Emove cruiser tire change. Locating And Understanding Your Anti-Turn Washers

How To Remove And Reinstall The Rear Wheel On Your E-Bike

When it comes to rear hub motor e-bikes such as our Magnum models, you might find the idea of removing your rear wheel a bit intimidating. How do you navigate around the chain? The brakes? The motor cable? And while there is a lot to consider, we bet it’s a lot simpler than you think.

In this post, we’ll explain the steps for removing your rear wheel so you can confidently do it at home. That said, don’t be a Hero — if you’re ever in doubt or confused about your wheel or any other maintenance on your bike, just take it to your local e-bike dealer or repair shop.

Safety Warning: If you are unclear about any of the information described in your e-bike manual, this article, or the video linked at the end of this article, please make an appointment with a Magnum dealer to service your bike. Improper wheel installation can result in serious injury or death.

When Should I Remove My Rear Wheel?

The main reason to remove your e-bike’s rear wheel is to replace the tube or tire. You would usually do that as a result of damage, but you can also change out your e-bike tire to suit your terrain. A change in tires can help riders transition from urban and light trail riding to adventurous or rugged off-roading. Make sure to only use quality tires designed for your e-bike’s wheel size and model!

To change your tire, simply:

  • Turn your battery power off or remove the battery entirely from your e-bike
  • Disconnect the motor cable quick connector
  • Change the flat tire as you would a regular bike
  • Reconnect the motor plug, matching up the arrows on the cable connectors

How to Change Your Controller on the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Most Detailed Guide 1080p

You might also find yourself needing to replace the whole wheel. This would only be due to irreparable damage, which could be caused by impact or by incorrect maintenance or installation (improper truing, bolt/nut tightening, or spoke tension ).

Is The Rear Wheel Removal Process The Same On All E-Bikes?

Not a Magnum E-Bike owner? Not a problem. The steps we outline here should work for any rear hub motor e-bike, so if that describes your bike, this guide should be helpful for you. When in doubt, though, consult your manual or take your bike to your local e-bike dealer or repair shop.

  • Bolt and axle nut sizes will vary across models. Be sure to choose the tools that match your unique bike.
  • Allen wrench(es) that match your retainer bolt and derailleur guard bolt size (ex. 4mm wrench)
  • Adjustable open-end wrench, or open-end wrench(es) that match your axle nut size (ex. 18mm and 19mm)
  • Small cable clippers

Electric Scooter Flat Tire Guide (How To Fix 8 Tips To Prevent It)

It’s never fun when it happens, but it’s a fact of life – pneumatic-tire electric scooters get flat tires. The risk of a flat tire will always be present, but after years of using my Xiaomi M365 Pro (notorious for flats), I’ve developed a checklist of a few simple steps that go a long way to prevent flat tires in electric scooters.

  • maintain and clean your electric scooter regularly
  • ride responsibly
  • check tire pressure and make sure it’s inflated often, preferably before every ride
  • use heavy-duty inner tubes
  • fill tires with Green Slime or some other sealant
  • use tire liners for inner-tube tires
  • replace tires if they are old or worn out
  • consider an electric scooter with solid tires

And luckily, even if a flat happens to your scooter, you can fix or mitigate it rather easily.

If you get a flat tire on your scooter, stop riding immediately. Riding with a flat tire will irreversibly damage your rims. Get your scooter to a repair shop, or use one of several methods to fix the flat yourself.

Let’s take a deeper look into the reasons why flats happen, how common are they, and exactly how to prevent, and possibly eliminate them.

How to fix a flat tire on your electric scooter?

There are three main ways to fix a flat tire.

  • releasing all the remaining air from the tire
  • removing the tire from the rim
  • either fixing the tire if the damage is repairable, or using a new tire
  • installing the tire back on the rim
  • inflating the tire

However, this process can be very complicated for some models. Sometimes, removing the tire means you need to remove a lot of the parts around the wheel. Or maybe, installing/uninstalling the tire is very complex or requires tools you don’t have.

In that case, consider the second method, which is fixing the tire without removing it.

The third method is taking your scooter to a mechanic.

Let’s examine the first two methods further.

Replacing (or repairing) the punctured tire – process for inner-tube tires

  • Allen key that arrived with your scooter, or a universal multitool with an Allen key (EKLIND on Amazon is very cheap and of great quality)
  • wrench
  • tire levers (this cheap tool is a lifesaver for fixing tires, you can find it on Amazon here)
  • water and dish-washing soap
  • repair-kit glue (unless using a new tube)
  • tire patch (unless using a new tube)
  • tire inflator (VacLife is great value, you can find it on Amazon)
  • Remember to keep everything you remove in a safe place. If you lose a screw or some important part, you will have to order a new one and wait for it to arrive (not fun!). I just get a plastic box and put everything in there when I’m doing something like this.
  • Remember how everything looks and feels. Take several pictures as well. You will need to make sure everything is in the same way when you are done
  • Take note of the directions of the pattern on the wheel. You should put it back in the same direction.

Start by releasing all the air that may have remained in the tire. Unscrew the valve and press inside it with the Allen key to deflate it.

On many models, you will have to continue by removing the plastic covers around the wheels. Use the appropriate Allen wrench key for this, it should have arrived together with your scooter when you first bought it.

After that, you will have to loosen the nuts around the wheel from both sides, so that you can remove them. Use a wrench for this.

Remove the wheel of the fork. Be careful not to scratch or damage any parts.

Then, using tire levers, remove half the tire from the rim. Don’t remove it entirely, just have half of the wheel “protruding” through the tire, like concentric circles. You can use a solution of water with dish-washing soap to make the removal process easier.

Now, here’s the tricky part. You will have to dig with your fingers between the wheel and the tire, and find the inner tube. Remove it.

Only then proceed to remove the wheel from the tire completelly.

We are standing at a crossroad now. You can decide to replace the tube, or repair it. This will depend on how badly was it was damaged – if the holes are too big, use a new tube.

  • inflate it a little
  • place it in a bucket of water and soap, and see where it makes bubbles to find the holes
  • once you’ve located the holes, let the air out and let it dry out
  • sand and degrease the surface around the hole
  • apply a small amount of glue from a repair kit, smear it around with your finger
  • wait for a few minutes for the glue to dry out a bit, the exact time will be specified on the glue, if not, wait for 3 minutes
  • apply the tire patch, use strong pressure and make sure it fits the area around the hole perfectly
  • remove the plastic cover from the top of the patch

After you have the tube, either the repaired or the new one, clean both the inside of the tire, and the wheel itself. You don’t want any debris there – it will puncture your tire again in no time!

Now, you have to put the tire back on the wheel. Make sure the tire direction is the same as when you started. Usually, the arrows in the pattern point down.

Then insert the tube between the wheel and the tire. A small but very effective trick here – start with the valve first.

Use the tire levers again, to put the tire back around the wheel.

Inflate the tire using the tire inflator. Make sure it doesn’t leak any air. If your inflator has a gauge, make sure you pump the tires to the pressure that your scooter’s manual recommends.

When it doesn’t, put all the parts back into place. Make sure you tighten everything nice and strong, but not so strong that the wheel has trouble spinning. The wheel must be able to spin freely after you put it back on.

How to prevent flat tires?

Even though fixing a flat can be easy (and even fun if you enjoy tinkering with your scooter), it’s still a headache.

To avoid flats as much as possible, you need to follow a healthy maintenance routine, but also apply a few extra tricks.

Basic tips to prevent flat tires

Regularly inspect your tires for damage. Remove and clean any debris or junk stuck in or around the wheels.

Before every ride, an old-school kick in the tire will suffice. I recommend measuring the tire air pressure and making sure it’s sufficiently inflated at least once a week.

  • Avoid riding in wet weather – debris sticks to wheels easier in wet conditions, and water moves smaller particles inside the wheel, between the tire and the tube.
  • Ride with your entire body – slow down and bend your knees if you are to cross a bump, and never do jumps no matter how low the sidewalk is.

Advanced tips to prevent flat tires

Before we go on with the more advanced tips, a recommendation – don’t fix what’s not broken. These methods all require tinkering with the tires.

If you’ve never had issues with your tires, you can skip this section. Unless you’ve had a flat, these methods may be more trouble than they’re worth.

But if you’ve already had a flat, they are very easy to apply.

Still, it is recommended to only choose one of them, as it hasn’t really been tested if they work well together.

We already mentioned that Green Slime or another sealant is a great way to prevent further flats. You can definitely use it as a preventive matter in any case, but I’d consider it only if I’m fixing a flat already. From all the advanced methods, this is the one I would recommend.

Another great tip in case you’re already replacing your inner tubes would be to get heavy-duty, thorn-resistant inner tubes. These will be a bit more expensive, but they will definitely last longer. I would recommend this solution if you live in a city with lots of debris on the streets.

Further, you can consider anti-puncture tape, or tire liners, to make your inner tube more resistant to flats. It is a hard, rubbery tape that you tuck between the tube and the tire. You will need to deflate the tire first.

You can find the best anti-puncture tape, Mr. Tuffy on Amazon.

Here’s a great video demonstrating the process on bike tires.

If you’re constantly getting flats, even after you’ve tried some methods to reinforce your air-filled tires, then you should seriously consider getting a scooter with solid tires.

Some places and environments are simply too much for the average air-filled tires. Many cities are full of small pieces of junk and debris that are unforgiving to the typical 8.5-inch tire.

But the downsides of solid tires are numerous. Besides your rides being very shaky and uncomfortable, you will also get poor traction, fewer options for adjustments, and in some cases worse performance overall.

Plus, it’s not like you’ll buy one pair of solid tires and you’re set for life. Solid tires wear out as well, oftentimes even faster than pneumatic ones.

To learn more about the different types of tires, and how they compare to each other, check out our full solid vs pneumatic tire guide.

This is a great rule of thumb: if you’ve had more than 3 flats in a year, only then consider getting a solid-tire scooter, or replacing your air-filled tires with solid ones.

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EMOVE Cruiser Problems, Troubleshooting, and 7 Incredible Tips

The EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter is rated as one of the most water-resistant electric scooters in the world today.

Featuring an IP rating of IPX6, some of the sellers claim that you can ride the Cruiser in rain and snow owing to how water-resistant it has been manufactured.

However, like all e-scooters, it’s important to know how to take care of your Cruiser to maintain its optimal functioning regardless of the riding conditions you subject it to.

In our today’s blog post, we are going to look at how you can troubleshoot some issues affecting your Cruiser and great tips to keep you enjoying your ride.

We have featured the EMOVE Cruiser as one of the best electric scooters for food delivery due to its long range and certified water-resistance rating.

Are there some common EMOVE Cruiser problems?

EMOVE Cruiser is undoubtedly made like a tank.

With a weight limit of 352 lbs and with a functional LG battery that can hit more than 55 miles of range, it’s easy to overlook if there are some problems to know.

While there are no really major issues associated with the manufacturing design of the Cruiser, there are a couple of isolated complaints about some components.

Below are some EMOVE Cruiser problems we have gathered around and the different ways how you can troubleshoot them:

Throttle’s dead zone

Some EMOVE cruiser owners say that the thumb throttle has a dead zone, which makes riding a bore.

While there are others who say that the dead zone is a safety feature, you need to know that how you handle the thumb throttle plays a vital role towards making it extremely responsive.

If you have the old Cruiser and are finding the thumb throttle to go on and off without gradual increase, then you can troubleshoot the dead zone problem by positioning your thumb in such a way that you can gradually move it gradually even when you are riding on an uneven road surface.

Thankfully, EMOVE Cruiser 2021 has a finger throttle and as such, there is nothing such as a dead zone.

If for some reason, you would like to change the thumb throttle, then it’s so simple.

Most thumb throttles come with only 3 wires.

An important point to note, though, is that the default thumb throttle comes with factory wiring and as such, just cut the three wires and solder the new throttle wires.

We highly recommend the Yungeln Scooter Thumb Throttle for its ease of use and responsiveness for this job.

The advantage of cutting the wires from the old thumb throttle instead of replacing it wholly is that you save on damaging the controller board.

Also, please note that if your e-scooter is still under warranty, you will void it if you do the throttle replacement.

If for some reason, you are interested in switching from thumb throttle, then a trigger throttle is also an awesome choice.

emove, cruiser, tire, change, your

Among the common disadvantages with the thumb throttle is that the thumb easily slips on bumps and can get sore if you ride for say an hour.

You will easily max out the speed at up to 33 mph with the trigger throttle but it’s a pipedream to go for that much with the thumb throttle!

Insufficient lighting

At some point, you will find yourself riding at night or when the weather isn’t crystal clear.

This is where bright lights come into play to necessitate proper riding.

Emove Cruiser Guide | Charger

While the EMOVE Cruiser comes with a stock headlight, it’s a fact that it isn’t bright enough and as such, you may need to get a more bright one.

We recommend that you add a brighter light along with the cruiser’s headlight for better visibility.

The Victagen Bike Headlight is a perfect choice owing to its specs such as its 5000 Lumens.

Power cut outs

Cut outs suck while riding.

One of the leading reasons for the e-scooter cutting out is a failed battery.

emove, cruiser, tire, change, your

If your battery fails, then it means there is a problem with the Battery Management System (BMS) or the battery is dead.

Repairing the BMS or even replacing it is easy after watching the relevant YouTube videos.

With a failed battery, though, the best thing to go about it is by taking the scooter to the seller for diagnosis.

Thankfully, Voro Motors provides a warranty for the battery and they should take care of it if it’s indeed the problem.

If you can, we insist that you shouldn’t ride your electric scooter in rain, especially if you have not done much about waterproofing it.

Noise at the front end

It happens sometimes that the EMOVE Cruiser can make a clunky-klunk noise while riding.

To solve this noise, you have to remove the 3 front-end bolts holding the black cap in place and fix them.

While you may feel that these bolts are strong enough, it happens sometimes that they are bottoming out in the socket before they even touch the cap and hold it down in its right place.

After removing them, just cut 4 millimeters off their length and this will make them reach the cap as expected.

A Dremel with a cutting wheel will help you in reducing the bolt’s length.

You can as well go with your bolt to the nearest hardware store and get a shorter one to get the job done.

Do we recommend the EMOVE Cruiser?

The updated EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter has addressed most of the problems we had seen in the old models.

As such, we recommend it to those who are more interested in range than neck-breaking speeds.

If you decide to go with this budget king of range, you can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code and save 50.

You can then use your savings to get your Loctite to ensure the bolts are in great shape.

Emove Cruiser Review | All Specifications and Accessories

You definitely like to move with the pace of the world. A transition from expected scooters to an electric scooter aligns your pace to the pace of the life around you. It is elite and outclass because it makes the regular daily commute furious speedy alongside converts a dull everyday life to an extraordinary one filled with vitality and an outburst of dopamine with every single ride. Well, that’s what I have known being a scooter-rider, since ages.

And so, with this much influence over my being, it is of high priority for me to highlight the best-vibe-radiating electric scooter for you that can make any of your moods track back to being optimistic like the spring that sprung and spread its hues of glamour all over the field.

According to research and surveys, teenagers have become more autonomous and confident after riding electric scooters. It not only gives you comfort and safety for your everyday commute, but it also goes vast distances, making it an excellent choice. So, get your hands on this incredible vehicle by making your way to your desired destination in minutes or any nook and cranny of your journey.

Give me a moment to introduce my most recent yet inspiring transition to an Emove cruiser electric scooter that has the potential of marvelously spreading the glamour to the life that all the electric scooter riders, like myself, look for.

Emove Cruiser Electric Scooter

Emove cruiser electric scooter is an invention of contemporary epochs that enables the rider to appear dope and charming at all times. I have been using an emove cruiser electric scooter for over 8 months now, and I would happily present you with a true mirroring reflection over it.

Firstly, with its precise featuring to captivating external body appearance, fluent settings, and astonishingly satisfying specs, the emove cruiser review of this electric scooter is an authentic vibe and ultimate pride. Owning it is like making regular day chores exciting and thrilling – that’s precisely what it makes me feel.

Be it a situation of getting late reaching somewhere, or a sudden plan change, any zeal of desire to go on an off-road excursion, or to take a pause from robotic and tiring schedules of monotony, in a very minimal period and relaxing feels.

Emove cruiser electric scooter, through its capability to operate with a remarkable speed, sleek functioning, and a luxurious experience to happiness, secures the tendency to heal everything accurately. To me, planning and including an emove cruiser electric scooter to daily day errands is a dream come actual moment every day.

Though for you to experience an emove cruiser electric scooter with all the potential magnificence that it caters, it’s essential that you have a look through to all of its essential accessories and detailing so that before that you ride on it, you ensure taking all the necessary precautions and notes to have an experience of brilliance.

Emove Cruiser Specs

The emove cruiser electric scooter contains a high range of advanced features and specifications. Topmost of everything, it comes in a beautified shade of black, white, purple, and orange, giving it a decent, elegant, sporty, and classic look. The emove cruiser electric scooter contains foldable handlebars for feasible fold and unfolds to make it more portable and easy to relocate.

The emove cruiser electric scooter, from having an excellent weight-bearing capacity up to 160 kilograms to having an average product weight of 23 kg, holds a complete flex to multiple aged-range people – teenagers adults to get a ride on. Alongside, the emove cruiser electric scooter gives a high range of 100 kilometers, with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour for private use.

Its superclass speeding is well-supported by its best quality tubeless tires, both front and back. The electric scooter includes smooth front and back semi-hydraulic brakes with ultimate speed ranges. Availability of kickstand and feasible finger throttle makes emove cruiser electric scooter capable of becoming the rider’s top choice.

Alongside, a short and Rapid charge time between 9 to 12 hours accompanied by extended battery life makes the electric scooter a great partner for touring. Additionally, the inclusion of front head and sidelights, rear brake lights, and turning signal lights have further assisted the emove cruiser electric scooter in becoming one of the most cutting-edge and enlightened products of all time.

Emove Cruiser Accessories

Before we get started with the accessories that accompany the emove cruiser electric scooter, I would recommend you get ready upon its unveiling because all the accessories and their intact usage in the electric scooter will surprise you with positives.

  • Password cable locks make the electric scooter extra secure and modern.
  • Emove storage case with bracket set and tow handle; which makes a handy experience to store personal belongings keeping them safe and well-hidden with its opaque nature
  • Mounted carbon fiber handlebar extender that adds flexibility and foldability to the handlebars.
  • Phone holder remains one of the top priorities of the electric scooter for keeping all the crucial calls and soothing music aligned during the ride.
  • U-lock hand pump
  • Hardshell front storage pouch
  • Rotatable rear side view mirror; that gives a unique and continuous view to the surrounding, making our ride more safe and cautious.
  • Leather/ silicone handlebar grips to provide the rider a firm hold over the handlebars without causing unnecessary slip and glitch.
  • Incredibly comforting seats for the emove cruiser electric scooter
  • Original rear basket to support the rider with their feasible placements of belongings
  • Kiddy ergonomic child seat
  • Stem adapter
  • Rechargeable handlebar headlights – to keep the journey going on without the worries of the headlights getting dim, drained, and useless.
  • Motorcycle grade gloves
  • Decorative washers, and
  • Thumb throttle accelerator with LCD bundle kit makes the experience of riding elegant, sleek, and hassle-free.

As mentioned with evidence and logic, all of these accessories are equally important to sprinkle the flavor of completeness to your ride. And, to be honest, I have found all the accouterments fundamental in keeping my journey inflow.

Emove Cruiser Battery

To initiate and keep up with the remarkable product performance, the emove cruiser electric scooter contains an extensive battery of 52 volts and 30.5 AH battery capacity that approximates 1.56 Kilo Watt-hour (KWh).

With such an enormous battery capacity with a 5 multiplier of regular electric scooter battery, the emove cruiser electric scooter supersedes everything and touches the world’s battery potentials. Well, this battery takes the emove cruiser electric scooter to the highs of being extremely likable and the best partner to tour, excursion, and source of fun.

Emove Cruiser Battery Life:

A large battery with excellent battery life is a powerful potential for ecstatic jaunts and lustrous vibes. Emove cruiser electric scooter surprisingly crosses up to 62 miles upon charging once, which is unique from all the other electric scooters out there.

The battery life is well protected and managed with a battery management system, which suggests that it gives high extended power when kept in low power mode and rides slowly.

Emove Cruiser Top Speed

Innovative and fast running emove cruiser electric scooter savagely crosses the top speed around 25 to 30 miles per hour that emits out an approximated average range of 49.1 kilometers per hour.

With this top speed, sustainable support with its long-lasting comfortable tires, and a great battery with its battery life, the emove cruiser electric scooter is a productive and worthy purchase.

Emove Cruiser Acceleration

With the intelligent installation of a 1000 Watt motor, the emove cruiser electric scooter is perfect for the riders who love riding with a speed of 40 to 48 kilometers per hour.

Although the speeding is relatively slow from 0 to 32 kilometers per hour, which is 6 seconds, and the ride hits 32 kilometers per hour, well and if the speed has set to 40 km/h, then the time taken is just 3.8 seconds which is impressive and a real quick!

Emove Cruiser Alarm

Anti-theft disc brake lock alarm with shock sensor is the best suit for emove cruiser electric scooter, which is not that effective in touring but for daily day errands and commuting. Technically it has a developed sensor technology that senses movement and alerts the owner with any unusual motion.

This self-alarming feature makes the lock safe from thefts and emoves the cruiser securer for the owner. The characteristic point to praise about the emove cruiser alarm is that it’s weather-resistant and waterproof, which means it complements the overall external body with its humid-proof nature.

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