Fastest Electric Scooter – 6 Most Powerful Models to Buy in 2023. Worlds fastest electric scooter

Worlds fastest electric scooter

You May Delay, But Time Will Not!

Rightly said by Benjamin Franklin. To compete in the modern world, you need to utilize your time efficiently. Therefore, it is wise to invest in the fastest electric scooter instead of a four-wheeler.

After all, these scooters are not only economical, time-efficient, but they are also simple and fun. They would turn your monotonous commutes into something special. What’s more, is that you do not require a driving license in order to drive an electric scooter.

All you would need is high-quality protective gear, a helmet, to ensure your personal safety. Investing in a scooter might be tempting, however, it is better to gather the required information before making the final decision.

There are different reasons for investing in a scooter. For instance, you are looking for a different kind of ride, you want to reach a nearby place faster than a car especially in heavy traffic, or you simply love going outdoor to enjoy the fresh air. Scooters like DRIDER 9, DRIDER 8, etc. are the perfect choice. Here is our list of our Best Scooters


PRICE: 749.00

Looking for a high-end scooter at an affordable price? The DRIDER 8 is an excellent choice. It incorporates features of a high-end scooter while being budget-friendly. The scooter comes with a load capacity of 120 Kg, top speed of 20-22 KPH, range 22-25 Km, and battery of 36V.

Features of DRIDER 8 Off-road Electric Scooter
Motor : 500 Watt Range : 13-15 Miles. Battery : 36V 18.2ah
Battery position : Under board Top Speed : 20-22 MPH Weight Limit : 220 lbs.
Tires : Tubeless tire. Suspension : Front spring, dual rear spring suspension. Brakes : Rear drum brakes
Lights : Rear LED brake light, LED headlight Display : On-board display Dimensions : 39 x 18 x7 inches
Folded dimension : 18 x 7 inches. Weight : 40 lbs. Drive : Front wheel drive
Adjustable handlebars : Adjustable handlebars, stem Climbing angle : 10-12 degrees Frame : Lightweight aluminum alloy frame.
Wheel Material : Aluminum alloy. Wheel Size : 16 inch

Its impressive 500 W motor makes it the perfect choice for your daily commutes as it lets your travel a long distance with a single charge.


The DRIDER 8 comes with a simple, yet chic design. The overall black finish adds elegance, yet gives the scooter a chic look. The foldable electric scooter having adjustable seat allows the ease of transportation. Being lightweight, you can even carry it around. It is perfect for short commutes within the city.


The DRIDER 8 offers a top speed of 22 MPH. It is perfect for your daily commutes such as going to school, office, or just a ride around the corner. The scooter lets you enjoy it at a safe speed.


Since the scooter is among the fastest electric scooter for adults, thus it is equipped with the finest braking system. The scooter comes with a rear and a front drum brake that lets you halt safely.


Tires being an important aspect of the scooter that defines its range and speed, the DRIDER 8 comes with premium quality tubeless tires that are built to ride smoothly on on-road and off-road terrains. The anti-skid tires are made up of solid rubber with threads to ensure the complete safety of the rider on dump slippery surfaces.

Suspension System

For a scooter to offer a smooth ride, it needs to be equipped with the finest suspension system. DRIDE 8 does come with an excellent dual suspension system to ensure that your rides are fun. Its 16-inch wheels and durable springs absorb shock to a great extent, thus ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride even on rocky surfaces.


The range is one of the most important factors that require consideration. DRIDER 8 makes it possible for you to travel a maximum of 20 miles before requiring a recharging. The strong motor and outstanding battery capacity would offer greater ranger and better speed.


DRIVER offers portability in every possible way. Thus, its 40 lbs weight makes it ideal to carry in your truck when you are off for holidays.


Riding DRIDER 8, your fastest electric scooter, is not limited to daytime, thus the scooter comes with an outstanding lighting system to ensure a smooth ride during dark hours. The front headlight allows you to illuminate the path ahead of you. Whereas, the back red LED brake lights would notify the road users that you are about to stop.


The lightweight DRIDER 8 comes with a durable aluminum alloy body that offers robustness and sturdiness. Its drum brake system ensures the safety of the rider by effectively reducing as well as ensuring instant halt. Its rear brake lights would notify people behind regarding the change of speed.

Water Resistance

You have no control over the weather, therefore, DRIDER 8 comes with water-resistant capabilities. You would not have about your scooter while riding in heavy rain.


  • Easy to transport due to folding factor
  • Offers Extended Range
  • Perfect for both on-road as well as off-road use


The X8 is among the fastest electric scooter that offers great features at an amazing price. Its 350 Watt motor, 36 V battery, and 100 kg load capacity make it ideal for daily traveling. The scooter has a range of 45 Km and a top speed of 30 Km/h, thus delivering optimum backup time.

Features of DRIDER X8
Motor : 350 Watt Range : 46 Miles Battery : 36V 10AH
Battery position : Under board Top Speed : 30 KPH Weight Limit : 220 lbs.
Tires : 10-inch, anti-skid, anti-vibration, grade vacuum tire Suspension : Front and rear spring suspension Brakes : Disc Brake, Electronic Brake, Pedal Brake
Lights : Built-in front LED lights Display : High Power LED with Ergonomics Design Dimensions : 43 x 17 x 47 inches
Folded dimension : 43 x 18 x 18 inches Weight : 41 lbs. Drive : Front rear wheel drive
Adjustable handlebars : Non-adjustable Climbing angle : 15 degrees Frame : Aluminum alloy
Wheel Material : Solid rubber Wheel Size : 10 inches


The scooter is an upgrade of the X7 electric scooter, thus it has all the advantages of the X7 scooter along with a sleek and chic design. The body is made up of aviation-grade aluminum alloy along with other metals of high tensile strength.

In addition to the sleek design, the scooter has a 3-second folding method. The lightweight and compact scooter can fit anywhere you like.


The lightweight scooter comes with a top speed of 30 km/h and a maximum range of 46 miles. The scooter is able to perform this at its maximum with optimal load capacity. The removable batteries allow you to go on a longer commute as you can switch batteries, once the current ones are discharged.


The X8 offers a top speed of 30 KM/h, thus making it an ideal choice for offices, schools, and colleges. The ride is safe and enjoyable. It lets you reach your destination without getting stuck in all the heavy traffic.


The X8 scooter is extremely lightweight, thus allowing you to carry it on your shoulder or back for a short walk. What’s more, is the sleek and compact design that lets you fit your electric scooter in the back of your truck for long-distance traveling.


This amazing scooter comes with a triple brake system including the pedal brake, electric brake, and a disc brake system. The disc-brake system along with the E-ABS anti-lock system makes the braking system extremely efficient and effective.


Unlike many other scooters, the D X8 comes with a high-definition LED display that provides information regarding different scooter situations. The ergonomics design makes it easy to control and stay updated!


There is no denying that the D X8 scooter comes with one of the finest tire systems. The 10-inch tires automotive-grade vacuum tires are long-lasting and reliable. Their anti-skid system ensures the safety of the ride, and the anti-vibration system enhances comfortability.


The addition of a removable battery does not allow the self-locking system. You can charge the batteries while they are inside the side as well as once they are out. So, keep two sets of batteries so that you never have to wait for charging your scooter. You simply swap the discharged ones with the charged ones and enjoy endless riding.


The motor is among the most important aspect of an electric scooter and the D X8 is equipped with a robust 350 Watts motor. The motor can carry a weight between 20 to 100 Kg without compromising on the speed or the range.


The anti-skid system makes D X8 one of the safest electric scooters to ride. You can enjoy smooth riding even on uneven surfaces or slippery platforms. What’s more, is that the LED light present in the front lets you drive your scooter safely in the dark hours.


The scooter comes with waterproof batteries and the pedal supports washing, thus you can take a troll on a rainy day without worrying about the health of your scooter.


Price: 839.99

When it comes to robustness and sturdiness, nothing can compete with DRIDER 8 Max electric scooter. The foldable, lightweight scooters come with a top speed of 20 MPH and an impressive range of 40 miles. The 350W motor and the 20-degree inclination angle allow smooth riding on steep slopes and uneven surfaces.

Features of DRIDER 8 MAX Off-road Electric Scooter
Motor : 350 Watt Range : 40.4 miles Battery : 48V 15AH
Battery position : Under board Top Speed : 20 MPH Weight Limit : 220 lbs.
Tires : 10-inch pneumatic tires Suspension : Front and rear spring suspension Brakes : Front Disk Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes
Lights : Built-in front LED lights. Rear LED brake lights Display : No display Dimensions : 45.9 x 18.6 x 47.4 inches
Folded dimension : 45.9 x 18.6 x 21.0 inches Weight : 41 lbs. Drive : Front rear wheel drive
Adjustable handlebars : Non-adjustable Climbing angle : 20 degrees Frame : Aluminum alloy
Wheel Material : Solid rubber Wheel Size : 10 inches


Being among the fastest electric scooters for sale, the DRIDER 8 Max comes with a sleek, yet simple design. The LED display adds a modern look to the scooter as well as offers ease of operation. The black body gives it a sleek look and the yellow strip makes it look chic. Its ergonomic design ensures the optimal performance of the scooter.


DRIDER 8 Max delivers what it promises. The scooter comes with an impressive range of 40 miles and it ensures that the rider is able to enjoy this range despite the riding surface and the load capacity. Of course, there can be a little difference in range, especially when riding on extremely challenging surfaces, however, the difference would be minimal.


When you invest in a scooter as great as DRIDER 8 Max, you will not have to worry about speed. The scooter comes with a remarkable top speed of 20 MPH despite the riding conditions. This is something that others scooters are unable to match.


What often surprises people is that even though the scooter offers great performance, yet it is extremely lightweight. The 41lbs scooter is easy to carry around on the back of your truck.


The DRIDER 8 Max comes with a unique design of recycling the kinetic energy and supplying that the scooters’ batteries. But how does this happen? Simple, when you use the brakes, the regenerative brake system collects the kinetic energy, recycles it, and sends it to the batteries.

The rear drum brakes and the front disk allow you instant halt, thus ensuring your safety in the hours of need.


An LED headlight is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, and the DRIDER 8 Max offers more than what is necessary. Therefore, it is equipped with powerful LEDs headlights that let your drive well past the daylight hours.

In addition, the scooters come with rear LED brake lights that would notify the users behind you that you are planning to slow down or halt.


The scooter has 10-inch pneumatic tires that ensure a smooth and safe ride. The self-healing air-filled tires can withstand multiple punctures as long as they are less than 6mm in diameter. Thus, reducing the need for tire replacement.


The DRIDER 8 Max offers smooth rides due to its advance and sophisticated brake systems. The scooter comes with high-power headlights for a clear road view during night hours and rear brake lights to notify road users that you are about to stop or slow down. Thus, the users are able to keep a safe distance.

Water Resistance

Riding an Electric Scooter does not mean that you can enjoy the weather. Take your DRIDER 8 Max, outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Not only the body of the scooter is water-resistant, but its battery is water-resistant as well. Thus, let yourself be free and enjoy riding.


  • Fast rotation folding system
  • Humanized Grip Design
  • Triple Break, E-ABS Anti-lock System
  • Pneumatic tires system
  • Option to choose between three different riding modes


Price: 1099.00

Being one of the fastest electric scooters, DRIDER 9 will appeal to your adventure sense. The scooter performs like no other. Its powerful 600W motor would turn your daily commute into something exciting. Thanks to its 11 inches tubeless tires, you can enjoy a comfortable ride even on rough terrains.

Features of DRIDER 9 Off-road Electric Scooter
Motor : 600 W Range : 25 miles Battery : 48V 13Ah LG
Battery position : Under the board. Top Speed : 22-24MPH Weight Limit : 220 lbs
Tires : 11” tubeless tire Suspension : Front and rear spring suspension Brakes : Front Disk Brakes, Rear Drum Brakes
Lights : Front headlights, rear brake lights, blue atmospheric lights under deck Display : LED display dashboard Dimensions : 39” by 40.2” by 42”
Folded dimension : 19.5” by 14.5” by 43” Weight : 40 lbs. Drive : Front rear wheel drive
Adjustable handlebars : Foldable handlebars. Climbing angle : 10-12 degrees Frame : Steel frame.
Wheel Material : Solid rubber Wheel Size : 10 inches


The DRIDER 9 scooter is for people who like their scooters to be sturdy as well as chic. The design of the scooter demonstrates strength and the black color gives it an eye-catching appearance. The scooter is perfect for people who love the speed with style. After all, it is among the fastest folding electric scooter you would come across.


Range defines a scooter. The readers are really keen on knowing how far they can travel with their scooter. This dynamic scooter comes with powerful batteries and a lasting motor, thus it lets you go 25 miles with a single charge. This means that you can now hit the road without getting worried about the battery getting depleted.


DRIDER 9 being the fastest scooter offers the best. It is equipped with a 600W motor that ensures that you can touch the sky. The scooter can deliver its top speed even when carrying the maximum load, which in this case is 220 lbs.

The 24 MPH top speed is something that would add thrill and excitement to your daily commute. However, driving safe is imperative!


It may be slightly towards the heavy side, but it compensates for that with its advanced features and functionality. The scooter weighs 40 lbs. However, its powerful batteries contribute most of its weight.


The scooter comes with an advanced and sophisticated dual brake system that lets you slow down slowly or make an instant halt. After all, the rear drum brake and the front brake work in union to provide you complete control over your scooter.


DRIVER 9 comes with front headlights that ensure riding in the hours of the night. Its strong LED headlights allow the rider to the road in front clear as crystal. The backlights signal other users on the road that you are either about to make a stop or slow down.

The scooter comes with lighting that is limited to functional use only. The scooter’s deck is lighted up with a blue atmospheric light. This not only adds to the aesthetic sense of the scooter, but also makes it visible from the sides.


DRIDER 9 comes with tires that would eliminate the deflation issues. These tubeless tires have deep threads to provide a strong surface grip. It lets you move with ease and comfort even on rough terrains.


DRIDER 9 is among the few scooters that FOCUS on the safety of the rider. Its dual spring suspension system would ensure a smoother ride even on difficult terrains. The front LED would let the rider see at night and the backlights would notify road users that you are able to make a stop or slow down.


  • 600W strong motor
  • Load Capacity of 330 lbs
  • Fast folding system
  • LCD Display


DRIDER 9 Pro is equipped with power and sophisticated technology. The scooter is one of a kind as it comes with a 2 x 500 W base/ 8000W Peak. Its lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 48V and it offers a range of 22 and above miles.

Features of DRIDER 9 PRO Off-road Electric Scooter
Motor : 2x 500W base / 800W peak Range : 22 miles Battery : 48V 15Ah
Battery position : Under board Top Speed : 26 mph Weight Limit : 220 lbs.
Tires : 8 x 3.9 inches, foam filled Suspension : Front rear spring suspension. Brakes : Front and rear disc brakes
Lights : Rear LED brake light, front LED handlebar light. Display : LCD Digital Display. Dimensions : 43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches
Folded dimension : 43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches Weight : 54 lbs. Drive : Front and rear wheel drive.
Adjustable handlebars : Foldable handlebars. Climbing angle : 20 degrees. Frame : Aluminum alloy
Wheel Material : Solid aluminum. Wheel Size : 10 inches

The rider can enjoy the top speed of 26 MPH and it can withstand a load capacity of 100 KG. Thus, making it a perfect electric scooter for all kinds of people.


DRIDER 9 Pro has a sleek black design that appeals to the aesthetic sense of most riders. Its aluminum body and matte finish further add to its style and grace. The scooter lets you enjoy sophisticated technology without compromising on style.

In short, it offers the best of both worlds!

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When a scooter has a powerful battery and a motor capacity of 1000 W, it is bound to have an impressive range. This marvelous scooter can provide a range of 22 miles with a single charge. It means you can enjoy endless riding without worrying about battery depletion.


DRIDER 9 Pro is for riders who love the thrill of speed. The high-end racing scooter offers a 26 MPH top feed, thus adding thrill to your daily commutes. The 11” tires and outstanding suspension system would ensure that you have a comfortable ride even when driving at a high speed.


When a scooter is offering so much, its weight should not stop you from investing in it. Yes, the DRIDER 9 Pro is more towards the heavy side. The 54lbs weight can be a reason for objection, but when you look at the features, the comfort, and the sleek design, the weight is assuredly not an issue.

over, the weight is manageable, since you have to carry the scooter in your car truck for outdoor adventures.


The scooter provides your complete control as it is equipped with a front and rear disk brake system. over, its LCD will let you know, when you apply brakes as well as update you regarding the velocity.


Since DRIDER 9 Pro is the scooter of today, thus it comes equipped with all necessary features. The scooter has built-in LED highlights that illuminate your path during the dark hours. The rear light notifies other users on the road that you are either about to slow down or make a stop.


The 1000 mm front and rear solid tires ensure a comfortable ride. Their strong bearing capacity further makes the ride even on rough terrains. The tires are strong and sturdy. These wear-resistant tires prevent accidents such as punctures while riding.


The sophisticated break safety offers complete control of the scooter. To further enhance the safety feature, the scooter is equipped with a front LED headlight that lets you ride in the dark. Also, it comes with a rear light that would notify other users on the road that you are either about to stop or slow down.

Its anti-theft lock mechanism takes safety to a whole new level. Once parked outside, you need not worry about your scooter as no one can ride your scooter as one can ride away with your scooter without unlocking it with the key that you have in your


A scooter that has it all, would also be water-resistant. The DRIDER 9 Pro performance exceptionally well even on a rainy day. The sleek design makes it easy for you to enjoy a ride in the rain and the strong tires with anti-skid technology would ensure your safety to a great extent.


  • Foam-filled tires that remove the tire problems
  • LCD display
  • Dual Spring Suspension


DRIDER 10X is a unique scooter that comes with 2,400W motor power and a battery capacity of 52V. The scooter offers a range of 35 to 40 miles depending upon the surface type. It offers a top speed of 35 to 40 MPH.

Features of DRIDER 10X Off-road Electric Scooter
Motor : 2400 W Range : 35-40 Miles Battery : 52V 18Ah
Battery position : Under the board Top Speed : 35-40 MPH Weight Limit : 330 lbs.
Tires : Tubeless tires Suspension : Dual swing arm, front, and rear spring suspension. Brakes : Front and rear disc brakes
Lights : Rear LED brake light, front headlights Display : LCD Digital Display Dimensions : 50.4 x 38.6 x21.3 inches
Folded dimension : 50.4 x19.7 x 21.3 inches Weight : 80 lbs. Drive : Front and rear-wheel drive.
Adjustable handlebars : Foldable handlebars, adjustable stem Climbing angle : 20 degrees Frame : Aluminum alloy
Wheel Material : Aluminum alloy Wheel Size : 10 x 3 inches

DRIDER 10X being the fastest electric scooter is the perfect choice for your daily transportation, regardless of the road type. If you are a scooter lover, you will surely enjoy the excitement and the thrill the scooter has to offer.


The black sleek design with the addition of red tends to stand out. The scooter is designed to attract attention everywhere it goes. The matte black finish gives a scooter a graceful and sophisticated look. Thus, the scooter appeals to almost everyone’s aesthetic sense.


When it comes to speed, nothing can beat DRIDER 10X, After all, it is the fastest electric scooter that you find. Its 2400W motor and a top speed of 40 MPH would make your day-to-day commutes exciting. The great thing about DRIDER 10X is that it delivers what it promises.

The load capacity has a direct impact on the top speed, but since DRIDER 10X can handle up to 330 lbs, thus it can deliver its top speed in most cases.


DRIDER 10X is a scooter that delivers all. Therefore, if it weighs a little extra, it should not be a problem. The powerful batteries couple up with a strong 24000W motor to bring the total weight to 80 lbs. The fastest scooter would turn your daily commute into something exciting.

Despite its weight, you can easily carry it around in the back of your car truck for off-road adventure.


The scooter comes with a dual brake system that provides complete control of your scooter. It would let you ride smoothly even on the roughest terrains. The braking system allows you to change your speed in a short time frame or make an instant halt.


DRIDER 10X comes with tires that have a 10-inch diameter and a 3-inch width. This makes balancing on the scooter very easy. In addition, the tires are tubeless, thus ensuring that you do not encounter any off-road accidents.


Since DRIDER 10x is towards the heavy side in terms of weight and performance, therefore, it is imperative to maintain high safety standards. The scooter comes with strong front LED headlights that illuminate your pathway as you travel in the dark hours. In addition, it comes with a rear light that indicates to users that you are either about to stop or slow your speed down.

To take security to another level, the scooter comes with a dual disc brake system that allows you full control of the scooter. It reduces quickly reduces your speed to safe levels. The suspension system of DRIDER 10X delivers maximum comfort due to its spring suspension system. It lets you travel even on the bumpiest roads with comfort and ease.


A scooter that offers all, would be water-resistant. The DRIDER 10X allows you to enjoy your ride even when it rains. The battery is waterproof and so is the sturdy and robust body. Also, the scooter has the ability to perform well in damp conditions such as snow or muddy roads.


  • The DRIDER 10X is equipped with a dual spring suspension
  • It has a powerful battery
  • Provides an impressive range
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for rough surfaces

Investing in a Scooter

When investing in a scooter, here are few things that you should know about an electric scooter. So, below, we are going to FOCUS on how fast a scooter can go and what factors contribute to its speed.

Speed Based on Age Category

Since you prefer an electric scooter over regular bikes or skateboards due to its ease and efficiency, here is what you need to know about scooter speeds based on your age. After all, speed is one of the most important factors when purchasing an electric scooter.

In most cases, the top speed of an electric scooter designed for an adult is around 30 mph. An adult can enjoy that speed on a battery-operated scooter. However, in this case, you would have to move in the bike lane.

In case, you are looking for a scooter that can move faster, you would have to invest in a gas-powered one. These scooters tend to offer more speed and they even come with a seat and a frame to let you rest your feet on.

On average a kid scooter can go up to 15mph. Nonetheless, there are scooters that offer top speed up to 18 mph on a single charge. The reason a kid scooter cannot go beyond the mentioned speed is that manufacturers limit the speed of the scooter during production.

The reason being, kids are at greater risk of meeting an accident in case of high-speed scooters. Therefore, limiting their speed is a precaution to ensure the kid’s safety.

Factors that Impact E-Scooter’s Range

If you are wondering why the scooter’s range varies, understand that not all riding conditions are ideal. It is important to know how far a scooter can go with one charge, especially, when you are going to be using it for your daily commutes.

We often come across riders stating that the scooter does not perform the way the company advertises it. The range varies in the real world. There is no denying this, however, there are reasons behind the phenomena. Below, we are going to talk about the factors that have an impact on the scooter’s range in detail. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

What Affects the Speed of a Scooter?

The max range of the e-scooter is affected by the external factors such as

The manufacturers also specify the amount of air that is to be pumped into the scooter’s tires. Do bear in mind that when a company advertises a range, it is basically the range under IDEA conditions. It is not a poly to trap a customer into buying it.

On the contrary, the manufacturers have to set certain controls in order to test a scooter’s range. The company would then use this particular data for publishing purposes. Of course, there are manufacturers that would mention that the respective speed is achieved under XYZ circumstances, but then there are those who would not mention this.

NOTE: It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to state the circumstances and the conditions under which the scooters achieve the range they are specifying in their advertisement. A good way to go about this is to use the “~” in front of the range that you mention.

However, there are electric scooter manufacturers that do not provide such information. Even though it is easy and simple to publish, but it leads to greater customer dissatisfaction at one point or another.

Bear in mind that the scooter’s battery capacity is analogous to the size of a car’s fuel tank. So, the more fuel a car tank can hold, the greater distance it can cover. Based on the specifications of the motor and the battery, we are able to calculate the theoretical range of the scooter using basic intermediate and arithmetic physics.

NOTE: In order to calculate the range of a scooter, you need to know its specifications including the motor power and the battery capacity. Take an example of Drider-8 by e-scooters. The scooter comes with the following specifications

1.Battery: 36 Volts (V) – 18.2 Ampere-hour (Ah) 2.Motor Power – 500 Watts (W)

The first thing we are going to apply is the distance formula: Distance (KM) – Time (Hr) x Speed (Km/hr) For this formula, you need to know the speed at which you will ride (assuming that the ride is of constant speed) and the scooter duration at which it can sustain the speed until it runs of out battery.

For speed purposes, we are going to uses the highest speed at which you can ride an e-scooter. The top speed of the scooter is 22 km/h.

First we need to figure out the battery capacity. We use the Watt-hours unit to define the capacity of a battery.

The formula is given below. Watt-hour = Ampere-Hour x Voltage In this case, the battery capacity would be as follows: 18.2 x 36 = 655.2 Wh. Now let’s calculate the time Time = Capacity of the Battery / Power Consumption. 655.2Wh/ 500W = 1.310 hr. Now use the speed and the time to find the distance Distance = Speed x Time 22 km/h x 1.310 = 28.82

So, in theory, this scooter will be able to cover a distance of 28.82 meters before its battery completely depletes.

NOTE: The information above is would help you understand the range and the things that would affect its range, thus ensuring that you do not run out of battery.

However, in real life, the above factors are not the only ones that require consideration. On the contrary, we need to take into account the riding condition, the rider itself, and several other factors.

Other Factors Affecting the Range of an E-Scooter

Below are the major factors that have an adverse effect on the scooter range.


Every scooter comes with a weight limitation. It is imperative to adhere to the weight limitation to enjoy the smooth functionality of the scooter. However, there is no denying that the scooter would have to work hard in case the rider is heavy.

If the rider is lightweight, the scooter would be burning less amount of energy. The weight capacity a scooter can withstand is always mentioned in the product’s description. For instance, in the case of DRIDER 8, the scooter can withstand weight up to 120 kg.

Do bear in mind that the optimum load is different from the maximum load. The scooter would have better performance with optimum weight in comparison to the maximum load.

When you buy an electric scooter, make sure that the motor power is according to your weight and body size. Heavy riders should go with motor powers ranging between 350 to 500 or more. For instance, it is a good idea to invest DRIDER 9, one of the fastest scooters available in the market.

Insufficient Tire Pressure

It is common knowledge that under-inflated tires reduce fuel economy to a great extent. The reason being, under-pressurized wheels deform the optimal shape of the wheels. Due to this, there is an increased contact surface between the ground and the wheel. Thus, resulting in increased friction.

It is important to point out that avoiding insufficient pressure is not the same as allowing over-pressurized tires.

NOTE: The pressure present on the tire is usually the maximum pressure and not the optimum one.

The first thing that you need to do is get a tire pump with a pressure gauge. Now ensure that you check your tire pressure once every few weeks. If the pressure is below the optimal level, inflate the tires until they are optimal level again. When you maintain sufficient pressure you are not only reducing the chances of ending up with a flat tire, but at the same time, you are also increasing the lifespan of the tire.

NOTE: Every scooter comes with different optimum pressure, therefore, go through the manual of your scooter to determine the perfect tire pressure.

Riding Uphill

Above: The DRIDER 10X has the ability to go up to 40 MPH depending upon the riding style and terrain.

The range of an electric scooter is greatly affected by the gradient. If you have been riding a bicycle, you would know that riding a bike uphill, even the ones with a gentle slope requires more effort in comparison to riding on level ground.

So, bear in mind that having to go uphill in your route will take a big amount off the range that a scooter’s manual indicates. After all, the scooter’s range is calculated in a leveled ground, whereas your actual route is different.

How to Resolve the Issue

If possible, go with a longer route that goes around the slope. In case, the detour is very long, then you can stick to the original route and compromise on the range.

Riding Aggressively

The physics laws state that an objective in rest stays in rest and an objective in motion would stay in motion. For a stationary object to move, it requires energy. Likewise, you need the energy to increase the speed or to low down the speed.

Below is the general energy consumption that we associate with different types of scooter activities.

2.The scooter is moving at a constant speed

3.Scooter is moving from a stationary position (this is applicable only if the scooter has electronic brakes)

4.The scooter is moving from a lower speed to a higher speed

Remember, the number of times you accelerate and decelerate during the ride would shorter the overall range of the scooter.

How to achieve maximum range

If your objective is to achieve maximum range, then understand that patience is a virtue. Instead of accelerating hastily, you need to cruise your speed gently. Try maintaining optimal speed for a longer period of time.

The reason that we call it the cruising speed is because the scooter is able to maintain the speed comfortably. So, when you are riding an electric scooter with electronic brakes, if possible, stop instead of using braking hard. This would not only be safe, but it would also gain more kilometers. In addition, the brake pads and tires of your scooter would last long.

Scooter Riding in Hot Temperatures

The optimal temperature of the battery is similar to what humans are comfortable with. Manufacturers usually point that 20 degrees C or something lower is the optimal temperature for the battery. The acceptable operating range temperature is between 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C.

Optimal Temperature offers the best battery capacity as well as it is best to increase the lifespan of the battery in terms of total charge cycles.

Temperature Management

When it comes to your electric scooter, think of it as a living creature. Avoid scooting the scooter in the boot of the car especially during the hot summer reason. Do not leave it parking under direct sunlight for a long time. For storage purposes, opt for an indoor cold and dry place instead of the outdoor chilling winter weather.

Safety Measures of an Electric Scooter

We can clearly see that the rise in electric scooter riding will reinvent the urban transportation that we know in no time. In addition to being convenient, the scooters would also decrease the overall traffic congestion.

Despite all its potential, modern electric scooter riding is not all fun and games. On the contrary, statistics show that about 39.113 percent of people got injured just in the United States of America over a period of 4 years. Not only this, the e-scooter related hospital admissions have increased over time.

However, it is time to change the statistics and use the scooters to their full potential while ensuring your safety. There are a certain set of safety measures that you should take to avoid accidents at all costs.

  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars
  • Always wear a proper helmet
  • Slow your speed before making a turn or looking back
  • Regular scooter inspection is imperative
  • Scooter Inspection before every ride is critical
  • Equip your electric scooter with proper lights
  • Get some eye protection
  • Ride Solo
  • Opt for Clearer Paths
  • Never Use Your Phone While riding
  • Set the scooter upright
  • Avoid riding a scooter in the rain
  • Follow all the regular road safety requirements
  • Avoid overspending by maintaining the optimal speed

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The scooters come with a great suspension system, top range, and impressive range. We also cater to not a certain age group, on the contrary, our scooters are perfect for kids, adults, and even older people.

It is extremely less likely that you find scooters such as ours at these amazing rates. These high-end scooters would turn your daily commutes into something exciting. So, when it comes to choosing the fastest electric scooter for yourself or your loved ones, do check out our amazing collection of the fastest scooters available.

Fastest Electric Scooter – 6 Most Powerful Models to Buy in 2023

One of the most common questions that people, who like to ride high-speed electric scooters, ask is, what is the fastest electric scooter? There are reports on the internet that some DIY enthusiasts have built electric scooters that can reach a top speed of up to 100 mph.

However, these electric scooters don’t make for the safest option and are also probably pretty inconvenient to use. That’s because they don’t offer the safety features that commercially available products do. While commercially available electric scooters have their own pros and cons, they’re equipped with many safety features, such as powerful braking, pneumatic tires, and throttle. Not only do these features ensure rider safety, but they also make the riding experience more comfortable. In this article, I’ll discuss the 6 fastest electric scooters with advanced features that money can buy. Keep in mind that these models aren’t for kids. They’re designed for adults needing an electric scooter with high-weight capacity and exceptional top speed.

  • The 6 Fastest Electric Scooters that you can buy in 2023
  • Fastest Electric Scooters: Reviews
  • 1. Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter: Best Overall
  • 2. Wolf King GT Pro Electric Scooter: Fastest Pick
  • 3. Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter: Best Braking System
  • 4. tifgalop T88PLUS Electric Scooter: Most Affordable
  • 5. REDDYDY RD1 Electric Scooter: Most Stylish
  • 6. Blade X Electric Scooter: Lightest Option
  • How Fast Can A Rental Scooter from Bird, Lime, Lyft, Or Spin Go?
  • Who Should Use A High-Speed Scooter?
  • What Does the Law Say About Fast Electric Scooters?
  • Safety Concerns
  • Other Scooters to Consider
  • Specification and Comparisons
  • Fastest Electric Scooter: Scooter Conclusion

The 6 Fastest Electric Scooters that you can buy in 2023

Electric Scooter Top Speed Mileage Max Rider Weight Total Weight
Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter 60 mph 107 miles 265 pounds 105 pounds
Wolf King GT Pro Electric Scooter 63 mph 74 miles 330 pounds 115 pounds
Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter 55 mph 105 miles 330 pounds 183 pounds
Tifgalop T88PLUS Electric Scooter 50 mph 60 miles 551 pounds 106 pounds
REDDYDY RD1 Electric Scooter 60 mph 75 miles 400 pounds 112 pounds
Blade X Electric Scooter 45 mph 62 miles 265 pounds 81 pounds

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Fastest Electric Scooters: Reviews

The electric scooter market has changed dramatically since the introduction of powerful electric kick scooters. People use them for daily commuting to reach their destinations quickly without needing to go through the hassle of driving a car.

The growing market has resulted in ultra-high-speed electric scooters that can cover long distances on a single charge at incredible max speeds.

Here’s a list of the fastest electric scooters you can consider buying.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter: Best Overall

Dualtron offers many fast electric scooters equipped with advanced features, and the Dualtron Thunder 2 is no exception. It isn’t anything like the portable electric scooters you’re used to seeing on your local streets, and it comes with the following specifications.

Specifications Details
Speed 60 mph
Range 107 miles
Motor Power Up to 10,080 watts from BLDC dual hub motors
Battery 72 volt – 40 Ah – LG M50T cells
Weight 105 pounds
Charge time 28 hours with the standard charger, 14 hours with 2 standard chargers, and 6 hours with the quick charger
Brakes Front Hydraulic Rear Disk Brake
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 265 pounds
Braking System Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
Climbing Grade 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Lights Stem lighting, Dual LED Headlight and new design Tail Light, Brake Light, Turn Signals, and Bottom Mood Lights

The Wolf King GT Pro is another high-performance scooter that allows you to cover the distance from point A to B in record time, and it comes with the following specs.

Specifications Details
Speed 63 mph
Range 74 miles
Motor Power Two 2000W BLDC
Battery 72V 35Ah Samsung or LG
Weight 115 pounds
Charge time 12 hours
Brakes Hydraulic brakes
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 330 pounds
Braking System Zoom Hydraulic 160 mm rotors
Climbing Grade 50 Degrees
Lights Brake lights, signal lights, headlights, deck lights

The Wolf King GT Pro is the fastest scooter on this list that’s built to ride faster and further. It comes with a powerful motor and a large battery that allows it to reach the maximum speed of 63 mph and cover a distance of 74 miles on a signal charge.

While the electric scooter weighs only 115 pounds, it can carry a rider weighing up to 330 pounds easily. It features a powerful zoom hydraulic braking system with 160 mm rotors and 11-inch street tires to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience.

The electric scooter flaunts a front and rear suspension system to further improve riding comfort. You also get a sharp and anti-glare TFT display on the handlebar that provides you with all the information about your riding stats.

  • Exceptional top speed
  • Excellent range
  • Great rider weight capacity
  • Brake lights, signal lights, headlights, deck lights
  • Hydraulic brakes

Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter: Best Braking System

It’s yet another powerful and fast electric scooter by Dualtron that offers the following specs.

Specifications Details
Speed 55 mph
Range 105 miles
Motor Power 2,000 watts BLDC dual hub motor
Battery 84 volt – 5,040Wh – 60 Ah – stem battery
Weight 183 pounds
Charge time 12 hours on 1 Fast Charger and 6 hours on 2 Fast Chargers
Brakes Hydraulic brakes
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 330 pounds
Braking System 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
Climbing Grade 35 Degrees
Lights Headlights and backlights

Dualtron X Limited is an incredibly powerful electric scooter that pushes the boundaries of what electric scooter technology is capable of.

It comes with a 2,000 watts BLDC dual hub motor that allows it to reach a top speed of more than 55 mph. Better yet, it has a large 5,040Wh 84-volt lithium-ion battery to cover a distance of up to 105 miles on a single charge.

To ensure the rider’s safety, the electric scooter flaunts 4 piston braking calipers, along with a coil-over suspension, which is fully adjustable. While this electric scooter is heavier (183 pounds) than all the other models listed in this guide, it has a max rider weight rating of 330 pounds.

Not only does it offer great performance on flat surfaces, but you can also use it for off-roading, thanks to its large and thick tires.

The powerful motor also allows the electric scooter to climb hills with inclines up to 35 degrees. Lastly, you also get headlamps and taillights to ride the scooter conveniently in low-light conditions.

  • Powerful motor and large battery
  • 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes with ABS
  • Great top speed and mileage
  • Headlights and backlights for safe riding in low light conditions
  • Adjustable coil over suspension

tifgalop T88PLUS Electric Scooter: Most Affordable

The tifgalop T88PLUS is a high-speed electric scooter featuring the following specs.

Specifications Details
Speed 50 mph
Range 60 miles
Motor Power Dual 2800-watt motors with 60-volt
Battery 60V 33AH large-capacity lithium-ion battery
Weight 106 pounds
Charge time 6 to 8 hours
Brakes Double oil brake
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 551 pounds
Braking System Hydraulic Disk Brake
Climbing Grade Not mentioned
Lights Dual dynamic LED headlights, side lamp, and cornering lamp

While the tifgalop T88PLUS is the most affordable electric scooter on this list, it still belongs to the upper echelons of ultra-high-performance electric scooter stardom. It comes with a large lithium battery that allows you to cover a distance of up to 60 miles on a single charge.

The maximum speed of this electric scooter is 50 miles, which is more than enough to give you an adrenaline rush. To offer a comfortable and safe riding experience, this product is equipped with wide and 11 inches large tires and hydraulic brakes, making it a perfect off-road electric scooter.

Other notable features of this foldable electric scooter include dual dynamic LED headlights, a side lamp, a cornering lamp, and 551 pounds of max rider capacity.

  • Great top speed and mileage
  • Exceptional max rider weight capacity
  • Fast charging capability
  • Hydraulic Disk Brake
  • Dual dynamic LED headlights, side and cornering lamp for convenience

REDDYDY RD1 Electric Scooter: Most Stylish

If you’re looking for a fast electric scooter that allows you to ride in style, you can go with the REDDYDY RD1. Here’s a list of specifications this product boasts.

Specifications Details
Speed 60 mph
Range 75 miles
Motor Power Dual drive, single motor 3,000-watt, total power 6000-watt
Battery 21700 lithium-ion battery with BMS battery protection system
Weight 112 pounds
Charge time 6 to 8 hours
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 400 pounds
Braking System 160 mm discs and EBAS electric brakes
Climbing Grade 45 degrees
Lights U7 headlights with a visual distance of 50 meters, three-color pedal edge lights, and front fog lights.

REDDYDY RD1 is a stylish electric scooter that features two 3,000-watt motors. This dual-motor system allows you to reach a maximum speed of up to 60 mph, which is enough to meet all your speed needs.

In addition, you can use this electric scooter to climb hills with inclines of up to 45 degrees easily.

It is equipped with a 21700 lithium-ion battery with a BMS battery protection system that can cover a total distance of up to 75 miles on a single charge. Whether you need an electric scooter for commuting or off-roading, you can go with this model.

One of the best features of this product is that it offers two diffident riding modes, including dual drive mode and eco mode. You can change these models from the controls located on the handlebar.

Keep in mind that the scooter’s driving range and top speed will depend on your riding mode, road conditions, rider’s weight, weather, and braking frequency.

Another great feature of this scooter is its 160 mm discs and EBAS electric brakes that allow you to stop the scooter quickly.

  • Incredible top speed
  • Decent mileage
  • 160 mm discs and EBAS electric brakes
  • Headlights with a visual distance of 50 meters
  • Excellent max rider weight capacity

Blade X Electric Scooter: Lightest Option

If you want to buy a fast electric scooter that checks all the boxes at a reasonable price tag, you can consider buying Blade X Electric Scooter. Here’s a list of specifications this product offers.

Specifications Details
Speed 45 mph
Range 62 miles
Motor Power 4000W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery 60 volt – 30 Ah – LG 21700 cells
Weight 81 pounds
Charge time 17 hours with a standard charger, 8 hours with 2 standard chargers, and 3 hours with the quick charger
Brakes Front and Rear Hydraulic Disk brakes
Folding Yes
Max Rider Weight 265 pounds
Braking System Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
Climbing Grade 43% or 23 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Lights Headlight, Dual LED side lights, rear brake lights, turn signals, and a built-in LED liner

The Blade X is one of the most powerful electric scooters available in the market that comes with a 4000-watt BLDC dual hub motor. It allows you to reach a maximum speed of more than 45 mph.

Better yet, it has a big battery of 60 volts that can power up the scooter for up to 62 miles which is more than enough for most people. One of the best things that stands this electric scooter out from the competition is its 81 pounds of total weight.

Other notable features of the Blade X electric scooter include two riding modes, headlights, turn signals, hydraulic brakes with ABS, decent max rider weight, and the capability of climbing inclines up to 23 degrees.

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Decent top speed
  • Hydraulic brakes with ABS
  • Quick charging capability

How Fast Can A Rental Scooter from Bird, Lime, Lyft, Or Spin Go?

Scooters that most companies offer rarely go faster than 15 mph. These companies rightfully don’t have the fastest electric scooter in their lineup.

Most of these companies use adult electric scooter models with similar specs, including a lithium battery, pneumatic tires, 250-watt motor (a hub motor), and disc brake, not a hydraulic brake. The Segway ES1, ES2, and the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter are good examples of such scooters.

These companies make for a reliable platform that provides a comfortable ride even over rough terrain. However, they haven’t outfitted their inventories with higher-speed models or ones that are built to be great commuter scooters.

fastest, electric, scooter, most, powerful, models

The speed is, in most cases, regulated so that a scooter doesn’t provide a higher speed than 15 mph. Some of these models also feature cruise control but no shock absorber.

It is vital for these scooter companies not to offer models that go too fast, as this would increase the risk of accidents and injuries for the rider. Something that the government has already raised its concerns about.

Who Should Use A High-Speed Scooter?

High-speed scooters are built mainly for adults to ride on. Proper safety gear should always be used while riding a scooter of this caliber.

If you ride such a scooter, you should be aware that even a simple single-person accident could end up with a fatal outcome.

It’s important to note that these models aren’t legal to ride on the road in many areas. Plus, they must only be used by adults, even in areas that allow people to ride such scooters.

Those who buy a really powerful electric scooter need to be aware of the risks involved. If you like to ride these fast electric scooters, you’d already know that an ordinary helmet and safety gear won’t be enough to ensure safety.

Keep in mind that you’ve got yourself a premium scooter capable of a higher speed overall, so go for the premium protection, too—no point in being cheap there.

If you really think about it, all the models I have outlined have a top speed of more than 45 mph. Therefore, it’s critically important to ensure your personal safety before riding any of these models.

Important Note: The Razor electric scooters are fine for kids/teens because they aren’t known to be powerful electric scooter models.

What Does the Law Say About Fast Electric Scooters?

The laws around electric scooters aren’t consistent between all states and countries. For example, riding an electric scooter in New York could land you a 500 fine. They’re not too picky about it, though. What I mean is that every state has its own laws that you must follow.

Riding an electric scooter above 30 mph will probably make people turn their heads in interest, that includes cops. So, make sure you’re on the right side of the law in your state/country before making the purchase.

Safety Concerns

As one might expect, there are a few safety concerns when it comes to an electric scooter with powerful batteries and motors (some with a dual motor configuration).

Not only is the onboard battery enough to burn the scooter down, but it can also blow up your entire garage. That’s why you should opt for an electric scooter that comes with a built-in battery protection system.

There is also a higher need for timely maintenance on different scooter parts like pneumatic tires and a disc brake system. You don’t just jump up and ride around until it breaks. You need to take care of your scooter because a loose screw might be what’s standing between you and a hospital.

Believe me, I just dropped a wheel on my electric skateboard. Luckily, I was riding really slow when it happened. You will need to step up your protection. You can’t just grab a helmet and be on your way.

With these scooters, I highly recommend investing in a full-face helmet, a nice biker jacket, boots, and pants with built-in pads. You’re an adult, after all, don’t be riding around in shorts and a t-shirt now!

You should also look for an electric scooter with a hydraulic suspension or at least front and rear spring suspension. Not only will it improve safety, but it’ll also enhance riding comfort.

Other Scooters to Consider

The following are some other electric scooters that you can consider buying. These aren’t the fastest models, but they offer decent performance, and you can choose them if you need something for daily commuting or casual riding.

Specification and Comparisons

Electric Scooter Top Speed Mileage Weight
Nanrobot x4 20 mph 25 Mi 37.5 lbs
E-zip E750 15 mph 12 Mi 60 lbs
Qiewa Qmini 38 mph 38 Mi 48 lbs
Speedway Mini4 Pro 28 mph 40 Mi 15 lbs

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Fastest Electric Scooter: Scooter Conclusion

The fastest electric scooter on this list is the Wolf King GT Pro Electric Scooter with a top speed of 63 mph, closely followed by the DualTron Thunder 2 and REDDYDY RD1, which deliver a max speed of up to 60 mph.

Unfortunately, the price for both of these is high, and what you get per dollar in terms of power isn’t much in comparison to the less powerful but far more inexpensive models.

In my opinion, the tifgalop T88PLUS gives you the best bang for your buck. It will definitely be sufficient for most people looking for a high-speed commuter scooter.

The Blade X can also be your best choice as it has most of the features of some of the more premium-priced models but for considerably less money. It’s an excellent option among the super-high-end fast scooters, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

So, which one of these electric scooters will you choose?

If you can afford Hyper-speed at 60 mph, then you probably are not going to regret the purchase of the Wolf King GT Pro or Dualtron Thunder 2. But if you’re on a tighter, or shall I say more normal budget, then I recommend the tifgalop T88PLUS as it has an excellent max speed and it also provides a smooth ride.

The difference in speed and distance per charge isn’t that big in comparison to the difference in price tag. However, if you are looking at the price range of the tifgalop T88PLUS, you really need to compare the tifgalop T88PLUS to the Blade X.

If you want a scooter that’s more run-of-the-mill, maybe check out the Segway or GoTrax lineup.

They have nice scooters that have a comfortable ride while still taking it easy on your wallet. However, it’s important to note that if you go the Segway or GoTrax route, you’re going to make a few sacrifices, including speed.

Most of the models by those electric scooter manufacturers don’t offer a max speed over 20 – 25 mph. They’ll still have pneumatic tires, a single hub motor, disc brakes, and a smooth ride while providing you with the kind of weight capacity that adults need.

I hope this article has helped shine some light on what type of models could be helpful for you. Feel free to add a comment below with any questions!

Guide To The Fastest Electric Scooters in 2021

In today’s modern society, time is a valuable commodity. So being able to get from A to B quickly and efficiently is important. Electric scooters are a great ‘last mile’ solution for people who want to get to and from public transport fast. Electric scooters are the answer to this dilemma because they are:

Electric scooters have become more popular in recent years thanks to them being easy to use and low maintenance compared to other modes of transportation. They are comfortable and lightweight, and some models are foldable, making them easy to store away when they’re not in use.

The National Association of City Transportation Officials 2018 report showed that e-scooters had overtaken e-bikes as the most popular form of shared transport in the United States.

There are a wide variety of electric scooters on the market which range in speed, price, design, durability and many other features.

This is a guide to helping you choose the fastest electric scooter for you!

How fast do electric scooters go?

That depends on the brand and make of the scooter, but the average top speed is around 25-50 km/h. This isn’t an issue for most people as it’s still quicker than going by foot, and less exhausting than going by bike.

The fastest electric scooter developed is the Rion Motors e-scooter. With a carbon fiber frame and a 5000-watt motor, it can reach speeds of up to 96 km/h. However, given the strict speed restrictions in Australia, there’s no way you’d be able to go that fast on roads here.

What factors impact e-scooter top speed?

There are a number of factors that influence e-scooter top speed. These can be technical aspects of the scooter, such as engine wattage or battery power, but also other factors such as the weight of the rider, the tires and the terrain.

The rider’s weight

The heavier the person, the harder it is for the scooter to reach top speeds. The motor and the battery will have to use more power to push the scooter. Most manufacturers will specify the maximum weight capacity that a scooter can handle.

The battery life of the e-scooter will also drain quicker with a heavier rider because the motor has to work harder to reach its top speed.

Make sure to select a scooter that has a maximum weight capacity well above your own so you don’t have to worry about maximizing its speed potential.

The terrain type

If you spend most of your time riding your electric scooter through city streets, terrain shouldn’t impact your speed much at all.

However, e-scooters don’t fare as well on dirt tracks as they will sink further into the ground, and rocks and bumps will naturally slow the speed. The motor will be working harder to reach high speeds on these types of surfaces.

Steep hills will also slow down an e-scooter, especially if the motor size is small. Luckily Australia is quite a flat country, but this is something to keep in mind.

If you plan to take your electric scooter off-road, choose a model that is designed to handle different terrain. You’ll need a scooter with a powerful battery and motor.

Low battery

If you use an electric toothbrush, you’ll notice it’s less powerful when it starts flashing red, telling you that it needs to be charged. It’s the same with an electric scooter. it will power down to stop the battery getting drained.

Avoid regularly running your battery down to empty as it’s better for the scooter’s longevity. If you ride your electric scooter every day, we recommend charging it overnight, so it’s fully charged for the next day.


Taller tires generally increase the top speed of a scooter but will decrease its steep slope ability. A scooter’s ground clearance will also increase, so going over potholes, bumps, curbs and off-road terrain will be easier to handle. Shorter tires will help you get up hills but will lower the top speed. Tire width will also have an effect on the scooter’s ability to grip the road as wide tires will increase traction.

Are electric scooters safe?

Every time you leave your house you need to think about your safety. Whether you’re getting in your car or walking down the street, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Electric scooters are designed for safety, but the rider has to ensure that they adhere to safety laws such as wearing a helmet, following road signs and being aware of what other vehicles are doing on the road.

If you’re new to riding electric scooters, then start off slowly. Avoid roads with heavy traffic and pedestrians or ride in off-peak times until you get used to it.

Different states in Australia have different laws regarding electric scooter speed or whether they are allowed to be ridden on roads at all. Make sure you know what the laws are in your state or territory to avoid getting a fine.

Is an electric scooter faster than an electric bike or skateboard?

Electric scooters offer the thrill of a standing riding position like a skateboard, but with the stability that comes with holding on to the handlebars like a bike. They’re convenient and fun to ride, but that doesn’t necessarily make them faster. E-bikes usually have larger wheels so that gives them a slight advantage. However, a test conducted by Electrek showed that despite a 1,000 watt e-bike being the quickest out of all the e-vehicles for a 5 kilometer commute, e-skateboards and e-scooters weren’t that far behind.

Raine electric scooters

Melbourne-based electric scooter company Raine, developed the Raine One, which is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market, with a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). In 2019, Raine ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign where they reached their funding goal in just 43 minutes, which is the quickest of any light electric vehicle campaign in history.

What electric scooter features make Raine stand out?

The Raine One electric scooter has three defining features:

This scooter has the capability to reach a top speed of 50 km/h and a range of 40 km per charge. Its range is one of the things that sets the Raine One apart, with many competitors only offering 10-15 km on a single charge. That means you’ll be able to travel further, making it the perfect ‘last mile’ solution.

The Raine One is also easily foldable so you won’t be blocking corridors on public transport. When you’re at work you can fold it up and lean it against the wall or keep it under your desk out of harm’s way.

Uphill trips made easier with Raine

If you’re looking for an electric scooter that you can rely on to get you up tough hills, then the Raine One has been designed to do just that. No one wants to get off their scooter halfway up and have to push it the rest of the way up. That defeats the purpose of buying a vehicle with a motor.

The Raine One can tackle inclines of up to 15 degrees, making it one of the best electric scooters for uphill commuting.

Weight, price and safety factors

Fast electric scooters are generally heavier due to a bigger motor, but there are scooters on the market that are built with lighter frames. The Raine One is able to reach speeds of up to 50km/h and get up hills with a 15-degree incline, but only weighs 12 kg due to its light, yet strong carbon fiber frame. That’s better than some ride-on lawn mowers!

Price is another factor with uphill electric scooters tending to be more expensive due to their increased power capacity. The Raine One is currently available for 1,049 USD (30% off the RRP), making it considerably cheaper than other fast electric scooters.

Safety is also critical when choosing a fast electric scooter. You need a vehicle that has brakes that you know won’t fail you when you need them most. The Raine One has a front disc-brake and rear ABS braking, so you can slow down and feel safe doing so in all conditions. It also has rear regenerative braking, which will help conserve power as you ride and extend your riding time.

How does the Raine One electric scooter compare with others on the market?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to transportation. Some people just want the cheapest option, others opt for the safest, and then there’s wanting the best. Here’s a comparison between the Raine One and two other popular electric scooters on the market – the Xiaomi M365 and the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX.

A little information about the Xiaomi M365

This is one of the most popular and best-selling electric scooters on the market. It’s built with an aerospace-grade aluminium but is lightweight and is also foldable. It’s easy to store and carry.

A little information about the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX

Made by Segway, this company is familiar with making products for people that will get them zipping around quickly. The Ninebot is great for long distances and is built for all terrains and journeys.


Remember earlier we discussed that when choosing the right electric scooter, you should look for one that won’t slow down due to your weight? Raine One allows a person up to 120 kg to ride it comfortably, whereas Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot both have maximum rider weights of just 100 kg.

In terms of weight of the actual scooter itself, Raine One is the lightest, which makes it easier to carry up the stairs or onto public transport. The Raine One weighs 12 kg with Xiaomi M365 not far behind at 12.5 kg. The Ninebot, however, is far heavier and weighs 18.7 kg.


If you’ve got the need for speed, then the Raine One is your go-to e-scooter. With a maximum speed of 50 km/h, it’s a far speedier electric scooter than the Xiaomi M365 or the Ninebot which both have a top speed of 25 km/h.

At double the speed, the Raine One has been built with user safety in mind to make sure you are no more at risk than if you were on a scooter travelling at a lower speed. This is due to its ABS suspension brakes and LED lights to help you get around when it’s dark.


When it comes to range, the Ninebot e-scooter wins out with 64 km. The Xiaomi M365 has a 30 km range, while the Raine One has 40 km.

What are the benefits of long-range e-scooters?

No one wants to recharge their scooter after they’ve just gone around the block a few times. So if you spend a lot of time riding your electric scooter, then it’s worth investing in a scooter that you won’t have to recharge often. You don’t want to be left stranded in the rain pushing your scooter home.


Remember that going uphill affects the speed of a scooter considerably due to the motor power. The Xiaomi M365 is not ideal for steep hills with its 250W motor. While it can go up an incline of up to 14 degrees, it loses power as it tries to go up. The Ninebot on the other hand has a more powerful motor but less incline capability, only going up inclines of 11.3 degrees. However, the motor is a powerful 350W.

The Raine One is definitely the best for going uphill up to 15 degrees, making it the best choice for riders looking for a scooter for everyday commuting.


The Raine One electric scooter is available to preorder for 1,049 USD (approximately 1,773 AUD). Some other scooters on the market such as the Xiaomi M365 will set you back around 649 AUD or the Ninebot MAX at around 1199 AUD. The Raine One may seem expensive in comparison to some models, but its speed, durability and safety outperform the competition by far.

Final Words

Electric scooters are a fun and easy way to get around town, whether you need to get to a meeting or get to the train station, it’s a great ‘last mile’ solution.

There are a range of things that need to be considered before purchasing an electric scooter with speed being a major factor. It’s also important to think about the range, weight and safety of the electric scooter. If you need to ride around at night, then looking for a scooter with bright, LED lighting is important.

As discussed above, there are a number of factors that affect speed including the weight of a person, terrain, battery life and tires. We recommend considering all of these factors before you commit to buying your electric scooter.

FAQ – Fastest electric scooter

Q: Is 15 mph fast for an electric scooter?

A: The average speed of electric scooters is around 15 mph (24 km/h). Many people are fine to not travel any faster than this on the road, but you can get e-scooters that can reach much higher speeds. For example, the Raine One has a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph), which is double the average speed.

Q: What is the fastest electric scooter under 1000?

A: There are plenty of electric scooters that can reach speeds between 15-30 mph (24-38 km/h) that are under 1000. If you want a decent e-scooter that’s fast however, you’ll generally have to pay a bit more. Fast electric scooters have more powerful motors and have to be built for speed without compromising on weight.

Q: What is the fastest electric scooter in the world?

A: Currently the fastest electric scooter in the world is the Dualtron X which can reach speeds of 55 mph (88.5 km/h).

Q: How fast can an electric scooter charge?

A: It depends on the model of your electric scooter as the charging time can vary greatly. For example, the Raine One e-scooter takes 2.5 hours for a half-charge or 5 hours for a full charge. Some electric scooters can take 12-24 hours to fully recharge.

What Are the Fastest Electric Scooters in 2021?

While an electric motorized scooter isn’t the same as an electric scooter, neither is necessarily slow. And this post describes the top three fastest models in each category currently available in the US.

For affordable, simple urban transportation, scooters can be just as effective as motorcycles. And just like motorcycles, scooter companies are increasingly going electric. But just because scooters are designed around city riding doesn’t mean they can’t zip around at highway-like speeds. And that’s exactly what some of the fastest electric scooters on the US market today offer.

Scooters vs. motorized scooters

Before describing the fastest electric scooters available, there’s some terminology that needs explaining.

The term ‘electric scooter’ technically doesn’t apply to the kinds of scooters available through brands like Bird and Razor. These are ‘motorized scooters,’ i.e., scooters powered by some kind of motor, battery-powered or otherwise. As such, they’re really ‘electric motorized scooters,’ which is the term used to describe them below.

A ‘real’ electric scooter, therefore, is something like a Vespa or a Honda Ruckus, albeit with an EV powertrain. They’re not electric mopeds or e-bikes, because they don’t have supplemental pedal power. But seeing as they have “two wheels, a motor, and a seat,” they’re technically related to electric motorcycles, Cycle World says. And unlike motorized scooters, they don’t have a flat deck designed for standing.

That being said, there are models that blur the line between the two categories. The Dualtron X2 electric scooter, for example, is available with a seat. But since the seat is optional, it’s still a motorized scooter. Also, unlike, say, a Vespa, the X2 is foldable. And depending on where you live, an electric motorized scooter doesn’t require a specific license, Genuine Scooters notes.

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But regardless of the specific term, electric scooters aren’t necessarily slow. And below are the top three fastest models in each scooter category.

In 2021, the BMW CE 04 is the fastest electric scooter in the US

The BMW CE 04 is technically a 2022 model. But since it’s available to order in 2021, it’s allowed onto this list. And technicality aside, the 11,795 CE 04 is the fastest electric scooter you can buy in the US. Its rear-mounted electric motor makes 42 HP and 44 lb-ft of torque and is linked to an 8.9-kWh battery pack. That’s enough to give the CE 04 an electronically limited 75-mph top speed.

Right below the BMW CE 04 is Retrospective Scooters’ converted electric classic Vespa. Although the company is based in the UK, its kits are US-legal and start at roughly 4800. And while Retrospective’s electric motor only puts out 4 HP, that’s enough to get the Vespa EV to 55 mph. Plus, if you convert a large-frame Vespa scooter to electric drive, you can install up to two 2.3-kWh packs for a claimed 115-mile range. But you’ll have to supply the vintage scooter yourself.

Speaking of electric Vespa scooters, there are two modern models available from Piaggio. The faster one is the 7599 Vespa Elettrica 45MPH, and as the name implies, it tops out at 45 mph. That’s thanks to the 5-HP electric motor linked to a 4.2-kWh battery pack, enough for a 62-mile claimed range.

What are the fastest electric motorized scooters?

As quick as the electric scooters are, the fastest electric motorized scooter flies past them all. It’s the Rion Thrust, the successor to the limited-edition RE90. At 8500 it’s rather expensive for a motorized scooter. But then, it’s mostly made of carbon fiber and has aluminum suspension components. As a result, it only weighs 69 pounds.

The Rion Thrust is available in two trims: 21s7p prioritizes range while 20s8p goes for max power. Both models, though, come with dual electric motors. And together with the low curb weight and slick tires, the Thrust maxes out at 80 mph. Though even in 21s7p form, the electric motorized scooter only has about 50 miles of range. Also, it’s technically not street-legal.

Slotting in below the Rion Thrust is Voro Motors’ Kaboo Wolf King. At 105 pounds, it’s heavier than the Thrust. However, at 2799, it’s noticeably cheaper, has the same 50-mile range, and is street-legal. And it comes with hydraulic suspension and ABS as well as optional off-road tires. But if you want to it the Wolf King’s max speed, it’s best to stick with the street tires. With those, the scooter’s dual 2-HP electric motors let it go up to 62 mph.

Finally, we have a tie. In third place for ‘fastest electric motorized scooter’ are the Turbowheel Phaeton and the NAMI BURN-E, both of which top out at 60 mph. The former is a 132-lb 3999 scooter with dual 2-HP electric motors and like the Wolf King, hydraulic brakes, and LED lighting. But uniquely on this list, it comes with an adjustable steering damper. As for the 4499 BURN-E, it also has hydraulic brakes and dual 2-HP motors. However, its LED lighting system also includes turn signals, unlike the Wolf King, and it has hydraulic coil-over suspension.

So, whether you want an electric scooter or a motorized one, lack of speed doesn’t have to be an issue.

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