Gocycle g4 electric bike. Gocycle g4 electric bike

Gocycle G4 electric bike and its Amazing features

“The Gocycle G4 is a premium folding e-bike that’s beautifully designed and a joy to ride.” Riders will enjoy an even smoother ride owing to Gocycle’s bespoke new MotoGP-inspired treaded tyres. The lightweight tyres is infused with silica compound for superior grip and sure-footed handling.


A new standard for lightweight design, innovation and performance. G4 delivers an award-winning combination of the ride comfort and dynamics of a full-size bike with all the versatility of a folding e-bike. The ultimate urban travel companion.

Gocycle G4 is powered by the all-new G4drive electric motor. The G4drive provides a smooth and quiet ride, while delivering more torque and low-speed start capability – all within a class-leading compact package. The proprietary G4drive and gearbox has been in development for a number of years and subject to many, many test miles at Gocycle’s research and development facility to ensure it performs to the G4’s high standards of reliability.

Features of Gocycle G4 electric bike

The three-model Generation Four family (G4, G4i and G4i) are specified with a new G4drive electric motor, an all-new carbon fibre mid-frame, a single-sided carbon fibre front fork, a fully-integrated USB port for phone charging on the go, new high-performance MotoGP-inspired tyres and low energy bluetooth, for an improved Gocycle App connectivity.

This is on top of its already award winning sub-10 second portable folding system, and widely acclaimed Clean drive that has captured the hearts of urban riders and critics alike.

Some of them are mentioned below

gocycle, electric, bike

Lightweight and portable

Folded neatly in under 10 seconds, the Gocycle is maneuverable when folded. It rolls easily on it’s wheels and can be lifted and stowed away with ease.

Single-sided carbon fibre fork

This all new design from Gocycle delivers significant performance benefits, and reduces weight and stress.

Mechanical Microshifting /h3>

On the G4 you have a mechanical twist grip to shift through the 3 gears which are housed in the patented Cleandrive. One of the key benefits of the Gocycle is that all the gears are enclosed, so no contending muck or grease!

New G4drive motor

The G4drive motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, while delivering more torque and low-speed start capability.

LED display

On the G4 you have an LED display showing you your ‘fuel gauge’. You can also attach your Smart phone via rubber bands provided to show more dynamic ride information.

Specification of Gocycle G4 electric bike

  • Dimensions: Kickstand down: L830mm x W370mm x H750mm (L32.7in x W14.6in x H29.5in) with removable pedal detached Kickstand up: L880mm x W370mm x H615mm (L34.6in x W14.6in x H24.2in) with removable pedal detached
  • Battery: Quick removable lithium ion: 8.1Ah, 36V, approx300 W h
  • Motor: Gocycle proprietary front hub motor, G4drive with traction control 500 watt US / 250 watt EU continuous. City, Eco, On-Demand, Custom. Multiple, programmable through Gocycle Connect App
  • Display: LED Fuel Gauge or with Smart Device
  • Range: Up to 65km (40 miles), depending on pedal input
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disk, front and rear
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Charger: Gocycle 4A 36V Charger
  • Frame: Hydro-formed 6061 T6 alloy front frame, matt black composite mid-frame and injection magnesium Clean drive.
  • Front Fork Shocks: Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, Carbon fiber fixed
  • Gear System: Patented Clean drive himano Nexus 3-speed, Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting /li>
  • Grips: Gocycle Sport Ergo
  • Lights: Integrated lights that run off the battery included as standard. No Daytime Running Light
  • Mudguards: Gocycle lightweight mudguards included
  • Pedals: Gocycle Folding Standard
  • Rear Shock: Gocycle Lock shock 25mm (1 in) travel
  • Saddle: Velo Sport
  • Seat post:Aluminium,34.9 mm
  • Shifter: Mechanical Microshift /li>
  • Size: Universal vgonomic /li>
  • Stem: Quick Folding
  • Tyres : Gocycle Tyres (406-60, 20 x 2.25 in)
  • Weight:17.6kg including mudguards and lights
  • Wheel Make and Size: 20″ Magnesium with center hub mount.

Applications of Gocycle G4 electric bike

Improved physical health

Some people may think because the bike is electric and takes less effort to ride that it’s not really exercise. A study conducted out of Brigham Young University and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that people who ride electric bikes experience nearly as much exercise as those who ride mountain bikes without feeling as if they’ve had a difficult workout. The truth is that even with pedal assist, riders still have to pedal which results in burning calories. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise that can help build endurance and muscle.

Easier to ride

Pedal assist gives riders a boost. It helps with hills, inclines, and rough terrain, allowing for a smoother ride thus reducing stress on joints. You can also ride with greater power and precision than a regular bike. And it gets people cycling who may not otherwise ride a traditional bike because of physical aches and pains. Additionally, you can take longer rides without physical exhaustion.

Better mental health

E-bikes make cycling more accessible and people are more likely to do it because it’s easier, getting about the same workout with less the effort. For those who may be living an otherwise sedentary life, riding an e-bike gets them moving and in nature. This exercise, change in scenery, and fresh air helps improve mood, reduces stress, provides for a more restful sleep, and increases productivity.

Great alternative to cars

E-bikes are great for commuting to work a few miles away and for running quick errands. Because it’s classified as a bike, in many cities, you can ride on sidewalks and in bike lanes, and cut across parks. With alternative ways to travel to your destination, your commute can be faster than a car stuck in traffic. When people ride their e-bike instead of driving, they cut down on gas and pollution, helping to improve air quality and the environment.

Faster and safe

Most cyclists travel 10 to 12mph, but an e-bike can average 20mph. E-bikes allow you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike. E-bikes are not more dangerous than regular bikes. They just have different risks. E-bikes tend to be safer than regular bikes because you can accelerate to get out of the way faster, and travel at higher speeds, keeping up with traffic.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of e-bikes, you’ll want to consider protecting your e-bike with insurance. Your e-bike is an investment and you want to make sure you have adequate coverage for theft or damage. It’s a risky move for your e-bike to be uninsured. Fortunately, there’s bicycle insurance specifically for e-bikes. Electric bike insurance provides coverage between auto, home and renters insurances where there are gaps and fine print exclusions.

Markel Specialty can offer a stand-alone electric bike insurance policy that insures e-bikes with power assist up to 750 watts and covers theft, damage and more. Policies start as low as 100 per year and offer a variety of coverage levels and deductible options.

Each policy can be customized to fit you and your riding style. Coverages can include protection for damage caused by theft, crash, collision, fire, attempted theft, vandalism or hitting another object. Coverage of spare parts, cycle apparel, and rental reimbursement can also be included at no additional cost. You can refer to Gocycle.in

Pro’s and Con’s of Gocycle G4 electric bike


  • The folding mechanism is bar-none the best we’ve used. With a little practice the bike folds and unfolds in just seconds.
  • The 500W front hub motor is remarkably powerful. It’s peppy from the gun and climbs better than you’d think.
  • The 38 lb weight is very light, making the bike not just easy to manage when folded but better performing.
  • Despite being small in stature, the GoCycle fits taller people (like me) better than the average folding bike.
  • The Cleandrive system is a little mysterious but functions very well.
  • Aside from being aesthetically cool, the single-sided fork and rear swingarm make flat changes exceptionally easy.
  • The handling is spot-on: Comfortable and predictable while being incredibly agile.


  • The LED on its own is fairly spartan and nearly requires the use of your smartphone for metrics like speed, PAS level and a more exact read on battery life.
  • The tires are grippy but a little flat prone. For those that live in areas with thorny plants a flat-resistant tube may be needed.

GoCycle G4 electric bike Overview

There’s the e-bikes that are tools, designed specifically to do a job and do it very, very well; there’s the e-bikes that are built for fun — those are your beach cruisers, minibikes and the like that are made for dinking around your neighborhood or the bike path. Then there are the e-bikes with one foot in each of those worlds.

The GoCycle, in my opinion, fits neatly into that first category. It’s a tool carefully designed to meet the specific needs of a commuter who’s short on space, likely lives in a dense environment and needs an e-bike they can tote with them into an office, onto public transport or can be stored in the smallest of places.

It’s obviously fun, too. With a 500W motor and many of the components built for performance, the thing is quick and handles better than your average folding e-bike. But, by my assessment, it’s real shining attributes are it’s incredibly lightweight of just shy of 38 lbs and it’s very, very well designed fast folding mechanism.

But aside from how it folds, there are just a huge number of parts on this bike that are either entirely proprietary and designed in-house by GoCycle, or use consumer components modified to suit a fast folder’s needs.

The front hub motor, for example, is a proprietary unit designed in-house that GoCycle calls the G4 Drive. This unit makes 500W and is housed inside the hub shell of the front wheel. It’s shockingly small in stature, but despite its physical petiteness it packs an absolute wallop of power.

The wheels are a one-piece spoked job made of magnesium that are, again, proprietary. It’s got a single-sided front fork made of carbon fiber. The mid-body of the bike is made of aluminum, the aft body is made of carbon, which is new on the G4 model, and the rear section of the bike, called the CleanDrive, is made of magnesium. Like the fork, that’s single-sided, too.

Inside the fore section of the frame is a 36V, 8.1Ah (291.6Wh) battery that gives the bikes its solid range.

At the rear of the bike, this swingarm-like section is what GoCycle calles the CleanDrive. Inside this shroud is the bike’s drivetrain, which includes a three-speed Shimano Nexus rear hub built into the rear magnesium wheel and a MicroShift GripShifter at the handlebars.

The brakes are hydraulic discs, which are again proprietary. The tires have been redesigned for the G4 model, are MotoGp inspired and are, again, proprietary. And lastly there is a small rear shock in the back that gives the bike 25mm of travel.

One notable thing that’s missing from the actual bike is a traditional LCD display. Instead, you get this LED-based system that vaguely tells you battery life and a real-time readout of how much power the motor is coughing up.

Instead of building-in a display GoCycle has built a nice app called GoCycle Connect. In addition to being able to customize settings, the app can also be used as a pretty nice display should you choose to get a handlebar mount.

The app also allows you to choose from one of three preset pedal assist settings — eco, city and on-demand — and it also allows you to create custom settings that best suit your riding style.

Gocycle G4 Review: Premium City E-Bike What is it?

A true success in Britain is GoCycle. Richard Thorpe, the company’s creator, first worked for McLaren as a Formula 1 engineer before creating the original G3 GoCycle a decade ago.

In theory, folding bikes are a terrific idea, but all too frequently, they are ugly and difficult to ride. All of these notions are refuted by the G4 from Gocycle, though.

The newest foldable G4 now has a full-carbon fork and a carbon mid-section, helping to shed weight. The devotion to the single-sided frame and fork, compact wheels wrapped around sophisticated electronics, and this continues.


With a price tag of around £4,000, you get a no-compromise folding electric bike with an upgraded engine, the brand’s own app, and useful extras like lights and mudguards.

There is no disputing that the G4 is a pricey alternative at about £4,000. So how exactly does Gocycle justify the high price?

Gocycle G4: Design

The G4’s mono construction not only keeps the fold small, but the stub axles allow you to repair punctures without removing a wheel. Although punctures aren’t all that common with hardened tires wider than two inches.

The frame and construction, which are exotic and made of a combination of carbon fiber, composite material, and aluminum, appear to have consumed the majority of the money.

The rear swingarm of the GoCycle swivels at the bottom bracket and is supported from the main frame by a shock with a one-inch travel. The Gocycle unique magnesium “Cleandrive” mechanism is lastly located at the back. Similar to the enclosed chain drive of a standard bike, this one is totally concealed, making it less likely to spill oil on your pants. A clever Microshift three-speed hub gear is also concealed inside the back wheel. You can effortlessly change gears whether you’re pedaling or at a stop thanks to the handlebars’ matching twist grip.

The carbon fiber fork is a single-sided type that was created especially for this Gocycle. The hydroformed aluminum middle part, which also houses the battery, comes next. A molded composite component is located in the middle, close to the pivot on the main frame that enables the bike to fold down. Gocycle was able to lower the price of the 2022 G4 thanks to the substitution of this material for the prior usage of carbon fiber.

Each the GoCycle’s patented hydraulic disc brakes, which have rotor covers on both, and the design are sleek and clean. With well curved levers and plenty of torque, the braking is excellent.

I found the 39.1-72.5in range of the three-speed Shimano Nexus hub gear to be perfect for cycling in suburban and urban areas.

The top gear is large enough to propel you along at speeds that are comparable to those of a road bike, the medium gear, at 53.3 inches, allows you to move at a reasonable clip. The bottom gear is low enough for difficult hills.

Its folded dimension of 830x370x750mm is tiny enough to fit in a small car’s trunk, but it isn’t small enough to fit under a standard desk. If space is a major concern for you, a Brompton electric could be a better option for you.

Gocycle G4: Motor and Driving

A 36V, 294Wh lithium-ion battery is housed inside the front aluminum frame portion and provides power to a patented G4drive 250W motor that is integrated into the front wheel hub. This may be removed when the bike is folded and charged separately from the bike via a tiny socket on the side of the frame.

Because the GoCycle is not a “hands-on” system, you must rely on the bike’s programming and speed/cadence monitoring for it to determine how much power you need. The freshly upgraded motor of the GoCycle offers greater power than the one from the previous generation.

However, if you need more of a lift while starting a climb or pulling away from traffic lights, a little bar-mounted button does let you override the aid.

The G4 is a very easy bike to ride. You can climb aboard, switch on the electricity, and leave whenever you please. The Gocycle app is necessary for getting the most out of the G4, though. You may spend many hours fine-tuning the features of the power supply from the motor once this is loaded on your phone, and you can also use it as a digital dashboard.

So here is the only one illustration of how carefully the Gocycle G4 was designed. Gocycle provides a pair of clever rubber straps to attach your phone to the handlebars because you’ll be using it as a digital dash, and there is a USB socket hidden beneath the bars.

For the G4, GoCycle does not provide a torque output, however the variable power output ranges from the equivalent of 20 Nm to about 70 Nm.

What will become immediately clear is how remarkable the G4 is.

However, because of how steep my neighborhood is, that amount includes 1,343ft (409m) of ascent. Even the longest commutes can be completed with a range of more than 50 km, and a three-hour charge time is excellent.

The G4 is steady even if it is quick. It boasts a full 1,065mm wheelbase, a loose 70-degree head angle, and a very slack 68-degree seat angle, which results in a large increase in saddle-to-bar distance when you extend the telescopic seatpost, ensuring a comfortable riding posture.

The torque sensor on the bicycle changes the degree of help in City mode based on how hard you are pedaling; the harder you ride, the more power the bicycle provides. It works similarly when you switch to Eco, however the motor doesn’t engage until the bike is putting out 250 watts of pedal force, whereas in City mode, just 100 watts are required to engage the G4drive.

You can only use the On Demand option with the Boost button to control when power assistance is used. Even better, you may design your own unique custom modes that specify the power levels for when the power starts working and how vigorously you need pedal to obtain maximum power.

gocycle, electric, bike

When I frequently felt like I needed a little extra power, I just pressed the boost button located under my thumb under the left grip. When riding up hills or when you need to clear traffic when accelerating from stoplights, this rapidly applies full power and can be helpful. Additionally, it comes in useful when you fail to shift out of high gear when you stop; a fast click of the boost button gives the bike just the right amount of prod to get it moving swiftly.

The end effect is a ride that is very different from the jittery feeling that most small-wheeled folders are known for. It even accommodated my considerably shorter companion and me thanks to two seatpost extensions of differing lengths.

Gocycle G4: Conclusions

Because of the G4’s distinct, no-compromise design that is ideal for its function, I really, really appreciate it. Although it is lighter and more powerful than before, the price has increased as well.

This adds extra technology to the already cutting-edge G4 line with integrated running lights, a multicolored display, predictive automated gears, and a larger battery. The handlebar height may also be changed.

The most recent 2022 variants of the G4, which is a very competent motorcycle, provide substantially better value than earlier generations. It’s nice that lights and mudguards are included as standard equipment, and the model I rode had a front pannier attachment that is a terrific addition but costs an additional £150.

Security was my main concern with the G4. I am aware that the whole point of a folding bike is that you can bring it inside with you as opposed to locking it up outside. That isn’t feasible for a fast trip to the store, though. There is no place on the G4 where a lock may be passed through the frame due to its design.

Gocycle G4: Price and Where to buy cheaper?

A folding bike is simply the ideal choice if you want a bike you can store indoors and live in a flat or tiny house. The G4 from Gocycle needs to be at the top of your wishlist if you’re looking for one of the best electric folding bike solutions. When folded, it can fit below a typical desk and weighs little under 17 kg, making it almost light enough to carry short distances.

The price increase from £3,399 when we initially requested the bike to its current price of £3,999 — while this does now include lights and mudguards, both of which I consider commuting requirements — wasn’t helpful in this regard.

The entrance Brompton Electric, for example, is almost £1,000 cheaper and even more smaller when folded than other alternatives. Other solutions are also lighter or more affordable. The Brompton, in contrast to the Gocycle G4, has less gears, manual rim brakes rather than fluid disc brakes, smaller wheels, and a harsher ride due to its poorer quality.

Gocycle’s G4 Combines High-Tech and Distinctive Looks

Takeaway: The latest e-bike in the Gocycle lineage makes top-of-the-line tech more accessible than ever with the sleek, foldable G4.

  • Durable and lightweight material choices.
  • Unique frame styling and construction.
  • Effortless and secure folding mechanism
  • Power-user features like custom motor curve definition

Price: 4,000Weight: 38.8 lb.

Gocycle G4

The Gocycle Lineup

First launched in 2009, Gocycle brought a novel silhouette to the nascent world of e-bikes. Over a decade later, the market is overwhelmed with options, but these distinctive elements still impress. Last year the brand released the G4 as an update to its core model along with the premium versions, the 6,000 G4i (automatic shifting) and G4i (automatic shifting and carbon wheels) priced at 7,000. These Class 2 (throttle and pedal-assist up to 20mph) e-bikes have a two-stage folding mechanism and are sold directly to consumers. With this year’s price drop, the Gocycle has made these upgrades more accessible.

I picked up the original G4 to see what all the fuss was about. The Gocycle G4 has manual shifting while the G4i has automatic shifting, a full-width dashboard integrated into the handlebar, and a slightly larger battery. The G4i has all of the G4i upgrades plus the addition of carbon wheels which shave about a pound off the bike’s weight. Whether in its base model or the premium option, the Gocycle impresses.

Unique Looks and Quality Build

Among Gocycle’s most compelling features are its striking styling and finish. Though it’s been a decade since the first model launched, the Gocycle still looks Smart compared to other folding e-bikes. On my first commute, I turned heads left and right.

The improvements offered by the G4 over the G3 include a quieter motor, injection-molded composite mid-frame, single-sided fork, and motorcycle-inspired tires. A few quality-of-life updates are included too, like better Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to charge your phone via a USB port on the handlebars. The frame finish is high quality, with durable-feeling folding joints and a braided sleeve that protects the cable routing for improved longevity.

The G4’s unique construction presents some challenges. For example, the downtube is too large for most u-locks and the handlebar height cannot be adjusted. These points are quickly forgotten as some glamorous accessories make their value known. Perfectly shaped flush-fitting fenders, integrated lights, and an integrated bell right out of the box mean that the G4 is ready to go the moment it arrives.

The distinctive elements of the G4 go far beyond the accessories. The disc brakes are on the drive side, protected by a shield that prevents excess water and dirt from sticking. Magnesium wheels, an aluminum and composite hybrid frame, and a one-sided fork and swingarm reinforce the bike’s motorsports influence and allow a lighter, narrower fold.

Not all of these bespoke qualities are for the user’s benefit. The unique shape and proprietary components of the Gocycle necessitate the purchase of first-party racks. And a special tool is also required to repair the disc brakes (available from shops that partner with Gocycle). Torx bits are used for several fastenings, more than you’d see on other e-bikes. The choice is progressive (as Torx heads don’t strip as easily as hex) and can deter theft. But this may be limiting for some home mechanics.

The aesthetic and build quality aren’t the only elements geared toward premium users. Via the Gocycle Connect App, riders can program custom power modes alongside the default City, Eco, and On-Demand profiles. The graph-like interface exposes controls for the torque at which motor assistance kicks in, when it maxes out, the overall motor top speed, and whether throttle-only control is enabled. Your configuration can be saved and synced directly to the bike, so app connectivity is not required for future use.

Riding the G4

As its expert interface suggests, the experience of riding a Gocycle feels wholly advanced. Thanks to the carbon midframe, the G4 weighs less than its peers. The front hub motor feels powerful, yet with the seatpost removed, the Gocycle folds up as small as a Brompton. The usual obstacles, hills, and stopped traffic did little to slow me down. At a steady 20mph, the bike tackled anything I could throw at it.

Despite this steady power flow, the G4 motor is quiet and applies acceleration smoothly, making the rider feel in control at all times. DOT-fluid hydraulic disc brakes ensure the bike stops as fast as it starts. Shifting the Shimano Nexus 3-speed rear hub with the MicroSHIFT twist shifter is intuitive and shifts as cleanly under manual power as it does with the motor. Though there are only three gears, the gear range is wide enough that I never experienced my feet spinning aimlessly or unintentionally having excessive pedaling resistance.

When the time comes to fold and transport, the G4 benefits from a compact format that fits under one arm. With the seatpost removed, the bike can fit under a desk or squeeze into a linen closet and only takes up a single seat when loaded in a car. The G4 is light by e-bike standards and rolls easily on larger-than-normal tires. I found it much more confident wheeling around a busy grocery than other folding bikes with narrower tires. The folding hinges require some force to unlatch but snap closed with a satisfying and secure click.

There’s not a flimsy part on the G4, which I’m grateful for in crowded New York City bike lanes on my way to work. The bike feels steady and firmly connected to my body, leaning and accelerating naturally. The G4 allows the rider to think as much, or as little, as they want about their ride experience. It can be a high-tech machine or a simple tool for transportation, but the Gocycle is at its best when you take some time to fine-tune it to your needs.

You don’t have to be a gearhead to appreciate the polish that Gocycle achieved with its latest model. Gocycle designed the G4 to appeal to a broad audience. And the new 20% lower price point without sacrificing quality reinforces that goal of offering one of the most intuitive e-bike experiences in a terrifically clever package. In a market flooded with city-style and folding e-bikes, the Gocycle stands out.

The GoCycle G4i Made Me a Folding E-Bike Believer

Matthew S. Smith has been writing about consumer tech since 2007. Formerly the Lead Editor at Digital Trends, he’s also written for PC Mag, TechHive, and others.

Rich Scherr is a seasoned technology and financial journalist who spent nearly two decades as the editor of Potomac and Bay Area Tech Wire.

  • The GoCycle G4 is a folding electric bike that can easily replace a conventional, non-folding bicycle.
  • Its 36-pound weight is less than full-sized bikes like the Specialized Turbo Como SL.
  • The GoCycle G4 is fun to ride and can easily handle potholes or gravel.

I rode the future of electric bikes, and it’s foldable.

The GoCycle G4i, the latest from the veteran folding electric bike maker, has a lot to prove. Compact and light (for an electric bike, at least), it works hard to resist being pigeonholed into the folding bike category.

Yes, it folds. But after taking it for a spin around my neighborhood, I find myself asking an unexpected question: why don’t all electric bikes fold?

The Future Is Now

The GoCycle G4 is the most futuristic, forward-looking, future proof bike I’ve ever straddled.

Unlike the automotive industry, which embraced futuristic design to distinguish electric vehicles, most electric bikes look like bikes with a battery strapped to the downtube. There are exceptions, like Specialized’s Turbo bikes, but they try to pass as a conventional bike.

The GoCycle G4 can collapse to under half its normal size. It’s also light (for an electric bike) at 36 pounds. This is useful if your bike commute includes public transit and handy for taking the bike on a weekend trip.

The GoCycle G4i and G4i have a slick LED headlamp, while an LED tail light can be found around the back. There’s also an “F1 inspired” interface with LEDs that shows gear position, speed, and battery charge. It’s like the LED grid found on a Vanmoof, though it can display more information.

The interface looks straight out of Tron, but the moving, flashing dots make sense. I’m disappointed the interface is not available on the base G4, which only has a battery gauge, as it adds a lot to the bike’s futuristic style. Still, I’ll take it over the black-and-white LCDs on most electric bikes.

Keeping it Clean

Bikes are messy. Gears slip. Cables fray. And chain grease gets everywhere. Most electric bikes use a drive system similar to a conventional bike and retain these issues as a result.

The GoCycle G4 has a chain, but it’s encased in the Cleandrive enclosure. Wires and cables are internally routed. That changes how the bike is used. You don’t have to slap on Spandex to take the GoCycle G4 for a spin. You don’t even need to roll up your pant leg to keep it out of the chain.

What about maintenance? Richie Gitler, GoCycle’s head of North American business development, says Cleandrive protects the chain and reduces the need for regular chain cleaning or greasing. “We cracked open a Cleandrive at 5,000 miles, and it looked fine,” said Gitler during my hands-on demo.

Easy Rider

Folding bikes face comfort challenges. Smaller tires, a shorter wheelbase, and more moving parts conspire to give them a reputation for being fidgety, finicky, and jarring.

GoCycle solves this problem. The carbon fiber mid-frame dampens small pavement imperfections while a shock absorber on the rear wheel handles potholes. It’s an effective setup that’s more comfortable than the steel bike I ride every day.

The G4i also leans into the perks of electric power. Just look at those tires! They’re wider and thicker than most gravel bikes. This could make the bike feel sluggish from a stop, but the electric motor’s torque eliminates the issue.

The G4 is not just a great folding electric bike. It’s a great electric bike, period.

And the torque is truly impressive. I pointed the bike at a short but steep hill that normally has me shifting into my lowest gear, then laid on the throttle. It scampered forward like a spider climbing a wall.

The electric motor is on the front wheel, which keeps the bike’s center of gravity low and balanced. I once popped an unintended wheelie on a rear-heavy electric bike and nearly ate asphalt. A front-wheel-drive motor makes that impossible.

gocycle, electric, bike

There is one potential downside: speed. The GoCycle G4 has electric assist up to 20 miles per hour. Your legs can add more go, but anything beyond the mid-20s is unlikely. Most high-end bikes assist up to 28 mph.

Not Just a Folding Bike

The GoCycle G4 starts at 3,999. The G4i adds the LED interface, ups battery range from 60 to 80 miles, and includes height-adjustable handlebars for 4,999. The 5,999 G4 throws on carbon fiber wheels. These might seem high, but they’re mid-range for a modern electric bike.

You’ll pay as much for an alternative from Gazelle, Giant, Specialized, or Trek. And while I’d need more seat time to know for sure, I might prefer the GoCycle G4i to conventional electric bikes like the Specialized Turbo Como and Gazelle Ultimate T10. That’s a compliment, as both those bikes are outstanding.

The G4 is not just a great folding electric bike. It’s a great electric bike, period.

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