Gas or Electric? Which Dirt Bike is Better For You. Budget electric dirt bike

Gas or Electric? Which Dirt Bike is Better For You?

Wondering what type of dirt bike to choose: gas or electric? You’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be comparing electric dirt bikes vs gas dirt bikes in detail to help you figure out which one is the best fit for your needs. We’ll be examining their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the better performance between them, and revealing which type of users each is best for.

Electric Dirt Bikes vs Gas: A Brief Overview

The main difference between gas and electric dirt bikes, is, of course, their power source. Electric dirt bikes are battery-powered (usually by lithium-ion batteries) whereas gas dirt bikes are gas-powered (by a two stroke engine or a four stroke engine).

The power source affects ride quality and performance in a number of ways. We’ll explore the differences in detail next, but in case you’re short on time, here’s a TLDR version:

  • Gas bikes are faster, noisier, heavier, less efficient, cheaper to purchase, more expensive to maintain, and have a longer range.
  • An Electric bike is slower, lighter, quieter, more efficient, more expensive to purchase, cheaper to maintain, and has a shorter range.

Electric vs Gas Dirt Bikes: Key Differences

Next, let’s take a closer look at how they compare in different areas. Here’s an overview of all the most important differences between electric bikes and gas powered bikes.


Dirt bikes that run on gas are capable of reaching much higher speeds than their electric counterparts on account of they have more power.

electric, which, dirt, bike, better, budget

With most gas dirt bikes, it’s possible to reach speeds of 60mph. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes rarely have a max speed of over 20 mph. But of course, it depends on the model of the bike. The most powerful electric dirt bikes can get to significantly faster speeds.

However, it’s also worth noting that while most electric dirt bikes may not be able to reach the speeds of equivalently-priced gas dirt bikes, they are much more energy-efficient.

The upshot: If you’re a speed junkie who plans on using your dirt bike for racing, a gas dirt bike may be the best choice. However, for beginners and children who don’t plan on flying across the tracks at over 20mph, an electric dirt bike may be more appropriate.


Gas dirt bikes generate a lot more noise than electric dirt bikes thanks to the deep rumble of the internal combustion engine.

This might not seem like a big issue, but if you plan on riding your dirt bike across nature trails that you share with hikers and animals, it can cause a lot of problems. Plus, you also have to think about local noise ordinances and possible disgruntled neighbors.

Compared to gas dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes have fewer moving components are run a lot quieter. They’re not completely silent, but they’re not obnoxiously loud like gas dirt bikes.

The upshot: If you want a dirt bike that runs quiet, go electric. That said, some riders like the roar of the combustion that comes with gas-powered dirt bikes.

Environmental Impact

Electric dirt bikes don’t have any emissions like gas dirt bikes do. This means they won’t release any exhaust gases into the environment and makes them a much more eco-friendly option.

Travel Range

Electric dirt bikes typically have a smaller max travel range compared to dirt bikes. Depending on the model of the bike you’re using and the size of its battery, you should expect to be able to travel 50-80 miles on a single charge.

You’ll often be able to travel further than this with a full tank of gas on a gas-powered dirt bike. But again, it depends on the model of the dirt bike and the size of its tank.

The other thing to think about here is charging time. Every time you run the battery down on your ebike, you’ll have to charge the battery again, which can take 7 hours for just an hour or so of use. With gas dirt bikes, you can fill up the tank in minutes and get straight back on the road—it’s a lot more convenient.

Ease of Use

Gas dirt bikes have a steeper learning curve than electric dirt bikes. Electric bikes are beginner-friendly and easy to operate, which makes them a better choice for new riders and children.


Because electric dirt bikes have fewer components than gas dirt bikes, they’re typically lighter, which makes them easier to move around and control. This is another reason why electric dirt bikes are the best choice for beginner kids.


Electric dirt bikes are typically more expensive than gas dirt bikes. Depending on the model you choose, you could end up paying twice as much for an electric dirt bike vs gas.

However, after the initial purchase cost, electric dirt bikes are cheaper to maintain. With gas dirt bikes, you have to service the engine regularly. Because electric dirt bikes lack components like oil tanks and carburetors, there are fewer maintenance requirements.

Final Verdict: Which Type Of Dirt Bike is Best?

That concludes our in-depth comparison of electric bikes and dirt bikes. As you can see, each type of dirt bike has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The right choice for you will depend on what your priorities are and how you plan on using your dirt bike. With that said, here’s when we think it makes sense to choose electric dirt bikes and gas dirt bikes.

Gas dirt bikes are best for:

  • Racers who plan to compete at motocross events
  • Riding in rural settings where noise is less of a concern.
  • Anyone on a tight budget who can’t afford the upfront costs of an electric dirt bike

Electric dirt bikes are best for:

  • Adults who plan to ride in the city and don’t need to exceed speeds of 20 mph
  • Children and new riders who want something easier to use and maintain
  • Hobbyists who want something that runs quietly, efficiently, and with lower environmental impact.

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The 10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes to Ride in 2023

Over the last decade, the electric vehicle segment has experienced enormous technological leaps and bounds, giving way to increasingly powerful and compact motors and battery packs. It’s only been within the last year or two, however, that this technology has finally become potent and advanced enough to genuinely lend itself to use in off-road motorcycles. So, while this segment may not have even really existed half a decade ago, there’s recently been a major influx of new, ever-more-capable models hitting the market on a regular basis — the latest and greatest of which we’ll be counting down in this curated guide to the best electric dirt bikes.

While the sheer number of available options on the market currently gives riders a diverse selection of proton-powered machines from which to choose, it’s also made it increasingly difficult to hone in on the bike that best suits you and your intended riding use — especially to the uninitiated. In an effort to streamline the experience of shopping in this emerging segment, we’ve broken it down, delving into the benefits of electric dirt bikes and what to consider when shopping, before diving into our picks for the best battery-powered dirt bikes currently on the market.

Batteries Benefits

The Upsides Advantages Of Electric Dirt Bikes

There are numerous areas in which modern electric dirt bikes are objectively superior to their gas-powered counterparts — seven of the most crucial of which we’ll be unpacking below.

Unparalleled Power: At times boasting more than ten times as much torque as standard 450cc dirt bikes, electric models offer what are truly remarkable, otherwordly amounts of torque. And, as an electric motor without a powerband, the gobs of stump-pulling torque produced by EV dirt bikes are unleashed instantaneously — rather than over a gas-fed engine’s rev range.

Minimal Noise: And, as much as we enjoy the roaring four-stroke or the ringing of a two-stroke engine, the lack of an internal combustion engine does admittedly allow the rider to better appreciate their surroundings when riding out in nature — not to mention the fact electric dirtbikes don’t annoy neighbors or attract unwanted attention from park rangers and/or law enforcement. With that said, electric dirtbike motors are far from silent, producing a whirling sound that increases in pitch as RPMs go up — not unlike a gas engine, albeit markedly quieter.

Reduced Maintenance: With far fewer moving parts, no need to change out fluids, spark plugs, or filters, and no cams or timing chains to adjust, motorcycles that are kicked along by EV powertrains require far less maintenance than regular gas-fed dirt bikes. This makes ownership a much more convenient experience, especially compared to two-stroke models that need top-end rebuilds after every couple dozen hours of riding.

TwistGo Throttle: Without the need for a clutch and gearbox, electric powertrains are markedly more approachable than their manually-shifted counterparts, lowering the intimidation factor and making riding more accessible to novices. Rather than having to work a clutch and shift lever, electric dirt bikes boast an automatic, “twist-and-go” style throttle — which can often have its sensitivity adjusted.

Smart Tech Future-Proofing: Because electric powertrains are regulated by modern, computerized controllers, the motor’s performance characteristics can be adjusted, with elements such as throttle response, traction control, and “engine braking” able to be dialed in on the fly. As rolling Smart devices, electric dirt bikes also often come with capabilities such as geofencing and tracking, remote locking and unlocking, and firmware updates that can be received over the air, largely future-proofing any one particular model.

Environmentally Friendly: While it probably goes without saying, since zero-emission vehicles don’t produce any combustion, electric dirt bikes are almost always tremendously more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to gas bikes. With the right equipment on hand, some of these bikes can also be solar-charged.

Freedom Of Design: Traditionally, the layout of dirt bikes has been dictated by the positioning of vital components such as the engine and gas tank. Electric dirt bikes, on the other hand, aren’t limited by this layout and can have their motor and battery pack(s) strategically located in a myriad of different places, giving designers and engineers markedly more freedom, along with the ability to experiment with outside-the-box ideas and setups.

Battery-Powered Braappers

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Dirtbike

Whether it’s an enduro, supersport, or an electric dirt bike, purchasing your first motorcycle can be a daunting task, especially if you didn’t grow up riding. Knowing this firsthand, we’ve generated this handy primer on the eight most important areas to review before buying your first — or next — electric dirt bike.

Battery: Batteries obviously play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of an electric dirt bike. Areas such as capacity, voltage, and the number of cells will collectively determine specs such as range, recharge times, and the number of lifecycles. It’s also worth exploring if a battery is swappable, as well as what types of outlets or chargers it’s compatible with.

Motor: As the heart of any electric dirt bike, its motor is extremely important. When shopping for a battery-powered motocross machine, you’ll want to explore factors such as the type of motor, how much it weighs, how it’s cooled, and where it’s mounted on the bike (typically the swing-arm or frame).

Power: The immense power produced by electric dirt bikes is undoubtedly one of the segment’s biggest benefits over traditional petrol-powered models. As such, it’s well worth exploring an e-MXers horsepower and torque figures — the former of which is often measured in kilowatts.

Running Gear: While a dirt bike’s power and acceleration are primarily owed to its powertrain (and gearing, to some extent), its other riding characteristics mainly boil down to the running gear — or components — with which they’re equipped. This includes elements such as an e-dirt bike’s suspension setup, chassis, swing-arm, and braking hardware — all of which play a pivotal role in a bike’s handling and stopping power.

Size Weight: Just like with traditional dirt bikes — that are typically offered in everything from 49cc up through 450cc sizes — electric models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with a slew of different seat heights and riding positions. These battery-powered bikes can also weigh in at anywhere between around 100lbs all the way up to two-wheelers pushing 400lbs. When reviewing this particular area, you’ll want to consider your height, skill level, intended riding applications, and whether or not the bike’s ergonomics (and/or seat height) can be adjusted.

Smart Tech: GPS tracking, remote unlocking, and on-the-fly parameter adjustments are all frequently featured on late model electric dirt bikes, allowing for more personalization. What’s more, similar to smartphones, today’s electric dirt bikes also often come loaded with sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheel speed monitors, and GPS sensors — all of which feed data several hundred times every second into an advanced processor.

App Connectivity: A growing number of dirt bikes are now being offered with connectivity to dedicated smartphone apps that allow users to adjust settings and parameters of the bike, such as power output, throttle response, traction control, or ABS levels. Many of these apps can also be used to download over-the-air updates.

Experience Level: No matter what type of motorcycle you’re purchasing, your search should always be limited by your level of skill and riding experience. Starting on a machine that’s too large and too powerful isn’t just inconducive to learning, it’s downright dangerous — plus it limits the amount of fun the rider has, as they’re forced to FOCUS on keeping the bike in check rather than perfecting their technique and advancing as a rider. The good news, however, is that quite a few of today’s electric dirt bikes can have their power level and throttle response adjusted (i.e. lowered) in order to be compatible with novice pilots.

SUR-RON Light Bee X

Tipping the scales at just a tad over 100lbs (plus the weight of its 60V, 176-cell Lithium-ion battery), SUR-RON’s Light Bee X is a lightweight, entry-level electric dirtbike that boasts a 47mph top speed and a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge — depending on what riding mode is being used. Constructed around an anodized 6061 T4 and T6 aluminum frame that’s created under 6,000 tons of pressure, the Light Bee X also features a rear mono-shock with a DNM TR link system and an inverted front fork that affords 8” of travel.

Top Speed: 50 MPH Output: 12 HP, 42 Nm of torque Charge Time: 1.8 Hours

Segway X260

Though Segway built its name on producing standup electric scooters, the company has since applied its EV knowhow to producing a wide range of battery-powered vehicles, from go-karts to scooters to electric dirt bikes. The brand’s X260 offers solid performance with a 47mph top speed, a roughly 120-lb curb weight, and a whopping 185ft-lbs of torque. Other highlights include connectivity to a smartphone app, swappable batteries, and an LED headlight, all as standard. In addition to being sold in a slew of different color options, this model is also offered in a more affordable and less powerful 3,500 X160-spec.

Top Speed: 85 MPH Output: 46 HP, 106 Nm of torque Charge Time: 9.7 Hours

Graft EO.12

Based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Graft is an American-run EV Powersports company producing electric side-by-sides, four-wheelers, and dirtbikes, such as the EO.12. Weighing only 110lbs, the EO.12 — which was unveiled in prototype form in late 2021 — boasts a frame that’s been machined from aluminum billet before being paired with a custom mono-shock-equipped swing-arm, and a long-travel, three-way-adjustable FOX Racing fork. Benefitting from the use of swappable batteries and numerous 3D-printed TiAl6V4 titanium components, the EO.12’s 20-kW powertrain cranks out an otherworldly 324.5ft-lbs of instantaneous torque. The bike also rides on an off-road-focused 21” front, 18” rear wheel set with carbon fiber rims.

Top Speed: 50 MPH Output: 42 HP Charge Time: 2 Hours


The first modern, mass-produced electric dirtbike from a reputable, mainstream manufacturer, KTM’s FREERIDE E-XC combines the Ready To Race brand’s signature blend of high-end components and an advanced chassis with a cutting-edge, fully-electric powertrain that generates 24.5hp and 31ft-lbs of torque — making it roughly comparable to your average gas-powered 250cc dirt bike or dual-sport. As one would expect from KTM, the FREERIDE E-XC comes loaded with top-shelf componentry such as WP XPLOR suspension fore and aft, along with FORMULA braking hardware. This model’s Lithium-ion KTM PowerPack battery also affords a range of around 25 miles per charge.

Top Speed: 56 MPH Output: 13.4 HP, 42 Nm of torque Charge Time: 2.5 Hours

Stark VARG Alpha

Touted as “the world’s fastest motocross bike,” the Stark VARG Alpha is a ridiculously high-performance off-roader with a state-of-the-art fully-electric powertrain that’s good for 80hp and an unheard-of 691.8ft-lbs of torque. Weighing in at under 250lbs, the VARG also gets KYB suspension offering more than a foot of travel front and back, innovative skid plate design, forged and CNC-machined wheels, the world’s lightest foot-pegs, Brembo brakes, 100 different ride modes, and the ability to custom-tune a slew of parameters including power curve, engine braking, and traction control. The VARG’s IP69K-rated 6kWh battery also affords up to six hours of ride time. Based in Spain, Stark also offers a 60-HP standard version of the VARG for 1,000 less.

Top Speed: 45 MPH Output: 16 HP, 27 Nm of torque Charge Time: 2.5 Hours

Trevor DTRe Stella

While admittedly not what typically springs to mind when discussing electric dirt bikes, Trevor’s DTRe Stella is a closed-course only, battery-powered two-wheeler built specifically for use on dirt tracks. This electric, turnkey flat track racer is built around a minimalistic trellis frame that’s designed by Sarolea Performance and capped off with a single-piece tank and tracker-style tail section unit. Individually built by hand in Belgium, this bike features 19” Haan spoked wheels shod in Dunlop flat track tires, an 11-kW air-cooled brushless DC3 motor, and a 2.7-kWh C-battery pack that offers a more than 60-mile range and can be fully recharged in under an hour. Alongside the off-road-only model, Trevor is also producing a street-legal variant of the DTRe Stella for around 15,300.

CAKE Kalk OR race

Representing the Swedish marque’s top-of-the-line, race-spec electric dirt bike model, the CAKE Kalk OR race is a high-performance motocrosser with sleek Scandanavian design language and a top-shelf array of components that includes Öhlins suspension front and back, custom brakes, and bespoke wheels. Weighing only 165lbs, the Kalk OR race produces more than 200ft-lbs of torque, giving it a remarkable power-to-weight ratio. The CAKE also has multiple ride modes with different power settings, allowing new riders to work their way up to more powerful maps as their skill level progresses. On top of a street-legal Kalk model, CAKE also makes an INK-spec of the Kalk race that comes with lower-end suspension and a more affordable 11,500 MSRP.

E-Racer RUGGED Mark2

Based on the Zero FXS, the E-Racer RUGGED Mark2 is an air-drop-capable, reconnaissance-style electric dirt bike that takes heavy inspiration from military vehicles. In addition to sporting its own structural aluminum square-stock chassis and subframe with integrated lift-hooks, the Mk2 RUGGED sports custom kevlar and carbon fiber bodywork coated in ultra-hardwearing Line-X ballistic armor and finished with a dozen Eagle Eye LED perimeter lights. Other unique details include a 3D-printed nylon and Alcantara MX-style saddle resting on a hinged seat-pan, a triple Poliessoidal LED Highsider headlight, custom handguards, a skid-plate, illuminated ‘RUGGED’ badges, and ballistic tape-wrapped Showa suspension backed by an AirTender kit.

Tactica T-Race Cross

Made by boutique Italian firm Tactica, the T-Race Cross is an ultra-high-performance, spare-no-expense competition-grade electric dirt bike that’s been engineered specifically to win races. Brimming with top-of-the-line components including Brembo brakes and Öhlins suspension front and aft, the T-Race Cross also boasts a manual five-speed gearbox, two power modes, sleek blacked-out bodywork, and a single-shell split chrome-molybdenum chassis. And, while its range may seem extremely limited, its battery size was chosen to provide enough energy for 2 hot laps and nothing more.

FLUX Performance Primo

Made by Slovenian startup FLUX Performance, the Primo is a ridiculously state-of-the-art electric dirtbike with some absolutely incredible performance figures. Powering the Primo is a frame-mounted electric motor with Formula 1-inspired straight cut gears that cranks out 85hp and an astounding 553.2ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheel. Running off of a 6.7kWh, 400V swappable battery that’s set in a fully waterproof, aerospace-grade housing, the Primo is also equipped with a host of Smart sensors, remote locking, GPS tracking, and the ability to adjust half-a-dozen different riding parameters on the fly. Also produced in street-legal dual-sport and supermoto variants, the Primo’s perimeter-style aluminum cradle frame has been paired with a custom-designed cast swing-arm, an Öhlins’ twin-tube-tech-equipped TTX mono-shock, and a top-shelf 48mm inverted KYB fork.

Honorable Mentions

Alta Redshift MXR

Despite producing what at the time was unquestionably the most advanced, cutting-edge, and capable electric dirt bike in existence, Alta Motors sadly shuttered its doors in late 2018, putting an immediate end to all operations, including production. With that said, if you’re shopping for an electric dirtbike, Alta’s Redshift models — including the MXR — are still well worth considering. And, while it may require some legwork and patience, Alta’s dirt bikes can still occasionally be found at select dealerships, as well as on eBay, Craigslist, and auction sites like Bring a Trailer.

GRID Cycles E-Scrambler

Created by Purpose Built Moto’s new EV division GRID Cycles, this honorable mention offers the performance of a modern electric dirt bike along with the appearance of a retro-inspired scrambler motorcycle with a replica Yamaha XT500 tank, a scrambler-style seat, and a classically-styled circular headlight shell housing a 5.75” Flashpoint LED beam. The E-Scrambler is based on KTM’s FREERIDE E-XC, and as such its power and range figures go almost entirely unchanged. The E-Scrambler also sports a black livery contrasted via an orange frame and red and orange accents — a nod to 1970s race liveries.

The Best Electric Motorcycles Currently Available

interested in a road-going eBike? Then be sure to cruise over to our guide to the best electric motorcycles for a handpicked list of all-electric two-wheelers from supermotos to superbikes.

The Top Electric Motocross Bike Brands of 2023

If you’ve been following the motorcycle industry (or reading our blog), you already know that electric motorcycles are booming in popularity. The industry is expected to hit 40 billion by 2026, fueled by the rise of mainstream electric rides from Harley-Davidson, Honda, and seemingly every other major motorcycle manufacturer. But as the electric motorcycle space matures, exciting new niches are emerging. One of our favorites? The electric motocross bike.

What is an electric motocross bike?

Electric Motocross Bike Under the Magnifying Glass

Of all the electric two-wheelers out there, the electric motocross bike is in a league of its own. But before we dive into what it is, let’s clear the air on what it’s not.

An electric motocross bike is not an electric dirt bike, which is heavier, similar to a traditional motorcycle. It’s not an e-bike, which has skinny tires and no suspension, and is designed for riding on paved roads. And it’s not an electric mountain bike, which has pedals and electric motors that assist the rider when going uphill.

What is an electric motocross bike? A lean, light two-wheeler designed for affordable off-road fun. If you’re looking for all the thrills of a traditional motocross bike but with an eco-friendly edge, this emerging class of electric two-wheelers could be the ideal partner for your next rough-terrain ride.

How to find the best electric motocross bike

The electric motocross bike is still new, which means your options will only get better (and more affordable) as the market matures. But if you’re looking to buy one now, there are plenty of high-quality options to make your next off-road ride a whole lot of fun.

We’ve surveyed the landscape to find you the top 5 electric motocross brands of 2023: Kuberg, Bultaco, Cake, Sur-Ron, and Electric Motion. Read on for more on how these innovative brands are delivering the motocross bikes of the future.

KubergThis Czech company is turning heads with its wide range of electric two-wheelers designed to offer the rider an all-out outdoor adventure. Its high-performance electric motocross bikes are clear standouts. For adults, Kuberg’s gem is the Ranger, an electric motocross bike designed for short off-road rides. Mid-power and lightweight, the Ranger offers 60 minutes of adrenaline-pumping ride time powered by a 48V drive hub delivering 8000W of power and a top speed of about 34mph. Its battery has a lifespan of 1000 charges, and its Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a standout. (Explore the Kuberg Volt mobile app for a glimpse into this ride’s slick user experience.)Want your kid to experience the joy of riding? The Kuberg Start is designed for 3-to-5-year-olds just being introduced to the world of two-wheelers. Control your kid’s top speed and torque via a Wi-Fi adapter sold separately, and explore a wide range of seat options to ensure the Kuberg Start grows right along with your young rider. With a one-hour battery range and a 15mph top speed, the Start could be just the electric motocross bike to spark your kid’s love of off-road rides.

Every motocross fan will know the Bultaco Pursang MK6 that Jim Pomeroy rode on his way to win the 1973 Spanish MX Grand Prix. It’s a testament to the times that Bultaco has reinvented itself and come out with a new range of electric motocross bikes. The Bultaco Brinco line offers six models, all of which are sleek powerhouses that offer you absolute control to get your heart pumping as you hit that dirt road. The one notable downside? These electric motocross beauties can be tough to find in the U.S. at the moment. Whether you’re on a dirt road or an urban trail, a Brinco bike can take it all. All models have three riding modes: Sport, for up to 23 miles on a single charge; Tour, for about 46 miles; and Eco, which offers a 62-mile range. The dual adjustable suspension lets you tweak the precharge and shock absorption, helping you achieve the ideal riding experience. The Brinco’s high-quality lithium-ion battery charges up in just three hours, and its companion app offers geolocation and a host of other real-time ride metrics. Want the ultimate Brinco experience? The Brinco RB and the Brinco Discovery, Bultaco’s top-of-the-line models, can clock up to 37mph and come with other next-level features to elevate your adventure.3. CakeThis Swedish company’s mission is to redesign green vehicle technology for the great outdoors. The result? A range of electric motocross bikes that sit at the apex of innovative design and off-road fun. Cake’s Freeride and Race lines offer seven models with a range of off-road exploration capabilities. The Freeride series was designed with backcountry exploring in mind. Described by the brand as “an agile, lightweight, and torquey off-road bike,” the Freeride Kalk OR features a 51.8 volt, 2.6 kWh battery and an 11kW motor capable of delivering 206 nm of torque. Its three ride modes range from top speeds of 28mph with Explore to about 55mph with Excel. The battery can charge from 0 to 100% in three hours, a figure comparable to other leading electric motocross bikes on the market today. What’s not comparable with Cake electric motocross bikes? Their premium, Scandinavian-inspired designs—and premium price tags.4. Sur-Ron

Sur-Ron Electric Motocross Motor

electric, which, dirt, bike, better, budget

Sur-Ron is gaining major traction in the emerging electric motocross bike market for its surprisingly rugged all-terrain bikes. Case in point? Its Sur-Ron LXB line, which features five well-equipped electric dirt bikes (including one for kids). No roundup of Sur-Ron electric motocross bikes is completed without highlighting the Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX. This lightweight-yet-powerful ride delivers more than 6kW of peak power and weighs just over 100 pounds. It can hit a top speed of 45mph and a range of up to 60 miles per charge depending on its mode, making the Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX ideal for short rough terrain rides. With an acceleration of 0 to 30mph in just under four seconds and an advanced Intersect TR suspension system, there’s a reason why riders around the internet have been raving about the Light Bee’s “fun” factor. Joining the Light Bee LBX in the Sur-Ron LXB line are the L1E LBX, a road-legal electric motorcycle moped; the Storm Electric MX Dirt Bike and the Storm Electric road-legal model, both available for pre-order now; and an electric motocross bike for youth.5. Electric MotionThe aptly titled Electric Motion makes green motocross bikes that are silently brilliant. The all-new Escape R is a rough-terrain delight with a maximum speed of about 47mph, peak power of 11 kW, a blistering 600 nm torque, and a 38-mile range. Add in its signature Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch, and you’ve got a system for perfectly modulating your ride’s power. The design stays true to motocross bike roots. The result? A two-wheeler that can take you on one wild outdoor adventure. The Epure Race model sits just below the Escape R with a maximum speed of 44mph, a 26-mile range, and 600 nm of torque. The Epure Race weighs in at about 165 pounds, a few lbs shy of the Escape R. Whichever model you choose, you’re getting an electric motocross bike designed for speed, comfort, and off-road agility. Once you find the best electric motocross bike for your riding style, trust Motorcycle Shippers to help you transport it quickly and safely—whether that’s from a dealer to your home or from your home to your next off-road adventure. Our specialized shipping system will ensure your electric motocross bike arrives safely, and our expert team will handle all the ins and outs of transporting your electric vehicle’s batteries. Get your instant electric motocross bike shipping quote.

Top 6 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids [Tried Tested]

Buying your child an electric dirt bike is a great way to show them that you love and care for them. Most parents today embrace dirt electric bikes as birthday presents for kids because they have realized that there is much their kids can learn from them, including how to develop discipline, self-confidence, and hand-eye coordination.

We have compiled a list of kids’ best dirt electric bikes to help you make an informed decision when purchasing. We generally prefer electric bikes over gas-powered ones as they are cheaper and suitable for new riders.

At A Glance: Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

The Razor MX350 is the best electric motocross bike picked by most buyers as it is the perfect bike for new riders. The MX350 is easy to control, comes with a chain-driven motor, and has a hand-operated rear brake, making the bike accessible for kids to ride. The award-winning bike is an excellent choice for buyers on a budget as it comes with multiple options at a very affordable price.

The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Are:

Razor MX350 Dirt Electric Motocross Bike

Razor is well-known for its electric scooters, but the company is quickly becoming an industry leader in the production of electric bikes. The Razor MX350 is a compact, battery-powered dirt bike that was designed by the company with off-road use in mind.

The dirt bike has a single-speed due to a 350-watt chain-driven motor. The twist grip throttle controls it. MX350 has top-notch dual suspension and adjustable riser handles that allows tall riders to enjoy a smooth and relaxing ride. The bike also contains large 12-inch knobby tires that make it stable.

The bike can propel the rider to speeds as high as 14mph without the rider having to peddle. Purchasing the MX350 makes it fun for children and a fantastic option for introducing little kids to off-road riding.

  • It has a non-stop riding time. It takes more than 30 minutes before recharging.
  • The bike is accompanied by rechargeable batteries and a battery charger port.
  • Racer MX350 is super quiet as it races.
  • It is fast. It gets high speeds, up to 14mph
  • It has enormous, pneumatic knobby tires.
  • It has a 90-day warranty.
  • Razor MX350 is only suitable for ages 5-8.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 140 pounds.
  • The bike is not suitable for ages 13
  • Buyers will need to assemble their bikes.

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

Compared to the typical entry-level electric dirt bikes, the Razor MX400 presents some significant improvements. The bike is simply an updated MX350. It is slightly larger than the MX350, with dimensions of 24.5 by 45.5 by 10 inches and an average weight of 62.5 pounds.

The recommended age range is 13 years, although taller kids might experience some difficulty riding the bike due to its low-positioned seat. The manufacturers recommend a weight capacity of 140 pounds, making the bike ideal for kids under ten years to accommodate their overall body weight.

The bike’s power is 350 watts, with a top speed of 14 miles per hour. As with similar models, the MX400’s charging time is roughly 12 hours.

  • It is made of alloy steel and has a durable frame.
  • It is long-lasting and sturdy.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble.
  • Its durable battery delivers a ride beyond the estimated 30-minute charge.
  • It has 12-inch tires.
  • The MX400 has adjustable rubber-grip riser handlebars that make acceleration easy.
  • It speeds up to 14 miles per hour.
  • It has low torque, which makes climbing hills challenging.
  • The lack of dual suspension makes the ride jerky for new riders.

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Electric Dirt Bike

Razor, as a brand, strives to provide riders with the best riding experience possible. One of the company’s most cherished dirt bikes is the SX500, named after Jeremy McGrath.

The bike features a steel frame design to achieve speeds of about 15 miles per hour. The SX500 is more efficient and reliable as it gives the rider over half an hour of continuous use. It also comes in a 6-inch aluminum knobby front tire and a 14-inch aluminum rear tire, contributing to its stability.

The tire provides a smooth ride but also an optimal power transfer. Disc brakes on the tires also contain a variable speed setting. The SX500 comes in a plastic frame that provides additional protection against adverse weather conditions. This scooter also has a double crown for extra security.

  • The bike has a high speed of approximately 15 miles per hour
  • It has a robust battery that offers riders 40-minutes of continuous use
  • It has dual disc brakes with variable speed setting
  • The SX500 comes with a battery charger
  • Equipped with aluminum knobby tires that make riding smooth and fun
  • Can support riders weighing up to 175 pounds

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike

If you want a sturdy and durable electric bike for your kid, you could consider purchasing SYX MOTO. This is another fantastic dirt bike suitable for young children just getting started on bike riding. Since the bike moves pretty fast, it is equipped with disc brakes that do not overheat, giving the bike excellent stopping power.

The bike also has a 49cc engine that allows your kid to navigate any road without facing any difficulties.

SYX MOTO can also support up to 160 pounds without discomforting the bike. The vast tires provide enough grip to give the rider the confidence they need to handle rough terrains and scary roads. The bike’s frame also adds to its stability, making it easier to handle rugged conditions.

The rear and front disc brakes make it possible for the kid to stop the bike instantly. The child can ride the bike at a top speed of 24.9 miles per hour.

  • SYX MOTO has a robust construction.
  • It contains adjustable riser handlebars.
  • It is the perfect starter bike for kids.

Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

The Burromax TT250 is one of the most efficient electric dirt bikes featuring aluminum alloy wheels and a welded tubular steel frame. The bike also boasts full suspension, height-adjustable riser bars, and a sturdy, foldable footrest.

A 12-inch gap exists between the ground and the bike’s seat, while its tires are 12.5 inches in diameter. The tires’ variable acceleration grip twist allows for precise speed regulation. It also contains a pretty realistic 250-watt motor that runs the bike.

Your child can modify the speed between 14 and 7 miles per hour. The bike is also equipped with a 24V SLA deep cycle battery that produces energy to run the bike all day. Aside from the strong takeoff power provided by the engine, the electric bike also accelerates effortlessly.

Burromax can carry children of any age so long as they are not above 250 pounds. This bike comes with all the tools required to complete the installation. It is also equipped with extras like the Burromax training wheels to ensure that your child is secure if it’s their first time riding a dirt bike. This electric bike is specifically designed for kids just learning how to ride. The company has ensured that everything is made available in the handlebar to make things easier for the kid during their learning process.

  • Has training wheels to keep your child safe as they are training
  • Features installation and maintenance tools
  • It has a robust battery that keeps the bike running the whole day
  • Full-suspension and height-adjustable riser bars

Kawasaki KX65

Kawasaki KX65 is perfect for kids interested in getting their feet wet in motocross racing. Although the bike has a smaller engine displacement, it is a potent dirt bike with a long history of consistent performance.

The bike comes with a 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine designed to provide a responsive throttle to maintain the leading kid. It also features a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour, making it more appropriate for older kids with more riding experience.

  • It has a high-performance engine with instant-performance throttle
  • It has a lightweight steel frame that enables better handling and improves speed
  • The bike features reliable front and rear disc brakes that will enhance racing performance
  • It contains a suspension system that you can adjust to enable better handling in rugged terrains

Kawasaki KX65 is one of the most reasonably priced branded electric dirt bikes available today. Nonetheless, it comes with grown-up characteristics that make it more suitable for experienced riders rather than novices.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Electrical Dirt Bike

Essentially, dirt bikes are a category of motorcycles intended for off-road use. They perform better in dirty, sandy, unpaved roads and environments. They are often taller, slimmer, and more ruggedly built than on-road bikes, allowing the rider to be more at ease when riding through the uneven and punishing trail terrain.

Unlike adult electric dirt bikes, kids’ electric dirt bikes are designed in a way that they can accommodate little riders. If you plan on buying one of these bikes for your kid, there are a few essential details you need to be aware of, some of which have been highlighted below:

The Engine Size and Type

The power a dirt bike can give out depends on the engine displacement. Most kid’s bikes have 50cc-125cc engines; the more significant the CC, the faster the electrical dirt bike.

Electric dirt bikes are substantially more affordable and require less maintenance than gas dirt bikes. However, they have much less speed and power output as compared to their counterparts, but this factor makes them ideal for kids.

Another essential factor that all buyers should consider is the engine type; most trail electric bikes have 4-stroke engines. This kind is perfect for novices because it gives consistent power as they increase the bike’s speed.

Although 2-stroke bikes are available, they might feel jerky and unstable to most beginners and younger children below 5-year-old. They are better for riders who have been in the game for a while mainly because they produce a quick throttle response that might not be appreciated by most people who are just starting.


Speed is the tempo or the acceleration that an electric dirt bike can achieve as it is being ridden on a trail. However, when it comes to kids’ dirt bikes, speed is not given as much importance or weight as in adult bikes. After all, you do not anticipate riding the bike at maximum acceleration as they would in a motocross competition.

The maximum speed assigned on a kid’s electric bike is 20 miles per hour. over, a motor decoupling mechanism should be included if the maximum speed limit is exceeded. Anything above 20mph could risk the rider’s safety, especially if the kid is less skilled or it’s their first time riding.

You should also consider buying a spare battery for the bike. This is because electric bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes. If the battery dies, your kid will experience some difficulty attempting to ride the bike back home.

Seat Height

The structural size of the electric bike is another important factor that buyers should consider. You can pick the most suitable size for your child by observing how well they fit on the bike. In most cases, you will want to select a type that allows the user to lay their feet comfortably on the ground while seated on the bike.

The seat height is an important feature that goes hand in hand with other specifications, such as the size of the engine and the bike’s speed. As a point of reference, children aged between 5 and 7 years should have a seat height between 20 and 25 inches. Kids aged between 8 to 9 years should have a seat height between 22 and 27 inches, while those aged between 10 to 12 years should have a seat height between 26 and 31 inches.

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We strongly suggest that you and your child try the bike before buying it.

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The purpose of a bike’s suspension is to improve braking and control and to ensure that the rider’s comfort as they ride through the terrain is achieved. In most cases, the front suspension will consist of a set of fork tubes, and the rear suspension will typically consist of a swing arm with shock absorbers.

Since electric dirt bikes for kids are meant for riding off-road, an allowance is provided to cater to the little bumps and rocky surfaces encountered when riding. Unfortunately, the suspensions found in kids’ electric dirt bikes cannot be compared to those seen in professional motocross bikes.

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All users should seek dirt bikes containing efficient electric motors or engines. The features of a specific model might provide insight into the overall quality of the product. For instance, quality dirt bikes will have massive tires that encourage safe and secure driving.

Buyers should also consider the structure of electric dirt bikes because they are intended to be ridden across rugged terrain. The bike should have a precise frame geometry and tires with exceptional grip. Your child will benefit from the most excellent support a strong frame can provide.


Getting a sturdy electric dirt bike for your kid allows them to enjoy the bike for a more extended period. Pick electric dirt bikes equipped with a welded tubular steel frame that provides additional protection against dents.

The electric bike should have a construction that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions, including rain, without the condition impacting its performance.

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing an electric dirt bike for your kid for the first time is an exciting experience. If you are giving it a thought, this article should be able to provide you with the necessary insight required to make the right decision when buying an electric dirt bike for your child’s birthday or as a Christmas gift.While there are many options, we recommend picking the Razor SX500. The Razor SX500 is an excellent pick for children living in neighborhoods with no riding trails since electric motor power the bike. With this bike, you will be able to adhere to all applicable laws and rules concerning noise and other factors.

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