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The Best Electric Scooters in Australia 2023 (Updated June 2023)

2022 was a huge year for electric scooters. We saw new brands landing in Australia, and some amazing new models come from the likes of Segway Apollo. Beyond that, the sheer amount of technology packed into e-scooters took huge steps from 2021, introducing us to amazing features such as NFC communication, traction control, indicators, improved displays, and more reliable performance.

After a tumultuous expensive year for many, these changes placed electric scooters as a genuine alternative to the car for short trips commuting, which helped e-scooters grow in popularity around Australia.

We’re already a couple of months into 2023 and we’re seeing some great new rides landing already, and the rest of the year promises to bring us more of the same range expansion, technological innovation, and all-round more convenient ways of getting around town.


  • Segway-Ninebot Max G2
  • Apollo Air 2022
  • Segway-Ninebot Max E2 Plus
  • Pure Advance Advance
  • Pure Advance Flex
  • Segway-Ninebot P-Series
  • Segway Ninebot P65
  • Segway-Ninebot P100
  • Kaabo Mantis V2
  • Segway Ninebot F40
  • Best Commuter
  • Best Performance Scooter
  • Best All Rounder
  • Longest Range
  • Highest Rider Weight
  • Lightweight

Australia’s Best Electric Scooters 2022

With more and more people discovering the benefits of personal mobility, multiple brands are dipping their toes in the water which means there are even more choices for practical adult electric scooters.

To help you navigate your options, check out these carefully curated electric picks and you might just find the scooter of your dreams. The list below is in no particular order.

Segway-Ninebot Max G2

Top Speed: 35 kph (Global Edition)

Max Range: 70 km

Price: 1,499

A few months ago, the G2’s predecessor, the G65, landed in Australia and was officially heralded as the next generation of the much-loved Ninebot Max. Most notably, it introduced the one thing for which Ninebot riders had been clamouring: suspension. However, outside of that and a generally larger size, the G65 didn’t really break the mould.

Yes, it had a more powerful motor and it could handle a rider weight of over 100 kg, but beyond that we had a very similar design and performance specs. As soon as riders got the suspension they wanted, they immediately started asking where the indicators were as models such as the cheaper F65 now had them as standard.

In a tight turnaround, Segway decided to re-work their design for the G65, and came out with the G2.

And what a job they have done.

In terms of appearance, there isn’t much to tell the difference between the G65 G2. They both have front and rear suspension. They both have the dark grey and yellow colour scheme. They are both about the same size, and they both weigh about the same.

But that’s where the similarities end. The G2 has a longer 70 km range, upgraded tyres, an improved motor, and the Global Edition also has a higher top speed, coming in at 35 kph to the G65’s 30kph. On top of that, the G2 also comes with front rear indicators to improve visibility on roads.

The G2 Max is a near-perfect commuter e-scooter. The suspension gives a smooth, cushioned ride while the larger deck wider handlebars improve balance and control. The motor is dependable and torque-y without being unstable, and the indicators are a helpful feature to have. The only thing that some commuters might dislike is the 24kg weight, but if you want a e-scooter with full suspension and a powerful motor, you won’t find much lighter models with any brand.

Overall, in tinkering with tried-and-tested designs, Segway has produced what may well be the best electric scooter we’ve ever seen. There is finally a worthy successor to the Ninebot Max, and we couldn’t be more excited.

  • Full suspension
  • Indicators
  • New puncture-proof tyres
  • Great value for money
  • A little heavy
  • Improvements to design appearance are minimal
  • Segway have made better LCD screens on other models

Apollo Air 2022

Top Speed: 34 km/h

Max Range: 50 km

Price: 1,399

The Apollo Air 2022 appeared towards the end of 2022 as the successor of the original Apollo Air series. The original Air range was well liked for its sleek design, relative law-abiding performance, low-weight, ease of use. Those were some strong foundations, and with the 2022 version, Apollo upgraded every feature.

Retaining the shape form of the Apollo Air Pro, we also see the gun-metal-grey paint job lifted off the Air’s older relative, the City 2022. The forked front suspension is still present but with it we now find an upgraded 500W that pushes the Air 2022 to 35km. A larger, more powerful battery carries the Air 50 km on a single charge, and Apollo’s refined regenerative braking makes its second appearance after debuting on the City 2022. Shortly after its launch, Apollo upgraded its tyres to the same puncture-proof tyres found on the City as well, but didn’t increase the price after doing so.

App integration also comes with the new Air, allowing riders to customise their riding experience, track their rides, get step-by-step navigation, lock their scooter to prevent theft.

Importantly, Apollo was also able to achieve this while keeping the same 17.5kg weight of the original Apollo Air Pro.

It’s a fantastic piece of engineering, and it rightly claimed its place in Electric Scooter Guide’s Best Electric Scooters of 2022-2023 list and our list of the best electric scooters for commuting.

  • Upgraded 500W Motor
  • Same 17.5kg weight
  • Apollo App Integration
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Longer range faster speed
  • Only comes in one variant
  • expensive than both previous Apollo Air versions

Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus

Top Speed: 25 kph

Max Range: 25 km

While the G-Series is the proverbial jewel in the crown, Segway is built on the E-Series. When they launched their first e-scooter back in 2017, it was the ES1, ES2, and ES4 that introduced scooters into wider society. While the range continued to grow over the next few years, we haven’t seen a new instalment in the E-Series for a while now, with the E25 E45 seemingly taking their place as the last of the line.

That was until Segway announced their new, budget-friendly model: The E2 Plus.

Bargain hunters rejoice. the E2 Plus is right up your street. If you’re looking for the cheapest electric scooter possible but don’t want to sacrifice reliability by choosing a no-name brand off Wish or AliExpress, get an E2.

The E2 is about as no-frills as electric scooters get. With a legally-abiding top speed of 25 kph and a range of 25 km on a single charge, the E2 is about as last-mile as you can go. It will get you everywhere you need to go provided where you need to go is relatively close, so it’s best used as part of your journey rather than the entire journey. Use it to get to the station, or from your car to work. Ride it to your friends’ house, or to your next lecture. While the range might seem a little low, about 69% of the journeys we make in urban environments are less than 5km.

It also comes in as Segway’s lightest current e-scooter, weighing just 14.4kg, which is understandable because you won’t be getting the full lighting, suspension, or size of models such as the G2. Coming with front rear lights, a bell, and three riding modes, this is a budget-friendly run-around e-scooter for those that simply don’t need the performance and technology you find in more premium ranges such as the G-Series or P-Series.

It’s an absolute bargain of an electric scooter, and for its price, you will struggle to find anything better.

  • Very cheap for what it is
  • Exceptionally light
  • Does exactly what you need it to do and nothing more
  • Limited speed
  • Limited range
  • Minimal technology

Pure Air­³

Top Speed: 25 kph

Range: 30. 50 km

The Pure Air range of electric scooters have been a staple of Pure Electric’s e-scooter lineup since they launched in the UK in 2018. In Australia, we’re seeing the third generation of this award-winning ride, and getting all the results from years of Pure’s extensive RD.

The Air³ range comprises three models: the Air³, the Air³ Pro, and theAir³ Pro. While some performance stats and colours vary, they all come in the same overall sleek design. They share a lot of features as well, with the motor power and battery serving as the key points of difference.

emove, touring, review, smooth

In each model, you’ll be getting an industry-leading water resistance racing of IP65 that makes it safe to ride in the rain. You’ll be getting Pure Control Active Steering Stabilisation that returns the handlebars to their forward facing position much in the same way a car’s steering wheel will straighten itself as you drive. You’ll be getting front and rear indicators that have 180° visibility, a front light that’s four times brighter than its predecessor, and a rear light that doubles as a brake light as well. Add in puncture-resistant 10” tyres and app integration, and you’re getting an excellent commuter e-scooter.

The Air³ kicks off as the first entry in the range bringing a 350W motor that produces a top speed of 25 kph. With enough battery life to last up to 30 km, it’s a fantastic option for those who want a high quality ride that’s versatile enough to use year-round without parting with serious cash.

The Air³ Pro has a 500W motor, and while the scooters are all locked at 25 kph, the extra motor power improves hill-climbing ability. An expanded battery also increases range to 40 km.

Lastly, the Air³ Pro has the largest battery, producing up to 50km of range.

All of these models are excellent commuters, so choosing between them comes down to how far you need to/ want to ride between charges, and how many hills you will encounter on the way. Short or flat distances are manageable on the Air³, but if you’ll be away from your charger for long periods of time, or will be tackling more hilly terrain, the Air³ Pro and Plus are better.

Whichever model you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

  • High water resistance rating
  • Pure steering stabilisation system
  • Front rear indicators
  • Very safe
  • Plastic deck can feel a little cheap
  • Not a huge amount of difference between models

Pure Advance Advance

Top Speed: 25 kph

Range: 40km. 50km

The Advance range from Pure Electric is a landmark scooter. It’s touted as The E-Scooter Reimagined, and it’s clear to see why. Pure have completely redesigned the Advance from the ground up, and in doing so have introduced a revolutionary forward-facing electric scooter. Trying to make such a strong change in design become a mainstream phenomenon is no easy feat, so it’s reassuring to know that the Advance range is backed up by impressive and patented technology.

While some of us may not be used to the forward-facing position, you only need to walk around the city to see numerous riders standing with their feet side-by-side on the deck. ON a regular e-scooter, it looks uncomfortable and unsafe, but a good number of riders opt for this riding position regardless.

What Pure Electric has done is made this riding position more accessible and safer. Having your weight distributed 50/50 on each side of the scooter improves balance and stability, while being able to look evenly over both shoulders improves safety. It’s a more natural riding stance as well, so you’ll get fewer aches and pains from riding for longer periods of time.

Inside the unit, we’re seeing similar technology to the Air³ range listed above. Pure’s Active Steering Stabilisation is present, helping you stay straight and narrow when not actively turning. You’ll be getting front rear indicators, daytime running lights, brake lights, folding handlebars, puncture-resistant 10” tubeless tyres, and a 120kg load capacity.

Despite this, they aren’t particularly heavy either with their weights coming in at 15.5 kg for the Advance and 16.5 kg for the Advance.

Just like the Air³, the differences between the two Advance models comes down to motor power and range. The Advance’s 350W motor and battery combination make it great for city-centre commutes for up to 30 km at-a-time, and the Advance’s 500W motor is better at hilly terrains. Its larger battery also produces 40km of range per charge.

It is a truly unique design for the Australian market, and indeed most of the global e-scooter market as well.

  • Forward-facing riding position is unique
  • High IP rating
  • Powerful motors
  • Folding design is great for saving space
  • Indicators
emove, touring, review, smooth
  • Some may not like the forward-facing design
  • Limited to 25kph and can’t be unlocked (not that its legal to go faster than this anyway)
  • Plastic footpads can feel a little cheap

Pure Advance Flex

Top Speed: 25 kph

Max Range: 40km

Price: 2,299

The Pure Advance Flex might seem largely similar to the Advance models listed just above. Featuring similar performance stats and design, you might be wondering what makes the Flex so special.

We can sum it up quite easily: it is the most compact folding electric scooter ever made.

Generally, electric scooters’ folding mechanisms work by allowing the stem to fold down flat to run parallel to the deck. This is fine for reducing the height of the unit, but it doesn’t really do anything for width or length.

The Pure Advance Flex, however, folds in 5 different ways:

  • The handlebars fold flat to the stem,
  • Then the stem collapses vertically.
  • After that, the stem then folds down.
  • The footpads fold upwards to sit flush to the frame,
  • And lastly, the frame itself folds in half

This means that the entire unit collapses down allowing it to be stored under desks, in the back of cars, or in cupboards. It’s a truly ingenious design, and will attract space-conscious riders all over Australia.

You might think that with all this folding technology, some sort of sacrifices have been made elsewhere.

The Pure Advance Flex has a 500W motor that can put out a peak of 710W. It has a 120 kg carrying capacity. It has 40 km of range and an IP65 water resistance rating. It has front rear indicators, running lights, a very bright front light and a rear light that also acts as a brake light. Its brakes and motor are fully inclosed within the wheels to minimise the requirement for maintenance.

The Advance Flex is an evolution in electric scooters, and that evolution is unfolding right before our very eyes.

  • Folding design is exceptional and unique
  • Forward-facing riding position is comfortable safe
  • Front rear indicators
  • One-of-a-kind e-scooter
  • Some may not like the forward-facing design
  • Limited to 25kph and can’t be unlocked (not that its legal to go faster than this anyway)
  • Plastic footpads can feel a little cheap

Segway-Ninebot P Series

In 2022, Segway started to diversify their lineup. To date, their product lines consisted of very-reliable but not particularly exciting models such as the F-Series G30P/LP. That all changed when Segway entered into the super-scooter category with the GT Series (see below). As incredible as they were, the GT1 2 were heavy and expensive, with many riders loving the idea of owning one, but not being able to feasibly incorporate them into their lives.

Fortunately for those riders, Segway took the GT Series and minimised them into two of the best electric scooters on the market today, the P65 the P100.

Segway-Ninebot P65

Top Speed: 25 km/h (standard version), 40 km/h (Global Edition)

Max Range: 65 km

Price: From 1,899

Initially believed to be the successor to the massively-successful Ninebot Max, the P65 launched onto the market as a mid-range commuter that carried similar technology to the GT series but at a fraction of the cost. A 500W motor produces a top speed of 25 kph (40 kph in the Global Edition), and while that’s some way from the GT’s 70kph, the P65 comes at ⅓ of the price. It’s a different type of electric scooter anyway, finding its niche in a predominantly urban environment.

The 65 km range is more than enough for most commutes, and can be easily replenished with a four-hour charge, which is great for a scooter of this calibre. Beyond this, you can expect Segway’s self-healing tyres, full lighting including indicators, disc regenerative braking, and a 120kg rider weight limit.

Interestingly, the P65 doesn’t come with any sort of suspension, but what’s more interesting is that it doesn’t really need it. The 10.5” x 3” tyres absorb a lot of impact on their own, and what you get is a surprisingly comfortable ride. On top of that, you also get a USB-C port that can charge your phone as you ride, and special mounts for accessories such as phone holders.

Riders can easily adjust their top speed by using one of the 5 riding modes, and integration with Segway’s app allows you to customise ride settings as well.

The P65 is an all round very capable electric commuter scooter. Carrying a modern GT-Series-inspired design, great technology, solid performance and a comfortable ride, this is an excellent option for those who want to commute on something a little better than a standard commuter e-scooter.

  • NFC Security system unlocks with your phone or a keycard
  • 5 riding modes
  • Large and comfortable self-healing tyres
  • At 24 kg, it’s quite heavy for a commuter
  • Ride would be better with suspension

Segway-Ninebot P100

Top Speed: 25 km/h (standard version), 48 km/h (Global Edition)

Max Range: 100 km

Price: From 2,799

The P100 is the GT-Series for riders that don’t want to pay 5,000 for the GT1 2. Heavily borrowing on the GT’s design, the P100 rapidly became a favourite at the Electric Kicks office by being very good at almost everything.

Asides from looking great, it features dual suspension, a stable but fast acceleration, a fantastic 100 km range, incredible build quality, and Segway’s enduring reliability.

The P100 boasts a 650W rear hub motor that can push the standard variant to a law-abiding 25kph, but the Global Edition can reach speeds of up to 48 kph, which is fantastic for a single motor unit. Like most e-scooters, the riding mode speeds can be changed by adjusting the riding modes, while more complex customisations can be achieved through the Segway app.

The P100 is an incredibly stable and safe-feeling ride. Its power management acceleration is balanced perfectly and won’t catch you off guard. Beyond that, its 10.5” x 3” tyres work well with dual suspension to eat up bumps with ease. A wide deck provides a comfortable riding stance while providing a rear foot rest, and broad handlebars help riders keep control through the turns.

It’s a joy to ride. There’s no speed wobble. There are no clicking or cracking sounds from the frame as you ride over rough terrain. The power is controllable, and the tyres hold the ground well.

One thing the P100 isn’t is light, weighing in at just under 33kg. While it folds down, it isn’t the easiest ride to carry around or up stairwells, so the P100 is better for riders that won’t need to regularly carry it around.

Despite that, the P100 is a phenomenal ride for those happy to pay the 2,999 price tag. At the moment, this is one of the best electric scooters we’ve ever ridden.

  • Very well built
  • Great range
  • Fast top speed (Global Edition)
  • Dual suspension
  • Superb build quality
  • A little expensive
  • Heavy

Segway-Ninebot G65

Top Speed: 25 km/h (standard version)

Max Range: 65 km

Price: 1,699

The G65 is presently advertised as the successor to Segway’s globally-popular Ninebot Max, which will sadly be discontinued in 2023. Fortunately, the G65 finally gives us the one thing everyone thought the G30 range was missing: suspension.

With the weight of its predecessor’s critical acclaim resting firmly on its shoulders, the G65 is still finding its own place in the Australian e-scooter market. With a standard top speed of 25 kph, an unlocked Global Edition is yet to make its way to our shores, but we imagine the speed will be closer to the 30 km/h presently offered by the G30P.

The crucial difference between the two models is that the G65 comes with front rear spring suspension. This makes it more practical comfortable to ride, improving overall safety stability at the same time.

On top of that, the G65 features a 450W powerhouse which is an upgrade to the G30’s 350W motor. This actually improves both the climb angle the maximum rider weight, which now sit at 20% and 120 kg respectively. Simultaneously, the generally larger dimensions of the G65 brings a more stable and comfortable ride, which is further complimented by a softer rubber deck. Segway’s renowned self-healing tyres also make their appearance, which tops off this latest commuter electric scooter.

For many, the G65 is a Ninebot Max with suspension and that’s enough to convince them to buy one. You still get the signature Segway-reliability, and the design isn’t a huge departure from its predecessor, either. While its success is still waiting to be measured, if it’s even close to the mass popularity of the G30, the G65 will be an instant worldwide hit.

  • Very well built
  • Dual suspension
  • Higher carry weight
  • Upgraded motor
  • Self healing tyres
  • expensive than its predecessor
  • No Global Edition available just yet

Segway-Ninebot F65

Top Speed: 30 km/h

Max Range: 65 km

Price: 1,499

Segway’s F-Series electric scooter lineup has enduring popularity. While they are far from the most technologically advanced or powerful scooters on this list, what they are is excellent value for money for riders who don’t need their scooter to do much more than just get them around town without creating problems.

And the F65 is excellent at that. As the jewel in the F-Series crown, the F65 sports a 400W motor with a peak output of 700W, a 30 kph top speed, 65 km range, and the same puncture-resistant tyres you find on Segway’s other commuter models.

It’s a commuter scooter through-and-through, and its lack of suspension means it’s best on smooth, sealed surfaces such as roads and pavements. That doesn’t mean it can’t handle the odd bit of gravel or rail-trail, but that’s not what it’s designed to do.

However, unlike most Segways at this price point, the F65 also comes with rear indicators built into the handlebars and rear wheel mounts, which is a legal requirement in some states.

If your ride is relatively flat, the F65 can also carry up to 120kg in weight, although it struggles up steep hills once a rider reaches the 100kg mark.

Overall, you get an excellent e-scooter imbued with Segway’s panache for reliability for a very friendly price. It won’t blow your socks off with its performance, and its technical specs won’t get e-scooter nerds excited, but that’s not why you’d buy one anyway. It’s a low fuss, low maintenance, low weight e-scooter designed to get you from A to B safely, and in that regard, the F65 is in a class of its own.

  • Front rear indicators
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent reliability
  • Does exactly what you need it to do
  • No suspension
  • Doesn’t have as many features as other models in the Segway lineup

Apollo City 2022

Top Speed: Standard Version (40 kph), Pro Version (50 kph)

Max Range: Standard Version (40 km), Pro Version (60 km)

Price: Standard Version (2,299), Pro Version (2,599)

It’s no secret the Apollo City had its challenges in Australia when it was launched in mid-2022, but that doesn’t detract from the fact it is still an excellent electric scooter. With the success of its predecessor, the new Apollo City 2022 had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, Apollo delivered on its subsequent upgrades with the standard and Pro versions of City 2022 to make your urban commutes more convenient and fun.

In terms of speed, the standard Apollo City 2022 is on par with the first-generation City e-scooter, as both can reach a top speed of 40 kph. On the other hand, the Pro version has dual 500W motors, resulting in a faster 50 kph top speed and a climb angle of 20 degrees.

over, their available mileage is nothing to scoff at. Thanks to its 48V 13.5Ah battery, the standard 2022 variant is capable of a 40 km maximum range, while the Pro can go for a longer distance of 60 km. Plus, the charging time of up to 6 hours is also quite decent for both models considering their capabilities.

One of their most remarkable upgrades is the built-in triple spring suspension system, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience. To add to that, they come with 10 x 3.5-inch front and rear self-healing, tubeless tyres. Thus, you won’t have to worry about getting a flat tyre while you’re on a commute since those wheels have gel lines that seal off any holes from punctures.

Safety was ramped up on both Apollo City 2022 models as they come with dual drum brakes and regenerative brakes. Aside from that, they also have the highest water-resistance IP rating of IP56 among all Apollo e-scooters. Overall, they’re solid upgrades, especially the Pro version.

  • LED display
  • Ergonomic thumb throttle
  • Three riding modes
  • Apollo App integration
  • Heavier than the first generation Apollo City
  • The standard 2022 version has the same top speed as the original 2022 version

Apollo Ghost 2022

Top Speed: 60 km/h

Max Range: 63 km

Price: 2,299

The Apollo Ghost appears in most of our top electric scooter lists, and has done for a while now. It’s a testament to the all-round versatility and value-for-money presented by the Ghost, and while the model is a little long-in-the-tooth, its performance holds up today.

One of the most imitated electric scooters on the market, the Ghost has dual 1,000W motors, which produce more power and result in a faster top speed of 60 km/h and a climb angle of up to 25 degrees.

In addition, the high-capacity Dynavolt battery allows for a 63 km maximum range. The usual charging time can last up to 12 hours but that can be cut down to 6 hours with a fast charger. Battery usage may be controlled since you can switch things up with the Single/Dual motor and Eco/Turbo buttons.

The Apollo Ghost 2022 version also upped the ante when it comes to the build quality. It has a reinforced stem and rims made from a stronger aluminium alloy, resulting in a sturdier foundation. As such, this e-scooter has a maximum load capacity of 130 kg.

With such a powerful ride designed for experts, safety, stability, and comfort are crucial. Fortunately, this has an adjustable dual spring suspension system to absorb rougher surfaces, especially considering this is an all-terrain scooter. It also has front and rear disc brakes along with regenerative brakes for efficient stopping power.

Altogether, this is worthy of consideration if you’re a thrill-seeker looking to spice up your weekend adventures. This event has an easy folding mechanism to make it uncomplicated to carry or store in your car.

  • Higher top speed
  • Longer range
  • All-terrain capability
  • LED lights (front, rear, and under the deck)
  • Key lock mechanism
  • Suspension may be stiff for heavier riders
  • We recommend using a light accessory to improve night-time riding
  • Long charging time without fast charger

Segway GT Series

Top Speed: GT1 (60 kph), GT2 (70 kph)

Max Range: GT1 (70 km), GT2 (90 km)

Price: GT1 (4,799), GT2 (6,499)

As Segway’s most powerful electric scooter lineup yet, there are a lot of expectations riding on the GT Series. And so far, it’s living up to the hype. Based on pure power, both variants clocked in some solid top speeds. Despite only having a single motor, the GT1 can reach a top speed of 60 kph, while the dual motor-equipped GT2 turns it up a notch with a faster top speed of 70kph.

Mileage is a non-issue with both models as their high-capacity batteries allow them to have a maximum range of 70 km (GT1) and 90 km (GT2). Unlike many fast e-scooters, both take a reasonable amount of time to charge, with GT1 taking 11 hours with one charger, which can be reduced with two chargers, and GT2 only taking 8 hours. They also have a Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System to help keep the batteries cool.

Despite the power, they’re both stable and offer smooth rides, whether on paved surfaces or off-road. That’s thanks to their 15-level dual adjustable suspension system and massive 11-inch tubeless tyres. You’ll also get plenty of stopping power due to their dual hydraulic brakes.

In short, the GT Series e-scooters are designed to quench the thirst of thrill-seekers for adrenaline. When it comes to ride and build quality, Segway’s first foray into ludicrous territory with the GT1 and GT2 doesn’t disappoint. Plus, they hit the spot aesthetically as they look and feel premium.

  • New Segway Dynamic Traction Control System (GT2)
  • 5 riding modes (GT1); 6 riding modes (GT2)
  • Front Rear Hydraulic Brakes (Double Piston 140mm ventilation discs)
  • 150 kg load capacity
  • Quite heavy: 48 kg (GT1) and 53 kg (GT2)
  • Could have a higher IP Rating

Segway Ninebot Max G30P Global Edition

Top Speed: 30 kph

Max Range: 65 km

Price: 1,299

The Ninebot Max G30P is no stranger to the various lists of best electric scooters. It has immense and enduring popularity around the world by being a fantastic ride all round.

It’s hard to go wrong with the G30P with its proven reliability and stability. This sleek-looking scooter is made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy that makes it durable and perfect for any weather. With a weight of only 19 kg, the G30P is relatively lighter than some of its competitors in its class, but heavier than its predecessors. This is still portable and easy to carry with its clip-and-fold system. Taking it with you in public transportation or storing it under your office desk isn’t an issue.

What’s more, the unrestricted and unlocked global version of the G30P comes with a highly-capable 350W Gen 2 brushless motor that gives the scooter a 30 kph top speed. Its range is nothing to sneer at either, as its battery power allows it to go as far as 65 km.

Designed to provide more stability on all kinds of terrain, the G30P features 10-inch pneumatic puncher-resistant tyres that do incredibly well on road bumps.

  • Weighs only 19kg
  • Longer range than its competitors
  • Incredible reliability
  • Built-in charger
  • Powerful Gen 2 brushless motor
  • Reaching the end of its life
  • Superseded by newer models from a variety of brands
  • No suspension

Apollo Phantom V2

Top Speed: 62 kph (52V Version), 70 kph (60V Version)

Max Range: 64 km (Both)

Price: 2,899 (52V Version), 3,299 (60V Version)

Similar to the Apollo Ghost, the Phantom V2 launched straight into the hearts of electric scooter riders and has had no difficulty staying there despite being about a year old now. As one of the best dual motor electric scooters available at the moment, you can have 65 kph top speed, dual suspension, front rear disc brakes, a large and clear LCD display, and full suspension.

Featuring dual 1,200W motors, the Phantom is naturally imbued with value-for-money. It’s hard to find a dual motor e-scooter that balances performance speed with high quality reliability at the same price point, and that’s one of the reasons they have proven so popular.

Apollo has also announced that the Phantom V2 can be upgraded with an official V3 kit that adds app connectivity, regenerative braking, smoother acceleration, a slight bump in speed and a new LCD display.

A feature of the Phantom that doesn’t get enough attention is its range countdown. Unlike every other scooter on the market, the Phantom estimates how many KM it has left in its battery as well as a battery indicator as opposed to just the indicator on its own.

This is great for riders who suffer from range anxiety, as you’ll be aware of exactly how far you can go on your current battery percentage.

Its power means it’s better suited to experience riders who want a thrill from their ride. That said, thanks to its wide handlebars, deck, tyres, and quadruple spring suspension, you can expect an incredibly stable ride.

  • Great top speed
  • Stable at speed
  • Full suspension
  • Real range count down
  • Powerful motors
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Upgradeable
  • Heavier than competitors within the same price range (35 kg)
  • Long charging time of 12 hrs (can be cut in half with fast charger)

Navee N65

Top Speed: 32 kph

Max Range: 65 km

Price: 1,399

Navee is still an up-and-coming brand in the Australian market, and one that we predict will earn a firm place in the industry. They are all about commuter lifestyle, focusing on making well-built, stable, and affordable electric scooters designed to fit into a city lifestyle.

The Navee N65 is one of those scooters. It fits into a similar category as the NInebot Max F-Series in terms of technological prowess and subsequent abilities. A 500W motor can produce a speed of up to 32 kph, while its 48V 12.5A 600Wh battery keeps the scooter going for 65km. Unlike the Ninebot Max F-Series, however, its maximum rider weight is closer to 120kg, and its climb angle is slightly higher as well.

Beyond that, you get thick 10” x 3” tyres that are grippy and stable, and with no suspension to speak of, they do a reasonably good job of absorbing bumps in the road. Braking is provided by front electronic ABS and a rear disc brake.

Something the N65 has that we haven’t seen on previous electric scooters is a double folding mechanism. The stem collapses as you’d expect, but the handlebars also twist 90° to sit parallel to the deck. While this might not seem like a huge feature, it’s incredibly convenient when carrying the scooter around, or storing it out-of-the way. With no handlebars sticking out, it’s easier to tuck in into a small space without tripping over it.

Ultimately, with the Ninebot Max now living out its sunset months, the N65 is a very similar ride. It has the same speed. It has the same features. It has the same robust reliable build. While it’s a little heavier, it also has that folding mechanism that makes sure it stays portable.

If you weren’t sold on the F65 or G65 as a replacement for the Ninebot Max, the Navee N65 is your best choice.

  • Double folding mechanism
  • 10” x 3” tyres
  • Strong construction
  • 25% hill climb angle
  • Great Ninebot Max alternative
  • A little on the heavy side for a commuter scooter
  • No suspension
  • Not encumbered with a huge amount of technology common in e-scooters today.

The AnyHill UM2

Top Speed: 31 km/h

Max Range: 45 km (battery can be easily replaced mid-ride for double the range)

Price: From 1,499

We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of AnyHill as they are a relatively new entrant into the Australian market. However, the UM2 is actually the second scooter in the UM range, and one of the few e-scooters we’ve seen in Australia with a removable, interchangeable battery.

The UM2 is built on an initially successful run of UM1 models that were praised for their build quality, their use of premium LG batteries, and their powerful braking system. In fact, the only issue people had with the UM1 was its cable management.

The UM2 serves as a good step upwards from that. We still see the excellent build quality that supports 135 kg of rider weight. The already powerful brakes are now even more powerful. The cable management has been significantly tidied up, and the LG batteries remain but this time in a removable format that slides out from the deck.

With a name like AnyHill, you won’t be surprised to find the advertised climb angle of the UM2 is 20°. It does a good job of this too, depending on your weight. In testing, however, once the rider approaches 100kg you’ll find that hill climb drops closer to 10°.

Its 450W motor may not be winning any races, but its top speed is equal to the models such as the Ninebot Max, Apollo Air, some of Segway’s F-Series. In that regard, it sits in that sweet 25 kph. 35kph range that works so well for e-scooters.

It’s not designed for speed, however. The motor is better at doing two key things: going up hills and carrying heavy riders. The side effect of that is that when carrying a not-particularly-heavy rider on flat ground, it has very fast acceleration. And even when travelling at speed, it remains stable and steady.

It does lack any sort of suspension, so it’s best suited to urban environments and commuting. First time riders with range anxiety will also benefit from knowing the battery can be swapped out at any time. The battery itself weighs only 2 kg, so it’s not unreasonable to carry a spare with you.

Let’s not downplay the significance of a removable battery in an e-scooter. While the UM2’s performance stats might not look that exciting on paper, as anyone that’s ever burnt out a battery on an e-scooter will tell you, replacing them is a difficult and normally expensive exercise that usually results in the entire scooter having to be replaced. This is less than ideal, but not something about which you’ll have to worry with the UM2. Simply swap out for a new battery and get back on the road.

The UM2 fills an interesting gap in the Australian scooter market. Are there faster scooters? Yes. Are there more technologically-advanced scooters? Yes. Are there more comfortable scooters? Yes.

But is there an electric scooter with a removable LG battery, astonishingly-powerful brakes, solid robust design, and a carry weight of 130 kg at the price of just 1,499?

Well, if you manage to find a good one, let us know.

Very high rider weight limit

EMove Touring Review – Smooth, Powerful, and Super-Fun

In this EMove Touring review, we will find out why this scooter is so successful and why so many people have fallen in love with it.

It offers a balance that’s very difficult to achieve – smooth and comfortable rides, great quality, and solid performance that is just at the right level.

  • Who should buy the EMove Touring?
  • The EMove electric scooter series
  • Ordering, shipping, and discount coupons
  • Warranty and return policies
  • Unboxing and assembly
  • User manual
  • EMove Touring 101
  • Folding and unfolding
  • Build quality and lifespan
  • Intended use, terrains, and environments
  • User experience, ride stability and comfort
  • Design and color
  • Speed and acceleration
  • Climbing and riding uphill
  • Range and commuting
  • Motor, power, and torque
  • Battery and charger
  • How much does it cost to charge the EMove Touring?
  • EMove Touring vs EMove Cruiser
  • EMove Touring vs Ninebot Max
  • EMove Touring vs Apollo City
  • EMove Touring vs E-TWOW GT
  • EMove Touring vs Horizon
  • EMove Touring vs Zero 8
  • EMove Touring vs Turbowheel Swift

Who should buy the EMove Touring?

The EMove Touring can be a good first scooter, but it will also be a very welcome upgrade to anyone used to the typical budget or commuter models with much less performance.

It can be excellent for beginners and advanced riders alike. Commuters that need a reliable and high-quality scooter, as well as casual riders that just want a scooter that’s a blast to ride, will be charmed by the EMove Touring.

With a top speed of 25 mph / 40 kmh, a range of 25 Mi / 40 km, a 750-Watt motor and a 48 Volt LG battery, a great climb angle and a big weight limit, full spring suspension, and an IP54 rating to top it off, all of that for just 899, the EMove Touring is very well-rounded and one of the best mid-price scooters ever.

Where to buy the EMove Touring from?

The best (and probably only) place you can buy the EMove Touring from is the official Voromotors store. If you use the promo code escooternerds at checkout, you will get a 50 discount.

The EMove electric scooter series

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you may know that I’m sort of a manual geek, as I believe it’s a subtle detail that can let us know a lot about how much the manufacturers care about their product.

Well, the good news is, the EMove Touring comes with a simple and short, yet useful illustrated user manual. On top of that, Voromotors has a wealth of online resources on their website and their YouTube channel where they provide a lot of helpful information for their customers. That’s something very few scooter brands do, which further solidifies the argument that their customer support is unrivaled.

EMove Touring 101

The EMove Touring is powered on by a key, as any high-quality vehicle should be.

Riding is very intuitive, and even complete beginners can learn in under 3 minutes. The controls themselves are very simple too – index throttle to accelerate, brake lever to stop. That’s it.

You can set whether you want the scooter to start immediately after you hit the throttle, or for you to have to kick against the ground first. Personally, I recommend always using the kick-start, as you may be carrying or pushing your scooter and hit the throttle by accident, which will set your scooter flying and cause mayhem.

Folding and unfolding

Folding and unfolding the scooter is simple, and after you get used to the procedure, it will take you about 3 seconds to complete it. It employs the classic lock lever. The folding mechanism is very safe and stable. There is almost no shaking and vibration while riding.

And, let’s not forget, the EMove Touring has folding handlebars. Everyone that has struggled to fit their scooter in the trunks of small or medium cars, or take it through a bus full of people and their belongings, will know the value of this. Folding the handlebars practically cuts the folded width of the scooter in half, which cuts the total folded volume in half, and in a way doubles the portability of the scooter when folded.

Build quality and lifespan

This is one of those scooters that are well-thought-out, with a lot of effort and attention going into their design, thoroughly tested, and flawlessly executed. The final result is a scooter of great quality, with low defect rates, that can easily go for one year without any issues whatsoever (and in many cases, much longer).

It has been around for more than two years now, so we can’t have any longer-term historical data about its lifespan. However, there’s a rare anomaly in the existing data so far – it seems like there are no owners that have reported major defects! That’s not a guarantee that the scooter will last forever, but it sure is a very good sign.

Intended use, terrains, and environments

The EMove Touring is a scooter designed for use in urban environments and commuting, and as the name might suggest, it’s also great for touring, exploring, and just having some good ol’ fun while riding. Everything about the scooter is intended to maximize the pleasure and comfort while riding – the mixed tires, the above-average power and performance, and the full suspension, all working great in perfect synchronization.

Thanks to the suspension system, pretty much any type of street, road, or urban setting, will not be a problem for the EMove Touring. It will easily eat up potholes, cracks in the road, bumps, pavement, and even smaller sidewalks.

The only thing preventing this scooter from being good for offroad is its tire size. With just 8 inches in diameter, the tires will handle some grass, dirt, or gravel, but still, they will be too small for prolonged exposure to rough terrain.

User experience, ride stability and comfort

The EMove Touring is an elegant, stable scooter that’s also more performant than your average commuter scooter. Not only do the specs and features look great on paper individually, but they work together perfectly in the real world and provide a very enjoyable experience.

The scooter has the cruise control feature, which you can turn off if you don’t want to use it.

Design and color

The scooter has a strong but refined design, looking both tough and elegant at the same time. Riders have natural body posture while riding thanks to the ergonomic build, the large standing surface, and the adjustable height of the handlebars. The stem is reinforced with an additional cover, that hides most of the brake and electronic cables.

Speed and acceleration

The EMove Touring has 3 speed modes. Interestingly, the official top speed for the EMove Touring is no longer specified (it used to be 24 mph / 38 kmh at one time). User reports for the top speed vary, with most tests from riders below the weight limit suggesting speeds around 23 mph / 37 kmh. One user has even managed to reach a top speed of 26 mph / 42 kmh.

By default, the scooter accelerates gradually but still fairly quickly, which I guess is the best possible scenario as you will develop your desired speed without any sudden or jerky movements. It will reach the top speed in about 7-8 seconds. You can set the acceleration rate to your preference.

Climbing and riding uphill

The climb angle of the EMove Touring is 20 degrees. Given the motor and battery power, it’s no wonder that the scooter can easily conquer that type of hills. One lighter owner even reports climbing very steep hills without any struggle, and there are basically no reports of the scooter being a poor climber.

Range and commuting

The official range of the EMove Touring is 25 Mi / 40 km.

It comes as no surprise that the official range is not exactly correct. But it is a surprise that the range is actually underreported instead of inflated – the EMove Touring often provides more range than what’s specified!

That happens, well, never. Pretty much every other scooter brand inflates the range. Well, not the EMove Touring, apparently.

User reports of the range vary from 24 Mi / 38 km all the way up to 28 Mi / 45 km, and an advertised range that’s accurate (even possibly underreported) is very refreshing to see for a change.

With that kind of range, and with the nice overall portability and ride comfort, the EMove Touring is a great choice for commuters.

Motor, power, and torque

The scooter has a brushless DC hub motor integrated into the rear wheel, with the real power at 500 Watts and the peak power at 750 Watts. That makes it almost twice as powerful as the typical commuter scooters. Interestingly, the scooter has pretty good torque despite the fact it’s a rear-drive scooter.

Battery and charger

The battery of the EMove Touring is manufactured by LG, which means it can’t really get much better. It has a voltage of 48 Volts, and a capacity of 624 Watt-hours. The Smart battery management system provides protection against overheating, overcharging, and short circuits.

The scooter comes with a very fast charger, that manages to charge the battery fully in under 4 hours. Keep in mind that most scooters with batteries much smaller than this one often take 6 or even 8 hours to fully charge. The charger port is on the side of the deck, protected by a plastic cap.

How much does it cost to charge the EMove Touring?

Charging the EMove Touring during off-peak hours costs around 3 cents in the US, 6 pennies in Canada, 15 pence in the UK, and an average of 10 cents in most EU countries. During peak hours, it costs 10 cents in the US, 7 pennies in Canada, 19 pence in the UK, and 15 cents in the EU.


The scooter has both the drum brake and the electronic brake on the rear wheel, and both are activated by the brake lever on the left handlebar. The brake distance of the scooter, when riding at the fastest speed, is around 4.5 meters / 15 feet. Coupled with the superb suspension, this scooter can be classed as very safe.

The rear drum brake is easy to adjust, you only need the multitool to tighten or loosen the screws, and play around with the bolts a bit until you get it to your desired sensitivity.


The EMove Touring has one of the best suspension systems in the game.

With a dual spring suspension on the front wheel, another dual spring on the rear, and a big spring suspension between the stem and the front wheel, the EMove Touring can be crowned the most comfortable, smoothest, and possibly safest electric scooter under 1000. There will be very little vibration while riding, and even larger holes or bumps will hardly be felt.

Tires and wheels

The tires of the EMove Touring are only 8 inches in diameter, which is kind of unexpected for a scooter like this. Also, this is one of the very few models with mixed tires – the front tire is pneumatic, and the rear tire is solid rubber.

With a combination like that, the scooter strikes a great balance between durability and toughness on one hand because of the reduced chance of flats, and comfort and ride quality on the other hand. It’s also good that the front tire is the pneumatic one and the rear one is solid, instead of the other way around – a solid front tire would increase stem vibration by a lot.

All in all, a very interesting tire setting that we don’t see that often, and now that I think about it, I’m not sure why there aren’t more models with mixed tires like this, as they provide a good balance between two very important aspects of the scooter experience.

Screen and controls

The left handlebar includes the brake lever, the button for the electronic horn and the bell (yup, the Touring has both), and the buttons that control the light. The right handlebar has the finger-throttle, with the round LCD display and its control dashboard and buttons, the voltmeter, and the ignition lock.

  • current speed (you can select your unit system)
  • speed mode
  • battery level
  • ride time
  • trip distance
  • total distance
  • battery voltage
  • USB status

The screen and the throttle can be easily removed and replaced. Out-of-the-box, the EMove Touring comes with a finger throttle, but you can replace it with both a thumb throttle or a twist throttle, both components made to fit the scooter specifically and available at Voromotors.

Deck and frame

The frame of the EMove Touring is made out of aluminum alloy.

The deck is very comfortable, being both wide enough and long enough for pretty much anyone (22 x 8 in / 56 x 20 cm). The deck has sandpaper tape on the top to prevent slipping, with the EMove logo on it. The kickstand is big and strong, and it’s practically impossible for the scooter to tip over.

Night riding and lighting

The front features two lights on the deck and the main headlight near the bottom of the stem.

The rear fender hosts the brake light on top of it, but the deck also has two red lights.

The lights on the deck are turned on or off by the small button on the deck itself.

That’s a total of six lights, making the EMove Touring one of the most well-lit scooters ever. It comes ready for riding at night, and you will not need to get after-market lights (as is the case for many scooters).

IP rating, water resistance, and riding in the rain

The EMove Touring has an IP54 ingress protection rating, making it immune from water splashes from all angles, and making it reasonably prepared for riding through rain or wet environment. Keep in mind that the scooter, while being water-resistant, is not fully waterproof, and riding in the rain should be avoided when possible.

Weight, dimensions, and portability

The scooter weighs 39 lbs / 17.6 kg. Compared to other scooters, that makes it a middleweight, as most smaller scooters weigh around 31 lbs / 14 kg, but also there are a lot of scooters that are much heavier than 44 lbs / 20 kg.

When folded, the EMove Touring occupies very little space, mostly thanks to the foldable handlebars, which basically cut its folded volume in half of what it would be if the handlebars not foldable.

So, the slightly above average weight is neutralized by the very small folded volume, and the EMove Touring can still be considered a very portable and compact scooter.

Weight limit and usage by heavy people

The EMove Touring can support up to 330 lbs / 150 kg of weight on its deck.

That puts it way above the majority of scooters that have weight limits of either 220 lbs / 100 kg, or 265 lbs / 120 kg, and thus one of the best electric scooters for heavy adults around. In fact, only a handful of scooters have bigger weight limits, and most of them cost two or three times more.

Heavier riders have experimented around this parameter, and pretty much all of them confirm that the scooter doesn’t start to lag in performance even as the weight goes up.

Key and security

The EMove Touring can’t be started without the key, which is excellent news for security. The scooter can still be carried away if left on its own though, so a good scooter lock is still necessary, but having a key ignition is also a great security feature.

As the scooter is not exactly cheap, I would recommend also getting an alarm as another layer of protection.

Customizations, accessories, and after-market parts

There are a lot of accessories available for the EMove Touring.

I would recommend getting the rear storage case, or the front storage bag for a smaller alternative, as it’s the most useful scooter accessory ever in my opinion and it turns your scooter into a serious transport vehicle.

Other useful customizations may be the phone mount for EMove, and the rotatable mirror for EMove.

The scooter comes with the framework and screw holes that can optionally support the EMove Touring seat. As a person with many daily tasks and chores, that always brings me joy, and is one of my favorite customizations. The original seat has a spring suspension of its own. It is very easy to install, but also to remove, and you can find it at Voromotors. The seat is also foldable itself, you just need to remove the saddle and then you can fold the stem of the seat.

You can also take a look at the guide to the best electric scooter accessories, as it might inspire you with some unusual ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought about. Those will be generic accessories that are not custom-made for the EMove Touring, but most of them will fit the scooter as its build and frame are fairly standard.

You will also need a good scooter helmet for riding the EMove Touring. This is a moderately fast scooter, so a half-face helmet should be enough, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I see people riding this scooter with full-face motorcycle helmets neither.

Spare parts and maintenance

The EMove Touring is an item of very high quality, and chances are, it will go a long time without any defects. In case you need a spare part, you can find every possible one at Voromotors.

I suggest a quick and simple cleaning and maintenance routine, one that will be easy to do often. Your maintenance checklist can look as simple as:

  • check the screws, and tighten the ones that may be loose
  • make sure the front tire is inflated
  • make sure the brakes are operational
  • lubricate the joints if necessary


There is still no app for EMove scooters.

You can take a look at the Universal Scooter Helper App by EScooterNerds for a general-purpose helper app in the meantime. It will not connect to the EMove Touring as a regular scooter app would (the scooter doesn’t have bluetooth), but it will offer you some helpful guides, checklists, calculators, and other useful tools and resources. You can find it available for both iOS and Android.

EMove Touring specifications

Emove Touring Specifications

EMove Touring vs other scooters

Let’s see how the EMove Touring compares against other similar (or different) scooters.

EMove Touring vs EMove Cruiser

In a way, the two most popular EMove models are not in competition with each other, as they both serve different audiences.

The EMove Touring is a more regular, budget-friendly scooter that’s easy on beginners and is a great first scooter.

The EMove Cruiser is in another league, and probably in a league of its own, being the most waterproof electric scooter in the world, with amazing performance and an incredibly long range. If that sounds closer to what you’re looking for, then check out the EMove Cruiser review.

EMove Touring vs Ninebot Max

Both scooters are similarly priced, with the Ninebot Max usually being about 100 cheaper.

The EMove Touring has a lot of advantages that justify the price difference: better performance in terms of top speed, acceleration, and climbing, a more powerful motor, full suspension (the Ninebot Max has none), and a better weight limit while weighing less at the same time. That’s a fairly long list of advantages.

The Ninebot Max has its excellent range on its side, the larger 10-inch tires that kinda make up for its lack of suspension, and the better water protection with an IPX5 rating. If those are the things you prefer, you can see the complete Ninebot Max review.

EMove Touring vs Apollo City

The EMove Touring and the Apollo City have comparable specs and performances, and similar battery and motor powers. They are also equal in their water protection standards, and they weigh about the same.

I would give the advantage here to the EMove Touring in some use cases, as it’s smaller in its dimensions and folds down to a more compact package, has better suspension, can carry more weight on its deck, while being about 100 cheaper.

If you need a bit more power however, and a longer warranty period, see my full Apollo City review.

EMove Touring vs E-TWOW GT

The E-TWOW GT has a few advantages over the EMove Touring, but it seems like the Touring still has more going for itself, while being about 300 cheaper at the same time.

The E-TWOW GT has a 32 Mi / 50 km range, which is more than the range of the EMove Touring, despite having a smaller battery. Also, it weighs less.

But the EMove Touring has a better motor, climbs better, can carry a lot more weight on its deck, has the IP54 rating while the E-TWOW GT has none, and provides a much more comfortable ride (the E-TWOW has two solid wheels).

I believe the EMove Touring is a better option, all things considered.

EMove Touring vs Horizon

The EMove Touring and the FFR Horizon have a lot in common.

They cost almost the same, have pretty much identical specs, top speed, range, weight, and batteries.

The EMove Touring has a better motor, which also gives it a better climb angle and a bigger weight limit. It also has better water protection, since the Horizon doesn’t have an IP rating.

The only advantage the Horizon has is the slightly larger tires at 8.5 inches, which is not that big of a difference anyway.

I believe the Touring wins this one as well.

EMove Touring vs Zero 8

The Zero 8 is a bit faster than the EMove Touring, but the Touring nullifies that advantage with more range. Both scooters cost about the same.

The peak motor power of the Zero 8 is unknown, but the real power is 500 Watts, which is the same as the EMove Touring. Their batteries have the same specs and capacity.

The EMove Cruiser might be a better choice because it can carry more weight, while being slightly lighter at the same time. It also has better protection against water damage (the Zero 8 has no IP rating).

EMove Touring vs Turbowheel Swift

The Turbowheel Swift is a bit more expensive than the EMove Touring, and I’m not sure it does enough to justify that price difference. In fact, it seems like the EMove Touring has more advantages despite being cheaper.

  • bigger weight limit
  • better climb angle
  • slightly lighter weight
  • better water protection (the Turbowheel Swift has no IP rating)

The Turbowheel Swift is, like the EMove Touring, one of the rare models with a mixed tire configuration, with a pneumatic front and a solid rear tire. They both have practically the same battery and motor specs.

User satisfaction and public opinion

Owners of the EMove Touring are some of the proudest scooterists I’ve ever seen, both online and offline. The overwhelming majority of them are so happy with their purchase, that they’d never even consider getting a more expensive scooter.

The love this scooter gets is very easy to spot, as the reviews on the EMove Touring listing at Voromotors and everywhere else online are nothing short of spectacular.

Problems and tradeoffs

The EMove Touring makes a few bold choices in its design and engineering, which in general pay off and add value to the scooterist, but they are not all without a tradeoff.

Probably the biggest tradeoff the EMove Touring makes is the small wheels. At only 8 inches, the wheels are smaller than the ones of most commuter scooters, and while the suspension is excellent, the ride would still be better with bigger wheels.

There are a couple of user reports of wobbly parts, mainly the mudguards and the suspension, which seem to loosen up a bit after a month or two of riding. I would recommend regularly checking these parts and seeing if they’re tightened in nicely so you don’t end up with a detached mudguard in the middle of a ride.

Another smaller tradeoff related to the wheels is the mix of one solid and one pneumatic tire. This is an ongoing argument, and probably it’s always related to the intended use case and scenarios for the scooter, but I believe that pneumatic tires are always a better choice, and always worth the small risk of a flat. The EMove Touring hedges its bets by having the rear wheel made out of solid rubber, which takes away some comfort to gain toughness and durability. Again, the excellent suspension saves the day here, and this is another net-win for the EMove Touring.

Pretty much everything else about the EMove Touring is solid and well designed.


The EMove Touring is one of the best electric scooters under 1000.

Its main priorities are ride comfort, performance, and safety, possibly even in that order.

The scooter is super-fun, providing its owners with a rich experience that typically only much more expensive scooters provide.

It is excellent for beginners, commuters, younger riders, scooterists looking for a high-quality model, and scooterists looking for a ride that’s more thrilling than the ride of the plain-Jane mass-consumed scooter.

Where to buy the EMove Touring from?

The best (and probably only) place you can buy the EMove Touring from is the official Voromotors store. If you use the promo code escooternerds at checkout, you will get a 50 discount.

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This Fluid FreeRide Horizon review dives deep into the performance, build quality and features of the Horizon. The Horizon is a step above entry-level scooters like the M365. It has more range and power, and a dual suspension.- adept for daily commuting.

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Our Take: Upgrade from Entry-Level in Every Way

The Fluid FreeRide Horizon, with a powerful 500 watt motor and deep capacity 624 watt hour battery, is a longer-ranged, heavier, more powerful step up from entry-level e-scooters like the Gotrax GXL V2 or Xiaomi Mi M365.

The Horizon is designed for buyers who are looking to step up from the M365 or another entry-level scooter. These riders have longer commutes and need a scooter with a small, portable form factor. Due to their long commute, they will tend to encounter poor terrain that necessitates good ride quality.

The Horizon, while still keeping its price below 1000, addresses these needs and is a very functional commuter.


Our Horizon review found that acceleration is a little laggy initially, up to about 8 mph. However, after gentle initial acceleration, you hit the sweet spot of the acceleration curve — the Horizon wakes up and starts pulling hard all the way up to 15 mph. At 15 mph, acceleration slowly rolls off until you hit the top speed of 24 mph.

emove, touring, review, smooth

The motor, which is unsuspecting initially, also wakes up, and strong acceleration is accompanied by pleasant increased motor whirring sounds.

The Horizon went from 0 to 15 mph in 4.7 seconds, and reached 20 mph in 7.8 seconds, during our acceleration tests.

Overall, acceleration to 15 mph is a bit faster than the budget Xiaomi M365, which takes 6.3 seconds. However, the Xiaomi and some other budget scooters may actually beat the Horizon off the line due to less acceleration lag.

Hill Climb

The Horizon performs well, even on steep hills. On an average hill of a few % grade, the Horizon is able to fly up at only a few mph below its maximum speed. In a city like San Franciso, it may come to a crawl on the steepest hills, but most should be surmountable.

The Horizon completed our standardized hill climb test in 15.1 seconds at an average speed of Error: Invalid value 8.9. We test all scooters on the same 200 feet, 10% grade hill, with a 165 lb rider.

For comparison, a typical 250-watt electric scooter will take around 20 seconds. The budget-priced M365 took 21.2 seconds; the more powerful (and pricier) EMOVE Cruiser took 12.0 seconds.

Top Speed

When fully charged, the Horizon will hit 22 mph on the flat and 24 mph when going slightly downhill (165 lb rider). Speed is not electronically governed, but limited by motor power output.


The Horizon had a range of 26.0 Mi on our real-world range test. We test all scooters on a standardized urban loop with stops/starts, hills, and rough roads with the same 165 lb rider. Scooters are ridden at the fastest speed that is safe and in their fastest (least energy-conserving) mode.


The Horizon has a rear drum and rear electronic brake controlled by a single lever.

During our braking tests, we were able to bring the scooter from 15 mph to 0 mph in 23 feet. Because just a single wheel is braking, it is on the longer side of the typical 15 feet to 25 feet of braking distance we usually see.

The rear drum brake, which has the benefit of being fully encased within the wheel, is virtually maintenance-free and should be very robust. Out-of-the-box, the brakes were dialed-in and quiet. There is minimal travel in the brake lever, meaning you don’t have to pull it much before it activates. Finally, braking action is smooth, and minimal force is required for maximum braking.

The only downside to the braking system as a whole is that all braking action is coming from the rear airless tire. The tire doesn’t have quite as much grip as a pneumatic one. If you lock it out, the rear tire will slide around.

Overall, performance for the braking system as a whole is still acceptable, though we’d like to see braking on both wheels.

Ride Quality

The weight balance on the scooter is more centered towards the rear where the motor and drum brake are located.

Even after completing the range test, which consisted of 26.0 Mi of starts/stops and riding over rough roads, we could still feel our feet and our joints weren’t hurting. This is a sign that the suspension is doing its job.

The Horizon has a front and rear spring suspensions.

The front spring suspension and 8.5 inch pneumatic tire help to soften the impact from rough terrain. They also reduce the amount of force needed to roll over obstacles that might otherwise result in face planting into the ground.

The rear spring suspension is less critical for rolling over obstacles and mostly contributes to overall ride quality. It ensures you don’t get a brain massage when riding on really rough roads.

Finally, the Horizon suspension is reasonably quiet — unlike the dreaded clanking suspension on the Ninebot ES2. It yields ride quality that is as good or slightly better than scooters with large diameter pneumatic tires.


Overall, the Horizon is on the heavier side of portable but folds into one of the most compact sizes of 38 inches by 7 inches by 14 inches. This allows it to be stowed on public transportation or at a coffee shop. It is near as compact as the ultra-portable Booster V (37 inches by 5 inches by 12 inches).

The Horizon weighs 42 lb and falls below the limit of 45 lbs that we consider the threshold for portability. However, the hand-friendly stem size and weight balance make the scooter feel lighter.

Folding handlebars mechanism

The Horizon has a simple handlebar folding mechanism. To unfold, you simply pull the handlebars upwards, then tighten a screw mechanism to lock them into place. This will prevent them from collapsing mid-ride.

During our test ride, we noticed that the handlebar screwing mechanisms had a tendency to loosen. It required periodic re-tightening. This was not a safety issue but was a minor annoyance.

Stem folding mechanism

Folding the Horizon is very easy — you simply pull on a metal lever near the base of the deck and the scooter folds. The scooter locks in the folded position for easy carrying. The mechanism gives an audible click when the stem is locked into place.

Brake levers

The Horizon has a single, high-quality brake lever mounted on the left side of the handlebars. The brake lever activates both the electronic brake and rear drum brake.

Pulling action on the brake is smooth and requires minimal force. Pulling down just slightly on the lever will activate the electronic brake, which provides modest braking. Pulling a bit further takes the small amount of slack in the mechanical cable and begins to activate the rear drum brake.

Overall, the brake lever gives good control over the brakes and allows sudden, Rapid and controlled stopping, if necessary.


The Horizon has quality, ergonomic, rubberized grips that are well-secured to the handlebars. They stayed in place and didn’t twist or turn while riding.

The accelerator is a QS-S4 trigger throttle with a built-in LCD display. This part is ubiquitous among electric scooters. Though the trigger doesn’t take much effort to pull down, having your finger outstretched for prolonged periods can be uncomfortable.

The LCD display shows mode, speed, odometer, and battery level. You can also use it to tune some of the many P-settings that control different features. The LCD display, with the exception of the battery level, is easy to read (even in bright sunlight).


The Fluid FreeRide Horizon features both front and rear lights. The scooter does not have any auxiliary lighting or turn signals.

The Horizon’s lights are helpful if you end up riding in the dark. As part of our review process, we tested the scooter at night. However, we don’t think they are sufficient for if you plan on riding in poor lighting regularly.

Besides the low mounted, small front light, there are button lights on both sides of the deck in the front and rear. The rear lights blink when the brake is activated.

Read our complete guide to riding an electric scooter at night.


No Horizon scooter review would be complete without geeking out about tires a little.

The Horizon features a front 8.5 inch pneumatic tire and an 8 inch rear airless tire.

The front pneumatic inner tube tire provides good traction. Combined with the front suspension, it works well for rolling over most obstacles and bumps you’ll encounter in an urban setting.

The rear tire is airless and doesn’t provide as good of traction as the front one. It will perform worse in wet conditions. The main benefit of the airless rear tires is zero maintenance and risk of flats.

Learn more: technical guide to electric scooter tires.


Considering how compactly the Horizon folds, it has a spacious deck with 18.2 inches by 6.2 inches of standing space. This is actually an inch longer than the 56 lb Skywalker 10S, but shorter than the roomy Zero 9 (20.5 inches by 20.5 inches).

The Horizon also has 4.2 inches of ground clearance, which is enough to drop off most curbs without any problems. If you roll through a puddle, it also helps to keep the water off you.

The deck is finished with the Fluid logo and is textured with grip tape to help keep you planted on the scooter.

Attached to the deck is a kickstand. The kickstand is a little too short and causes the scooter to lean over a bit too far.

Build Quality

Overall, the Horizon has good build quality, but not the same level of finish we see on more mass-manufactured scooters like the M365.

Cabling and wiring originating from the handlebars and descending into the various parts of the scooter are all nicely buttoned up in a protective sheath and routed through a separate tube attached to the main stem. This gives the scooter a clean look and should increase durability.

One gripe we have with the design is the charging port. The port is placed on the front of the scooter deck and requires the wheel to be turned when plugged in. If you accidentally turn the wheel while charging, you could potentially shear the plug off or damage the charging port.

While the Horizon is by no means a tank, it is well constructed. Most of the scooter is built from quality metal parts and assembled together with hefty bolts.

When fully unfolded, the scooter has no noticeably creaking that would suggest poor quality. However, there is play in the folding handlebars and stem if you push or pull hard on them. Though we don’t love this, even the sturdiest of scooters tend to exhibit some of this.

The Horizon we tested had one screwing mechanism on the folding handlebar that tended to back out every few miles, which was a bit annoying but not a significant quality/safety issue.

Horizon Electric Scooter: Review Conclusions

Despite a few minor gripes regarding the charging port placement, throttle lag, and loosening handlebar threads, the Horizon is a great scooter at a competitive price point.

  • Longer range
  • Better hill climbing
  • Higher top speed
  • Greater compactness

If the Horizon isn’t appealing to you, see our suggested alternatives. You can also check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters.

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