Himiway Cruiser Review: All Terrain Premium eBike for a Budget Price. Himiway ebike battery

Himiway Cruiser Review: All Terrain Premium eBike for a Budget Price

The fat eBikes are fun to drive and have plenty of features that offer good comfort and stability. They can do well as a city commuter as well as an off-road cruiser. The thick tires on these eBikes provide a good grip on almost all terrains and give good shock absorption even on the bumpiest trails. Now, the fat tire eBike league is crowding up, and getting one among the best can be a bit confusing.

Here, we’ve got the Himiway Crusier that’s an all-purpose eBike, with an affordable price for the premium quality. Let us take a peek at what this premium fat-tire eBike has got in store for you.

Editor’s Note: We have tested the cruise mode, pedal-assist, and hill-climbing with our team member, who is 6′ and 180LBs weight. See our testing videos.

  • Himiway Cruiser eBike Overview
  • Himiway eBike Motor
  • 840Wh Samsung Battery
  • Throttle and Pedal Assist Riding Modes
  • Fat Tire Disc Braking System
  • Riding Comfort
  • Himiway eBike Accessories
  • eBike LCD Display
  • Himiway eBike Assembly
  • What’s In the Box
  • Himiway Customer Support
  • Tips for A New eBike Rider
  • Himiway eBike Pricing Availability

Himiway Cruiser eBike Overview

The Himiway Cruiser is a premium commuter that is a utility-driven as well as a performance-oriented eBike with fat tires. The Cruizer is a little bit of the city commuter, a little bit of the off-roader, and a little bit of cruiser that comes at a pretty reasonable and affordable price tag. Himiway is a newcomer in the league but has made some high quality, well-crafted eBikes that have got a lot of heads turned.

They have surely adhered to their build quality and have made the Crusier with a strong and durable Aluminum frame combined with a 750W powerful motor and 264 fat tires. The tires are pretty wide in order to increase stability and comfort in all terrains. Combined with the front suspension, tires, and the seating posture, you can go on for hours without feeling a tinge of fatigue.

The Himiway Cruser comes with a geared 750W hub motor coupled with a 48V 17.5Ah battery. The motor can crank up the momentum and give you a max torque of up to 80Nm. The high-speed brushless motor can help you cruise the streets with speeds of up to 22 miles on the throttle mode and up to 28 miles when combined with the pedal assists.

With Samsung’s 48V 17Ah removable battery, the bike can go over 60 miles on a single charge on the pedal assist. That’s a lot for an e-bike. When you’re on the throttle mode, you get a max mileage of up to 35 miles and that’s a marvel. The batteries get a 2-year warranty and that’s something most of the eBike manufacturers fail to offer.

As you saw, the bike offers two riding modes, the pedal assist, and the throttle mode. With a 5 level pedal assist, the bike can very well cruise the street without any delay or lag. The bike comes with the Shimano Altis 7 speed gear system. It lets you give that necessary thrust that comes in handy during those steep hilly terrains.

Whatsmore, the Himiway Cruiser comes with powerful Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes both in the front and rear. The brakes are pretty efficient and stop your vehicle. over, the disc brakes include motor inhibitors that cut off the power from the motor at the moment you apply the brakes. This will provide more safety and control on the bike in an emergency braking.

Himiway Cruiser Fat Tire E-Bike General Specifications

With the added tire width, you can encounter tire punctures often, and there isn’t any real puncture protection of any sort. Also, the tire installation is a bit tricky and can give you a bit of fuss if it’s the rear on that’s busted. A useful tip to counter tire damage is to adjust the tire pressure according to the terrains you’re gonna ride. Adjusting the tire pressure for the off roads and the city rides can make a lot of difference to your riding comfort.

Talking about the brakes, the Himiway Cruiser comes with a decent set of mechanical disc brakes that give a stable braking potential. Both the front and the rear 180mm mechanical provide ample stopping power even in the harshest conditions.

A thing to note is that the brakes are prone to damage in the long run. Compared with other eBikes in this range, they are somewhat on the low side. If you’re planning to cruise at high speeds, then it’s important to give a daily checkup on the brakes and make sure they are well maintained. The reason behind this is that the bike, on the whole, is heavy and a heavy bike cruising at high speeds will definitely wear through the brakes faster in the long run.

Our Take: The fat tires are good for grip and suitable for all terrains. While you do a mountain ride or on a gravel road or sand, and the less inflated tire compensates for the suspension. The downside, they are heavy and drag.

Riding Comfort

The Himiway Crusier is a pleasure to ride on almost all terrains. It comes with a durable frame, adjustable saddle, handlebars, and front suspensions. The bike favors an upright riding position that’s sporty enough.

The adjustable seat post and the handlebars make it easier for you to get a suitable riding posture. The 300mm seat post length enabled greater adjustability and good up to 6.2″ rider height. You won’t need to think of replacing the seats as they are quite comfortable.

Talking about the suspensions, this eBike comes with front fork suspension with lockout. It absorbs a lot of impacts and the setup includes clickers for lockout and preload adjust.

Our Take: The fat tire with low pressure guarantee you a cushy effect on the ride. However, it would be nice to have a rear shock absorber for a comfortable ride. We know, for a 1399 price tag, that is too much to ask!

Himiway eBike Accessories

The Himiway Crusier, unlike other eBikes, comes with a lot of handy accessories, and a 2-year warranty. Each of the accessories makes the bike innovative and comfortable to ride. You get a powerful LED headlamp, a compact yet sporty tail lamp, a rear rack, a side kickstand, fenders, multipurpose bike tool, a bunch of cable ties, and a pretty “Himiway” printed cap.

The LED 48V headlight is powerful enough to guide you in the dark. The rear tail lamp is a bit small but is powerful to give an alert signal even during broad daylight. The rear taillight and headlamp draw power from the bike’s main battery. The rear light turns on when you activate the headlight with the control panel button.

The rear rack is pretty good quality with a pretty wooden panel engraved with “Himiway” on it. Full-scale fenders that come with the eBike are quite durable and strong. It can block sand and snow while driving. The multipurpose bicycle repair tool that does every bit of work on the bike. Most of the eBikes lack a multi-functional repair tool but Himiway implemented this so that you could get things done without any external aid.

himiway, cruiser, review, terrain

Our Take: The rear rack is well made and strong. The headlight is bright and powerful for a night time ride. The rear light also blinks when you break the bike, a nice feature that can warn your fellow riders in the dark.

eBike LCD Display

The LCD Display on the Himiway Cruiser is a 3” grayscale display. It is easy to use and is bright enough to be visible even during broad daylight. The display provides crucial info that includes speed, total mileage, motor power, battery level, etc. The display also shows the pedal assistance and motor power output in real-time.

You can even keep track of your current, max, and average speed during your ride. The display will also give you an idea about the ride time for each ride, and the total miles on the bike. You can’t reset this total mile.

Our Take: Good enough size and visible on sunny days. The display panel also supports a USB port. This lets you charge your smartphone while being mounted onto your bike, and no need to worry about phone battery in your daily commute.

himiway, cruiser, review, terrain

Himiway eBike Assembly

The Himiway Crusier comes almost 80% assembled. All you need to take care of is to install the front wheel, saddle, and handlebar, and front-wheel fenders. The assembly process takes no time and can be done all by yourself.

The multipurpose repair tool that comes with the delivery helps you immensely during the installation. The display also comes fixed on to the handlebar and the angle is adjustable. The front tire and the saddle come with a quick lock knob. A slight twist and a press keep things secure.

The Himiway Crusier offers strong fenders that you get free with the delivery. These are also easy to install and protects the bike from dust and snow. On top of the rear fender, you can attach a rear rack that’s multipurpose. It works well as a load carrier or as a pillion seat.

Our Take: We took around 45-60 minutes to assemble all the parts and accessories. You don’t have the instructions in the manual for all the parts. But, you can do everything pretty much yourself with the tool provided with the bike.

What’s In the Box

With the whole package, you get the eBike(needs assembling), Samsung 48V 17Ah battery, a standard 2 Amp charger, user manual, and other important documents. You also get a lot of addons that are pretty useful.

You receive a front LED headlamp and a small tail lamp, an aluminum kickstand, rear rack, fenders, branded cap, etc. Everything is pretty strong and looks premium. They add a bit of versatility to your eBike and make your ride safe and secure.

  • The Himiay is an all-terrain ebike that suits almost every conditions
  • Premium build quality combined with excellent performance
  • Excellent battery life that offers more mileage on both the riding modes
  • Fat tires offer good traction and stability even during harsh conditions
  • The 2-year warranty is applaudable as most eBike providers only offer a limited warranty
  • Himiway offers a number of premium quality accessories that make riding joyful
  • The rear rack is has a wood platform that works well as a cargo carrier as well as a pillion seat
  • The bike comes in single frame size and single color option
  • The Kenda fat tires are excellent but offer drag without motor power.
  • Mechanical disc brakes are good but, hydraulic would be nice for e-bikes.
  • The charger is basic and this makes recharging the batteries quite cumbersome
  • The gearing range of 14-28 on the cassette is limited, which means a limited pedaling range
  • There is audible motor noise along with the fat tire riding sound.

Himiway Customer Support

Well, I’ll be worried about customer support when I buy a bike for more than 1 grant. We did some research on Himiway customer support before we write this article. We experienced a minor issue when we received the bike. It was an LCD value glitch, that can be resolved in a few minutes.

We contacted customer support by email and we received a reply in 24 hours. However, the reply was not addressed the solution for the issue. We contacted the customer support number directly on the second attempt. The call went to a voice recorder, but we received a call back within 10 minutes. He resolved the issue in two minutes over the phone. So far, we are happy with the customer support and we saw the accessory store, just in case if you break any part.

Himiway eBike Pricing Availability

The 750W motor coupled with the 48V 17.5Ah battery gives excellent performance compared with other eBikes in this range. At present, you can get the Crusier online, direct from the Himiway online store. It offers some excellent add-ons and accessories that most eBike manufactures don’t include.

We have a special discount code for MashTips readers. Please use the discount code “MT50″ and you will get a 50 discount for each bike and you will get a bunch of accessories for free of cost (deal expired). The accessories include free full fenders, the handlebar cover, the rear rack, a Himiway cap, and the tool for assembly.

Please use the code “2BIKES” if you are buying two eBikes from Himiway and you get 100 OFF for both bikes.

himiway, cruiser, review, terrain

The Himiway Cruiser is an excellent all-terrain eBike that comes with 264 fat tires. These tires offer pretty good grip and traction on every terrain and weather conditions. With a powerful hub motor coupled with an everlasting battery, the Himmiway Crusier is a sure shot investment and one of the best Fat Tire eBikes.

Tips Tricks: New eBike Rider

We drove almost 150miles on the bike. These tips are based on our experience and hope this will help the new users who are going to buy the bike.

  • Start charging your battery before you start the bike assembly. If you got the battery fully discharged, it will take 8-10 hours to charge the battery in full.
  • For the first ride, make sure to check the battery level on both LCD and Battery Pack LED Displayry level, and make sure both are displaying the same charge level.
  • Please take to your local bike shop to calibrate the rear gear and disc breaks to the perfect level if you are planning this bike for the daily commute.
  • The front-wheel comes with quick liver and snaps the liver by placing the bike straight. make sure the wheel fixed in a proper way.
  • It is better to recharge the battery when the battery drops to 20-25% battery, and stop charging when you see the full battery on the battery pack LED display. You don’t need to wait until you see the Greenlight on the battery charger. That LED shows 100% battery level. The best approach to keep the battery in 20%-80% for long life.
  • Do not cruise your bike to full power. Twist the throttle gradually to attain the speed. This will help to increase the battery life and motor peak load.
  • Take your bike outside the garage before you turn on the battery. The default power set to one. The motor will kick on immediately, just in case if you turn on and start pedaling.

Hi Himiway, I would appreciate it if there is an easy fix to set the default power level to “Level 0” when we turn on the bike.

There are a couple of additional accessories we recommend for long riders. This includes the bone conduction headphone (not going to isolate the sound from the road) mobile holder, bike side mirror, bike rack, water bottle mount, etc.

Himiway Review: Are Himiway Bikes Actually Any Good?

This post may contain affiliate links, which help to keep Discerning Cyclist rolling. Learn more.

If you’re in the market for an electric bike, chances are you’ve come across the brand Himiway during your research.

But, with so many e-bike brands and models out there, it can be hard to know which to choose and why.

Buying an electric bike is an investment: they’re certainly not cheap, and if you want it to last a good while you’ll want to make sure it has the best components, including a powerful motor, quality brakes, long-lasting battery and decent suspension.

Nowadays, there are e-bikes available for all kinds of riders and terrain. Fat tyre e-bikes are excellent for rugged rides, while cruisers are perfect for those looking primarily for comfort and style. Electric cargo bikes suit riders who need to carry goods or even children on their bike, while electric mountain bikes elevate the off-road experience.

Himiway offers a wide range of bikes covering all of the above categories – with all of their bikes having fat tyres – so their range is worth a browse no matter what kind of bike you’re looking for.

On this page, we’ll dive into the specifics of the Himiway brand, look at some reviews, and show you some of the most popular bikes designed by Himiway.

Are Himiway Bikes Good?

Online reviews of Himiway bikes are generally very positive, with many praising their affordability which doesn’t sacrifice quality of the overall package, decent battery life/range, and powerful throttle which makes riding Himiway bikes a whole lot of fun.

Himiway boasts a varied electric bike lineup, offering something for everyone.

The UK Himiway e-bike selection consists of:

  • Himiway Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Cruiser Step-Thru Long Range Step-Thru Electric Bike
  • Himiway Zebra Premium All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike
  • Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike
  • Himiway Escape Pro Moped-Style Electric Bike
  • Himiway Cobra Softail Electric Mountain Bike

These bikes vary in price from £1,549 for the Himiway Cruiser to £2,399 for the Himiway Cobra, and they all come with a two year warranty, 15 day returns and free shipping.

The downsides that Himiway users report include hard-to-understand written build instructions (though this is mitigated by a brilliant video on Himiway’s website which makes assembly a breeze), and some down-market components which reveal how Himiway has made such affordable e-bikes.

That said, reviewers maintain that they can overlook the individual lower-end components when considering how well Himiway’s bikes come together as a whole: of course, some sacrifices have to be made for a bike to be this affordable, and the combination of excellent battery life, comfort and fun that Himiway bikes provide makes them great value for money and a brilliant choice.

Is Himiway a Good Brand?

Himiway is deemed a good brand because it combines budget-friendliness and power – a winning combination – throwing in excellent customer service and a great community to boot.

Aside from the bikes themselves, which receive praise for their build quality, power, range and stylishness, people also love the Himiway brand because of its great customer service and helpful assistance when required.

After you’ve done your research and bought your brand new e-bike, it’s important to know that you can rely on assistance from the manufacturer if you need it – whether that’s for tips on getting the most out of your bike, advice on components, or simply knowing someone’s there to help if things do go wrong.

Himiway does a great job in this regard, particularly on the US version of the site which has an extensive help centre – broken down into ‘before purchase’ and ‘after purchase’ guides, an e-bike info section, and tools and instructions – FAQs, and the option to call the company by phone or submit a help ticket if you have a specific query.

Himiway’s US website also has a regularly updated blog with tips for getting the most out of your Himiway bike, some cool rider stories, product updates and more, and a page for the Himiway Cycle Club, which is a nice inclusion and offers a way to meet other Himiway riders, explore new routes and terrains, and make new cycling friends.

The UK version of the online e-bike store has less of the above, but there’s no reason why you can’t take a scroll through the American site wherever you are in the world simply by toggling the country in the top right-hand corner of the page.

himiway, cruiser, review, terrain

All of these things combine with quality e-bikes to make Himiway a great brand overall.

Where Are Himiway Bikes Made?

Himiway keeps the location of its factories rather quiet, and there’s no information on the ‘about ‘page of its website, but third-party sites suggest that Himiway’s bikes are made in Asian countries – possibly China – which allows it to keep its affordable while offering high-quality bikes.

Himiway Bikes Review

Himiway bikes are, overall, a great choice for those in the market for an e-bike. They are relatively affordable, well-made, durable and versatile, each equipped with fat tyres that help you handle anything your ride throws at you.

Some Himiway bikes are designed for adventuring – such as the Cobra softail e-MTB, the Zebra all-terrain electric fat bike and the Cruiser long range electric bike – but the brand also caters to commuters and cargo-carriers with the Big Dog cargo bike and the Rambler commuter e-bike.

The beauty of the durable design and fat tyres found on Himiway bikes is that they can often be used anywhere and everywhere. Primarily need an e-bike for city commuting, but want to be able to adventure off-road on the weekends? That’s not a problem when you have a powerful 750W motor and fat tyres!

Best Himiway Electric Bikes

Dubbed ‘the ultimate off-road beast’ thanks to its suspension, 26-inch fat tyres and 250W gear hub motor.

A 1000W mid-drive motor gives this bike power to tackle anything your off-road adventure throws at you.

Enjoy commuting with 20mph max speeds, a 55-mile range, and 500W motor wrapped up in a stylish design.

Himiway| RHINO Dual Battery Electric Mountain Bike

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Himiway Rhino.Dual The Limits

New Himiway eBikes coming in 2023

SPONSORED NEWS – We have some exciting news for all e-bike and outdoor enthusiasts who are fans of Himiway’s current line-up. If you’re impressed with our long-range and fat tire capabilities, you’ll be happy to know that Himiway has some new e-bike products lined up for 2023. While the current line-up, including popular models such as the Cruiser and the Step-Thru, has been well-received by customers, we can’t wait to see what Himiway has in store for us with the latest offerings.

We often find predictions on what new products might be like and how they could appeal to different types of riders, but we are sure Himiway is about to shock us with the incoming line-up. So, buckle up and get ready for some exciting insights into the world of Himiway e-bikes!

Himiway’s new e-bike line-up

Himiway has been a standout player in the e-bike industry for some time now, thanks to their impressive line-up of bikes with long-range and fat tire capabilities. With the announcement of new e-bike products coming in 2023, it’s no surprise that e-bike enthusiasts and fans of Himiway are excited.

So, what can we expect from Himiway’s new e-bike line-up? Based on industry trends and Himiway’s previous offerings, we might expect an introduction of a new line of bikes with long-range capabilities. These bikes have been growing in popularity, and we hope Himiway can capitalize on this trend by offering its unique take.

Maybe a more affordable commuter electric bike

On the other hand, we could also get a more affordable entry-level option for commuter e-bikes. This would be an intelligent move for Himiway, an already established leader in high-quality e-bike production. An affordable option would help them reach a broader range of customers.

Regardless of the company’s excellent reputation, we’re confident Himiway’s new e-bikes will appeal to many customers. These bikes have always been popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy off-road adventures. However, an affordable commuter e-bike could also attract new customers looking for a more eco-friendly and cost-effective way to commute to work.

Adding to Himiway’s product portfolio, a new line of electric mountain bikes or an affordable entry-level option for commuter e-bikes would do the trick. It would broaden their product range and make them an even more versatile e-bike brand.

Overall, we’re excited to see what Himiway has in store for us in 2023. Whether it’s an electric mountain bike, a commuter e-bike, or something entirely unexpected, we’re confident they will continue to set themselves apart from other e-bike brands and provide customers with top-notch quality and performance.

Key features and technology

Regarding critical features and technology, Himiway may introduce longer-lasting batteries or advanced motor technology, making their e-bikes even more efficient. These improvements could benefit riders by allowing them to travel further on a single charge and making the bikes more responsive and easier to ride. It is also likely that Himiway incorporates more advanced safety features, such as improved braking systems and better visibility lighting. These features could set Himiway’s new e-bikes apart from competitors and make them even more appealing to safety-conscious riders.

What about some futuristic tech?

In addition to longer-lasting batteries and advanced motors, we anticipate Himiway incorporating innovative technology into their new e-bike line-up. GPS tracking and connectivity are becoming increasingly popular among e-bike riders, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Himiway following this trend. By adding GPS capabilities, riders could track their routes, monitor their progress, and even receive notifications if their e-bike is moved or tampered with. This feature could also be beneficial for theft prevention and recovery.

Another potential feature Himiway could introduce adaptive cruise control, allowing riders to set a desired speed and maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles. This technology has already been implemented in some electric cars and could make its way to e-bikes.

over, we still believe Himiway will continue prioritizing safety features such as improved braking systems, better visibility lighting, and turn signals. With the growing popularity of e-bikes, safety is becoming a top priority for riders, and Himiway could gain a competitive edge by offering advanced safety features.

Overall, Himiway’s new e-bike line-up has the potential to provide advanced features and technology that will set them apart from competitors and appeal to a broader range of riders. With longer-lasting batteries, innovative technology, and improved safety features, Himiway’s new e-bikes could take the e-bike market to the next level.

Long-range and fat tire capabilities

Himiway has become a critical player in the e-bike industry with its popular long-range and fat tire e-bikes. But now, the brand has us eagerly anticipating new products coming in 2023. Based on their past offerings, we can predict what these new e-bikes might be like and how they could appeal to different riders.

Fatter tires?

Of course, we expect improvements in Himiway’s signature long-range and fat tire capabilities in the new products. After upgrading the cruiser and zebra tires from 4.0 to 4.5 inches, we also predict that Himiway may introduce even larger tires that can handle more rugged terrain or offer a longer battery life, allowing riders to travel even further on a single charge. By doing so, Himiway can further differentiate itself from other e-bike companies and reinforce its brand identity.

Himiway has always been known for their e-bikes’ exceptional long-range and fat tire capabilities. That’s why we can’t wait to see what they have in store for their new product line-up. One possible upgrade is even larger tires that can handle more rugged terrain. Imagine riding through rough, uneven terrain without worrying about tire punctures or flats. With these larger tires, riders can take their e-bikes on off-road adventures without hesitation.

No rider says no to longer battery life

Another exciting improvement could be a longer battery life, allowing riders to travel even further on a single charge. This undoubtedly benefits commuters and outdoor enthusiasts who want to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery power. With a longer-lasting battery, riders can explore more of the great outdoors or get to work and back without needing to charge their e-bike as frequently.

Himiway can further set itself apart from other e-bike companies by continuously improving its signature long-range and fat tire capabilities. The company can reinforce its brand identity as a provider of high-quality, durable, and versatile e-bikes that can handle various terrains and travel long distances. Riders who prioritize these features can be confident they are getting a product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Ultimately, these new Himiway e-bikes will appeal to many riders, from casual commuters to serious outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a reliable mode of transportation or an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors, Himiway’s new e-bikes will surely deliver. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 2023, and we encourage everyone to watch for these exciting new products.


Himiway’s upcoming e-bike line-up promises to be exciting, with new features and technologies that could appeal to a wide range of riders. From improved safety features to longer battery life and more responsive motors, these bikes could provide an even better riding experience than their already popular current offerings. But perhaps most exciting is the potential for Himiway to further improve their signature long-range and fat tire capabilities. We can’t wait to see what Himiway has in store for us in 2023, and we’re sure that customers will be just as eager to get their hands on these new bikes.

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