Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: Troubleshooting. Gotrax electric scooter battery

Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: Troubleshooting

It is needless to explain how exciting a scooter ride can be. But what about the battery issues that frequently take place? Are you going through the same with your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery? Well, there are some possible reasons that can cause such problems.

So, what are the common Gotrax Gxl V2 battery problems?

Battery not charging, battery shows fully charged but dead if unplugged, battery dying soon, or a damaged charger is the most common problem with Gotrax Gxl V2 battery. In most cases, the wrong way of using the battery is the main reason behind these problems.

If you overcharge your battery, keep it in a bad environment, or use the wrong chargers the mentioned battery problems may arise with your Gotrax Gxl.

However, if you need more details on this matter, the following article is for you.

Common Battery Problems of Gotrax GXL V2

These are the common battery problem of Gotrax Gxl V2 battery, possible reasons, and solutions-

  • Defective charger
  • Defective wiring
  • Loose charging port
  • Damaged charger
  • Damaged battery
  • Battery overly discharged
  • Change the charger
  • Fix wiring
  • Check the charging port to fix loose connection
  • Replace the battery
  • Improper charging
  • Excessive cold temperature
  • Degrading battery capacity
  • Defective battery
  • Faulty charger
  • Heavy rider weight
  • Charge the battery properly
  • Check the environment temperature before starting the scooter
  • Replace the battery
  • Overcharging the battery
  • Worn wiring inside the charger
  • Get a new charger
  • Faulty battery pack
  • Replace the battery pack

Problem 1: Battery Not Charging

Battery not charging is one of the most common battery issues that one might face primarily with their Gotrax Gxl V2. There can be various reasons behind this problem but two main reasons are the battery is overly discharged and any damaged wiring or charger port.

Other than these, if you leave the battery uncharged for a long time, the charging port of the battery is loose or the battery is damaged, and poor electric connection refrains the battery from charging, then the battery won’t be charging. However, there are a few symptoms that would let you detect what precisely the issue is with your scooter battery.


Here are the symptoms of the battery not charging problem in Gotrax Gxl V2.

  • The battery not recognizing the charger and hence refuses to charge
  • The battery light is fluctuating and not receiving a charge


These are the easiest and possible solutions for the battery is not charging problems in the following-

  • If the charging port is loose, tighten it using a wrench
  • Using a multimeter, check the voltage of the ports. If the voltage is lower than 36 volts, tighten the port
  • If there is any damaged wiring, replace it
  • If none of the mentioned ways works, replace the battery

Replacing Gotrax GXL V2 Battery:

If the battery is the problem, replace the battery is the best way out. The good part is you can do it all by yourself just by following a few steps. Here is the Gotrax Gxl V2 battery replacement process in a step-by-step process-

First, remove the top part of the steering column. Disconnect the brake cable. You can easily remove it by twisting and pulling it upward. After opening the column, you would find the battery located inside the handle pipe.

Slide the battery out of the pipe. Underneath the battery, you will see a notch that helps to place the battery correctly. Make sure the poles are lined up correctly.

You need to insert the new battery into the steering pipe. Make sure you match up the battery contracts with your steering column and handlebars. Now, place the steering column in the right place.

If the battery is not placed properly, it may be because the notches of your screw are not lined up correctly. Also, you won’t receive any power in the scooter.

Now that the battery replacement is done, you need to test whether the battery is working properly or not. Here is the process to test the scooter battery-

You should monitor your new battery’s mileage, speed, and battery health for a few days to confirm its performance.

Problem 2: Battery Dies Too Soon

Dead batteries or batteries dying sooner than expected is another common issue that may occur while using Gotrax Gxl V2. Several reasons can lead your electric scooter battery to this problem.

In most cases, overcharging the battery can damage both the battery and the charger. Other than that, improper charging, defective battery, damaged charger, overweight on the scooter, or excessive cold temperature can also lead to frequent battery dying problems.


These are the common symptoms that indicate your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery is dying too soon-

  • The battery is not receiving charge
  • Rapid depletion of battery power
  • Scooter fails to get the battery power


You need to be very careful while charging their battery. Another important thing is ensuring the battery never runs out of charge or is completely blank.

These are the possible solution you can try while having battery-fast draining issues-

  • Charge the battery for 4-5 hours, not more than that.
  • Use a voltmeter connecting the red lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal to track how much charge the battery is getting.
  • Replace the charger immediately if your battery is unable to charge with it.
  • If the charger is not the issue, the battery is the problem. Replace the battery with a Gotrax XR ultra battery. which has a higher capacity

Problem 3: Damaged Battery Charger

A damaged battery charger can cause issues in battery performance. In most cases, overcharging the scooter damages both the charger and its battery. If the voltage fluctuates rapidly while charging, it can also damage the battery charger.

over, charging the scooter battery with a faulty charger can cause issues with the battery itself. You need to inspect the symptoms carefully to detect what the problem is.


Here are the symptoms of the faulty charger in Gotrax Gxl V2-

  • The light indicator not showing any light for charging
  • The battery can’t be charged fully
  • Battery charging is very slow
  • Incorrect voltage in the charging port (measure using a voltmeter)


Typically, it’s not possible to fix any problem related to the charger. If your battery is working fine, then the issue must be in the charger. So, replacing the charger is the best option which will cost between 15-30 dollars depending on the model.

Problem 4: Faulty Battery Pack

Sometimes a faulty battery pack can cause issues like the battery may show fully charged but unplugged, and it doesn’t have any charge. Apart from that issue, if your battery is damaged, the same issue may arise.

If you want a smooth experience with your scooter, then you need to fix this issue as early as possible.


Here are the common symptoms of faulty battery pack issues-


For solving faulty battery pack issue, replacing the battery is the most efficient way. You can easily do it all by yourself just by following the steps carefully mentioned above.

Gotrax GXL V2 Battery Maintenance

Electric scooters like Gotrax Gxl V2 are undoubtedly one of the most exciting rides one can have. You need to take proper care of your vehicle to ensure it doesn’t face any problems.

Here are a few maintenance tips for your Gotrax Gxl V2 battery-

  • To increase the lifespan of your scooter, be aware of your battery’s capacity. Take care of the weight, speed, and riding style of your scooter which would increase the battery life of your scooter.
  • Never let your battery drop below 40%. You should charge your scooter accordingly to make the most of its battery.
  • Overcharging or charging overnight would drastically reduce your battery health. A Gotrax Gxl V2 scooter doesn’t require charging more than 3-4 hours depending on the model.
  • It is very important to use the correct charger that came with your scooter. In case you need to replace the charger, make sure you get the charger for precisely the model you have.
  • You should always store your battery in a dry place. The ideal temperature for storing a battery would be 10-30 degrees Celsius and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Usually how long Gotrax Gxl V2 battery last?

If you are using a 36V scooter battery for your Gotrax Gxl V2, then it will give you a good 12 miles of backup for a single charge. Although this is the estimation of the manuals in real-time, you would be able to run 10 miles at a stretch.

How to detect bad scooter batteries?

The most common symptoms of a bad scooter battery are the scooter doesn’t travel as it usually runs, the battery not receiving charge, the battery not charged fully, the fast dropping of the battery light, the battery not recognizing the charger, and so on. If you face any of these, you need to change your battery.

How to reset a scooter battery?

Usually, the reset button of a scooter is located on the left side of the battery box which automatically turns the power off when it is overweight. An overloaded or too heavy rider on a scooter can cause an automatic reset on a scooter.

Final Words

Hope you get a brief idea about how you can solve the Gotrax Gxl V2 battery problem, along with the symptoms and possible reasons for the problems.

If you want your scooter battery to last longer, you need to ensure regular maintenance of it. That is it for now.

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How to Charge Gotrax Scooter – Things You Don’t Know

The Gotrax scooter is a popular choice for those looking for an electric scooter. Gotrax is known for its ease of use, affordability, and portability. The Gotrax scooter is a great choice for those who are looking for a way to save money on transportation, as it is significantly cheaper than taking a car or bus. Additionally, the scooter is much more compact than a car, making it easy to store and transport. The Gotrax scooter is also a great choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, as it emits no emissions, But one question many people searching about that how to charge the Gotrax scooter so today I will completely guide you!

How to charge gotrax scooter

When it comes time to charge your Gotrax scooter, simply open the rubber charging port cover and insert the provided charging plug into the port. The charger box will have a green light when fully charged and a red light when charging, so you’ll always know the status of your battery. When you’re done, be sure to cover the charging port again to keep it clear of any dust or debris. With just a few simple steps, you’ll always be prepared to zip around on your scooter.

How to charge a gotrax scooter without a charger?

If you find yourself without a charger for your GOTRAX electric scooter, there are a few ways to charge it without one. One option is to use a portable car jumper. Simply connect the positive and negative cables from the jumper to the corresponding terminals on the scooter. Then, start the car and let it run for a few minutes to charge the scooter battery. Another option is to use a variable power supply. Set the power supply to 12 volts and connect the positive and negative leads to the scooter terminals. Then, turn on the power supply and let it charge the battery for a few hours. With either method, it’s important to keep an eye on the battery level and stop charging when it reaches full capacity. By following these steps, you can charge your GOTRAX electric scooter without a charger.

How to remove speed limiter on gotrax scooter

Gotrax scooter comes with a speed limiter that restricts the speed. First, take off the seat and the battery cover. There are two screws on the left-hand side of the seat, one behind the chair where your back would be when riding, and one on top of the frame. Remove these two screws, but don’t remove the seat from the frame if you plan on reusing it. Next, remove the battery cover. It’s held in place by three screws: one on each side and one on top. The one on top is right behind where your foot would rest against the front of the bike when you’re riding. Now you’ll see your controller board. There are three wires leading from this board to an antenna wire at the rear of your Gotrax scooter. You’ll also notice there is a red wire coming out of these three wires—that’s what limits your speed. If you want to buy the fastest scooter I would recommend you to read our blog post to know about the Fastest cheap electric scooter.

How long does it take to charge a gotrax scooter?

The Gotrax GKS scooter is a fun and convenient way to get around town. But how long does it take to charge? According to the manufacturer, it takes about four hours to fully charge the scooter. That’s not too bad, considering that you’ll be able to enjoy a top speed of 7.5 mph (16 kph) and a maximum distance of 4 miles on a single charge. So if you’re planning on using your Gotrax GKS scooter for commuting or running errands around town, you can rest assured that it will be ready to go when you need it. Know: How to fold Gotrax scooter

Features of Gotrax

The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Scooter is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, affordable means of transportation. The scooter has a number of features that make it a great choice for commuters, including a lightweight frame, folding design, and powerful motor. Additionally, the scooter includes a rear-wheel fender brake and an LED headlight, making it safe to use in all weather conditions. The GXL V2 also comes with a detachable battery, making it easy to charge on the go. With its combination of features and affordability, the Gotrax GXL V2 is a great option for those looking for an alternative to traditional means of transportation. If you are a beginner I would recommend you to read about the five common mistakes first-time riders do know from Gotrax’s official site.


Gotrax offers a wide variety of electric scooters to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight model for commuting or a heavy-duty scooter for off-road adventures, Gotrax has you covered. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Gotrax scooter models.

How long does a gotrax scooter take to charge It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the battery completely on the Gotrax scooter. That being said, you’ll probably want to charge it overnight because it can be a pain waiting around for 4 hours.

What is the difference between the GXL and G2 models? The GXL is Gotrax’s flagship model, offering a powerful motor and extended range. The G2 is a more budget-friendly option that still offers excellent performance.

What is the difference between the GXL and G4 models? The G4 is an updated version of the GXL, with a longer range and improved suspension.

What is the difference between the G2 and G4 models? The G4 offers better performance than the G2, with a more powerful motor and longer range. It also has superior suspension for a smoother ride.

Is the Gotrax XR Ultra waterproof? No, the XR Ultra is not waterproof, but it is weather-resistant. It can be used in light rain or snow, but should not be submerged in water.


The Gotrax scooter is a great way to get around. It’s lightweight and easily portable, making it perfect for short trips around town. And when you’re done riding, the scooter folds up for easy storage. One of the best features of the Gotrax GKS scooter is its battery life. And if you’re running low on juice, the scooter can be fully recharged in just four hours. That means you can always be ready to hit the road, whether you’re commuting to work or exploring your neighborhood. So if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to get around, the Gotrax GKS scooter is a great option.

Most Common Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: Fix in 2 Minutes!

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Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: The Gotrax Gxl V2 battery is a lithium-ion power source that has been widely used in consumer electronics such as electric scooters and hoverboards.

The Gotrax Gxl V2 battery has proven to be a reliable yet complex device, and many issues have been reported in regards to its performance.

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Specifically, users claim that the battery exhibits signs of premature discharge due to overheating, as well as limited capacity and decreased power output.

This can be attributed to various factors such as incorrect charging techniques or excessive usage resulting in a decrease of cell efficiency and functional lifespan.

Gotrax Gxl V2 batteries are a popular choice for electric scooter riders, as they offer reliable power and long-lasting use.

However, there are some common issues with Gotrax Gxl V2 batteries, such as short battery life, slow charging, and overheating.

In this article, we will discuss these issues in depth and provide some tips on how to avoid them.

Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery:

The Gotrax Gxl V battery is the perfect choice to power your ride. This battery is designed to keep you going, with a capacity of 187 Wh or 5.2Ah, and a maximum travel range of 10 to 12 miles.

It’s also incredibly fast-charging, with a recharge time of just 4-5 hours. Additionally, it has an impressive 5W motor power output, making it perfect for tackling hills and other challenging terrains.

And it’s all backed by Gotrax’s 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.

How Long Does Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Last?

The Gotrax Gxl V2 battery lasts for around 4-5 hours before needing to be recharged. However, this depends largely on your riding style and the terrain you’re travelling through.

If you’re using the battery primarily for cruising around town or urban areas, then it may last significantly longer than if you’re travelling through challenging terrain.

What Are Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems?

Many riders have reported issues with their batteries not charging, or not holding a charge as long as they’d like. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes you can try to get your battery running smoothly again.

With the proper care and maintenance, your Gotrax Gxl V battery should be running at its peak performance in no time!

gotrax, battery, problems, troubleshooting, electric, scooter

Here are the most common Gotrax Gxl V2 battery problems:

Battery Not Charging Properly

First common problem with Gotrax Gxl V2 battery is that it may not charge properly. If your scooter’s battery isn’t charging properly, there are a few different possible causes. First and foremost, it’s important to check that your battery is clean and free of debris.

If it’s dirty, use a cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. Additionally, make sure the power cord is properly connected to the device and the wall outlet, sometimes the connection can become loose.

If the cord itself is damaged, you may need to purchase a replacement.

Battery Not Holding Charge:

This is also a common issue with Gotrax Gxl V2 battery. If your battery isn’t holding a charge for long periods of time, there are a few different things you can do to try and resolve the issue.

First, make sure that you’re using an official Gotrax charger that’s compatible with the Gxl V.

Next, you should check the contacts on the charger and the battery itself for any dirt or grime build-up that could prevent a secure connection.

Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Leaks During Use:

There have been reported cases of Gotrax Gxl V2 battery leaks during use.

The most common symptom of a battery leak is corrosion around the battery connection. If you notice any corrosion in this area, it is recommended that you discontinue use until the issue can be inspected by an authorized service technician.

Additionally, it is important to regularly check the battery connection for any signs of corrosion and to ensure that all connections are tight and secure.

Battery Shows Signs Of Wear And Tear:

This is common Problem with Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery. If your scooter battery shows signs of wear and tear, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible.

Signs of wear and tear can include corrosion around the battery connection, dramatic decrease in battery life, and physical damage to the battery itself.

If you notice any of these signs, it is recommended that you discontinue use until the issue can be inspected by an authorized service technician.

Battery Takes Too Long To Charge:

Many people struggle with battery charging time and it can be an annoying inconvenience. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to help reduce charging time and get the most out of your battery life.

First, make sure you’re using the right charger for your device. Using the wrong charger can cause problems with your device and slow the charging process down.

Also, try to avoid using your device while it’s charging as this can also affect the speed of charging time.

Secondly, try to keep your device in a cool, dry place while it is charging. Heat is one of the leading causes of battery failure and keeping your device in a cool place will help to prolong its life.

Finally, if you’re still having issues with your battery taking too long to charge, consider investing in a portable charger or external battery pack.

Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Takes Too Long To Recharge

If you’re the proud owner of a Gotrax Gxl V battery, you may have noticed that it takes a long time to recharge.

This is because the Gxl V battery has a large capacity and it can take several hours for a full charge. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the recharging process quicker and more efficient.

First, make sure you use the right charger for your battery. Gotrax recommends an 18W fast charger.

This will help to reduce the time it takes to get your battery back up to full charge. Additionally, make sure your charger is plugged in properly and that it has good contact with your battery.

Finally, be sure not to overcharge your battery.

Battery Won’t Hold A Charge Anymore

It can be incredibly frustrating when your battery won’t hold a charge anymore. You may be left stranded in the middle of nowhere, or worse yet, stuck with a dead phone in the middle of an important call.

Before you go out and buy a new battery, there’s some troubleshooting you can do to try and revive it. First, check the charge port on your device for any dust or debris and clean it out if necessary.

Then, try charging your battery from a different source and see if that helps. If it still won’t hold a charge, then it’s time to look into getting a new one.

Gotrax Gxl V2 Damaged Battery Charger

If scooter battery charger, damaged in any way, your scooter won’t be able to work properly. That’s why it’s important to inspect your battery charger for any potential problems.

gotrax, battery, problems, troubleshooting, electric, scooter

Look for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed or cracked wires, or a loose connection. You should also check for signs of corrosion or damage to the battery itself.

If you find any of these issues, you should immediately contact a repair service to get the charger fixed.

Faulty Battery Pack

A faulty battery pack is a common problem amongst many electronic devices. It can be the cause of unexpected shutdowns, slow charging, or even no response at all.

To identify if your battery pack is faulty, you can try a few simple steps. First, check the charging port for visible signs of damage. If it looks fine, then you can attempt to charge the device.

If it takes longer than usual to charge or charges slower than expected, it may be a sign that your battery is faulty.

Another solution is to try and reset the device by pressing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds. This should reset the device and force it to restart.

If none of these steps work, then it may be time to replace your battery pack.

: Battery Starts Smoking And Producing Toxic Fumes:

Battery smoking and the production of toxic fumes is a serious hazard that should not be taken lightly. It can cause serious injury to anyone in the vicinity of the smoke or affected by the fumes.

It is important to pay attention to the signs of battery smoking and be aware of the potential hazards. If you notice any signs of battery smoking, you should immediately take action to stop the smoking and evacuate the area.

It is important to first turn off the power source before attempting to remove the battery from the device. If the battery is not removable, you should shut off all power sources and call for professional help.

Never attempt to handle a smoking battery on your own as it can be very dangerous. After the smoke has cleared, it is important to inspect the device and battery for damage and any other signs of malfunction.

Gotrax GXL V2 Battery Maintenance:

Maintaining your Gotrax GXL V electric scooter’s battery should be a top priority to ensure a longer lifespan and optimal performance. The battery is the most important component of the scooter, so taking care of it is essential.

To keep your battery in good condition, make sure to charge it fully after every ride. This helps keep it at its peak performance.

Avoid letting your battery get too hot or too cold for extended periods of time, as this can cause permanent damage.

Ensure that the battery is securely fastened and stored in a dry location when not in use.

How Can I Save My Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery?

To save your battery, it’s important to use it sparingly and to recharge it as quickly as possible. Additionally, make sure that you keep your battery well-covered and dry.

Exposure to moisture can cause the battery to overheat, which will lead to a shortened lifespan.

Gotrax Battery Life:

The battery life of Gotrax products is unparalleled in the industry, designed to provide reliable and long-lasting power.

With an average lifespan of 500 charge cycles, you can count on your Gotrax product to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

The advanced lithium-ion battery technology in Gotrax products allows for faster charging and longer usage time. Depending on the product, you can expect up to 7 hours of use on a single charge.


Can Gotrax Scooter Battery Be Replaced?

Yes, the battery can be replaced. However, it is important to note that this is a complicated and potentially dangerous task.It is recommended to only replace the battery if you have the necessary tools and experience.

Can I Leave My Gotrax Scooter Charging Overnight?

It is not recommended to leave your scooter charging overnight as this can damage the battery. It is best to charge it fully after every ride.

How Can I Overheate My Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery?

Another common problem with the Gotrax Gxl V2 battery is overheating. This can occur due to a number of factors, such as excessive use or poor charging conditions.If your battery becomes overheated, it may start to smoke and produce toxic fumes.

Last Talk: Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems:

Gotrax Gxl V2 Battery Problems: There are a few ways to check if your battery is smoking and producing toxic fumes. Pay attention to the signs of battery smoking and be aware of the potential hazards.

If you notice any signs of battery smoking, you should immediately take action to stop the smoking and evacuate the area.

After the smoke has cleared, it is important to inspect the device and battery for damage and any other signs of malfunction.

Finally, make sure to follow these simple steps to maintain your Gotrax GXL V battery for years to come.

WEPED SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER: A High-Performance Premium Scooter

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The WEPED SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER is a premium scooter that boasts high-performance capabilities.

The WEPED SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER has been recently unveiled by WEPED, a distinguished name in the domain of personal mobility. This state-of-the-art electric scooter has been engineered to provide unmatched performance and dependability for individuals seeking transportation or recreational activities. The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER boasts a plethora of sophisticated functionalities and premium constituents, rendering it capable of captivating even the most meticulous of riders.

  • Powerful Dual Motor: Equipped with a dual BLDC hub motor, the WEPED SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER delivers a remarkable 8KW of power, providing impressive acceleration and thrilling rides.
  • Long Range: With a range of approximately 174 miles (280km), the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER ensures you can enjoy extended journeys without worrying about running out of battery.
  • High Speed: The scooter offers a safe speed limit of 87 mph (±5) and a maximum speed of about 100 mph (±5), making it a true speed demon on the roads.
  • Premium Build Quality: The frame of the scooter is crafted from high-quality POSCO 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring exceptional durability, strength, and a smooth ride.
  • Top-of-the-Line Components: The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER utilizes genuine Samsung SDI 21700 50E lithium-ion cells for its 100.8V 100Ah (10,080Wh) battery pack, guaranteeing reliable performance and long-lasting power.
  • Comfortable Ride: Featuring 20-inch tubeless tires and front and rear oil shock absorbers, the scooter provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven road surfaces.
  • Advanced Braking System: With Brembo brakes installed on both the front and rear wheels, along with an electronic brake, the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER ensures reliable and efficient braking power for enhanced safety.
  • Intuitive Display and Lighting: The widescreen display allows riders to easily monitor vital information such as speed, battery level, time, and mileage. Dual headlights with high and low beam functions, along with a tail light and brake light, provide excellent visibility and safety during night rides.

High-quality components are utilized to ensure uncompromising quality.

WEPED exhibits a sense of pride in its dedication to utilizing premium-grade constituents in their electric scooters, and the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER is a manifestation of this principle. The scooter’s frame is composed of POSCO 6061 aluminium alloy, which provides superior durability and strength. In contrast to scooters produced by alternative manufacturers utilizing castings and moulds, WEPED’s frame undergoes precision machining to ensure a seamless surface, superior surface treatment, and elevated surface durability.

The meticulous FOCUS on particulars guarantees a seamless and enduring journey, devoid of any concessions on excellence.

The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER is powered by a battery pack consisting of Samsung SDI 21700 50E lithium-ion cells, with a total capacity of 100.8V and 100Ah (10,080Wh). Consequently, the riders can relish a battery with a high capacity that guarantees enduring efficiency and dependability.

The utilization of authentic Samsung battery cells by WEPED, in conjunction with precise manufacturing techniques and KC certification, guarantees a secure and effective energy supply.

The riding experience is of exceptional quality and the safety features are noteworthy.

While utilizing the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER, riders can anticipate a journey that is both comfortable and seamless. The scooter is equipped with 20-inch tubeless tires that operate in conjunction with front and rear oil shock absorbers, resulting in an unmatched riding experience that can be likened to floating on clouds.

The braking system exhibits superior performance, featuring Brembo brakes equipped on both the anterior and posterior wheels. over, the incorporation of an electronic brake amplifies the collective braking force, guaranteeing dependable and safe deceleration.

The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER is outfitted with dual headlights that provide both high and low beam capabilities, ensuring optimal brightness. This characteristic ensures optimal visibility during nocturnal excursions, featuring the capacity to alternate between low-intensity white beams and high-intensity yellow beams. The inclusion of a tail light and brake light serves to augment safety measures by providing unambiguous signals to fellow motorists.

The display interface exhibits a user-friendly design and supplementary features.

The utilization of a widescreen display enables riders to seamlessly observe crucial data points, including but not limited to real-time velocity, battery capacity, temporal information, and distance travelled. The ergonomic design of the button interface facilitates ease of use, enabling riders of varying skill levels to navigate the display with ease.

WEPED provides an extra alternative for chromatic adjustment, enabling consumers to customize their SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER. Through the utilization of the anodization process, individuals operating the vehicle have the ability to select a desired colour from a spectrum of options.

These options include, but are not limited to, Black, Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Charcoal Khaki, Dark Brown, Rose Gold, or Orange. The implementation of this customization feature introduces a degree of individualized expression to the pre-existing, noteworthy scooter.

Technical Specs

  • Battery:
  • Cell: Samsung SDI 21700 50E
  • Voltage: 100.8V
  • Capacity: 100Ah (10,080Wh)
  • Motor: Dual BLDC hub motor
  • Power: 8KW
  • Range: Approximately 174 miles (280km)
  • Speed:
  • Safe Speed (Speed limit): 87 mph (±5)
  • Maximum Speed: About 100 mph (±5)
  • Tire: 20-inch tubeless tires
  • Braking System:
  • Front Brake: Brembo brake
  • Rear Brake: Brembo brake
  • E-Brake: Included
  • Suspension:
  • Front: Single Oil Shock Absorbers
  • Rear: Dual Oil Shock Absorbers
  • Dimensions:
  • Unfolded: W1998 x D315 x H1436mm
  • Folded: W1998 x D315 x H989mm
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Frame Material: POSCO 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Lighting:
  • Headlights: Dual headlights with high and low beam functions
  • Tail Light: Included
  • Brake Light: Included
  • Display: Widescreen display for speed, battery level, time, and mileage information
  • Additional Option: Color tuning through anodizing process (Colors available: Black, Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Charcoal Khaki, Dark Brown, Rose Gold, Orange)
  • Conclusion

    The company WEPED has exhibited its dedication to providing top-quality, high-performance electric scooters by unveiling the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER. This scooter is a remarkable example of WEPED’s commitment to developing superior personal mobility solutions, characterized by its robust motor, extensive range, high-grade components, and meticulous attention to detail.

    The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER offers a riding experience that integrates power, comfort, and safety in a seamless manner, ensuring an exceptional ride for both daily commuters and thrill-seeking enthusiasts.

    The scooter offers an approximate range of 174 miles (280km), allowing for extended journeys on a single charge.

    Regulations may vary depending on your location. It’s important to check and comply with local laws and regulations regarding the use of electric scooters on public roads.

    See also MiniMotors unveils the 184-pound, 84V 5040WH Dualtron X Limited Extreme Sports Electric Scooter.

    The SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER has a maximum speed of about 100 mph (±5), providing a thrilling and fast-paced riding experience.

    Charging times may vary, but with the included 15A fast charger, the SONIC S DUAL E-SCOOTER can charge efficiently to get you back on the road quickly.

    WEPED provides support and availability of spare parts and accessories for their scooters. You can contact their customer service center for any specific inquiries or needs.

    While the scooter offers powerful performance, it can be ridden by individuals of different skill levels. However, it is important for riders to familiarize themselves with the scooter’s capabilities and exercise caution while riding.


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    34 MPH 37 Miles 66 LBS. 1,299

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    Save 50 with Code VROOOMIN

    50 MPH 50 Miles 114 LBS. 2,895

    Save 50 w/ Coupon Code: VROOOMIN

    50 MPH 60V 20.8AH 86 LBS. 1,709

    Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

    33 MPH 56 Miles 52 LBS. 1,399

    62 MPH 105 Miles 105 LBS. 4,299

    Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

    35 MPH 50 Miles 55 LBS. 1,695

    Save 50 with Code VROOOMIN

    62 MPH 70 Miles 115 LBS. 3,195

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    43.5 MPH 65 Miles 72 LBS. 2,495

    62 MPH 74 Miles 100 LBS. 4,199

    Commuter Friendly

    27 MPH 30 Miles 57 LBS. 1,299

    Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

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