Hiboy MAX Review – Electric Scooter with Great Build Quality. Hiboy s2 max

Hiboy MAX Review – Electric Scooter with Great Build Quality

Electric scooters in the “budget commuter” range can only offer two things: comfort and durability. That’s why riding the Hiboy MAX feels like riding one of those cheaply-made electric scooters. No one would fault you for judging it on these merits alone.

Park it and take a step back, however, and you start to notice its distinguishing features. It’s not fast, and it doesn’t give you a whole lot of range, but there are many positives to take from its design and build quality.

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If you only have a few hundred dollars for a scooter, the Hiboy MAX would be a pretty good investment – all things considered.

It’s simple yet stunning and very durably constructed, even though its ride quality is only just a step up from what you’d expect from a shared scooter.

MSRP: From 410


Who’s it for?

The Hiboy MAX is very easy to control, which makes it a suitable beginner scooter for both teens and adults. If you’re coming from shared scooters, you’ll only need to adjust to its straight, lowered handlebars and slightly higher top speed.

Its stiff frame makes it quite responsive, which allows you to FOCUS on mastering the controls. Acceleration and braking are conveniently thumb-controlled, and the deck has plenty of room for riders to test out different stances.

Its simple and convenient design suggests that it’s a scooter for easy riding, one that’s sturdy and light enough to be a practical urban companion.


Speed Acceleration

Even though the Hiboy MAX’s design is reminiscent of the early shared scooters from Lime and Bird, it is much faster than most shared scooters. Its 350W motor can achieve speeds of up to 18.6 MPH, which is nothing to sneeze at when you look at the price range.

The torque that the single motor provides is enough to get you up mild hills (15% gradient at the highest) and launch from a dead stop with a decent amount of power. With a 160 lb rider on board, the Hiboy MAX takes 9.1 seconds to go from 0 – 15 MPH.

Battery Range

The small 7.5Ah 36V battery contributes greatly to the MAX’s lightweight build, but it only gives you about 9 miles of range from a single charge. Hiboy claims the maximum range is 17 miles, but if you’re anywhere close to its maximum weight limit (265 pounds), I’d take that with a grain of salt.

There’s nothing wrong with short-range scooters. They’re the better choices for short-distance riding, and the MAX is no different. You won’t even notice this limitation if you travel four miles or less to and from work. Or if you only take it out on the weekends for a quick ride around the neighborhood.


Cheap or not, there’s no reason a budget scooter should be unsafe. The Hiboy MAX makes a strong case of this. It employs a pair of powerful brakes to manage a stopping distance of only 18ft, which are more effective thanks to distance riding speed.

There is a regenerative brake up front and a disc brake on the rear wheel. Both brakes have separate controls, a beneficial redundancy to find in an electric scooter this cheap.

The regen brake has enough power to bring the scooter to a complete stop, so it’s possible to rely on it alone when you want to spare your rear brakes and extend your range. It’s also independently thumb-controlled.

The disc brake is smooth and responsive as well and activated by a lever on the left handlebar. When you pull down this lever, you also engage the regen brake. The braking on the Hiboy MAX is one of its best features.

Design and Features

Hiboy MAX Build Quality

When you stand on the Hiboy MAX, it’s easy to forget how little you’re paying for it. The wobble-free stem and the spacious, durable deck are surprisingly solid and premium-looking. It would cut a sleek, performance-worthy profile if it weren’t for the clacky fenders and suspension.

Disappointingly, its build quality is beneath that of the Segway ES4, a shared scooter supplied by Lime, despite their striking resemblance. You don’t want a noisy suspension to be the reason why you’re attracting attention from pedestrians.

It’s a good thing that the motor is whisper-quiet in all performance modes. The Hiboy MAX is quite the silent ride if you don’t put the suspension to work, and that puts it well above most of the other options in this knockoff-ridden price range.

Is Hiboy MAX Waterproof?

The Hiboy MAX has a waterproof rating of IP54. That’s not nearly enough to be frolicking around in puddles or riding in the rain, but it can survive accidental exposure to moisture.

If you remember not to immerse the deck in water, then the MAX would be a perfectly durable commuting scooter for most riding conditions.


We can debate all day about how light the ideal scooter should be, and the Hiboy MAX would still fit the profile. It only weighs 34 pounds, and when folded, it shrinks down from a height of 44 inches to 16 inches.

It has a one-step folding design which leaves something to desire. Unfolding the stem demands a little more force than usual; plus, you have to use both arms and a leg to simultaneously disengage the latch, hold down the deck, and push the stem into an upright position.

Pertinently, it is a secure folding mechanism that doesn’t compromise the quality of the stem. There is very little flex to the MAX’s stem, although its diameter feels a bit too large to wield comfortably if you have small hands.


The cockpit on the Hiboy MAX is what you’d expect; clean and simple. Thumb controls flank a center-mounted display on each side. There’s the thumb brake on the left and an equally convenient thumb throttle on the right.

The cockpit’s intuitive design features a right-hand brake lever for the rear disc brake. The texturized handgrips don’t leave much to be desired, although they can get unscrewed while riding. They don’t loosen enough to become a riding hazard, but it’s good to know what you’re up against when riding with screw-on handgrips.

The display is crisp, and when you activate cruise control, a notification pops up. Even some high-end electric scooters lack this functionality, so it’s great to find it on this cheap budget scooter.

Wheels Tires

On the upside, the solid 8.5-inch tires on the MAX are durable and low-maintenance. That’s what you get with tubeless tires, but the compromise is often the ride quality.

Owing to their stiff design, they can feel unstable, especially when riding on cracks that are parallel to your direction of travel. They also lack the dampening effect of air-filled tires, so ride quality is usually worse when the scooter has solid tires.

worryingly, the small-profile solid tires don’t conform to the road, so they’re significantly less stable at higher speeds. Fortunately, that’s not much of a concern when you’re working with a top speed that’s below 20 MPH.


All 22 inches by 6 inches of the deck is covered in high-quality texturized rubber. It looks pretty sleek, and if you want something premium-looking, you couldn’t ask for more.

The Hiboy MAX’s deck, notably, is also larger than what you’d expect from a scooter in this price range (by roughly 5 inches), so whichever way you ride, you have plenty of standing room. Its distance from the ground is 3.5 inches, which is adequate but not immune to curbs and large rocks.


The lights on the Hiboy MAX exceed all expectations. The high-mounted headlamp is pretty good, and it’s nice to see a brake-activated rear taillight at this price point. The deck also has blue lights running along its sides.

You’ll probably need a couple of stronger headlights to travel safely at night, but what you get out of the box is sufficient for speeds below 15 MPH.

Ride Quality

To be frank, the solid 8.5-inch tires on the Hiboy MAX don’t exactly make for an exhilarating ride. That’s okay, though, because you’re looking for durability and comfort, as we said earlier.

The ride quality of the MAX is fair, but nothing to write home about. You have three riding modes at your disposal; Beginner Mode (blue), Normal Mode (Yellow), and Sport Mode (Red), which give you different top speeds but do not exceed the 18.6 MPH limit.

The throttle is smooth and gradual, but it struggles quite a bit on inclines. You engage Cruise Control when you hold a constant speed for 6-8 seconds, but the short stem will still have you feeling like you’re reaching down if you’re taller than 5’5″.

As for the suspension, expect to hear them before you feel their effect when encountering dips and bumps. They’re very noisy, but they don’t affect the overall stability of the scooter. You can thank the stem and the quiet motor and the wobble-free stem for that.


Hiboy MAX vs MAX V2 vs MAX3

All the Hiboy MAX electric scooters have the reinforced PC-ABS chassis, a durable iteration of performance-scooter decks. They all look quite eye-catching thanks to the aesthetic design and intuitive lines. What sets them apart is their performance.

To that end, there’s little to set them apart. The MAX3 has a similar top speed as the MAX and MAX V2, so that shouldn’t factor into your decision. In the end, it’s mostly a matter of preference because, either way, you’re getting the same top speed and range.

However, Hiboy MAX3 has a little bit better tire combination. It has a 10-inch pneumatic front tire and a 10″ solid tire at the rear. At the same time, MAX3 has no suspension.

Hiboy MAX vs Hiboy S2

Those two Hiboy scooters are actually very similar.

One of the biggest differences is the weight. Hiboy MAX weighs over 10 pounds more than S2. At the same time, the performance levels are almost the same. Thanks to the extra weight, the MAX also has a higher rider weight limit, which is 265 pounds. Hiboy S2 has a payload capacity of 220 lbs.

The Max has much better ride quality than S2. It’s mostly because of better tire and suspension configuration.


You’ll need to bend your knees slightly when you ride the Hiboy MAX, but does that mean that it’s a lousy scooter? You truly get what you pay for when it comes to electric scooters, and it’s only fair for the Hiboy MAX to offer 18.6 MPH and 17 miles of range, considering its pedigree.

There are much better options out there, no doubt, but for this price, you’re lucky to get away with suspension, excellent braking, and build quality to rival performance-grade models.

You’re not settling for second-best when you buy the Hiboy MAX. If you’re in the market for basic scooter functionality and nothing more, then you’ve got way more than you need in this affordable package.


We can recommend dozens of entry level scooters that are fast, reliable, and fun to ride for under 1000, but this price point can also be full of imposters and bad imitations.

Poor quality knock-offs are even more of an issue when it comes to scooters that sell for around 500 or less. Where can you find good value in super affordable electric scooters?

hiboy, review, electric, scooter, great, build

You’ll need to be extra-careful at the cheap end, especially since you aren’t likely to get much in the way of warranty or customer service with many under-500 electric scooters.

You don’t want to end up buying a toy that falls apart in a few weeks, and you don’t want to compromise safety to save a few bucks.

Buyers beware, BUT cheap electric scooters can also be fast, reliable, safe and fun to ride!

We’ve tested over 120 scooters, and we can recommend the best cheap electric scooters you can buy.

A Good Electric Scooter Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

Electric scooters selling for 3,000 and above seemed unthinkable a few years ago when classics like the Xiaomi M365 were the height of e scooter technology.

One of the features that made the M365 so popular was its under 500 price tag, and you can still buy a great scooter for around 500.

The M365 went M.I.A. in most major markets, and some of its best successors from Hiboy and Gotrax have upped the stakes.

Since their introduction, the Hiboy S2, Gotrax G3, and Gotrax G4 have earned reputations as dependable entry level scooters that can stand up to a daily commute and offer a fun, safe, and comfortable ride without breaking the bank.

Below, we’ll look at these top contenders for best super affordable electric scooter. All three scooters use the basic design principles of early electric scooters like the M365 and Segway Ninebot Max, while improving on them in important ways.

The Lowdown: Gotrax Takes the Crown

Last year, we recommended the Hiboy S2 as the best budget scooter under 500. The S2 has excellent acceleration, speed, and portability, as well as great dual wheel braking. What it lacks, however, is the comfortable ride of pneumatic tires and some other features we like this year on Gotrax scooters like the G3 and G4. These are serious entry-level scooters from a company that has really upped their game in the last year, and we’re happy to recommend both of them as alternatives to the Hiboy.

Gotrax G3

The G3 is less powerful than the S2, with only 300W next to the Hiboy’s 350. It’s also slower. But if you want a reliable, comfortable ride (with 8.5-inch air-filled tires) for under 500 that travels at speeds comparable to most shared electric scooters, then the Gotrax G3 is the way to go.

Gotrax G4

Step up to the Gotrax G4, now on sale for 499, and you’ll get more power and range (500W, 14.6 miles) and even more speed than the S2 (20mph), as well as 10-inch pneumatic tires for excellent ride quality even without suspension.

Read on for our full comparison of these kings of the entry level electric scooters.

Hiboy S2 PRO Electric Scooter: Our In-Depth Review

Strong on the road, ruthless on your joints – Hiboy S2 PRO, with its robust construction, decent range, minimal maintenance requirements, and affordable price is without the doubt one of the most attractive electric scooters for beginners on the market.

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However, if you look at the Hiboy S2 Pro closely, you will notice that its main strengths are also its weakest point, which might take you on the rocky ride — literally.

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While you will never need to worry about its reliability and regular maintenance is almost non-existent due to its solid tires and lack of front suspension, not every ride is going to be enjoyable.

So, let’s dive into the details and see if this e-scooter checks all the right boxes on your quest for the perfect ride.

Hiboy S2 PRO Electric Scooter Specs

Electronic thumb brake/Rear disc brake

45.3 × 16.5 × 47.6 in (1151 × 419 × 1209 mm)

45.3 × 16.5 × 19.3 in (1151 × 419 × 490 mm)

Hiboy S2 Pro Assembly

With the manufacturer’s emphasis on the practical, assembling the Hiboy S2 Pro is fast and easy.

All the necessary tools are included in the box and all you need to do is attach the handlebar.

However, be sure to properly tighten it with four screws since you can cause severe damage if loose screws vibrate over a prolonged time.

Once it’s done, the next and optional step is to connect the Hiboy S2 Pro to the smartphone app since it will give you many options for customization.

And that’s it—since the wheels use solid tires, you won’t have to check or add tire pressure or waste time. The scooter is ready for the first ride.

Construction Build Quality

One thing is for sure: Hiboy S2 Pro is made to last.

The durability of the Hiboy S2 Pro is, without a doubt, probably its biggest strength.

The main construction is made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, giving it a robust feel and overall reliability.

And while there’s almost no risk of being damaged by everyday use, you should pay extra attention to its weak spots.

The first is the throttle switch, since its spring could break after too much pressure.

In this case, you will need to replace the entire handlebar since the spring is hidden deep inside it.

The second thing you should keep in mind is that the battery is located below the deck, exposing it to direct impacts.

So, even though this scooter can handle a lot of abuse, it’s never a good idea to expose the battery to constant blows.

However, if you’re not planning on using this scooter for stunts or extreme road conditions, occasional deck hits won’t cause critical damage.

While this build choice gives the scooter enhanced durability and the risk of frame cracks is minimal, it doesn’t put it in the ultra-lightweight scooters category.

With its 36lbs (about 16kg), it’s still fairly easy to pick it up. However, it can be challenging to carry it for a prolonged period of time.

This is definitely the thing to consider if you have a long flight of stairs you need to climb in your daily commute.

Review of the affordable and energetic Hiboy S2 electric scooter

Looking for a reliable and easy-driving electric scooter to make those neighbourhood errands and commutes a dream? The Hiboy S2 Pro Scooter might be the answer. This entry-level and affordable scooter is well-made, with a good motor and a decent range for an affordable price. Here’s what we found out during our test. Tell Your […]

Looking for a reliable and easy-driving electric scooter to make those neighbourhood errands and commutes a dream? The Hiboy S2 Pro Scooter might be the answer. This entry-level and affordable scooter is well-made, with a good motor and a decent range for an affordable price. Here’s what we found out during our test.

Tell Your Friends

The S2 is ready to roll right out of the box. We notice right away that the scooter is lightweight and easy to carry at just 29 pounds. The weight comes in handy as the scooter folds down and secures to a latch on the rear wheel. In this way, the steering column can be used as a handle for carrying. Simple, and it makes commuting on mixed transit modes a dream. This scooter has a 500-watt brushless hub motor that is peppy and quick to accelerate to a maximum speed of 19 mph. It has two speeds as well as cruise control, which is initiated easily and will click in after depressing the throttle for five seconds. Another feature worth noting is Hiboy’s downhill and regenerative battery system. This particular battery has a max range of approximately 25 miles, but that range can be extended as the battery can partially recharge while moving downhill or braking. Hiboy has an app that can provide additional benefits to riders including the ability to lock the scooter with the push of a phone button.

Wish List

The S2 has a number of features worthy of discussion. One of those would-be scotter should be aware of is that this model of scooter uses solid tires — not air-filled. The addition of rear shocks and slightly larger tires do help this situation, making the difference in ride quietly minor when travelling on average asphalt roads. When the situation gets bumpy, it is somewhat more noticeable. But as someone who has had the difficult chore of swapping out burst tubes from very small tires, I am happy with the balance. The hydraulic rear disc brake is quite effective and almost a bit grabby at first and takes some getting used to. But, it becomes much easier and there is no doubt there is adequate braking power. The deck is not massive, but the reviewer is on the large size at 6’2″ with size 11.5US shoe and there were no issues.

Ideal User

The S2 scooter is ideal for those looking for an easy and pleasurable entry into this new world of electric mobility. This scooter handles very well, and offers a simple operating system that will appeal to newbies as well as those looking for a reasonably priced option. It is ideal for neighbourhood use. The battery life offers a decent range, but it depends on the length of the commute and the road conditions as the

Final Thoughts

We were impressed by the quality of the Hiboy S2 electric scooter at a price that is within easy reach for most. We like that Hiboy has a handy app with plenty of features as well as a line of accessories such as an optional seat that allow for an even wider range of use. It’s quick, it’s light and those solid tires mean no pesky flat tires to deal with. Overall, we recommend the Hiboy S2. For other scooter reviews click here.

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