How Fast Can Your Ebike Go. High speed electric bike

How Fast Can Your Ebike Go?

Top 3.0 has been recognized by Forbes as the fastest ebike in the world

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular all over the world. There are good reasons for such popularity. The pedaling assistance provided by an electric bike expands cycling to a wider audience. Practically anyone can enjoy long rides with this type of vehicle. One doesn’t have to be necessarily fit to explore the countryside on two wheels. Also, this is an effective and healthy commuting alternative in cities where traffic jams are the norm.

But, how fast is an electric bike ? Many people interested in purchasing their first e-bike often ask this question. Also, many wonder whether the speed e-bikes reach is within safe and legal limits. The answers to these questions are not so straightforward. Electric bicycles are permitted to reach up to 20 mph (32 km/h) in the US, whereas it is 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in Europe. The local legislation in each region imposes these limits. But some of these vehicles can go faster depending on the type of motor they use.

Thus, in this article, we discuss the speed topic in more detail. We will discuss some technical aspects that determine it. As an electric bike owner, you have to always be informed about the local legislation that regulates the use of such vehicles. Complying with the legal speed limits will make your rides safer and more enjoyable.

The Impact of Motor Power on Speed

When you ride an e-bike, you count on the assistance of a motor. As such, one can expect that the speed you can achieve is higher than pedaling without any assistance. On average, cyclists can reach between 7.5 and 9.5 mph (12-15 km/h) using solely the power of their legs. Thus, an electric bike can easily double that speed.

The speed of an e-bike depends on the electric motor. In similar conditions like flat terrain, a more powerful motor will yield higher speed. However, the relation between electric power and speed is not linear. Let’s take a look at the following approximate speed values on flat terrain:

  • A 250 W motor yields 20 mph;
  • A 500 W motor yields 25 mph;
  • A 750 W motor yields 28 mph;
  • A 1000 W motor yields 35 mph;
  • A 1500 W motor yields 40 mph.

250-W-power motors are the most powerful motors that can be mounted on electric bicycles are 250 W. This ensures that the speed on flat terrain doesn’t exceed the legal limit. However, not all e-bikes can reach the speed limit.

The Classification of e-Bikes

For the sake of regulation, electric bicycles have been put into three different classes. However, this classification hasn’t been adopted in all of the US. In some states, e-bikes are treated as conventional bicycles. No license or age limit is required to ride one. Whereas some regulations apply to e-bikes like to other motor vehicles.

Class 1: Pedal-Assist Only Up to 20 mph

These vehicles are a pedal-assist only. The e-bike will assist you throughout your ride. When you reach 20 mph, the assistance ceases.

Class 2: Pedal-Assist and Throttle Up to 20 mph

This type of electric bicycle has a top speed of 20 mph also. However, they include a throttle mode. The most common throttles are of the twist type or a thumb throttle on the handlebars. When the cyclist activates the throttle, the e-bike is propelled without the need for pedaling. This is quite similar to riding a motorcycle. Despite the throttle, a class 2 vehicle is not the fastest electric bike that you can buy.

Class 3: Pedal-Assist Only Up to 28 mph

These vehicles function like class 1 e-bikes but are capable of reaching a top speed of 28 mph. The additional speed allows the rider to cover a given distance in a shorter time. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to ride at the maximum speed. However, it is good to have the technical capability to ride faster when you need it.

Race Track Mode: Unlimited Speed

If you are a fan of high speed, you can ride a fast electric bike without any speed limits on a race track. You can also push the speed limit of your electric bicycle on private property. Electric bicycles with a race track mode can provide pedal assist above the speed limit of 28 mph. Other e-bikes such as the Delfast Top 3.0, allows for the use of throttle to reach the maximum speed provided by the electric motor.

Forbes has recognized the Top 3.0 as the fastest electric bike in the world. With a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), the Top 3.0 is significantly much faster than any of its competitors. This is the result of using a 3000 W electric motor, powered by a high-end battery.

Delfast Top 3.0 can be used as an off-road and commuting vehicle. You can easily control the speed of this electric bike to comply with the legal speed limits in Europe and America. Besides a race track mode, the Top 3.0 also has a pedal-assist mode for lower speed.

Should You Opt for Low or High Speed?

For leisure, you will probably enjoy riding at a low speed. Take your e-bike to explore and discover paths you haven’t seen before. You can have a great time pedaling at your own pace. However, you may need to ride faster in other situations. For example, if you ride your e-bike to work and you are already late, going at top speed is a big plus.

But if you are a speed enthusiast, then you should get a superfast e-bike. Bear in mind, however, that you probably won’t be able to ride it at top speed on the roads and streets of your city. This is why a highly versatile vehicle such as the Delfast Top 3.0 is your best option. With such an electric bicycle, you have a wide span of speed alternatives at your disposal. Whether you want it for leisure cycling, commuting, or to feel the adrenaline of race-track riding, the Delfast Top 3.0 will deliver the right speed.

Motorcycles Of The Future – The World’s Most Exciting And Fastest Electric Bikes

Bikes have always been exhilarating machines to ride; some seriously quick. But when we talk about electric bikes, speed is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. When we think electric, the inclination is more towards sustainability, ease of use, zero pollution and silent rides. However, some of the fastest electric bikes can hit speeds of 350 km/h. This is nearly superbike territory and it is hard to believe this kind of speed can be achieved with an electric motor.

Fastest electric bikes in the world

Undoubtedly, electric bikes will rule our roads in the near future, but until then let’s look at the fastest electric bikes in the world. These are some of the most advanced and high-performance electric motorcycles available today.

Voxan Wattman

The Voxan Wattman has been specifically designed to be the fastest electric bike in the world. It has an aerodynamic body that seems to cut through the air to produce the least possible drag.

The motorcycle is made in Monaco and is powered by a Mercedes 435 bhp (320 kW) electric motor borrowed from the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E World Championship Team, that can spin to a mind-boggling rpm of 10,500 rpm. The battery pack is an 829-volt, 5 kWh lithium-ion unit that receives liquid cooling using a water/dry ice heat exchanger.

Being an electric motor, it produces its maximum torque of 200 Nm from a standstill allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. This is no ordinary electric motorcycle. It can easily keep up with, and even perhaps outrun a comparable superbike running on a conventional petrol engine.

The aluminium exoskeleton was built around the battery pack rather than the other way around, and it doesn’t have a conventional chassis. The frame contains all the powertrain components so that an aerodynamic panel can fit around the motorbike.

This machine uses state-of-the-art technology that takes the motorcycle to the number 1 position as the fastest electric bike in the world. The maximum speed attained on the Voxan Wattman is a mind-bending 455 km/h, piloted by MotoGP Champion Max Biaggi, breaking 21 world speed records in its class of electric motorcycles weighing less than 300 kg.

Specifications of the bike include a length of 2700mm, seat height of 685 mm, wheelbase of 1957 mm and weight of 296 kg. The front and rear suspension is a dual swingarm with a central shock absorber, but the front has an offset handlebar with link rods. The Wattman uses Michelin Power RS tyres (Front.120/70 R17 Rear.190/55 R17). The rear brake is a 305 mm 4-piston calliper disc.

Lightning LS-218

Another speed demon, the Lightning LS-218 was built to race and is the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world. The top speed on the lightning is a phenomenal 346 km/h and the bike is road legal. 0 km/h to 100 km/h is achieved in just 2.2 seconds. Before the Voxan Wattman came along, it held the title of the fastest electric bike in the world. Its mission is to turn the superbike world upside down with electric power.

There are three battery packs available, all are 380 volts and have a maximum range of 289 km on a single charge. The superbike electric motor is a liquid-cooled, 150 kWh, 10,500 rpm unit that produces 200 bhp and 168 ft-lbs of torque. Charging time is 30 mins on a fast charger and 120 minutes on a standard plug. It weighs just 224 kg with programmable regenerative braking and RaceTech suspension that is fully adjustable.

The Lightning Superbike is home on the race track as well as your city roads. It holds several world land speed records as the fastest production electric motorcycle. The Lightning is a fantastic superbike and comes at an unbelievable price of Rs.28.38 – 32.22 lakh.

Riders say that full throttle cannot be applied from a standstill because it will just spin and smoke the tyres. The electric motor is completely liquid-cooled and has been designed to stay cool even in the most extreme performance and riding situations. The Lightning hyperbike can outrun even the fastest petrol-powered motorcycles thanks to its powerful electric motor that offers instantaneous torque.

Damon Hypersport Pro

The Damon Hypersport Pro is another high speed fastest electric bike that can take on the likes of gasoline or electric superbikes with a top speed of 321 km/h. It has a range of around 350 km (highway and urban), combining high-speed riding without any range anxiety. The battery powering the Damon Hypersport Pro is a 20-kWh unit that can be charged in 3 hours (it can also be used to power a house using vehicle-to-home connectivity).

Performance is staggering with a 0-90 km/h time of under 3 seconds from its permanent magnet alternating current electric motor with a peak power output of 160 kW.

The electric motor produces a maximum power output of 200 bhp and comes with advanced safety features such as CoPilot (a 360-degree awareness safety system). It is available in two variants known as Hypersport and Limited-Edition Premiere, and there are 25 Founder’s Edition bikes that are the first to step off the production line.

High-performance components are used on the Damon Hypersport including Brembo brakes and special Ohlins suspension making it seem this bike has been lifted straight off the race track. The Superbike has been equipped with the latest electric technology and has won awards for its innovation.

The CoPilot 360-degree awareness safety feature is a predictive analysis of the environment around the rider that keeps obstacles in FOCUS. It consists of a series of sensors that can keep the rider informed about moving objects that are not in direct line of sight. The information is fed to the rider with LED warning lights on the windscreen and via haptic feedback through the handlebars. The system also makes use of high-definition cameras and radar using Artificial Intelligence to scan the road. This bike could well be the forerunner of advanced safety technology used on motorcycles making the roads safer to ride on.

Some other innovative features of the Damon Hypersport are fully adjustable handlebars and foot pegs which allow the rider to shift between sports riding positions and city riding ergonomics. The body frame is a monocoque construction with the all-electric powertrain acting as a structural member and load-bearing component. The result is balanced weight distribution and advanced handling that will allow the hyperbike to perform to its maximum capabilities on road and through a racetrack.

The Damon Hypersport can be considered to be the most technology-packed and Smart-connected electric motorcycle on sale today. It has extensive 4G internet connectivity, 2 high-definition cameras and sensors that relay information to the company headquarters for analysis and fine-tuning their software in terms of collision detection, awareness and driver information. All this comes at a price and although the bike is not sold in India, it retails between 1.5 Crore to 3 Crore in the United States.

Zero SR/F

The Zero brand of motorbikes is one of the most innovative and powerful connected electric bikes to hit the roads. Although it is not sold in India, for this superbike translate to Rs.16.80 lakh. The bike aims to take on some of its petrol counterparts and could easily outshine them in terms of technology, performance, handling and advanced features.

Zero SR/F is one of the finer electric bikes today due to its long range and high top speed. It is capable of a top speed of 200 km/h with an acceleration time from 0.90 km/h in 3.5 seconds. It gets a ZForce 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery that gives the SR/F a maximum range of 365 km and the battery has a specially designed aluminium heat sink and heat exchange interface that keeps the cells cool even during intense performance.

The electric motor of the SR/F is a 110 bhp / 140 ft-lbs unit that is constructed using a permanent magnet brushless architecture which is air-cooled to provide maximum performance and efficiency. The Smart electric bike is equipped with an advanced operating system with Cloud compatibility that can download data for performance upgrades. It uses patented technology from Bosch for the electronic stability control that allows the motorcycle to adapt to different riding conditions, road terrain and driver inputs. Power is effortlessly dispensed while providing superior control and navigation.

The suspension is fully adjustable with an upside-down fork at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. Tyres are Pirelli Diablo Rosso III provide the Zero SR/F with excellent handling characteristics for the road and track. The instrument cluster features a next-generation application that relays a host of rider information to keep the pilot well aware of powertrain status, navigation, performance statistics and other critical information.

The steel trellis frame is incredibly light and features a custom swingarm to deliver unmatched riding dynamics, making the bike athletic and the riding experience intuitive and sporty. The electric motor and powertrain are perfectly distributed lend a balanced and optimised weight distribution enhancing the exhilarating riding characteristics.

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Fastest electric bike in India

There have been huge innovations in electric powertrains for e-bikes and e-scooters, to provide zero noise/pollution and smooth riding. There is also another category of electric bikes that have so far been on the sidelines in India, and that is high-performance, fast electric bikes.

This is all set to change with the Ultraviolette F77 – the fastest electric bike in India. Ultraviolette is a Bangalore-based company that has unveiled the F77 in three variants, the F77 Lightning, F77 Shadow and F77 Laser.

The top speed for the F77 is 147 km/h and it comes with a futuristic, sporty design, unlike anything we have seen in this country. The electric motor is rated at 27 kW with a peak torque figure of 90 Nm, which is easily the most powerful electric motorcycle to be released in India. The range is rated at 150 km while there are bigger battery packs on offer for extended riding range. Batteries are removable and can be charged in 5 hours using a standard power outlet. There is also a fast charger feature that can charge the battery to 80% in just under 1 hour. Currently, there are no comparable electric bikes to the Ultraviolette F77 in the Indian market.

The Ultraviolette F77 is most comparable to 300-cc petrol-powered motorcycles with acceleration times from 0 – 60 km/h in 3 seconds. The electric bike gets disc brakes on the front and rear to bring it to an assured stop from high speed. It gets a fully digital, Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster that provides basic information to the rider, controlled by switches on the handlebar.

for the Ultraviolette F77 are expected to start from Rs.3 lakh (average ex-showroom price) which puts in the reach of buyers looking for an affordable and sustainable mode of transport, with that extra bit of speed.


Electric bikes are gaining popularity around the world and in India due to their sustainable power sources, silent riding conditions and advanced technology. Electric bike manufacturers in India include TVS, Ather, Ola and Okinawa. Although most of these are commuter scooters that FOCUS on slow-speed city driving, it is a step in the right direction, and we can expect to see these manufacturers produce higher-end, performance-oriented motorcycles.

We have seen from this list of the fastest electric bikes that there is serious potential for high-performance from an electric motor. Modern electric superbikes are extremely fast and are capable of competing with their petrol-powered hypersport siblings, and in many cases could leave them in the dust. The only limiting factor for electric bikes is their range which can be improved with advances in battery and charging technology. It is just a matter of time before the fastest electric bikes become mainstream modes of transport.

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The Best Electric Motorcycles Of 2023

At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. Learn more about how we curate the best products for you.

Imagine: the wind rushing through your hair as you cruise, streamlining down the highway; passers-by eyeing your sweet ride; no choking petrol fumes in your wake. And that’s just a teaser of what you’ll experience riding one of the best electric motorcycles of 2023. Yes, electric sports bikes have come a long way, and they’re calling out for you to come along for the ride.

Whether you dream of open roads, never-ending horizons, and lush wilderness, or you have the more practical need of getting from A to B (who are we kidding, we mean home-to-office, of course)—there’s an electric motorbike on the market for you.

With huge innovations in eco-friendly transport (think electric cars, e-bikes, and the ubiquitous e-scooter), it’s no wonder that e-motorcycles have upped their design game, too. Providing low-noise, fume-free, and smooth-sailing journeys, what’s not to like? And of course, the planet will thank you. You can get your kids au fait early on with the great range of mini bikes and kid’s electric cars out there, too.

Naturally, everyone’s different and desires a different spec from their e-motorcycle. We’ve done the legwork for you and found the quickest-charging, longest-range, most powerful, and best budget electric motorbikes of this year, so you can take your pick. For style and speed with a sustainable spin, we’ve got it all.

For 2023, the Cake Kalk INK, BMW CE 04, and Onyx RCR, among many others, make their first appearance on our ranking of the best electric motorcycles of the year.

After our ranking of the best electric motorbikes of 2023, take a look at our buying guide to see what you should pay attention to when shopping for an EV bike. We also explain the methodology behind our ranking of the top bikes of the year.

The 15 best electric motorcycles of 2023

1 Energica Experia Overall best
2 Cake Kalk INK Best value
3 BMW CE 04 Best premium
4 Zero FX Best sports bike
5 Onyx RCR Best street bike
6 Vespa Elettrica Best electric scooter
7 Lightning LS-218 Fastest motorbike
8 Arc Vector Most stylish
9 Pursang E-Tracker Best for offroad
10 Cake Osa Flex Best for varied terrain
11 Damon Hypersport Premier Best range
12 Livewire S2 Del Mar Best for tech lovers
13 Evoke 6061 Fastest charge
14 Super Soco TC Most classic styling
15 Sondors Metacycle Best budget

As a bonus, check the upcoming 2023 electric motorbikes that we’re most excited about after the list.

After our ranking of the best electric motorbikes of 2023, take a look at our buying guide to see what you should pay attention to when shopping for an EV bike. We also explain the methodology behind our ranking of the top bikes of the year.

Energica Experia: Overall best electric motorcycle

When anyone brings up electric motorcycles, it’s easy to envision a dead battery cutting short the fun. Due to the logistical nightmare of squeezing large, heavy batteries onto a small frame, touring bikes have been out of the question.

Until now. Energica Experia is our top choice for an electric motorcycle as it’s gone somewhere others haven’t dared. It has the longest claimed range of any production motorcycle on the market, with up to 261 miles (420 km) of city driving on one charge.

fast, your, ebike, high, speed, electric

But city driving isn’t the goal of touring. At highway speeds, the range is limited to 130 miles (209 km), but three different charging methods can get you back on the road in a hurry.

The Energica Experia has a great overall stance and handling, combined with a charming aerodynamic style. It is hands down the best electric motorcycle to hit the market.

Price: 25,880
Engine power: 75 kW – 102 HP
Top speed: 180 km/h – 112 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 3.5 sec
Range: 256 km – 160 miles

Cake Kalk INK Electric Motorbike: Best value EV motorcycle

By mimicking the dual-sport motorcycle, Cake has created a cheap electric motorcycle that can silently sprint around trails. It started as an off-road-only model, but recent upgrades allow street legal use, registered as a 125cc bike in the USA and EU.

If you want something that’s not quite a full-size motorcycle yet not as compact as an electric bicycle, the Cake Kalk INK is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight and nimble, yet still able to deliver some power when you want it.

The Cake Kalk INK incorporated three ride modes that adjust speed and power to provide different levels of battery range. Another three braking modes can perfectly adjust what happens when you lift off the accelerator to match your conditions.

Price: 11,580
Engine power: 11 kW – 15 HP
Top speed: 90 km/h – 56mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 3 hours of trail/enduro riding

BMW CE 04: Best premium electric motorbike

If there’s one brand that’s no stranger to bringing advanced electric variants to the streets, BMW deserves some credit. The German automaker introduced futuristic-looking EVs over a decade ago and continues to reshape the automotive and motorcycle industries with new platforms.

The BMW CE 04 is not your average motorcycle. Its low-slung shape with an elongated bench seat might remind you of a modified jetski out of water. But that’s far from the truth.

The reality is that this beast utilizes a compact yet powerful motor that pairs with a thin battery pack. This leaves you plenty of room for seating two passengers or extra gear, plus a sizable storage compartment that helps make practical daily use a breeze.

The BMW CE 04 takes a giant step forward in electric motorcycle evolution. Are you ready to take the leap?

Price: 11,795
Engine power: 31 kW – 42 HP
Top speed: 121 km/h – 75 mph
Acceleration: 0–50 km/h – 0-31.1 mph: 2.6 sec
Range: 129 km – 80 Mi

Zero FX: Best electric sports bike

It takes time to perfect any craft. And with over a decade of EV motorcycle production under its belt, Zero is staying ahead of the pack in many ways.

The Zero FX is most at home on the trails, where it will let you FOCUS on finding the right line while cruising through nature. But it’s a jack of all trades. You can throw it around city streets with just as much enthusiasm as your off-road adventures.

The chassis is built from aircraft aluminum and has been shaved down over many years of production, providing one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market. Simply put, the Zero FX electric sports bike will blow your mind regardless of the conditions under the tires.

Price: 12,995
Engine power: 34 kW – 46 HP
Top speed: 137 km/h – 85 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 111 km – 69 miles

Onyx RCR Electric Motorbike: Best electric street bike

It’s a bird… it’s a plane. No, it’s the Onyx RCR electric street bike. Fitting precisely into no category, this sleek offering straddles the line between an e-bike and an electric motorcycle.

One thing’s for certain. The Onyx RCR brings back nostalgia with its cafe-racer looks and woodgrain decals. It’s available in two different models, one designed for street use and one for trail riding. You can also customize battery packs, suspension heights, and paint colors.

This E motorcycle is much more suitable for slower speeds, and the street-legal mode only goes up to 20 mph (32 km/h). But as an affordable electric street bike, this can win over your heart with one quick ride.

Price: 5,750
Engine power: 13 kW – 17 HP
Top speed: 97 km/h – 60 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 193 km – 120 miles

Vespa Elettrica: Best electric scooter

Kleenex, Google, Band-Aid. Few brands are so iconic that their trademarked product name takes over the generic term. When it comes to scooters, Vespa is the name of the game and has been since the 1940s.

Today’s Vespas aren’t like that of the past. While the exterior design might have you think otherwise, the Vespa Elettrica uses a fully electric drivetrain to make getting a town an absolute joy.

The power is on the lower end of the scale, but you won’t notice thanks to the respectable 148 lb-ft of instant torque. The inboard display seamlessly connects to your phone. And you have your choice of six stylish colors to make this electric motorcycle scooter your own.

If you don’t care about the Vespa brand name, check out the Piaggio 1. This cheaper alternative is based on the same platform and has similar performance.

Price: 7,499
Engine power: 4 kW – 5 HP
Top speed: 70 km/h – 43 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 100 km – 62 miles

Lightning LS-218: Fastest electric motorbike

Some electric motorcycles are meant for city streets or off-road trails. But when it comes to the Lightning LS-218, there is one thing it seeks most of all. The wide-open road.

While the Voxan Wattman is technically the fastest motorcycle, it’s not approved for street use. On the other hand, the Lightning LS-218 can charge down the road at a blistering 218 mph or more, all while silently slipping through the tarmac.

The cost of this powerful E motorcycle is magnitudes more than most bikes, but it has every right to charge the premium. Its incredible design brings out the best in sports bike styling, while the range, acceleration, and top speed are all at the top of the game.

Price: 38,888
Engine power: 150 kW – 200 HP
Top speed: 351 km/h – 218 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 2.2 sec
Range: 290 km – 180 miles

Arc Vector: Most stylish electric motorcycle

Not many companies have the luxury of using a no-holds-barred approach. ARC is one of the lucky few that does. The result is an impeccable work of art, making the Arc Vector our top choice for style.

But the beauty of this electric street bike is more than skin deep. It’s infused into every component, from the carbon fiber swing arms to the modular battery monocoque platform. The Arc Vector is craftsmanship redefined.

Claiming the title of the world’s most advanced motorcycle, the Vector incorporates a Human Machine Interface with an Arc Pilot System heads-up display helmet and the game-changing Origin Jacket with active feedback. It is like nothing else the world has seen.

Price: £90,000 (~120,000 USD)
Engine power: 87 kW – 117 HP
Top speed: 351 km/h – 218 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 3.2 sec
Range: 436 km – 271 miles

Pursang E-Tracker: Best electric motorcycle for off-road

One incredible part of the electric motorbike revolution is the innovation coming from new companies. The Spanish-based Pursang is among the top in the segment, offering an excellent option for those who want to fit in anywhere they can drive on two wheels.

The Pursang E-Track fuses a chic look with a powerful Bosch motor and a driving position that’s equally great for relaxed cruising and aggressive off-road sessions. The color TFT screen provides all the details you need and nothing you don’t.

The E-Track is an electric sports bike for those who want it all. There is enough power to have fun, a solid range to get you where you need to go, and it’s all dressed up in a package that’ll attract attention everywhere you go.

Price: 14,900
Engine power: 11 kW – 15 HP
Top speed: 110 km/h – 68 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 140 km – 87 miles

Cake Osa Flex: Best E motorcycle for varied terrain

Being a jack of all trades isn’t easy. It requires flexibility and adapting to individual demands. Some electric motorcycles are built for one purpose. Others can handle it all.

When versatility is your priority, turn to the Cake Osa Flex. This high-performance utility machine is geared up with over a thousand accessory combinations to handle any situation with ease. It’s the Swiss Army knife of electric motorcycle scooters.

The battery pack has multiple power outlets, letting it double as a portable power station. It’s a workbench on wheels mixed with a commuter bike that can be packed with gear. The Cake Osa Flex is fully street-legal and ready to be registered as a 50cc bike.

Price: 8,880
Engine power: 5 kW – 7 HP
Top speed: 45 km/h – 28 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 92 km – 57 miles

Damon Hypersport Premier: Best electric motorbike for range

Hopping on two wheels isn’t for the faint of heart. But for those road warriors who want the full experience, the Damon Hypersport is worth checking out.

As one of the best electric roadsters on two wheels, the Hypersport pushes out a whopping 200 horsepower and can get up to 60 mph in less than three seconds. But it also hits the mark when it comes to longevity, with an impressive 200-mile (322 km) range.

The Damon Hypersport is engineered to take you faster, safer, and farther. You can instantly transform the riding position on the fly to avoid fatigue or gear up for the curves. An incorporated CoPilot system uses artificial intelligence to keep tabs on everything around you and warn of any hazards.

It’s the electric motorcycle for adults that has your back.

Price: 19,000
Engine power: 149 kW – 200 HP
Top speed: 322 km/h – 200 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph:
Range: 322 km – 200 miles

Livewire S2 Del Mar: Best electric street bike for tech lovers

Harley Davidson’s image doesn’t blend well with the electric motorcycle revolution. But the brand’s spinoff EV motorcycle group, Livewire, is doing all it can to show Harley riders that electric motorbikes are the way of the future. And the S2 Del Mar has grabbed the spotlight.

At first glance, it’s mostly what you’d expect from a modern Harley bike. It’s a robust motorcycle that has only a few cues indicating the electric platform, most notable are the heat transfer fins flanking the bike.

fast, your, ebike, high, speed, electric

But this isn’t Livewire’s first take. It’s a more nimble, lighter, and less expensive version of the Livewire ONE, yet it still has all the power and fun you could want.

The exclusive Del Mar Launch Edition S2 features an exclusive paint scheme and wheel design, but the regular production models are sure to impress with looks just as much as the legendary Harley Davidson ride, even if it doesn’t rumble as you’d expect.

Price: 17,699
Engine power: 59.6 kW – 80 HP (est.)
Top speed: Unspecified
Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 3.1 sec
Range: 177 km – 110 miles

Evoke 6061: Fastest charge electric motorbike

Battery electric vehicles have one serious disadvantage. When they run out of juice, it can be a long time before they’re ready to hit the road again.

The Evoke 6061 turns that idea about-face. By using a 336-volt battery pack, it can recharge up to 80% in 15 minutes. Just enough time for you to shake off any road fatigue, refuel your body, and hop back on.

This hand-assembled new electric motorcycle pleases the eye with its minimalistic design that puts the aluminum twin-plate frame in the spotlight. But the real treat comes when you turn the throttle. The impressive 160-horsepower motor rockets up to 62 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

The Evoke 6061 is making waves in the electric motorcycle segment. And for good reason.

Price: 24,995
Engine power: 120 kW – 160 HP
Top speed: 230 km/h – 143 mph
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h – 0-62 mph: 2.6 sec
Range: 470 km – 292 miles

Super Soco TC: Most classic styling

There’s nothing better than getting on two wheels to hop around the city. Especially if those two wheels are packed with class and style.

The Super Soco TC might not be the most powerful electric motorcycle on the road, but its cafe-racer-inspired shape brings back fond memories as it glides down the road. The affordable price tag, removable battery packs, and comfortable riding position make it an excellent choice for short commutes or joy rides.

The graceful design elements do an incredible job of merging new-world technology with classic styling. It has a large display between the bars and an oversized LED headlight placed front and center. It’s pure joy to ride and look at.

Price: 3,330
Engine power: 1.9 kW – 2.5 horsepower
Top speed: 45 km/h – 28 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 48 km – 30 miles

Sondors Metacycle: Best cheap electric motorcycle

Take one look at the Sondors Metacycle and it’s clear that it breaks new ground. The Metacycle isn’t just a model name, it’s the introduction of a new segment that’s more powerful than most electric bicycles but not quite up to the full performance of a motorcycle.

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It’s one of the best cheap electric motorcycles around, with an impressive 80 mph top speed and up to 80 miles on a single charge. The battery pack is easily removable, so you can park on the street and bring it inside when it needs to charge up away from home.

The Sondors Metacycle is the guilt-free, hassle-free way to get around town. It’s sure to put a smile on your face while letting you put your hard-earned cash to the best use possible.

Price: 6,500
Engine power: 14.5 kW – 20 HP
Top speed: 129 km/h – 80 mph
Acceleration: Unspecified
Range: 129 km – 80 miles

Bonus: The upcoming electric motorcycles we’re most excited about

What’s that we see glinting on the horizon? Oh, just the hottest electric motorcycles hitting the market very soon:

  • Switch Scrambler – Make it yours: the Switch Scrambler is totally customizable, and whatever style choices you make, you can be sure it’ll look slick. It’s currently in the ABS testing phase and will be heading for full production later in the year.
  • DAB Concept-E – One for the tech-fiends, the DAB Concept-E offers incredibly high-end components for a seamless experience. The slightly smaller-than-average battery means this one’s better for short-range city-riding rather than long journeys.
  • Husqvarna E-Pilen – This electric motorcycle for adults is still in its conceptual phase, but it’ll be all the better for it. With a vroom-vroom aesthetic and plans for whippet-like speeds, the Husqvarna E-Pilen is certainly one to keep your eye on. Look out for full production within the next 2 years.
  • Ducati Electric Racer – Still a bit of an enigma, the new model is currently being tested. When it’s finally released, the Ducati Electric Racer will be used for the MotoE series in 2023, taking the place of Energica as the official motorcycle supplier. Well, if it’s good enough for the pros…

With so many ground-breaking electric motorcycles entering the market – this could be the year electric begins to surpass petrol. We are seeing competitions where electric motorcycles are now dominating like the Malle Mile. We predict that we are going to see this happening in more and more motorcycle categories now.

Tobin Page, Australian Electric Motor Co

Advantages and disadvantages of electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have many advantages. Ease of maintenance, instant torque, and whisper-quiet noise levels are some of the top benefits.

But there are some disadvantages to electric motorbikes too. The main issues to consider are the limited range, charging time and infrastructure, and potential battery replacement needs.

The electric motorcycle that’s best for you

powerful than an electric bicycle, lower profile than an electric car: If you’re looking for a sustainable vehicle that’s a good all-around compromise between the two, you can’t go wrong with an electric motorcycle. In particular, they’re usually more cost-effective than an electric car – and they generally feature shorter recharge times, which is a definite plus.

If you’re looking to purchase an electric motorbike, there are a couple of features you should pay close attention to. These include:

  • Range. As an EV, an electric motorbike does have a specific maximum distance that it can travel before you’re going to need to find a way to recharge. If you are using your electric motorcycle mainly for commuting, you may be able to select a bike with a lower range and prioritize other features. If you’re planning on adventuring further away from home, it might be a good idea to select one with a larger range – such as the Damon Hypersport Premier.
  • Comfort. Motorcycles aren’t known for being the most comfortable of vehicles, but if you’re planning on riding it a lot, a little comfort will go a long way. Check to see what the seat is made of, whether the pedals are adjustable, and if the shocks of your future bike promise a bump-free ride.
  • Safety. Motorcycles have gotten poor press in the past for their lack of safety features. The modern EV motorbike market is compensating for this with new high-tech safety features each year, such as 360-degree cameras and Smart rider assistance. If you’re at all worried about your safety while you’re zipping around on your motorbike, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-tech motorcycle that has these options.

Methodology: How we select, test, and rank the best options on the market

To find the best electric motorcycles on today’s market, we ranked the features we deemed most important – such as safety and range, as well as power, style, and comfort – and looked at all of the motorcycles that have come out recently (and will come out over the course of this year). The master list we came up with featured several sophisticated, powerful motorbikes!

We ranked each of these motorcycles, combing through reviews and testimonials until we had a ranking that we were ready to share. Finally, we picked one element from each bike to emphasize to award each a title as winner of a specific category.

Frequently asked questions about the best electric motorcycles

The Energica Experia is the best electric motorcycle of 2023. With a range of 160 miles (or 256 km), this sweet ride could see you across country borders if you choose. Not to mention, the uber-cool aesthetic and lightning-fast top speed seal the deal.

At just 5,000, the Sondors Metacycle is the cheapest electric motorcycle of 2023. It brings great value, backing its affordable price with a good range and a top speed that rivals several others in this competitive market.

Able to travel a lengthy 482 km (300 miles) on a single charge, the Damon Hypersport Premier is a true pegasus. Oh, and you won’t be meandering along, either: with a max speed of 200 mph (420 km/h), you’ll certainly feel the wind in your hair on this impressive bike.

While e-motorcycles currently sit on the higher end of the price spectrum, they are the transport of our epoche. Boasting quiet operation, no fumes, and of course, minimizing your carbon footprint, e-motorcycles are harbingers of an eco-friendly future. Check our round-up of the top electric motorcycles of 2023 to find the best one for you.

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Yes, I ride my electric bike with the power off. Here’s why

It might sound strange since electric bikes are known for their ability to ride faster and farther with less exertion, but I often ride my e-bike with the power turned off.

I wasn’t always this way. Especially not in the beginning. I first got into electric bicycles back around 2009. That was before it was easy to buy one, so I built one instead.

How I got into electric bikes

I wasn’t a cyclist and I wasn’t drawn to electric bikes because they were bikes. Instead, they were just a better way to get around the city. No car ownership hassles. No bus schedules. Just going.

My first e-bike didn’t even have pedal assist. It was built on a rigid Trek mountain bike with a twist throttle that unleashed 2,000 watts of power to get me flying at over 30 mph (48 km/h). Rim brakes, zero suspension, and the foolish bravery of a 20-year-old male. Oh, college.

This was a decade and a half ago, before most e-bike laws were a thing, and I had unwittingly built what was basically a DIY light electric motorcycle. That was my introduction to electric bikes. So it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t what most people would consider a cyclist.

My early years of e-biking were entirely utilitarian. E-bikes were always just a fast, efficient way to slice through the heart of a city in a fraction of time it would take a car (and with several times the amount of fun!).

But over time, the idea of pedal assist began to grow on me. I wasn’t really in search of the fitness aspect; I ran 3-5 miles a day. But I eventually discovered just how much fun pedaling could be. There was something to the idea that you weren’t on a machine, you were part of it.

Over time I became better and better at it. My cycling fitness improved (though I was by no means an athletic cyclist). I would use lower and lower levels of pedal assist power until eventually I realized that maybe I don’t even need the pedal assist. At least, not sometimes. And so I started just turning the pedal assist power off.

Pedal assist level zero became a new concept to me.

Turning off the pedal assist power

I know you might be thinking, “well then just ride a non-electric bike, ya dingbat.” And I hear you, but I don’t want that either. Because it’s not that I always ride with the bike off. In fact, I almost always have my e-bikes “on,” just with the pedal assist set to zero.

Essentially, I’ve turned off the bike’s pedal assist power. That means I’m the only thing supplying any power when I pedal. But whenever I need it, such as when trying to quickly get across a major road full of death machines with heated seats, a twist of the throttle unleashes the power of two to three highly conditioned cyclists cranking on my pedals for me. It’s a comforting safety net, and also a nice way to take the edge off if I do happen to come across a hill that is just a bit too painful for my single-speed e-bike that day.

So essentially, the “e” part of my e-bike is always there. It’s just not getting used on those rides unless I suddenly need it in a pinch.

I don’t always eschew my throttle for the duration of rides. In fact, during times when I’m still focused primarily on transportation, I’ll use higher pedal assist power levels or even purely throttle to get where I’m going quickly. I still think of my e-bikes fundamentally as forms of transportation, not fitness. That’s the way my brain is wired and it will probably never change. E-bikes are car replacers.

But the ability to take the same machine that I use to visit friends, buy groceries, or zip on over to the beach, and instead use it for fitness without any modification, is one of the coolest aspects of e-bikes.

So yes, not all of my rides are purely pizza-powered. But the ones where time isn’t of the essence often are. When I don’t need to go fast, I can enjoy going slow and doing the work myself. Just this morning my wife sent me out to buy a bottle of wine to bring to some friends hosting dinner tonight. Where’s the rush? I’m getting something I don’t understand and will undoubtedly pay too much for. Why hurry?

Instead, I dropped it into pedal assist level zero and had a lovely morning ride through a quiet city (Friday is the weekend here), all at my own pace and with my own two legs doing the work. It was so nice that I’m still coming down off of that high, which I used to immediately bang out this article.

Top comment by ctromley

What a terrific way to explain to those unsure of getting an e-bike that it’s not cheating and that it doesn’t prevent you from getting the exercise you need. Here’s someone who didn’t care about fitness at all and got fit anyway on an e-bike without even trying!

Brilliant. This will help me convince my wife to get one.

All of this is to say that if you have an e-bike that you use purely for urban transport, then I totally understand you. That’s exactly how I started.

But over time, I learned just how much more there was to the world of e-biking than just getting around. From the mental health benefits to the physical health benefits, a slow, easy pedal ride once in a while may just be a nice way to connect with your e-bike in a manner you haven’t considered before.

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