ENGWE Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for X26 All-Terrain eBike: A Performance…

ENGWE Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for X26 All-Terrain eBike: A Performance Beast With 1000W Motor

WALNUT, Calif. and ROME. June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Aimed to be the most powerful product of the ENGWE series for users in the US and Europe. ENGWE paired a 1000W motor with a dual battery system, and triple shock suspension to create an all-terrain beast X26 for crowdfunding. It is launched on Indiegogo. Motorcycle-grade fat tires of 264 inches make easy work of potholes, snow, or sand. powerful than the majority of e-bikes on the market, X26 easily meet riders’ expectation of power, speed, long trip and stability.

Conquer Hills Easily with 1000W Motor

The X26 offers steady power at 750W and can push out a monstrous 1000W when facing extreme terrains. With more power than most eBike available, the X26 lets riders climb steep hills of a 30% incline. The motor also gives it a 31MPH top speed, beating other eBikes that only reach 20-30MPH.

Dual Battery System Allows 62 Miles Maximum Range

A dual-battery system charges the ride with a whopping 1373 Wh of power, with improved ride time to give riders more miles of up to 62 miles and more time on the trails. That’s a full day of riding without ever stopping for a top-up.

Triple Suspension System

X26 employs a triple suspension system extending from its front hydraulic shock with 150mm stroke travel, and middle mechanical shock to the rear air shock, which excels it from other e-bikes at 3 times more powerful shock absorbance.

ENGWE’s specialized ground control fat tires (264) are also skid resistant and maximize rolling and climbing. giving riders total control over tighter turns and faster stops on even the toughest terrain.

engwe, launches, crowdfunding, campaign, all-terrain, ebike

Top speed: 50KPH / 31MPH Power: 1000W (Peak), 750 (Rated) Max Incline of Climb: 30% Tire Size: 264 Inches Range Per Charge (Normal Mode): 100KM/62 Miles Battery Capacity: 48V 19AH (Main Battery), 48V 9.6AH (Extra Battery) Brake: Hydraulic Disk Brakes Acceleration: 46s (0-50 KMH) Load: 330lbs / 150KG Weight: 90lbs / 41KG

Only 1599 for all the exceptional functions combined in one piece, the X26 is definitely one of the most cost-effective e-bikes in the industry. Don’t hesitate to grab the super early bird deal on Indiegogo.

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Engwe X26: All-terrain e-bike with 100 km range launches for under 1,600 euros

The massive and angular design of the Engwe X26 could be straight out of a sci-fi movie. But the all-terrain e-bike also has a lot to offer in terms of technology. These include a 1000-watt motor and a range of up to 100 kilometers. The e-bike is being funded via crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

The Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike in detail

When riding on rough terrain, the new Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike should know no limits, promises the manufacturer in the announcement on its own homepage, which had previously focused primarily on foldable e-bikes.

engwe, launches, crowdfunding, campaign, all-terrain, ebike

The X26 is also foldable and inherits the angular, silver-gray look of the other models, but presents itself once again clearly above from a technical point of view. Keyword technology: Considering the performance offered, the e-mountain bike will probably have a hard time in Germany, at least on public roads.

This is ensured, for example, by a 750-watt motor from a snowmobile, which is fed via the rear axle and can even call up a maximum power of 1,000 watts for a short time. This enables the Engwe X26 to reach speeds of up to 31 mph, or 50 km/h.

The X26 is designed for a permissible total weight of 150 kg. Despite its lightweight aluminum construction, the E-MTB itself weighs in at 41 kg. Significantly more, for example, than the lightweight E-MTB Thömus Lightrider E Ultimate with only 14.6 kg.

High riding comfort in open terrain

The Engwe X26 is designed for even the most difficult terrain. Gradients of up to 30 degrees should not be able to take anything from the e-bike, while the one-piece tires with a size of 26 x 4.0 inches promise a high level of comfort even on hill and dale and are particularly low-maintenance.

Thanks to a triple shock-resistant suspension in the front, middle and rear, the X26 is said to be able to absorb shocks three times better than normal e-bikes. In addition, the manufacturer relies on a dual-battery solution that realizes a maximum range of around 100 kilometers (62 miles).

engwe, launches, crowdfunding, campaign, all-terrain, ebike

It is based on a 19 Ah main battery and a second battery with 7.5 Ah. The duo has a total output of 1,373 watt hours and can be easily removed for charging.

When riding, you can use a whole three different operating modes. In Sport mode, the X26 reaches its top speed thanks to motor support, while Normal mode is supposed to mark “the sweet spot for daily commuting and regular workouts” and accelerates the e-bike to a maximum of 47 km/h. Assist mode, on the other hand, is aimed more at city riding.

Also offered are 8-speed Shimano gears, as well as hydraulic disc brakes. A 48V 12W LED light at the front and a red brake light provide the necessary illumination, while all the information on speed, riding mode or battery status can be read on the LC display.

Price and availability

The Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike is funded via crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform, and thus comes with the typical risks. As of July 18, the original funding goal of 5,053 euros has long since been exceeded by 12,590 percent. You still have 27 days to support the campaign.

Here you can secure the sporty e-mountain bike at a Super Early Bird price of only 1,585 euros, while the manufacturer’s RRP is supposed to be around 2,670 euros. Provided everything goes smoothly, delivery is scheduled for October 2022.

ENGWE X26 e-Bike: An All-terrain Foldable e-Bike That Ticks All The Boxes

If you are looking for an e-bike that can do it all, then the ENGWE X26 is a good choice. It’s a heavy-duty e-bike that’s packed with power, triple suspension, dual batteries, and good looks to boot.

  • Triple suspension and fat tires for a stable and comfortable ride in any terrain
  • Foldable
  • Battery life can last for longer rides
  • Great for any terrain

Ever wanted an e-bike that you can take anywhere – from home to work and even off-road? If so, then the ENGWE X26 might just be the one you are looking for.

Designed for every terrain and packed with a 1000W motor, the ENGWE X26 is a beast in the e-bike world. It has three suspensions, dual batteries, fat tires, and a badass design to boot – that is if you are into the bulky bike types. As if that’s not enough, you can even fold it neatly into your trunk, too. Pretty impressive, huh? Learn more about it in this review and find out if it’s the e-bike for you.


Here at MrGadget, we’ve had our fair share of reviewing some of the newest e-bikes coming out on the crowdfunding scene. However, there’s nothing quite as successful as the new ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike. Raising over US472,000 of funding on Indiegogo, it’s a hit for both bike enthusiasts and commuters.

Unlike many e-bikes on the market, the X26 is built for any type of terrain. It is designed to provide you with a comfortable ride on city streets as well as off-road. You can use it on sand, gravel, mud, and snow – which not many e-bikes can do.

Also, when compared with other eBikes, the ENGWE X26 is faster and more powerful. With its dual batteries, it also lasts longer. This means that you can ride it further before needing to recharge. But most of all, it is surprisingly more affordable.

Offered at US1599 on Indiegogo, the ENGWE X26 is cheaper than many of the top all-terrain eBikes with similar performance levels around like the RadRover 6 Plus and RipCurrent S. Unfortunately, this price is only available for a limited time. After its campaign, its price will be at US2699, putting it at the same price point as the RipCurrent S. So if you’re interested, better hurry!


1000W Motor

One of the most notable features of the X26 is its powerful motor. Just like other eBikes, it offers a steady and reliable power at 750W. However, if you find yourself needing more power, say you are on extreme terrain, you can push it at 1000W.

With this much power, the X26 can climb 30% inclines. So with it, you’ll have no problem going up the steepest hills, gliding over sand and gravel, or dealing with mud in the mountains.

1373Wh Dual Batteries

Another thing we love about the ENGWE X26 is its dual batteries. With a combined 1373Wh capacity, you will be able to ride it a maximum of 62 miles on a single charge. That’s almost an entire week of commuting for most people.

With its longer battery life, you don’t have to charge the X26 as often as other bikes. In fact, you can charge it once or twice a week if used solely for commuting. For off-road activities, this means that you’ll have more time on the trails, thus, more time to have fun.

Both of the batteries are removable. They are stowed away under the seat and can provide you with a full 48 miles or around 77 km. On the other hand, the second battery is swappable and slides out of the top tube. This adds another 14 miles or 23 km to your trip. Together, they can cover a full day of riding without needing to stop for a top-up.

Triple Suspensions

One of the most unique features of the X26 is its triple suspension, which allows you to stay comfortable in any terrain. It has a hydraulic shock on the front, a mechanical shock in the middle, and an air suspension at the rear. So whatever and wherever you take it, the X26 is more than up for the challenge.

Motorcycle-Grade Fat Tires

To ensure a smooth ride even on the toughest terrain, the X26 stands on motorcycle-grade 26 x 4.0 inch fat tires. This gives you a larger contact area and a better grip on the ground. They are also skid-resistant and provide you with better control over the elements, making tight turns and fast stops easier.

The ENGWE X26 is designed with one-piece wheels which means that the spokes and frames are made from a single piece of metal which improved stability, durability and maintenance over traditionally designed wheels.

31MPH Max Speed

The ENGWE X26 has a top speed of 31MPH, beating many bikes on the market. This means that you can cut the time on your commutes and ride faster while on the trails.

If you’re worried about speed regulations, don’t be. The ENGWE X26 has a factory setting where the max speed is only 25kph (15mph). You can then manually adjust the settings later on to reach the max speed of up to 31mph.

Different Riding Modes

The X26 offers different modes, depending on your chosen activity and purpose.

For instance, if you are cruising down flat roads and open terrain and want to take it easy, you can choose the “Assist Mode”. This will allow you to ride at up to 25mph speed. There’s also the “Normal Mode”, which is best for daily commuters and regular workouts. It will allow you to reach speeds up to 29mph. On the other hand, if you are climbing hills or doing more intense workouts, and require faster speeds up to 31mph, you can choose the “Sports Mode”.


As for speed, the X26 (31mph max speed) beats out many of its competitors, including the RipCurrent S, which has a max speed of 28mph. You will also have no problem finding the right gear with this bike as you have 8 to choose from. Using the latest gear cassettes from Shimano, which is a well-known brand in the biking industry, you can climb hills and cruise flat roads with ease.

Now, the best thing about the ENGWE X26 is its dual batteries. With a 1373Wh capacity, it offers a maximum range of 62 miles (100km). This is a lot longer than what many e-bikes can cover for a single charge. To give you an idea, the RadRover 6 Plus has only a range of 45 miles (72km).

The first thing you’ll notice about the ENGWE X26 in terms of design and aesthetics is its massive size. It’s not only a beast in performance, but it looks the part as well with its thick tires and bulky body. That said, this is a very good-looking bike. It looks great on both city streets and gritty trails. Plus, it’s designed with all genders in mind, so anyone can ride it.

Despite its size, it remains surprisingly light when compared to similar bikes in the market thanks to its aluminium frame. The company also made it foldable. So it’s at least easier to pack away and take along road trips as it can neatly fit in your trunk.

For its safety features, the X26 has 48V 12W headlights that turn on automatically when it gets dark. At the back, it has red brake lights that let drivers and other riders know when you are ahead.

This bike also has a large, full-colour LCD screen that displays everything you need to see front and centre. This allows you to know your speed, battery life, riding mode, and more with just a glance. This is great since nobody really has the time to be scrolling down their screens while sharing the road with other vehicles.

Final Thoughts

The ENGWE X26 is an e-bike that can do it all. With its powerful motor, dual batteries, triple suspensions, and thick tires, you’ll have no problem riding it on any terrain and slope. On top of this it’s great value for money – especially if you take advantage of the campaign offers!

The best part? This isn’t ENGWE’s first e-bike and product. The company has been selling e-bikes since 2014, and they have a line-up of impressive electric bikes. So unlike many products offered on crowdfunding sites, you are sure to receive the product you will pledge for.

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Engwe X26: Long-Range Cruiser with Two Batteries

A lot of the e-bikes that have come out of China over the last few years have all been very similar. This is because manufacturers use the same frames, motors and batteries. The only thing different is the branding. But, every once in a while, an e-bike comes along that breaks the mould. One such bike is the new Engwe X26, and in this article, I’m going to be looking at the specs to see what sets it apart from the competition.

The Engwe X26 is the result of a very successful crowdfunding campaign which raised a staggering one million dollars. I can see why people were keen to invest in the X26 as it has certain unique features not usually found on e-bikes.

Engwe X26 Specs


  • Dual battery design with 1401Wh
  • Triple suspension system
  • Unique frame design
  • Colour display
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • 8-speed gearing


  • Seriously heavy at 41kg
  • Not road legal in the EU or UK
  • Lots of things to (potentially) go wrong

Electric components

Here, Engwe has gone for a tried and tested 1000w geared rear hub motor, but the icing on the cake is a dual battery system giving the X26 an unmatched 1401Wh of energy capacity. The primary battery is 48v 19.2Ah with the secondary being 48v 10Ah (total 48v 29.2Ah). What this will mean in terms of the total range remains to be seen, but I would say the claimed range of up to 62 miles (100 km) should be easily achievable with sensible use.

The rear hub motor is rated to 1000w with a claimed peak output of 1200w. This should be enough to power the X26 up fairly steep hills. Hub motors aren’t renowned for their hill-climbing strengths – I have tested the Engwe Engine Pro and the EP-2 Pro on very steep (20% gradient) climbs and they do start to struggle, requiring a fair bit of rider input. On moderate hills, however, they perform very well.

As far as I can ascertain, the X26 uses a cadence sensor for pedal assist. It would have been great to have torque-sensing assist on an e-bike like this as it improves responsiveness and motor efficiency. and more Chinese manufacturers are using this technology, and torque sensors are now fitted on the Fiido M21 and the soon-to-be-released Ado Beast folding electric fat bike.

There is a 48v 19Ah battery in the frame and the second 48v 10Ah battery is integrated into the oversized seat post. The dual battery arrangement is what sets the Engwe X26 apart from the competition. It’s nothing new, indeed, dual battery set-ups can be found on several more expensive brands. The Freesky Alaska has two batteries and is cheaper. But, that’s only available in the US.

As I have mentioned above, the claimed range of 62 miles does seem quite feasible, providing the bike is used sensibly. I reckon if you treated it like an electric moped and didn’t pedal, you’d tear through the battery much quicker. On the flip side, if you were frugal with the assist, then I reckon maybe more than 62 miles could be achievable. I’ve been getting 40 miles out of the Engine Pro battery and that is 768Wh If I can get hold of an Engwe X26 for a review in 2023, I’ll put this to the test.

A full-colour display is used on the X26. The screen layout looks identical to the display used on their Engine Pro e-bike. Assuming it has the same functionality, then it should be a really good display. Clear to read and has lots of options to fine-tune assist levels. Plus, it does have the auto lights on/off feature, but I didn’t see any mention of a regen function.

Bike components

Engwe has equipped the X26 to a similar level as the Engine Pro with a couple of additional features, like the motorcycle-style front forks and an interesting triple suspension system at the rear.

The gearing on the X26 is similar to the Engine Pro. You have a single front chainring with an 8-speed rear cassette. It uses the nice Shimano trigger shifter which gives a nice and positive gear change.

Being such a heavy bike, hydraulic brakes are a must. The brakes on my Engine Pro work well. And although they’re not a brand I’m familiar with, they do the job effectively. Looking at the brakes on the X26, they look very similar.

Suspension is one area of the X26 that differs from other e-bikes. I’m not sure what the benefit is to having three suspension shocks at the back, but it sure is different! The forward single shock looks like the one fitted to the Engine Pro. Plus, the twin shocks to the rear, are reminiscent of classic motorcycles. It should certainly add to rider comfort by filtering out road buzz.

Upfront there’s a triple-tree style suspension fork. This looks a lot beefier than the unit fitted to the Engine Pro and should provide more than adequate absorption for light riding off-road. How durable they are is another question, and I always recommend caution by avoiding jumps and rocky, technical descents.

Solid one-piece magnesium wheels will negate the need to worry about broken spokes. Plus, they should be tough and last the lifetime of the bike. These are the more traditional 26″ diameter and are shod in 26″ x 4″ all-terrain tires.

The frame looks neat, whereas the Engine Pro and EP-2 frames are used on many different brands. The X26 frame is unique to this bike. It has a central folding mechanism, where you can also remove the main battery (for charging).


All Engwe e-bikes are well-equipped and the X26 is no exception. You have front and rear lights (with brake lights) these can be set to auto on/off via the display. It works on my Engine Pro just fine. There’s the obligatory kickstand, but I didn’t see any mention of mudguards. There’s a seat pad on the back for (I assume) carrying a passenger, but I couldn’t see any footrests. I would exercise caution carrying a passenger, and if you do, make sure they wear a helmet and gloves.

Who is the Engwe X26 aimed at?

I reckon the Engwe X26 would make a cracking commuter e-bike. With the potential for over 50 miles on a charge, you could cover quite a substantial commute and not have to worry about turning up for work all sweaty! Plus, with the added comfort of the big tires and suspension, you could even take an off-road shortcut or two.

For general leisure riding and exploring, the X26 has lots of potentials. It would make a great e-bike for hunting, fishing or just exploring the wild.


I like the look of the Engwe X26. It does share some of the design cues of other folding electric fat bikes but has its own character. I’ll have to reserve final judgement until I can get ahold of a test sample to review in 2023. But, based on what I’ve seen so far, and the specification, it looks like an interesting bike.

This is going to be more of a commuting/leisure electric bike and because it can be folded in half, you could drive out to the country and take it for a spin. The only real downside is the massive weight. At 41 kg, it’s going to be too bulky to take on public transport and I’d imagine trying to lug it around wouldn’t be good for your back!

engwe, launches, crowdfunding, campaign, all-terrain, ebike

At its current price of £2299, it’s considerably more expensive than the Engine Pro, but you do get quite a unique-looking fat tire e-bike for your money with a big battery range.

If you want something you can pedal under your own steam, I’d give it a miss. It will be tough to pedal without assistance. If you’re after an e-bike that has loads of power and a good battery range, it’s worth considering.

Meet Tony, a passionate e-bike advocate and enthusiast who discovered the life-changing benefits of electric bikes back in 2016. Tony’s technical experience within the e-bike field was gained while running a successful electric bike conversion business for 5 years in his home county of Cornwall, UK.

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