Electric strider bike. Electric strider bike

Starts with curiosity, runs on pure adrenaline

Extend the ride time with push-button quick-release to change out batteries. These industrial-grade, lithium-ion battery and charger come full equipped with 20Vmax voltage (18Vnom) and 2Ah, allowing riders to hit the road for 30-60 minutes. Charge time is from 30-60 minutes for a full charge, depending on the model.

Ultra-Low Adjustable Seat Height

Inspires riding confidence by allowing rider’s feet to be firmly planted on the ground. Also allows child to “dab” foot easily when off balance. Seat height can manually be adjusted based on the size of the rider, with a maximum of 13″ (IRONe12 and 17″ (IRONe16

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

With a total bike weight ranging from 17lbs (IRONe12 to 19lbs (IRONe16. a child can quickly build confidence skill by having the ability to pick up the bike themselves. The Aluminum TIG welded frame and steel, BMX-style fork allows for a safe and fun ride.

Tapered Foot Rest

Once a rider becomes more confident on the bike, the tapered footrests may deflect their legs away from the blunt impact in the event of a tip-over.

Twist Throttle

Both models offer three power selection modes: training, standard, and advanced. Training Red Mode tops off at 5 mph. Standard Yellow Mode ranges from 7 mph (IRONe12 to 7.5 mph (IRONe16 Advanced Green Mode ranges from 9 mph (IRONe12 to 11 mph (IRONe16


You can purchase the Harley-Davidson IRONe balance bike at Mancuso H-D Crossroads.

What are the different ride modes?

LOW ( RED ) MODE—In this mode, riders can start on a speed similar to what they can push their bike at in the nonpowered mode.

MEDIUM ( YELLOW ) MODE—In this mode, riders have now shown they have control of the bike and have increased their skill to ride at a faster speed.

HIGH ( GREEN ) MODE—This mode is for advanced riders who have already been riding and have great stability on two wheels.

What do my kids need in order to ride?

A helmet and close-toed shoes.

How long does the battery last?

IRONe12 and IRONe16 models run for 30-60 minutes after a full charge.

How long does it take to charge?

IRONe12 model takes 30-60 minutes to charge, and the IRONe16 akes 45-60 minutes.

Will my power tool battery connect to the bike?

No, but you can purchase an additional battery to extend your ride time at Mancuso H-D Crossroads.

Will there be accessories?

Yes! Helmets, gloves, t-shirts, graphic kits and extra batteries will all be available at Mancuso H-D Crossroads.

Hiboy BK1 Balance Electric Bike

An electric balance bike for the youngest riders from 2 to 5 years old, under 77 lbs with comfortable balancing or riding on two wheels, and need a larger platform to practice their skills. By the time they’re ready to move on to their next bike, the BK1 electric balance bike for toddlers will help them develop confidence and skills for that next stage.

Ready Safe

The Hiboy BK1 Electric Balance Bike is designed for little kids. It can be the first bike for little kids ages 2-5 to enjoy fast speed when they are young. Enjoy the 3-Seconds adjusting system to easily adjust the cushion height for your kids.

This bike has more safety controls than any other electric starter bike!

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Designed To Develop

This bike is designed for kids who want to experience the freedom of riding a motorcycle just like mom and dad.

The BK1 electric bike is equipped with the anti-slip handles and foot pedal, preventing kids from sliding from the bike while riding it. Classical brake level on the front wheel and e-brake on the rear motor wheel allow the kids to stop the bike in a short time.

Strong Smooth

Let your kiddo ride up to 9 mph the hiboy balance bike thanks to its featured 100W electric norminal motor, powerful and smooth.

electric, strider, bike

This bike uses an auxiliary motor that can accelerate smoothly, allowing your child to easily master it.


The practicality and the versatility of electric power provides the perfect entry-level platform for the smallest of potential bikers.

Kids can revel in the excitement of power-assisted speed and the raw instincts of motorcycling thanks to the KTM FACTORY REPLICA STACYC 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE electric balance bikes.

Any future rider can discover the basics of bars, wheels, torque and balance.

They can emulate their Red Bull KTM Factory Racing heroes before developing to rip a track with the KTM SX-E 5 – an innovative electric moto-crosser that can ‘grow’ with a child.


Ability to learn bike handling skills confidently without having to pedal at the same time will accelerate a young rider’s confidence. Ability to reach the ground comfortably allows riders to learn without training wheels. Extend ride time by increasing fun factor. Kids 3 – 5 are typically willing to ride further than on a traditional pedal bike. Similar weight to kids BMX bikes.


True power curve built into throttle programming. Teaches child how to operate a twist throttle and manage power output. Not a push button toy or on / off power curve.


Removable power tool style interface. Allows additional batteries to be used for extended ride time. Technology that allows all family members to be familiar with, and not afraid of.


Color and graphics inspired by the KTM factory machines.


Child can pick up bike and manage on their own after a fall or dropped bike. Child quickly able to build skill as they can handle the bike as it’s less than half their body weight. All family members willing to manage as bike is easily transported in back of car.


Race inspired ergonomic placement for proper body and foot positioning when standing, teaching proper bike riding skills.


Inspires riding confidence by allowing riders feet to be firmly planted on the ground. Allows child to “dab” foot easily when off balance.

Stacyc eDrive Electric Balance E-Bike

The STACYC eDRIVE is the perfect choice for little rippers with little or no experience on a balance bike. Your child should have an inseam of 14” or more to adequately touch the ground with a slight bend in the knees for optimum sizing. Your child can learn to push, balance, and coast in the Non-powered mode. Graduate them to the powered mode (the holy grail of fun) as they show proficient use and understanding of the brake and the ability to coast and brake while standing. Start them with a speed similar to what they can push the non-powered version at, and they learn the use of the twist throttle, and a long coast turn into a constant use of throttle and giggles. As they continue to develop skills, the medium speed of the STACYC eDRIVE allows for an exceptional amount of fun outdoors, getting thousands of hours of hand-eye coordination, balance, and outdoor exercise.

12 eDrive

Perfect for 3-5yr old rippers under 75lbs, with 14-20” inseam

  • Frame: Aluminum TIG Welded
  • 12” Composite Wheels with Pneumatic tires
  • Seat Height: 13?
  • Weight: 17lbs with battery
  • Fork: Steel, bmx style
  • Power selection modes:
  • Low/Training mode ~ 5mph
  • Med/Standard mode ~ 7mph
  • High/Advanced mode ~ 9mph

Industrial Grade, Lithium-ion Battery and Charger

  • Quick disconnect/connect battery
  • 20V max Voltage(18Vnom)
  • 2Ah
  • 30-60 min run-time
  • 30-60 charge time

1 battery and charger included Run-time is entirely dependent on terrain, hills, and skill level. Run-times are estimates and can vary.

Currently only shipping to US locations. Please contact us for international reques

16 eDrive

Perfect for 5-7yr old rippers under 75lbs, with 18-24” inseam

  • Frame: Aluminum TIG Welded and Heat Treatment
  • 16” Composite Wheels with Pneumatic tires
  • Seat Height: 17?
  • Weight: 20lbs with battery
  • High Output Brushless Motor

High Output Brushless Motor

  • 20% more power and than original 16eDRIVE
  • 10% more efficient than original 16eDRIVE
  • Increased durability
  • No fuse
  • Thermal protection for motor and controller
  • Power selection modes:
  • Low/Training mode ~ 5mph
  • Med/Standard mode ~ 7.5mph
  • High/Advanced mode ~ 13mph (with stock gear ratio)

Industrial Grade, Lithium-ion Battery and Charger

  • Quick disconnect/connect battery
  • 20V max Voltage (18Vnom)
  • 4Ah
  • 30-60 min run-time
  • 30-60 charge time

1 battery and charger included Run-time is entirely dependent on terrain, hills, and skill level. Run-times are estimates and can vary.

Currently only shipping to US locations. Please contact us for international requests.

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18 eDrive

The STACYC 18eDRIVE with 36 Volt BRUSHLESS motor platform comes with the power and range to tackle aggressive riding terrain or longer trips with the crew.

The STACYC 18eDRIVE is the next choice for the STACYC GENERATION and ready to deliver a whole new riding experience. With 3 power modes the 18eDRIVE will still allow the progression your little rippers expect from STACYC with a much larger growth curve. A top speed of 18-MPH, and dressed with hydraulic disc brakes the STACYC 18eDRIVE has the ability to unlock endless opportunities and develop the skills your little rippers have dreamed of. Weighing in at 31lbs with the battery, the 18eDRIVE is perfect for kids between 8-10 and up to 115lbs

  • Perfect for 8-10yr olds under 115lbs
  • Seat Height: 21” | 22-23” inseam
  • Weight: 31 lbs w/ battery
  • All New. 36V motor platform w/ proprietary Cush Drive
  • Full Aluminum frame w/ proprietary shaped tubes
  • 18“ Nylon wheels with sealed bearings and pneumatic tires
  • 18×2.4 (semi-custom) Innova tires
  • Proprietary throttle assembly with STACYC. custom grips
  • Custom 19mm flat handle bar
  • Hydraulic brakes in front rear
  • 30-45 min run-time | 1.5 hr charge time
  • Quick connect/ disconnect battery
  • 40Vmax Voltage (36Vnom) 3Ah. 21700 battery
  • Industrial grade charger included

STACYC Electric Balance Dirt Bike for Kids (Long Term Review)

In this article, we talk and review the Stacyc electric dirt bike for kids. It might look like a bike, but it is suited for young ones to learn how to ride a bike off-road, prepare to ride proper dirt bike and even do some track racing.

Getting your boy or a girl into dirt bikes can be a bit scary. As parents, we want to make sure that our kids have fun but are still safe when riding dirt bikes. Learning the proper dirt biking skills as a kid will set them up for life.

When your child is first learning how to ride a dirt bike its important that they a way to learn dirt bike skills while gaining confidence.

Years ago the strider bike was introduced to the world and this really helps speed up the learning curve for kids learning how to ride dirt bikes and peddle bikes. The ability to use your feet to power you forwards allowing the kids to learn forward momentum and balance.

Why an Electric Balance Dirt bike is perfect for kids

Having an electric powered balance dirt bike is the perfect choice when it comes to teaching your kids how to dirt bike. Eventually, the goal would be to get your kid’s abilities and confidence up in order to switch to a gas-powered dirt bike or continue riding larger dirt bikes.

With an electric dirt bike, they can ride it every day in the backyard. They Stacyc balance dirt bike has different power modes for all skill levels. Being an electric balance dirt bike they are quiet and easy to operate. We have found that our kids enjoy learning first on an electric dirt bike before switching over to an ICE powered dirt bike.

As Roger DeCoster says….there is no substitute for seat time!

Being able to allow your kids to rip around the yard all day without annoying the neighbors is important for them to gain the skill they need for dirt biking.

The Stacyc eDrive balance dirt bike allows your kids to push or coast the E balance dirt bike In none power mode. This is perfect for learning how to ride a dirt bike. Your kid can learn how to push, coast, and balance the dirt bike before using any power.

Once they show that they are confident in balancing the dirt bike and using the correct momentum you can switch the bike’s power on and then have your kids learn how to use throttle and brakes.

Stacyc Size Comparison

The Stacyc balance dirt bikes come in 2 different models. The differences is the size of the balance dirt bike.

Stacyc 12eDrive Electric Balance Dirt Bike

Starter Dirt bike for 3-5-Year-olds

The Stacyc 12eDrive it the smallest electric balance dirt bike from Stacyc. Perfect for the 3-5-year-olds that want to get into dirt biking but need to learn how to balance a dirt bike. Stacyc recommends that your child have a 14″ or more inseam so they can touch the ground.

With a run time of around 30-60 minutes depending on what power setting, you have it in. This allows your kids to spend lots of time building up their skills.

The different power modes allow your kids to “level up” as their dirt bike skills increase. Low speed in the training power mode is 5 mph and the top speed in 9 mph in the advanced power mode.

The Stacyc 12eDrive balance dirt bike comes with a Lithium-ion 2Ah 20V battery with a charger.

Stacyc 12eDrive Specs:

  • 17lbs with the battery
  • 13″ seat height
  • 12″ wheels
  • BMX Fork
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Low/Med/High power modes
  • 20v
  • 2ah battery
  • 30-60 minute runtime
  • 30-60 minute charge time

Stacyc 16eDrive Electric Balance Dirt Bike

Starter Dirt bike for 4-7 year olds

If your little guy is older (4-7 years old) or is taller (18-24″ inseam) than the Stacyc 16eDrive balance electric dirt bike is the perfect dirt bike for kids that are just getting into dirt biking.

Larger 16″ wheels allow for your kids to learn how to balance and also the bigger tires will roll over obstacles better.

The Stacyc 16EDrive comes with a 17″ seat height so that means Stacyc recommends your child to have a 18-24″ inseam. If they don’t then this electric dirt bike is too big and you will want to move to the Stacyc 12eDrive.

The Stacyc 16edrive allows your kid to push the balance dirt bike in a nonpowered mode. This is perfect for learning and once they get the balance and forward momentum down you can turn the power on so they can learn throttle control.

You get a 4Ah battery and charger with the Stacyc 16eDrive.

Stacyc 16eDrive Specs:

  • 19lbs with the battery
  • 17″ seat height
  • 162″ wheels
  • BMX Fork
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Low/Med/High power modes
  • 20v
  • 4ah battery
  • 30-60 minute runtime
  • 45-60 minute charge time

Electric Balance Dirt Bike for Kids

If you are reading this article you are probably of the generation where your dad bought you a clapped out gas-powered dirt bike and kickstarted it and then turned you loose….

With no helmet….

No training….

AND no idea how STOP….

Fast forward to 2020 we actually have some really good options to help our kids get into dirt biking safely. They will have more fun and gain more confidence, which will speed up the learning curve.

Also, with the Stacyc 12eDrive balance dirt bike you can get them started at 3 years old!

Kids Feel Safer on an Electric Dirt Bike

Interestingly we have found that even if we have an electric dirt bike that has a higher seat height than a gas-powered dirt bike our kids have felt more comfortable learning on an electric dirt bike.

Once they got the hang of the electric dirt bike switching to a gas-powered dirt bike was a breeze.

We have even had some of our kids that really didn’t show any interest in dirt biking at all….all of the sudden start riding the electric dirt bike and then decided that they really enjoyed it.

Our job as dirt bike parents is to make sure our kids have FUN.

The Stacyc is the PERFECT beginner dirt bike that even after your kids have acquired the dirt bike skills needed to ride a ICE powered dirt bike they will continue to rip around on. We hope that u like this small review as we will continue to share our stories and tips but also from our kids first hand experience by riding the Stacyc electric bike on the dirt.

Stacyc Long Term Review (Updated 2021)

What we love about Stacyc:

  • Easy to ride: We bought the Stacyc bike for Maddox when he was 4 years old. He was up and riding the bike confidently in about 30 minutes. He had already figured out how to ride a balance bike but wasn’t great at it. He was very excited to get his very own dirt bike and it was light, easy and not scary. It made it so easy for him to jump on and start ripping around the yard in no time. He LOVED it.
  • Light: It is only 17 lbs for the small one and 20 lbs for the bigger one with the battery. That is incredibly light for any type of dirt bike. They have done an amazing job at keeping the weight down. Some of our other electric dirt bikes are just as heavy or heavier than the equivalent gas bikes. This is great for young kids because they are less prone to fall over and if they do fall over, it doesn’t really hurt.
  • All electric: For young kids just learning how to ride electric bikes are the best route to go. This is because there is no heat to accidently get burned, no noise, just flip a switch and you are ready to ride, and multiple power modes for different skill levels. It is also nice for the neighbors if you want to get your kids started ripping around on your back yard.
  • Balance Bike Platform: many kids have figured out how to ride a balance bike at an early age. It was genius to build a electric bike built on this concept. It makes it that much easier for kids to learn how to ride and feel comfortable.

What we dislike about Stacyc:

  • Fuse: I got an older Stacyc bike that has a fuse. It is very annoying; it blows all the time and it is annoying to replace. Luckily all the newer ones have a brushless motor and don’t have a fuse anymore and don’t have this issue. So if you are buying a newer one then this is a non-issue. If you are buying a used one then make sure it does not have a fuse. I would not buy one with a fuse at all.
  • Price: I am mixed on this because if you compare it to a balance bike or pedal bike, they seem very expensive. If you compare it to a 50 cc it is much cheaper. If you compare it to some of the cheaper electric bike options out there it isn’t the cheapest.
  • For Beginners: Some may disagree with me but I feel like these are for beginners. Once you get past the beginner stage then your child will be frustrated with this bike. It doesn’t go very fast, it doesn’t work well in sandy or mountainous/rocky areas.

Overall thoughts:

Overall, I am very happy that I bought a Stacyc bike and would strongly recommend it for a younger kid (3-5 years old) that is just getting into dirt biking. Having some balance bike experience will help them be able to figure out everything a lot faster but it isn’t a big deal to learn balance on the Stacyc bike. Our cousin Will had a 50 cc bike with training wheels for his 4 year old and he didn’t love riding it. After he rode our Stacyc bike he went out and got one for him and he has liked his Stacyc much better than his 50 cc.

Overall, I think Stacyc got it right for the bike they built. It really is the best beginner bike you can get your young kids.

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