Folding Vs. Standing Electric Scooters. Foldable e scooter

Folding Vs. Standing Electric Scooters

If you’ve ridden a rideshare electric scooter—or at least seen them lined up on street corners in your city—you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t especially designed for portability. Many scooters designed for rideshares are standing scooters, do not fold, are also quite heavy. So why would you buy a standing electric scooter instead of a folding electric scooter? The truth is you probably wouldn’t, since almost every electric scooter on the market has a folding mechanism that allows it to be carried and stored away.

But not all folding scooters are the same. Let’s look at some of the issues with different folding mechanisms and how they stack up against the Unagi electric scooter. With its patented one-click folding mechanism, the Unagi scooter is the easiest scooter on the market to fold on the go. Simply press a button and the stainless-steel hinge system folds and locks into place in one smooth motion. Once locked into place, Unagi’s stem and handlebars are firm and stable and not subject to what some call “stem wobble.”

Folding Mechanism

Stem wobble is when the stem of the scooter, the long bar between the deck and the handlebars, rocks back and forth when the scooter is unfolded, causing the vehicle to feel loose or unstable. This happens with both high- and low-end scooters due to poor folding mechanisms. While the folding mechanism may not be the first thing potential customers look at when considering an electric scooter, if they consider it at all, it is a very important part of the scooter’s operation. Unagi’s folding mechanism has the best reviews of the bunch.

Other folding scooters may involve multiple steps to fold up and have extra parts that can break and require replacing. Folding mechanisms often have exposed, external locking parts—levers or screws—that lock the stem into place when folded up or down. These parts can slip during operation or break entirely, rendering the scooter inoperable. Unagi locks into place when folded up or down without any additional steps, and all of the parts required for folding and locking are internal, so they aren’t subject to snagging on external objects and breaking.

Some folding scooters may further reduce their profile by offering folding handlebars as well. This can offer a slight advantage, but it also introduces extras steps that can make folding tedious and overcomplicated, making this feature inconvenient for quick transitions to other forms of transportation, such as subway, bus, or car. Folding handlebars also introduce new complications in the form of additional parts that can become stuck or broken and may not be repairable or replaceable.

Folded Shape

The shape of a scooter when folded also contributes significantly to its portability and profile when folded. Many electric scooters fold into a triangular shape, making them bulky, hard to manage, and difficult to store even when folded. Unagi’s 90-degree fold, on the other hand, gives it a super-low profile that makes it easy to carry and easy to store in a closet or the trunk of a car. Its folded shape makes it easy to carry on crowded public transit or slide under a desk at work. Unagi’s slim, tapered stem further enhances its portability, especially for riders with smaller hands.

Folding vs Non Folding. The Benefits

Folding scooters offer a number of benefits over traditional scooters that do not utilize a folding mechanism. Here are some of the main advantages: Portability: Folding scooters are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them much easier to carry and transport than traditional scooters. This makes them ideal for commuters, travelers, and anyone who needs to transport their scooter on a regular basis. Storage: Folding scooters take up much less space than traditional scooters when they are not in use. This makes them ideal for people who live in small apartments, or who have limited storage space for their scooter. Convenience: Folding scooters can be easily folded and unfolded in just a few seconds, making them much more convenient to use than traditional scooters. This is especially useful when you need to quickly switch between riding and walking. Flexibility: Folding scooters are designed to be flexible and adaptable, so they can be used in a variety of situations and environments. This makes them ideal for people who need a scooter that can handle different terrains, weather conditions, and riding styles. Security: Folding scooters are much easier to secure than traditional scooters. When not in use, they can be easily stored in a secure location, such as a locker or storage closet. This reduces the risk of theft or damage. Overall, the main benefits of folding scooters are portability, storage, convenience, flexibility, and security. If you are looking for a scooter that is easy to transport and use, a folding scooter may be the perfect choice for you.


Many folding scooters use plastic parts which are easily broken. While other parts of the scooter may be well-manufactured, it’s important to examine the materials of the folding mechanism to make sure they can stand the test of time. This is especially true if you’re planning to use an electric scooter for commuting and daily trips around town. Quality materials are a must for all moving parts, and Unagi’s use of high-quality carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum for its construction make it especially durable. These materials are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and Unagi has an IP54 water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand frequent splashes and rain without any damage to its moving parts. No matter the conditions, Unagi will fold and unfold quickly and smoothly.


It’s especially important when choosing an electric scooter to understand the conditions of the warranty. Some electric scooter companies offer limited warranties on parts like the folding mechanism, others do not. Some warranties only cover defects in the folding mechanism and others will replace individual parts if the mechanism breaks during use or will replace the entire scooter. Read the warranty details carefully and compare them with others on offer. This is critical if the scooter has smaller, external parts that are subject to breakage from repeated use.

One of the principle advantages to choosing an Unagi electric scooter is that its warranty is the best on the market. This means that in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the folding mechanism on your Unagi, you can return the scooter for a refund within thirty days, receive a new scooter within three months of ownership and a new or refurbished scooter within six months of ownership. No other electric scooter manufacturer offers this kind of comprehensive warranty on the entire scooter.


Standing scooters without a folding mechanism tend to be large, bulky, and heavy. They are ideal for ridesharing because they can handle a lot of abuse, but they are not very portable and aren’t great as a daily commuter if you want something you can easily carry and store. Most electric scooters on the market can fold in some way to make them more portable, but the way they fold can make all the difference. Folding scooters that involve multiple steps can be inconvenient and have external parts that are subject to breakage. By contrast, Unagi’s one-click folding mechanism makes folding and carrying the scooter hassle-free.

Folding scooters collapse into different shapes. Many folding scooters are triangular when folded, making them hard to carry on crowded public transit or store in small spaces. Unagi’s 90-degree fold makes it extra portable when folded down, and its small-diameter stem becomes a comfortable carrying handle. The materials used to construct folding scooters also play a significant role in their durability. Unagi’s high-quality carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum construction means it can stand up to daily use and won’t rust or corrode.

And finally, Unagi’s superior warranty means that if anything should go wrong with the folding mechanism, you won’t need to worry about finding replacement parts. While almost all electric scooters on the market have some kind of folding mechanism, not all scooters fold the same way. Remember to consider these questions when researching the best electric scooter for you: is it easy to fold? Does the electric scooter fold into a low-profile shape? Does the scooter use high-quality materials? Does the electric scooter have a comprehensive warranty that covers problems with the folding mechanism? In the case of the Unagi electric scooter, the answers are all yes.

Foldable e scooter

800W Peak Power

Experience powerful cycling performance with our brushless DC motor featuring a peak power of 800W and a motor life of over 3000H. With a rear-mounted hub motor, enjoy a stronger driving force and better handling for easy 20% riding slopes and free acceleration fun.

34Miles Safe and Long Range

Power up your ride with our high-performance EVE18650 lithium battery with a 15300mAh capacity, featuring a 34miles riding range and intelligent electronic control technology for safety and stability.

Self-healing Tubeless Tires

The MPN Polymer Nano Memory Gel is explosion-proof and puncture-resistant, providing comfortable cushioning and allowing it to cope with a variety of complex road conditions. In the case of nail damage, it can be quickly filled with self-healing technology for seamless repairs.

Super Shock Absorbed

The front fork linear spring damping provides shock absorption and uniform force to easily overcome obstacles and bumps, allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride. It is capable of bearing a continuous load of 110kg over 100,000 obstacles of 20mm height, ensuring long-term effective shock absorption.

Triple Braking System

The triple braking system features front drum and rear disc brakes, along with an electronic brake for faster and more stable braking with a response time of 0.1s and a braking distance of less than 14.4ft, ensuring safer riding. The high-performance dual acting opposite cylinder disc brake generates two-way force control to avoid disc deflection to achieve efficient braking and safer riding.

Yadea Smart Connection

Connect your device to the Yadea to get overair-control and updates to your scooter. Lock/Unlock Cruise Control Gear Switch Power Display

Hidden Cable Design

Cable hidden inside——Avoid getting caught or snagged on objects such as tree branches or other small items.

Bright Headlight Red Tail Light

The headlight provides better visibility at night, and the red tail light illuminates when you brake.

Non-slip Deck

For providing a more comfortable and stable riding experience, KS6 Pro is equipped with a wider and non-slip deck.

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Easy Folding System

Easy storage in car trunks and other compact spaces.


Open the parking stand, expand the front tube and keep the scooter stable;2. Connect the handle with both ends of the power cable inside the front tube, and put the cable into the front tube, then install the handle on the front tube;3. Lock the screws with the installation tool included in the package;4. After the assembly, it is necessary to connect the charger and wait for 2-3 seconds for activation. The scooter will be turned on and ready for use after the battery is activated.

details, please Check out the graphic and textual explanations on the manual.

Turn the buckle to disengage from the hook and lift the handle;2. Unfold the front tube to the maximum position, hold the pipe and press the folding handle down until the pipe is locked.

Hold the front tube, push the safety button, open the folding handle, and fold the front tube.Open the upper buckle, align to the hook at the rear, and hook the two;2. After the scooter is folded, it can be carried by holding the balance point of the riser.

When the scooter is on, double press the power button to turn on/off headlight, and the scooter beeps uponsuccessful operation.

When the scooter is on, single press the power button to shift between modes, and the scooter beeps upon successful operation.Eco Mode: The e-scooter’s speed is up to 6km/h and there will be a human icon;Comfort Mode: The scooter’s speed is up to 15km/hand there will be a “D” icon;Sports Mode: The scooter’s speed is up to 30km/h and there will be a “S” icon.

When the scooter is on, triple press the power button to shift speed unit of kmph or mph, and the scooter beeps upon successful operation.

Standing vs. Folding Electric Scooters: Which One is Best?

When it comes to personal transportation, more and more people are turning to electric scooters. Electric scooters offer a clean, green way to get around. However, not all electric scooter for adults are created equal. There are two main types of electric scooters on the market today: standing electric scooters and folding electric scooters. Generally these two form factors, are popular and widely used amongst adult electric scooter enthusiasts including teens and adults. But with two distinct designs of e-scooters availble, the question arises, which type of electric scooter is the best?

What Are Folding Electric Scooters?

Folding electric scooters are generally more popular in the market today. Folding scooters are easy to handle and ride, making them perfect for urban dwellers who need a convenient vehicle way to get around town.

For example, you can easily maintain your foldable scooters when they are not in use. They also take up less parking space and most of these folding electric scooters we can carry by hand. You may get on a subway train or climb stairs with an adult electric scooter in the folded state.

Many folding electric scooters also come with built-in luggage racks or baskets, making them even more versatile. In addition, folding electric scooters tend to be lighter and more maneuverable than their standing counterparts.

What Are Standing Electric Scooters?

That being said, there are some advantages to owning a standing electric scooter. For one, standing electric scooters tend to have larger wheels that provide a smoother ride. In addition, standing electric scooters typically have stronger motors that allow them to reach higher speeds. Finally, because they don’t fold, standing electric scooters are usually more durable and require less maintenance over time.

So, which type of adult electric scooter is best? The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact scooter that’s easy to carry and store, a folding electric scooter is probably your best choice. On the other hand, if you need a durable and powerful scooter that can handle rough terrain, a standing electric scooter might be the better option. Whichever type you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the convenience and fun of riding an electric scooter.

Main Difference Between Standing vs. Folding Electric Scooters

You must consider all differences that exist between standing and foldable electric scooters to determine the variant that best meets your needs and offers the required features and options. Think on the purposes for which you’ll use your electric scooter and how vital portability, speed and durability are to you.

About Store

When not in use, an electric scooter that folds up is simple to store away, and some models even have carry handles so that you can easily transport them when folded.

About Speed

Other differences that you may observe between standing and folding e scooters will include a fact that an a folding e scooter typically has a higher top speed than the standing types. Although, they both come in options with a variety of range estimates, you may find that the folding electric scooter can travel slightly further on a single charge than a standing electric scooter.

About Comfort

Additionally, many electric scooters are equipped with larger wheels. Those can be found on most folding electric scooters which can provide for a smoother ride, particularly over bumpy surfaces.

About Cost

The initial cost and any maintenance costs that’ll you will incur in the long run should also be considered as they vary between both standing and foldable scooters. The parts and accessories for both type of scooters are often different as well.

Why Do You Deserve to Choose Folding Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation, especially in urban areas where traffic and parking can be major issues. Portability is the governing factor for the popularity and potential of these clever electric vehicles. So, it is no wonder that people looking to invest in an electric scooter with seat would prefer a foldable version as it offers a higher level of portability and efficiency.

Folding Shape

The best electric scooter is the one that best meets your needs. If you need an e scooter that is portable and easy to store, then the best option is a electric scooter for adults that folds into a triangular shape. Although this kind of scooter is heavy and challenging to maneuver, it is simple to carry and simple to store in a car trunk or a closet. The greatest option for an e-scooter that is simple to transport on congested public transportation or slide beneath a desk at work is one with a tapered stem. This kind of scooter is the greatest option for riders with smaller hands because of its extremely low profile and ease of portability.

Stability Concerns

Do keep in mind that folding electric scooters have more moving parts compared to a standing electric scooter. When unfolded, some adult electric scooter may present a problem that leads them to sway back and forth, giving the impression that the thing is flimsy or unstable. Due to inadequate folding mechanics, low-end scooters may suffer from this serious issue. Better folding mechanisms on the best electric scooters on the market stop this rocking action.

Additionally, some folding scooters may further reduce their profile by offering folding handlebars as well. Whether you’re looking for a high-end or low-end electric scooter, be sure to check the reviews to see what other customers have said about the folding mechanism and stability of the vehicle.

What Material of Folding Electric Scooter Should Choose?

There are a lot of electric scooters on the market, but not all of them are created equal. When it comes to finding the best electric scooter, you need to pay close attention to the materials used in its construction. Many folding scooters include fragile plastic components. It’s crucial to check the materials used to build the folding mechanism to ensure they will hold up over time.

folding, standing, electric, scooters, foldable, scooter

This is especially true if you intend to commute and make frequent local journeys on an electric scooter. All moving parts need some high-quality materials. Some electric scooters with seats even have a water resistance rating, which means they can tolerate many splashes and rain without any damage to their moving parts. These materials are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion.

Quality materials are a must for all moving parts, and some folding electric scooters use high-quality carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum for their construction. These materials are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and some electric scooters for adults even have a water resistance rating, meaning they can withstand frequent splashes and rain without any damage to their moving parts. No matter the conditions, a quality electric scooter should fold and unfold quickly and smoothly.

So, if you’re in the market for the best electric scooter that will stand the test of time, make sure to pay close attention to the materials used in its construction.

Final Thoughts

E scooters are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re a fun and eco-friendly way to get around, and they’re relatively affordable too. Folding electric scooters provide enhanced portability and convenience. So, when buying an electric scooter for adults, keep these factors in mind and invest in a foldable electric scooter with seat, such as the models from Varla Scooter. Also if you are an adult who loves to ride electric scooters keep in mind that the over all weight capacity of the electric scooter must be taken into account before purchasing a scooter. The advantages that folding scooters offer outnumber the features and advantages of a standing electric scooter. The Eagle One and Pegasus City Commuter, foldable electric scooters from Varla are an excellent choice for riders looking to purchase a long-lasting electric scooter.

The Benefits of Using a Foldable Electric Scooter

commuters are switching to adult electric scooters given their convenience, ease of use, eco-friendliness, and affordability. One popular type of e-scooter among riders is a foldable e-scooter. Foldable electric scooters for adults offer practicality for city riders thanks to their foldable stem and compact size.

As a result, e-scooter riders can bypass traffic easily, bring their ride anywhere, and reduce their carbon footprint.

What is a Foldable Electric Scooter?

A folding electric scooter, as its name suggests, uses a mechanism to fold its stem and reduce its size in half. Folding it in half allows riders to carry it by the stem and bring it anywhere. Plus, the reduced e-scooter makes it easy to store. This portability and practicality make folding e-scooters a must-have for riders.

The Benefits of Using a Foldable Electric Scooter

Easy to CarryCommuters who need daily personal transport to bring inside public transportation and offices will benefit from lightweight folding electric scooters. The kaabo mantis 8 weighs 53lbs, which makes it easy for the average person to carry them around anywhere. Plus, the folded stem allows riders to hold the e-scooter properly by the stem.Some riders even buy a strap for their e-scooter, so they can carry the device like a bag. This is only possible thanks to its lightness and compact size when folded. Overall, folding electric scooters are recommended for people who need to carry their rides in between their routes and who can’t carry heavy things.

No Need to ParkOne challenge car riders often face is the difficulty of finding a good parking space. However, e-scooter riders don’t need to worry about parking as they can carry the e-scooter anywhere, as long as it is permitted. As a result, e-scooter riders save time in finding a parking slot and avoid paying parking fees.However, if you must park your e-scooter outside, riders will find it easy to find a slot. E-scooters can be parked in biking racks or left on footpaths, as long as it doesn’t block the way. Protect your electric scooter from theft by securing it with a durable lock.

Store Conveniently

Using a foldable electric scooter allows you to reduce the size of the device and store it in smaller spaces. The compact size makes it ideal to store under desks and inside cabinets. Some riders even hang their folded e-scooters on bookshelves due to their portability.Even the Kaabo mantis Series can fit inside a car trunk when folded despite its size and weight. Few heavy-duty e-scooters offer a foldable stem, making the Kaabo mantis Series more portable compared to its competitors. Overall, foldability offers convenient storage, especially for those who live in apartments or have no parking space.

Low MaintenanceCompared to a car and motorcycle, an electric scooter requires less maintenance. If cared for properly, the only repairs or replacements you might encounter are tire changes. As a result, e-scooters are an attractive option for people looking for a low-cost personal ride in the long run.If you are concerned about the durability of the folding mechanism, rest assured that our manufacturer design stable and safe latches or levers. These mechanisms make folding and unfolding convenient and stop the stem from wobbling while riding. As long as you keep the stem and folding mechanism free from dirt and debris, it will work well.

However, keep in mind that a budget e-scooter lacks a few specs and features. It uses less motor power and battery capacity than an average commuter electric scooter. If you only need a folding e-scooter and you don’t mind a basic e-scooter, then you will find plenty of affordable choices in the market. But if you’re looking for both convenience and performance, Kaabo Mantis 8 will be your best bet. The Mantis 8 is Kaabo’s answer to compact performance. Built-in a small, but incredibly sturdy package, the Mantis 8 is designed to provide fast-paced daily urban commuting and adventurous trail riding capabilities. Find out what lightweight performance means when you get on the powerful Mantis 8 dual motor!

folding, standing, electric, scooters, foldable, scooter

What matters when buying an electric scooter is to find a model that includes the specs, features, and capabilities that you need for your daily rides. However, purchasing a foldable electric scooter is highly recommended for your convenience.

How Does a kaabo mantis 8 E-scooter Fold?

An electric scooter includes a mechanical folding system using a latch or lever to fold the stem in half. The mechanism should be simple and should only take a few seconds to lock and unlock. You can follow the video instructions below to fold your Kaabo Mantis 8. It is worth noting that the first time you use the fold function, you may use more force.

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