The Best Electric Dirt Bikes You Can Ride [2023 Edition]

Over the past few years, electric motorcycles of all types have started to gain mainstream support. While most of these bikes have been oriented solely at road use due to the weight and power of electric motors, advances in miniaturization and extracting more power from lighter batteries have allowed off-road electric bikes to emerge.

In 2022, electric vehicles are becoming less fringe elements of traffic and transportation, and more mainstream. While electric bikes are joining in that mainstream push, dirt bikes are still considered a less important part of the push as a whole. That does not mean, however, that the industry is simply standing by and waiting for electric vehicles to overtake them.

With an average charge time of 1.5 through to 6 hours depending on the battery and how you charge it, and with at least an hour or more of useable time expected from the batteries, electric dirt bikes are here, and here to stay.

#5: Upcoming Yamaha YZ-E Motocross/TT-E Dirt Bike

Yamaha Motor Europe has produced a prototype electric motocross bike in collaboration with battery system manufacturer SPIKE (now called ELEO), Dutch engineering company DOHMS Projects, and the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association KNMV.

The electric motor and battery system are retrofit into an existing YZ250F chassis.

The new bike will feature a swappable battery to allow riders to easily swap out the battery between races. This is a very important factor for electric dirt bikes as currently battery still life cannot match a gas-powered bike.

Another major factor of an electric dirt bike is power delivery. They have much more torque right from the outset.

“I am convinced that the electric machine we are building will soon be faster than the current generation of dirt bikes. The big advantage of an electric motor is that the torque is much higher. That gives more pulling power. You can drive a faster lap with it”, said Bas Verkaik of ELEO.

A quiet dirt bike! Electric dirt bike technology is being pushed by ever-increasing noise and emission restrictions.

As electric dirt bikes make very little noise, motocross tracks under threat of closure due to noise restrictions can remain open as noise won’t be a factor anymore.

Electric dirt bikes are also good news for trail riders who will be able to ride in areas without attracting noise complaints.

There is no word yet on when the Yamaha Electric Motocross bike will go into production. We will keep you posted.

#4: 2022 Electric Motion Escape R

In 2020, we recognized Electric Motion, a builder of electric dirt bikes in France, for their excellent Escape model. This year, they’ve released a new, more powerful, and by logic much more fun, model known as the Escape R.

It uses the same basic frame as the Escape, but adds on competition-grade brakes, shocks, and an entirely new VCU (the electric version of an ECU) mapped for aggressive power and acceleration. Full trials-grade Morad rims front and back, with Michelin X11 competition rubber on them, give superb grip to handle the massive torque that the 50V motor can produce, which is the 40 to 45 lb-ft range depending on riding mode.

electric, motion, motorcycles, charge

The same 2.62 kWh battery returns from the Escape, but with the 50V motor can produce up to 20 HP peak, but nominally runs at 11 to 15 HP. The biggest addition over the Escape is that there is now a gear-to-gear clutch system that you don’t have to shift. It will automatically and seamlessly switch to the best gearing to get you up the hill, flying along the trail, or simulate engine braking going downhill.

A big addition coming to the standard 2022 version is Electric Motion’s revolutionary “TKO” – or Tick Over” system. This system is controlled with an on/off switch and E.M. claims that this system has brings an ideal feeling of the bike thanks to the constant RPM.

If you’re looking for an automotive equivalent, think of it as a dual-clutch transmission found on the Corvette C8, but running in automatic mode all the time.

#3: 2022 Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Designed and built by a feisty startup in the Czech Republic, the Kuberg FreeRider is an interesting take on a dirt bike. Instead of starting with a motorcycle frame and trying to lighten it enough to make it viable for electric dirt bike uses, Kuberg instead started from pedal powered mountain bikes, which are already designed to be light enough and strong enough to take the punishment dished out by trails without snapping.

They then wedged in a 1.05 kWh battery paired with a Hyper-efficient 48V motor that produces up to 16 HP. This gives the bike over an hour of full throttle riding, helped along by the fact the bike, even with all the electronics on board, weighs a hair under 80 pounds. Due again to that lightness, it can reach up to 24 MPH, although it is suggested that a slight downhill slope and the wind at your back helps reach that speed.

By combining the light, composite-and-aluminum construction of competition mountain bikes with specially lightened and developed electric running gear. Kuberg for sure has a winner here.

#2: 2022 Zero FX

of a dual sport than an actual full on dirt bike, the Zero FX still does deserve a high spot on this list because it is designed to absolutely devour the back trails where few go, including those steep inclines that can so suddenly ruin an otherwise great day. It does this with a 3.6 kWh battery pushing a peak 78 lb-ft through a 3-phase brushless motor.

Part of that 3-phase motor is that, taking cues from electric hypercars and other Zero bikes, it has regenerative braking that simulates engine braking. Not only does this use the inherent kinetic energy of the bike, for example, going downhill, to recover some battery life, it also allows riders to treat the bike more naturally when compared with gas powered bikes.

Add in the fact that it can charge to 95% battery with the included 650W charger from a 120V wall socket in under 5 hours, and you have a great bike that is both at home on the road as it is kicking up dirt on the trails.

#1: 2022 KTM Freeride E-XC

Our list topper from last year tops the list again this year. The KTM Freeride E-XC is just dialed in so perfectly that it is the benchmark other electric dirt bikes will reasonably need to be compared against for a while yet.

It balances three riding modes (Economy, Enduro, and Cross) with a 3.9 kWh battery pack providing up to 30 lb-fts of torque when needed through a brushless DC motor. If you are lucky enough to have a 240V drop in your garage or storage, the battery charges to 80% in just 80 minutes. 1% per minute is extremely fast charging.

On top of that, it features brakes from KTM’s motocross bikes, giving you excellent stopping power, as well as 250mm travel shocks up front, and 260mm shocks on the rear. And consider that the Freeride E-XC is built on a composite and aluminum frame, and you have a dirt bike that will just as easily tear up a motocross course as it will the back trails.


Electric Motion Motorcycles are the combination of power, adventure and sustainable technology and are now available in Australia.

The French manufactured Electric Motion Motorcycles are a combination of power, adventure and sustainable technology – and are now available in Australia.

Check out the capabilities of the 2022 range of Electric Motion Trial/Free Ride electric motorcycles.

Electric Motion have been developing electric motorcycles for international off-road motorcycle competitions for the last 10 years. They have been steadily advancing the capabilities of these trial/free ride machines which have now been made available in Australia.

There is an increasing demand for environmentally sustainable motorcycles.

The electric vehicle market is still in the early stages in Australia, but with the rising cost of fuel and consumer demand for environmentally sustainable fuel sources, we are seeing an increasing popularity in EV’s and electric motorcycles.

electric, motion, motorcycles, charge

Early 2022 has seen state governments release a number financial incentives for new Electric Vehicle owners – these only apply to electric cars for now, but who knows what the future holds.

Electric Motion launched their first electric motorcycle in 2012 with the goal of taking on gas powered bikes in elite off-road trial competitions. Two years after the release of their first competition bike, Electric Motion secured top-step in the French Trials Championship.

In 2016, after finding national and international success, EM launched their first publicly available electric motorcycle – the EM Escape. The EM Escape was designed for riders who want to get away from busy city life and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the performance and technology of the EM range may surprise you.


The Epure is a mix of performance and ease of use, aimed at all those who wish to ride in trial, do touring, with a silent bike requiring almost no maintenance.

The 2023 model has “Anti-Reverse” technology, in addition to Traction Control.


Epure Race

The 2023 Epure Race has a diaphragm clutch, Reiger 2-way shock absorber and “Anti-Reverse” technology which blocks the rear wheel in extreme conditions for safety.



The Escape is the touring model of the EM family, equipped with Traction Control and the new “Anti-Reverse” system, the Escape is full of riding assistance technology.


Escape R

The Escape “R” is the ultimate weapon for touring and extreme freeriding and is more geared towards off-road riding.

The 2023 model also comes with the TKO (Tick Over) as standard, the latest performance innovation made in EM, but also the PRB ”R” (optional).


The Top Electric Motocross Bike Brands of 2023

If you’ve been following the motorcycle industry (or reading our blog), you already know that electric motorcycles are booming in popularity. The industry is expected to hit 40 billion by 2026, fueled by the rise of mainstream electric rides from Harley-Davidson, Honda, and seemingly every other major motorcycle manufacturer. But as the electric motorcycle space matures, exciting new niches are emerging. One of our favorites? The electric motocross bike.

What is an electric motocross bike?

Electric Motocross Bike Under the Magnifying Glass

Of all the electric two-wheelers out there, the electric motocross bike is in a league of its own. But before we dive into what it is, let’s clear the air on what it’s not.

An electric motocross bike is not an electric dirt bike, which is heavier, similar to a traditional motorcycle. It’s not an e-bike, which has skinny tires and no suspension, and is designed for riding on paved roads. And it’s not an electric mountain bike, which has pedals and electric motors that assist the rider when going uphill.

What is an electric motocross bike? A lean, light two-wheeler designed for affordable off-road fun. If you’re looking for all the thrills of a traditional motocross bike but with an eco-friendly edge, this emerging class of electric two-wheelers could be the ideal partner for your next rough-terrain ride.

electric, motion, motorcycles, charge

How to find the best electric motocross bike

The electric motocross bike is still new, which means your options will only get better (and more affordable) as the market matures. But if you’re looking to buy one now, there are plenty of high-quality options to make your next off-road ride a whole lot of fun.

We’ve surveyed the landscape to find you the top 5 electric motocross brands of 2023: Kuberg, Bultaco, Cake, Sur-Ron, and Electric Motion. Read on for more on how these innovative brands are delivering the motocross bikes of the future.

KubergThis Czech company is turning heads with its wide range of electric two-wheelers designed to offer the rider an all-out outdoor adventure. Its high-performance electric motocross bikes are clear standouts. For adults, Kuberg’s gem is the Ranger, an electric motocross bike designed for short off-road rides. Mid-power and lightweight, the Ranger offers 60 minutes of adrenaline-pumping ride time powered by a 48V drive hub delivering 8000W of power and a top speed of about 34mph. Its battery has a lifespan of 1000 charges, and its Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a standout. (Explore the Kuberg Volt mobile app for a glimpse into this ride’s slick user experience.)Want your kid to experience the joy of riding? The Kuberg Start is designed for 3-to-5-year-olds just being introduced to the world of two-wheelers. Control your kid’s top speed and torque via a Wi-Fi adapter sold separately, and explore a wide range of seat options to ensure the Kuberg Start grows right along with your young rider. With a one-hour battery range and a 15mph top speed, the Start could be just the electric motocross bike to spark your kid’s love of off-road rides.

Every motocross fan will know the Bultaco Pursang MK6 that Jim Pomeroy rode on his way to win the 1973 Spanish MX Grand Prix. It’s a testament to the times that Bultaco has reinvented itself and come out with a new range of electric motocross bikes. The Bultaco Brinco line offers six models, all of which are sleek powerhouses that offer you absolute control to get your heart pumping as you hit that dirt road. The one notable downside? These electric motocross beauties can be tough to find in the U.S. at the moment. Whether you’re on a dirt road or an urban trail, a Brinco bike can take it all. All models have three riding modes: Sport, for up to 23 miles on a single charge; Tour, for about 46 miles; and Eco, which offers a 62-mile range. The dual adjustable suspension lets you tweak the precharge and shock absorption, helping you achieve the ideal riding experience. The Brinco’s high-quality lithium-ion battery charges up in just three hours, and its companion app offers geolocation and a host of other real-time ride metrics. Want the ultimate Brinco experience? The Brinco RB and the Brinco Discovery, Bultaco’s top-of-the-line models, can clock up to 37mph and come with other next-level features to elevate your adventure.3. CakeThis Swedish company’s mission is to redesign green vehicle technology for the great outdoors. The result? A range of electric motocross bikes that sit at the apex of innovative design and off-road fun. Cake’s Freeride and Race lines offer seven models with a range of off-road exploration capabilities. The Freeride series was designed with backcountry exploring in mind. Described by the brand as “an agile, lightweight, and torquey off-road bike,” the Freeride Kalk OR features a 51.8 volt, 2.6 kWh battery and an 11kW motor capable of delivering 206 nm of torque. Its three ride modes range from top speeds of 28mph with Explore to about 55mph with Excel. The battery can charge from 0 to 100% in three hours, a figure comparable to other leading electric motocross bikes on the market today. What’s not comparable with Cake electric motocross bikes? Their premium, Scandinavian-inspired designs—and premium price tags.4. Sur-Ron

Sur-Ron Electric Motocross Motor

Sur-Ron is gaining major traction in the emerging electric motocross bike market for its surprisingly rugged all-terrain bikes. Case in point? Its Sur-Ron LXB line, which features five well-equipped electric dirt bikes (including one for kids). No roundup of Sur-Ron electric motocross bikes is completed without highlighting the Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX. This lightweight-yet-powerful ride delivers more than 6kW of peak power and weighs just over 100 pounds. It can hit a top speed of 45mph and a range of up to 60 miles per charge depending on its mode, making the Sur-Ron Light Bee LBX ideal for short rough terrain rides. With an acceleration of 0 to 30mph in just under four seconds and an advanced Intersect TR suspension system, there’s a reason why riders around the internet have been raving about the Light Bee’s “fun” factor. Joining the Light Bee LBX in the Sur-Ron LXB line are the L1E LBX, a road-legal electric motorcycle moped; the Storm Electric MX Dirt Bike and the Storm Electric road-legal model, both available for pre-order now; and an electric motocross bike for youth.5. Electric MotionThe aptly titled Electric Motion makes green motocross bikes that are silently brilliant. The all-new Escape R is a rough-terrain delight with a maximum speed of about 47mph, peak power of 11 kW, a blistering 600 nm torque, and a 38-mile range. Add in its signature Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch, and you’ve got a system for perfectly modulating your ride’s power. The design stays true to motocross bike roots. The result? A two-wheeler that can take you on one wild outdoor adventure. The Epure Race model sits just below the Escape R with a maximum speed of 44mph, a 26-mile range, and 600 nm of torque. The Epure Race weighs in at about 165 pounds, a few lbs shy of the Escape R. Whichever model you choose, you’re getting an electric motocross bike designed for speed, comfort, and off-road agility. Once you find the best electric motocross bike for your riding style, trust Motorcycle Shippers to help you transport it quickly and safely—whether that’s from a dealer to your home or from your home to your next off-road adventure. Our specialized shipping system will ensure your electric motocross bike arrives safely, and our expert team will handle all the ins and outs of transporting your electric vehicle’s batteries. Get your instant electric motocross bike shipping quote.

Welcome to the world of the Electric Motion

HERE’S a bit of a teaser question for you: What has almost three times the torque of the Triumph Rocket 3 and weighs about the same as both of the Triumph’s wheels combined? Welcome to the world of the Electric Motion (or EM for short) EPure range of trials bikes, and the 600Nm or 442lb-ft of torque they can produce. The EM bikes are out and out trials machines, and nothing like the Oset bikes Visordown tried out in 2019. Where the Osets are lightweight, a little bit spindly, and more of a hobby-grade product, the EPure range are championship or clubman trials-ready machines. Visordown went along to the fantastic Inch Perfect Trials to give the new machine a try.

An intro to the Electric Motion EPure

Before heading out into the wilds of the stunning, and thankfully sunny, Lancashire countryside, we’re sent to the lower part of the valley for a bit of trials riding CBT. A few markers are set out and figure of eights are ridden – just to make sure I’m not as shit as I look. First impressions of the bike are that it’s actually all very similar to a conventional petrol-powered trials bike. The EPure Sport and Race models come equipped with a proper hydraulic clutch. It’s there to make some of the more advanced riding manoeuvres a little easier to tackle.

With my low level of trials riding ability, I didn’t really touch the thing, although the psychological placebo of having it their pandered to the fossil fuel-loving part of my brain. As with any electric bike, the torque and power delivery from the motor is perfectly linear and almost fools you into thinking you’re better than you are.

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

But that monstrous torque figure is never far away, and while for the most part, the bike is only as quick as you ask it to be, an unwitting moment of over-exuberance did see me whisky-throttling my way into the scenery. Lesson learned – don’t dick around with electricity kids.

After writing some lines on my mental blackboard, we were moving away from the CBT part of the day, heading for some climbs and ditch crossings that felt much more like a proper trials ride.

One of the biggest benefits of having all that torque behind you is that the EPure doesn’t bog down, hit flat spots or stall if a climb is too steep. It just digs in and drives forwards, regardless of what is in front of it. Another benefit – and there are many for us to get through – is that for a relative novice on the scene, I’m not worried about being in the correct gear. With a single-speed transmission, the EM is always in the right gear. It also never stalls. Oh, and best of all, you don’t spend all day kicking the thing over to get it going after you’ve dropped it, which is great for me. I fall off a lot.

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

Joking aside, there is one proper scientific reason that makes electric bikes in slippery mud a better option than petrol. An electric motor doesn’t produce its power in perceivable pulses like a two or four-stroke engine does. Each pulse of power from a petrol engine is an opportunity for the tire to lose traction. Once lost, that traction is hard to grab hold of again, and whichever way you fix it, anything done is killing your momentum. The smooth delivery of an electric bike allows the rear tire to dig in and hold onto the traction. While I’m not saying that the EM can make climbs a petrol-powered bike could not, in my inexperienced hands, climbs were more controllable and I felt much more confident.

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

With the morning’s riding being mostly about feeling out the bike and learning how it rides, the afternoon was firmly about putting my new-found ‘knowledge’ into practice. We leave the Lancashire lowlands and head to the top of the beautiful Ribble Valley. Sadly, there’s no time to take in the views as we are thrown into the toughest challenge of the day so far.

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

Stream riding is part and parcel of any trial competition. And we weren’t escaping it as we were pointed up a steep, fully flowing, rock and moss filled stream. We’d already completed on stream climb just after lunch, but this one looked more authentically natural. And my ribs were scared.

After watching our instructor heading from top to bottom with all the balletic accuracy of a muddy missile, it dawns on me just how steep it is. At about 35 meters long and rising around 7 meters, Google tells me it’s around a 3% gradient. I’ve struggled to walk up lesser inclines.

My first crack sees me getting 10 meters in. I come to a stop after making the fatal error of looking down from the top of the stream to a large rock on the left-hand side of it. Despite the rock being away from the line I was riding, like a drunk homing pigeon flying into a shop window, I looked at it, therefore I crashed into it. Ribs intact, I line back up for another go, determined to get to the top

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

Given that the last run was curtailed due to not looking at the goal, I decided the only thing to do is gun it and stare at the exit point of the stream like it just pinched my wife’s bum. And it worked. Well, almost. I make it about two feet from the exit of the stream, before coming to a stop after getting the front and rear wheels stuck in different ruts. I’m calling that a win.

After a day on the Electric Motion EPure Sport, I’m completely sold on the idea of electric power in this setting. The benefits of electric power in this setting makes so much more sense than anywhere else.

I’ve toyed with buying a trial bike before, although had only looked at shoddy looking £1,000 shitters that will probably cost another grand to get running right. If I were serious about this type of riding, owned some land myself, or had the cash to drop on a new bike, I would definitely consider buying one. Electric bikes and the great outdoors make so much sense.

Why the Electric Motion EPure might be the most practical choice of all the impractical motorcycles

By nature of their design, a trials bike is about as impractical as it comes. Even a MotoGP machine has more range and weather protection! But the thing is, trials bikes don’t need any such luxuries. They need the bare minimum required by law to make them legal on the road. They also don’t really need to go very far, as ten miles on some challenging terrain on a trials bike will feel like 50 miles on a road bike. They also don’t need to be fast, a top speed of 50mph is more than adequate.

So, in this world of short journeys, at low-speed and over challenging terrain, the little Electric Motion has given petrol power a seriously bloody nose. And we’ve not even got going yet.

Electric Motion EPure Sports Review at Inch Perfect Trials

The EPure range of electric trials bikes are about as basic to service as a high-end mountain bike. Give it a jet-wash, lube the chain, bleed the brakes and away you go. No engine rebuilds. No oil changes. No plug changes. No air filter changes. No fuel. Nothing. Think about owning a two-stroke Beta for three years. Now think about all the consumables you’ll need along the way to keep the thing running in top condition. Getting expensive, isn’t it? On the flip side, the EM has a range of around 50km, costs less than a quid to recharge, and can be refilled with electrons in just over three hours.

The Electric Motion EPure is soon available in the USA. First container is on the water now, while the 2nd container is in production now!

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