Gogoro e scooter. Gogoro’s swappable battery platform can be a game-changer…

Gogoro Electric Scooter Homologated – Specs Leak, 94 Km Range

Taiwan’s largest provider of EV battery swapping infrastructure, Gogoro has aggressive plans for Indian market. It already has tie-ups with multiple entities in India including Hero MotoCorp. Latest update is that Gogoro will soon launch its Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus electric scooters in India.

Both scooters have been homologated in India, with approval and certification provided by the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT). On its India website, Gogoro also lists the SuperSport model. This could be launched at a later date.

Gogoro 2 homologated ahead of India launch

Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are 1,890 mm long, 670 mm wide and 1,110 mm tall. Wheelbase is 1,295 mm. Both models have a gross vehicle weight of 273 kg and are equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack. As per type approval certificate, the units have been manufactured in Taiwan. Tech specs are different, with Gogoro 2 having a range of 85 km. In comparison, Gogoro 2 Plus has a range of 94 km.

Electrical energy consumption is 41 Wh/km in case of Gogoro 2 and 44 Wh/km for the Plus variant. Max 30-minute power is rated at 7.2 kW and 6.4 kW, respectively. Max speed of both variants is rated at 87 kmph.

Some of these specs are different from what’s stated on the company’s India website. For example, the website shows a range at 170 km for both scooters. It is possible that homologation has been done based on a single battery setup. over, Gogoro could have introduced some changes in line with local riding needs.

Gogoro 2 electric scooter has a simple, minimalistic design, with FOCUS on comfort and convenience. It has a flat floorboard that can be used to carry a wide variety of stuff. The scooter has advanced tech features such as bio-authentication via fingerprint, face-ID and Siri voice command. Other highlights include auto weather model, one-click reverse, carbon belt system for silent operations and tyre pressure monitoring system. Gogoro 2 has a sporty digital instrument screen with a range of connectivity features.

Gogoro swapping network

Just like in Taiwan and several other global markets, Gogoro will be developing a large network of battery swapping stations in India. However, it will take time, considering the complexities involved. The company is working with multiple entities to develop its battery swapping infrastructure. Battery swapping is advantageous, as users can fuel up in under 10 seconds.

Earlier this year in January, Gogoro had announced its partnership with Belrise Industries in the state of Maharashtra. A 50:50 venture fund worth US5000.5 billion will be invested over the next eight years. Apart from EV manufacturing and battery swapping infrastructure development, the partnership will also FOCUS on areas like Smart mobility sharing, Smart agriculture and distributed energy storage.

gogoro, scooter, swappable, battery

Going forward, Gogoro is expected to have similar partnerships in other states and cities of India. Electric scooter production and battery swapping infrastructure development work will start in the coming months.

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Gogoro Electric Scooter battery swapping

Gogoro‘s new technology platform for intelligent electric scooters

The Taiwanese manufacturer, Gogoro, has presented a new technological platform that will allow its electric scooters to become more intelligent.

The Gogoro company, known for its electric scooters and battery swapping system, has launched a new technology platform called SSmartcore. As a result, according to the Taiwanese company, developing more intelligent electric scooters will be possible. The first vehicle for implementing it is the new Gogoro SuperSport, presented at the same event, although Gogoro intends to offer it to other manufacturers.

The company has developed the SSmartcore platform in-house to deliver high-speed computing power through an open and extensible architecture. This enables increased processing speed and connectivity of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Engine Controller Unit (MCU). That means more memory is accessible, remote monitoring at greater distances, and control of inputs and outputs is possible.

Gogoro claims that the platform offers three times more available computing power than its current scooters. It also allows you to implement new features, including over-the-air (OTA) updates that improve the performance of your scooters.

Horace Luke, founder and executive director of Gogoro, explains that SSmartcore improves safety capabilities since it is possible to modify the new generation of the integrated electronic traction control system or the user’s actions on scooter such as varying the response of the accelerator. It also enables integrated LTE connectivity for over-the-air updates and other location-based features.

The LTE connection will offer better remote monitoring of your vehicles and 24/7 alerts on vehicle status. It also allows access to remote functions such as locking and unlocking, drawer opening, and access to real-time location data. In addition, real-time diagnostics of system status are added. For example, instead of waiting for a mechanic to check the scooter, the phone becomes the mechanic informing the owner of the electric scooter’s condition.

According to Gogoro, the SSmartcore system also allows the motor and digital throttle signal to integrate with the rest of Gogoro’s iQ system and sensor suite, offering more precise motor control and on-time power calibration.

Gogoro has used that capability to offer traction control on its new SuperSport electric scooter, the first model implemented with the SSmartcore system. The TCS system is the world’s first digital traction control system for electric two-wheelers.

The improved processing power of SSmartcore can monitor every millisecond of the wheel’s rotation concerning the motor’s output and detect any loss of grip. You can instantly adjust the torque output to regain traction using that information. Its ability to act quickly eliminates any interruption in power noticeable to the driver. It also includes an active cruise control system that maintains speed and resumes as passengers adjust to their traffic.

The SuperSport electric scooter has a 7.6 kW Gogoro electric motor and its FLO DRIVE sports transmission which accelerates from 0-50 km/h in 3.9 seconds. The maximum speed that it can reach is 96 km/h, which allows it to be handled with ease by that of the scooter should allow cyclists to travel on any city road and two-way roadways.

The new SSmartcore technology is not only intended for Gogoro electric scooters. The company operates a program known as the Powered By Gogoro Network (PBGN) that allows other light-duty electric vehicle manufacturers to partner with it to take advantage of its advanced powertrains and vehicle technology.

Noteworthy companies (Yamaha) have already built their own electric scooters based on Gogoro’s batteries and technology, which has helped them accelerate the transformation process towards high-performance light electric vehicles, avoiding the development times required to put them on the market. There are currently 47 different Gogoro-powered electric vehicles for sale that can be found in the commercial offer of 10 other manufacturers. So why reinvent the wheel (or the rest of the electric scooter) when Gogoro lets you use theirs?

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Here is what you need to know about Gogoro SmartScooter

Gogoro Smartscooter: The Smartness Redefined…!! Engineers regard the Gogoro Smartscooter as the world’s first high-performance, zero emissions, Smart two-wheeled electric scooter. The company has named this scooter the ‘Smartscooter’. It is inarguably the smartest …

Written by: CarBikeTech Team

Published on: April 4, 2015

Gogoro Smartscooter: The Smartness Redefined…!!

Engineers regard the Gogoro Smartscooter as the world’s first high-performance, zero emissions, Smart two-wheeled electric scooter. The company has named this scooter the ‘Smartscooter’. It is inarguably the smartest the most intelligent scooter currently available in the world. The best feature of this scooter is that, its ability to swap the drained batteries intelligently with the charged ones in just a few seconds.

Although there are other Battery-powered scooters, what makes Gogoro Smartscooter different is its stunning features. Gogoro is powered by ‘swappable’ lithium-ion twin batteries which drive the liquid-cooled G1 motor. It produces max. 8.58 bhp of power 25 Nm of torque. According to Gogoro, the Smart scooter has a range of upto max. 100 kilometers on a single charge at a speed of 40 Km/h.

Furthermore, Gogoro Smartscooter can do a 0-50 Km/h in just 4.20 seconds in sports mode with a top speed of 95 Km/h. So, this makes it perfect for the urban use. If the batteries run out of charge, the rider can swap them with the charged ones in just 6-seconds at any GoStation. The time taken to swap the batteries is even less than the time taken to refill an engine-driven scooter’s fuel tank.

Gogoro Smartscooter’s aerodynamic body displays amazing futuristic styling. However, it does not make use of screws on the exteriors which gives its body a seamless feel. The Smartscooter also features an innovative design which includes Pit-Up™ Chassis for easy maintenance. In addition, the Smart scooter has a central computer/ECU about 80 sensors. They record the data such as speed, battery level, consumption rate, system failures etc. This data is transmitted to the Gogoro Energy Network and then provided to the riders thru’ Gogoro mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Gogoro Special Features:

  • Pit-Up™ Chassis for Easy Service
  • Glue Bonded Aluminum Monocoque Chassis
  • Screw-less Exterior
  • Seamless Streamlined Body Design
  • Single Sided Suspension
  • Acoustic Resonance Chassis
  • Keyless Start
  • Edgeless Digital Dashboard
gogoro, scooter, swappable, battery

Furthermore, Gogoro SmartScooter also features an intelligent system – the iQ System™. With this iQ System™, one can access onboard functions such as custom settings for dynamic dashboard colors, light patterns custom sound profiles. Besides, you can also lock/unlock the scooter and run diagnostics thru’ the mobile app. Its Smart-Key uses Bluetooth to power on the Smart scooter. The Smartscooter features SmartBrite™ which is a programmable LED lighting system. This system intelligently adjusts brightness to help save energy. So, the lights dim automatically when you stop they turn up automatically in the tunnels.

Other Features of the Gogoro SmartScooter include:

  • Dynamic Performance Profiling, Dynamic Regenerative Braking, Headlight Auto On/Off/Dim, Turn Signal Auto Reset
  • Dashboard Luminance – Auto Adaptive
  • Auto-Off – Activate via Kickstand Position Sensor
  • Lock/Unclok – iQ System™ Smart Key with Auto Lock
  • Low Energy Mode – Speed Limited

Furthermore, Gogoro has recently announced that it will target Taipei City and New Taipei City in Taiwan as the pilot market for the Smartscooter™ and Energy Network, and will make the Smart scooter available there soon. We would also love to see this scooter on the roads of India. There is a great following of bike-crazy people for upmarket technically advanced two-wheelers.

So Girls (or even Guys), if a tooth-fairy or a genie in the bottle wakes you up in the middle of the night and grants you a wish, then it is probably worth to ask for the Gogoro SmartScooter for its mind-blowing features and unparalleled performance….

gogoro, scooter, swappable, battery

(All photos, Courtesy: Gogoro. SmartScooter, Pit-Up, SmartBrite IQ System are trademarks of Gogoro)

Listen to others

When it comes to innovation, it’s never the work of you and you alone, said Luke.

If you come to my office, you will find that my office is really noisy. A lot of people come in and out … chit chatting and talking about things.

The most important part of creating new products is actually using your ears, he added.

It’s the ability to hear 1,000 ideas and pick those [that work], combine them and then bring people together so they are now culturally working toward the same direction.

You have to provide something that puts a smile on people’s [faces] when they use it, then they’ll adopt it.

Having great ideas isn’t enough, however — it’s the ability to execute them that’s really important.

gogoro, scooter, swappable, battery

The guy that says a car can fly, but he never made the car fly — he’s just a crazy person. But the the guy that made the car fly, he’s a genius, added Luke.

This is why beyond listening to his team’s ideas, he sees himself playing a huge role in rallying them to work toward the same goal of creating new products.

‘Game changer’ e-bike batteries spread from Taiwan across Asia

I think of innovation as an upward spiral and my everyday job is to keep that spiral going.

Think outside the box

One thing that Luke would never do? Work on projects where someone is able to say, ‘You mean, like this?’

Instantly that project is killed because I don’t want there to be an example out there. You have to come up with your own idea … think out of the box, he added.

That, he said, was the approach that led to the creation of the original Xbox.

That’s why the Xbox was born — it was a box that provides computing technology, that’s beyond what a gaming console could do, said Luke.

Instead of an appliance that play games, what about a PC that entertains?

Finding the right product fit

Convincing consumers to go electric is a challenge. But Gogoro‘s mission to provide a seamless experience when it comes to charging vehicles has paid off.

Its battery-swapping system allows riders to change batteries in a matter of seconds — unlike charging points, which can take hours to power up EVs again.

You have to provide something more convenient, with better user experience in order for people to flip over. It’s not about price, Luke said.

No matter how cheap something is … nobody wants to use it. You have to provide something that puts a smile on people’s [faces] when they use it, then they’ll adopt it.

Gogoro’s primary target is the Asian market — it has a presence in Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

We’re not working in the West … [where] you got to create a great four-wheel vehicle like Tesla, said Luke. What we FOCUS on is half a billion two-wheelers in Asia today.

He added that the adoption of two-wheeled EVs is still very, very small outside of China and there are plans to expand into other countries in Asia.

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