Electric scooter 4 pro. Electric scooter 4 pro

Electric scooter 4 pro

The first Xiaomi model to boast integrated turn signals can now be purchased on Amazon, let’s find out together in this dedicated article

Xiaomi announces the availability in Italy of Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Prowhich combines improved performance and dimensions as well as a more comfortable driving experience and which aims to be a real unicum in the world of scooters.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro: power and comfort for a unique ride

Il most powerful electric scooter from Xiaomi, it features a maximum output of 700W capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Thanks to the battery from 12.400 mAhcan cover distances up to 55km with one charge, delivering the power you need to easily negotiate inclines up to 20%.

New design, for greater lightness, handling and resistance

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro presents bigger size to ensure the maximum comfort. Compared to previous models, it has larger dimensions that allow it to support a greater weight and, at the same time, to improve the user’s driving experience without renouncing lightness thanks to an aerospace aluminum body that makes the scooter light, robust and resistant to corrosion.

The constructive upgrade also involves resistance, thanks to 10” self-sealing tubeless tiresdesigned to be puncture resistant thanks to Xiaomi DuraGel and ensure its solidity even on the roughest roads. Finally, the new magnetic charging port and its special protection ensure the safety of the charger when connected.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro: driving safely

Designed to offer an experience of reliable guide: users have access at all times both speed and safety of the vehicle, thanks to the front brake system and ABS it’s at the rear double disc; the modern user interface of the instrument panel guarantees a distraction-free experience and useful and intuitive information always at hand; finally, in compliance with the new Italian legislation, the scooter is equipped with integrated turn and brake lights on both wheels.

An important detail that underlines Xiaomi’s commitment to adapting immediately to the new rules imposed by the highway code, supporting the choice of wanting to make the use of the scooter in the city increasingly safer.

Availability on the Italian market

Electric Scooter 4 Pro is available on Amazon starting from 849€. And you, what do you think of this Xiaomi Electric Scooter? Let us know below in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on TechGameWorld.com.

How many scooters does Xiaomi have? We review her range in full

In 2017, Xiaomi launched its Mi Electric Scooter M365 on the market. And we don’t have to tell you that it was a resounding success. Those who bought their unit from China thinking that they would be the first to tour their cities in these new vehicles had the exclusive for a very short time. In a matter of months, our streets were filled with scooters, and soon, municipalities around the world had to adapt to the change. Currently, Xiaomi continues to improve its catalog of personal mobility vehicles. For this reason, here we leave you a review of all the models that the brand has launched so far.

Full range of Xiaomi scooters

Before launching into the purchase of a Xiaomi scooter, you should bear in mind that the brand has three lines different. We can differentiate the vehicles in these groups:

electric, scooter
  • Basic line: are the starter models. They are cheaper and do not have a very high autonomy. Scooters such as the Essential or the My Electric Scooter 3 Lite are from this group.
  • standard line: Any scooter that is a successor to the original model belongs to this group. In general, these models are the best sellers, as they offer a good relationship between performance and price.
  • pro line: They have a better build quality and a longer autonomy.

Xiaomi does not really advertise them by “lines” but it will help you better understand the differences between them and understand how they are also classified in terms of their final price.

All existing models

Now that you know these details, we leave you with the list of all the models that they have released to date.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 Lite

After the success achieved with the Mi Electric Scooter Essential, Xiaomi has tried again with the Mi Electric Scooter 3 Lite. His battery remains quite limited, since its lithium cells are only capable of housing 187 Wh with a range of only 20 kilometers per charge. However, this new cheap scooter from Xiaomi It does reach 25 km/h. with three specific gear regimes for different traffic situations.

Its motor is still 250 watts and its weight has increased to 13 kilograms. In addition, another of the improvements added has been the possibility of driving on roads with a maximum inclination of 14%. It is foldable so that it can be easily carried from one place to another in case we go on vacation or the battery has run out.

My Electric Scooter Essential

In 2020, Xiaomi launched this M365 review, whose objective was to put a driveway scooter. Already in that year, many competitors had launched their proposals on the market, so the Chinese march decided to bring out a simpler model.

The Essential has a maximum speed of 20 km / h and a autonomy of 20 kilometers, for many, scarce. It also has difficulty climbing slopes, as it will not climb slopes of more than a 10% incline. However, it is a cheap vehicle that has sold like hotcakes due to its simplicity and the fame of the brand behind it.

Mi Electric Scooter

The same year, Xiaomi also put the spiritual replacement of the M365 on sale. Its specifications are identical to the original model. Even the weight is the same. However, he did have building level changes. In addition to integrating the information screen, the 1S is better finished and solves several failures of the original model.

My Electric Scooter Pro 2

Barely a year after launching the first Pro, Xiaomi released a review of its most advanced model. On a technical level, the vehicle has the same specifications as the original pro model. Its light is more powerful (2 watts compared to 1 watt of the original model). It also has new reflectors and a better designed fender mount.

Gossips say that this model was launched for pure marketing. Its launch price was higher than its predecessor. Several were also made software modifications to prevent users from exceeding the speed limit set by the brand. Nonetheless, it is a great scooter. It is the model that you should buy if you have to travel a long distance every day, as well as a vehicle to take into account if it is going to be used by a person weighing up to 100 kilos.

My Electric Scooter 3

Released in 2021, the Mi Electric Scooter 3 replaces 1S. On this occasion there are differences at a technical level. The Mi Electric Scooter 3 has a more powerful engine, with a nominal power of 300 watts (although in maximum it can be placed at 600W). This allows you to upload slopes more pronounced, up to 16 degree tilt. His battery shrank, now he has a 275Wh capacity. However, its autonomy was not affected, because by improving the efficiency of its engine, this model continues to give some 30 kilometers per charge. Of course, if the charging capacity drops below 30% and it has not been used during the last 15 days, it enters a hibernation mode that helps its conservation.

The engine upgrade also makes this scooter fit for users up to 100 kilos. This improvement is important, since the previous models of this same line supported up to 80 kilos according to their technical sheet. in practice, we already know that this is not the case. It is also a slightly heavier scooter, weighing 500 grams more than its predecessor.

Another important update is its braking system, made up of a E-ABS braking system plus dual pad rear discs. In this way the braking capacity improves and that provides greater security at times when you need to do it quickly. And that’s not to mention its folding system, now easier and faster (in just 3 seconds you open the lever that unlocks the handlebar, fold it down and let it stay fixed with the hitch located in the rear area to be able to transport it comfortably ). also includes new reflectors and tail light to be seen more easily by other vehicles.

Key features

  • Engine capacity: The maximum speed at which you can move is 25 km/h with enough power to climb slopes of up to 16º.
  • Maximum load supported: The maximum weight that supports a scooter is 100 kg
  • Battery life: With the integrated battery, although it will depend on the user’s weight and distance, the theoretical autonomy measured in kilometers is 30 km
  • Loading time: with a 7.650 mAh and 275 Wh battery, the full charge time is 8,5 hours. It also offers a recharging system through more efficient braking
  • Size: 108 x 43 x 114 cm
  • Weight: 12,5 kg
  • Safety and brakes: It has side, front and tail light reflectors that allow you to alert other drivers of your presence
  • Braking system: the scooter uses an E-ABS brake system plus brake discs
  • Wheel: the tires are 8,5″
  • connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 BLE
  • Display: multifunctional panel to see information of interest quickly
  • Price: 449,99 euros

El Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 It is available in two colors, a Color black aka Onyx and other Gray called gravity. Both can be purchased both through the Xiaomi website and from other authorized distributors such as Amazon.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4Pro

The fourth generation of Xiaomi scooters has been released with this new Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro. It is a vehicle that has undergone a major redesign, starting with its engine, which now has a nominal power of 700 watts.

The Electric Scooter 4 Pro has a 474 Wh battery, which will allow you to do a maximum of 45 kilometers with the device. His weight has been established at 16,5 kilos, and now he allows people up to 120 kilos can move freely with the vehicle.

This time we find several improvements that justify the purchase more than its predecessor. The scooter now has 10-inch self-sealing tubeless tires. They have also improved brakes, which now have a system of double eABS, which in theory means that we can brake traveling less meters. Of course, the drive wheel is still the front one, exactly the same as in the rest of the brand’s scooters. Of course, its price has also skyrocketed compared to the previous model, which makes this device less attractive compared to other competing brands.

electric, scooter

My Electric Scooter M365 – Discontinued

Was the original model, and already had most of the features that the scooters sold today have. It has a 280Wh battery able to give some 30 kilometers of autonomy with its 250-watt motor. Although it was already foldable, it did not have elements such as the screen, so to see the information on the scooter, you had to use your mobile.

Like all original models, it had its failures. The first of all was mudguard, which broke very easily. Many users even designed parts in 3D to mitigate this design problem. Another endemic failure was the soldering batteries, which was not of good quality, and would come loose if the scooter experienced a lot of vibration. It was also quite prone to punctures, although this was actually unknown to most users, who did not maintain the scooter correctly.

My Electric Scooter Pro – Discontinued

This improved version of the Xiaomi scooter arrived in 2019. It had a 300 watt motor, and better finishes. The main advantage of him was the battery, because now, the scooter reached the 45 kilometers of use thanks to its enormous 474Wh battery. The more powerful engine also allowed climbing steeper slopes (20% compared to 14% of the previous model). Its limitation remained at 25 km/h, and it was also heavier, with the entire body of the device weighing about 14,2 kilograms. It was also the first model to equip a information screen, and many users bought the part to modify their original M365.

The best scooter for the city?

Xiaomi scooters are the default option for many. The manufacturer offers a product with very good finishes and details that are undoubtedly of interest to the user when moving around the city, together with fantastic performance in terms of displacement. To this must be added the My Home app, which allows you to configure specific aspects of the skate from the mobile phone, such as the security lock to prevent (or at least try) that they can easily take it away.

The Asian firm also has the advantage of being the most popular in this sector (and in other closely related ones, such as mobile telephony), thus making many people, when thinking about an electric scooter, opt directly for the brand. In this sense, perhaps My Electric Scooter 3 be one of our favourites: it has an engine with more than enough power to move everywhere, it is even capable of climbing hills and other slopes with a maximum incline of 16º. It reaches up to 30 km/h maximum, it has a hibernation mode for its battery, new reflectors to be seen and its folding is easier than ever.

In any case, the last decision is up to you, as always. So if you are clear that your scooter will be from Xiaomi, all you have to do is search its catalog and find the specific model that best suits your needs and Options, as you can see, there are many.

The links to Amazon in this article are part of our agreement with their Affiliate Program. Purchases made through them may earn us a small commission (without this affecting the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish and add them has been made, as always, freely and under editorial criteria, without attending to requests from the brands involved.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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Speedway Mini 4 Pro Electric Scooter Review

The most lightweight of the three Speedway electric scooters, the Mini 4 Pro still boasts good power, speed, and range. There are some small differences between this scooter and its closest equivalent, the Speedway Leger. Overall, it’s a slightly more affordable and lighter option for city commuters. Let’s break it down.

Motor and battery

The motor and battery system on the Speedway Mini 4 Pro is the same as the Leger. This means it’s got a BLCD hub motor with a max output of 1,360 watts. The battery is 48 volts and 15.6Ah with Panasonic cells. Those specs give you a max mileage of 30 miles (which is a bit less than the Leger) and a top speed of 28 mph.

As with all the MiniMotor scooters, they’ve capped the speed to 15mph in the United States via a speed limiting wire but this can easily be removed and you may ask MiniMotors for support on it. BLDC motors are known for their torque, so you get a climbing grade of about 27%, depending on how charged the scooter is and the rider weight.

From empty, the battery takes 6 hours to charge with the standard charger. To keep your battery in good shape, you want to charge it after each ride. Only use the charger you’ve received from MiniMotors. If you’re storing the scooter for two months or longer, the battery should be drained to about 70-80%; you don’t want to store it at 100%. Keep the battery out of extreme temperatures.


The Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s construction is solid and reliable. The frame and handlebar are made from aluminum alloy, though it doesn’t appear they’re aircraft-grade like the other Speedway scooters. The deck is also a bit shorter and narrower than the Speedway Leger. To help with bumps in the road, the Mini 4 Pro uses a dual suspension system.

What about the tires? These are pretty different compared to what you’ll find on the Leger or the Speedway 5. They measure 8-inches, so they’re the smallest Speedway wheels. The front tire is air-filled, but the rear is solid. This is a bit odd, but having at least one air-filled tire can help with the smoothness of the ride. That tire is tubed, as well, so while it is more vulnerable to punctures, it’s easy to change.

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro can hold a rider up to 265 pounds. It’s also lightweight at just 35 pounds. You can easily carry it on trains, buses, etc. To make it even more compact, the scooter and handlebars can be quickly folded.

Braking, display, and lighting

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro uses regenerative electric drum brakes. The regenerative feature helps save on battery life when you’re riding downhill, so you can get the more range out of each charge. Drum brakes are not as high-performing as disc brakes, but they have some benefits. They require less maintenance and they are consistent in wet conditions. Unlike the Speedway Leger, the Mini 4 Pro does not have an anti-lock brake system.

electric, scooter

As for the display, you have total access to all your scooter’s functions. You can set your preferred start mode, battery eco mode, the brake sensitivity, and more. While you’re riding, quickly see your speed, battery life, ride time, etc. The instrument panel on this scooter has not received an upgrade as the other Speedways did.

Lighting-wise, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro has dual front and rear LED lights. There aren’t any LED lights on the side, but MiniMotors left lots of room for you to mount your own lighting if you want. The brand does not recommend riding at night, but if it does happen, they want you to have the safety features you need.


This scooter’s downsides are fairly small, all things considered, but they might add up for a rider. Compared to the Leger, there’s less deck space, the brakes are different, and the display is older. The biggest downside we can think of is the tires. They’re smaller than the other Speedways, which affects how well the scooter can handle bumpy roads. Also, the rear tire is solid and solid tires tend to not give the smoothest rides.

Do we think the speed cap is a downside on the Speedway Mini 4 Pro? Not especially. This is because it’s so much more affordable than the Speedway 5. With that scooter, it could feel like you were paying for power you couldn’t use if you’re in the US. Considering the Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s lower price, a top speed of 15 mph (combined with other features like good range) seems fine.

Customer service

MiniMotors is a trusted brand that believes in great customer support. The company stocks all parts and accessories, so if you need to replace or add anything to your ride, give them a call.

The Mini 4 Pro, like all MiniMotors products, has a 6-month warranty. You can find the customer service email and phone number on the brand website.

Who should get the Speedway Mini 4 Pro?

In terms of speed and range, the Mini 4 Pro is essentially the same as the Leger. The range is a little shorter, but only by four miles. Based on the scooter specs, you won’t lose speed either, with or without the speed limiting wire.

The biggest difference is that the Mini 4 Pro is ten pounds lighter. If you’re a commuter who really wants a lightweight scooter, the Mini 4 Pro is a great choice.

Final thoughts

The lightest electric scooter in the Speedway line, the Mini 4 Pro manages to retain good power, speed, and range. You won’t feel like you’re sacrificing major features for the 35-pound weight, though there are some differences with the tires, brakes, and display.

If you really care about those and don’t care about weight, you’ll most likely prefer the Leger. The aren’t dramatically different. However, if you’re a commuter who’s tired of carrying a heavy scooter and you want something leaner, the Mini 4 Pro is the best choice out of the Speedways.

Full Specifications

Top Speed 28 mph
Range 30 miles
Motor Power (max) 1360W
Weight 35 pounds
Max load 265 pounds
Tires 8″ pneumatic tires
Charging Time Around 6 hours
Warranty 6 months
Battery 48V 15.6Ah Li-ion
Hill Grade Up to 27%
Product Material Aluminum Alloy Frame
Suspension Dual spring suspension
LED Lights Dual front and rear LEDs
Brakes Drum rear regenerative
Dimensions (Folded) 38.8 in x 7.2 in x 13.2 in
Dimensions (Upright) 40.8 in x 21.2 in x 47.2 in

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra review: Why I won’t go back to renting electric scooters

Impressive range and comfort make the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra an every-mile mobility solution.

Xiaomi Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

Impressive range and comfort make the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra an every-mile mobility solution.

Sometimes we get used to things “as they are” and forget that they could be better. That old breakdown-prone car you’ve had for years. The same boring breakfast you make all the time. For me, it’s rental scooters, which I’ve been riding for years. In that time, I’ve come to accept certain not-so-great things about them as par for the course. That was until I got my hands on the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra. This scooter broke me.

In the couple of weeks I spent riding it, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra changed what I thought I knew about electric scooters. Until now, I had no real idea what you could actually expect from a half-decent electric scooter for adults. And now that I know, I don’t think I can return to crappy rentals.

I got used to switching rental scooters because a wheel was wonky, the brakes didn’t work, or the tire was flat. These, or any one of a myriad of other basic problems, plagued my experience. Scooters were, in my mind, cheap, flimsy, and unreliable. Xiaomi’s scooter transformed my perspective on an entire product category in a matter of days.

About this Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra review: I tested the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra for two weeks. Xiaomi provided the unit, but Xiaomi had no say in the published content.

Setting up the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

The 25-kilogram box arrived; I quickly unboxed it and realized how easy it was to assemble. It came with the steering column folded, so all I had to do was extend it, lock it in place, and attach the handlebars. This took all of two minutes.

Once the scooter was set up, I connected it to the Mi Home app (also available for iOS) via Bluetooth. It’s essential that the country in the Mi Home app is the same as the country you’re resident in. This means the scooter will abide by any local laws limiting its top speed. Where I live in Europe, that’s 25 kilometers per hour or just under 16 miles per hour.

If you’re thinking you could simply bypass the above step and enjoy the maximum 35-kilometer-per-hour speed of the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra, not so fast. You must first activate the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra in the Mi Home app. Otherwise, it will be speed-limited to 10km/hr and will beep constantly. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t find yourself getting a ticket, or worse, your scooter impounded, for ignoring local road safety laws.

First ride impressions

When I hit the road, the first thing that jumped out at me was just how amazing dual suspension is on a scooter. This alone has changed the way I think about scooter comfort. To give you an approximation of what it feels like, think of riding a bike with semi-flat tires. It’s that same kind of soft, bouncy feel; only this is how it’s meant to be. This is Xiaomi’s first dual-suspension scooter, and it’s incredible.

My tire pressure was at the recommended 45psi, but the ride was so smooth it felt like a dream. I had grown accustomed to the unholy union of suspensionless rentals and the bone-jarring cobblestones of Europe. Even now, two weeks later, I still can’t get over how smooth a ride the Scooter 4 Ultra provides. This is the first time I’ve not studiously avoided any kind of bump, lump, or pothole on a scooter. It’s also super quiet, lacking the electric whine I typically associate with adult scooters.

electric, scooter

The second thing I loved about the Scooter 4 Ultra was the braking. I had gotten used to sloppy, spongy braking on rentals. The first time I squeezed the brake on the Scooter 4 Ultra, when a pedestrian stepped into the bike lane no more than 30 seconds into my virgin ride, it was so effective I almost went over the handlebars. This thing stops on a dime. Fortunately, there’s also an included bell.

The Scooter 4 Ultra has E-ABS on the front wheel to help avoid skidding when braking and a user-adjustable mechanical disc brake on the rear. Right out of the box, the brake is plenty sensitive. If your weight is a little forward, it is still possible to skid, by accident or for fun, when locking up the rear brakes. With your weight over the back wheel, however, it will go from 25 kilometers an hour to a standstill in a heartbeat.

Putting the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra to the test

After a quick spin around my neighborhood, I reluctantly went back to my desk. I topped up the battery overnight and planned a big ride for the next day to test the scooter’s range. If it says 70 kilometers (43.5 miles) on the box, I figured, then I could probably count on 40-45 kilometers of effective range. The best way to test that in my mind was to blindly pick a destination 20 kilometers away and take my chances.

The next day, I geared up, hopped on, and took off to a lake 21 kilometers away from my house. It was cold, just 2°C (35°F), so I figured the battery might not do as well as if it were a little warmer. What I didn’t expect was that my feet would succumb to the cold long before the battery did.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Ultra has four drive modes. Pedestrian mode is limited to six kilometers an hour, perfect for when you’re scootering alongside someone walking or you’re making your way through crowds. D, which I assume means Drive, is a 20km/hr mode I don’t ever see myself using, considering I only ever ride at full speed. Then there are the Sports and Sports Plus modes (or S and S). Both top out at 25km/hr with S providing faster acceleration, hitting top speed in just four seconds.

I chose Sports mode for my trek, figuring the Rapid acceleration of S wasn’t necessary and would probably eat into my maximum range. The fine print on Xiaomi’s claimed 70-kilometer range states a 75-kilo rider on flat ground at a constant speed of 15 kilometers per hour. I’m a 78-kilo rider on bumpy-but-flat ground doing 25km/hr the entire time unless I’m stopping or accelerating. The Scooter 4 Ultra can handle loads up to 120 kilograms.

What it’s like to ride the Electric Scooter 4 Ultra

My sojourn started with roadside bike lanes and pedestrian footpaths with a little stop-start traffic. Once I got out of the city and hit some proper cycle paths, I spent the rest of the time at top speed. I missed the presence of cruise control on the Scooter 4 Ultra which is not allowed in the EU. Normally, after a 30-minute scooter ride, my hands have been shaken numb, and I can’t wait to get off. I was pleasantly enjoying the ride this time, not even noticing the surfaces I was riding over.

A few kilometers from my destination, I checked the app. It said I had 57% battery remaining and 40 kilometers range remaining. Considering I had ridden 18 kilometers by this point, I figured I’d be OK. I only had three kilometers to go and then the whole way back. I felt so confident I decided to take an off-road trail to the water’s edge. I’d never even dream of doing this on a rental.

I continued at top speed, weaving around rocks and tree roots, letting the suspension do its thing. The wide, puncture-resistant 10-inch DuraGel tires did great on most surfaces — asphalt, dirt, rubble — but they do get a little squirrely on slick mud. The best part is they are self-healing, so I felt secure should I encounter an unruly piece of glass. As long as any pointy objects are smaller than 3.5mm in diameter the gel tires should close up once they are removed.

I splashed through puddles and over small jumps, confident in the Scooter 4 Ultra’s IP55 rating and no-slip grip handles. After an hour into my ride, my feet and hands were starting to feel the cold. The water I had been splashing through reminded me that it was still winter. I made it to my destination, checked the app, and realized my off-road frivolity might have been a bad idea. The battery was down to 48%, and I was only halfway through my ride.

Asphalt bike lanes seemed like the better choice for the ride home to increase my chances of not having to walk. As I neared my second hour, I started reconsidering the choices that got me there. A two-hour round trip in freezing temperatures suddenly seemed like an obviously bad idea. My hands and feet were frozen, and even though the ride was smooth, I was getting sick of standing up. And then my top speed started to slow down.

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro Review: What Should You Know About the New Electric Scooter?

The Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro is newest electric scooter, has just been introduced in Europe. Long the topic of rumors, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro was recently certified, showing that Segway-Ninebot will manufacture the e-scooter. Although the firm is silent about the debut date, the Scooter 4 Pro will be accessible in Europe.

The Scooter 4 Pro, the newest foldable electric scooter from technological behemoths Xiaomi, is the successor to the globe’s favorite scooter. The Pro model is an evolution of the workhorse used by BIRD, Spin, and other ride-sharing programs throughout the US. It still has the same distinctive design, tried-and-true braking system, and inflated tires, but its frame and powertrain have been improved in countless ways to make it bigger and better overall.

You would be right if you thought that the Scooter 4 Pro model sounded more like an upgrade than a development of its predecessor. Longer range is produced by the larger battery pack, which is made more feasible by the updated drive modes. Although it is equipped with a more potent motor, it can still only reach top speeds of 25km/h.

With a 12,400mAh battery, the Electric Scooter 4 Pro can produce up to 700W of electricity. In addition to better overall control effectiveness, the standing e-scooter has 10-inch self-sealing tires, a double-action disc brake, and other features. It sports a kinetic energy recovery system and an E-ABS system on its front wheel (KERS).

In our most recent comparison article, you can read more about these variations and others.

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro: Design and Appearance

Although the folding mechanism design can initially seem intimidating, after you’ve mastered it, you can quickly and easily collapse the scooter. Turn the plastic safety counterclockwise, completely unhinge the fast release until the front latch lifts, and then lower the bar. Align the bell so that it latches onto the catch on the back fender and holds it in place as you lower the handlebars.

I felt a slight deja vu when I first acquired this scooter. The initial Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro has already been tested by Micha, and I had the chance to ride it as well. The gadget’s look mostly stayed unchanged. The display was modified, a few structural components were improved, or a new fuse was introduced by Xiaomi. Thus, the scooter and its forerunners are extremely similar.

However, it has a classic appearance. This is how I generally think of an electric scooter, and Xiaomi does not overdo the frills. The scooters that were left over from the Transformers set bother me. It must be tidy, classy, and thoroughly contemporary. At Xiaomi, every component seems to be well-fitting and long-lasting.

After foldable, the scooter may be carried by the handlebar or stored in a car trunk or beneath train seats. Although you probably won’t want to carry the scooter very far because it weighs a substantial 17 kg, it can be moved around on its front wheel when folded if you grab the handlebar grips.

If you use (and importantly, fold) the scooter daily, the mechanism will become looser with time and will need adjustment every 4-5 months (with an allen wrench and a few small spanners). This is similar to the design of the original Scooter 4 Pro scooter. The handlebars on early Scooter 4 Pro scooters are starting to feel slack due to catch wear; this may be fixed by buying a rubber damper that is suitable with this model.

I’ll pay close attention to two specific things. The scooter must first be folded and carried. In a designated area, we “break” the scooter before carrying it while hanging the bell on a hook. It is accurate that the entire process takes three seconds, as Xiaomi boasts. We’ll put the scooter together and unfold it swiftly. It impresses me how nicely it is that the handle retains the handle.

The OLED display is the second component to which I give great attention. Basic details like speed, driving mode, and battery charge are provided. We will also discover numerous error codes and information about whether the scooter is Bluetooth-connected.

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro has stayed with the 10 x 2 inch directional wheels with innertubes on the front and back. Due to its soft composition and excellent hydroplaning resistance, they provide excellent grip even in cold weather. They also roll smoothly. Importantly, given the lack of suspension on this model, the tyres have adequate sidewall to absorb large shocks from deep potholes as well as high frequency vibrations from challenging, unforgiving trails.

Even with the throttle wide open, holding it might exhaust your thumb, especially while driving over uneven terrain. Using the app to turn on cruise control can reduce riding fatigue. When enabled, the scooter will beep if the throttle is kept at a set angle for 5 seconds. If the throttle is released, the scooter will proceed as if the throttle is still held at that moment. Similar to a car, you can deactivate cruise control by pressing the throttle or the brakes.

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro: Motor and Driving

Let’s get to the outcomes for the scooter. The scooter’s maximum speed and range, according to the manufacturer’s specs, are 25 km/h and 45 km, respectively. This scooter’s engine has a 700W output. Let’s begin with the engine, which is too feeble in my opinion. It will be terrific if we accelerate, and it will also be great if we go upward, but as soon as we start moving uphill.

It has the longest range of all the scooters we’ve evaluated so far thanks to its enormous 12400mAh battery. Although Xiaomi claims that 28 miles (45 km) are feasible under ideal circumstances, our field studies indicate that 20 miles are more probable. Few people we know ride their scooters for more than 10 miles (in a single trip), but when they only travel a few miles each day, the additional capacity lengthens the time before another charge is required.

The torque boost caused by a 20% increase in motor-core size is most noticeable when ascending. The Pro scooter can now climb inclines up to 21 percent (12°) with a light passenger.

With three separate “driving modes,” the scooter gives you greater control over how you want it to operate, supporting you when you need to squeeze out the last few miles with a low battery. Xiaomi has limited the top speed in S(port) mode to 15.5mph (25km/h), which is higher than the more respectable 12.4mph (20km/h) in D(rive) mode and the glacial 9.3mph (15km/h) in ECO mode.

Range is the last. A 446Wh lithium battery can travel 45 kilometers. This certainly applies to those who weigh around 60 kg; if you weigh more, the range instantly decreases. The scooter ran out of power on multiple occasions, mostly because I neglected to properly charge it first.

Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro: Conclusions

Although I appreciate the new Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro, I can understand its drawbacks. This scooter is by far the best in the Xiaomi lineup, and the Chinese firm has made several improvements over the model it replaces. And if you’re not a speed demon like myself (I really enjoy going quickly), then it will probably be the greatest option for beginners, in my opinion. You may also customize your own Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro with the scooter’s modification options!

Consider the Scooter 4 Pro scooter if you want a scooter that is quiet, dependable, comfortable to ride, and has a great range. This is before you take into account the incredible array of aftermarket upgrades, not to mention the vibrant scene for third-party firmware modifications that can enhance the performance of the scooter (such as removing the highest speed restriction), albeit at the expense of some range and longevity.

The Electric Scooter 3 Lite manufactured by Navee has been significantly outperformed by the new Xiaomi e-scooter. It will work well for quick commutes and has a reasonable load carrying capacity. The e-scooter is 1.2 meters in length and 1.24 meters in height. Although it might not be completely foldable, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is simple to transport in a vehicle.

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