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Should You Get An Electric Bike or Scooter?

Micromobility has rapidly gained popularity around the world and has become a popular mode of transport for many users. Of these, e-bikes and e-scooters are receiving the most attention and favor.

Contrary to previous years, electric bicycles and scooters are no longer mainly for sports or recreational purposes. People now commute with them while carrying out their daily activities. This could also result from the pandemic rules and restrictions. People were mandated to maintain social distancing during the period. Since these transport modes are not always crowded as public vehicles, they become the next available options. However, you may wonder if there are any differences between e-bikes and e-scooter. Read further to find out more information.

Overview of E-Scooter

Electric scooters features are a combination of motor and bicycle, with a two-wheeled mechanism. Riders either ride with their power alone or combine their strength and motor assistance. The convectional scooter was typical in past years. Contrary to the popular e-scooter in operation today, the conventional scooter lacks an electric motor, battery, and other electronic devices. In this case, the main difference between the e-scooter and the convectional type is how they are electrically powered.

E-scooters have a wide turning radius that allows riders to maneuver safely while on a trip. They also use batteries as their power source. In most cases, manufacturers use the lead-acid battery type. You can tilt the scooter backward or forward or leave it in your preferred position. The two main technicalities of e-scooters are the brake operations. Once an e-scooter has been confirmed to have two brake systems, manufacturers go ahead to install the rear and front lights.

Overview of E-bike

Electric bikes are also equipped with a motor, which is able to offer assistance for riding. However, riders do not get this assistance until they request it. The exciting aspect is that every rider is allowed to regulate the assist level generated from the e-bike. They also have a controller, which is sometimes in the frame region. The function of the controller is to update you on the battery level as you ride. Electric bicycles usually have similar features to bicycles, but lithium-ion batteries stand it out. They emit no carbon, and riders can cover longer distances with e-bikes than an e-scooter.

An e-bike motor can either be installed as a rear hub or mid-drive. Meanwhile, the location of each motor system defines its category. The mid-drive motor is an installation focused on the e-bike’s central and crank. The Honbike newly launched Uni4 model uses a high ratio rear hub motor. The hub motor is highly effective and does not consume excess battery. This enables riders to cover more distances. Uni4 owners can be sure to cover 90km on a single charge.

What Are Differences?

Knowing what e-bikes and e-scooter are, let’s delve into their differences.

Riding Scenarios

Although electric scooters are being adopted beyond recreational purposes, they are not used for commuting as much as e-bikes. It is rare to see e-scooters on sidewalks, but they are famous on-street bike lanes. On the other hand, e-bikes can be seen in bicycle areas and bike lanes. Manufacturers also design many different electric bikes such as mountain bikes, electric commuter bikes. electric folding bikes.

Convenience and Comfort Level

Generally, research has shown that more people prefer to use an e-bike than an e-scooter. The comfort or convenience level an individual gets from both sides varies with body weight. Some people may find it more comfortable to stand on an e-scooter, while others are more convenient with full balance while riding on the electric bicycle. Manufacturers install big tires and frames in an e-bike to support additional weights.

Riders can also choose from a wide range of available electric bicycles. Hence, there is a higher chance of selecting an e-bike that is best comfortable for you. It does not imply that e-scooters do not provide comfort as well. However, they will have a suspension system supporting the extra rider’s weight. Once these suspension systems are in e-scooters, they become more challenging to carry around. However, convenience is relative, and the purpose of commuting will determine the best option for you. If you are commuting to carry out several daily activities, you need an e-bike.


Generally, electric scooters are known to be more light-weighted than e-bikes. This is because e-bikes have additional electric components, such as the frame and handlebar. Most e-scooter users can also easily fold it and take it everywhere. Also, the weight of e-scooters is barely above 40lbs. As a result, an electric power bike that falls within this range will be considered highly minor. Meanwhile, product brand is a factor many people have failed to consider. It influences how an e-bike turns out to be, particularly the weight.

The HF01 model released by Honbike is foldable, making it easy for users to carry around, as they would have done with an e-scooter. The e-bike lacks a suspension system and uses a belt drive instead of a chain drive. It reduces the weight a rider would have experienced from taking a whole e-bike around. Also, this folding electric bike weighs 20.8kg. This is close to most e-scooters and lighter than many e-bikes you will see.

Safety and Cost

Your transportation needs should also influence how much you are willing to spend on your electric vehicles based on personal preferences and tastes. Although electric bikes are more costly than scooters, it is an item that is worth every investment. It offers excellent services to users, and you can enjoy it for commuting as much as possible. On the other hand, there are some high-standard e-scooter.

Another aspect of cost to consider is the resale value. Investing in electric bicycle will likely yield more profit because you can resell them at a higher price than e-scooters. It is also much cheaper to replace an e-scooter battery than e-bikes because they mostly use lead acid. The lead-acid battery is also cheap but not as durable as the lithium-ion battery operated in most e-bikes. However, it may take a lot to maintain an e-bike compared to an e-scooter. Most e-scooter users only replace the battery once in a while.

In terms of safety, e-bike is better than e-scooter. The latter is pretty close to the ground, so moving vehicles barely see them quickly from afar. Also, the wheels of most e-scooters are usually small, so they do not respond well to road bumps. Since e-bikes are designed with much larger wheels, they can handle rough roads or bumps.

Speed Level

Generally, an e-bike will outrun an electric scooter, primarily when used among cyclists. However, manufacturers’ input also influences the weight of an e-bike. If the battery and motor added to the e-bike are heavy, it will affect its weight. The maximum speed an e-scooter can attain is usually lower than that of e-bikes. However, e-bikes’ top speed varies with class and country.

The three classes of e-bikes are class one, class two, and class three. You should also find out the legal speed allowed to ride a particular e-bike class in your country. Most countries usually have a maximum speed range between 28km/h and 32km/h. For instance, the speed limit in New York is 25km/h. Hence, it beats the top speed for most countries and is also the best product for Europe residents.


Since electric bicycles and scooters have two wheels, it may be challenging to identify their differences. However, each has main differences that every prospective user needs to know before making a purchase. These differences have been highlighted above in this article, and hopefully, they will help you make the right choice.

Go Active LB

Since August 7, 2020, Long Beach has had a permanent citywide Shared Micromobility Permit Program for electric scooter operations. Four Operators were selected through the Request for Proposal process, which allows Operators to apply for a 12-month Micromobility Permit. Through the City’s program, each Operator can deploy up to 1000 e-scooters. Deployment of the program’s e-scooters are only allowed on City pre-approved drop-zones. Operators are responsible for the maintenance, operations, and disinfecting of their fleet of e-scooters daily. Mobility staff will continue to monitor the program and provide recommendations on program changes to the City Council as necessary.

Go Long Beach App:

Residents and businesses are encouraged to report any e-scooter parking violations through the City’s Go Long Beach App. Once reported through the app, e-scooter vendors will typically remove the vehicle within 2 hours.

E-Scooter Vendor Contact Info:

The public should contact vendors directly regarding issues with vehicle maintenance, billing, and questions regarding pricing and user apps.

Bird: hello@bird.co 1-866-205-2442 Lime: support@li.me 1-888-LIME-345 VeoRide: LBCops@veoride.com 1-855-836-2256

E-Scooter Reduced Fare Programs:

Questions or Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the program? Contact City of Long Beach: e-scootershare@longbeach.gov

Queens Councilmember Introduces Bill to Ban E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Council Member Robert Holden, who represents the Queens neighborhoods of Ridgewood and Glendale, says that electric scooters and electric bikes are putting New Yorkers in danger and has introduced legislation that would ban them until they can be properly policed.

Holden introduced a bill last week that would repeal city regulations that allow e-bikes and e-scooters to be driven throughout the five boroughs.

The lawmaker says that some riders are ignoring traffic laws — since they are not required to have a license to ride their bikes – which is leading to crashes. In addition, he said, there have been instances where the batteries in e-bikes and e-scooters have sparked fires.

active, bikes, scooters

Holden wants the ban imposed until state lawmakers pass legislation that would require the vehicles to be registered, licensed and insured.

The legislation that would require the vehicles to be registered, licensed and insured, can only be enacted at state level since state lawmakers legalized the vehicles in the first place in 2020, Holden said. The state law gave municipalities the ability to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters.

“The scourge of these devices throughout our city has led to people disregarding traffic laws resulting in injuries or death, lithium ion-based fires that killed several people and injured hundreds, and a feeling of disorder on our streets and sidewalks as well as a diminished quality of life,” Holden said.

“We must ensure that these vehicles are operated safely before allowing them back on our streets.”

Holden’s bill, if passed, would effectively ban e-scooters and e-bikes from being operated in the city.

A 500 fine would be imposed on riders caught breaking the law.

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Terribly uneducated take. How about adding more bike/scooter infrastructure? Take us forward, not backward.

what a clown, just voted himself out of office lol. Time for this dinosaur to retire.

The bill is ridiculous and wrong

I think that ebikes and escooters are a very good thing, especially for cities. It allows for people to have a much cheaper source of personal transportation. There are those that drive them in dumb ways. But the same is for cars. I would like to see actual statistics on the damages cause by battery fires, and injury/ death caused by people on an ebike or scooter. Car fires happen, people drive cars in dumb ways, car accidents happen, causing injury.I think that they are being irrational.

Can’t engulf apartment buildings. Anything else genius you want to add. How logical and Smart the ebike and scooter operators drive. No?? K.

I will vote to ban this politician. Nothing they do is for safety. It is about control.

Me to, i would never vote for him

This is absolute B.S. and just another money grab. Because people with peddle bikes or kick scooters dont break any traffic law.ONLY people with a tiny little electric motor hub are. Gtfoh. they just want the money theyd get for the cost of registering them, and getting licemsed. So does a 10 year old have to get licensed including passsing a written and driving exam? And tell me again how a license or registration would stop these SUPPOSED fires.

You’re right they speed on regular pedal bikes like crazy very dangerous some even go faster than e-bikes, this bill is wrong

Well,well what about the wonderful electric cars that are running around the country and have there batteries going up in flames? But it’s amazing that when they get to register them and the state is making money on these bikes will now be ok to be ridden, and the quality of life will no longer be a problem!! What a joke!!

As a mature (57 yo)and sensible rider of an Ebike I find this proposal an infringement on my freedom and another ploy to generate income. With the economy the way it is I hardly think people need yet another expense in our lives. It’s not only Ebikes that don’t follow traffic laws, it’s regular bikes as well. I often see them riding down one way streets the wrong way, on sidewalks, going fast on trails where there’s pedestrians etc…. The answer isn’t having insurance and registering the E-bike. The answer is ENFORCING THE LAW. Have radio/televised ads running on TV and the radio stating we want a SAFE NEW YORK. “Safety starts with YOU” that could be the campaigns slogan. They could then say New Yorkers like to get out and enjoy the sites and get fresh air, exercise and have fun. Being SAFE is our top priority. Safe bikers = safe outcomes. Please follow all traffics laws so that EVERYONE can enjoy their time outside and we all can exist together. Then the campaign can go on to say Police will be watching you, and tickets will be issued if traffic laws aren’t obeyed. My point is registering a “vehicle” and insuring it does mean the operator is going to follow traffic laws! Look how many vehicles still continue to exceed 25 mph on city streets, run red lights, stop signs. Pass cars in parking lane as to get to the front of the line when cars are stopped at a red light. I see this on a daily basis commuting from the Rockaways to flushing. If their is consequences people are more apt to follow the law. If they keep getting summons everytime they go out they will get the message soon enough.

Regular writers of a pedal bike is just as dangerous they shouldn’t be pointing out e-bikes besides people need e bikes for transportation and business, this bill is so ridiculous and wrong, it’s even ashamed to have a bill like that even introducedF

Its about time. Absolutely take every action necessary to at least regulate these very dangerous machines. I myself witnessed a reckless e-bike driver crash into a woman crossing the street ( at the crosswalk). She was unconscious, bleeding from the head, probably bleeding internally judging from the impact. Just to think, these bikes are EVERYWHERE. Running lights, driving on sidewalks, multiple bikes parked on every street, everywhere, making their deliveries at very high speeds. I also imagine a good amount of them are first time users. Enough.

This is bill is long overdue. It’s about time there is law order with these bikes. 0

Look how well that has worked with automobiles. While in my scooter I see cars running red lights all day. A ban is definitely not the solution. There are reckless car drivers and reckless ebike and scooter riders they do not car about follow any laws. Vast majority of scooter riders are very responsible same with car driver.

dont worry. it’s just “migrants” that dont have a license. the politicians you voted in allow it.

Cars kill far more people than e-bikes or e-scooters. This councilmember should be calling for protected bike lanes to separate e-bikes and e-scooters from cars.

This is about money!! It has nothing to do with with any of the other side things, yes people do stuff things so give them a ticket for it! The fires are usually caused by people modifying their chargers to charge a battery faster which should stop. They want money period insurance, registration and training? Really. They can police them just like bikes, motorcycles, Cars and trucks that break traffic laws

New survey reveals alarming levels of bacteria in public transportation — and fitness clubs, too

CARSON, Calif. — Your everyday morning commute may be reflex at this point. If you hop on the subway or rent an electric bike or scooter, however, you may want to wear gloves from now on! Researchers looking at the amount of bacteria covering public transportation options say the typical public e-bike or scooter is also carrying thousands of times more germs than your average toilet!

The recent survey, commissioned by Velotric, found that publicly used objects in general are a less hygienic option than using your own equipment. In the case of public transport, the study reveals that a public electric bike carries 12,000 times the bacteria of a toilet seat and 800 times more bacteria than someone’s personal electric bike.

While riding a public e-bike may be more common in some cities, riding a public electric scooter appears to be even worse for your health. Bacteria tests reveal that the average public e-scooter carries 700 times the bacteria of a personal electric scooter. That’s 58,000 times more bacteria than what’s sitting on a toilet seat!

“Because public scooters are probably not cleaned as often as bathrooms and are often left in public places, it makes sense that they could collect more bacteria. But whether you want to expose yourself to that bacteria is another question,” the researchers write in a statement.

Buses and trains aren’t any cleaner

For people who take the train, avoid holding the subway handles! Researchers say commuter trains carry seven times the bacteria of a typical toothbrush holder. Specifically, the study says there’s roughly 18 million colony-forming units (CFUs) crawling around on subway handles and seats. That grimy toothbrush holder only has 2.4 million.

Out of all public transportation services, however, the bus has the most microbial CFUs at 40 million. That’s four times the amount of bacteria scientists say the average kitchen sink harbors. Next time you ride the bus, keep this in mind and bring your hand sanitizer — or a biohazard suit!

As for what kinds of germs commuters encounter on their daily journey, the study finds gram-positive rods are the most common lurking on e-scooters and trains. These germs can also cause severe disease. Meanwhile, gram-negative rods are the most bacteria on buses and e-bikes. This variety is an infection-causing bacteria that are highly resistant to antibiotics.

active, bikes, scooters

Public gyms are crawling with bacteria too

The findings go beyond just transportation. Researchers also studied exercise equipment like treadmills and yoga mats available for use at public gyms and compared them to bacteria found on household surfaces.

The findings are similarly alarming. The top two most bacteria-ridden surfaces in public gyms are exercise mats and weights. Public weights had 19 times more bacteria than a pet’s tennis ball. “Think your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours? Think again!” the researchers write.

When comparing public surfaces to their at-home counterparts, researchers found that public surfaces have significantly more bacteria. However, switching to use personal electric scooters, bikes, and cars as your mode of transport might be the way to go. The researchers also advise sanitizing both public and private gym equipment.

“Considering the sweat and grime they’re subjected to, you should disinfect them frequently and always wash up after a workout — especially now that you know what’s living on them.”

If having the luxury of an at-home gym or personal e-bike isn’t realistic for you, researchers advise taking preventative measures like washing your hands frequently and sanitizing surfaces, especially when in public. According to a recent MIT study, if 60 percent of the world’s airport visitors washed their hands properly, the spread of viral infections would slow by 70 percent.

Study methodology:

Velotric researchers conducted three gram and stain culture swab tests across personal and public commute objects. Each surface was swabbed three times. CFUs per swab were averaged for each surface type. It is possible that with a larger sample size of surfaces, researchers could have gained more insight into CFU levels. No statistical testing was performed, and the above claims are based on means alone. As such, this content is exploratory. Bacteria definitions were sourced from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, britannica.com, and sciencedirect.com.

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