Giant and Liv Present New E-Mountain Bikes for Kids. Giant liv ebike

Giant and Liv Present New E-Mountain Bikes for Kids

With the general growing popularity of ebikes, there are more and more manufacturers who are also providing electric support for the next generation of cyclists. Woom, KTM and Mondraker are just a few examples. With the Fathom E Jr., Giant also already has an ebike for children in its range. Now two new models have been added. Actually, there are four.

The uncertainty about the number is due to the fact that, in addition to Giant, Liv is also launching two ebikes for girls and boys for the first time. All of them could be added together because Giant and Liv are two brands of the same company. What is more decisive, however, is that their models are technically identically equipped. Only the brand and model names on the frame and the colour design differ. It is therefore obvious to review the Giant Talon E 24, the Liv Tempt E 24, the Giant Talon E 26 and the Liv Tempt E 26 together.

Made to measure

All four bikes are hardtails that have a suspension element in the form of a suspension fork. The basis is a frame made of Giant’s original Aluxx aluminium. As is generally known, this material does not provide additional damping. However, it ensures that the weight of the frame and thus of the entire bicycle remains relatively low. Despite the motor, this is still a decisive factor for children aged eight to 13. It is precisely for this age range that these e-mountain bikes are designed. Typically, children of that age have a muscle mass that is rather low in relation to their body weight. Consequently, every kilogram they have to move means a disproportionately higher physical effort than for us adults.

As expected, more components are specifically designed for the youngsters. This is most obvious with the wheels. Both manufacturers launch one model each with 24-inch and 26-inch wheels. Children between 130 centimetres and 155 centimetres tall should be able to ride these quite well. The smaller size comes with shorter cranks of 152 millimetres and narrower handlebars of 620 millimetres. The cranks of the 26er models are 160 millimetres long and the handlebars are 640 millimetres wide.

Less power for more safety

Giant and Liv are similarly deliberate when it comes to the question of what level of propulsion the e-drive should offer riders of that age. Both limited its power capacity and followed the guidelines of other manufacturers. For example, the motor installed in the rear wheel hub only provides support up to a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Anything beyond that requires the full commitment of the children. At the same time, the torque of 30 Newton metres of the SyncDrive Move gives the bikes the necessary liveliness that makes mountain biking a real pleasure even for the youngest.

The motor might still be relatively unknown to some of you. The Momentum brand, which also belongs to the Giant Group, presented it for the first time this spring in two sporty urban ebikes. It was developed in cooperation with Panasonic and weighs just under two kilograms. Based on data from several intelligent sensors, the SnycDrive Move regulates its assistance automatically. The so-called SmartAssist technology determines, among other things, how much power the rider is putting on the pedal. In the version installed on the Giant and Liv bikes, the motor offers three support levels: Eco, Active and Power. Behind the Power mode is a 10-second extra boost. After this, the drive automatically switches back to Active mode.

practical than beautiful

We find it a bit of a shame that both Giant and Liv have not taken the same approach to integrate the drive as Momentum has. The brand opted for the EnergyPak Micro, a battery with 250 watt hours that is permanently integrated into the down tube. Talon E 24/26 and Tempt E24/26 have the same capacity. However, this originates from the EnergyPak 250 mounted on the down tube, which functions as a range extender on other ebikes from Giant and Liv. In this case, it looks like a foreign body and doesn’t really fit into the otherwise very appealing design of the children’s ebikes. Perhaps the down tube of these frames did not provide enough space to accommodate the battery inside. After all, the manufacturers promise an average range of 40 kilometres to 90 kilometres. With the accompanying EnergyPak Smart 4A Charger, it is supposed to be fully charged within 3.5 hours. And there is even room for a bottle cage on the seat tube.

Bring on the mountains

The other drive components are basically well suited for joint off-road adventures with the whole family or friends. The suspension fork mentioned above works well in off-road sections that don’t yet demand everything from the children technically. Bumps, minor jolts and jumps are feasible tests for the 80 millimetres of suspension travel. Fast and safe braking should also not be a problem due to the hydraulic disc brakes. Instead of the 160 millimetre brake discs, the next size with 180 millimetres would have been well conceivable.

However, we cannot exactly estimate how happy each child will be with the derailleur. With Shimano components, it should work perfectly. However, the cassette with its nine sprockets only covers a range from eleven to 36 teeth. Since on the models with the 26 inch wheels the chainring of the 1x drive also has 36 teeth, the smallest gear ratio is just 1:1. As long as the battery is charged, this should be sufficient. However, if the e-drive stops working on the way, it can quickly become quite exhausting for the children on more serious climbs. Especially since the weight of the ebike becomes noticeable compared to a conventional bicycle. Whether a sudden bad mood threatens here probably depends on the remaining route and the fitness of the girls and boys. On the variants with 24 inch wheels, the smallest gear ratio is somewhat lower at around 0.94.

Soon in the shops

At the end of the day, Giant and Liv seem to have done a lot right with the four novelties. Especially the change to the new SyncDrive Move seems promising. You can check out the ebikes for yourself from July 2022. Then they will be on sale for 2,199 euros. Unfortunately, only one colour is available from each manufacturer in each size.

Giant Talon E 24/26 and Liv Tempt E 24/26 at a glance

  • Variants: Giant Talon E 24, Giant Talon E 26, Liv Tempt E 24, Liv Tempt E 26
  • Frame: Aluxx aluminium
  • Suspension fork: SR Suntour XMC HLO 26ʺ, SR Suntour XCT 24ʺ
  • Motor: SyncDrive Move
  • Battery: EnergyPak 250
  • Control unit: RideControl Dash
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Alivio
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-M282, 160 mm
  • Weight: 18,3 kg (Giant Talon E 24, Liv Tempt E 24), 19,1 kg (Giant Talon E 26, Liv Tempt E 26)
  • Colour: Terracotta, Deep Lake, Milky Way, Ocean Wave
  • Price: 2.199 Euro

Giant Talon E 3 Review / Liv Tempt E 2 Review. Electric Bikes

E-Bike models. which one is best for you? We get daily questions about the key differences between models and their respective prices.

Here is a review of the Talon E 29 3 and Liv Tempt E2. Why review these two bikes together? Well, they’re essentially identical bikes, with the exception of the tire size. The Talon E has 29 tires and Tempt E has 27.5.

As with all our reviews, we don’t review any bikes until we’ve put a few hundred miles on our demo bikes and have sold / serviced a number of them. We’ll do a first ride type review, but once we’ve had a lot of experience with a bike, it’s truly a review. We’ve put hundreds of miles on our demo bikes at the stores, and have sold probably 100 of these models combined.

MOUNTAIN E-BIKE MODELS: Giant Talon E 3 / Liv Tempt E 3 (2,900, but on sale for 2,300 for limited time / as of date of this review on 03/12/2023). The on sale models are dwindling quickly, and we expect the price to be back up to full price, by the end of the month. Also, we have another review where we compare the Talon / Tempt with a multi-trail model, the Roam/Rove.

Both bikes are mid drive, which is much better for off road riding. The mid drive bikes keep the weight in the middle of the bike and have more of a natural feel than a rear hub driven bike. In essence, a rear hub driven bike feels a bit like you’re being pushed, while a mid drive bike feels more like a regular bike, just with extra power. You’ll quickly notice that a comparable mid drive bike is a solid 600. 700 more than its rear hub driven counterpart. Why is that / what’s the benefit to me, and is it worth it? Other than the description of the ride above, a mid drive bike will be a solid 10 lbs lighter than a comparable rear hub driven bike, generally will get you quite a few more miles per charge, as the mid drive is more efficient. This also means it can use a lighter motor and battery to propel it. The rear wheel is also much easier to change in the event of a flat, compared to a rear hub driven bike.



The Talon/TemptBoth bikes are designed for riders who want to mountain bike or ride on gravel/dirt. However, since it has pedal assist, the Talon/Tempt are as good as any other E-bikes on the pavement, with the only real difference being the knobby tires, which make the ride a bit less smooth. So if you want to ride the paved trails, then hit a mountain bike trail or gravel roads – these bikes will do it all.


As far as the mechanical specs on the bikes, I won’t list everything as you can view the full specs when you view the bikes on our website.

The bikes have Tektro hydraulic brakes in the front and back, Shimano Altus Shifters and a Shimano Alivio, 9 Speed Derailleur in the back. Now, I would have preferred 10. 11 speed shifting for a wider gear range, but this is adequate for what the bike is built to do. They’ve got a Suntour XCM ATB Coil 29 100mm travel fork in the the front.

How are the specs? For a 2,900 bike (regular price), there aren’t a lot of other bikes that compete with it. At 2,300 (while supplies last) it’s an amazing deal and no one touches it. What is the bike intended for? I’d say it’s great for any beginner to intermediate level mountain bike trails. Naturally, it’s great for paved trails and gravel roads as well. If you’re looking for something to handle the tougher trails in our area, you’re really going to want a bike with a beefier front shock, and more gears in the back. That’s where Giant / Liv Full Suspension bikes come into play.


The bikes are both equipped with a SyncDrive Core motor by Yamaha, producing 50Nm of torque. This is plenty for any intermediate mountain bike trails in our area and certainly plenty for the paved roads/trails. It’s matched with a 400W battery, which Giant lists as giving you pedal assist up to 93 miles per charge. We’ve been getting anywhere from 60-90 miles per charge, depending on how the bikes are ridden, which seems in line with Giant’s rating. The 93 is an up to meaning in a low pedal assist mode. Based on our experience, normal riding, you should get 60. 70 miles per charge out of the bike.

The bikes have a full color LCD Screen and the motor is paired with a 400Wh battery. As we’ve detailed in other reviews, batteries on mid drive E-bikes do not need to be as big as those on rear hub bikes, as the mid drives are much more efficient.

We’ve taken our demo bikes around Lake Fayetteville a number of times, to Centennial Park, Mt. Kessler and a variety of other trails in the area. So far they’ve handled the trails well with no issues. Having sold over 100 of this model over the past 3 years, we’ve also experienced very few issues with the bikes.

We like the pedal assist mode. It gives one a very natural feel. There’s enough torque to get you up the hills, but not so much that it carries you up the hill.

giant, present, e-mountain, bikes, kids

SPEED: These models give you pedal assist up to 20MPH (Class I).

Overall, the bikes are a blast to ride. Both have 5 different power settings from low to high, so you can adjust how much pedal assist you want.

BATTERIES/MOTORS: Again, they all have the identical Yamaha motor and Giant battery, so there is no difference here.

QUALITY/WARRANTY: Giant has been around since the 80’s and is the largest bike manufacturer in the world. The design, finish and quality of all the bikes is great. Giant has a lifetime warranty on the frame for as long as you own the bike. For the mechanical components, it’s one year and for the battery and motor is two years. We’ve had very few issues with their E-bikes over the past 5 years. How long will the batteries last? No one really seems to know yet. Theoretically, a lithium battery should last for 1,000 charges. If you’re getting 60 miles a charge, well, that’s a very long time.


Both are great bikes that will get you riding more often, more miles and having more fun. In effect – more smiles per hour. You can’t go wrong with any of them. It really just comes down to where you want to ride and use the bike for. I went through the same process last year, and because I ride mountain, gravel (my favorite) and pavement (sometimes all of the above in the same ride!) I got a mountain E-bike.


FREE LIFETIME TUNE-UPS: As with all Lewis Clark bikes, these models come with professional assembly and our Free Lifetime Tune-Up plan. Any time your bike isn’t shifting gears or stopping like it should, just bring it in, and we’ll take care of it. This includes our Standard Tune-up and adjustments. If you bring an E-bike for us to build that came from elsewhere, we charge 150. So the difference between buying a direct to consumer bike and one from us, is about 150 cost to build, then another 100 to 150 you’ll save in tune ups each year.

30 DAY TEST RIDE: It’s hard to know which bike you like until you’ve ridden it. Lewis Clark has a 30-day test ride program with every bike you purchase. That means you have 30 days to see if it’s the right bike for you. If not, you can bring it back to trade for any other bike we have. Plus, if you’re a rebate member, you’ll get 5% back on E-bikes in store credit (10% on everything else).


Get 0% interest for 24 months when you sign up with our partner, Unify Federal Credit Union, or get 0% Interest for up to 12 months through Synchrony Financial.

Liv Rove E


AccessibilityExplore new places, new roads and new adventures with the 150 km range of the reliable EnergyPak battery. The SyncDrive Core Motor delivers 50Nm of torque and has six speed control settings, offering up to 300% pedal assistance. Actual range depends on several factors including weight, elevation, terrain and acceleration.

Powered for FunThe reliable EnergyPak 400Wh side-release battery is beautifully integrated into a lightweight and durable ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum frame for a bike that zips along on longer adventures.

Smooth RidingSyncDrive motor technology smooths out bumps along the ride, and RideControl One on the handlebar provides easy access to select pedal assist functions and view battery levels.

Due to supply-chain issues, Specs are subject to change without notice


SizeX-SmallSmallMediumLargeSEAT TUBE LENGTH (A) (mm)





FORK RAKE (F) (mm)

TRAIL (G) (mm)




STACK (K) (mm)

REACH (L) (mm)






370 420 470 520
74.0° 73.5° 73.5° 73.0°
545 565 585 605
135 135 155 175
69.5° 69.5° 69.5° 69.5°
42 42 42 42
91.3 91.3 91.3 91.3
1097 1111 1133 1148
470 470 470 470
60 60 60 60
619 619 638 657
367 382 396 406
616 596 584 570
620 620 640 640
70 80 80 90
170 170 170 170
700C 700C 700C 700C


Frame SizeHeight (inches)Height (cm)X-Small




4’11”. 5’4” 150. 163cm
5’2”. 5’7” 158. 169cm
5’5”. 5’9” 164. 175cm
5’7”. 6’0” 170. 184cm

Comfort Plus Package

The Comfort Plus Package is a great way to add more comfort to your new E-bikes. We have observed many of our customers upgrading their bike with a better seat and more upright handlebars. Now we have made available the Martin’s exclusive Comfort Plus Package that can be added to most regular and electric bikes. See Comfort Plus Package to add to your order.

Martins Price Match Guarantee

See The Same Item for Less? We’ll match a competitor’s price. How it works, item must be: 1) In-stock and available at competitor’s store. 2) Exact same item. 3) Lower price must be verifiable. Some exceptions apply, Contact store manager for details.

Assembly and Destination Fees

All Giant-Liv-Momentum Bikes:

Professional Assembly and 60 Day Tune-Up Included, No Destination or Shipping Fees!

Check out the Martins Bike eBike Information page for additional details.










Rear Derailleur




Brake Levers










ALUXX Aluminum, Overdrive 1½. 1 head tube, integrated KS18 kickstand mount
SR Suntour NEX E25 63mm travel
Liv GX03V, 700C Aluminium
Giant eTracker, [F] 100x9mm QR [R] 135mm QR
Stainless steel
Giant Crosscut Gravel 2, 700x45c (622×45), Tubeless Ready W/O Reflex (GU: w/reflex)
Forged Alloy minimal Q-factor, 42T
Shimano Altus
Shimano Alivio, 9-speed
Shimano CS-HG200, 11-36T, 9-speed
KMC e.9 Sport, e-bike optimized
Tektro HD-M275, hydraulic disc, 160/180mm
Tektro HD-M275
Giant Connect Riser
Liv Comfort Ergo Microtech Plus
Giant Contact
Giant 30.9mm, 2-bolt Micro Adjustable, Forged Aluminium
Liv Comfort
Aluminum Platform
SyncDrive Core, 50Nm, Power by Yamaha
EnergyPak 400, 36V 11.6Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
RideControl One Ant

Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Laurel / X-Small 04712878709096 2203707153 210000025762
Laurel / Small 04712878709102 2203707154 210000025761
Laurel / Medium 04712878709119 2203707155 210000025760
Laurel / Large 04712878709126 2203707157 210000025759

Overview of Liv Cycles

The fact that cycling is not the most inclusive sport is a hard pill to swallow. But Liv is determined to do something positive about it.

Liv puts female riders first in everything it does, offering a diverse lineup of bikes with geometry and components specifically tailored for women.

Learn more about Liv’s mission and its data-driven approach below.

Overview of the Company

Liv Cycling is Giant’s sister company that specializes in manufacturing bicycles specifically designed for female riders.

The company was established by Bonnie Tu, a Giant Group Chairperson, in 2008, after she realized that she was unable to find bikes and gear that fit and performed well for her.

Over the years, Liv became much more than another bike brand. Instead, it set out on a mission to make the sport more inclusive for women at all levels, including professional, amateur, and even corporate.

Liv is now famous for its presence in the elite-level racing world. Its Liv Racing program consists of three distinct professional teams competing across different categories:

Liv women’s bikes are data-driven, focusing on Fit, Form, and Function (3F). Every bike is first built as a prototype by utilizing this data and then tested and refined by the company’s most experienced professional athletes.

The result is top-level performing bikes with unique frame sizing, women-friendly components, fine-tuned suspension, and women-specific gear and apparel.

Liv Bikes Lineup

Despite the elaborate RD, the Liv bikes range includes both affordable and premium models in multiple cycling categories, so anyone can find a bike that fits their needs.

The company’s range consists of diverse models in the following popular cycling categories:

  • Road bikes
  • Liv Mountain bikes
  • Gravel Cyclocross bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of these categories, focusing on different model families that comprise them.

Due to the huge diversity of models and builds, you’re likely to find a suitable Liv bike no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an aspiring racer.

Liv Road Bikes

Liv’s road bike range consists of roughly a dozen models, including endurance, race, and TT models.

At the moment of writing this review, the brand offers a total of three distinct models to choose from:

The price points range wildly, depending on the frame material and the level of components. Beginner riders can get an entry-level Avail model for under 1,000, whereas those with higher expectations can splurge as much as 12,000 on a top-tier Langma Build. Time trialists and triathlon enthusiasts are looking at spending between 3,000 and 4,000 on the Avow model.

Liv’s road bikes are built either around budget aluminum or more expensive carbon frames. You may also choose between builds with rim brakes or disc brakes, depending on your needs and preferences.

The bikes boast both SRAM and Shimano components and a long list of Liv Cycling proprietary technologies, such as Advanced-Grade Composite carbon frames, internal seatpost clamp, Overdrive fork steerer, Powercore bottom brackets, and more.

When it comes to the Avow TT bikes, their aero frames were developed in wind tunnels, using Computational Fluid Dynamics, to give each tube maximum aerodynamic performance.

Interestingly, the road section on Liv’s website also shows Fitness, Cruiser, City, and Hybrid bikes, which are intended for commuters, recreational riders, and leisure cyclists.

giant, present, e-mountain, bikes, kids

Liv Mountain Bikes

Liv’s mountain bike offering is just as rich as its selection of road bikes. There are typically between 10 and 15 models to choose from, including Trail, XC, and recreational mountain bikes.

At this moment, the model families include:

If you’re a beginner looking to ride off the beaten path recreationally, you should consider the Bliss and Tempt models. They sell for around 500 and have front suspension only.

serious trailblazers can spend up to 6,000 on one of the other full-suspension Liv mountain bikes with lightweight aluminum or carbon framesets.

Liv Cycling offers fast-paced XC race bikes, versatile short-travel trail bikes, and all-out long-travel enduro and all-mountain models. Therefore, despite your preferred disciplined, you should find something that fits you like a glove.

Most full-suspension Liv mountain bikes come with Maestro suspension that features a four-pivot system with two linkages.

The suspension is fine-tuned to perform best under forces exerted by female riders, who are usually lighter than male riders.

Some models, such as Intrigue, also feature Flip Chip technology that lets you alter geometry ever so slightly and change headtube/seat tube angles and bottom bracket height.

Most MTB Liv women’s bikes roll on 29″ or 27.5″ wheels, with the exception of the STP 26 model which has 26″ wheels, making it suitable for shorter riders.

Interested in more female-oriented mountain bikes? Take a look at our review of Juliana Bikes.

Cyclocross Gravel Bikes

Gravel riding is slowly becoming one of the most popular disciplines in the sport. Cyclocross is following close behind.

At the moment, there are just two Liv women’s bikes in this category to choose from, Brava and Devote.

Liv Brava is a series of race-ready carbon bikes that come outfitted for cyclocross racing but are suitable for gravel as well. Out of the box, these bikes roll on 33mm wheels, but the frame and fork clearance allow for up to 45mm rubber.

Liv Cycling’s lineup of gravel and cyclocross bicycles is limited, but breathtaking nonetheless.

On the other hand, Liv Devote leaves no room for speculation when it comes to what it is. These are purebred carbon gravel bikes with 40mm tires and enough clearance to upgrade up to 45mm. If you want to ride gravel group rides or explore off the beaten track for miles and miles, Devote will get you going.

While Brava CX bikes come with carbon frames only, the Devote models are available with both aluminum and carbon frames. As a result, Devote can be purchased for as little as 1,350, whereas Brava comes at a 2,750 minimum.

This category of Liv bikes also includes flat-bar cross bikes, called Rove, which are ideal for recreational or fitness riders. There’s a huge diversity in groupsets as well, including entry-level, mid-range, and high-end Shimano and SRAM groups.

Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles open up new possibilities. They let you ride faster and further, exploring hilly and scenic routes that used to be out of your reach before.

Liv’s selection of e-bikes is pretty impressive, consisting of electric mountain bikes, electric city fitness bikes, and electric adventure bikes.

If you’re still new to the e-biking world, Liv also has numerous guides that will teach you all you need to know about different technologies and techniques.

The electric mountain bike selection consists of three models—Embolden, Tempt, and Intrigue—including both full-suspension and hardtail setups. They’re perfect for fearless ladies who seek adventure and excitement but need a helping hand on long climbs and rough terrain.

The city and fitness electric bikes should be the go-to choice for fitness riders or commuters who need more speed or assistance to crush a long ride to work and back home. If you love riding with friends, they’ll help you keep up with the fastest in the bunch!

Finally, Liv’s electric adventure bikes can explore on- and off-road. Most models also come equipped with accessories such as lights, fenders, and a rear rack. That makes them practical for commuting, grocery shopping, or taking kids to school.

All of these e-bikes are powered by Giant’s proprietary SyncDrive mid-drive motors and EnergyPak integrated batteries. Depending on the size of the battery, you can expect up to 110 miles of maximum range, which is pretty impressive.

Interested in more? Take a look at Momentum Bikes – it’s Giant’s sister company too, but focuses on producing electric commuters.

Kids Bikes

There’s no doubt that the best time to learn how to ride a bike and fall in love with cycling is at a young age. Riding a bike gives girls (and boys) more independence and a chance to explore their limits.

Liv Cycling manufactures kidsbikes for all ages, including models with 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, and even 26″ wheels.

The rest of the selection is much better and consists of city, cruiser, MTB, hybrid, and cross models. Whichever type of cycling your little diva prefers you’ll be able to find something that will put a big smile on her face.

Perhaps most importantly for many parents, Liv bikes for kids are not too expensive either. Most models cost under or around 500, with the exception of the STP 26″ bike that sells for 1,130. So even budget-constrained families will be able to choose something nice.

And remember, lifelong affection for cycling is created early.


Is Liv a good bike brand?

Liv is one of the best women-specific bike brands in the world. This is Giant’s sister company, so its bikes share the same attention to detail and offer similar quality and value for the money. Liv manufactures bicycles suitable both for amateurs and for elite racing teams.

Who owns Liv Cycles?

Liv Cycles is Giant’s sister company, which means that it is owned by Giant Bicycles, with headquarters in Taiwan. The company was established by Giant’s CFO, Bonnie Tu, in 2008, as a manufacturer of bikes and gear specifically designed for female riders.

Are Liv bikes made by Giant?

Liv is a sister company to Giant, so the two divisions share the same manufacturing facilities. Even though the frame and some of the components are manufactured by Giant, the bikes themselves are researched and designed by Liv’s engineering and product development team.

Are Liv bikes worth the money?

Liv bicycles are worth the money for any female rider looking for a high-quality bicycle built specifically for female anatomy and performance. Liv is Giant’s sister company, so you may rest assured that its bikes are top quality and offer excellent value for the money.

Are Liv bikes women’s bikes?

Yes, Liv makes women-specific bikes built to meet the specific needs women have when it comes to geometry and performance. Liv’s approach to building bikes is data-driven, relying on scientific studies, rider anatomy tests, and feedback from top-level female racers.

Final Thoughts

Opinions about women-specific and male-specific bikes and geometry are divided. Some believe all bikes are unisex, others propone the gender-specific point of view.

There’s no denying that Liv is doing an important job when it comes to making cycling more inclusive and empowering women to ride bikes for fun or as a profession.

Whatever you believe, Liv’s bicycles are actually built by women, for women, and with women. The design is driven by data and feedback from elite female racers, the suspension is fine-tuned for women, and many components are women-specific.

giant, present, e-mountain, bikes, kids

We like what Liv is doing and recommend any woman to consider this option. With all the hard work Liv is doing to give female cyclists a voice, by buying a Liv bike, you are also investing in women.



I love my Liv bike but so disappointed in their current colour options. Dark and broody and although some women might like it, a majority of us want a little bit of femininity to be there. Splashes of pink and purple or even the pearl glitter paint. The option would be lovely. I’m hanging off buying a new bike until then.

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