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Many innovations and yet hardly anything new: The Bosch e-bike news for 2023

After Shimano has already set off the first fireworks of innovations, Bosch is now following up. And indeed, the market leader also has numerous innovations to offer — at least at first glance.

For a better understanding of the innovations, however, we need to take a brief step back. Last year, Bosch presented a completely new “Smart system”: a self-contained drive system consisting of the Performance Line CX motor, a huge 750 Wh PowerTube battery and new controls. Compared to the previous (non-Smart) system, the range of available components was thus extremely meager. After all, Bosch also offers smaller and lighter PowerTube batteries with 625 Wh or 500 Wh there, as well as the classic PowerPack batteries. And also with the motors, there is more choice for different bike types, among with the regular Performance Line motor, cargo motors or those for fast S-pedelecs.

With the now announced innovations, however, Bosch brings momentum to the Smart system and makes numerous familiar components from the old system compatible with the new, Smart system!

Known motors

The previously available Performance Line CX motor is now joined by the Performance Line Speed, which will support S-pedelecs at up to 45 km/h. Also new for the Smart System is the Cargo Line motor for cargo bikes and the regular Performance Line motor. The latter is still located below the CX variant and continues to be based on the older and larger motor housing. With 75 Nm, the motor is now a bit more powerful. Apart from that the qualities of this motor are known (among other things, tested here in the Cannondale Quick Neo), but an update in size and weight would have been more than desirable! It is also a pity that the Performance Line related Active Line Plus motor is not made compatible with the Smart system.

Old and new batteries

Just as with the motors, known battery models are now also made compatible with the Smart system: In addition to the familiar integrated battery of the PowerTube series with 750 Wh, there are now also the models with 625 Wh and 500 Wh.

In addition, the frame batteries of the PowerPack series become compatible, these even with increased capacities: previously, this battery type was only available with 500 Wh and 400 Wh, now 545 Wh and even 725 Wh are available. The dimensions of the PowerPacks have therefore also increased slightly.

Modern controls, old-fashioned display

But the most obvious innovations are in the controls: as an alternative to the familiar and somewhat clunky LED Remote for the handlebars, there is now also a compact System Controller for integration into the frame of the bike. The new Mini Remote is then available as a compact thumb switch for intuitive control.

The Intuvia 100 is the new classic display for showing driving data — an inexpensive, large and easy-to-read display. With a coarse resolution and the somewhat old-fashioned look of a calculator, this display seems to be more suitable for all users who are neither very interested in nor need a “Smart system”. For all others, the more modern Kiox 300 display or the connection with the smartphone and the eBike Flow app is still an option. Bosch now offers the SmartphoneGrip, a kind of smartphone holder for the handlebar.

Brake safely with ABS

With the Bosch eBike ABS, the anti-lock braking system is now also compatible with the components of the Smart system. Fittingly, the adapted variants of LED Remote and System Controller each have the obligatory ABS indicator light integrated.


Many innovations that are already known: Bosch is making the Smart system presented last year the new standard and is massively expanding the compatibility of previous components. Almost all relevant parts are now also available in the new system, which significantly expands the selection. In particular, the option for more compact and thus also lighter batteries will significantly increase the selection of bikes with the Smart system, as will, of course, the special motors now offered for cargo bikes and S-pedelecs.

It is a shame that the solid Active Line Plus motor is no longer included, but at least the regular Performance Line motor is available again. However, an update in terms of size and weight would have been desirable here as well. A contemporary compact and lightweight drive system with medium performance is therefore unfortunately still not in sight from Bosch!

Expected Bosch eBike Battery Range

Hi Richard here from eBike Sussex the South’s First Bosch eBike Experts! We often get the question of battery range posed to us. This guide should help you better understand the Bosch eBike System and in particular the Battery Range Indicator.

How Does The Bosch Battery Range Indicator Work?

This clever calculation is made from day one of the eBike being switched on and cycled. It is a continuously changing calculation based on how and where you ride. So if you ride up a hill the range will drop. If you ride erratically or in the wrong gear it will drop. Also as you ride and the battery depletes it will drop. The idea is that you check your range a few times throughout your ride to see how far you are likely to achieve on the battery if you continue riding in the same manner as the battery is losing it’s power.

The range calculation is not a fixed unit, for example in a car you can be pretty certain you will get an almost unchanging number of miles on a gallon of fuel. But if you add 4 more passengers the mileage would drop. If you fill the car boot up with luggage it would drop. If you ride through hilly terrain it would drop. If you start and stop regularly it will drop.

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This means every eBike range calculation will be slightly different because they are all cycled in different ways, in different places, with different riders and set-ups. So if you are riding an identical eBike to your mate, and you are cycling with fully charged batteries on the same route. We would expect the ranges shown on the screens to be different on each Electric Bike. In fact we would be weirded out if they were the same!

How To Increase Your Bosch Battery Range?

To increase your battery range you could carry less rider luggage, pump the tyres to a heavier pressure, get smoother tyre tread, have the suspension on a harder setting or ‘locked out’, ride along flatter terrain and pedal more evenly. Change gear in a smoother manner and use your gears correctly for ultimate efficiency, ride in better weather conditions, keep a well maintained eBike (for example chain oil reduces friction and increases efficiency), pedal in the optimum cadence (a.k.a. pedal revolutions or rpm) this is usually 50-60rpm for best results.

Of course the ultimate way to double your eBike’s range is to buy an additional battery or upgrade the capacity of the battery (so change a 300wh for a 500wh battery for example). You can also use the Bosch Nyon system to create your own ‘custom ride modes’ where you can set your own power levels. This way you could have a much lighter ‘eco mode’ that uses less power and will therefore increase your range. This does mean you would need to upgrade to a Bosch Nyon to have access to this upgrade.

We can also ‘reset’ your Bosch eBike Range Calculation to factory settings. This can be done using our Bosch eBike Diagnostics software. Contact us in store for details. Please be aware though that the range indicator is designed to give a truer reading of your range over time. So resetting it will just take the calculation back to its original starting point. I personally prefer my range calculator to have as much information as possible to ensure the calculation is true to me as a rider, true to the bike and it’s set up and true to the terrain I ride on.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Bosch eBike Systems website:

“What Riding Range Does The Bosch eBike System Offer Me? The range of PowerPack rechargeable batteries depends on many different variables. These include the Drive Unit employed, the type of terrain being ridden over, and average riding speed. With our Range Assistant, you can determine the range of your particular eBike – epowered by Bosch.”

As mentioned above there is a brilliant webpage on the Bosch eBike Systems website that shows a Bosch Battery Range Calculator. The link to it is here: Bosch eBike Range Assistant Calculator

The Bosch eBike System has been tested on a European test-track and the results are readily available to read in their ‘Bosch eBike Battery Guide’ available in store for FREE! The ranges are exceptional and we have found over time Bosch’s software updates often come with ‘Battery Optimisation’ tweeks to improve your battery performance. If you are still unsure about your eBike’s efficiency then please bring your Electric Bike to us for a service.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it helps!

Bosch Smart SYSTEM

Beginning in model year 2022, leading bike brands will begin to offer the Bosch Smart System on select bike models using the newly updated Performance Line CX drive unit.

Important note – due to the need to integrate new technology into every component of the Smart System, existing Bosch eBike components (drive units, displays, batteries, etc.) are not interchangeable with Smart System components.

Bosch eBike Flow App

The Bosch eBike Flow app will enable new features and updates for components such as the battery or motor to be sent to your eBike via Bluetooth. That way it’s always up to date and you get to enjoy more options.

Track your ride and fitness data as soon as you get started. If desired, the Activity Tracking for iPhone users can also sync all data automatically with Apple Health. When you take a break, the recording stops automatically.

New Bosch PowerTube 750

Bosch’s new PowerTube 750 makes it easy to conquer long distances and significant variations in altitude. The durable power source enables approx. 20% greater range than the PowerTube 625 and is ideal for extended and challenging rides.

Like all Bosch PowerTubes, the PowerTube 750 is perfectly integrated into the frame of the eBike. An appealing eBike design and high capacity make for an uncompromising combination.

New Bosch LED Remote

For less distraction and more safety. All important information can be captured quickly and easily thanks to the new Bosch LED remote. The LEDs are also highly visible in sunlight, and the brightness of the display adapts flexibly to the ambient light: This means that readability is maintained even in changing light conditions and you are never dazzled. You can also quickly recognize the selected riding mode by the respective color. Greater flexibility, comfort, and safety: The LED remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This enables you to call up all important riding data, such as the duration of your ride or the distance covered, using your smartphone and to share this with other users. It is also possible to carry out software updates independently.

Performance Line CX drive unit

The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on your riding behavior when eMountain biking. The powerful motor enables Rapid acceleration after tight turns and obstacles at a low cadence and facilitates starting up on the steepest of hills. For fast sprints, the motor also supports you at high cadence. A mode for more FOCUS: Specially designed for sporty use, eMTB mode offers you optimum control and intuitive handling, as you need to switch less between the different riding modes. With this clever function of the eMTB mode, technical sections can be mastered with confidence and obstacles such as root systems and rock gardens can be overcome by applying targeted pedal pressure with the Extended Boost.

The All New Bosch eBike Systems and Updates for 2023

Building on the platform made by the Smart System for Model Year 2022, Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer revealed at Eurobike 2022 an innovative range of new technology to fully charge the next generation of eBikers.

Building on the platform made by the Smart System for Model Year 2022, Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer revealed at Eurobike 2022 an innovative range of new technology to propel the next generation of eBikers, and get them charged and staying charged by life’s everyday journeys. There are updates to the Performance Line motor, Cargo Line motor, entirely new Watt-Hours for their PowerPack battery range, an all new eBike security alarm and lock and a whole new Anti-Braking-System that will revolutionise the way in which Bosch eBike riders can safely move around our cities, suburban areas, villages and on the trails.

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Building on the Smart System

The Smart System revealed in Model Year 2022 is integral to all new future updates that Bosch will be bringing to the market, including this year’s range. All future exciting features, like the below, will be added quickly and easily with over-the-air updates. Enhanced by the eBike Flow App, the system is intended to combine the digital world and physical world in one fell swoop, thereby enhancing the overall experience.

The New eBike ABS from Bosch

Arguably the biggest update to this year comes in Bosch’s new Advanced Braking System (ABS). Gone is the dated and bulky kit first released in 2018 that sat at the front of the handlebar, and in comes a brand new 77% smaller and 55% lighter piece of technology that is proven to reduce accidents by 29%.

The ABS system is hidden on the suspension fork and whilst most people are not confident to use the front-brake, the ABS will completely balance out the dynamics of the bike by opening and closing out the front pistons, allowing the bike to stop quickly, effectively and safely on high-grip and loose or slippery surfaces. This ensures optimum braking behaviour according to each riding situation.

Furthermore, the ABS comes with four modes, ABS Cargo, ABS Touring, ABS Allroad and ABS Trail. The ABS Trail is set to instill complete control and confidence eMTB riders can have out on their adventures. It has been designed for sporty rides, has been developed by professional eMTB athletes and is able to produce a maximum braking performance in challenging terrain.

The all new eBike Alarm

The end-consumer has been calling for quite some time for a fully integrated alarm and locking feature from Bosch. It is now here! The new digital theft feature can be utilised with the eBike Flow App via Bluetooth connectivity.

Not only is there a two step eBike alarm if the worst does happen, but end-users can also track the location and security status of their eBike at any time via the application.

This happens via a push notification to your smartphone, and comes with automatic tracking. Further still, and in tune with previous technological updates from Bosch eBike Systems, one can electronically disable the motor for a one-off fee in the app.

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Performance Line Motor

The Performance Line motor now comes with an additional 10Nm of torque than the previous Generation, offering 75Nm.

New to the Performance Line is the ‘AUTO’ mode, which can sense upcoming resistance and challenges and modify your journey accordingly. All that is required is something as regular as an upcoming headwind or an upcoming hill and the motor will provide you with just that little more resistance without the need for you to shift to a lower gear. It therefore works automatically, hence its name… AUTO.

New PowerPacks for All

Two brand new PowerPack’s come into the market from Bosch that are exclusive to the Smart System, a 445Wh and a whopping 725Wh. The 725Wh comes with the highest energy content of any Bosch PowerPack. The original 400Wh and 500Wh are still in production with the standard mid-ware.

New Cargo Mode and ‘Hill Hold’

What’s impressive is Bosch’s ability to listen to its audience, and adapt to their want and needs. This couldn’t be more visible than in their new ‘Hill Hold’ Assist, which is an advancement on the ’Walk Assist’ mode inherent in all of their systems. In line with the huge growth within this category, Bosch has released the ‘hill hold’ which holds the bike for 10 seconds without needing to press the minus button that typically needs to be held when using the walk-assist feature. Of course, for mothers, fathers or businessmen and women that are needing an extended push up a ramp or hill with weight in the front box, this comes as a much needed invention.

Integral to all of the above is the eBike Flow App. It has over the air updates, settings, ride-modes, tracking, navigation, the eBike lock and eBike alarm, to ensure you have the ultimate bridge between the digital world and physical world of the system.

Other Notable Additions

New for MY23, the PowerTube 500 and PowerTube 625 are now available with the Smart System, which previously could only be adopted with the 750Wh PowerTube.

A new Intuvia 100 is introduced to the market. With a large font and clear design, the Intuvia can be integrated with the Bosch Smart System.

A new system controller and mini-remote is to be introduced with certain bikes for those that want a more minimal set up on their handlebar, both working with the Kiox 300 or the new Intuvia 100.

An imminent arrival will be the improved connectivity between the eBike Flow App and Komoot, the market favourite for navigation, routes and metrics.

The above updates are just further examples of how truly far ahead Bosch eBike Systems are in comparison to their competitors. Loads of manufacturers may come with innovative and good ideas, but no one in the industry has the execution and reliability in the industry as Bosch does. This is why they’re the market leader and Fully Charged are happy to represent them as our predominant eBike system in our A-List line up of eBikes.

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