FIRST LOOK Giant Trance X Advanced E Elite 5. Giant e trance

Giant steps into a new category of lightweight, full-power e-bikes thanks to new battery cell technology from Panasonic and a compact motor from Yamaha.

T he last few years have seen eMTBs split into two dominant segments: heavy, full-power e-bikes with large ranges and lightweight e-bikes with less powerful motors and smaller battery sizes. With different anatomy comes distinct ride characteristics, forcing riders to choose what experience they desire from their eMTB: power, distance, and stability; or lightweight maneuverability with limited power and range.

Insert Giant‘s all-new Trance X Advanced E Elite. Pulling attributes from both e-categories, the new model weighs 41 pounds and is equipped with an 85Nm motor and a 20-cell battery featuring breakthrough cell technology developed by Panasonic. Dubbed “lightweight meets full power,” the Trance X Advanced E Elite is a first-of-its-kind e-bike, creating new expectations for eMTBs with small batteries.

  • Giant’s Advanced-grade composite frame
  • Mixed wheel setup
  • 140mm ( 5.5-inches) of rear wheel travel // 150mm (5.9-inches) fork travel
  • Maestro suspension design
  • 400Wh Giant EnergyPak Smart battery (200Wh Energy Pak range extender available)
  • 85Nm Giant SyncDrive Pro2 motor
  • Integrated top tube display
  • RideControl Ergo 3 grip integrated remote
  • Five customizable assist modes via RideControl App
  • Headset or frame internal cable routing
  • Flip chip geometry adjustment
  • 65.5/65.7 head tube angle
  • 447mm chain stay length
  • Four build kits
  • Sizes: S. XL
  • Claimed weight (size medium, Elite 0 build): 41.4 pounds (18.8kg)
  • MSRP: 6,000. 14,000 USD

Giant Trance X Advanced E Elite Overview

The Trance X Advanced E Elite marks Giant’s first dive into the lightweight e-bike segment. Developed with the goal of creating a nimble, efficient, and agile bike with uncompromised power, the Trance X Advanced E Elite shaves 9 pounds (4kg) off the full-size Trance X Advance E. How did Giant strike such a low weight with full-power motor assistance? At the bike’s core is all-new, lighter battery cell technology from Panasonic, combined with a new compact motor from Yamaha. The frame is also made from Giant’s Advanced-grade composite material, and all builds feature components that prioritize lightweight performance. At 41.4 pounds (18.8 kg), the Trance X Advanced E Elite is not the lightest e-bike out there. However, it is the lightest e-bike compared to models with 85Nm motors, giving riders a power-to-weight ratio that no other e-bike has achieved.

The carbon frame uses Giant’s long-standing Maestro suspension design with 140mm of rear wheel travel, paired with a 150mm fork and a mixed wheel setup. Giant says mixed wheels were chosen to maximize the stability capabilities of a 29-inch front wheel with the snappy and fast handling attributes of a 27.5-inch rear wheel. The smaller rear wheel also helped keep the chainstays short, further improving maneuverability. When we asked Giant why they chose 140mm of travel for their first lightweight e-bike instead of doing an enduro or cross-country model, they shot back a vague answer, alluding that future lightweight, full-power models at other travel amounts are very likely. So if you were hoping for a lightweight enduro eMTB like we were, you will have to keep waiting.

We will get into all the e-tech below that separates the Trance X Advanced E Elite, but other frame details include an unobstructed seat tube allowing for full-length dropper insertion, a flip chip in the rocker link that provides two geometry configurations, FOX Live Valve integration, an adjustable one-peice handlebar/stem unit, and mounts for a full-size water bottle.

Cockpit Integration Without Compromise

Hopefully, some people will stop and read this section before scrolling to the bottom to light up the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the one-piece handlebar with headset-routed cables. Luckily, Giant realizes not everyone is on board with the industry trend to generalize cockpit setup or stuff cables through bearings and equipped the Trance X Advanced E Elite with two cable routing options and a pretty trick one-piece adjustable handlebar/stem unit (only specced on the Elite 0 build). For those who would prefer the ease of maintenance over visual simplicity, the frame features three cable ports, allowing riders to pick and choose how cables are routed. If you choose to leave the cables routed through the headset, Giant did put a lot of RD into the seals of the upper headset cap to ensure the elements don’t work their way into the headset bearings.

As for the cockpit, Giant’s all-new Contact SLR Trail unit gives riders similar adjustability to that of a standard two-piece cockpit, including stem length (40mm, 45mm, 50mm), back sweep (7, 8, or 9 degrees), and width (800mm with a 760mm width minimum). Stem length is adjusted by swapping out wedges that fit between the steerer tube and the ovalized stem. Backsweep comes set at 8 degrees and is adjusted by changing out the headset spacer that sits below the handlebars, and spacers are labeled by the adjustment they provide. The only adjustment not available is handlebar rise, as the Contact SLR Trail is only available with a 20mm rise.

On top of its unique adjustability, the Contact SLR Trail unit also uses a proprietary continuous carbon fiber layup with a slimmer profile near the center of the handlebar intended to boost compliance and reduce weight. At only 225 grams, it’s undeniably a light setup that cuts 100-200 grams from a conventional two-piece cockpit. Compliance is a hot word these days, but Giant claims the Contact SLR Trail offers 16% more vertical compliance than their non-integrated Contact SLR Trail carbon handlebar. Final details include a top cap cover that can be replaced with a mount for computer units, action cameras, or lights.

SyncDrive Pro2 Motor

The SyncDrive Pro2 is a brand-new, compact motor that was co-developed with Yamaha for the Trance X Advanced E Elite. Delivering the same 85Nm of torque with a 400% support ratio as Giant’s SyncDrive Pro motor used on their previous E e-bikes, the Pro2 motor is significantly lighter, weighing only 5.9 pounds (2.7kgs). It also boasts a 37mm increased ground clearance with a narrower Q factor. Compared to other lightweight e-bikes, the Trance X Advanced E Elite provides the most power. For example, Specialized’s SL 1.1 motor offers 35Nm, Orbea’s RS-tuned Shimano EP8 motor offers 60Nm, and Trek’s Fuel EXe with TQ’s HPR50 motor offers 50Nm.

The SyncDrive Pro2 motor uses Giant’s Smart Assist technology, which uses sensors and algorithms to determine the exact amount of assistance needed at any given moment, creating near-instant power delivered with a natural feel. There are five assist modes that can be adjusted in the RideControl App to meet rider preferences or different terrain. Riders can adjust torque between 20-85Nm, the support ratio from 50-400%, and the acceleration rate from 2 seconds to 200 milliseconds. Since our time on the Trance X Advanced E Elite was brief, we didn’t adjust modes in the App but found the stock settings offered a gradual change in assistance that was easy to hop on and ride. Here is how the stock modes breakdown: Mode 1: 50% / 20Nm /.5s; Mode 2: 125% / 40Nm /.5s; Mode 3: 175% / 50Nm /.5s; Mode 4: 250% / 60Nm /.5s; Mode 5: 400% / 85Nm / 200m

EnergyPak Smart 400 Battery

The magic sauce that allows the Trance X Advanced E Elite to pack a full-power motor in a lightweight e-bike is Giant’s brand-new EnergyPak Smart 400Wh battery, co-developed with Panasonic specifically for e-bikes. The battery features an all-new, larger, yet lighter 22700 lithium-ion cell type. These new cells offer a higher max discharge capacity, making it possible to deliver 85Nm of torque from a battery that is half the size of previous batteries. By increasing the density and size of each cell, the battery can run cooler and sustain a longer total life cycle, improving durability and performance and increasing the amperage of each cell, equating to higher torque.

Battery cell technology might not be a super gripping topic, but up to this point, most full-size e-bike batteries have used 21700 cells to maximize torque, while smaller output motors have used 18650 cells to maximize weight. Now, Giant is stepping into a new realm, offering riders cell technology that can provide max torque in a lightweight package. The EnergyPak Smart 400 also marks the launch of Giant’s new CO2-neutral battery production. And as e-bikes become increasingly popular, it’s initiatives like that that we tip our hats to. Bravo, Giant.

As most riders know, battery range varies significantly based on numerous factors, such as rider weight, wind, terrain, temperature, and tire choice. With the EnergyPak Smart 400 battery, Giant estimates that riders can expect to reach 28 to 93 miles depending on conditions and an additional 15 to 46 miles out of the EnergyPak extender. We can’t really weigh in on the range of the EnergyPak Smart 400 since our two rides on the Trance X Advanced E Elite were short and at a moderate effort that didn’t require much battery. That said, we finished both rides with three out of five bars, which was neither surprising nor concerning.

For riders looking to knock out big rides that require maximum range, Giant will offer a 200Wh Energy Pak range extender for the Trance X Advanced E Elite with the same 22700 cell technology. And as a bonus, the range extender has a USB-C power bank that can be used to charge devices. Charging is handled by Giant’s EnergyPak 4A Smart Charger, which continuously communicates between the charger and battery to optimize charging conditions and extend the battery’s life. It also features a storage mode that will charge the battery to 60%, which Giant says is the ideal capacity for long-term storage. Finally, the EnergyPak Smart 400 is not easily removable for charging for mid-ride battery swapping.

RideControl Go and Ergo 3 Remote

There are two control centers on the Trance X Advanced E Elite. First, the RideControl Go button in the top tube allows riders to turn the system on and off, switch between power modes, and indicates the battery level and support mode with colored LEDs.

The second is the RideControl Ergo 3 handlebar remote. Integrated into the grip and mountable on either side, the remote has three configurable buttons to control power assist modes. Giant offers frame size-specific grips (different lengths and diameters) with a tapered profile, but the Ergo 3 remote can be used with any replacement grips. Riders also have the option to run two remotes on each side to control features such as walk-assist or lights.

The lack of a more elaborate integrated display might seem like a miss to some riders, with other brands offering units that clearly display battery percent, cadence, range, our watts. Giant‘s approach was to give riders a simple interface with key information needed mid-ride without being distracting or confusing.


The Trance X Advanced E Elite has a geometry package that we would label modestly progressive. And for a 140mm travel bike that prioritizes being lightweight, maneuverable, and efficient, Giant nailed it. The Trance X isn’t excessively long or slack but successfully balances being descent-focused enough to provide safety and stability, matched with a comfortable pedaling position and manageable wheelbase.

One aspect of the geometry that Giant really focused on was achieving a short chain stay length to make the Trance X Advanced E Elite as nimble as possible. Often, the bottom bracket of an e-bike becomes congested with the motor and suspension links fighting for real estate, causing the rear center to grow. By designing their new SyncDrive Pro2 motor in conjunction with their Maestro suspension platform, Giant was able to fit the lower link around the motor without compromising suspension kinematics and achieve a 447mm chain stay length. Short chainstays were also the driving force behind the mixed-wheel setup.

Build Kits

The Trance X Advanced E Elite is available in four build kits ranging from 6,000. 14,000 USD. Skimming through the build spec of any model will highlight that Giant didn’t skimp out on components to strike the lowest weight possible. The only semi-questionable spec is the Maxxis’ EXO casing tires, which could be deemed too light even on a lightweight e-bike. For us, extra sidewall support and rim protection are always welcomed, especially on a trail e-bike.

Some noteworthy build spec takeaways are that all models feature the same SyncDrive Pro2 Motor, EnergyPak 400Wh battery, and RideControl Ergo 3 remote. The top three models have a full Advanced-grade composite frame, while the cheapest Elite 3 model pairs its carbon front triangle with an aluminum rear end. The top two Elite 0 and Elite 1 models also come with FOX Live Valve.

On The Trail

Last November, I joined Giant for a press camp in St. George, Utah. Although I only squeaked in two rides during that time, the Trance X Advanced E Elite left a memorable impression and challenged how I categorize eMTBs.

The riding in Virgin mirrored what I assume riding on the moon would be like. Both days were spent sampling pedal-heavy trails on undulating terrain split up with brief, rocky descents. Relentlessly technical is the best way to describe the iconic Zen Trail and Gooseberry Mesa. Luckily, breathtaking views of the vast desert landscape are endless when you need a break from muscling up rock ledges or sprinting up the tenth consecutive rock roller. While the trails didn’t help me test the battery life of the new EnergyPak 400 battery or push the descending limits of the Trance X Advanced E Elite, it did give me a good sense of the bike’s quick handling and instant motor assistance. For a bike designed to be lightweight, responsive, and easy to move around, Utah proved to be an ideal testing zone, even though it wasn’t my preferred riding flavor.

I rode a size large Trance X Advanced E Elite that fit me perfectly at 6 feet. Outside of setting sag and adjusting my cockpit controls, I was able to hop on the bike and feel comfortable right off the bat. Since the option was there, I opted to adjust the Contact SLR Trail unit to provide a 7-degree back sweep and a 50m stem length. I admittingly stood there while someone from Giant got me squared away, but the whole process took maybe 5 mins. On the trail, the handlebar/stem combo was comfortable, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say the feeling was extraordinarily new or unique. The feel of a bike is always the sum of its components, which made it difficult to pinpoint the handlebars as the primary source of why the Trance X Advanced E Elite rode incredibly smooth.

I’m not going to dive super heavily into how FOX’s Live Valve performed. Between focusing on how the Trance X Advanced E Elite performed, getting familiar with a new-to-me e-bike system, and navigating some mentally draining trails, I didn’t spend much time dialing in the system. Does the bike need Live Valve? No. I’ve always enjoyed the suppleness and efficiency of Giant’s Maestro suspension, and Giant executed the application of the design on the Trance X Advanced E Elite flawlessly. Did Live Valve enhance the performance of the suspension? Undeniably. I made a point to ride with the system off and in a more extreme setting (Firm mode, Bump Sensitivity 4), which produced a likely verdict. With Live Valve off, the suspension was a tad more active, cycling through more travel over bumps. With Live Valve set firmer, the suspension was stiffer more often, making the bike feel responsive and fast, but it took away some traction and comfort climbing. After the first day of riding, I settled on the Sport Mode with a Bump Sensitivity of 3, which was a little softer than the stock setup and balanced comfort and responsiveness over the endlessly rocky terrain. For riders who can afford the Elite 0 or Elite 1 build with Live Valve, the tunability is endless to match suspension setup to specific trials or create an exact ride characteristic. However, the Trance X Advanced E Elite does provide an exceptionally efficient platform without the system.

Dare I say it, but the Trance X Advanced E Elite rode kind of like a mountain bike. Even though descents were brief and hard to come by in Utah, when the opportunity presented itself to let off the brakes, the bike was incredibly light on its feet. 41 pounds might not be as light as some e-bikes out there, but with the weight of a FOX 36 fork under my arms, getting the bike to react to my input did not feel laborious or forced. I could change directions and ride lines as I would on an enduro bike, and I never had to adjust my braking points to accommodate the bike’s extra weight. On full-size e-bikes, one of my favorite descending characteristics has always been the added stability of the low-hung motor weight. Even though the new SnycDrive Pro2 motor is light, I still found the Trance X Advanced E Elite offered extra grip and control through loose corners and remained settled through chunky rock gardens.

The trails we rode meandered over rolling terrain, requiring constant pedal strokes to keep up speed and clean sections. Having never ridden Giant‘s SyncDrive motor system, I was impressed by its smooth and natural power delivery. I’ve ridden other very cadence-dependent systems, while others only require you to turn the pedals to receive unfiltered assistance. The SyncDrive Pro2 motor landed right in between, offering plenty of power at a moment’s notice but required an aggressive pedaling approach to maintain assistance. The Trance X Advanced E Elite also accelerated faster than most e-bikes I’ve ridden, likely due to its lightweight and full-size 85Nm motor.

The difference between the five assist modes was small, making it easy to find the ideal mode to match my cadence. Unlike three-mode systems that seem to only offer one usable assist mode for most trails, I found myself switching between modes on the SyncDrive Pro2 motor at almost the same rate as I was shifting gears. Unfortunately, the minimalistic buttons on the RideControl Ergo 3 control were difficult to distinguish, forcing me to constantly look down at the RideControl Go unit to confirm what mode I was in. At first, I assumed I would become familiar with the remote’s tactic function and avoid having to double-check the unit. But after a few hours and a couple hundred glances at my top tube, I began to wish for a better remote or a more easily visible display.

I test rode the uber-fancy Elite 0 build, and with that came parts, namely the wheels and tires, that anchored the Trance X Advanced E Elite in the trail category. Sure, if going fast and riding gnarly, demanding trails is your cup of tea, you could swap a few parts, and the Trance X Advanced E Elite would be a very capable 140mm travel bike. However, that doesn’t feel like the goal Giant was after when they set out to develop the bike. The way I see it, the Trance X Advanced E Elite wants to be ridden far on mixed terrain while providing a light, responsive ride quality that mirrors (as closely as possible) a regular mountain bike. But with the added benefit of having instant power at the pedals to take you further.

What’s The Bottom Line?

The Trance X Advanced E Elite truly blurs the line between existing e-bike categories, offering riders a bike with unfiltered power at a manageable weight. It might not be the lightest e-bike ever developed, but it is still incredibly nimble, making it easy to glide up challenging climbs or carelessly float down descents. Giant has come out swinging with their new battery technology and motor package. And moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the Trance X Advanced E Elite influences what is expected from a lightweight e-bike since you no longer have to choose between power or weight. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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View key specs, compare bikes, and rate the new Giant Trance X Advanced E Elite in the Vital MTB Product Guide.

About The Tester

Jason Schroeder. Age: 28 // Years Riding MTB: 16 // Height: 6′ (1.8m) // Weight: 175-pounds (79.3kg)

first, look, giant, trance, advanced

A once-upon-a-time World Cup downhill racer turned desk jockey, Jason has spent years within the bicycle industry from both sides of the tape. A fan of all-day adventures in the saddle or flowing around a bowl at the skatepark, he doesn’t discriminate from any form of two-wheeled riding. A SoCal native who doesn’t spend too much time in any single place, you can find Jason camped out in his van most weekends somewhere on the West Coast.

Giant Trance X Advanced E 2


Powerful and responsiveNew SyncDrive Pro motor with 85Nm of torque creates powerful pedaling assistance even at low speeds. Lightweight, stiff Advanced-grade composite frame with 140mm of Maestro rear suspension travel and 150mm up front delivers confident handling and control on rough trails.

Adaptable to the terrainNew flip chip feature lets you change the head tube and seat tube angles, along with the bottom bracket height, to fine-tune handling for varying trail conditions and individual riding style. You can choose the low position for fast, aggressive terrain, or high for a more XC-oriented rider position.

Clean cockpitThe new RideControl Go top-tube integrated multi-function on/off button and RideControl Ergo 3 handlebar-mounted remote, which can be mounted on either grip, offer user-friendly controls and an uncluttered cockpit design.

RANGEHow far can I expect to ride on a single battery charge?

The range for a single battery charge can vary greatly depending on conditions such as the combined weight of the rider and cargo; wind resistance; tire pressure and tread profile; terrain and elevation changes; road or trail surface; outdoor temperature; maintenance of the E-Bike; and the condition of the battery.









G TRAIL (mm)




K STACK (mm)

N REACH (mm)






400 425 450 475
77.2° | 78.0° 76.0° | 76.7° 76.0° | 76.7° 76.0° | 76.7°
577 | 575 607 | 605 637 | 635 667 | 665
95 100 110 120
65.7° | 66.5° 65.8° | 66.5° 65.8° | 66.5° 65.8° | 66.5°
44 44 44 44
117 | 122.4 117 | 122.4 117 | 122.4 117 | 122.4
1220 | 1221 1239 | 1237 1268 | 1269 1300 | 1301
473 | 473 473 | 473 473 | 473 473 | 473
30 | 20 30 | 20 30 | 20 30 | 20
606 | 601 611 | 605 621 | 614 630 | 624
439 | 447 457 | 462 482 | 489 510 | 517
740 | 746 727 | 734 718 | 726 715 | 723
780 780 780 780
40 40 50 50
160 165 165 170
29″ 29″ 29″ 29″




Rear Shock







Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur




Brake Levers







Accessories Extras




Advanced-grade composite frame, Advanced-grade rear triangle, Advanced forged composite upper rocker, 140mm Maestro suspension system
Fox 36 Float Performance, 150mm travel, 44mm offset, Grip 3-position Micro Adjust damper, Boost 110x15QR, e-optimized
Fox DPS Performance, EVOL Large Volume sleeve, 3-position Lever, 185×52.5mm Trunnion mount, custom tuned (cost down proposal: use DPS can be considered, but not prefered)
Giant AM 29″, Tubeless ready, 30mm inner width
Shimano MT410, Boost, Center-Lock, [F] 110×15 [R] 148x12mm Micro-Spline Drive Body Thru-axle
Sapim E-Lite [r] Race [f]
Maxxis Assegai 29×2.6″ foldable, Tubeless, EXO, 3c MaxxTerra[F]Maxxis Dissector 29×2.6″ Foldable, Tubeless, EXO, 120tpi 3C [R]
Praxis Wavetm 36T Cold Forged 4130 premium steel Praxis e-Cadet custom forged crankarm set (Q-factor = 168, XS/S:160, M/L:165, XL:170)
Shimano Deore SLX
MRP HD2 co-moulded chain guide
Shimano Deore SLX, 12-speed, Shadow
Shimano HG-M6100, 10-51T, 12-speed
KMC e.12 Sport, NP/NP, e-bike optimized
Shimano Deore, BR-M420, 4-piston, hydraulic disc, 203mm
Shimano Deore, BL-MT410
Giant Contact 35 Trail, 35x780mm
Giant Tactal Pro-E, single lock-on
Giant Contact SL 35
Giant Contact Switch, dropper, 30,9mm (S:125, M:150, L/XL:170)
Giant Romero, Neutral
Tubeless kit (liquid, valves, levers, manual, tool)Inner tube supplied
SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm, powered by Yamaha
EnergyPak Smart 625 EnergyPak Plus, 250Wh range extender compatible
RideControl Ergo 3, grip integrated, RideControl GO, frame integrated LED display ANT Wireless display compatible

Subject to change without notice.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Starry Night / Small 04712878703582 2203310104 210000004577
Starry Night / Medium 04712878703599 2203310105 210000004002
Starry Night / Large 04712878703605 2203310107
Starry Night / X-Large 04712878703612 2203310108 210000004254

Giant Trance X E Pro 29 3

Faster up the climbs, longer loops, more singletrack fun on any given day. Give yourself the freedom to extend your trail-riding adventures with this powerful, smooth-riding 29er.

The SyncDrive Pro motor gives the new Trance X E Pro 29 a massive 80Nm of torque and 360 percent tunable support, all controlled by the new Giant E-bike App. This gives you the freedom to ride trails the way you want to. You can choose full power to ease your pedaling effort or tune it less aggressively to get more of a workout. Featuring 140mm of smooth Maestro suspension travel in the rear, 150mm up front, and progressive frame geometry that’s designed for 29-inch wheels, this is a whole new way to tackle technical singletrack trails. The EnergyPak 625 battery is cleanly integrated into the downtube of the lightweight ALUXX SL frame.

Smooth, Powerful SupportSyncDrive Pro motor delivers 80Nm of torque and tunable support ratios up to 360 percent. Smart Assist technology creates smooth pedal assistance that engages instantly when human power is applied, giving you reliable performance on steep climbs and at low speeds.

29er Confidence and ControlOptimized Maestro suspension for 29-inch wheels with 140mm rear/150mm front travel to roll over rough terrain with balance and stability, giving you more momentum for technical climbs and the confidence to fly on fast, rugged singletrack descents.

Adjustable Frame GeometryFlip chip lets you change the headtube and seattube angles, along with the bottom bracket height, to fine-tune the handling. You can choose the low position (65.8/76.0 head/seattube angle and 30mm BB drop) for faster, open terrain or high (66.5/76.7 head/seattube angle and 20mm drop) for slower, tighter singletrack.

first, look, giant, trance, advanced





Max Assisted Speed




Rear Shock








Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur

Cassette/Rear Cogs




Brake Levers




Seat Post

Accessories Extras

Giant SyncDrive Pro, 80Nm, 360% tuneable support, powered by YAMAHA. Pedal assist up to 20 mph.
Giant EnergyPak Smart 625, 36V Integrated Lithium-Ion
Giant RideControl Ergo
Giant EnergyPak Smart 6A charger
ALUXX SL-grade Aluminum, Advanced Forged Composite Upper Rocker, 140mm Maestro Suspension System, ISS, Giant EnergyPak Plus Range Extender Compatible
RockShox 35 Gold RL DebonAir, 150mm travel, 44mm offset, MotionControltm rebound and lockout control, Maxle Stealth, e-MTB optimized
Fox Float DPS Performance, EVOL Large Volume sleeve, 3-position lever, 185×52.5mm Trunnion mount, custom tuned
Front: 110 x 15mm thru-axleRear: 148 x 12mm thru-axle
Giant AM 29″, Tubeless ready, 30mm inner width
Shimano MT410 Boost, Center-Lock, Micro-Spline Drive Body Thru-axle
Sapim E-Lite [R] Race [F]
Front: Maxxis Assegai 29×2.6″ foldable, Tubeless, EXO Rear: Maxxis Dissector 29×2.6″ Foldable, Tubeless, EXO
Praxis Wavetm 36T Cold Forged 4130 premium steel Praxis e-Cadet custom forged crankarm set (S:160, M/L: 165, XL:170)
KMC e.12 Turbo, EcoProteq, e-bike optimized
MRP 1X custom “V3” co-molded TR chain guide
Shimano Deore 12-speed
Shimano CS-M6100-12, 10-51T, 12-speed
Shimano Deore 12-speed I-spec EV
Giant Contact 35 Trail, 35x780mm
Giant Contact SL 35
Shimano Deore BL-M4100 I-spec EV
Shimano BR-M420, 4-piston, hydraulic disc, 203mm
Sold separately
Giant Romero Trail
Giant Contact Switch, dropper, 30,9mm (S:125, M: 150, L/XL:170)
Tubeless kit (liquid, valves, levers, manual, tool), Inner tube suppliedGiant EnergyPak Plus range extender compatible (sold separately)

Subject to change without notice.

Giant’s Trance X Advanced E carbon fibre ebike gets new Yamaha motor and updated geometry for 2022

Giant’s newest electric mountain bike, the 2022 Trance X Advanced E, gets updated geometry and a new Yamaha SyncDrive motor.

The new geo figures take inspiration from the Trance X Advanced E’s burlier stablemate, the updated 2022 Giant Reign E that we claimed could be one of the best electric mountain bikes to date, with longer, slacker and lower geometry.

The new Trance X Advanced E looks like a significant leap forward for Giant’s electric trail bike. Giant Bicycles

Travel remains the same as on the outgoing Trance X Advanced E, with 140mm of Maestro rear suspension. There’s 150mm at the fork and it still rolls on 29in wheels front and rear, but now has a 625Wh battery pack.

The Yamaha-made SyncDrive Pro Motor for the 2022 bike has been made lighter and more compact, while getting more torque, and is claimed to make less noise. start at £5,999 / 6,800 for the Trance X E 2 Advanced and rise to £7,999 / 9,300 / AU12,799 for the range-topping Trance X Advanced E 0.

22 Giant Trance X Advanced E frame and suspension details

The suspension system is similar in theory and practice to other twin-link systems on the market, including Dave Weagle’s DW-Link, Santa Cruz’s VPP and Intense’s JS Tuned system. Pivot placement enables the brand to tune attributes such as anti-squat, progression, leverage rate and anti-rise.

In the case of the new Trance X Advanced E, Giant doesn’t divulge any details on the system’s specific kinematics, however.

22 Giant Trance X Advanced E motor, control and battery details

The new Trance X Advanced E’s Yamaha SyncDrive motor is claimed to be lighter than the outgoing model. Giant Bicycles

first, look, giant, trance, advanced

At the heart of the new bike is Yamaha’s SyncDrive Pro motor that now delivers up to 85Nm of torque – an increase from 80Nm – and weighs 2.7kg, lighter than the outgoing version. Visibly, the motor is more compact than the older version, and Giant claims it has reduced noise levels.

The motor is paired with a 625Wh battery pack, but it’s also compatible with Giant’s EnergyPak Plus, a 250Wh range-extender external battery.

The bike is coupled with a new handlebar remote that has three buttons, called RideControl Ergo 3, that can be mounted on either the left- or right-hand side of the bars, and can be paired with a second remote with user-programmable controls in the RideControl smartphone app.

Giant’s latest RideControl system includes a new bar remote and top-tube controller. Giant Bicycles

The app connects to the bike wirelessly and permits the connected smartphone to function as a live ride data display, and can perform system updates.

The main on/off button – called RideControl Go – is integrated into the bike’s top tube and can also be used to change the assistance levels.

22 Giant Trance X Advanced E geometry

The 2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E geometry has been given a welcome longer, lower and slacker makeover.

Its geometry is also adjustable between a high and low position, thanks to a flip chip located in the lower shock mount. This changes bottom bracket height, head tube angle and seat tube angle.

Headline figures include a 65.8-degree head angle, a 76-degree seat tube angle and reach numbers that span from 439mm for the size small up to 517mm for the extra-large bike.

2022 Giant Trance X Advnced E geometry chart

Seat tube length (mm) low/high 400/400 425/425 450/450 475/475
Seat tube angle (degrees) low/high 77.2/78 76/76.7 76/76.7 76/76.7
Top tube length (mm) low/high 577/575 607/605 637/635 667/665
Head angle (degrees) low/high 65.7/66.5 65.8/66.5 65.8/66.5 65.8/66.5
Wheelbase (mm) low/high 1220/1221 1239/1237 1268/1269 1300/1301
Chainstay length (mm) low/high 473 473 473 473
Stack (mm) low/high 606/601 611/605 621/614 630/624
Reach (mm) low/high 439/447 457/462 482/489 510/517

While the figures aren’t as extreme as some bikes on the market, they do represent a significant leap forwards for Giant’s trail-oriented electric mountain bike, and we suspect they’ll open up a world of performance potential for Trance X Advanced E riders.

22 Giant Trance X Advanced E models, specifications and prices

Headlining the range is the 2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E 0, decked out with Fox’s Live Valve 36 fork and Float X Factory shock, and Shimano’s XT M8100 drivetrain and brakes, which costs £7,999 / 9,300 / AU12,799.

Although it’s a 140mm travel trail bike, the new Trance ebike has a 150mm travel Fox 36 fork. Giant Bicycles

Is Fox’s Live Valve pointless on an electric mountain bike?

While adding Fox’s Live Valve to any bike is a tech lover’s dream come true, the exact benefits of an electric mountain bike’s suspension locking itself out to improve pedalling efficiency are a little lost on me.

The need for a super-efficient suspension platform is mitigated by the addition of a motor with 85Nm of torque. Why, exactly, further steps need to be taken isn’t quite clear.

That said, Fox’s Live Valve works well, as technical editor-in-chief Rob Weaver found out on the standard-powered Giant Trance X Advanced Pro 29 0, so it shouldn’t hinder performance, even if the enhancements are marginal.

What alternatives are there to the 2022 Giant Trance X Advanced E electric mountain bike?

With 140mm of rear-wheel travel, the Trance X Advanced E is at the lower end of the ebike travel spectrum.

S-Works models are Specialized’s top-of-the-line versions of their bikes. Ian Linton / Immediate Media

The closest we’ve recently tested is the 2022 Specialized Turbo Levo, with 150mm of squish, but it’s fitted with a Fox 38, instead of the Fox 36 on the Trance.

Geometry figures also don’t match up perfectly, and arguably – despite the Turbo Levo being described as a trail bike – it packs a heftier punch than the Trance X E. Canyon’s Spectral:ON CF is close on geometry figures and travel, but has slightly more squish at 150mm.

Don’t get hung up on travel figures though – the Trance X E looks as though it should be up there with the best of the current crop of trail electric mountain bikes.

Giant Trance X Advanced E 0

  • Frame: Advanced-grade composite frame, 140mm Maestro suspension
  • Fork: Fox 36 Factory Live Valve, 150mm travel
  • Shock: Fox Float X Factory Live Valve
  • Motor: Yamaha SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm
  • Battery: EnergyPak Smart 625Wh
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8100 12-speed
  • Finishing kit: Giant Contact SL
  • Wheels/tyres: Giant e-TRX/Maxxis Assegai EXO 3C MaxxTerra 29×2.6in (f), Maxxis Dissector EXO 3C 29×2.6in (r)
  • Price: £7,999 / 9,300 / AU12,799

Giant Trance X Advanced E 1

  • Frame: Advanced-grade composite frame, 140mm Maestro suspension
  • Fork: Fox 36 Factory Live Valve, 150mm travel
  • Shock: Fox Float X Live Valve
  • Motor: Yamaha SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm
  • Battery: EnergyPak Smart 625Wh
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8100 12-speed
  • Finishing kit: Giant Contact
  • Wheels/tyres: Giant AM/Maxxis Assegai EXO 3C MaxxTerra 29×2.6in (f), Maxxis Dissector EXO 3C 29×2.6in (r)
  • Price: £6,999 / AU10,799

Giant Trance X Advanced E 2

  • Frame: Advanced-grade composite frame, 140mm Maestro suspension
  • Fork: Fox 36 Performance, 150mm travel
  • Shock: Fox DPS Performance
  • Motor: Yamaha SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm
  • Battery: EnergyPak Smart 625Wh
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT M8100 12-speed
  • Finishing kit: Giant Contact
  • Wheels/tyres: Giant AM/Maxxis Assegai EXO 3C MaxxTerra 29×2.6in (f), Maxxis Dissector EXO 3C 29×2.6in (r)
  • Price: £5,999 / 6,800
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Alex Evans is BikeRadar’s senior mountain bike technical editor. He started racing downhill at the tender age of 11 before going on to compete across Europe. Alex moved to Morzine in the French Alps at 19 to pursue a career as a bike bum and clocked up an enormous amount of riding. Hitting those famous tracks day in, day out for eight years, he broke more bikes than he can remember. Alex then moved back to the UK and put his vast knowledge of mountain biking to good use by landing a job working for MBUK magazine as features editor. Since working for MBUK, Alex’s FOCUS has moved to bike tech. He’s one of BikeRadar’s lead testers and knows how to push bikes and products to the limit, searching out the equipment that represents the best value for money. Alex is also a dedicated eMTB rider, and still dabbles in racing of a sort, doing his best to top the Strava leaderboard on the steepest, gnarliest and twistiest trails the Tweed Valley has to offer – just for fun, of course. Alex is also a regular on the BikeRadar YouTube channel and BikeRadar podcast.

The Giant Trance X Advanced E LTD – In our huge “Best e-mountainbike of 2023” group test

The € 12,799 GIANT Trance X Advanced E LTD 2023 takes on the competition with a proprietary GIANT SyncDrive Pro 2 motor, 800 Wh battery and FOX’s electronic Live Valve suspension. How does it fare out on the trail in our 2023 eMTB group test?

As one of the biggest bike manufacturers on the planet, GIANT should be familiar to most riders. The Trance is the Taiwanese brand’s true evergreen and has been an integral part of their portfolio for the last two decades. Combining 150/140 mm travel, at the front and rear, it’s the smaller sibling of the Reign E, and was designed to be a true all-rounder for all types of terrain. With its curved frame silhouette and proprietary Maestro suspension, it’s distinctly recognisable as a GIANT. Both the components and frame details of our LTD special edition are perfectly matched to the discreet paint finish, ensuring an overall harmonious look – except for the somewhat bulbous down tube. In our 2023 eMTB group test, it’s one of the bikes with the most electronic parts, including a wireless drivetrain, intelligent suspension system and tire pressure sensors – accompanied with not one, but three apps!

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best eMTB of 2023 – 30 models in review

Tech heaven – what distinguishes the Giant Trance X Advanced E LTD 2023 from the rest of the test field?

If you’re a tech freak, you’ll get pearls of cold sweat running down your forehead just by looking at the spec sheet of the GIANT Trance X Advanced E LTD. The bling Factory suspension features not only the fancy Kashima coating, but also FOX’s electronic Live Valve system, which draws its power directly from the bike’s main battery. It’s a bit like a sofa: lean back and relax! In a nutshell, FOX’s Live Valve technology does all the work for you, adjusting the compression damping of the fork and shock based on the current riding conditions. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have any influence on the system: using the FOX Live Valve app, you can choose from individual riding modes including Open, Comfort, Sport, Firm and Commute, which adapt the suspension’s behaviour to respective riding situations. Unfortunately, the system still relies on countless cables, which are scattered all around the frame, making for a somewhat messy look. The GIANT is the only bike in this test that features a 85 Nm SyncDrive Pro 2 motor, which is based on Yamaha’s PW-X3 powerhouse. Of course, this many electric components use plenty of power, which is why GIANT developed a new, massive 800-Wh battery for the Trance X Advanced E LTD – the biggest one in this test. If you want to embark on epic backcountry expeditions, you can plug in the optional 250 Wh range extender, which retails at € 599.90 and allows you to expand the battery capacity to a whopping 1,050 Wh. over, the battery can be easily removed from the downtube using a Torx key. The GIANT RideControl GO display in the top tube shows the battery status and support modes using different colours – a bit like Bosch’s System Controller.

The minimalist handlebar remote blends in nicely with the clean look of the one-piece carbon cockpit. The stem length and the angle of the handlebar can be adjusted by shims insides the one-piece carbon cockpit. Unlike the Trek Fuel Exe, which combines all of the functions in one central app, the GIANT requires you to download three different apps: one for the suspension, one for the motor system and a third one for the tire pressure sensors – huge respect to whoever manages to keep track of all this information! That being said, you should definitely keep an eye on the tire pressure using the electronic TyreWiz sensors, because that’s the only way you’ll prevent the expensive Zipp 3ZERO MOTO carbon wheelset from exploding. Why? For the tires, GIANT rely on fellow Taiwanese brand MAXXIS, combining a 2.6” ASSEGAI in the paper-thin EXO casing at the front and 2.6″ DISSECTOR in the slightly tougher EXO casing at the rear. Heavy and aggressive riders should upgrade to the even tougher DoubleDown casing, which offers better puncture protection and shields the rims from nasty impacts. Both tires come standard in the harder MaxxTerra rubber compound, which we recommend swapping straight away for the softer, grippier MaxxGrip version, at least at the front.


Motor GIANT SyncDrive Pro 2 85 NmBattery GIANT Energy Pack 800 WhDisplay GIANT RideControl GOFork FOX 36 Factory Live Valve 150 mmRear Shock FOX FLOAT X Live Valve 140 mmSeatpost RockShox Reverb AXS 170 mmBrakes SRAM CODE RSC 220/200 mmDrivetrain SRAM AXS Eagle X01 1x12Stem GIANT Contact SLR One Piece 40 mmHandlebar GIANT Contact SLR One Piece 800 mmWheelset Zipp 3ZERO MOTO 29″Tires Maxxis ASSEGAI 3C MaxxTerra EXO/MAXXIS DISSECTOR 3C MaxxTerra EXO 2.6/2.6

Technical Data

Size S M L XLWeight 23.5 kgPerm. total weight 156 kgMax. payload (rider/equipment) 132 kgTrailer approval noKickstand mount no

Specific Features

Range extenderFlip-ChipTyreWizFOX Live Valve

Tuning tips: Use conventional handlebars and stem to raise the front end | robust tires with tougher DoubleDown casing for aggressive riding

What is the Giant Trance X Advanced E LTD 2023 capable of on the trail?

In theory, the GIANT Trance X Advanced E LTD has the potential to be an excellent long-distance tourer. In practice, however, the low front end combined with the long reach make it unsuitable for this purpose, resulting in a rather uncomfortable, stretched-out pedalling position – and changing the geometry with the flip-chip doesn’t improve things either. On level ground, the low front end puts lots of pressure on your hands, but as the gradient increases, it has its advantages, preventing the front wheel from lifting off the ground, even on very steep climbs. Here the Live Valve plays a crucial role too, making sure the rear suspension always sits high in its travel. Especially in Turbo mode, the motor is extremely powerful, but the Automatic mode isn’t tuned as harmoniously as Bosch’s eMTB mode.

While your mates are still faffing around with their climb switch at the trailhead, you’re already halfway down the mountain, with the FOX Live Valve taking care of your suspension settings. Especially on flow trails, the system provides tons of support, allowing you to generate speed by pumping through rollers – provided you ride in a straight line! In the corners, the Trance feels rather sluggish, slowing you down and requiring great physical effort to swing the bike around tight bends. The low front end sticks to the ground like Velcro, making it hard to pop off ledges. On rougher, steeper descents, the suspension quickly reaches its limits, sinking deep into its travel and robbing you of comfort. over, the weight is unevenly distributed between the front and rear, triggering unnerving OTB moments on steep trail sections and nasty drops. To improve this, you can set the FOX Live Valve suspension to a harder setting for more support. In long, open corners, on the other hand, the GIANT generates tons of traction and is easy to ride, even for beginners.

The big battery and powerful motor enable epic climbing adventures on fire roads.

Größe S M L XL
Seat tube 400 mm 425 mm 450 mm 475 mm
Top tube 577 mm 607 mm 637 mm 667 mm
Head tube 95 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Head angle 65.7° 65.8° 65.8° 65.8°
Seat angle 77.2° 76° 76° 76°
Chainstays 473 mm 473 mm 473 mm 473 mm
BB Drop 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Wheelbase 1,220 mm 1,239 mm 1,268 mm 1,300 mm
Reach 439 mm 457 mm 482 mm 510 mm
Stack 606 mm 611 mm 621 mm 630 mm

Who should take a closer look at the Giant Trance X Advanced E LTD 2023 and who should look elsewhere?

The GIANT Trance X Advanced E LTD is a good match for tech nerds who like a sporty riding position and have a penchant for long climbing sessions. The big battery and powerful motor enable epic climbs on fire roads. Downhill, the GIANT feels most comfortable on moderate flow-trails, while rowdy riders who are looking for a potent trail bruiser should take a closer look at the Orbea WILD.

The spec sheet of the GIANT Trance X Advanced E LTD is like a porn magazine for tech nerds.

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