Electric Mountain Bike vs. Dirt Bike. Electric mountain dirt bike

Sur Ron electric dirt bike

With the rise of electric vehicles, we are starting to see the technology spill over into other types of transportation.

For a VERY long time, the combustion motor has been the motor choice for all dirt bikes. You could either get a dirt bike with a 4 stroke motor or a 2 stroke motor.

But now……we have another choice!

The electric dirt bike.

Sur Ron is an electric dirt bike that comes with a full suspension, kickstand and dirt bike knobby tires.

While the Sur Ron X dirt bike is more of a Hybrid electric bike.

What do I mean as a Hybrid electric bike?

Its a mix between a mountain bike and a dirt bike.

Sur Ron X electric dirt bike is made in China but they have a partnership with an America company called Luna Cycle.

Sur Ron X Specs

Sur Ron claims that their electric dirt bike has a top speed of around 50 MPH and a 50-mile range. That’s pretty impressive.

The Sur Ron X comes with a high-quality battery pack built from Panasonic.

This battery from Panasonic is a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. Charging the Panasonic battery on the Sur Ron bike takes around 3 hours.

The Sur Ron electric dirt bike is said to be a reliable and fun electric dirt bike.

electric, mountain, bike, dirt

Let us know what you think in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Would you buy a Sur Ron X?

About Sam Oldham

My name is Sam Oldham. Growing up I tried to ride anything with 2 wheels that I could. I have spent the last decade or more riding motorcycles and dirt bikes. Even after all of these years I still feel the same excitement I felt when I first rode a dirt bike as a kid. I have been interested in Electric bikes for years. Please follow me as I try and learn everything I can from riding these electric bikes.

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Electric Mountain Bike vs. Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes also called off-road motorbikes and Motocross/Supercross bikes, have been a favorite among off-road riding enthusiasts and professional racers for decades. Electric mountain bikes are a relatively recent phenomenon and, so far, the riding community remains divided about their suitability for off-road trails.

As with anything, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of both two-wheel vehicles. Read this article for a detailed comparison and evaluation of both products.

Let’s start with a basic understanding of the two.

What Are Electric Mountain Bikes?

An electric mountain bike is a battery-powered bicycle. When you pedal such a cycle, the battery provides power to the motor, delivering speed and thrust to the bike. This boost makes riding through challenging outdoor terrain easier, especially on steep climbs and mountainous trails.

What Are Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bikes are specialized off-road two-wheelers manufactured to withstand the jumps, pits, and bumps of uneven riding trails out in the wild. There are also specialist options within dirt bikes.

For instance, “trail bikes” are used by seasoned off-road riders on hiking trails. Designed for precision, these bicycles are usually lightweight and have a quick-throttle response.

Dirt Bikes vs. Electric Mountain Bikes

Both options are good, but which one’s better? A closer look at different factors will give you an idea.


There’s no clear winner in this category. Both bikes offer a fantastic workout. However, the risk of injuries is greater with dirt bikes. You’re also more likely to strain your back and knees while riding them.

over, if you have any pre-existing medical condition (physical injuries), doctors probably won’t give you the go-ahead to ride a dirt bike.

On the contrary, electric mountain bikes don’t have any such limitations. You can ride them at any time and get an intense workout. Also, injuries won’t stand in your way. You can easily ride an electric mountain bike and enjoy a thrilling journey out in the wild.

Trail Riding

Even with the tremendous growth in the popularity of electric mountain bikes, dirt bikes continue to rule off-road trails. Also, the level of excitement they provide remains unmatched.

However, a major sticking point is their complete reliance on fossil fuel and its impact on an outdoor trail’s fragile ecosystem.

In contrast, electric mountain bikes are eco-friendly and they can provide a similar – if not greater – level of excitement during a ride.

Considering how climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and environmental preservation is high on every country’s agenda, electric mountain bikes will have an advantage over traditional off-road bikes in the future.


A dirt bike demands more effort. For instance, consider the transportation angle; towing your bike and getting it to a specific location takes a fair bit of work.

In addition, you need the right safety gear, which includes helmets, gloves, elbow guards, knee pads, riding goggles, etc.

There’s also the maintenance part since a dirt bike runs on conventional fossil fuel. These two-wheelers also tend to have relatively smaller fuel tanks, meaning that there’s always that concern about running out of gas in the back of a rider’s mind.

On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about transportation with an electric bike. This means that no towing is necessary and you can easily carry it to the desired location when needed.

Furthermore, some trails are inaccessible on dirt bikes. You need either a conventional mountain bike or an electric mountain bike to access and pass through them with ease.

And the latter is a preferable option in such a scenario. Electric mountain bikes, or e-bikes, are also great for commuting over short to medium distances.


You can get an electric mountain bike for around 5,000 to 6,000. This is quite a high number and a considerable investment to make on a two-wheel ride. However, many experts believe that the features and offerings are worth the price.

Besides, electric mountain bikes hardly incur any long-term maintenance costs. Once you’ve bought it, the monthly expenses will be negligible.

On the other hand, a conventional dirt bike running on fossil fuel is likely to cost you hundreds of dollars in maintenance every month.


Dirt bikes are obviously heavier than electric mountain bikes. They’re also much more powerful. While this is a good thing during an off-road ride, the risk of injury in the event of a crash, accident, or collision is also much greater. That is not the case with an electric mountain bike which is lighter and steadier.

Can Electric Mountain Bikes Replace Dirt Bikes?

It’s certainly an interesting question. This has been a hot topic of debate within the off-road riding community in North America and other parts of the world for a while now.

Following are some convincing reasons why you might want to make the switch from dirt bikes to electric mountain bikes.

  • E-bikes are faster. The best models in the category can achieve a top speed of around 25 mph.
  • Staying on the speed angle, you might want to experience an electric mountain bike ride, even if you’re a seasoned dirt bike rider. Few things in life can match the thrill and excitement of a motocross bike ride. An electric mountain bike is one of them. It can help you relive that same dynamic experience in a new and unique way.
  • Riding uphill is easier and more comfortable with an EMTB (electric mountain bike). over, you can expect a lot of fun and enjoyment on the downhill segment of such a trail.
  • During an electric mountain bike ride, your back, knees, and hips hardly experience any strain. So, if you have any sort of chronic pain in these body parts, an e-bike can help you enjoy a thrilling ride. The same can’t be said about a dirt bike. Even healthier individuals have to take good care of themselves to offset the straining effect on their knees, hips, and back.

Dirt Bikes vs. Electric Mountain Bikes: Hear from the Experts

Two-time Motocross Champion and creator of the Optibike electric bike Jim Turner is no stranger to either kind of two-wheeler. He was a formidable racer and fierce competitor every time he swung his leg over a dirt bike.

After reaching the summit of the sport he loved, Turner got to work in his garage with a single-minded determination to build a top-notch e-bike. His vision was simple: create the finest e-bike in the world, with zero compromises on performance, quality, style, or aesthetics.

It’s safe to say that people are better-placed to talk about the pros and cons of both kinds of bikes. This is what he had to say about them.

Image Description: Professional mountain bike riders passing through a dirt track in the wild.

Dirt Bikes Provide Unmatched Exhilaration

A professional Motocross racer from the age of 16 to 24, Turner competed in the World Championship in Europe and won 2 Motocross National Championships. In his view, there’s nothing more exhilarating than riding a dirt bike.

The feelings and adrenaline rush are unbelievable, but the rider’s body takes quite a bit of abuse. It’s risky even when you’re super-careful and don’t crash or have an accident.

Crashes Can’t Keep Passionate Riders Away

Turner recounts how many of his friends would experience a crash while racing and sustain injuries. Frustrated, they would decide never to get back on a dirt bike again, only to recover and resume riding at the first opportunity. This is because they remembered what an unbelievable experience it was, and they wanted to enjoy that feeling again.

However, frequent injuries will ultimately take a toll on your body. If they don’t, father time will eventually catch up. And racing will no longer be an option when that happens.

In contrast, riding an electric mountain bike doesn’t bring these risks. Even if you’re going through challenging terrain out in the wild, your body won’t take anywhere near the kind of punishment it would otherwise endure on a dirt bike.

Electric Mountain Bikes: A Fun Alternative

Turner reveals that he created Optibikeas a safer alternative for the fun and thrill people usually associate with dirt biking and Motocross racing.

The idea was to create a two-wheeler that you could hop on at any time, ride out your front door, and have a wonderful time. In the process, you’ll get a fair bit of exercise too.

over, you won’t have to spend half the day towing your dirt bike to a racing track or off-road riding trail. And the maintenance cost is almost negligible!

According to Turner, he designed Optibike as an EMTB that you could easily integrate into your daily routine. Use it to go to work, get some exercise, or take a trip out into the wild while having tons of fun.

While the former Ford engineer still loves Motocross, Turner believes that electric mountain bikes are here to stay. He came out of retirement recently to race again after 25 years.

Riding a Dirt Bike Becomes Harder with Age

Turner speaks from experience when he says that Motocross racing and dirt biking is harder for aging individuals. Just loading your bike up and driving to a track – which could be 45 minutes away – can be draining. Then you’re unloading again, getting dressed, and putting on protective gadgets (helmets, knee pads, elbow guards, gloves, etc.).

All this has to be done before you’ve even begun your ride. And then the process has to be repeated after you’re done with the race/ride. You take off the riding gear, load your bike up again, and drive back home before unloading the two-wheeler again and parking it in your garage.

The point is that you might have been out the whole day, and yet only a couple of those hours would have been spent actually riding your dirt bike. Besides, life tends to get busier as you grow older. Quite often, it’s even difficult to find the time to go dirt biking.

So, whether it is physically challenging to ride a dirt bike or you become busier with age, an electric mountain bike is a viable alternative.

electric, mountain, bike, dirt

Enjoy an Adventure without Any Fatal Risks

You don’t want to kill yourself or leave your body permanently handicapped over the thrill of some race at a certain point in life. You want to exercise, have a good time, and feel like a kid again. However, your health conditions don’t allow you to get back on a dirt bike.

This is where the electric mountain bike comes in. It’s a safer alternative without any risks associated with conventional dirt bikes. It can help you stay in shape and lead an active life while still enjoying all the thrills that dirt biking is known for, but more safely and comfortably.

The Intense Physical Demands of Dirt Biking

It’s pretty clear by now just how physically demanding Motocross, Supercross, and general dirt biking are.

The average rider has a heart rate of 195 beats per minute during a typical race. In contrast, elite-level Tour de France riders have their heart rates in the 170 – 175 range.

Dirt bikers and Motocross racers can sustain higher heart rates because more muscle groups in their bodies are being used during a race.

Under normal circumstances, such a high number of beats per minute can make a person go anaerobic and lose power.

But, since the muscles of a Motocross rider are changing with every turn on the track, they can cope with this significantly higher heart rate.

In the case of an electric bike, a motor and battery have been added to a bicycle. This enables riders to attain higher speeds and utilize more muscle groups, just like dirt bikers and Motocross racers can do.

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Versatility is the defining feature of an electric mountain bike. Depending on your specific needs and any pre-existing medical conditions, you can control how you can ride with an electric mountain bike. This is usually not possible with a dirt bike, whether you’re a casual enthusiast or a seasoned Motocross racer.

Given how safety is a primary concern for electric mountain bike manufacturers, aged people who may have stopped dirt biking due to injuries can still go out and have fun on an EMTB.

So, given the cost-effectiveness and convenience, an argument can be made about electric mountain bikes replacing dirt bikes. One market segment might undoubtedly go for these innovative two-wheelers.

However, dirt bikes aren’t going extinct anytime soon. Motocross and Supercross will continue to be popular extreme sports around the world. EMTBs will find the most success by targeting older individuals who have given up dirt biking due to physical conditions and other challenges.

My name is Matthew, staying in Seattle, Washington. Electric Vehicles (Electric Cars Electric bikes) caught my attention for the last few years and my love for electric cars and bikes is everlasting. I spend many of my weekends traveling to various places all over various cities with my electric vehicle (e-bike and electric car). Here I am sharing my expertise, experience, and invaluable information about electric cars and electric bikes. Check out more.

LZR PRO 900W Electric Mountain Bike by ONYX Motorbikes


Pedal Assist Modes: 5 levels of assist

Riding Range: 30-70 Miles (Mode Dependent)

Max Power Output: 750W Nominal | 900W Peak (Can peak 1050W in 30 seconds)

Max Torque: 120Nm

Battery Type: 18650 Lithium-Ion Tube Pack

Battery Capacity: 504 Wh

Battery Voltage: 36v

Battery Charge Time: 7 hours at 2 Amps

Front Suspension: 100mm Adjustable w/Lock out

Brakes: Tektro HD-M285 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Motor: 750W Bafang M600 Mid-Drive

Chainring: 44T

electric, mountain, bike, dirt

Cassette: 14T

Crank: 170mm

Chain: KMC 710

Frame: 6061 T6 Aluminum

Welds: SWAT (Smooth Weld Additive Technology)

Handlebars: Aluminum

Tires: 26 Kenda Small Block Eight Dirt Jump Tire

Hubs: BMX Dirk Jump Hubs

Cable Routing: Internal

Curb Weight: 47 lbs

Max Rider Weight: 300 lbs

Dimensions (L|W|H): 70 | 30 | 39


Order Confirmation:As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail. If your item(s) are available, we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.

Order Shipment:If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within five business days from the date of your order. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at support@ebikegeneration.com

Shipping Times:Shipping to the lower 48 usually takes between 3 to 5 business days but you should allow 3 to 10 business days depending on carrier used and delivery location.

Damages:Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrived damaged, please send photos to support@ebikegeneration.com and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf.

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When checking out on the website you will see the below options. First is the Credit Card option, but immediately below are the 2 financing options. PayPal – Klarna.

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Top 11 Best Electric Dirt Bike (Motorcycle) for Adults in 2023

A good list starts with a nifty ranking scorecard. We cover everything from design and technology, to customer service. We’ve also grouped these factors into eight sections:

Build Quality

We note materials, components, and durability. We provide plus points for high-end components, as well as reliability and ease of repair.


This criteria covers each bike’s throttle and brake response, as well as handling. We also add points for bikes with single-gear transmissions and instant acceleration.


This factor consists of the bikes’ design and originality. We also take note of unique details and add extra points for bikes with great details.

Cool Factor

Like with aesthetics, we also lay out points based on how visually appealing the bike looks or if it has references to pop culture (such as an electric dirt bike that looks like something out of Mad Max).


We provide points based on standing torque and top speed, and also the duration in which the bike reaches peak speed.


We take note of the bike’s battery level or operation time as well as range distance. We score bikes higher for having special features such as brake regen and extra reserve power packs.


Lighter bikes get more points, and vice-versa. The last thing we want is a 900lbs off-roader.

After-Sales Support

We take into account the range of services a dealer or manufacturer provides and the responsiveness they can offer a customer after purchase. Additional points for reliable services, warranty support, quick-replies to inquiries, and visitable locations.

Our 11 Best Electric Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles for Adults this Year: Quick Review

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Adults — Zero DSR/BF

Score: 84/100

The Zero DSR/BF is a full-size electric supermoto made for long rides across both on and off road routes. If you prefer relaxed cruises over great distances, then this bike is for you.

A successor to Zero’s previous DSR model, the Zero DSR/BF electric motorcycle comes with adventure bike features which provide greater convenience and safety for riders. These features include solid aluminum side panniers and top box, an adjustable touring windscreen, and full body crash guards.

Runner-up — Segway X260: A Stark Contrast to the Sur Ron X?

The Segway X260 is a medium electric dirt bike meant for narrow off road trails and tracks. The bike’s 31.1-inch adjustable seat height allows both teens and adults to safely operate the bike.

The Segway X260 light electric dirt bike features a dual drive system which uses both a belt and a chain to propel the bike. This increases the torque at the wheels to provide stronger acceleration.

The Sur Ron Storm Bee is a full size electric motocross dirt bike built for adult professionals and beginner riders. The Sur Ron Storm Bee is also Sur Ron’s second production dirt bike — right after the Sur Ron X. The Sur Ron Storm Bee sports an authentic dirt bike look (or close enough).

Judging from the details on the table, the Luna Cycle Sur Ron Storm Bee performs pretty well when it comes to power and range. It’s 260-lb weight isn’t bad for a pedalled bike. I guess all you gotta watch out for is the price tag.

The Enduro eBikes 12000W electric dirt bike is a medium size trail/enduro ebike for both adults and teens. Its rugged design and tough build makes the 12000W a great option for aggressive off road riding.

The Enduro E Bikes 12000W features a Sine Wave controller which provides smooth power delivery depending on throttle input. This is the same controller used by the Stealth B-52 “Bomber” and other Stealth electric dirt bikes as well.

The Segway X160 is a medium light electric dirt bike intended for shallow dirt tracks or the local trails. The bike’s size and seat height suggests both teens and adults can operate it, despite Segway’s recommendation for adults. The bike’s features include: smartphone connectivity and configurability, built-in headlights, adjustable and flexible frame length seat height, and a modular frame.

The HPC Typhoon Pro is a large hybrid e dirt bike built for the trails and dirt tracks. Featuring an aggressive black gold steampunk look, and scrambleresque styling, the HPC Typhoon Pro is a great option for stylish riders.

The Zero DSR is a large electric adventure dirt bike known for its sleek and aggressive design, as well as convenient features. It is Zero’s base bike in their adventure lineup preceding the Zero DSR/BF which is a beefed up version of the DSR with built-in utility boxes.

Like all of Zero’s bikes, the DSR boasts a high tech arsenal of convenient features. One of these features is performance configurability with Zero’s mobile app using a connected mobile phone. Another is the ability to switch batteries on the fly (provided you bought the power tank accessory provided by Zero).

The KTM Freeride E-XC is a full-sized electric dirt bike in KTM’s off-roader lineup. The KTM Freeride electric dirt bike shares the same aggressive profile with its petrol-powered counterpart, the KTM EXC.

It also features a 5/8 x 1/4″ drive chain for stable off-road riding, a liquid-cooling system, and a regenerative braking system for additional range.

The Delfast Prime 2.0 is a hybrid electric dirt bike made for traversing all terrain. It’s got an adjustable seat height that varies between 29 and 36 inches so riders of all sizes should be able to set the bike’s seat height up based on their preference.

The Delfast Prime 2.0’s best feature is its 236-mile range on Eco mode. The Prime 2.0 holds the record for an electric dirt bike with the longest range.

The bike also features street legal accessories. So you can ride to your favorite track or trail using main city roads. Just don’t forget to gear up.

If you want a lightweight adult electric dirt bike that can keep up with the big boys, then it’s time to meet the Zero FXS. With a curb weight of just 250 pounds and a powerful motor capable of reaching 70 mph in seconds, this electric motocross bike will get you where you need to go—fast.

In terms of power, the Zero FXS delivers. Its high-torque Z-Force motor is driven by lithium ion batteries that are almost twice as powerful as standard batteries found on other electric bikes. What’s more, the battery charge lasts for longer than most competitors’ offerings so you can ride for longer without needing to recharge.

On the down side, however, the Zero FXS is also one of the most expensive electric dirt bikes on the market. Its steep price tag means it might be out of reach for some riders, and its lack of traditional features like a throttle or clutch mean you won’t get an authentic motocross experience when riding it.

Overall, though, the Zero FXS is an impressive electric dirt bike that should have no problem keeping up with more traditional models. If you can afford its hefty price tag, then this could be the ideal option for you.

The Zero FX motorcycle is another large-size electric dirt bike by Zero Motorcycles with several top of the line features.

These features include an onboard charger, which simplifies recharging by allowing riders to park right next to a power outlet and start charging. There’s also an option to add a second battery which can then switched to on the fly without taking out the power pack.

The Zero FX motorcycle also features connectivity and configurability with mobile phones through the use of Zero Motorcycles’ mobile app which is a perfect feature given that the FX is a dual-sport bike and performance flexibility is a must.

If you’re in the market for an electric dirt bike, the Stealth H-52 is a great choice. It’s powerful and lightweight – weighing just around 70 lbs – making it easy to maneuver on any terrain. Plus, its price tag won’t break the bank; you can buy one for under 2,000.

The Stealth H-52 has plenty of features that make it stand out from other electric dirt bikes on the market. Its advanced lithium battery technology provides a longer riding time and faster charging speed than most others available.

It also has exceptional pedaling efficiency so you can go farther with less effort. And, if you’re looking for some extra kick, it comes with an optional turbo boost mode that will let you accelerate quickly and reach top speeds faster.

Overall, the Stealth H-52 is a great electric dirt bike option. It provides speed, power and plenty of features to make it an attractive choice for riders looking to get some good off-road action without breaking the bank.

If you’re on gear patrol for a reliable electric dirt bike, we highly recommend checking out our buying guides for this model and seeing if it meets your needs.

For modern MX fans, the Stealth H-52 should be interesting. The H-52 performs exceptionally in all kinds of terrain. This is thanks to an info-dense LED display, great suspension, long rear shock travel, and a pure, custom-built cockpit.

The Kuberg Freerider Street is an electric dirt bike perfect for both younger and older riders alike. With a few hours purchase, you can be sure to hit the trails in no time! This model is one of the leading electric models on the market, offering powerful performance without compromising safety.

At just 28 pounds, it’s also lightweight enough to take anywhere. Plus, the charge time couldn’t be better – just two hours and you’re ready to go! Plus, this model comes with a braking system that’s smooth yet responsive so you know your ride will be safe at all times.

Overall, the Kuberg Freerider Street electric dirt bike offers great power and convenience in one small package.

With its lightweight design and fast charge time, you’re sure to be hitting the trails in no time! It may not be for everyone, but those who are looking for a fun and exciting ride won’t be disappointed.

Like the base model, the Kuberg Freerider Street electric dirt bike features Wi-Fi app connectivity and wireless performance configuration. You can also view your bike’s current status (such as odometer and battery level) through the app in your mobile phone.

For those looking for a bike view with plenty of power and speed, the Stealth F-37 Electric Dirtbike is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking to race or just enjoy a casual ride in the park, this electric dirt bike from Stealth — a direct competitor of the popular Stark Varg — offers you all that and more. It’s sleek design and powerful motor make it an ideal choice for any rider.

So what makes this particular electric dirt bike stand out? Let’s take a look at some of its main features.

First off, the bike comes equipped with fat tires that give it great traction on different terrains; it also has front shocks that absorb impact for comfortable riding.

Plus, thanks to its built-in LCD display screen located at the center of the handlebars, you can get a great view of your speed and battery life.

The Stealth F-37 also offers plenty of power, with a 500W brushless motor that allows for speeds up to 25 mph.

The bike runs on 48V lithium ion batteries that provide an impressive range of 22 miles when fully charged. Even better, it takes just 4-5 hours to charge the battery completely.

The Kuberg Freerider is a lightweight electric dirt bike built for short rides across dirt trails and small hills. It is one of two Freerider variants, the other being the Freerider Street which is street legal.

The Sur Ron X is a highly engineered monster electric dirt bike with highly sophisticated styling, and top of the line parts and performance. The Sur Ron X was awarded the German Red Dot Award in 2018.

The Epure is a full-size electric trials dirt bike made for both professional and beginner trial riders. It’s one of the three latest models released by Electric Motion in 2020, along with the Escape (a trail dirt bike) and the Etrek (a bigger motocross dirt bike).

The Epure is unique in that it’s a low-rider. Meaning, it’s got pegs that are closer to the ground and has a low center of gravity. This provides more balance and control. The bike also features higher handlebars which make riding the Electric Motion Epure feel like riding a scooter.

When it comes to buying an electric dirt bike, the Cake Kalk OR is a style-conscious rider’s dream come true.

With its clean lines and sleek design, this eco-friendly model stands out from the crowd and will turn heads when you hit the trails.

But that’s not all – the Kalk OR offers plenty of features to get excited about, too! It has a long range battery life, adjustable suspension settings for improved agility on challenging terrain, and fast shipping times if you need your ride in a hurry.

However, one thing to consider before taking the plunge is that this bike isn’t suitable for riders under 16 years old.

This electric bike also features an onboard charger. This is a fairly uncommon characteristic among electric bikes in the market. It simplifies the charging process and allows you to park charge at any outlet without having to pull out your battery or carry an external charger.

The Kalk is Cake’s second dirt bike in the Kalk series, right after the Kalk OR. The Cake Kalk is street legal, meaning you can use it on the main road without getting fined.

As a street legal bike, the Kalk comes with accessories required by city laws when driving on city streets. These include side mirrors, headlight, tail-light, light reflectors, and a plate holder. The Kalk’s performance matches the Kalk OR.

The Stealth B-52 is one of Stealth’s most advanced electric dirt bikes sporting flagship features, parts, and performance.

The Stealth B-52, with its sleek design, state of the art electronic and mechanical parts, and peak performance is a technological marvel.

The Stealth B-52 looks different from its peers due to its elongated swing arm and rear hub mounted motor. The ebike’s frame lives up to the name, comprised of aircraft alloy.

The Yamaha TY-E Electric Trials Dirt Bike is a dirt rocket with some noteworthy features.

It has an electric motor for propulsion, paired with a manual gearbox so you can go full throttle on your ride. With the help of its adjustable suspension, the bike’s handling is said to be great and it is lightweight enough for easy maneuverability.

Additionally, this Yamaha model comes with a guide that will provide helpful instruction about getting started on electric dirt bikes, and electric scooters and riding safely.

On the other hand, some users have reported that the battery range proves to be short when using all available power – making it less than ideal for long-distance trips or extended rides.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something small and nimble that can take on a variety of terrain, the Yamaha TY-E might be for you.

With its adjustable suspension and powerful motor, this dirt rocket is sure to thrill.

Kalashnikov UM-1 Electric Adventure Bike

Whenever you hear the word “Kalashnikov”, the first thing on your mind would probably be guns. That’s not the only thing they make apparently. Kalashnikov also makes electric off road motorcycles and this big beauty is one example.

The Kalashnikov UM-1 is going to be an electric adventure bike capable of long range travel (longer than those of Zero Motorcycles’ adventure bikes according to how Kalashnikov promotes it). The gun manufacturer originally planned the UM-1 for military use, but it stole so many biker’s hearts that they simply had to develop a civilian version.

electric, mountain, bike, dirt

Though the lack of development updates from Kalashnikov on the UM-1 is pretty disheartening, we can only hope that this badass beauty gets released before this year ends. Besides, the bike has been in the development phase for over 2 years now. It won’t be long before we can finally see it in person.

Honda Mugen E-Rex

The collaboration of motorsport giant Honda and world class custom ride specialist Mugen brought us this little badass. The Honda Mugen E-Rex sports the ultimate in off road motorcycle styling — the prehistoric concept.

The Honda Mugen E-Rex features a rugged, but unique design that will probably net a lot of biker hearts when it gets released. No updates yet from Honda, but we’re pretty sure it’ll come out soon enough. Big disappointment for Honda if it doesn’t.


We hope you enjoyed reading our nifty list of the best electric dirt bikes for adults and that you are much closer to making a choice. Have fun bombing trails over the weekend or sliding through traffic on your way to work with one of these awesome electric dirt bikes for adults.

People Also Ask

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

Yes, electric dirt bikes offer a great riding experience with the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than traditional gas-powered dirt bikes.

They are also quieter and have less maintenance in comparison to gas-powered models. Electric dirt bikes come in various sizes which makes them suitable for all ages and skill levels, making them a great option for recreational riders or even professional racers.

How fast is an electric dirt bike?

Generally, an electric dirt bike can reach speeds of up to 40 mph, but a select few electric dirt bikes go even faster at more than 80 mph.

What is the fastest electric dirt bike?

The fastest electric dirt bike is the Zero Motorcycles FX, which has a top speed of 85 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

What is the best brand for an electric dirt bike?

Choosing the best electric dirt bike brand depends on your budget and needs.

Popular brands like Razor, Segway, Super Soco, and SUR-RON offer a wide range of features to suit various needs and price points.

Be sure to research the different models available before making your purchase.

Nick Ylac Gutladera — Lead Writer

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