Forget the Apple car, I want an Apple iBike. Ibike electric bike

An Apple ebike would be better for the planet than a car

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Apple is making a car. Maybe. Supposedly. Probably?

Rumors about the mythical Apple Car, codenamed ‘Project Titan,’ have been making the rounds for a good 6 years now, with the project reportedly stagnating and pivoting multiple times.

Now the latest batch of rumors suggests the project is back on again, this time focusing on a shared autonomous vehicle that may not even have a proper steering wheel (although a driveable version may be in the works too). Apple is reportedly aiming for a 2025 launch.

I’ll admit it, an Apple car would be cool, and I’m mighty curious to see what Curpertino’s take on an electric vehicle is. But you know what I think would be even more interesting, more impactful, and better for the planet than an Apple Car?

An Apple ebike. Or should I say… the iBike?

Before you get blurry vision from rolling your eyes too much, hear me out.

It’d be better for the environment

I’d bet my bottom dollar that Apple will market its car around environmental benefits. But it takes just a little research — and common sense) to show that ebikes are a better solution than cars for many places, cities in particular.

While I’m not aware of studies directly comparing the environmental impact of electric cars and electric bikes, we can make some educated inferences.

A 2019 white paper by the Transportation Research and Education Center at Portland State University found that the average car in the Portland Metro region, factoring in an average occupancy of 1.36 people per car, will produce 274g of CO2 for each person traveling a mile. Public transit emits 140g CO2 per person-mile.

By comparison, an e-bike emits 4.9g CO2 per person-mile (assuming charging from non-renewable energy sources).

In a more conservative estimate, a report from the UK — where vehicles generally are smaller and have fewer emissions than in the US — ebikes produce approximately 23 times lower emissions than typical cars. A study by the European Cyclist Federation showed that electric bikes have approximately 12 times lower carbon footprint than cars.

While those studies didn’t specify emissions for electric cars, other research has shown that electric cars tend to have a quarter to a third of the emissions of gas-powered vehicles once you factor in charging.

That’s great, but nowhere near the reduction in emissions from riding a bike. Any way you slice it, it’s obvious an electric bike has a much smaller environmental impact.

Mind you, this is only considering the environmental impact after purchase. There are also significant manufacturing emissions as well, and in this regard, an electric bike is drastically better than an electric car too. Although an electric car will of course create far fewer emissions than a gas car over its lifecycle, they currently create as much or more greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing.

Point is, it’s not even close — ebikes are a far better solution for the environment where they are a viable replacement for cars.

Of course, some people will still need cars, but even if an ebike replaces just half of your car trips, chances are it would have a marked effect on your environmental impact. The aforementioned Portland study showed that a 15% change from cars to ebikes would result in an 11% reduction in emissions. Another study showed ebikes reduced car trips even among car owners.

And yes, regular bikes have lower emissions than ebikes, but they aren’t as accessible or practical. In urban and arguably suburban environments, ebikes are the sweet spot. Studies have shown people on ebikes tend to ride further and more often than their analog counterparts, and one study suggests regular bikes only create about 1g fewer emissions than ebikes even considering manufacturing.

It’d be better for traffic

A 2019 study in the UK showed that widespread electric car adoption could have a counter-intuitive effect: their lower operating costs would eventually mean more people would buy electric cars, leading to worse traffic jams in cities and health issues caused by lack of exercise.

Meanwhile, focusing on the “lowest-energy methods of transport”, including walking, cycling, and public transport are able to deliver greater environmental impact while reducing urban congestion. It doesn’t take much to see how it could dramatically lower noise pollution too.

And before you complain that bikes slow cars down, at least one study showed that the presence of bikes on streets without a bike lane only affected average speeds by 1 mph. In any case, ideally, cities would have separate cycling infrastructure, which brings me to my next point…

It’d be better for urban infrastructure

The lack of proper cycling infrastructure is one of the biggest hurdles to cycling adoption, especially in the US. Apple could help change that.

I’m not personally a fan of most Apple products, but there are few companies as capable of affecting cultural change as Apple. While many companies may have been referred to as “the Apple of ebikes,” there’s only one Apple. It’s not hard to imagine what an iBike could mean for improving cycling infrastructure around the world.

For one, people would just be buying more bikes in the first place. They’d buy an iBike for the sheer fact that it’s an Apple product. Of course, it depends on the execution as well, but there are few Apple products that don’t excel in or dominate marketshare in their respective categories.

The company’s popularity, clout, and lobbying power could compel cities to build out their cycling infrastructure, much in the same way the iPod changed the music industry and the iPhone changed the internet.

Ebike company VanMoof, for instance, recently announced the 31 mph Vanmoof V in the hopes of sparking conversation around ebike speed regulations and infrastructure (the current federal limit in the US is 28 mph, but in parts of the country places it’s 20 mph). It’s a neat idea, but I couldn’t help but think how much of an impact Apple could’ve had with a similar announcement.

In any case, you needn’t be an Apple fan to reap the benefits. Aside from the benefits of improved infrastructure, it would spawn competition, as imitators and existing cycling companies try to capitalize on Apple’s momentum.

It’d better for your health

Since the advent of the Apple Watch, the company has liked to position itself as a fitness brand as well. Guess which one gets your heart pumping more: driving a car or riding an ebike?

If you haven’t ridden an ebike and assume it’s little better for your health than a motorcycle, several studies have shown that the average ebike rider actually burns as many or more calories than the typical cyclist over an extended period of time.

How can that be, you ask? Simple: ebike riders get on their bikes more often. You’ll likely burn fewer calories per mile, but will be taking trips further and more frequently than before.

Unless Apple plans on putting a treadmill in the Apple Car, you won’t be getting much of a fitness benefit from it.

An electric car is just… kind of boring

While I’m sure Apple’s vision for the electric car is sleek, Smart, and futuristic, I find it hard to get excited about an Apple Car. It’s hard to imagine what Apple could bring to the table that won’t be covered by other manufacturers.

The fact of the matter is that widespread electric car adoption is a matter of when, not if. Many countries have already set deadlines for having all new car sales be electric, and every car company worth its salt is working on its own take on the EV. Rumors suggest the Apple Car will have some fancy autonomous capabilities, but there are dozens of companies trying to build self-driving vehicles too.

With 2025 likely to be the earliest possible year for an Apple Car, the company will be entering late to an increasingly crowded space. I don’t see a scenario in which the company will dramatically change the trajectory for the global adoption of electric vehicles. It’s likely Apple will just be taking marketshare from other EV makers; the planet could very well be in the same place whether or not Apple enters the fray.

Ebikes are different. There’s an incredible amount of room to grow, especially in the US — where Apple is particularly powerful — and a huge need for innovation.

Aside from the aforementioned infrastructure problems, Apple is exactly the type of company that could bring serious innovation for other issues affecting cycling adoption, such as road safety and theft.

Imagine a world where an iBike could stop your bike before a car hit you or someone opened their door into the bike lane. A world where a ‘Find my iBike’ feature is so commonplace that bike theft becomes unprofitable. Where ebikes could be speed-limited depending on their location – say 28 mph in the country or special high-speed bikes lanes, and 20 mph in city streets.

That’s all speculation and dreams, but those are the kind of things I’d hope from Apple.

You may tell me that it’s too early to know the impact the Apple Car may have, that I don’t know what features Apple is planning to pack into its vehicle. Of course, you’d be right. But for now, it seems the Apple Car is just going to be another electric car to join the fray. Cheesy as it sounds, an Apple iBike would have a better chance of actually changing the world.

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Elektrische fiets kopen

Bent u op zoek naar een goedkope elektrische fiets van topkwaliteit? Dan zit u bij Matrabike goed. Matrabike staat al meer dan 30 jaar bekend als voordeligste in kwalitatief goede (elektrische) fietsen. Wij helpen u graag tijdens het oriënteren en zoeken samen met u naar de e-bike die het beste bij u past. Wilt u zich alvast oriënteren op een elektrische fiets? Lees dan onze 9 Tips voor de aankoop van een elektrische fiets. Deze tips maken het voor u eenvoudiger om te bepalen waaraan uw ideale e-bike moet voldoen.

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Een mooie en handige elektrische fiets voor dames

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Waarom zou u een e-bike kopen?

De reden om een elektrische fiets te kopen is voor iedereen anders. Misschien wilt u naar uw werk fietsen, maar niet bezweet aankomen. Of heeft u behoefte aan een steuntje in de rug wanneer u uw kinderen meeneemt. Of u bent minder goed te been en zoekt daarom een fiets waarmee u toch kunt blijven fietsen. Wat de reden voor de aanschaf van een e-bike ook is, voor iedereen hebben wij de ideale elektrische fiets in ons assortiment.

Mocht u één of meerdere elektrische fietsen willen uitproberen? Komt u dan naar onze showroom of vraag een vrijblijvende proefrit aan in één van onze andere fysieke winkels.

Motortechniek van elektrische fietsen

Een elektrische fiets kan voorzien zijn van verschillende typen motoren. Binnen deze typen zijn er verschillende topmerken. Zoekt u een elektrische fiets met een middenmotor? Bij Matrabike vindt u de volgende merken motoren:

Actieradius van de verschillende e-bikes

De ondersteuning van een elektrische fiets wordt aangedreven door de motor. Deze motor wordt weer aangedreven door de accu, welke opgeladen moet worden. De maximale afstand die u met een volledig opgeladen e-bike accu kunt afleggen, is afhankelijk van de accu-inhoud. Deze accu-inhoud noemen we de actieradius. Toch kan het voorkomen dat de maximale actieradius niet altijd wordt bereikt. De actieradius is namelijk afhankelijk van veel factoren zoals de wind, bandenspanning, uw gewicht etc. Op deze pagina kunt u nog meer lezen over de actieradius van elektrische fietsen.

Twee jaar volledige garantie op het frame van uw elektrische fiets.

Alle e-bikes worden rijklaar afgeleverd inclusief gemonteerde accessoires wanneer hiervoor is gekozen door u in de checkout van het bestelproces.

Framemaat van elektrische fietsen

Om de juiste framemaat voor uw nieuwe e-bike te berekenen kunt u deze tool raadplegen of langskomen in onze showroom waar we samen met u kijken naar de ideale framemaat van uw nieuwe elektrische fiets.

Ondersteuning van de elektrische fiets

Het fijne aan een elektrische fiets is het stukje ondersteuning dat deze geeft. Op een e-bike kunnen twee verschillende soorten trapondersteuning zitten. Elk type ondersteuning voor uw elektrische fiets heeft zo zijn voordelen. Enerzijds is er de rotatieondersteuning en anderzijds de trapkrachtondersteuning voor uw e-bike. In dit artikel vertellen onze experts u meer over de verschillende ondersteuningsmogelijkheden voor uw elektrische fiets.


Snelle service,goede kwaliteit.

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Zeer snelle goede levering en op tijd. Vriendelijke bezorger Fiets was echt rijklaar Inclusief Accu geladen ik kon gelijk gaan fietsen. Ik ben dit dan. Zeer snelle goede levering en op tijd. Vriendelijke bezorger Fiets was echt rijklaar Inclusief Accu geladen ik kon gelijk gaan fietsen. Ik ben dit dan ook gaan doen door de bossen. Goede maat.vering etc Echt een hele fijne fiets. Zeer tevreden

Mijn fiets (Stokvis Transporter N3) werd in oktober 2022 geleverd bij Matrabike Gent. De medewerkers daar waren echt enorm vriendelijk en behulpzaam Mijn fiets (Stokvis Transporter N3) werd in oktober 2022 geleverd bij Matrabike Gent. De medewerkers daar waren echt enorm vriendelijk en behulpzaam. Ze hebben met heeeeel veel geduld mijn fiets afgesteld tot hij 100% perfect stond voor mij (Mag het stuur toch nog 1 cm lager alstublieft. wacht nee toch nog een beetje hoger.), en ze hebben nog een fietskrat bevestigd ook. Een half jaar later waren er enkele defecten aan de fiets, deze werden volledig onder garantie hersteld. De dienst na verkoop klantendienst is dus zeker ook in orde. Ik kocht na uitgebreid online onderzoek en een testrit bij Matrabike Gent een elektrische Stokvis transportfiets en ben er zeer tevreden mee. Ik ben er oprecht van overtuigd dat ge prijs/kwaliteit niet beter kunt vinden. Voorzien van brede banden: handig voor op de kasseien en langs de tramsporen in Gent. Met een fietskrat en fietszakken kunt ge met deze fiets gemakkelijk boodschappen voor 2 personen voor een hele week vervoeren. De batterij gaat ongeveer een week mee op stand 2 voor een dagelijks woon-werk verkeer van een dik halfuur. Na 5 uur is de (uitneembare) batterij weer volledig opgeladen. De fiets heeft een stevige dubbele staander en stuurslot waardoor ge hem gemakkelijk overal kunt parkeren ook al zijt ge zwaar beladen. En ook niet onbelangrijk, het is gewoon een zeer mooie fiets. Mijn buurvrouw heeft intussen dezelfde gekocht. Ik twijfelde om een elektrische fiets te kopen omdat ik dacht dat dat voor oude mensen was, maar dit bleek echt de beste beslissing ooit. Ik fietste écht niet graag op mijn oude (niet elektrische) fiets want dan arriveerde ik altijd helemaal bezweet en met een rothumeur waardoor ik op den duur mijn auto nam voor een verplaatsing van 10 minuten maar nu dus niet meer! Fietsen is heerlijk nu: geen last meer van bruggen en tegenwind. Ik heb de aankoop van de fiets inmiddels al terug verdiend omdat ik heb bespaard op benzine en boetes. Ik vind zeer positieve reviews zelf meestal weinig geloofwaardig maar eerlijk: geloof mij, ge zult geen spijt hebben van deze aankoop. (Bonustip: ik heb via de winkel een verzekering genomen omdat ik bang was dat mijn nieuwe fiets gestolen zou worden, daarbij is pechverhelping inbegrepen. Ik heb al 2 keer een platte Band gehad (glas) en men stond dan binnen het uur aan mijn deur om dit te repareren, gratis! Deze verzekering is zijn geld dus ook al dik waard geweest.)

Prima service en fijn contact.


In Germany, for example, around 31 million people went on a discovery tour by bike in 2020. on a discovery tour. Of the total of around 464 million day trips, around 64 million were made on vacation alone. undertaken. For about half of these people, a bike trip is now their main vacation. The e-bike boom continues unabated. (ADFC Cycle Travel Analysis 2021)


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What is the Fastest Electric Bike?

Electric bikes come with a plethora of advantages as opposed to normal bikes, especially the fastest electric bikes that are out on the market today. They’re easier to pedal, easier to navigate bad terrain or steep hills and they’re…well, let’s face it…a lot more fun to ride around! They’re great for someone who wants to zip to work and back a little quicker, shortening their commute. They’re also great for the thrill seekers amongst us, especially the more powerful ebikes that can generate some great speed. This article looks at electric bikes and discovers what’s the fastest ebike out on the market today.

How fast are electric bikes?

It may come as a surprise to some but despite having an electric motor, e bikes that are roadworthy aren’t as fast as your standard push bikes. The average top speed of a typical electric bike is around 32km/h or 20mph. The fastest electric bike manages to peak at 45km/h, or 28mph. This is set by a limiter. There are off road ebikes you can use that do generate a lot of speed however, sometimes up to 80km/h. The advantage comes for road worthy ebikes with the pedalling effort a lot less laborious than that of a traditional bike. This means you tend to actually get to your destination quicker as you can pedal faster for longer. So say goodbye to those pesky steep climbs as they are often a breeze when using an e bike.

What’s the fastest a push bike has ever travelled, I hear you cry? Well that record was set in 2018 by American Denise Mueller-Korenek. She managed to get her bike to travel at an astonishing 296km/h, or 183.932mph to be exact. That’s the same speed as what jets take-off at! You can read, and see, that incredible feat by clicking on this link.

The Delfast Top 3.0 does look like an awful lot of fun, and if you have a spare US6999 in the bank then you can zip around on the fastest ebike out there. You can splash your hard earned money here. Check out the cool customisations you can add to the bike too!

Where can you buy the fastest electric bike?

The link above is where you can buy the Delfast Top 3.0 – the market’s fastest electric bike. The link takes you to the Delfast Bikes website and it is recommended to buy this from the official dealer.

On the website you can choose different upgrades or customise your bike. For example there are different colours you can choose from. Along with different colours you can also select between the choice of two tyres, saddles, side boxes and accessories such as rims and even a phone mount!

FAQs about electric bikes:

Can Ebikes go uphill?

Yes! Ebikes can go uphill. In fact, ebikes make it a lot easier to go uphill sometimes as opposed to your traditional bicycle. The motors fitted to most ebikes are perfectly capable of traversing all sorts of terrain and gradients.

Can you make an electric bike go faster?

There are a few little tricks you can use to make your ebike go faster however it is always worth noting that you need to be aware of how legal any modifications you make are.

To make an ebike go faster you should always make sure your battery is as fully charged as possible. You can always fit a higher voltage battery too, however check how compatible this is with your ebike. A higher voltage battery can damage the controller of your ebike.

Other tricks you can use are to try different tires, remove speed limiters, increase air in your tires and even replace the motor of your ebike. Check out this article answering this question in more detail.

How long does the battery last on an e-bike?

The overall life of your ebikes battery should see you through anywhere between 3 and 5 years. For a single ride then you are looking at anywhere between 25 and 70 hours off a single charge. This is of course dependent on a whole host of variables such as terrain, average speed, accelerations, etc.

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