Heybike Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Full Review. Heybike mars electric bike

Set out Your Trip with Heybike Mars. Jerry and Denise

As RV travelers, Jerry and Denise love to ride bikes and hike on their trails but were bothered by easily getting exhausted, especially in the heat, when riding traditional bikes.

Once Jerry and Denise saw a couple riding on a trail, they realized they’d endured enough exhausting trips. They started to research e-bikes and finally chose the foldable Mars e-bike for its ability to ride in all terrain and its effort-saving, easy carrying, and equipment extendable. When they finally received the Heybike Mars e-bike, just as expected, the e-bike made their trips, even life, easier and more enjoyable.

Easy Carrying and Flexible for Road Conditions

They used to buy a golf cart but seldom use it due to its inconvenience for carrying and it is too many limitations of the road conditions. The golf cart does not fit a truck or a camper. It is good for hanging around the neighborhood, but it can not handle an off-road.

But different from golf carts, Jerry and Denise could put Mars e-bikes on their truck and explore various kinds of places golf carts couldn’t reach, beaches, dirt roads, and wherever expand the possibilities as far as they get to see.

Enjoy Riding on Different Road

Only started a few years ago, with interest in recording their journeys, Denise recorded several books of their trails. Denise showed us some of her journeys. The Tallahassee area, Jacksonville area, and other trips are vivid to see.

Besides the main purpose of using Heybike Mars for camping, Jerry and Denise use it a lot at home, finding whatever trail they can explore and enjoy. They go as far as 2 hours away to ride bike trails twice a week. Towards Orlando, the east, there are many bike trails around. They’ve found a lot of new nice places.

Upgraded from their traditional bikes, they ride e-bikes with much more range with less effort. They rode the traditional bikes for 3-5 miles per time before, but now, 30 miles and more with e-bikes, not even sweat. When tired, they can just press the throttle and enjoy the ease.

Equipment Extendable

Jerry and Denise love their dogs and can never go out without them. Dogs love to go riding with them as well. Every time they load bikes up in the truck, little dogs start to get excited as they know they are leaving for a trip. They equipped their Mars e-bikes with baskets as seats for their cute dogs. They prepared special tiny helmets for their riding security though the naughty dog will always not keep them on. When riding, dogs are just like little sightseers, sitting in the baskets and sightseeing right along with them, looking at all the beauty around them.

Jerry and Denice already have the bikes for 3-4 months. Although when first receive the bikes, they take time to adjust to the bike system and riding control, so far, they enjoy riding the Mars e-bikes and are totally happy with them. The maintenance hasn’t been too much of a problem with them, and they keep them nice and clean every time they finish their ride. They may upgrade to a ranger one day, but now, they have fun with the Mars e-bike and looking forward to the future holds.

Heybike Mars Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Full Review

Portability and stability are two of the most sought-after features of electric bikes these days. That’s why folding bikes and fat tire bikes are becoming popular. In this case, the Heybike Mars is both.

Fat tire bikes offer unparalleled performance on rough terrain and folding bikes can be tucked away nearly anywhere. It’s hard to find an affordable option that offers both of those things. But the Heybike Mars does just that.

The Heybike Mars is a quality bike that offers the best of both worlds for a fair price. Heybike has been making waves in the electric bike world for a couple of years now, so I was very curious to see if the Mars Heybike can live up to its rep.

So, let’s dive into this in-depth review of the Heybike Mars.

Specs and Overview

The Heybike Mars uses a 500w motor and is designated Class 2 for its speed. It has a max range of 48 miles per battery charge, allowing it to cover a lot of ground in just a couple of hours.

The bike itself weighs about 66 pounds but that doesn’t stop it from having an impressive max load capacity of 330 pounds. This is standard for fat tire bikes making them more accessible for heavier users.

The Heybike Mars accessories include an electric horn, genders, and LED lights that are installed in the front and in the rear.

There is also an included LCD display that depicts the Mars’ current speed, remaining battery life, and other gear and speed-shifting settings.

Heybike Mars Top Speed and Power

Thanks to the 500w motor, the Heybike Mars electric bike can attain a max speed of 20 mph. While this isn’t super fast, it is a perfectly suitable speed for both urban and off-road terrains.

Speed is activated via the thumb throttle when using the electric riding mode settings. You can also use the included pedal-assist feature if you want some light exercise or are concerned about running low on battery life.

This is heavier than a standard non-electric bike so keep that in mind. Manually pedaling a bike that weighs over 60 pounds is not as fun as it sounds.

Heybike Mars Battery

The battery used in the Heybike Mars is a 48v 12.5Ah lithium-ion. It’s the reason why the Mars has an impressive max potential range of 48 miles with the pedal assist mode.

It’s a removable battery which really comes in handy if you want to charge it in a small space like your bedroom. This gives you the freedom to store the Heybike electric bike in another location like a garage or a storage closet.

The charging time is about 6 hours which is a little longer than I’d prefer, but who doesn’t say that about battery charging times these days? As long as you charge it overnight, you’ll always have this bike ready to go.

Folding and Portability

Carrying this bike is not necessarily an easy feat. It does weigh 66 pounds so some people might find that a little too heavy. Luckily, I’ve experienced no major issues with carrying the Heybike Mars in its folded state. When storing in a car trunk or in a closet, it only ever needed to be held for a few seconds at most.

As for the folding capability itself, it works like a charm. Some might find it to be a bit slow as there are some chunky components with this bike, but the final transformation is undeniably compact. The seat cushion sticks out a little but it otherwise folds up neatly and squarely.

At first, I had some minor concerns that the fat tires would stick out too much but I was happy to be proven wrong. Most fat tire bikes are not foldable, sometimes for good reason, but Heybike really managed to squeeze in as much as possible with this bike.

Wheels and Stability

My favorite part of the Heybike Mars is its fat tires. To me, they are what truly define this bike and make it so fun to ride on a variety of terrains.

Most bike tires are only about 1.25 inches thick, but in classic fat tire fashion, the Heybike Mars folding fat tire bike uses 4 inches instead. The wheels are also 20 inches tall, making it a little bigger than your average electric bicycle.

As expected, the Heybike Mars performed exceptionally well on a variety of surfaces. That’s the magic of fat tire bikes, they are able to offer the kind of reliable stability you can’t get with normal e-bikes.

I tested this thing on asphalt, grass, dirt, sand, and bumpy trails and I could barely tell a difference between them all. I can’t imagine this bike riding well on ice, but it otherwise works like a charm on basically anything else.

Extra Features

Perhaps the most notable extra feature of the Heybike Mars is its rear carrying rack. Impressively, it can hold up to 100 pounds which I was not expecting, even for a fat tire bike. Loading this thing up will barely make a dent in its acceleration or stability.

The kickstand is also very sturdy and thick.

The Heybike Mars also comes with a horn and LED lights. They both get the job done but I personally didn’t get much use out of them as they’re neither very loud nor very bright.

  • Reliable thick tires
  • Large load capacity
  • Great max range
  • Pedal-assist mode
  • Extra carrying rack
  • Affordable for a portable fat tire model
  • Charge time could be faster
  • A little on the heavy side for a folding bike
  • Handlebars are a little small


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Mars Electric Bike features 4” puncture-resistant tires

Are you interested in breaking into the booming electric bike scene but working on a budget and don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We recently tested the Heybikes Mars, a fat tire e-bike for all-terrain, offering an excellent bang for your buck, at approx 1100.

One of the best things about using e-bikes is their ability to easily commute between locations in a city. They aren’t big and bulky like cars and trucks, and even better, they don’t consume gas, which is at ridiculous these days.

Heavy traffic broke the camel’s back for California company Heybike, work commutes often resulted in tardiness.

That specific reason spawned Heybike, who’s original goal was to make a commuting e-bike that would solve their ‘late for work’ problems.

heybike, mars, folding, tire

Cityscape Electric Cruiser Bike was created, and it made waves. It got people to where they were going, sure, but even more significant than that, it introduced this electric biking world to many new people.

Mars Heybike folds up in two simple steps

So, what exactly is the Mars Electric Bike? Simply put, this is an excellent e-bike for anyone looking to get in on the wonderful hobby or is looking for vehicle alternatives.

The chassis has a similar construction to an exercise bike, but this one isn’t restrained to a particular location. It folds up in two simple steps so you can take it to the office or store it with ease.

heybike, mars, folding, tire

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Mars Electric Bike is the fat tires. They are puncture resistant and offer a large surface area for excellent traction that can tackle any terrain.

Above the rear tire is the rear rack with one hundred pounds of carrying capacity. Attached to that is a taillight and swinging around to the other side of the bike, you’ll find the LED headlight.

Seven-speed Shimano gearshift offers 3 levels of pedal assist

Continuing upward from the headlight, we’ll look at the handlebars and what’s attached to them. A multifunction display lets you monitor battery capacity, speed, motor output, and how many miles you’ve ridden.

There is also a seven-speed Shimano gearshift and three levels of pedal assistance.

The Mars Electric Bike comes strapped with a five-hundred-Watt brushless motor and a forty-eight volt, twelve-point five Amp hour lithium battery to pump it full of power.

Free shipping to the United States and a two-year warranty

We know you’re curious, so we’ll tell you that this is a Class 2 ebike with a max speed of twenty miles per hour. Of course, you can hit a bit higher than that, but you’ll be looking at going down hills for that speed.

As for range, you’re looking at around thirty-seven miles if you use solely electric acceleration or roughly forty-eight miles if you use pedal assistance.

Those specs assume you’re riding along a road or similar paved pathway. Off-roading will yield lower miles as you might expect.

Speaking of off-roading, thanks to the twenty-inch by four-inch fat tires and seat suspension, it’s a very viable and comfortable experience. It can even climb small hills in lower gears with pedal assistance.

And if a log or other obstacle blocks you out, the bike can easily be carried thanks to its lightweight frame sitting at just sixty-six pounds.

heybike, mars, folding, tire

The recommended rider size is between five foot three inches and six foot three inches with a maximum load capacity of three hundred and thirty pounds.

heybike, mars, folding, tire

As we mentioned, if you want a Mars Electric Bike for yourself, you’re looking at a price of around eleven hundred dollars. With free shipping to the continental United States and a two-year warranty.

If you’re looking for more, you can buy your electric bike with a saddlebag or basket for a little more money.

Mars Heybike Electric Fat-Tire Folding Bike Specs and Price

Design: Heybike

Delivery Locations: United States and Canada

Price: 0.053 BTC / 1,099 / €1,043

  • Battery 48V 12.5Ah Lithium battery
  • Range: 48 Mi / 77 km. Pedal assist
  • Hub Motor 500W Brushless gear motor
  • Tires 20 x 4 / 50 x 10 cm Fat Tires
  • E-bike Class: Class 2
  • Charge Time: 6-7 hours
  • MAX Payload Capacity: 300 – 330 lbs. / 136 – 150 kg
  • MAX Load for Rear Rack: 100 lbs. / 45 kg
  • Product Dimensions: 5.77 x 2 x 4.36 ft / 1.76 × 0.61 × 1.33 m
  • Folded Dimensions: 3.08 x 1.25 x 2.43 ft / 0.94 × 0.38 × 0.74 m
  • E Bike Weight: 66 lbs. / 30kg
  • Battery weight: 9.35 lbs. / 4.24kg

Up, Up, And Away: Mars E-Bike Makes Canvassing A Snap

The Mars e-bike from Heybike can tackle any hill, anytime, anywhere, for hours on end.

I got to test-ride the Mars e-bike from Heybike this week, and this was probably the toughest test I ever put an e-bike through. It was tougher than the Hill of Doom, and tougher than my 20-mile suburb-to-city commute down a mountain and back up again with no bike lanes. I put it to the toughest test of them all: The Canvas Test.

Why Canvas On An E-Bike?

If you have ever canvassed for a candidate before, you are already acquainted with the familiar routine of walking the streets, knocking on doors, and asking voters to support your candidate.

Canvassing can involve a lot of exercise, especially when long driveways and long stairways are involved. It can also involve a lot of hopping in and out of the car, when there are long distances between the households on your list.

Typically the canvas organizer gives you a list that can be covered in two hours or so, with a partner. By the time you’re halfway through, it can seem like drudgery. Your feet are tired or your gas tank is dwindling, or both, and most people aren’t home anyways, and some people are home but they are crabby or they just don’t have time to chat.

Not so on an e-bike. I canvassed on an e-bike for the first time last year, in a neighborhood across town from mine. It was like magic. Every minute was fun, and I covered more ground, more quickly than on foot or in a car. I could hardly wait to do it again.

It also helped that conditions in that particular neighborhood were ideal for canvassing, e-bike or not. It was in a flatter, older part of town where the houses were close together and close to the curb, too.

Canvassing On A Mars E-Bike

I tested the Mars e-bike while canvassing last Saturday. This time I was assigned to a more suburban part of town, where the conditions are less than ideal for canvassing on foot or by car.

This time around, the households on my list were spread far apart, making it impractical to cover the territory on foot alone. A car would help, but every house in that part of town is set back from the road, requiring a long walk from the curb up a driveway to reach a path to the front door, and usually some steps thrown in for good measure. Even with a car, the amount of footwork was monumental.

A bicycle would be another option, but in this particular neighborhood, the streets wind steeply around a hillside. Consequently most of the driveways are steep, too. A cyclist in good form could cover the territory in two hours, but not the rest of us.

On the Mars e-bike, the challenges evaporated and the terrain was a breeze. I was on that bike for a good three hours straight, including an hour of time between my home and the mustering point. Though I didn’t cover my entire list in two hours, I covered a lot more than I could have on car, foot, or non-e-bike.

The Mars e-bike chewed up those nasty steep roads like a tiger and spit them out, one by one. Riding the bike up driveways was also a big time-saver. I don’t know about your town, but in my town it’s okay to ride a bike up someone’s driveway, but it is not okay to drive your car onto their driveway unless you are invited. I would have had to park my car on the street and walk up, each time.

All in all, the e-bike handled the grind of canvassing like foam from a can of whipped cream. Starting, stopping, parking, walking, starting back up and doing it all over again for two hours straight didn’t seem like a chore at all. I could have gone for a third hour and finished up the territory, but I had to be somewhere else later that afternoon.

Rounding out the experience was a comfortable seat and the smooth styling of a fat tire ride, along with the nice chunky feel of the Shimano gearshift to modulate in between power modes.

About Heybike The Mars

CleanTechnica hasn’t poked around in Heybike territory before, though we did publish a sponsored post from the company last spring featuring upgrades to its Explore model.

“Considering the first Explore model sold out less than a week after it was first announced, you might want to pay attention to what made the bike so popular — and why HeyBike’s upgrades to the bike will make the new version even more desirable,” they wrote.

Maybe I’ll check out the Explore next. If you’re looking for an affordable Class 2 e-bike that can chew up the territory, though, the website currently lists the Mars discounted at just 1,099.00. The Explore is a Class 3 e-bike that lists at 1,899.00.

The Mars sports a 500 W motor and a top speed of 20 mph, which is plenty of power and speed for my needs.

“The rear e-bike motor is designed to provide power and added boost to riding. Whether you are cruising on flat terrain or venturing up hills and bumpy ground, the high-powered motor is made to take you wherever you need to go,” Heybike explains.

“Mars features 4-inches wide fat tires. The large surface area of contact with the ground offers superior traction, stability, and a smoother ride compared to conventional bikes,” they add.

Totally. I had to jump a curb at one point to avoid an obstruction, and I barely felt it.

As for style, I would call this the Sion of the e-bike world: stripped down for business, but with a big, beefy, impressive-looking silhouette. If you are a small person, don’t let the size stop you. I’m 5’3″ and the Mars me fit like a glove, straight out of the box.

Speaking of boxes, this was one of the easiest-to-assemble e-bikes I’ve every assembled, out of 10 or so (and counting).

Why Canvas?

If you’ve never canvassed before, now is a good time to start. Campaigns across the US are gearing up for the final push ahead of Election Day 2022. It’s a mid-term election that will decide which party controls the agenda in Congress, impacting everything from the pace of climate action to the status of women as co-equal citizens (if you have any thoughts about the relationship between women’s rights and bicycling, drop us a note in the comment thread).

Whether you’re going door to door, making phone calls, or writing letters, every contact with a voter can contribute to a win for your candidate of choice. Give your local campaign office a call and find out how to help.

Check out more of my e-bike tests, including the Hill of Doom and the 20-mile commute with no bike lanes, here.

Photo: Mars e-bike by Tina Casey.

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