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Fiido T1 Pro

It’s a fantastic ride! Absolutely love it! The trip was a success! 84 miles in total, 50 of which were rough terrain, fully loaded and in winter!

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No other cargo / utility e-bike can touch the Fiido at this price point. The 974Wh battery, hydraulic brakes and powerful motor all make for a very appealing package.

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Watch out Vous pouvez désormais m’apercevoir sillonnant Paris en vélo fusée.

If I’m heading out for some shopping or picking up my girl from school on a bike at night, I’d prefer to go with one that offers both comfort and safety. So, I think I’ll stick with this one.

This eBike can replace your Car.

It got good range, it’s tough, and it can carry a whole shed load of gear. So it’s going to be perfect for my needs that’s for sure.

My first impression on this bike is how sturdy it is.


750w Of power has been packed into the T1 motor that comes paired with a 7-speed derailleur; this state-of-the-art machine can reach an impressive top speed of 45 km/h. The 7-speed seamless shift works coherently with 4 power-assist levels, providing 28 power output combinations.

The T1 comes ready for action with a 960wh high-capacity battery capable of a 150km range on power-assisted trips, and an impressive 100km range on a full-throttle trip. With quick charge included, the T1 will be up and running easily for consecutive long journeys. ideal for the frequent traveler.

The T1 comes ready for action with a 974.4Wh high-capacity battery capable of a 150km range on power-assisted trips, and an impressive 100km range on a full-throttle trip. With quick charge included, the T1 will be up and running easily for consecutive long journeys. ideal for the frequent traveler.

The T1’s user-friendly design is centered around providing a comfortable riding experience. The extra-wide saddle and shock-absorbing seat tube, paired with the solid long-stroke suspension fork and 20” tires, ensure that the longest of trips and the hardest of trails are undemanding and uncomplicated.

Made up of an Aluminum Alloy frame and solid Magnesium Alloy one-piece wheels, the Fiido T1 can withstand a massive weight of 200kg. This e-bike has an innovative weight distribution design, granting the riding seat a carrying capacity of 120kg, with an additional 80kg capacity for the rear rack. The 20”4.0 all-terrain fat tires ensure that even the most daunting of trails are easily traversable.

The T1 is dedicated to keeping you as safe as possible, that’s why it’s been equipped with a high-contrast display that delivers all essential information at a glance. even in direct sunlight. to ensure complete engagement in your surroundings.


93MI/150KM Range

Enjoy a long lasting ride

Powerful Motor

28MPH Max Speed

Shock Absorber

Superior front suspension fork

fiido, utility, electric, bike, stealth

20’4.0 Fat Tire

Disc Brakes

Provide powerful stopping power

Technical Specifications

MODEL Fiido T1 Pro Fiido T1
Electric Bike System Fiido System Fiido System
Electric Motorcycle Support Support
Power Assist System 3 gear power boost 3 gear power boost
Maximum Speed 45km/h 45km/h
Battery High quality lion battery High quality lion battery
Operating Temperature -10° ~ 50° -10° ~ 50°
Frame material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Input voltage 100~240V 100~240V
System voltage 48V 48V
Amps 20Ah 20Ah
Battery warranty 1 years 1 years
Electricity-assisted mileage (reference) 150KM 150KM
Display LED Display LED Display
Drive Type Rear Drive Rear Drive
Component warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Brake Type Hydraulic Brake Disc Brakes
Chainset Steel 52 Tooth Steel 52 Tooth
Gears Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed
Chain KMC Z7 KMC Z7
Pedals Included Yes Yes
Grips Rubber Rubber
Handlebars Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Pedals Alloy Alloy
Motor brushless gear motor brushless gear motor
Rated power 750W motor 750W motor
Rims Alloy Alloy
Wheel Size 20″ 20″
Tyre Size 20×4.0 inch fat Tire 20×4.0 inch fat Tire
Frame warranty 1 years 1 years
Net Weight (KG) 36.2KG 36.2KG
Gross Weight(KG) 45KG 45KG
Saddle height 80-112cm 92cm~118cm
Size 180cm69cm118cm 180cm69cm118cm
Package Size 153cm31.5cm87.5cm 153cm31.5cm87.5cm
Maximum load(kg) for riding seat 200 kg (120 kg for riding seat, 80 kg for rear rack) 200 kg (120 kg for riding seat, 80 kg for rear rack)
Battery Cycle Times 800 times 800 times

How To Get The Most Range Life From Your eBike Battery

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There are two things you want to achieve with your e-bike battery. Firstly, whatever size the battery is in watt-hours (Wh), you will want to make sure you know how to get the most range out of it, as running out of battery is the last thing anyone wants to do and the longer you can go without charging the more useful your e-bike is. Secondly, you will want to look after it to maximize its lifespan; the battery is far and away the most expensive ‘consumable’ on any e-bike so of course the longer it lasts the better it is for your wallet. Additionally looking after the battery carefully will also help you get the most range out of it; all batteries decline in capacity over time but those that are treated more harshly show a greater decline. Read on to find out how you can achieve both ends.

You want to make sure your battery will perform to its full potential

Maximising Range

We’ve all seen e-bikes advertised with a range ‘up to’ a certain limit. But how do you know you can achieve that range? Of course, until you try any e-bike out in the real world – with your body weight, your style of riding, and over the kind of terrain you use it in – you won’t. And range claims are often based on laboratory conditions, or at least conditions so benign they are not likely to be replicated in the real world very often. But you can make sure you maximize the range of any e-bike – and with today’s ever-more energy-dense lithium-ion batteries that can be quite significant. Here are EBR’s top tips for getting the most miles per charge.

Get the right bike for your needs

You might think getting the largest battery possible (or at least the largest one you can afford) is all you need to do. Today 500Wh capacity batteries are pretty standard and battery combos on individual bikes in excess of Wh1100, once very rare, are increasingly frequent. But, if you are still at the buying stage, before you sink you money into the biggest battery out there, think about the following points too. These will help you get more range so you needn’t plump for the e-bike with the biggest battery and end up with a heavy e-bike and a light wallet!

Mid-drives are inherently efficient and so will extend the range of your battery, compared to a hub motor, all other factors being equal.

fiido, utility, electric, bike, stealth

Get the Right Kind of Electric Assist System

Crank drives (also called mid-drives) are generally more efficient than hub motor systems (ie use less battery power) and are good hill climbers too. This is especially so on hybrid and e-mtb designs. This is because they ‘leverage’ your bike gears; that is to say the motor comes before the rear wheel gears in the sequence of power transmission, so as the chain and chainwheel keep rotating a fairly steady, comfortable-to-pedal speed (this being the point of bike gears) so does the motor, allowing it to work within a fairly narrow and efficient range of speeds. By contrast hub motors have to operate at the speed at which the wheel is turning and so have to operate over a much broader and more inefficient speed range.

Lightweight hub motors like this Cytronex can be as efficient as mid-drive motors

Having said all that, some small, lightweight hub systems like Ebikemotion and Cytronex are can prove pretty efficient because usually they are frugal with the amount of power they require and the overall design of the bike they are fitted to is usually very efficient and very light (think lightweight city e-bikes or lightweight e-folders). Of course, such systems require a bit more human input than a powerful mid-drive, especially if they are going to be equally efficient and they are also more likely to come with a smaller, weight saving battery than a more powerful mid-motor powered e-bike.

Get the Right Bike Design

Do you really need an e-mtb? If not you will get more range without knobbly tires and full-suspension.

Mtb, hybrid or road design? If you’ve tried out different non-electric bikes you’ll know how much harder it is to pedal a full-suspension mountain bike with wide, knobbly tires compared to a slick road bike. So, unless you are going to be venturing regularly onto tough off-road conditions, don’t opt for a bells and whistles e-mtb, sexy though they may look. A suitable hybrid design may well give you some off-road ability and more range.

A good quality hybrid e-bike like this Cube Kathmandu model can tackle moderate off-road terrain and will give more range than a full suspension e-mtb

Get the Right Motor

How powerful do you need the motor to be? The major manufacturers of crank motors (Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha) all have a range of motors with some options rated as less powerful. Less powerful options are still very capable, so unless you are really convinced you need a really powerful motor for extreme off-road use or heavy load hauling, look at the less powerful options. They will save you money and weight too!

Mid-range mid-drives like Bosch’s Active Line Plus are a good compromise between having plenty of power and extending the range of your bike battery.

Bosch’s new Active Line Plus motor and the new Shimano E6100 are both mid-range, relatively light and efficient mid-motors and get great reviews in tests.

Easy to Pedal Above the Cut Off Limit?

How easy is the e-bike to pedal above the power-assist cut off limit (15.5mph in the EU, 20mph in USA)? It’s most likely you will want to pedal above the assist cap and when you are doing so you are not using battery power and so extending range. E-bikes vary as to how easy or hard they feel to pedal above the limit; I’ve found the Active Line Plus relatively easy. Small hub motors with a good freewheel like the Cytronex can be even easier above 15.5mph.

Don’t Chase A Few Hundred Grams eBike Weight

Opting for an ultra-lightweight e-bike like the 10.7kg Willier Hybrid Cento 10 might look like a good way to gain battery range but other factors like your body weight may be more important.

Total e-bike weight may be less important than you think in terms of extra weight reducing range (though it may well be a big consideration if you need to lift the e-bike upstairs for example). A few hundred grams, or a few ounces, are unlikely to make a big difference when you realize that they are a very small percentage of the total weight of the rider and e-bike. If you are talking several kilos/pounds difference though this may well start to impact range. If you consider yourself overweight a more effective way to get more range from your battery may be to lose weight.

Big Batteries Are Important Off-road

Haibike have designed the capability to add a second battery into their e-mtb frames.

On an off-road style hybrid or e-mtb a big battery can certainly help to get good range. Battery size is measured in watt hours (Wh) and 500Wh and 625Wh are now fairly common (though 300 and 400Wh batteries are often specced to keep e-bike down). There are a few bikes around with well over 625Wh – if you want to go long distances off road on an e-mtb design you might want to consider a dual battery setup like that available on many Haibike e-mtbs.

Real World Riding Tips

Turn the Power Down

Keep an eye on power levels to extend your battery range

Most obviously, you can turn the power level down on an e-bike. You may well need the top ‘turbo’ type setting to power up a very steep off-road hill, but often you will find a lower power setting will speed you along as fast, or almost as fast as a higher power setting. For example, the lowest power level on Bosch’s most powerful motor setting augments your pedal power by some 50% whilst the top turbo setting adds 300%!

Some e-bikes come with a digital display that shows a power meter. This allows you to see just how much electrical power is being delivered – for example, Bosch’s Intuiva and Kiox displays have this feature. You’ll see that often you can change down a gear and use less power whilst still keeping up a reasonable speed, so less power doesn’t inevitably come at the expense of less speed.

Lose a Bit of Speed

The more speed you e-bike at the more wind resistance the motor has to overcome and the more power it uses. Other factors being equal, next to very steep hills, increasing wind resistance makes the greatest demands on battery capacity. You should find reducing speed from the maximum assisted speed of 15.5mph by just 1 or 2 mph should help give more range.

Get the Right Gear and Cadence and Keep the Bike Well-maintained

Using the gears allows you to get a pedaling action that feels light and easy (the speed of the pedal action is known as cadence) and it will be most efficient for the motor and help increase range. Don’t jump straight up to the higher gears and pedal’s bad for range, for the bike and for your knees!

Maintaining correct tire pressure, an oiled chain, and keeping all mechanical parts well-maintained is not just important for riding safety but also helps keep your range up.

Look After Your Batteries for Maximum Range

Look after your battery and it should last for many hundreds of charging cycles.

Lithium-ion batteries do degrade (very slowly) by their nature. However, good care of a battery will stop it losing capacity through sub-optimal treatment, so try to follow these tips:

Batteries have an optimum operating temperature – around room temperature. Charge indoors in very cold weather and keep them inside until you need them.

Persistent over or undercharging will damage a battery. Never use a battery charger that wasn’t specifically made for your battery. Buy a good quality e-bike as they are more likely to have reliable BMS (battery management system) units which also help prevent overcharging and discharging. Don’t leave a lithium battery connected once fully charged.

Be wary of cheaper batteries with suspiciously high claims for battery life and the number of charge cycles they will last – they may be easier to under and overcharge.

Avoid vibration and shock to a battery through rough handling or careless treatment.

Try to avoid long-term storage, but if you do need to store a lithium battery for a period of months check what the maker’s recommended discharged state is for storage.

Stay tuned for more e-bike news and reviews and thanks for reading!

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This last sentence “if you do need to store a lithium battery for a period of months check what the maker’s recommended discharged state is for storage.” isn’t very helpful and could have been omitted.

Yes Paul, It isn’t very helpful but needn’t be omitted. The writer could have added the general guideline of store it at about 50–60%. Of course battery chemistries are developing and this could change AND is why different mfgs might have different specs. The article did leave out the generally standard specs that Apple made clear = for battery lifetime keep charge level between 40 and 80% most of the time. If you are going on a long ride charge it to 100% just before you leave and if you need the range take it down as far as you need to–high charge and low charge stress the battery a bit–it’s not a disaster to do either but don’t do it repeatedly. It is a pain to keep the charge between 40 80% so I just ball park it on my bikes, laptops, iPad phone–all lipos an Li-ion packs.

The 5 Fastest E-Bikes for Sale in 2023

These e-bikes are not only fast, but have excellent range, too.

Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read

The e-bike craze has officially hit the USA, and tons of performance e-bikes capable of extreme speeds are swarming the market. These bikes do, of course, have to abide by government regulations that limit their speed depending on what class they fall under.

So, if you’re purchasing an e-bike, ensure it meets your local laws and regulations. Many manufacturers ship your e-bike with a restricted top speed to abide by local laws. But they allow you to unlock the bike’s full speed through certain modes that can be used in special settings.

Let’s explore the fastest e-bikes available in the US!

Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX

The HPC Revolution XX is the type of e-bike you look at and immediately begin to wonder if e-bikes are getting slightly out of hand. The Revolution XX is the world’s fastest e-bike, with a top speed of 74 miles per hour (tested on a dry lake bed), thanks to an output of 10,000 watts, or 13.4 horsepower. The crazy part is that you can even pedal along at that speed—yikes!

The fact that this e-bike can achieve 74 mph proves that e-bike manufacturers have lost their collective minds. Quietly, this might start an e-bike performance war that could rival the competition going on between the bonkers-fast Tesla’s Model S Plaid and the Lucid Air super EV sedan. The funny thing is that the Revolution XX that will ship to you in the States complies with Class 2 regulations, which means its top speed is limited to 20 mph. Only with the limited top speed could you expect to achieve the maximum claimed range of almost 100 miles.

You can then choose to activate the off-road mode wherever it’s legal to do so, which gives you full power. Only 20 of these super e-bikes will be built, so if you want one, hurry up and order one. The price is an eye-watering 20,000. One thing is for sure: if you want the absolute fastest e-bike out there, your wallet will not go unscathed.

Hi Power Cycles Revolution X

The Revolution X is a 13,000 e-bike with a top speed of 65 miles per hour (if you opt for the 8,000-watt model, which adds 2,000 to the base price). If you need to prioritize torque over top speed, you can order your Revolution X with the Torque motor, which is better for climbing hills and going off-road. You can choose between three battery pack sizes: 1.3 kWh that’s good for 55 miles of range, 1.8 kWh that pushes range up to 80 miles, and the top 2.4 kWh pack that will take the bike up to 100 miles on one charge.

If you want the ultimate top-speed machine, you can go for the Speed motor, which emphasizes outright speed over hill-climbing ability. The great thing is that choosing whichever motor fits your needs best is a no-cost option. Hi Power Cycles (HPC) allows you to customize your Revolution X as much as you want; you can even choose any color you want for the wheels and body if you go for the Stage 2 option, which will set you back 700.

The HPC Revolution X isn’t a cheap e-bike by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want a high-quality e-bike capable of achieving amazing speeds, the Revolution X is hard to beat.

Stealth Electric Bikes B-52

The Stealth B-52 e-bike doesn’t just have an extremely cool name; it’s also very fast—this bike can accelerate to a top speed of 50 mph. The B-52 features a 2.5 kWh battery that provides up to 43 miles of range, and it can be fully recharged from empty in 3 hours.

This ultra-fast e-bike also features a six-speed transmission, so it’s definitely useful in many scenarios. The e-bike itself features a futuristic design that’s sure to capture many looks wherever you go. Honestly, like many of these super powerful e-bikes, it looks more like a motocross bike with pedals attached to it, but the look works very well.

Another cool visual touch is the placement of the company’s logo, which adorns the side of the B-52 in dramatic fashion, making this e-bike instantly recognizable as a Stealth product.

Delfast Top 3.0i

The Top 3.0i will be shipped to the buyer in legal mode, essentially making it a Class 2 e-bike limited to 20 mph. As crazy-fast as this bike is, it’s even crazier to think about riding around on a bike that looks this aggressive while being restricted to a 20 mph top speed. With the limiter in place, fast cyclists on traditional bikes can speed past your restricted Delfast bike. Thankfully, you can unlock the bike’s 50 mph top speed if you’re going off-road by entering Unlimited Mode. Unlimited Mode gives you access to the Top 3.0i’s full power.

The Delfast Top 3.0i is another e-bike that blurs the lines between a full-on electric motorcycle and an e-bike. But Delfast markets the Top 3.0i as an e-bike, even though its appearance is so radical. This e-bike wouldn’t look out of place in a Blade Runner movie, especially in the hands of one of the bad guys. It looks like a futuristic motocross bike, but without any unwanted noise because it’s fully electric.

The 50 mph top speed makes the Top 3.0i a formidable e-bike, guaranteeing no other cyclists on traditional bicycles will simply pedal right past you. The top speed is especially amazing when you consider that the range of this monstrous e-bike is an astonishing 200 miles thanks to its large 3.5 kWh battery. Of course, it doesn’t beat the Optibike’s 300 miles of range, but considering the Delfast Top 3.0i can smoke the Everest in terms of top speed, nobody will be complaining too much.

Another great thing about the Delfast Top 3.0i is that the official website carries replacement motors (attached to a new wheel and tire combo) and replacement batteries.

Optibike R22 Everest

The Optibike R22 Everest is an impressive e-bike. It’s very fast, with a top speed of 36 mph, which puts it in rarified air in terms of e-bikes. It’s also one of the few e-bikes that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. There isn’t much that will hinder the R22’s progress, whose powerful electric motor serves up to 190 Nm (140 lb-ft) of torque. But there’s so much more to it.

The R22 Everest offers up to 300 miles of range, which means it can go toe to toe with many electric cars and is among the e-bikes with the longest range. The reason for this extended range is the battery, which has a capacity of 3.26 kWh.

The Optibike Everest R22 is the perfect example of an e-bike that can easily serve as your daily driver. The fact that it’s equipped with a throttle and an enormous battery pack makes it an ideal companion for urban driving, even for longer commutes. This is especially true if you’re navigating a city with lots of hills, like some in California.

Using the R22 as your daily urban runabout would definitely be a breeze thanks to its 36 mph top speed. The great thing about the R22 Everest is that you’ll arrive quickly at work sweat-free thanks to the e-bike’s throttle (so you don’t have to pedal at all), and you probably won’t have to charge it for the entire week thanks to the huge battery capacity.

Performance E-Bikes Offer Impressive Versatility

It will be interesting to see how manufacturers try to top the performance of the current crop of e-bikes in the future. The models described above are all absolute monsters and feature incredible ranges to go along with their earth-shattering performance, making for versatile rides that offer speed and everyday usability. Hopefully regulations don’t start to sap the fun out of e-bikes in the future because it will be great to witness how far e-bike performance can be pushed.

Stealth ebike battery

Reinvent joyriding with Level.2. An upgrade to our flagship commuter ebike, Level.2 is as innovative as it is efficient. A fully integrated battery, four integrated lights, and a front suspension fork provide ultimate comfort and safety no matter the terrain or time of day. Equipped with preinstalled fenders and a rear rack, Level.2 can transport it all, from work essentials to picnic goodies, without the elements taking their toll. Aventon’s first electric bike engineered with a torque sensor means a more natural riding experience. Take control of your ride with Level.2 intuitively amplifying your effort or go against electric and pedal solely with your power.

An intuitive, color display shows your speed, battery charge, pedal assist level, distance traveled and more. In addition, it allows you to control your ebike’s class rating and integrated lights. Sync to the Aventon app to share your trips with your friends.

Level.2’s upgraded torque sensor recognizes how light or hard you’re pedaling, meeting you exactly where you’re at, amplifying your own power. Not only promoting a more natural riding experience but also conserving battery life and extending range!

Monitor your speed, battery life, distance traveled, and more mid-ride with the intuitive Color Display. Sync to the Aventon mobile app for additional riding data and to connect with the larger Aventon community!

A front suspension fork with up to 65mm of travel means you can ride anywhere and everywhere with comfort and confidence! Adjustable to match your preferences, Level.2 can absorb every bump in the road or be adjusted to your best feel on the road!

Pre-installed fenders will protect you from the elements, rain or shine, while an attached rear rack means you can transport all of your essentials, whether you’re heading out for a picnic or heading home from work!

Discover your level with a powerful 500W rear hub motor. Paired with a torque sensor and fully integrated fast-charging battery, you’ll get to your destination in record time with juice still to spare.

Five levels of pedal assist mean you’re in charge of how much or how little electric assist you get from your ebike, while a throttle will propel you at speeds up to 20 MPH, keeping you moving when pedaling is just an afterthought!

Aventon has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Aventon ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components. info

Customer Reviews

I already have a pace and the level is a step up. The torque drive makes for a smoother transition and easier to start off. The shocks also smooth out the ride. However it is a bit harder to get a workout at a slower speed. Level seems much faster at assist 1.

I bought this to commute to work and now I take it everywhere. I live in Seattle, it climbs hills like a champ. The hills were always my barrier for regular bike commuting because let’s face it. who want to show up to a meeting all sweaty. This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time!

Hi Stephanie, This is exactly what we love to hear! We’re glad you’re able to commute to work and be outside and more active. Thanks for the awesome review. Aventon

I love all the options and ease of use of this bike. Made me excited to ride. Lots of trips planned. Thank you

Coming from a level 1 step through there was something familiar about the level 2 when I rode it. The torque sensor really does make the ride more smooth. The new backlit display is bright and easy to see in the daylight. The brake light and side lights make me feel safer on my commute home from work at night. I honestly didn’t want to wait for someone to assemble it for me so I did it myself. I was a bit nervous but the bike is pretty much assembled on the package. I just had to watch the easy to follow instructions on the Aventon website. All in all it took me about an hour to assemble. I definitely recommend purchasing the level 2. you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your new e-bike! Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

I bought the Level 2 for my wife and she was having so much fun I decided to get a Level 2 for myself. I have been riding a roadie for 26 years. I am 75 years old and sometimes the knees get a little sore. This is something my wife and I can do together and keep up with one another. She gave up on standard bike riding because of her knees and now she has no problems. This is a well built bike and brings the joy of riding back in our lives. The bikes are heavier than normal but we purchased a ramp for our porch and we keep the bikes in the house. Buy one-you won’t regret it.

Hey Rider, Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo of your new e-bikes. We can’t wait to see where you both will go next! Don’t forget to register your e-bike at! Cheers, Aventon

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