First Ride: Ben’s Orbea Rise M-Team e-Bike Review. Orbea rise ebike

Updated: Orbea Rise Tech Review. 35 Pounds of Power

Technology is only as good as it is intuitive to use. The new Orbea Rise, with it’s unique Shimano EP8 RS drive unit, promises to be the most seamless and rider-focused electric mountain bike platform yet. Does the Orbea Rise deliver on its promise? We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details behind the Rise that set this bike apart in being one of the best applications ever of electric assist in the mountain bike world.

If Hydroformed Aluminum is your jam, check out the all-new 2022 Orbea Rise H Series.

Framing the Rise

The Orbea Rise looks a whole lot like an Orbea Occam, and honestly, the similarities are no coincidence. Both the Rise and Occam are based around Orbea’s OMR carbon in both the frame and swingarm and share similar suspension designs as well. The rear swingarm is more or less held together by the thru-axle, and the shock linkage is held together through a massive splined axle that functions much like how a modern crank works with one another. Further, the Rise also maintains a lightweight frame, at 2300g for a frame without shock.

Perhaps the largest difference you’ll see is that the Rise lacks the characteristic non-drive side strut that connects the downtube and shock link, thanks largely to a beefed-up downtube to fit the battery. There’s also a molding on the seat tube for the power button as well as a spot for a charging plug just beside the power button.

Geometry is also remarkably similar between the Rise and Occam. Like the Occam, Rise riders have a choice between a 140mm fork or 150mm fork, with the same headtube and seat tube angles, 140mm rear suspension, and roomy reach and stack numbers too. Perhaps the only change here is that the Rise sees chainstay length grow just 5mm, from 440mm on the Occam to 445mm.

Suspension kinematics are largely preserved as well, but they too see a few changes. Namely, the Rise’s leverage curve is a touch more progressive to accommodate the additional torque coming from the drive unit. Besides that, it is remarkable how little has changed between the Rise and Occam. Not many bike manufacturers have been able to proper trail bike geometry in their eMTBs, but even fewer of them have a non-electric counterpart with which to compare them. Impressive.

Like most Orbea bikes, the Orbea Rise is offered with the Basque brand’s MyO program. There you can customize paint schemes at no extra cost, and swap components as well to make the bike exactly yours. Send us an email or give us a call to learn more about customizing your next Rise.

It’s Electric!

Of course, the Rise wouldn’t be what it is without the new Shimano EP8 RS motor. EP8 is something we’ve waited a while for; at just 2.6kg or 5.75 pounds, the EP8 isn’t just one of the lightest motors on the market, it also promises less 36% less drag than before, vastly improved heat management, and a Q-factor (distance between pedals) that is the same 177mm as a standard Shimano crankset. The Rise’s drive unit isn’t a standard motor, however, earning itself the RS designation.

EP8 RS is a custom tuning profile, unique to Orbea and the Rise’s needs. The motor is mechanically the same, but its 60Nm torque comes on not at cadence ranges typical of other eMTBs (60 RPM) but in the 75 to 95 rpm range when the extra assist feels more natural. Additionally, the system uses a custom 360Wh battery using 21700 cells that offer higher capacity within a slim form factor. Orbea claims that this smaller battery, thanks to its custom tune, offers a similar range and battery life to that of a comparable 500Wh battery.

Riders also have the option of using a 252Wh range extender that sits in the water bottle cage. This combined capacity gives a quoted eight hours of battery life. This translates to approximately 14,000ft of climbing, or roughly the equivalent of a 900Wh battery range.

Orbea develops their bicycles with longevity in mind; this statement is proven when we look at the degradation of the Rise’s battery over time. Orbea claims that their battery retains 80 percent of its original capacity after 500 full charge and discharge cycles (100 percent to 0 percent), compared to a standard battery’s 60 percent capacity in the same cycle. A battery with a stretched out degradation period provides you with extra miles of electrically assisted bliss.

Riding, Synergized

Orbea’s Rider Synergy mindset also extends to how the bike is equipped. The bike itself is visually stealthy. This is most obvious in Orbea’s omission of a central display. As an alternative, Orbea use Shimano’s e-tube junction and a slim remote button switch that neatly fits in between the brake lever, dropper lever, and grips. Two tiny LEDs on the box let you know when the bike is on and what assist level you’re in.

To the amateur onlooker you’re going to look like a fast rider on a non-electric bike. You’ll notice that the suspension is not e-bike-specific, and the suspension tune isn’t specific to ebikes either. For all intents and purposes this is a mountain bike first and a mini lift service secondarily.

Accompanying Shimano EP8 RS is Shimano’s E-Tube Project app, the goal of which is to make sure the drive unit works exactly as the rider wants. The Rise’s power assist level can be adjusted according individual needs. Control the speed at the assist turns on and the power of the assist. Furthermore, you can set the assist according to two different assist profiles making sure that you have one profile for your weekday lunch ride and one for your weekend backcountry adventure. In this regard, riders can set up their drive units as uniquely as they’d set up the fit on their own bike. Precisely control your assist levels as your mood dictates.

For those craving more info, this little display can be connected to Shimano’s traditional display or a Garmin computer or watch to show speed, range, and assist level.

The Orbea Rise line is divided into two version: Rise H and Rise M. Rise H is has three bike: Rise H30, Rise H15, and Orbea Rise H10. It features a lightweight alloy frame, the same Shimano EP8 RS drive motor, but a larger battery. While the aluminum Rise is slightly heavier, the bigger battery makes a huge difference.

Then there is the Orbea Rise Carbon. The model we’ve been riding is the Orbea Rise M10. This is one of our favorites, featuring a Fox Factory suspension front and rear with a DPX2 shock out back and a 36 fork up front. A Shimano XT drivetrain, XT brakes, and Race Face Turbine wheels in a 38.5-pound weight make it a shop favorite.

Does the Rise Maintain the Hype Seven Months Later?

Seven months after the publication of our initial piece, the Orbea Rise has more than risen up to the challenge. From a real-feel perspective, the Rise maneuvers and performs with agility. We found that it’s easy to bunny hop, jump, and tear through technical terrain. The motor gives us the ability to precisely dial speed to lace take-offs for smooth and controlled landings. Additionally, we’ve enjoyed the pick-up of electrical assist to blast through rough uphill sections. We would like to thank the slight increase in bike weight and the powerful motor for avoiding many hazardous tip-overs in precarious places.

first, ride, orbea, rise, m-team

The greatest compliment an eMTB can receive is that it pedals just like a standard mountain bike. If you can close your eyes and feel an intuitively eager handling response akin to the eMTB’s non-electric brethren, then you know you’re on a top-tier machine; the Orbea Rise exceeds this bar with ease. Once you experience the Rise, you’ll understand why Orbea stands at the top in terms of seamlessly infusing electric assist into what is already a stand out mountain bike.

The Orbea Rise might have a unique Shimano EP8 RS drive unit, but the Rise certainly isn’t dominated by it. Rather, it’s balanced geometry. just as the fan-favorite Orbea Occam. makes it a great trail bike in its own right, while its low weight makes it unlike any electric bike you’ve ridden before. The new Orbea Rise is a well-thought-out trail eMTB and in a market dominated by heavy, leaden options, fills in a gap we’re happy to have sorted. And for that, Orbea really rose to the occasion.

Take a peek at the Orbea Rise Carbon and the Orbea Rise H bikes in stock now! We have more product description, geometry, specifications, and FAQs listed on the aforementioned product pages.

Have any questions about the Orbea Rise or it’s Shimano EP8 RS drive unit? Give us a call during business hours or send us an email any time to

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Claudio, I have not heard of Orbea making that change any time soon. Considering that most of our customers end up not buying a range extender, I think the range with the smaller battery is plenty.

Hi, thx for your review, did you know if Orbea is coming next year with the carbon frame and bigger battery like alluminium frame? Thx and best regards.

Randy, Normally, Orbea is like all the other brands as of the last few years in that special order bikes from the manufacturer is extremely difficult to do. They tell their reps their capacity, and then we try to order what we think we need. Orbea will then tell us if they can fulfill the entire order or if they have to lop off stuff from our order. In short, we can special order something with the options you want but we likely won’t see it until next year. We do have an alternative, however: a custom MyO slot. We prebooked some slots with Orbea so that people could get the options they want, as well as the option for custom paint. You can see our how-to guide and orderable inventory here:

Hello, I am interested in the Orbea Rise M20 and see you still have 2 left in inventory. I see on Orbea’s website they have an option to change some of the components on the bike. Are you able to order a specific/custom bike from Orbea, and if so how long does it generally take to receive? The options I would want are: Fox Float X Factory Kashima rear shock | Fox 36 Float Factory 150 Grip2 Kashima fork | 203mm/180mm rotors | Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 tire DHR 2.4 tire | OC MC20 150mm travel dropper. Thank you, Randy Portland, Oregon

Joseph, We have a few in stock with more on the way going into this fall. Feel free to reach out to us ( if you’re looking for anything specific.

With feathery-light weight and modern trail geometry, could the new Rise e-Bike from Orbea be an e-Bike for people who don’t like e-Bikes? Ben thinks so.

Touted as the lightest full suspension e-Bike on the market, Ben takes the new Orbea Rise M-Team for a first ride to see if all the hype is backed up in the real world.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • Fox 36 Float Factory Grip2 150mm fork
  • Fox DPX2 Factory shock
  • Shimano XTR 12-speed drive
  • Shimano XTR 4-piston brakes
  • Race Face Turbine-R30 TLR wheels
  • Fox Transfer Factory dropper
  • 360Wh Battery
  • Shimano EP8 motor
  • £7999.00 RRP
  • I just handed back the excellent Orbea Occam, on which the Rise is based. As you can see from the review, it is a bike that I rate highly and really enjoyed riding.
  • I have also been testing the Specialized Turbo Levo SL, which was the first to market with their slimmed down, light weight e-Bike.

This gives me plenty of reference points to compare the Rise to, and although it was only a few hours, I feel like I got a good flavour of what it has to offer. If I were to sum it up in a couple of words, I would simply say that on the trails it really feels like a trail bike, and that is exactly what Orbea were trying to achieve. It feels light, flickable and agile and you can really feel the shared DNA with its muscle-powered cousin, the Occam.

Of course, when you head up the hill, you can engage one of the three modes on the Shimano motor, from Eco, up into Trail and then ‘Cheat’ mode. At this point you do feel the difference between the Rise and a more conventional full size, full power e-Bike. It does not give you as much assistance and there is less torque available when you really stomp on the pedals (60Nm compared to the EP8’s usual 85Nm). Having said that, the reduced power is offset by the lack of mass, so it is not as drastic as the raw numbers may suggest.

Part of the weight saving is down to the 360Wh battery, rather than the more conventional 500 Wh units on most e-Bikes. The reduced battery size also means a reduced range, but given it uses less power, how that actually plays out in the real world remains to be seen and I suspect that it will go a surprising distance under a lighter rider.

The power delivery is also noticeably different to conventional e-Bikes that often give you an extra spurt of power when you let off the pedals. Using custom Shimano software, the Rise feels very close to normal pedalling, it just makes you more powerful. This was especially noticeable on tech climbs with little steps or logs to clear.

You tackle these a lot like a normal MTB, with aggression, a timed front wheel lift and then committing your weight forward, lifting the rear wheel and getting back on the pedals. Compare this to a full-fat e-Bike where you just pedal at it, smash into it and let the motor get you up the crux. It is a different and very rewarding experience on the Rise.

Down rooty, natural trails I felt right at home on the sporty Orbea, with its balanced geometry and light but well-thought out build kit. It was running ‘Spanish Winter’ tyres that were a bit low on traction, but it made for some fun times threading the needle through a dark, wet forestry block. It tips into turns with eagerness, but also with a level of stability thanks to the low down weight of the motor and battery. With some meaty tyres and with the suspension dialled in for my style, I have not doubt that this thing would rip.

The only thing that let it down was the noise over rougher sections. This comes from two places, the Shimano motor, (when freewheeling, as opposed to the motor running), and also from the chain hitting the chain stay immediately behind the chain ring. The noise was a real shame as it detracts from a fun and smooth ride.

What do we think?

Overall, it was a really fun few hours sliding around on the Rise. This emerging genre of e-Bike are really interesting and first impressions are that Orbea have brought something pretty special to the light weight e-Party.

If you don’t like the idea of a big, unwieldy e-Bike with tonnes of assistance, then the Orbea is definitely worth a test ride. I think bikes like this will open up electrically assisted riding to a wider range of riders and may even convert a few e-haters.

Orbea Rise – Is This Lightweight Electric Mountain Bike a Game Changer?

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Today, Spain-based bike manufacturer Orbea released their latest electric bike in their lineup, the Orbea Rise. The Rise is an all-mountain/trail ebike that is targeted towards sporty mountain bikers who are looking for a more natural mountain biking experience with an EMTB.

Our first take on the Orbea Rise:

This is an obvious shot across the bow to the Specialized Turbo Levo SL, which is Specialized’s light-weight EMTB. Coming in just above 35 lbs for the highest/most expensive version of the bike, the Orbea Rise is lighter than the Specialized Turbo Levo SL but has more torque (60 Nm vs 35 Nm). This will be very interesting to test out, especially on uphill climbs and through technical sections. The SL has been a fantastic emtb (one of our favorites) because it feels much more like a normal mountain bike. The Orbea Rise has the potential to do that while possibly providing even more power.

We’re excited by the announcement of the Orbea Rise and we look forward to fully reviewing it soon. We put our order in for the bike through our local shop a few days ago, and should have the bike here (fingers crossed) in November. The main questions we want to answer are:

  • How does the Orbea Rise compare vs the Specialized Turbo Levo SL?
  • How will the Orbea Rise handle and feel in various mtb situations (techy climbs, challenging downhill sections, jumps and drops, etc.)?
  • Can the Rise really last over 8 hrs and 4,000 KM of climbing?
  • Are some of the weight-saving components (tires, seat post dropper, handlebars, 140MM Fox 34 fork) sufficient for this bike, or am I going to want to upgrade those ASAP?

Anyways, until we get this latest emtb, we want to share a few of the key features and highlights that make it worth checking out.

Custom Tuned Shimano EP8-RS Motor:

The Orbea Rise takes advantage of the new Shimano EP8 motor, but it receives a special RS designation due to the heavy software tweaking Orbea has done to increase total motor efficiency. On the Orbea Rise, the EP8-RS Motor has a maximum torque of 60 Nm instead of 85 Nm that the Shimano EP8 is capable of producing. The reduced torque power is still enough to get up hills, while the 60 Nm reduces overall battery consumption and makes pedaling feel natural, sporty, and more akin to a traditional bicycle. The end result is that the EP8-RS motor claims to be able to keep up with standard Shimano and Bosch motors, while in theory staying quieter than other Shimano EP8 motors AND helping you pedal longer on a single battery charge.

I haven’t seen them talking too much about how this will compare against other lightweight motors like the Specialized SL 1.1, so were very anxious to test this out and see how it performs, and if the custom tweaking to the Shimano software really makes that big of a difference.

Modular Battery System that Balances Weight and Range:

The internal, fully integrated 360 Wh battery is built into the slim down tube, and is so designed that you would never be able to tell it hosted the battery just by looking at it. This integrated design helps the Orbea Rise maintain a great standard mountain bike look, while further protecting the battery and cutting down on its overall weight considerably. If you want to extend the overall range of your eBike, you also have the option of attaching a 252 Wh range extender for a 612 Wh total battery range. The range extender fits the bottle holder well, and it is easy to install as it plugs into the same port you use for charging.

Built for Racing on Trails and Tackling Tough Challenges Alike:

It’s tough to classify the exact type of cyclist the Orbea Rise is built for, because the truth is that it’s designed to offer something to everyone. The EP8 RS motor and carbon frame are lightweight for an eBike, helping you build speed quickly as you zoom along trails. However, the sturdy carbon-boile design, along with the 29’’ wheels and 150 mm fork/140 mm rear shock was designed to help you navigate tougher trails, especially given the stiff yet cushy suspension.

first, ride, orbea, rise, m-team

From what we can tell, the Orbea Rise is essentially an Occam with a potentially game changing motor/battery pack.

Obrea’s Personalized Rise Customization:

Different riders need different eBikes for different purposes, and by ordering the Rise through Orbea you’re given a number of customization options in designing your Rise. The most noticeable customization options are the aesthetic ones, where you can pick your favorite color or develop your own custom paint job as you detail the entire Rise frame. You can also swap out and select from several different components for a more personalized feel, including the saddle, handlebar width, stem length, crank length, tires size, fork size, rotor size, and more. Orbea is even planning to add more component and customization options for the Rise in the coming months and throughout 2021 as well!

Shimano E-Tube Customization and Control:

Different bicyclists have different needs, and different levels of experience will change how much total control you want over your eBike motor. There are two preset RS power profiles that aim to maintain a quiet, natural, yet responsive ride as you pedal the Obrea Rise over any terrain.

For more experienced riders who know the ins and outs of bicycles, the Shimano E-Tube Smart phone application provides extensive customization options and multiple riding profiles as well. Prioritize battery life, get a stronger, quicker battery boost, or alter a number of other characteristics that will let you fine tune your Orbea Rise motor in seconds.

One element of the RS interface is how slimmed down it is. Orbea’s goal is a more traditional MTB look and feel, without all the additional screens you find on most ebikes. Their simplest configuration is basically just a switch on the left handle bar that lets you change assist levels, with a small, inline junction box that has 2 LEDs that broadcast data wirelessly. It will also be interesting to see how well this system pairs with a Garmin smartwatch, as there is a tool Orbea developed that allows you to adapt the Garmin IQ eco system to their RS platform.

Spec Summary:

For all specs, we’d recommend going directly to Orbea’s website, where you can see all the different build options, including the option to fully customize the Rise through their MYO program.

You’ll notice that Orbea is offering 4 different build options:

Thank you for reading our first impressions of the Orbea Rise EMTB! Be sure to visit us again in the future for our full review of the bike, and we’ll also be doing a comparison review of the Orbea Rise vs Specialized Turbo Levo SL soon!

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Reviews Orbea Rise Review – Finally an E-bike I Love

The Orbea Rise e-bike was released last week and has generated a lot of reaction from the mountain biking community worldwide. We aren´t surprised! I have been riding the bike since July, as well as organising the launch so I already knew that it was something special. The Orbea Rise is a new concept, it isn´t the same as other lighter e-bikes, and not just because it´s lighter. This isn´t an Orbea Rise review, lots of places have done that really well, I´m just going to talk you through what the bike does and who I think it´s for. I´ll copy some quotes from the web that I think most apply to my feeling with the bike.

Orbea Rise Review | The Launch Difficulties

As soon as Orbea told me about the bike I realised that the launch was going to be critical. It is a bike that is really a completely new concept, it isn´t just a light e-bike. If we didn´t communicate that to the journalists properly then they couldn´t explain it to everyone else properly. The bike is a great ebike, it´s also a great trail bike but it is more than that. It was really important that the subtitles of the bike come across during the launch rides.

Then Covid happened and all of a sudden the Rise launch became even more complicated.

A fun bike for natural trails

Suddenly it wasn´t possible, or responsible, to gather together journalists from all over the world as we would normally do. It was a challenge for sure! In the end we also had a big storm pass through just before the launch and we almost had to change the venue at the last minute! A fun bike for natural trails.

Orbea Rise Review | Who Is this E-Bike For?

Normally I would do this section last, however for this bike I think it deserves to be first. Like I said, this isn´t an Orbea Rise review, but hopefully this article helps you work out who the bike would be good for and if you are that person! Let me ask a few questions…

  • Do you ride an e-bike and already love absolutely everything about it? Maybe this isn´t going to be the bike fo you!
  • Do you ride an e-bike but feel the bike isn´t fun and playful on the descents? Do you feel like you´d like your rides to be a bit more physical? Do you get frustrated by the limited range and find your rides are cut short because of the battery limitations? The Rise might be the bike for you!
  • Do you ride a trail bike but find you would like to go a bit farther, climb faster, keep up with stronger friends, have a bike that lets you ride when time or energy is limited? This is definitely the bike for you!
  • Do you like big mountain riding where you have to carry your bike for sections? Want some help for the pedalling bits but need a bike that you can carry to the top and then be confidence inspiring and fun on the way back down? The Rise is great for this!
  • Do you love that stability of a full weight e-bike? The lack of adjustability and hop-ability doesn´t bother you? Maybe you come from riding DH bikes back when they weighted 20kg and want that feeling again? Do you really want a bike to self shuttle and ride more “bike park” trails? Don´t get the Rise, you want something more like the 160mm Wild FS.

Descends very like an Occam, the weight isn´t noticeable.

Orbea Rise Review | Who am I?

The Orbea Rise is a bike I love, if I had to have one bike it could well be the Rise. If I could have two it would be the Rise and the Rallon! I ride the Wild FS a lot but it´s not my type of bike bike, I don´t love it and it´s limitations frustrate me. Understanding who I am and what I love about the Rise might help you decide if you are a Rise rider or a Wild FS rider, or an Occam rider!

  • I´m 45 years old and as a mountain bike guide I get to ride as much as i want to. I´ve been riding seriously for 25 years.
  • I feel like I´m as fit as I have ever been and my technical level is better than ever. On the sort of trails I ride I can hang with most fast riders even if they are half my age.
  • I am sometimes too tired from my job to get rides in just for me, or sometimes I´m to tired to enjoy rides.
  • I ride mostly natural style trails. I include hand built “enduro style” trails in that. I hardly ever ride bike park style trails and I´m not interested in really big jumps.
  • I enjoy the physical aspect of mountain biking but I live for the descents.
  • I ride the Orbea Wild FS quite a lot and I like it but don´t love it. I find the weight frustrating, I´m strong but the bike is hard to adjust on the trail in the way you can a trail bike. One man´s adjustability is another man´s stability and it´s true the Wild FS is a very stable bike and has boundless traction, however that isn´t what I¨m looking for in a bike, I like popping off things, hopping into downslopes, pumping and getting a bit loose on occasion.
  • I like the Orbea Wild FS but the truth is that the bike deals with the climbs for you. There is so much power on tap that the effort you put in is a small % compared to the overall power on tap. The bike does 99% of the work so you pedalling at 10% or 100% doesn´t make much difference.
  • I like the Orbea Wild FS but the range limits some of my rides. I could improve this however for me riding the bike in the lower assistance modes is frustrating becasue then the weight of the bike makes it feel really sluggish. I ride the Wild FS in the upper two assistance modes, below those modes I find that the weight affects the ride.

Hopefully that gives an idea of where I¨m coming from. The question isn´t about whether the Orbea Rise is a great bike or not, (it is!), it´s whether it is your bike or not.

All the colours in the rainbow – Orbea MyO.

Orbea Rise E-Bike Review: How It Rides

I´m not going to review the bike here. There are lots of other reviews out there. I´ll tell you about how i´ve found the bike.

My first few minutes on the Rise were a big dissapointment. I had been expecting a light e-bike but that wasn´t what I found. Yes it is an e-bike and it is light, I know! I found that it lacked that feeling of really pulling you up the hill. It is true that the climbs here are steep but in Eco and Trail the bike was asking me to contribute to the climb. I had been riding the Orbea Wild FS a lot as i have been using it for trail building jobs during this strange year and I guess I was expecting that feeling with the Rise.

After a while I started to get into it, the more I pedalled the more the bike did and it really feels natural. There is no lag, very little noise and the bike seems to mirror what you do really well. Even pedalling standing up works really well. I started to get into it and had a great 3 hour ride, using Trail mostly, and arrived back totally exhausted. It was like the bike pushes you to do more because it gives more too.

The next rides I really dialled in to the climbing. I often started the ride in Eco and then used Trail in the same way you used to use the second chainring, back when those were a thing! Instead of changing down a few gears I´d knock the bike up an assistance level and maintain speed and cadence up a steeper part of the trail. I would only drop gears if needed after upping the effort level. It felt really natural. Longer climbs I´d settle into a cadence and desired effort level and keep the bike mainly in trail. Towards the end of a ride I´d often use Boost if I was tired, and here the Orbea Rise feels more like a full-fat e-bike.

The descending was what I loved about the Orbea Rise. It feels just like my Occam, a fun, poppy and capable trail bike. It´s not an “enduro bike” like the Rallon, if you are asking if you can fit 170mm forks then it´s not that bike, it´s a trail bike, albeit one which can really take on the hardest trails and inspire confidence.I really gelled with the Rise. I love the simplicity of it, I love how it descends and on the climbs it´s great to either reduce the effort a bit, or let it goad you into riding like a maniac for a few hours while it puts in as much as you do.

Orbea asked me what I thought of the bike and not realising it was going to be published anywhere here is what I said. I think it pretty much sums up my experiences.

“For me the big surprise is how unobtrusive the motor is. The Rise feels like a really nice, stable, trail bike and I get the sensation that it is me that is better / younger / fitter. I guess I was expecting the Rise to feel like a lightweight Wild FS but it doesn´t, it feels more like an Occam but that I´m 20 years younger and in really good shape. Descending it lets you adjust lines and play with the bike in a way that you can´t with a full e-bike and then climbing it´s feels like the hand of god gently helping you up the hill! I´m not an ebiker, it isn´t what the sport is about for me, but I am totally hooked on the Rise!”

Doug (basqueMTB)

And from a quick scan through of the web I´ve added some quotes that make sense to me and Echo my feelings.

The handling of the ORBEA RISE is next level! Hardly any other eMTB is this much fun and so fast on the trail.


The fun really begins as you enter every decent /power was delivered in the most subtle way when you needed it. At 60nm of torque its more than powerful enough to propel you up the hills. However, what does make this motor special is the way in which the power is delivered. It feels completely natural, as you put down the power

MTB Monster

Steve Jones is the boss and his review seems spot on for me. He loves how it descends and he gets the whole idea that to appreciate how it climbs you need to start off and work your way up through the modes. That way you really see the assistance it gives you. All those years of journalism shine through for me.

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