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Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: Troubleshooting

It is needless to explain how exciting a scooter ride can be. But what about the battery issues that frequently take place? Are you going through the same with your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery? Well, there are some possible reasons that can cause such problems.

gotrax, scooter, charging, time

So, what are the common Gotrax Gxl V2 battery problems?

Battery not charging, battery shows fully charged but dead if unplugged, battery dying soon, or a damaged charger is the most common problem with Gotrax Gxl V2 battery. In most cases, the wrong way of using the battery is the main reason behind these problems.

If you overcharge your battery, keep it in a bad environment, or use the wrong chargers the mentioned battery problems may arise with your Gotrax Gxl.

However, if you need more details on this matter, the following article is for you.

Common Battery Problems of Gotrax GXL V2

These are the common battery problem of Gotrax Gxl V2 battery, possible reasons, and solutions-

  • Defective charger
  • Defective wiring
  • Loose charging port
  • Damaged charger
  • Damaged battery
  • Battery overly discharged
  • Change the charger
  • Fix wiring
  • Check the charging port to fix loose connection
  • Replace the battery
  • Improper charging
  • Excessive cold temperature
  • Degrading battery capacity
  • Defective battery
  • Faulty charger
  • Heavy rider weight
  • Charge the battery properly
  • Check the environment temperature before starting the scooter
  • Replace the battery
  • Overcharging the battery
  • Worn wiring inside the charger
  • Get a new charger
  • Faulty battery pack
  • Replace the battery pack

Problem 1: Battery Not Charging

Battery not charging is one of the most common battery issues that one might face primarily with their Gotrax Gxl V2. There can be various reasons behind this problem but two main reasons are the battery is overly discharged and any damaged wiring or charger port.

Other than these, if you leave the battery uncharged for a long time, the charging port of the battery is loose or the battery is damaged, and poor electric connection refrains the battery from charging, then the battery won’t be charging. However, there are a few symptoms that would let you detect what precisely the issue is with your scooter battery.


Here are the symptoms of the battery not charging problem in Gotrax Gxl V2.

  • The battery not recognizing the charger and hence refuses to charge
  • The battery light is fluctuating and not receiving a charge


These are the easiest and possible solutions for the battery is not charging problems in the following-

  • If the charging port is loose, tighten it using a wrench
  • Using a multimeter, check the voltage of the ports. If the voltage is lower than 36 volts, tighten the port
  • If there is any damaged wiring, replace it
  • If none of the mentioned ways works, replace the battery

Replacing Gotrax GXL V2 Battery:

If the battery is the problem, replace the battery is the best way out. The good part is you can do it all by yourself just by following a few steps. Here is the Gotrax Gxl V2 battery replacement process in a step-by-step process-

First, remove the top part of the steering column. Disconnect the brake cable. You can easily remove it by twisting and pulling it upward. After opening the column, you would find the battery located inside the handle pipe.

Slide the battery out of the pipe. Underneath the battery, you will see a notch that helps to place the battery correctly. Make sure the poles are lined up correctly.

You need to insert the new battery into the steering pipe. Make sure you match up the battery contracts with your steering column and handlebars. Now, place the steering column in the right place.

If the battery is not placed properly, it may be because the notches of your screw are not lined up correctly. Also, you won’t receive any power in the scooter.

Now that the battery replacement is done, you need to test whether the battery is working properly or not. Here is the process to test the scooter battery-

You should monitor your new battery’s mileage, speed, and battery health for a few days to confirm its performance.

Problem 2: Battery Dies Too Soon

Dead batteries or batteries dying sooner than expected is another common issue that may occur while using Gotrax Gxl V2. Several reasons can lead your electric scooter battery to this problem.

In most cases, overcharging the battery can damage both the battery and the charger. Other than that, improper charging, defective battery, damaged charger, overweight on the scooter, or excessive cold temperature can also lead to frequent battery dying problems.


These are the common symptoms that indicate your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery is dying too soon-

  • The battery is not receiving charge
  • Rapid depletion of battery power
  • Scooter fails to get the battery power


You need to be very careful while charging their battery. Another important thing is ensuring the battery never runs out of charge or is completely blank.

These are the possible solution you can try while having battery-fast draining issues-

Gotrax GXL V2 Battery Maintenance

Electric scooters like Gotrax Gxl V2 are undoubtedly one of the most exciting rides one can have. You need to take proper care of your vehicle to ensure it doesn’t face any problems.

Here are a few maintenance tips for your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery-

GOTRAX GXL Electric Scooter 3 Months Later, LED Taillight, Cold Weather Charging

  • To increase the lifespan of your scooter, be aware of your battery’s capacity. Take care of the weight, speed, and riding style of your scooter which would increase the battery life of your scooter.
  • Never let your battery drop below 40%. You should charge your scooter accordingly to make the most of its battery.
  • Overcharging or charging overnight would drastically reduce your battery health. A Gotrax Gxl V2 scooter doesn’t require charging more than 3-4 hours depending on the model.

Gotrax Electric scooter battery doesn’t charge? What you should know and do

  • It is very important to use the correct charger that came with your scooter. In case you need to replace the charger, make sure you get the charger for precisely the model you have.
  • You should always store your battery in a dry place. The ideal temperature for storing a battery would be 10-30 degrees Celsius and do not expose it to direct sunlight.
gotrax, scooter, charging, time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Usually how long Gotrax Gxl V2 battery last?

If you are using a 36V scooter battery for your Gotrax Gxl V2, then it will give you a good 12 miles of backup for a single charge. Although this is the estimation of the manuals in real-time, you would be able to run 10 miles at a stretch.

How to detect bad scooter batteries?

The most common symptoms of a bad scooter battery are the scooter doesn’t travel as it usually runs, the battery not receiving charge, the battery not charged fully, the fast dropping of the battery light, the battery not recognizing the charger, and so on. If you face any of these, you need to change your battery.

How to reset a scooter battery?

Usually, the reset button of a scooter is located on the left side of the battery box which automatically turns the power off when it is overweight. An overloaded or too heavy rider on a scooter can cause an automatic reset on a scooter.


At under 300, the Gotrax GXL V2 electric scooter has a lot of great features that make it stand out, like a good motor system and fast top speed. It also has a decent range best for riders who want to supplement a commute. We especially liked the tires, too, which provide a really comfortable ride. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a scooter, but you want something more than just an e-vehicle meant for fun, check out the Gotrax GXL V2 Commuter.

Range Speed

The Gotrax GXL V2’s motor is reasonably standard for a scooter of its caliber. It’s 250 watts and built into the front hub. The motor is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. That gives the scooter a top speed of 15.5 mph, which is fast, and a range of 9-12 miles.

Ranges are measured with a pretty light rider not going at the top speed, so expect a reduced range if you’re closer to the max weight limit and going really fast. Gear 1 gives you a 10 mph top speed, while Gear 2 unlocks the 15.5 mph. If you’re new to scooters, try out Gear 1 first to get comfortable.

For hills, the Gotrax GXL V2 can tackle up to 10-degree slopes. The battery takes about 4 hours to recharge from empty, which is a quick turnaround. A lot of similar scooters take longer.


The scooter is built with a fortified frame that can hold up to 220 pounds. It weighs around 26 pounds, so it isn’t too difficult to carry it around if necessary. There’s a handlebar display, so you can conveniently see data like battery life and speed. To brake, use the handlebar brakes and the rear disk brake, which you push down with your foot. This dual system brake is a scooter highlight and allows you to brake gradually or quickly, if necessary.

The other cool feature is that the scooter is IP54 water-resistant. It obviously can’t be submerged in water, but if you’re riding through puddles, you don’t have to worry about damage. The rear splash guard is also a nice touch.

The tires also help deal with rougher terrain, since they’re pneumatic, or air-filled. While they are prone to punctures, air-filled tires are better at shock absorption and handling bumps and uneven ground. While this scooter shouldn’t be taken off-road, you can ride over not-so-smooth pavement comfortably.

What’s not so good?

Not waterproof: The Gotrax GXL V2 does not respond well to water, so if you live anywhere that rains, you won’t be using it much. Wet conditions can get rather slippery under your feet, and any water damage to the electronics will void the warranty. Poor portability: While the scooter only weighs ~26 lbs. and can fold, the clip to keep it folded is so poorly designed that it’s nearly impossible to carry around. A plastic hook interlocks with a plastic latch on the back wheel, but a gentle shake is all it takes for the thing to come loose. Mind your surroundings. Rough riding: You will feel any big bump or cracks along the road, as this scooter has zero suspension. Additionally, while the hand brake leads to a rear disc brake, reaching a complete stop can take 3-5 seconds, so stay vigilant.

Range: 12 miles (~19 km) on a single charge. Speed: 15.5 mph (~25 km/h) max speed on flat terrain. Inclines will bring that down to 11-13 mph (17—20 km/h) Motor size: 250W Tires: 8.5-inch, air-filled tires. Dimensions: 43.3″ x 16.7″ x 44.1″ Weight: 26.45 lbs Charge Time: four to five hours. The charger has an indicator to let you know when the scooter is fully charged.

Should I buy the Gotrax GXL V2?

If you already own an electric scooter and want to upgrade, then the Gotrax GXL V2 is not for you. If you want to own your first electric scooter, then the GXL V2 can be a great introduction to the world of electric scootering, depending on how and where you plan to use it. Here’s a checklist of questions that, if you answer yes to, you should go with Gotrax.

  • Do you have hardly any hills in your neighborhood?
  • Does it rarely rain where you live?
  • Do you plan to use it for short distances ( under 12 miles)?
  • Do you plan to carry the scooter on transit or in public spaces? — If so, you should use a metal key clip to secure the scooter while folded.

For only 350 US, the Gotrax GXL V2 is a fun, lightweight, affordable option. Still, you might consider paying a little more for practical considerations such as suspension, waterproofing, and a larger motor to travel farther distances. Or you may want the fun factor of higher speeds to pass other cyclists or e-scooters swiftly. In which case, the Gotrax G4 may be a better option.

Using the Gotrax GXL V2

How to fold and unfold the Gotrax GXL V2

Before folding the scooter, be sure to turn the power off. After all, you don’t want to hit the throttle and have the tires start spinning accidentally.

Folding: Hold the tiller, pull out the spring pin on the folding panel, and then rotate the pin counterclockwise. Then, fold the scooter down until the tiller hook catches the loop on the rear fender. The hook tends to pop out of the loop easily, so be gentle when moving the folded scooter so that it doesn’t unfold unexpectedly.

Unfolding: Push the rear fender down and pull the tiller up to unfold the scooter. The spring will snap into the lever to lock the folding mechanism.

How to charge the Gotrax GXL V2

Open the rubber charging port cover to find the port to plug in the charging cord. The charger box will show a red light while juicing up and a green light when the scooter is fully charged. Charging time takes around four hours. When the battery is full, cover the charging port to keep it clear of debris or a surprise raindrop.

Turning the Gotrax GXL V2 on and off

On: Press and hold the red button for one second.

Off: Press and hold the red button for five seconds.

gotrax, scooter, charging, time

To turn the headlight on or off, press the red button while the scooter is powered on.

gotrax, scooter, charging, time

Note that the LED console on the scooter displays speed in mph. However, you can press the red button three times to switch the speed unit to km/h.

How to make Gotrax GXL V2 go faster

The motor will not start until it reaches a speed of 1.2 mph or 2km/h, so you need to kick-push it to get going. To enable cruise control, press the right-hand thumb throttle down for ten seconds. Max speed in cruise control is 15.5 mph.

How to Make Your E Scooter Battery Last Longest

Interestingly, the battery is actually the most expensive component of an electric scooter. Hence, the overall price depends on the battery size and power.

Well, the battery model is a factor too. The manufacturer also matters.

So, the average price of an e scooter battery starts from 160 to 350.

Consider the following popular e scooter battery prices:

  • Segway Ninebot External Battery Pack for Electric Kick Scooters model ES1/ES2/ES4 – 220
  • Razor E100/125/150 Electric Scooter (2 pack) battery – 30
  • GoTRAX Electric Scooter Battery Pack – 74
  • Dolly 36v Lithium-Ion Battery – 249

A Step By Step Guide to Charging the E Scooter without a Charger

Avoid charging your e scooter without a charger! In fact, avoid charging your bike with any other charger except the original charger. Overall, all alternative charging methods are generally discouraged.

At times, though, some have no alternative but to try charging their scooter without a charger. You need a different power source to do this.

You can use your car battery and some jumper cables.

Take note of this: To charge effectively, make sure your car’s battery voltage is greater than the scooter’s battery’s.

Here are the tips on how you can charge the scooter without a regular charger:

  • Turn off your scooter
  • Take out the battery (it may void the warranty)
  • Locate the negative and positive leads on the scooter battery (sometimes marked by a red and black color, respectively)
  • Spread the jumper cables (don’t let them touch)
  • Ensure the black leads are left on the ground; they shouldn’t touch a metal
  • Attach a red lead from the jumper cable to the scooter battery’s red lead.
  • Attach the other red lead to the car battery’s positive lead
  • Attach the jumper cable’s black lead to the car battery’s negative lead
  • Attach the other black section of the jumper cable to a grounding point or bare metal. Take care not to attach the black lead to the scooter’s battery- it might cause an explosion.
  • Start the car engine; let it rev for some minutes
  • Let the battery charge
  • Without putting it in contact with anything, remove the black lead from the grounding.
  • Isolate the red lead from the scooter’s battery
  • Isolate the black lead from the car battery


We hope you got a few points on the best way to charge your favorite e scooter. We encourage you to follow all the tips in this post carefully. If you do so, be sure that your e scooter will last for a minimum of 2 to 3 extra years.

Keep this in mind: Charge the e scooter to its full capacity (100% charge). Use the manufacturer-provided original charger.

Avoid using any other charger (other than the one prescribed for your e scooter). Keep the e scooter and its battery in a safe, dry place.

If you keep this advice, you’ll enjoy value for money for a long time with your e valued scooter.

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