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Hiboy NEX5 Review

In this Hiboy NEX5 review we are taking a closer look at this fairly unique electric scooter.

It has many features you don’t often see in other e-scooters. The design of this scooter is much different than we are used to.

Is it better different or worse different? Let’s find out!

MSRP: 750 610

  • Hiboy NEX5 Overview
  • Who’s it for?
  • Hiboy NEX5 Specs
  • Hiboy NEX5 Pros
  • Hiboy NEX5 Cons
  • Where to Buy Hiboy NEX5 Electric Scooter?
  • Hiboy NEX5 Perormance
  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Hill Climbing
  • Batteries and Range
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Hiboy NEX5 Design and Features
  • Build Quality
  • Portability
  • Cockpit
  • Wheels and Tires
  • App
  • Ride Quality
  • Comparisons
  • Hiboy NEX5 vs Hiboy NEX for Teens
  • Hiboy NEX5 vs Hiboy MAX
  • Hiboy NEX5 Review Conclusions

Hiboy NEX5 Overview

Who’s it for?

Hiboy NEX5 is for people who are looking for an affordable electric scooter with a better range than most other scooters in this price range.

If your everyday commutes are long and flat and you are on a budget, then Hiboy NEX5 might be a good option.

It is not a good scooter for a hilly area with lots of steep inclines. Also, it’s not meant for people who like adrenaline-rich acceleration.

Hiboy NEX5 Cons

  • Slow acceleration
  • Grips are a bit loose
  • Difficult to reach kickstand with foot

Hiboy NEX5 Perormance

Speed and Acceleration

Hiboy NEX5 is a single motor e-scooter. The 350-watt motor is located in the hub of the front wheel. This motor allows the scooter to reach the top speed of 19 mph.

The top speed of nearly 20 mph is quite nice for a scooter of this price range. However, the acceleration is not so good.

It’s because Hiboy NEX5 is relatively heavy due to the second battery. So basically you are giving away some acceleration to get much better mileage.

There are 4 riding modes:

  • Manual kick mode
  • 1 – Limited speed mode
  • 2 – Limited speed mode
  • 3 – Top speed mode

Since the top speed is not that high, you will most probably use only the riding mode 3. But if there is a need to cap the speed, you can easily do that.

Hill Climbing

On the Hiboy homepage, it says that NEX5 is capable to climb hills up to 15°.

When trying to ride hills steeper than 15°, NEX5 will struggle a lot. The speed will decrease significantly. If the hill is really steep, NEX5 can’t handle it.

If you live in a hilly area with lots of climbing, I would suggest a dual-motor electric scooter.

Batteries and Range

The NEX5 scooter has 2 types of brakes – rear disc brake and regenerative brake. Most scooters have two brake levers to activate different brakes. But NEX5 has just a single brake lever, which activates both brakes simultaneously.

hiboy, scooter, charging

Breaks are good but not amazing. It may also be caused by the extra weight it has.


Although it looks like the scooter has dual suspensions, it only has a rear suspension. The thing above the front wheel is not suspension, although it looks like one. Actually, it is just a dust cover for the stem and doesn’t provide any cushioning.

The rear suspension is pretty good. Don’t expect anything like some powerful off-road scooters has. It does soften some smaller bumps pretty well.

Design and Build

I’m going to be honest — this is the second electric scooter I have ever rode. I don’t use it for commuting, I don’t use it as a car or bike replacement, I use it for fun around the roads by our house, so my review and perspective is doing to be based on that, but oh do I have thoughts!

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To start, the HiBoy S2 Max electric scooter strikes a pretty decent balance between form and function. Defined by a somewhat minimalist aesthetic, the HiBoy feels and looks sturdy, modern, and a bit understated. Cloaked in an all-black chassis punctuated with orange details like the brake cord, the scooter exhibits a sleek appeal, and I like the dark gray tones vs some of the lighter options you see sometimes.

However, the S2 Max’s design is more than just visually appealing. Each detail feels purposefully thought out, a nice change of pace from the white label mania of every brand using the same hardware and slapping their logo on it, and each component is placed appropriately, easy to use, and in reach.

Built with high-quality materials, the scooter’s solid metal frame and sturdy platform offer a secure feel when you’re riding the unit.

The scooter weighs a relatively light 28lbs, making it one of the more portable options in its category. Some electric scooters can range from around 15lbs to 100lbs, so this seems like a great weight.

This, coupled with a really great seamless folding mechanism offers riders relatively easy transportation and storage. It’s a feature that will most likely resonate with city dwellers living in apartments where space comes at a premium, and even though I store it unfolded, it’s a cinch.

On the weight topic, the lightweightness of the scooter does not compromise its strength according to HiBoy, supporting riders up to 220lbs. Thankfully I lost some weight recently, but the high-powered motors probably could have handled it.


Featuring a 500W motor that powers the HiBoy S2 Max electric scooter, it delivers solid performance, combining both speed and range into a well-rounded package. With a top speed of 18.6 MPH, it may not break any speed records, but it delivers just the right amount of torque to efficiently power you through urban hills, roads, and streets.

The HiBoy S2 Max’s range is where it shines, with up to 40 miles of travel distance on a full charge! Compared to another high-end scooter I am reviewing, this is about double so it seems very impressive.

It’s important to keep in mind that these performance numbers fluctuate depending on various factors such as the rider’s weight, type of terrain, and the rider’s driving style.

Nevertheless, my testing showed that the HiBoy S2 Max consistently delivered performance close to the manufacturer’s claims, making it a reliable scooter for your needs. I haven’t once had an issue with the battery, battery charge state, or anything like that.

Battery and Charging

Powering the HiBoy S2 Max’s motor is a robust 48V/11.6Ah high-capacity battery. This is the powerhouse that enables the scooter’s great speed and range. You could complain that the tradeoff here is a lengthy charging time. And it can take up to 6 hours to charge the battery from 0% to 100%, but honestly, I have electric vehicles and this is completely a non-issue for me personally.

It’s also worth noting that the charging time is pretty standard among electric scooters in this performance class.

Ride Quality

The HiBoy S2 Max places a solid emphasis on a comfortable riding experience, and it’s 10-inch pneumatic tires are very comfortable and offer a great ride. Paired with an advanced shock absorption mechanism, it works together to provide a ride that is as smooth as possible.

On uneven roads and surfaces, I haven’t once felt like the scooter was unstable or unsafe.

The dual braking system adds to the quality of the ride by offering some reliable stopping power. This not only contributes to the ride’s smoothness but also is a bit easier than a front and rear brake levers. When I’m cruising at high speeds and need to stop quick, the ability to come to a controlled stop without thinking about what brake to use is fantastic.

Take A Closer Look


The 350W motor provides max speeds of up to 19 mph with smooth acceleration and turning, and a max travel range of up to 17 miles.


Replace the battery in 3 seconds and get double the range for a long trip. Featuring downhill braking regeneration, so you can recharge on-the-go. A sealed waterproof design protects your battery better.


Customized speed and cruise control, acceleration and brake response, and lock the scooter. Customize your riding experience anytime, anywhere at your fingertips.

HIBOY S2 Pro problem| Electric Scooter| How to fix


Ride safely at night with the ultra-bright headlights. One click to turn on/off the light system, includes headlight and taillights.


One-click to turn on/off the light system.Double-click to change the riding mode.Triple-Click to activate/stop cruise control.


Equipped with disc braking and an electronic ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system, ensuring braking safety. Plus reinforced fenders.

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A Word of Caution

While many of these scenarios are easily fixable with few or no tools, it is important to be safe. If you don’t feel comfortable performing a task, you may want to call a professional. They will take all precautions for safety and may have a background in troubleshooting electric scooters.

You’ll find a variety of problems that may come with owning an electric scooter. We’ll talk about each one and give you a solution to try. In most cases, it will work for you.

A Dead Battery

You may not realize it, but there’s a difference between a battery that is low and one that’s dead. When the battery is low, you can turn on your machine but can’t get it running. This happens because the battery isn’t getting enough power to run the motor.

When you’ve got a dead battery, your scooter won’t even turn on and will be lifeless. It’s not going to respond at all.

The Solution

Since a dead battery is one of the most common problems found with electric scooters, you’re sure to find a solution. All you need to do is charge it. Just note that it might take a longer time to charge because your battery is fully drained.

To revive it, you’ll need to leave it on and charging for a long time. Plus, you should ensure that it sees a full chargeback to the green; that is, if you have a scooter with an LED indicator light. Generally, it’s best to recharge the battery before it dies so that it doesn’t take as long.

If a charge isn’t enough to jump the battery, you may want to purchase a voltmeter. This device will check your battery to see if it is charging or not. Batteries can lose their charge and power with use and time, so if it isn’t charging, it’s time to replace it.

Runs for a Short Period

You may run into the issue where your scooter does run well, but it slows down or stops completely after a while. When you go to check the charge, the batteries are worn down. Of course, if you’re going uphill, your speed will reduce naturally.

On the contrary, if the scooter slows down on the flat ground, you probably have an issue with the battery. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, though.

The Solution

Often, your scooter will die prematurely because the batteries are old. They may not hold a charge for long, and it might take longer to recharge them. If that happens, you should consider replacing the batteries to fix the problem.

You should also check the tires. If your tires are flat or have low air pressure, this could cause the speed to reduce with time. Air up the tires or fix them and see if that helps.

Kill Switch On

You may not realize it, but your electric scooter probably has a kill switch to help save energy. Most manuals recommend that you turn it on when you’re finished riding for the day or while it is charging.

Many times, if your engine won’t start, you should check to see if the kill switch is still in the on position. Do this before you check for a low or dead battery. You’ll find the switch on your scooter’s engine.

The Solution

Find the kill switch on your engine. Turn it to the off position and then try to start the engine.

Blown or Flipped Fuse

Scooters run on battery power, so you may find that it is common to have various electrical problems. If you flip the fuse for the ignition, the scooter won’t respond when you turn it on. You may also have a flipped or blown main fuse.

The Solution

Check to see if the main or ignition fuses are flipped. If so, set them to their “on” position once more. Then, try to start the engine.

This should work unless the fuse is blown. If that happens, you will need to replace that particular fuse. While you can do this yourself, we always recommend that you go to a professional for a blown fuse.

Engine Heats Up

When your engine overheats, you may get quite worried. Luckily, most new models have a safety mechanism that shuts it off to prevent more damage from happening.

If this occurs, though, you will feel the heat when you get close to your engine. Hot engines indicate that the battery is hot because that’s what powers it. Therefore, the battery lifespan will be decreased, and it could fail completely.

hiboy, scooter, charging

The Solution

The first step is to turn off your engine and let it cool off completely. Then, check for any damaged wiring or fuses. This could indicate an electrical controller issue, which we’ll discuss later.

Hiboy max scooter won’t turn on

If there are damaged fuses or wiring problems, the engine might still run. However, there will be excess pressure put on the battery, which could cause significant and irreplaceable damage.

A Few Other Things to Consider

Though we have talked about many common issues, the solutions might not be what you need. Hence, we will talk about some other things to try. For example, if the motor doesn’t engage, you should push the scooter to about 3mph, all while applying the throttle.

That said, if the scooter shuts off while you’re driving it, you should turn off the power. Wait a few minutes, and then press the engine’s reset button. Almost all electric scooters feature a reset button.

If the power switch doesn’t light up, the motor isn’t going to engage when you kick start it. Therefore, you’ll want to check for and reconnect any loose wires beneath the deck plate. If no loose wires are found, you might need to replace your power switch or reset button.

It’s also possible that the machine stops working after you charge it. If that happens, you might need to replace the battery. You can also secure it safely, lift the back end, and spin the rear wheels manually while using the throttle.


We understand that you want your scooter to work at all times, but mechanical things can act funny or stop working. Fortunately, you just learned how to fix an electric scooter.

Most of the problems were considered common, and they might be included in your owner’s manual troubleshooting section. Some of them might be a little rarer. Regardless, we offered solutions for each issue so that you can diagnose and repair it yourself.

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