E-DX’s super-tough chain and D-lock combo might be fit the bill. This one-two security punch is definitely durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The D-lock is made of premium hardened 14-millimeter steel while the chain is made of 10-millimeter steel. The locking mechanism uses a coded key, three of which are included and replacements are available. It weighs 7.7 pounds. Hiplok is also known for its wearable bike locks. Simply fasten the chain around your waist or over your shoulder while you ride. Their U-Locks are designed to clip onto a belt, or a a bag. This clip-n-ride feature ensures that you’ll never leave home without your E-Bike lock again. Price at time of publish: 115

Best Folding Lock

ABUS BORDO GRANIT XPlus 6500 Folding Lock

Folding locks offer portability, flexibility, and security. They are lighter than chain locks but can still be locked around objects of many shapes and sizes or woven through wheels and the bike. This ABUS model lock body and links are made of hardened steel bars encased in a soft coating to prevent scratching. The links are made of 5.5 millimeter thick links designed to prevent the lock from being cut through. The 6500 weighs a bit over 3 pounds and is simple to carry. Just fold it and slip it into the included carrying case, which is easily attachable to your bike’s frame with Velcro straps or by screwing it onto your bike’s bottle cage mounts. Price at time of publish: 185

Best Wheel Lock

ABUS Frame Lock PRO TECTIC 4960

Frame locks — often referred to as café or Amsterdam locks — should not be used on their own to secure any bike for extended periods. But if you’re looking to boost security on your electric bike, this frame lock from ABUS is an affordable addition to any electric bike locking system. Dismount your e-bike, position the shackle, and it’s locked. The extra-large aperture adjusts to fit a variety of tire and wheel sizes. Meanwhile, temper-hardened steel comprises the 8.5-millimeter shackle, locking mechanism, and case. Easily mounts to the rear struts for transport. Price at time of publish: 31

Best Lightweight

TiGr Mini Ulock with Reinforced Mounting Clip

Weighing in at less than a pound, this portable disc-style U-lock won’t slow you down. Don’t let the weight fool you; titanium is one tough metal. The shackle is shorter, so this is a better option for road-style electric bikes with thinner frames. It’s also better for use in low to moderate risk areas or quick trips like running errands. Mounting clips are included so you can attach them to your bike’s frame as easily as a bottle cage. The PVC coating protects your bike’s frame from scratches. Price at time of publish: 140

Best Mini Lock

Kryptonite Evolution Mini Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

If you want more portability and flexibility in a U-Lock, then this mini by Kryptonite ticks all the boxes. The 10-millimeter, six-sided chain links are tough to cut, and the disc locking mechanism is pick and drill resistant. It’s paired with a flexible heavy-duty cable that allows you to lock up your front wheel along with your frame or reach around longer objects. You can also use it to lock multiple bikes together. The lock comes with a frame mounting bracket, one LED key fob, and three stainless steel keys. Kryptonite offers anti-theft protection for buyers who register their bikes. Price at time of publish: 98

Our top choice is a chain lock for robust protection like the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit. If you’re looking for portability and security on a budget, choose a U-Lock like the OnGuard Brute Mini or Kryptonite Evolution Mini Lock.

What to Consider when Shopping for an E-bike Lock

Locking an e-bike is pretty much the same as locking up any bike, but there are some important factors to consider. First, you’ll want to consider the locking length. E-bikes generally have a larger frame so you want to measure how wide your bikes frame and tires are before you start shopping. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, use a piece of string to wrap around the part of the e-bike you’d like to use for the lock, and then measure the string. You’ll also want to factor in the width of whatever you will lock your bike to. Chain-style locks can wrap around different objects beyond a bike stand or rack. Or you can weave them between your frame and wheels while using the U-Lock to attach your bike frame to an object. No matter what kind of bike you have, it’s always good to lock it up with multiple locks of different types—even when your bike is indoors or in your garage. Don’t forget to lock your E-Bike up at home, because many bike thefts occur when bikes are in home garages. You always want a lock that will snugly around all of your bike’s important components, frame, and securing structure so that thieves can’t get as much leverage against it. So, you need to think like Goldilocks and find a lock that’s “just right” for your E-Bike. If there’s less space between the bike and the post, it’s harder to fit the blade between the two. You could also consider getting a lock that fits over the tire, since the wheel and tire is also difficult to cut through.

If you can’t take your e-bike indoors, look for an immobile object that is secure, fixed to the ground, and difficult to cut through like a bike rack, light post, sturdy street sign, or tree in a busy, well-lit area. Make sure whatever you’re securing your bike to is thicker than your lock and not something that your bike can be lifted over. If there are any security cameras around, that’s even better. If you’re considering locking your bike to a fence or non-bike dock infrastructure, make sure there’s no signage forbidding it. On a bike rack, chain up in the middle of the rack or near higher-quality bikes, so your bike doesn’t stand out as the most expensive bike in a crowd. Another way to have your bike blend in is to remove the battery so your e-bike looks just like a regular bicycle. You can also choose a place to lock up your bike that’s a distance away from where you’re going—taking in a movie? Don’t park out front of the theater. That’s a clue to thieves that your bike will be exposed for a few hours.

Once you’ve found your spot to chain up, start by locking the frame high up near the down tube or the seat tube to the chosen immobile object. Why? The frame is usually where the most expensive parts on e-bikes are located. It’s also the most expensive part of a bike, followed by the rear wheel and the front wheel. If you have a quick-release front wheel, make sure you either take it with you or remove it and lock it up to your frame with your lock. If you have a chain or folding lock, you can snake it around multiple parts of your bike for added protection. Pair one of those locks with a u-lock or other supplemental lock so that your bike is more of a hassle for thieves to steal than those parked next to it that may have only one lock. ( is more in this case!) Keep your lock away from the ground so that it can’t be easily accessed with a hammer or bolt cutter.

Thin cable combination locks may be easy to stash in your or around your waist and can be handy for quick lock-up situations like running into a cafe to grab a cup of java. But they aren’t a good option for securing your bike for extended periods or overnight. That’s because lightweight locks tend to be easy to clip with shears, tin snips, or another cutting tool.

It’s best to avoid direct confrontation, but do call the police and report the incident. Try to collect as much detail about the person’s appearance and the bike itself as possible. If you can, take a photo or video. Learn : What to Do if You See a Bike Thief

Jot down your bike’s serial number and register it with the local police department. Some bike lock companies offer insurance as well, this information is usually included with purchase. For added security, consider buying bike insurance from a company like Veloinsurance.

Finally, attaching a GPS tracker to your bike might help you get it back if it does happen to be stolen.

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To make this list, we researched the market to find the best bike locks around, in addition to researching e-bike safety and security. We considered third party and user reviews, as well as reviewed the materials and design of each product.

Author Heidi Wachter has been writing about travel and adventure for over a decade. When she’s not writing, you’ll likely find her riding one of her six bicycles—even in the winter.

Who Else Wants an Electric Scooter Lock That Really Works?

If you own an electric scooter, then there is always a chance to become a victim of scooter theft. The risk is higher in big cities and poorly-secured urban places.

Clearly, you need to secure your electric scooter whenever you park it, even if it’s just for a few minutes. A good scooter lock should be a visual and physical deterrent to theft, but it shouldn’t be too heavy or difficult to use. For these reasons, finding the perfect lock for your electric scooter can be challenging.

Locks are one of the most popular electric scooter accessories. But how do you find the best option in a sea of different types of locks? What should you pay attention to when shopping around?

  • which is the best e-scooter lock type
  • how to choose a best lock for you
  • how to lock up a scooter
  • Security Standard
  • Lock Types
  • Cable Lock
  • Disc Brake Lock
  • Cuff Lock
  • U-Lock
  • Folding Lock
  • Chain Lock
  • How to Choose?
  • What’s Your Budget?
  • How Much is Your Scooter Worth?
  • What’s the Level of Risk
  • How to Lock an Electric Scooter?
  • Find Secure Locking Points On Your Scooter
  • Choose a Crowded Place
  • Choose a Permanent Object
  • Don’t Give Thieves Hints
  • Keep the Lock Off the Ground
  • Make It Hard to Access the Lock
  • Other Security Options
  • Immobilizer Alarm
  • Bikeep Docking Station
  • Other Risks to Consider
  • Conclusion

Security Standard

In the bike lock world, there are two independent organizations that test and rate products according to their protection level:

If there’s a bike lockout in the market, Sold Secure has already tested it. They work with a standard set of tools for each lock and use the exact picking and brute force techniques that thieves use on bike locks. They also work with the police.

Nowadays, many insurance providers will ask you to use a Sold Secure-rated lock before they can cover you. In other words, Sold Secure is the most trusted source.

Sold Secure rates locks as Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on the level of security they provide. ART Foundation, on the other hand, uses a 1-5-star system.

I recommend using both rating systems when picking out a bike lock. For instance, if you settle for two silver-rated scooter locks, you can check their ART 4000 rating as well and pick the option with a higher star rating.

Lock Types

Each of these locks is secure in the right scenario, but they all have drawbacks that can expose you to theft in the real world. You may need to use more than one scooter lock in some cases. Let’s take a closer look and try to identify which is the best scooter lock for you.

Cable Lock

Typical Price Range: 5 – 30

The cheapest lock you can get your hands on is the cable lock. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with any two-wheeler as it loops around the frame and rear wheel.

However, it’s also the least secure type of bike lock. It’s easier to cut through than solid metal locks. What’s more, if the cable is too loose, your scooter will slip right out. Even if you tie it securely, a motivated thief can easily use a hammer or hatchet to cut it if it’s tied closely to the ground.

For the most part, scooter owners use cable locks as a secondary locking mechanism combined with a more robust disc lock, chain lock, or U-lock.

Here is a video of cutting the cable lock and stealing a bike. It’s a perfect sample of how you can’t trust just a cable lock.

Typical Price Range: 10 – 50


A ring lock or disc brake lock attaches to the wheel of your scooter, thus immobilizing it. The problem with ring locks is that they’re not for every scooter, especially those with spokes. Their shape, however, is far more restrictive than that of a U-lock.

Some disc brake locks have cables that you can wrap around your scooter’s rack or carrier. These are just cables, though, so thieves can cut through them relatively easily. Like cable locks, ring locks work best when used in combination with a more secure lock, one that attaches your scooter to an immovable anchor.

Cuff Lock

Typical Price Range: 40 – 100

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Durable
  • Difficult to cut

Cuff locks look like handcuffs. One end attaches to your scooter while the other secures it to an anchor point. Usually, chain links connect the cuffs to each other, and they can be quite robust. importantly, they have revolving joints, which make them less impervious to brute force attacks.

Cuff locks are pretty secure as far as scooter locks go. One reason for that is that they attach to a crucial component: the fork. That makes them time-consuming to remove, and as a result, an impatient thief will not see your scooter as an easy target. They’re far from perfect, however. The chain link is durable, but it can still succumb to impact and cutting machinery. Nevertheless, the level of security they provide is more than decent, especially if hardened steel and 10-pin cylinders are part of their construction.


Typical Price Range: 20 – 120

  • Lighter than chain lock
  • Cheaper than chain lock
  • Difficult to cut
  • Great visual deterrent

The U-lock is the gold standard when it comes to scooter locks. They look like large padlocks that go around the frame of your scooter and an anchor point. A high-security lock can weigh as much as 2kgs (roughly 4lbs).

The best U-locks have hardened steel bodies and thick shackles/crossbars. They come in different sizes, so make sure to get one that comfortably wraps around the stem of your electric scooter and the anchor point.

The shackle length determines how well a U-lock will fit your scooter, but a long shackle can be a weak point. U-locks with shorter shackles are more secure. If it fits around your scooter without leaving too much space, it’s the right one. Since they’re impressively resilient, U-locks are the most popular choice for scooters, bikes, and motorbikes.

As you can see from the video, even U-lock isn’t 100% secure.

Typical Price Range: 30 – 150

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry
  • locking opportunities than U-locks
  • Not so secure as U-lock or chain
  • Lots of moving parts can be vulnerable to attacks
  • Not many folding locks have the Silver or Gold security standard

Get a folding lock if you want to lock your scooter onto a wider range of anchor points. A folding lock is a bit like a U-lock with a flexible shackle. You can bend it around thick objects and attach your scooter onto hard-to-reach anchors with ease. Folding locks can even anchor two scooters at the same time, so they’re as versatile as it gets.

Since they fold down, they’re easier to carry than bulky U-locks, even though they provide the same level of security. Some come with a frame mount that you attach them to while riding. In any case, they’re much less of a hassle to deal with.

Convenient as they are, nevertheless, you’ll find folding locks a bit more challenging to use. Also, a folding lock won’t survive a vigorous attack as well as a U-lock. Its multiple components make it vulnerable to irreparable damage from attacks.

Chain Lock

Typical Price Range: 30 – 200

  • The highest level of security
  • Great visual deterrent
  • versatile than U-lock due to length and flexibility

They say that a thick, heavy chain lock is better than any U-lock when it comes to security. Although this may be true, you should think about other factors when buying a lock, such as whether it is portable enough.

If you want a lock that you can use daily on your commute to work or school, then a U-lock is better. But, if you’re shopping for a lock that will secure your scooter at home, then a heavy-duty chain lock is definitely the best lock for electric scooter.

Chain locks can be as thick as 12 mm, so they’re nothing to sneeze at. That makes them ideal for stationery security, but it also makes them too heavy to lug around. Besides, not many of us have a bike rack at home, so it makes more sense to have a chain lock.

Wearable Chain Lock

Hiplok lock company has designed a chain lock that you can wear like a belt. It has a patented belt-like fastening and can be adjusted to perfectly fit around your waist. It makes it easier to take a good quality lock with you on your rides.

How to Choose?

What are the most important factors to consider when buying a lock for your electric scooter?

What’s Your Budget?

Quality locks can be expensive, so it’s good to know how much you’re willing to spend. Invest in quality materials and reinforcements instead of fancy bells and whistles. An expensive U-lock is more reliable than a similarly-priced folding lock because its main selling point is high-end security.

As with any other security product, you get what you pay for. Cheaper locks are ideal for low-risk environments such as private parking lots but don’t make the mistake of cutting corners in a high-risk environment. Invest as much as you think you should keep your electric scooter safe. You’ll need to know how dangerous your environment is before deciding how much to spend on a lock.

How Much is Your Scooter Worth?

How much did you pay for your scooter? If it’s an expensive electric scooter, then it’s a more attractive target and thus will require more security to deter theft. But if it’s a relatively inexpensive model, it doesn’t make sense to invest in pricey state-of-the-art scooter security.

You don’t want a situation where thieves cut the scooter in half to steal your lock.

Thieves will spend more time cutting loose a high-end scooter than they will a cheaper one. That alone is incentive enough to buy the biggest lock you can find if you’re riding on anything worth 1,000 and above.

That doesn’t mean that you should leave your cheap scooters unattended. A cheap, unsecured scooter is more attractive to criminals than any expensive scooter with a decent lock.

What’s the Level of Risk

  • Where do you live?
  • How safe is the neighborhood you park in?
  • Can you maintain a line of sight to your parked scooter at all times?
  • How long do you usually leave your scooter unattended?

These questions will help you establish your risk level for scooter theft. An unsafe neighborhood or crowded city center is a high-risk environment. Parking lots that are out of sight give thieves a lot of time to work your lock uninterrupted, so they’re also very risky.

If you leave your scooter unattended for hours, then you need strong locks that can deter thieves and survive multiple attempts. Knowing your risk level will help you buy the best locks for your situation.

How to Lock an Electric Scooter?

Find Secure Locking Points On Your Scooter

  • Built using solid material (stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Free of screws and removable attachments
  • Difficult to break and/or vital to the functioning of the scooter

The stem is the first choice since it meets all these criteria. It’s sturdy, impossible to remove, and doesn’t have any attachments that can provide a way out. You just have to find a lock that’s large enough to slip around the stem and the bike rack or pole.

Other locking points include the folding mechanism and the carry handle. You shouldn’t lock around the handlebars, front wheels, and removable accessories like fenders. Even if it’s bolted on, all it takes is a patient and well-equipped thief to get past your lock.

Choose a Crowded Place

The biggest deterrent to theft is other people, so whenever possible, park your electric scooter near crowds or in high-traffic areas. Make sure the area is widely visible, well lit, and easy to monitor and access.

Shopping centers are a good place to start. They’re often crowded, plus most shops these days have outdoor security cameras that deter theft in the vicinity.

Do not park between cars or in dimly lit areas. Avoid parking in areas you can’t see or get to quickly if you need to. Keep in mind that a secure parking space should also protect your scooter from the elements.

Choose a Permanent Object

Always lock your scooter onto a permanent fixture, preferably one that’s cemented to the ground. Ensure the anchor is not too short because it’s easy to lift a 25lb scooter over a 3-foot locking point.

Your best bet is a designated bike rack since it’s designed for that exact purpose. But, in a pinch, stair railings, steel posts, and signposts work too. Avoid metal fences and flimsy structures that look easy to cut or smash through.

Don’t Give Thieves Hints

Try to be as discreet as possible about your whereabouts.

You shouldn’t broadcast that your scooter is unattended. Always give the impression that you’re close enough to pounce on any delinquents looking to boost your electric scooter.

Keep the Lock Off the Ground

It’s a bad idea to let the lock hang too close to the ground. That’s a surefire way to get it pulverized by a hammer. Make sure it is suspended slightly above the ground, far enough to make hammer attacks ineffective.

Make It Hard to Access the Lock

  • Fill the inside of U-lock
  • Face the keyhole downwards
  • If the keyhole is hard to access, it is harder for lockpicking

There have been cases where thieves have put the glue inside the keyhole, so you can’t unlock your cooter and have to leave it overnight. This gives them the quiet nighttime to steal your vehicle.

Keep the keyhole facing down. You want to make your locks as difficult as possible to pry open with picking techniques. If you’re using a U-lock, fill the space between the shackles and your electric scooter to make it harder to crowbar open.

Other Security Options

Immobilizer Alarm

In the near future, we might ditch our scooter locks in favor of docking stations. Like bike racks, you’ll find these at shopping centers, universities, and office buildings. It secures it by the fork and handles, making it impossible to jack.

These docking stations can be unlocked using your smartphone and can even be booked in advance.


If you lock up your scooter every time you leave it unattended, thieves are less likely to make away with it. It sounds obvious, but scooter thefts are still on the rise.

To keep your electric scooter safe, it’s vital that you use the right lock(s). Risky areas may require you to use multiple locks to keep thieves at bay. But, if you follow the basic security guidelines in this article, such as using correct locks for electric scooter, keeping your scooter visible when parked, parking in crowded places, and using secure anchor points, then you can deter even the most motivated thieves.

Which lock type yo like the most? Leave a comment and let us know!

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