Electric Scooter Battery 72V FS Weped (Battery Only). Weped electric scooter

Electric Scooter Battery 72V FS. Weped (Battery Only)

3 to 4 times free of charge or up to 48 times possible

Delivery 48/72h

2 years warranty

Description Battery For Electric Scooter Weped FS 72V 50Ah

Thanks to these latest features, your battery will be immune to premature wear!

Why change your Weped FS 72V battery?

Your electric scooter has a powerful autonomy and a good speed. However, like any device, your product has a lifespan.

When your product reaches the end of its life, your Weped FS electric scooter will lose performance and will no longer be able to operate to its full potential.

To remedy this, it will be necessary to establish a replacement of her Weped FS battery so that she can find her performance previous.

  • Favor an original original lithium battery specially designed to suit the power circuit of your electric scooter.

Attention ! Sellers of counterfeit Lithium ion battery products have appeared on the internet with the aim of exploiting and scamming consumers with false information.

Pay attention and realize your purchases-products on sites you trust!

How to change your Weped FS 72V electric scooter battery?

To replace the battery of your Weped FS electric scooter and increase its lifespan, it is first of all important to guarantee your safety by wearing protective gloves in order to avoid any risk of electrocution and an experience of quality.

  • turn off your machine.
  • Fold your scooter and place it on a flat surface.
  • Disassemble so as to open the place where the battery is located
  • Take a picture of the controller connections for the purpose of keeping them in memory.
  • Check that there has been no water infiltration, if so, wait for it to dry.
  • Disconnect the battery then the auxiliary connections.
  • Remove the battery from the scooter.
  • Take the battery that corresponds to the original or compatible one.
  • Connect the auxiliary connections then the battery.
  • Close, unfold the scooter then turn it on.
  • Let your battery charge to 100% before riding the first time.

This is the procedure established by our professionals. designed especially for you!

How to Charge your Weped FS 72V Electric Scooter Battery?

For optimal use of the 72V battery for electric scooters, we give you our best advice!

Our Battery Maintenance Advice for Weped FS 72 V Electric Scooter:

  • Adapt your driving according to the battery level: 100%: You can fully utilize your electric scooter while riding in the highest gear mode. 70%: it is advisable to switch to a moderate speed mode. Below 50%, choose a more moderate pace by switching to intermediate speed mode.
  • Always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance in terms of autonomy and speed.
  • Store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (20°).
  • Use the original charger. This is the one that will be best suited to your battery.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after switching off your product before charging it. Time to allow your battery cells to cool.
  • Recharge the product at least once a month even if you don’t use it. This avoids damaging the battery and losing autonomy.
  • Unplug your device plugged into the mains as soon as it reaches 100% battery.

How to increase the autonomy of your Weped FS Electric Scooter battery?

For that, there is nothing simpler! It is possible to add a second battery that you will connect to the main battery of your Weped FS 72V 50Ah electric scooter and totally doubled its autonomy!

find here THE right external battery for your Weped FS electric scooter!

Why Buy Your Weped FS Electric Scooter Battery at Weebot?

By purchasing a lithium battery LG M50LT or Samsung 50E at Weebot, you are guaranteed to receive a spare part compatible with your electric scooter.

The warranty period on a new lithium battery is 1 year at Weebot (see terms: Warranty and after-sales service ).

We have a solution for any type of problem and we strive every day to provide you with a better user experience.

When you buy from us, it’s not just for the product, but also for the service. Our teams are mobilized by email and telephone to satisfy our customers in our service centers.

We guide you step by step by giving you all the necessary information in your decision making in order to offer you THE compatible battery that corresponds to your electric scooter!

If you have any questions, the entire Weebot team is at your disposal by phone and email: sav@wee-bot.com

IMPORTANT: In view of the plurality of different possible batteries and to offer you the most recent and efficient cells, we create each battery to order. This implies that it is a personalized product not eligible for return or the right of withdrawal.

Technical characteristics of the Weped FS 72V electric scooter battery

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Electric scooter WEPED SSGT 20 000W. 60V30AH

The Electric scooter WEPED SSGTA sports electric scooter we think of the minimotor brand of course. Well, in the very high-end,WEPED is another South Korean brandoffering more powerful machines and with an unparalleled finish.

Amazing performance of this machine:

This WEPED SSGT model is a direct competitor from the WEPED GTS with the menu, a powerful electric scooter with a Advanced speed announced at 95 km / hand an autonomy of 100 km.

This exclusive GTS version has a power power of 20000W against 18000W for the old GTS version (which is no longer manufactured).

The brand also announces a maximum speed that goes from 80 to 95 km / h using new controllers and other mechanical improvements compared to the previous version.

A powerful sports scooter:

With a Weight of 35 kg. the Electric scooter WEPED SSGT is a model of ultra powerful and powerful sport scooter.

Featuring two brushless engines The Weped SSGT offers a20000W motorization. The chassis is ultra-resistant and is made of 6061 reinforced aluminum.

WeEPED can reach95 km / h in advanced speed. Its robust frame supports a charge of 120kg and allows to climb slopes up to 40%.

At the level of ergonomics it is possible tofold the handlebarsand fold the scooter stem on the platform. A crutch is planned to park the machine.

A list of impressive technical details:

The conduct of the WEPED GTS is facilitated using a Acceleration trigger controlling with thumb. You can also select one of the 3 driving modes using a button on the handlebar.

Note on the WEPED SSGT that it is with key start (very secure)

Amazing autonomy:

The WEPED GTS has a battery Samsung SDI 21700 50th for a Autonomy of 80 km and a recharge in 15 hours with the original charger.

Finally, with his suspensions Installed at the front and back as well as ultra-wide GO kart tires specially designed for the Weped SSGT. These elements provide you with incredible handling when traveling.

Features of the WEEPED GTS Electric Scooter:

A quality service at your disposal:

For any product purchased at Pie Technology, you benefit from our quality-quality service for 2 years.

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We have anrepair workshopand an understanding to meet any request. You can reach us by email, phone as well as in our shops.

electric, scooter, battery, weped, only

Pack offered for any purchase at the indicated public price. Not valid if use of a promotional code.

Delivery in 48-72 hours

Offered on France for all our hoverboard, electric skate, electric bicycles, and other gyropods.

2 years warranty

A French sav made by our skilled skilled technicians, electric scooter, electric scooter or gyrror to ensure you reactivity and tracking your repairs.

Quality, our priority

All our components, selected for their reliability, are CE certified, RoHS, FCC. Lithium batteries of our electric scooters and bike are certified.

Boutique sur Lyon

We welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm to advise you and make you try free electric scooter, an electric skate or an electric bike.

VIDEO: This is how a Korean mega-scooter with a 100 Ah battery and a speed of 140 km/h is made

1 2.7K display

Electric scooters can have different forms, ranges and maximum speeds. If we were to look at the best, we will find the WEPED Sonic scooter, which can go at a speed of up to 140 km/h and is perhaps the only one in the world that contains a huge up to 100 Ah battery!

Honest handwork

It is really a big and massive electric scooter that has nothing to do with what you can see on the streets. In the attached video and in this paragraph, you can see how the construction and production of this electric scooter takes place.

It is really precise work and you can also notice that it is folded by hand and no robotic arms or similar conveniences help during construction. Handiwork is also reflected in the final price, which we will reveal to you at the end of the article.

Top speed up to 140 km / h

This scooter is also exceptional in that, thanks to its powerful engine, it is able to reach a maximum speed of up to 140 km/h, which is more than the maximum permitted highway speed. The weight of the rider is then to 150 kg.

Such a colossus also needs to be braked appropriately and in time. This is done by a double disc brake at the front and another one at the back. There is a practical display on the handlebars that shows all necessary parameters such as current speed, range, battery charge, currently selected driving mode and so on.

Range up to 200 km

The battery has an amazing capacity of up to 100 Ah, which allows this vehicle to go on a single charge up to 200 km, which is a value that ordinary electric scooters can only think of.

If you are also interested in this massive electric scooter, be prepared that it will not be cheap at all. Its price is determined up to 15 and if you want a fast charger for it, pay an extra 200.

How do you like such a massive and extremely powerful electric scooter? Do you think that such a performance is no longer excessive for an electric scooter? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below the article. Watch the web ChinaPlanet, sign up for news and join us on our social networks a YouTube.

Weped Electric Scooters

Looks aren’t the only thing on offer here, because these scooters have lots of power too. Most of the time, lots of power correlates to better acceleration than higher top speed; and these babies can propel you up to 50mph in record time. What we have to mention here is that they’re not lightweight, but are great to ride. The most important performance metric to WEPED seems to be the ability to climb steep hills, and their electric scooters perform great on uphill roads.

WePed GT50E Scooter Review

The GT50E is a highly customizable top-of-the-line scooter coming from WEPED. There’s a lot of interest around the world for this one, and you probably came here after you watched a few cool YouTube videos which feature how the custom lights work. GT50E uses same fat tires as RR (the 130mm Racing Kart tires), and handles similarly on the road. There are lots of similarities between the GT50E and the RR; in short, the GT50E is like the RR’s little brother.

The little brother is no pushover, with two 1600W motors and the same battery the RR has, meaning the GT50E can quickly reach its max speed of 43 mph and beat any hill. The GT50E is the best deal WEPED’s got right now, since their other options are a bit above the budgets of all but the most enthusiastic riders.

This doesn’t mean they’ve cut corners, the GT50E is a fantastic scooter and is sure to make you grin whenever you push the throttle to the max. As always, RideTwoWheels wants everyone to be a responsible, safe rider, so be sure to bring protective gear, especially the helmet; this powerful scooter demands it.


This is the smallest and lightest scooter WEPED offers, weighing at just about 55lbs. 2000W provided by the 8 inch dual hub motors are quite strong, and feel amazing in this relatively lightweight package. The foldable Mini-R is easy to store in either a garage or a small apartment. While it might seem like a cute toy, its uphill performance and acceleration makes it a formidable scooter. This scooter is slightly shorter than the rest of WEPED’s creations and can be used by kids; this is however not a good idea, since 2KW is far above what a child should handle.

It’s really easy to fold this scooter, just take out the golden pin, fold it, and insert the golden pin in a different hole. Safe and fast. There are many accessories you can add to this scooter like LED panels, LED footrest, even LED wheels. This will cost a bit more, but you’ll have a personalized scooter that will surely make heads turn in your direction.


This scooter is the most popular option with most buyers in Korea, and for good reasons too. It’s a bit cheaper than the top-of-the line WEPED VER. RR, but it has all the features most scooters today come with. Great features like having an app you can use to control your scooter and run a diagnostic check, 4 drive modes and a premium battery management and charging system.

Plus, you can easily lock it down with a password and a key, but it’s still not advisable to leave you scooter anywhere it can be stolen. All WEPED scooters are foldable, and the instructions are dead simple. While this bike can be stashed in a smaller place, it is very heavy and it’s best if you can just park it into your garage instead of hauling it up to an apartment.


  • Power: 5400W (Two 2700W motors)
  • Battery: 60V 35Ah Samsung 18650
  • Max Speed: 62 mph
  • Max Range: 80 miles
  • Tires: 130mm Kart Racing Tires
  • Suspension: 4 Link Damping System
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes
  • Light: LED headlights, taillights and brake lights
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Max Load: 265 lbs

The strongest option on offer is the WEPED VER. RR, the heaviest, most durable scooter with 5400W of pure power will give you an adrenaline rush every time you accelerate. With a maximum speed of 62mph, this isn’t a machine for the faint of heart and we strongly suggest riders to wear full protective gear, as if they were driving a motor bike. You’ll need the added safety because this is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. As a fun side-note, if you buy the additional LED lights and wear a LED jacket, you’ll live through all your neon dystopian future fantasies while alerting other traffic participants of your presence.

The RR even has an optional Air Pump System you can use to pump a flat tire up, and a tire patching kit onboard. You’ll be safe from having to push around this comparatively heavy scooter around with these two systems. A rear-camera option will let you see what’s behind you on your phone’s screen, alongside other important data such as speed, mileage, battery gauge, etc. A really unorthodox choice some users make is adding a classy analog clock right there on the handlebar, but we still appreciate the ability to have one installed right from the shop.

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