Engwe E-Bikes Review — A Close Look at the Affordable E-Bike Brand. Engwe electric bike x26

ENGWE Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for X26 All-Terrain eBike: A Performance Beast With 1000W Motor

WALNUT, Calif. and ROME. June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Aimed to be the most powerful product of the ENGWE series for users in the US and Europe. ENGWE paired a 1000W motor with a dual battery system, and triple shock suspension to create an all-terrain beast X26 for crowdfunding. It is launched on Indiegogo. Motorcycle-grade fat tires of 264 inches make easy work of potholes, snow, or sand. powerful than the majority of e-bikes on the market, X26 easily meet riders’ expectation of power, speed, long trip and stability.

Conquer Hills Easily with 1000W Motor

The X26 offers steady power at 750W and can push out a monstrous 1000W when facing extreme terrains. With more power than most eBike available, the X26 lets riders climb steep hills of a 30% incline. The motor also gives it a 31MPH top speed, beating other eBikes that only reach 20-30MPH.

Dual Battery System Allows 62 Miles Maximum Range

A dual-battery system charges the ride with a whopping 1373 Wh of power, with improved ride time to give riders more miles of up to 62 miles and more time on the trails. That’s a full day of riding without ever stopping for a top-up.

Triple Suspension System

X26 employs a triple suspension system extending from its front hydraulic shock with 150mm stroke travel, and middle mechanical shock to the rear air shock, which excels it from other e-bikes at 3 times more powerful shock absorbance.

ENGWE’s specialized ground control fat tires (264) are also skid resistant and maximize rolling and climbing. giving riders total control over tighter turns and faster stops on even the toughest terrain.

Top speed: 50KPH / 31MPH Power: 1000W (Peak), 750 (Rated) Max Incline of Climb: 30% Tire Size: 264 Inches Range Per Charge (Normal Mode): 100KM/62 Miles Battery Capacity: 48V 19AH (Main Battery), 48V 9.6AH (Extra Battery) Brake: Hydraulic Disk Brakes Acceleration: 46s (0-50 KMH) Load: 330lbs / 150KG Weight: 90lbs / 41KG

Only 1599 for all the exceptional functions combined in one piece, the X26 is definitely one of the most cost-effective e-bikes in the industry. Don’t hesitate to grab the super early bird deal on Indiegogo.

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Engwe E-Bikes Review — A Close Look at the Affordable E-Bike Brand

Engwe Bikes is a well-established electric mobility brand that has sold over half a million e-bikes in 30 countries. They specialize in producing affordable folding electric bikes, such as their flagship model, the Engwe EP 2 Pro 750W.

Engwe eBikes are ideal for relaxed urban riding as each one has wide tires, suspension, upright geometry, and comfortable touchpoints.

Their frames are well-built and sturdy, but the folding mechanism, comfort-focused design, and entry-level components result in heavy base weights between 55 and 112 lbs.

This Engwe bikes review will discuss the brand, its policies, and the current lineup so you can decide if one of their e-bikes is right for you.

Quick facts about Engwe bikes:

  • Engwe was founded in 2014 and, as of 2023, serves over 30 markets internationally.
  • It’s a direct-to-consumer brand producing entry-level folding electric bikes.
  • The company is based out of Shenzhen, China, and has warehouses in the US and EU.
  • The current North American lineup consists of five e-bikes priced between 630 and 2,700.
  • Engwe frequently runs discounts on one or more of its e-bikes.

What We Like and Dislike About Engwe Bikes

As is the case with most entry-level popular e-bike brands, Engwe bikes aren’t perfect. That said, their products are cheap and have plenty of features that urban riders value.

The folding e-bike market is competitive, but Engwe bikes easily compete with folding options like Lectric’s XP 3.0, Rad Power Bikes’ RadExpand 5, and Aventon’s Sinch.2.


  • Affordable pricing, thanks to the direct-to-consumer business model.
  • Free and fast shipping in the lower 48 states.
  • A varied selection of e-bikes with different characteristics.
  • Compatible with various accessories and commuter components.
  • Responsive customer service team.


  • Engwe eBikes are heavier than the competition.
  • Cheap suspension parts add complexity and weight to the bikes with little benefit.
  • Difficult assembly.
  • Minimal warranty of just one year.
  • Slightly exaggerated marketing claims.

Engwe Model Range Review

As of early 2023, the Engwe electric bike lineup consists of five models, the most recent of which is the X26. All of the models have similarities, but there are enough differences to appeal to different needs.

Among the range, you’ll find a full-suspension model, a single-speed mini e-bike, two fully-equipped commuters, and a lightweight mixed-terrain build.

Engwe EP-2 Pro

The Engwe EP 2 Pro is the brand’s flagship electric bike, balancing affordability and versatility.

This model is perfect for urban dwellers and mixed-terrain commuters. The 4″ Chaoyang fat tires mean you can ride in comfort and safety on any surface, and the rear rack, durable metal fenders, bell, and LED lights are ideal for commuting in the city.

Like all Engwe bikes, the EP-2 Pro can fold into a neat package, but the high weight of 74 lbs makes lifting and carrying difficult. Nonetheless, it is still a valuable feature for storing the bike in a smaller space at home.

The electronics include a 750W hub motor with 55Nm of torque and a 624Wh battery with a 50-mile max range. Although this motor has a peak power of 960W, the controller is limited to 500W.

Finally, the Engwe EP 2 Pro 750W has an impressive 330-lb payload capacity and fits riders from 5’2″ to 6’8″. Choose this model if you want a cheap Engwe eBike that can do it all.

Engwe Engine Pro

The Engwe Engine Pro 750W is the higher-end, more capable sibling of the EP-2 Pro. This model has a similar design, only with upgrades in several key areas.

Firstly, you get an improved 8-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, giving you more range for riding on hills and more reliable stopping power.

The Engine Pro also has a full-suspension setup instead of a coil fork alone. The front hydraulic fork and rear shock combine with the high-volume fat tires to absorb any bumps and vibrations.

Engwe markets the Engine Pro as an electric mountain bike, but we disagree. We’d define it as an off-roader, but we wouldn’t take it on proper mountain trails as the geometry isn’t appropriate.

For power, the Engine Pro has a 750W motor and a 768Wh battery that can output 1000W peak power and last up to 60 miles on a single charge. In addition, you get an improved color display on this Engwe eBike.

All things considered, for just 400 extra, the Engine Pro is a solid upgrade on the EP-2 Pro if your budget allows it. That said, the lack of branded components leaves us doubtful of its longevity.

Engwe X26

Engwe’s X26 is a unique electric bike. It’s the most expensive and advanced model on the brand’s lineup and comes with a triple suspension design, something new to the industry.

Firstly, you get a 48V e-bike system with a 750W, 60Nm motor and two batteries totaling 1373Wh of juice. Unfortunately, you must manually switch between the batteries by moving the cable. This high-power system is necessary for an inefficient 112-lb fat tire e-bike with three suspension shocks.

Other notable components include the rear passenger seat for maximizing the 330-lb capacity, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 8-speed gearing, and durable one-piece mag wheels wrapped in 4″ fat tires.

There’s no doubt that the Engwe X26 is a capable off-roader, but, like the Engine Pro, we wouldn’t go charging down any steep, technical descents, as the high weight and upright geometry won’t be stable enough.

Add the X26 to your shortlist if you want a folding bike with raw power, tons of range, and off-road capabilities.

Engwe T14

  • Cheapest Engwe e-bike
  • Compact folding electric bike for easy storage in small apartments
  • Low-maintenance drivetrain

The T14 mini is one of the cheapest e-bikes on the market and an excellent choice for those who need a light-duty urban bike for short commutes and running errands.

At just 630, don’t expect much performance or comfort from the T14, but you can be confident it will get you from A to B without breaking a sweat. A punchy 350W hub motor and 480WH battery will give you an average of around 15 to 20 miles of range.

The groupset consists of mechanical disc brakes and a single-speed drivetrain. This drivetrain keeps maintenance needs down but limits your ability to pedal on hills.

Of course, as an urban e-bike, the T14 has a set of fenders and lights, but you’ll need to add a rear rack if you want to take along cargo.

Choose the T14 mini electric bike if you have a tight budget and need a compact companion for navigating the city.

Engwe C20 Pro

The Engwe C20 Pro is one of the best sub-1,000 electric bikes we’ve seen, designed with all-terrain capabilities and a straightforward frame setup.

This electric bike has entry-level components, including a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain and off-brand mechanical disc brakes. That said, the solid frame construction and seamless integration are unusual at this price.

Power comes from a 500W hub motor and 480Wh battery pack. You can expect up to 45 miles of range in ideal conditions and plenty of kick to get you up steep gradients.

Unfortunately, this model isn’t compatible with a rack and fenders, so commuters might want to choose a different Engwe eBike.

Don’t miss out on the Engwe C20 Pro if you have a limited budget and want a lightweight and sleek mixed-terrain e-bike.

What Features Make Engwe Bikes Stand Out?

Even though Engwe bikes are not perfect and have a few pitfalls due to their low prices, there are still a lot of things that make them stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the top aspects of the brand that we like and think provide good value for the money:

  • Low prices
  • Wide, knobbly tires provide all-terrain capabilities.
  • Foldable frames with solid locking mechanisms for tidier at-home storage.
  • High load capacities for heavier riders and carrying cargo.
  • High-quality displays on all models (except Mini).
  • Fast electric bikes with plenty of power for the average urban rider

Customer Service and User Reviews

The Engwe customer service gets mixed reviews online, with some customers receiving prompt and satisfactory assistance and others waiting several weeks to receive replacement parts.

You can contact the Engwe customer service team by email (service@engwe-bikes.com), by filling out a form on the website, or by using the chat, which you can access by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right side of the web page.

The majority of Engwe e-bike reviews are positive. Of course, given the budget prices, expectations shouldn’t be too high, but users frequently comment on the solid feel of the bike and the tidy integration of electronics and cabling.

Owners are also generally impressed with the electronics, which are more powerful than you’d expect and provide more than enough range for the average journey.

Smaller Engwe ebikes, such as T14 and C20 can easily fit in most car trunks when folded. But you’ll likely need an SUV or a station wagon to transport the larger models.

The main issue owners report is the high weight. Despite being foldable, these bikes are hard to lift and don’t fit into the trunks of smaller cars. In addition, advertisements of the Engwe Engine Pro 750W as a mountain bike are slightly misleading to new e-bike riders, as it won’t perform like a real eMTB.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Engwe electric bike assembly is highly involved, and they don’t offer good follow-along videos like other brands.

Shipping and Assembly

Engwe offers free shipping to customers in the US and 300 for customers in Canada. The local carriers used are UPS and FedEx.

They estimate seven to ten business days for delivery on all bicycle orders, and the warehouse takes two to three business days to process the order and provide tracking information.

As mentioned, assembling Engwe eBikes is tricky if you’re not an experienced home mechanic. The bikes come mostly unassembled and untuned. Unfortunately, the brand only has an assembly video for the EP-2 Pro, which is poor quality and hard to follow. They also provide written instructions.

We recommend taking your new Engwe bike to a trusted e-bike mechanic for assembly and tuning if you’re not confident in doing it yourself.

Final Takeaways: Should You Get an Engwe E-Bike?

We feel Engwe bikes are very competitive. They’re cleverly designed, solidly constructed, and user-friendly. They also have the capability to ride on mixed terrains, support high payloads, and fold down for neater storage or transportation, all of which are desirable features. Engwe also uses decent electronics for the price range, providing more than enough power and range for the average user.

It’s important to remember that Engwe bikes are all entry-level, so your expectations should reflect that. Expect basic components and minimal extra features, and be aware there is a reasonable likelihood of experiencing an issue early into owning one.

We think it’s worthwhile considering an Engwe electric bike if you have a tight budget, need a wide-tire folding bike, and are not worried about the extra weight. Whatever you decide, we hope this Engwe eBike review has helped you make up your mind.

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Engwe X26: All-terrain e-bike with 100 km range launches for under 1,600 euros

The massive and angular design of the Engwe X26 could be straight out of a sci-fi movie. But the all-terrain e-bike also has a lot to offer in terms of technology. These include a 1000-watt motor and a range of up to 100 kilometers. The e-bike is being funded via crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

The Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike in detail

When riding on rough terrain, the new Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike should know no limits, promises the manufacturer in the announcement on its own homepage, which had previously focused primarily on foldable e-bikes.

The X26 is also foldable and inherits the angular, silver-gray look of the other models, but presents itself once again clearly above from a technical point of view. Keyword technology: Considering the performance offered, the e-mountain bike will probably have a hard time in Germany, at least on public roads.

This is ensured, for example, by a 750-watt motor from a snowmobile, which is fed via the rear axle and can even call up a maximum power of 1,000 watts for a short time. This enables the Engwe X26 to reach speeds of up to 31 mph, or 50 km/h.

The X26 is designed for a permissible total weight of 150 kg. Despite its lightweight aluminum construction, the E-MTB itself weighs in at 41 kg. Significantly more, for example, than the lightweight E-MTB Thömus Lightrider E Ultimate with only 14.6 kg.

High riding comfort in open terrain

The Engwe X26 is designed for even the most difficult terrain. Gradients of up to 30 degrees should not be able to take anything from the e-bike, while the one-piece tires with a size of 26 x 4.0 inches promise a high level of comfort even on hill and dale and are particularly low-maintenance.

Thanks to a triple shock-resistant suspension in the front, middle and rear, the X26 is said to be able to absorb shocks three times better than normal e-bikes. In addition, the manufacturer relies on a dual-battery solution that realizes a maximum range of around 100 kilometers (62 miles).

It is based on a 19 Ah main battery and a second battery with 7.5 Ah. The duo has a total output of 1,373 watt hours and can be easily removed for charging.

When riding, you can use a whole three different operating modes. In Sport mode, the X26 reaches its top speed thanks to motor support, while Normal mode is supposed to mark “the sweet spot for daily commuting and regular workouts” and accelerates the e-bike to a maximum of 47 km/h. Assist mode, on the other hand, is aimed more at city riding.

Also offered are 8-speed Shimano gears, as well as hydraulic disc brakes. A 48V 12W LED light at the front and a red brake light provide the necessary illumination, while all the information on speed, riding mode or battery status can be read on the LC display.

Price and availability

The Engwe X26 all-terrain e-bike is funded via crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform, and thus comes with the typical risks. As of July 18, the original funding goal of 5,053 euros has long since been exceeded by 12,590 percent. You still have 27 days to support the campaign.

Here you can secure the sporty e-mountain bike at a Super Early Bird price of only 1,585 euros, while the manufacturer’s RRP is supposed to be around 2,670 euros. Provided everything goes smoothly, delivery is scheduled for October 2022.

ENGWE X26 e-Bike: An All-terrain Foldable e-Bike That Ticks All The Boxes

If you are looking for an e-bike that can do it all, then the ENGWE X26 is a good choice. It’s a heavy-duty e-bike that’s packed with power, triple suspension, dual batteries, and good looks to boot.

  • Triple suspension and fat tires for a stable and comfortable ride in any terrain
  • Foldable
  • Battery life can last for longer rides
  • Great for any terrain

Ever wanted an e-bike that you can take anywhere – from home to work and even off-road? If so, then the ENGWE X26 might just be the one you are looking for.

Designed for every terrain and packed with a 1000W motor, the ENGWE X26 is a beast in the e-bike world. It has three suspensions, dual batteries, fat tires, and a badass design to boot – that is if you are into the bulky bike types. As if that’s not enough, you can even fold it neatly into your trunk, too. Pretty impressive, huh? Learn more about it in this review and find out if it’s the e-bike for you.


Here at MrGadget, we’ve had our fair share of reviewing some of the newest e-bikes coming out on the crowdfunding scene. However, there’s nothing quite as successful as the new ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike. Raising over US472,000 of funding on Indiegogo, it’s a hit for both bike enthusiasts and commuters.

Unlike many e-bikes on the market, the X26 is built for any type of terrain. It is designed to provide you with a comfortable ride on city streets as well as off-road. You can use it on sand, gravel, mud, and snow – which not many e-bikes can do.

Also, when compared with other eBikes, the ENGWE X26 is faster and more powerful. With its dual batteries, it also lasts longer. This means that you can ride it further before needing to recharge. But most of all, it is surprisingly more affordable.

Offered at US1599 on Indiegogo, the ENGWE X26 is cheaper than many of the top all-terrain eBikes with similar performance levels around like the RadRover 6 Plus and RipCurrent S. Unfortunately, this price is only available for a limited time. After its campaign, its price will be at US2699, putting it at the same price point as the RipCurrent S. So if you’re interested, better hurry!


1000W Motor

One of the most notable features of the X26 is its powerful motor. Just like other eBikes, it offers a steady and reliable power at 750W. However, if you find yourself needing more power, say you are on extreme terrain, you can push it at 1000W.

With this much power, the X26 can climb 30% inclines. So with it, you’ll have no problem going up the steepest hills, gliding over sand and gravel, or dealing with mud in the mountains.

1373Wh Dual Batteries

Another thing we love about the ENGWE X26 is its dual batteries. With a combined 1373Wh capacity, you will be able to ride it a maximum of 62 miles on a single charge. That’s almost an entire week of commuting for most people.

With its longer battery life, you don’t have to charge the X26 as often as other bikes. In fact, you can charge it once or twice a week if used solely for commuting. For off-road activities, this means that you’ll have more time on the trails, thus, more time to have fun.

Both of the batteries are removable. They are stowed away under the seat and can provide you with a full 48 miles or around 77 km. On the other hand, the second battery is swappable and slides out of the top tube. This adds another 14 miles or 23 km to your trip. Together, they can cover a full day of riding without needing to stop for a top-up.

Triple Suspensions

One of the most unique features of the X26 is its triple suspension, which allows you to stay comfortable in any terrain. It has a hydraulic shock on the front, a mechanical shock in the middle, and an air suspension at the rear. So whatever and wherever you take it, the X26 is more than up for the challenge.

Motorcycle-Grade Fat Tires

To ensure a smooth ride even on the toughest terrain, the X26 stands on motorcycle-grade 26 x 4.0 inch fat tires. This gives you a larger contact area and a better grip on the ground. They are also skid-resistant and provide you with better control over the elements, making tight turns and fast stops easier.

The ENGWE X26 is designed with one-piece wheels which means that the spokes and frames are made from a single piece of metal which improved stability, durability and maintenance over traditionally designed wheels.

31MPH Max Speed

The ENGWE X26 has a top speed of 31MPH, beating many bikes on the market. This means that you can cut the time on your commutes and ride faster while on the trails.

If you’re worried about speed regulations, don’t be. The ENGWE X26 has a factory setting where the max speed is only 25kph (15mph). You can then manually adjust the settings later on to reach the max speed of up to 31mph.

Different Riding Modes

The X26 offers different modes, depending on your chosen activity and purpose.

For instance, if you are cruising down flat roads and open terrain and want to take it easy, you can choose the “Assist Mode”. This will allow you to ride at up to 25mph speed. There’s also the “Normal Mode”, which is best for daily commuters and regular workouts. It will allow you to reach speeds up to 29mph. On the other hand, if you are climbing hills or doing more intense workouts, and require faster speeds up to 31mph, you can choose the “Sports Mode”.


As for speed, the X26 (31mph max speed) beats out many of its competitors, including the RipCurrent S, which has a max speed of 28mph. You will also have no problem finding the right gear with this bike as you have 8 to choose from. Using the latest gear cassettes from Shimano, which is a well-known brand in the biking industry, you can climb hills and cruise flat roads with ease.

Now, the best thing about the ENGWE X26 is its dual batteries. With a 1373Wh capacity, it offers a maximum range of 62 miles (100km). This is a lot longer than what many e-bikes can cover for a single charge. To give you an idea, the RadRover 6 Plus has only a range of 45 miles (72km).

The first thing you’ll notice about the ENGWE X26 in terms of design and aesthetics is its massive size. It’s not only a beast in performance, but it looks the part as well with its thick tires and bulky body. That said, this is a very good-looking bike. It looks great on both city streets and gritty trails. Plus, it’s designed with all genders in mind, so anyone can ride it.

Despite its size, it remains surprisingly light when compared to similar bikes in the market thanks to its aluminium frame. The company also made it foldable. So it’s at least easier to pack away and take along road trips as it can neatly fit in your trunk.

For its safety features, the X26 has 48V 12W headlights that turn on automatically when it gets dark. At the back, it has red brake lights that let drivers and other riders know when you are ahead.

This bike also has a large, full-colour LCD screen that displays everything you need to see front and centre. This allows you to know your speed, battery life, riding mode, and more with just a glance. This is great since nobody really has the time to be scrolling down their screens while sharing the road with other vehicles.

Final Thoughts

The ENGWE X26 is an e-bike that can do it all. With its powerful motor, dual batteries, triple suspensions, and thick tires, you’ll have no problem riding it on any terrain and slope. On top of this it’s great value for money – especially if you take advantage of the campaign offers!

The best part? This isn’t ENGWE’s first e-bike and product. The company has been selling e-bikes since 2014, and they have a line-up of impressive electric bikes. So unlike many products offered on crowdfunding sites, you are sure to receive the product you will pledge for.

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Engwe X26 Review: All-Terrain E-bike Ready!

Home » Engwe X26 Review: All-Terrain E-bike Ready!

Despite its weight being on the heavy side of an e-bike, the Engwe X26 provides a solid and enjoyable riding experience that you will surely love! This e-bike can handle all-terrain riding and is definitely worth considering as your next ride.

Engwe X26

As an e-bike lover. you’re probably aware of Engwe’s reputation for producing affordable e-bikes. However, the Engwe X26 stands out from the rest by offering features that are not available in other Engwe models.

I was excited to get my hands on the Engwe X26 e-bike after its launch, and despite having excessive weight. I was amazed by how agile and well-balanced it felt while riding, and how much weight it could handle.

I was thoroughly impressed with its performance. and in this detailed review, I will share my experience with the Engwe X26. highlighting its features and capabilities !

Engwe X26 Specs

To ensure the most accurate evaluation, these tests are done independently with our rider. Please note that our results may differ from the manufacturer’s claims and are intended to provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of each bike’s capabilities.

Performance Review

The Engwe X26 e-bike is a practical and reliable option with impressive performance. It is equipped with a 750W motor and a dual 48V 29.2Ah battery that offer excellent power for daily commutes or recreational rides. What’s even more noticeable is the bike’s top speed of 47.7km/h and peak power of 1,200W. making it a tough contender. Engwe X26 is also equipped with a triple suspension providing a better all-terrain experience!

over, the bike can cover a distance of up to 96.5km. making it an ideal option for long journeys without the need to worry about battery life.

Now, let’s discuss deeper into the performance tests conducted to evaluate the bike’s individual features.

Top Speed

During my ride with the Engwe X26. I was able to reach a top speed o f 47.7km/h. which was quite good. Additionally, I was impressed to learn that this bike can reach a peak of 1200W. proving its impressive power.


The Engwe X26 e-bike provided decent acceleration. Despite weighing 41 kg. the bike had an impressive torque of 60 Nm. which made it feel powerful and responsive.

engwe, e-bikes, review, close

The acceleration was smooth and steady, and I was able to reach a speed of 47.7km/h in 46 seconds.

Hill Climb

The Engwe X26 had a good performance on inclines. I felt at ease ascending hills with it, and it was capable of managing a 30-degree incline without difficulty.


The Engwe X26 bike is equipped with two batteries : a 48V 19.2Ah (922Wh) battery and a 48V 10Ah (480Wh) battery.

The range is tested separately for both throttle and pedal assist modes. In pedal assist mode. I was able to cover the full 96.5km distance without any issues. However, when using the hand throttle mode without pedaling, the range was shorter, between 40-50km.

Ride Quality

The Engwe X26 bike provided me with a smooth ride overall, which was great. With its 26×4″ tires. I found that it was really an excellent all-terrain bike. The steering was nimble and agile. and the power delivery was highly responsive.

Cornering was effortless due to the fat tires, and I had no problems with weight distribution or ride stability considering its heavy weight of 41kg.

Even though the bike may seem hefty at first, once I started riding it, it didn’t feel heavy at all.


The Engwe X26 bike comes with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes from Logan. Although I’m not familiar with the brand, the brakes worked well.

The brake size is 160mm. which is standard for most bikes, I wished Engwe should’ve provided 180mm since it has large tires. When I applied the brakes. I was able to come to a complete stop within a 12m (39.4 ft.) distance, which I found to be impressive.


The Engwe X26 bike comes with a triple suspension system that includes a front hydraulic shock, middle mechanical shock, and rear air shock. Although the rear suspension has only 1 inch of travel, I found that it still provided a comfortable ride.

The front suspension fork is adjustable and lockable. which I found to be convenient. The suspension felt good overall, and I was able to ride over curbs without any discomfort. as it soaked up the bumps easily. The saddle is very soft. which adds to the bike’s overall comfort. However, I wish they had included footpegs as well.

Engwe X26

Our content is independent, but buying through our links may earn us a commission.

Engwe X26 Features


The Engwe X26 bike is made of aluminum alloy material, which is lightweight yet durable. The bike itself weighs 41 kg. which is a bit heavier than other Engwe bikes.

However, it has a bike load rating of 150kg, which is quite good. And I noticed some slight issues with the body paint’s balance.


The actual price of the Engwe X26 bike is 1,899. Although it may seem like a high price, I personally believe it’s worth it for the bike’s performance. You can also purchase this e-bike on Amazon for the same price of 1,899.


The Engwe X26 bike can be folded, but it’s not exactly portable due to its weight. The bike is really heavy, which makes it difficult to lift and put in the trunk or storage. However, the foldable feature could be useful when removing the second battery, which I think is the only benefit of the bike being folded.

The bike’s dimensions are 77″ x 51″ x 28″ (195 x 130 x 72 cm). but when folded, it measures 43″ x 47″ x 28″ (110 x 120 x 72 cm). It’s worth noting that this bike may not be suitable for people below 5’7”, as it may be difficult to handle for those who are shorter.


As for the styling of the Engwe X26. I find it quite appealing. The one-piece wheel design gives it a sleek look. However, while the bike may have had internal wiring at some point, the external wiring is quite messy and detracts from the overall appearance.

On a positive note, I do like the Smart cage pulley plate and the added ground clearance it provides. Though I must admit, the dual batteries, triple suspension, and large tires do make the bike appear quite hefty.

Battery Pack

The Engwe X26 has a removable and lockable battery, which for me is convenient. The main battery takes 8 hours to charge, while the second battery only takes 4.5 hours. It’s great that there are two batteries, which provide a total of 1,402Wh of capacity.

However, only one battery can be connected at a time, and there’s a removable cable that needs to be connected to switch between them. Also, when charging the second battery, it needs to be removed from the frame since there’s no direct charging port, and I find it stressful.


The Engwe X26 has a color AMOLED screen that’s backlit and clearly visible even in daylight, The screen provides so much useful information such as battery life, speed, and riding mode, which is really helpful.


The Engwe X26 has 26″ x 4″ Fat Tires. the first Engwe bike with this size! The bike is great for off-roads – definitely! The tire is skid-resistant, making cornering easy.


The Engwe X26 provides 48V 12W of headlights which is decent. especially at night. It also has two rear brake lights, one is located behind the rider’s seat and another behind the rear seat.


The Engwe X26 provides IP2 which is okay for slight rain, but don’t ever try riding this bike when there’s heavy rain.


The Engwe X26 has a one-year warranty, that includes the motor, frame, and other accessories included in the bike.

Additional Accessory

The Engwe X26 doesn’t come with fenders. which is quite disappointing as they can be useful in preventing mud and water from splashing on me while I ride.

However, it does have a rear seat, which is a nice addition if I want to carry someone else with me on my ride, and as I mentioned, I wish it has footpegs.

Engwe X26 Alternatives Competitors

If you want to compare options, here are two main alternatives for the Engwe X26 in a similar budget and specs range.

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Engwe X26 vs Engwe Engine Pro

When comparing the Engwe X26 to the Engwe Engine Pro. there are a few differences to consider. The X26 has a faster top speed of 47.7km/h compared to the Engine Pro’s 38km/h.

However, the Engine Pro has a longer range of 100km on a single charge, whereas the X26 has a range of 96.5km. The X26 is also slightly heavier at 41kg. while the Engine Pro weighs in at 37.8kg. In terms of suspension. the X26 has a triple suspension system, while the Engine Pro has a dual suspension system.

The X26 is priced at 1,899.99. which is higher than the Engine Pro’s price of 1,499. Overall, both models have a 750W motor and offer great performance. but the X26 has a higher price tag and a faster speed, while the Engine Pro has a longer range and a lower price

Engwe X26 vs Drvetion BT20

Both the Engwe X26 and Drvetion BT20 have 750W motors. However, the Engwe X26 has a higher top speed of 47.7km/h compared to the Drvetion BT20’s top speed of 42km/h.

engwe, e-bikes, review, close

The Engwe X26 also has a larger battery with a capacity of 1,402Wh. providing a longer range of 96.6km. whereas the Drvetion BT20 only has a 480Wh battery with a range of 29.9km. Despite having a more powerful motor and larger battery. the Engwe X26 is heavier at 41kg compared to the Drvetion BT20’s weight of 28.5kg.

The Engwe X26 also boasts a more advanced suspension system with a triple suspension compared to just a single suspension in the Drvetion BT20.

Lastly, the Engwe X26 is priced at 1,899.99, which is higher than the Drvetion BT20’s price of 1,399. Overall, for me, the Engwe X26 offers more advanced features and capabilities at a higher price point.

Here’s a brief comparison of these three electric bikes.

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