Electric Dirt Bike For Kids: Are They Any Good. Razor dirt bike age

An Electric Dirt Bike Can be a Lot of Fun so, How to Keep your Kid Safe?

The electric dirt bike industry has grown overtime as more kids and adults see how good they can be without having to use real petrol one for now.

importantly, they provide a slow and steady good start for children to motocross.

As a kid, we often like the outdoors, and having the best e dirt bike will make life much more interesting. However, many people wonder if they are safe for kids.

Well, this topic is generally looked subjectively and it is really hard to say if they are or not.

For now, we should discuss their nature and to introduce a few reasons that may help you decide if your kid is old enough to ride a battery powered dirt bike.

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Overview

As we will be discussing in the next sections, we believe the following models are the best alternatives in the market.

Razor MX350 Dirt Bike – Best Entry Level

5 to 10 year old kids.

Good for small kids wanting to start the dirt bike world.

X : No suspension at all.

The Razor MX350 is one of the most popular e-Dirty bike for kids that are between 5 to 10 years old.

Please note the manufacturer states it is suitable for 13 old kids but recent public reviews reveal that is is not the case.

In general, it is a basic model that offers the minimum aspects for children with no experience.

Mototec 24v Electric Dirt Bike – Best Cheap for What it Offers

7 year old kids.

Looking for more power? This Mototec e dirt bike has a 500w motor and 2 x 12v batteries.

On top of that, it counts with three (3) assistance levels that will give between 5 to 16 mph of speed.

As you can see, the speed will be not an issue as it is still within the regulations in most countries.

Compared to the MX350 model and based on the manufacturer specifications, we believe it could be considered a good electric dirt bike for 12 year old kids.

KTM SX-E 5 – Best Smallest e Dirt Bike Chassis

10 year old kids.

It offers a Lithium Ion battery, making it really lightweight.

From our point of view, the KTM SX-E 5 is one of the best children’s electric dirt bike.

Why? if you count with a good budget, your 10 year old kid could benefit from both, an entry level power and a more serious aggressive experience.

It has a few good things including a comfortable chassis, 500W power output and six (6) riding modes.

We know it may be not the one due to its high price tag but surely you will be backed up by one of the most renown brands in the motorcycle world.

Razor Dirt Bike MX650 – Best Motor Power

8 year old kids.

The last of our list is the Razor dirt bike MX650.

For what it offers, we think this Razor model has good stuff under its belt.

650 watts power output places it at the top of the list for great torque. However, some users believe this is not good enough for their excitement.

What is an Electric Dirt Bike?

As you may infer, electric dirt bikes generally have the right elements such as tires and “suspension” to tackle most off-road tracks.

When we say “the right elements”, we mean they should provide enough safety to ride on muddy or easy to medium complex trails.

These ebikes should have mud tires fitted at least, however this doesn’t mean they will have suspension, like the Razor MX350.

We could say they look like a real traditional dirt motorcycle, nevertheless the power and speed are not any similar to them.

A small motor (ranging between 150w to 500w for a kid), and usually, a medium size acid lead battery are the ones that provide the power.

e Dirt Bike Safety Considerations

Any sport involving racing and competition has its risks. As a result, safety measurements should be taken into account to protect your children when in action.

These are some point to think about when first and on-going riding:

  • Wear the right gear: a suitable helmet, googles and pads must be worn at all times when riding a e-dirt bike.
  • Regular maintenance: what ever you choose, it should be subject to regular maintenance to ensure a good performance of each element.
  • Complying with the weight capacity: all manufacturers indicate their bike’s weight capacity. Stick to it to avoid damage of elements, specially while riding.
  • Age: You will need to ensure your kid has the right age to control a heavy structure, a powerful motor and to feel comfortable when sitting on it.

Lastly, children must understand that safety matters. You are responsible for them to know the rules.

We know they want fun and enjoy the trails but questionable behaviors could lead to serious accidents.

Choosing The Right Electric Dirt Bike For Children

So, you have decided to buy an electric dirt bike for your kid and yet, you don’t know what would be the right fit.

Well, to give you a more clear idea of what could be the best buy, there are a few important specifications and features to consider so that, your children are safe and the investment too.


One of the most important features to keep in mind is durability as to protect your investment.

The eBike should be durable under all conditions (soft, hard ground and mud), maintain its performance overtime and hold some hits.

Most of them are constructed using aluminum as the main frame material. This is finally covered with a plastic body to reduce the main components exposure (and of course, to give the motorcycle look).

Aluminum is great to hold up under all weather conditions and it is designed to resist well compared to steel frames.

As you should expect, mud, water and dust will try to go into the electronics so checking how well sealed the cover is around those two (2) elements is crucial.

Authentic Frame Geometry

The frame is greatly responsible for the quality of the e-Dirt bike. Having the right geometry will lead to balance being perfect when riding and potentially jumping.

Also, it is ideal if the frame covers the motor and battery, however most expensive models will barely cover them up.

In those cases, the motor will have a more sturdy structure and possibly more watts, meaning that there will be more heat created and therefore requiring more ventilation.

Lastly, your kid is expecting to have the feeling of riding a dirt motorbike, so the looks and geometry of the frame should impress.

Battery Quality

One of the most important parts of any electric vehicle is the battery. While there are a wide range to choose from, you will need to FOCUS on the lifespan and the charging times.

It can be frustrating to spend hours waiting only to have some minutes to ride it.

The average for these batteries will be around 30 to 45-minutes (around 7 miles – 11 km). The main reason for this short range is for the type of battery used here.

Most electric dirt bicycles use the old fashion lead acid configuration, which is heavy and not so efficient.

It can differ from brand to brand though. The good side of things is that these have been improved overtime with a bit more capacity, conserving the standard size.

How fast they can go? – Motor

It is hard for us to cast a blanket and say that one speed is the best for these kids e-Dirt bikes.

From our research, most of them have a single speed which is good on the safety side of things. The most sophisticated ones (but more fun) have around 3 to 6 level of throttle assistance.

It all comes down to the motor used. As mentioned before, the power output for electric dirt bike for kids is generally between 150w to 500w.

Yes, we know there are other models like the Oset 12.5 Eco offering more power output but better to start with low watts.

With all the information above, the maximum speed reached should be 25 km/h (14 mph).

Recommended to read: Electric Bike Laws Overview This is regarding motor regulations.

Safety features

The safety features can be a broad subject. However, these bikes need to adhere to some form of quality control.

One of them is the braking system. Are they hydraulic or mechanical? Both systems are acceptable, but when it comes to efficiency, hydraulic is the best.

Another safety feature is the throttle system. If the model you like has a single speed, most likely the motor will cut off when releazing the throttle grip.

Why not to have a thumb on and off switch? Not sure.

Some parents have indicated this is not convenient and without advise.

Lastly, if you really worry about your kid loosing balance, the accessory below can provide that initial guide.

Bike size matters

There are several reason why the size of the e dirt bike is essential.

One of the reasons is to make your children feel comfortable when riding. Not too big, not too small.

From what we have gathered, the smallest powered dirt bike frame will suit kids from 3 years of age on-wards.

But, don’t get fooled. Although manufacturers will tell you what age it is suitable, they not always are the right fit.

A good example is the Razor MX350. It is advertised for 13 plus yeas kids but, based on the measurements, it is more suitable for 7 year old ones.

Our best advise is to read a few reviews of the specific model and find out what other parents say.

A good measurement to use as a guide is how easy the handle bar can be reached and if the legs can comfortably touch the ground.

A second aspect to consider is how heavy the whole bike is. This translates to size of course.

You need to be sure that your kid can handle the overall weight.

Suspension system

Many of you assume that all the e dirt bikes for children will have a suspension mechanism. This is not the case, unfortunately.

This is the case for models suitable for small kids (~3 year old) that would have a 150W motor.

It make sense to reduce the weight by removing the suspension, but the experience won’t be the same.

From our perspective, it is best to target models with suspension (front and rear). Not having any of it defeats its purpose.

Also, experts say that it provides better control, maneuverability and reduces the chances of the bike being too lightweight for a powerful motor.


Last but not least, the brand.

There are numerous top options (that we discuss in the next section) so we would recommend that you stick to them.

The mainstream brands might be more expensive, but they have value for their money.

Traditional Vs. E Dirt Bikes

You may be wondering if it’s better to invest in a petrol dirt bike instead.

Below there are a few benefits and limitation that may help you decide.


  • Electric ones have a motor that cuts off when using the brakes or releasing the twist throttle.
  • Easier to control as the motor is generally less powerful.
  • Who hasn’t been annoyed by a bike’s gas motor noise? Battery powered are quieter than gas bikes. In addition, they won’t produce green house gases.
  • Some models can be also used by adults.


  • Batteries only provide power for a very short period of time. Usually, no more than 1 hr.
  • Motors are good but not too responsive and explosive when required.
  • It is often harder to do self maintenance and repairs.
  • Upgrades are not usually possible. Some models may allow for that but it is very limited.

Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Wrap-Up

Not many of you may know what the best e dirt bike will suit your kid depending on the age.

The good news is that, although the industry is relatively new on the electric side of things, there are a few really good alternatives to match your budget and children.

As we have mentioned, keep in mind that this is just an introduction to the real dirt bike world and it would be a good idea to simulate it by choosing the right one based on what we have explained.

Remember that it is paramount to teach your children the safety rules, even if it feels like a fun time, it could be dangerous.

Be aware that laws and regulations related to electric bikes on the road do vary by state and country and they apply to this type of battery powered bikes.

In summary, the electric dirt bike industry has shown that they can be safe for kids as manufacturers have taken the required steps for a fun environment.

Paul T

Hi all! I’m Paul, founder and driver of Electric Bike Advisor (EBA). Learning from scratch by repairing and putting together my standard bicycle, I thought it was time to know more about the electric world. Enjoy reading my most honest point of view through our reviews, and learning from our guides, which are researched by professionals in the industry.

Mototec vs Razor – Electric Bike Showdown

Both Mototec and Razor produce a range of electric dirtbikes aimed at kids, and both brands are very popular, but we wanted to compare them against each other to try and work out the differences between the two in a bid to find out which one is best. In this post we shall explore what Mototec and Razor have on offer, their pricing points, and details about the quality of the products. We shall also look at the models in the range.

Mototec Electric Dirt Bikes Review

Mototec dirt bikes have been around for some time and are often referred to as being a US company based out of Winconsin, and although they do have a base there, they are actually a Chinese company with bases is China and Japan as well as the US. Their full trading name is Yongkang MotoTec Technology Co.ltd They make a range of electric toy products including ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Scooters and Gokarts with 75% of their revenue reportedly being generated in the USA, On offer in their dirt bike range are just 2 different models. They don’t seem to of developed a wide range of choice compared to other products lines like their electric super bikes that have more than 10 different bikes available. You can choose from either the 24v/500w model or a 36v/500w model. Both dirt bikes are nearly the same spec with a different battery which provides a variation in power output. 36v Mototec Dirtbike priced at 489.00 – Available in the blue like the pic above and also green. 24v Mototec Dirtbike priced at 388.00 – available in the orange in the pic and also a Gazella which is like a sandy color. One thing I love about these bikes is their look compared to the Razor dirtbikes. They just look the part. Price wise, I think they are very well pitched being both affordable and reasonable. I actually have them featured in another post writing about the Best Electric Dirt Bikes Under 1000 and the Razors are also featured for their price points. The easiest place to purchase these are usually Amazon and eBay or sometimes you can pick them up in Walmart. You can check the latest Amazon here.

Mototec Dirt Bike – Breakdown

The suspension offered on these bikes is great and something that you don’t get on the Razor on the smaller models in their range, a huge plus point for Mototec there.

You get a key ignition which clicks round to turn the battery on. The battery charge has a display to show how much charge remains to the nearest 25%. This replicates a fuel gauge which is a nice touch.

Under the right handlebar grip you get a kill switch which can be operated by the thumb of the rider and simply cuts the power when pressed in.

On the motor just above the position of the left foot when the rider sits on the bike is a key operated speed setting. Here the parent can set the speed, choosing between 3 options, Low, Medium and High. This allows progression for the rider as they gain confidence.

The disc brakes are another great touch on the front and back wheels, although worth noting that many people call them hydraulic disc brakes which they are not. They are cable operated, and although they are discs, hydraulic disc brakes would offer a much greater performance.

Mototec manufacture their bikes on a steel frame, as do Razor and is what you would expect for the low price of the bikes. That does mean though they carry abit of weight.

Once the speed is set, simply turn the ignition then twist and go using the throttle on the right side of the handle bar.

I love this dirt bike review if the MT-Dirt-500 by a kid. Kids have no reason to lie so I feel like it’s good honest review.

Razor is a brand that went huge when they released their version of the classic toy, the 2 wheeled manual scooter back in 2000. In fact my son has one in the garage as I write and I see plenty of kids at the park with them so they are still very popular today some 20 years on.

Like Mototec they too make other kids toys including hover boards, electric scooters and dirt bikes. This all came after their scooter success.

In my opinion Razors electric dirt bikes look alot more childish in design compared to the Mototec style.

What You Get With A Razor Dirt Bike:

  • Front suspension on bigger models
  • Rear suspension on bigger models
  • Rear Brake
  • Front brake on bigger models
  • Power indicator on bigger models
  • Steel Frame
  • Cabled disc brakes

Straight away you can see that Razor save more features for the larger bikes where as you get them on the Mototec as standard and in some cases the Mototec equivalent is arguably better.

So on the MX350 which is the second smallest Razor, you only get a back brake and no suspension on either the front or the back, which is the same with the MX125.

There is a power indicator on the larger models as well as a front brake, and front and back suspension which brings the spec of the bike in line with Mototecs offerings.

All bikes are built on a steel frame so carry some weight and instead of the key ignition you have an on/off button located down by the riders left foot.

Razors range of dirt bikes are:

Age Ride Time Price Top Speed
MX125 7 yrs Upto 40 mins 209.99 8 mph
MX 350SX350 13 yrs Upto 30 mins 329.99 14 mph
MX 500SX 500 14 yrs Upto 40 mins 539.99 15 mph
MX 650 15 yrs Upto 60 mins 579.99 17 mph

Whats Best? Razor or Mototec?

Personally I lean towards the Mototec because I feel they offer a better all round product, taking into account the looks and features.

Should Razor bring the smaller electric dirt bikes upto spec with the bigger ones then I think Mototec and Razor are pretty level pegging.

Own a Honda XR 250R ’91 and a Honda XLR 200. Loves to ride trails and learning how to rebuild his machines About Neal

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Apollo dirt bikes are a new brand in relation to the big boys that have been around for ages. Brands like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are all names people know and trust, but with a new brand, just.

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Razor Dirt Bike Revolution: 4 High-Octane Models for Kids

Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Razor dirt bikes!

electric, dirt, bike, kids

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking off-road enthusiast or a parent searching for a top-notch dirt bike for your child, Razor offers an impressive lineup that caters to riders of all ages and skill levels.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Razor dirt bikes, covering everything from their technical specifications and pricing to the different models available and where you can purchase them.

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with adrenaline-pumping adventures and discover the perfect Razor dirt bike to fuel your off-road excitement!

Table of Contents

Overview of Razor Dirt Bikes

Razor has established itself as a trusted brand in the world of dirt bikes. With a rich history and a reputation for quality and innovation, Razor dirt bikes are designed to deliver thrilling off-road adventures.

These bikes are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, offering a range of models tailored to different age groups and skill levels. Featuring sturdy construction, powerful motors, and responsive controls, Razor dirt bikes provide an exciting and safe riding experience.

Whether you’re a teenager looking for an adrenaline rush or a parent seeking a reliable dirt bike for your child, Razor has you covered.

History and Reputation of Razor as a Brand

Razor has a rich history in the world of outdoor recreational products. Founded in 2000, the company quickly gained recognition for its innovative and high-quality products. Initially focused on kick scooters, Razor expanded its offerings to include electric scooters, hoverboards, and, of course, dirt bikes.

With a commitment to safety, durability, and cutting-edge design, Razor has become a trusted name among riders of all ages. Their commitment to providing thrilling and reliable experiences has solidified their reputation as a leading brand in the industry.

Key Features and Benefits of Razor Dirt Bikes

Razor dirt bikes come packed with features that make them stand out in the market. From sturdy construction to powerful motors, these bikes are designed to deliver an exciting off-road experience.

Key features include pneumatic knobby tires for excellent traction, dual suspension systems for smooth rides, and adjustable riser handlebars for comfortable control. Razor dirt bikes also prioritize safety with hand-operated brakes and robust frame designs.

Whether it’s the entry-level MX350 or the high-performance MX650, riders can expect durability, maneuverability, and an overall exhilarating adventure on a Razor dirt bike.

Target Audience and Age Recommendations

Razor dirt bikes cater to a diverse audience, targeting riders of various ages and skill levels.

The entry-level models like the MX350 are specifically designed for younger riders aged 13 and above who are transitioning from smaller bikes. These bikes offer a safe and controlled off-road experience while building confidence and skill.

On the other hand, the more powerful and advanced models like the MX650 are suitable for older riders and experienced enthusiasts seeking higher speeds and challenging terrains.

With a range of models available, Razor provides options that appeal to both kids and adults, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrill of off-road riding.

Exploring Different Models

Razor offers a diverse lineup of dirt bikes, each tailored to cater to specific age groups and skill levels.

In this section, we will explore and compare different models, highlighting their unique features, performance capabilities, and suitability for various riding styles.

Razor MX125 Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Power: 100 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 12V
  • Speed: Up to 8 mph
  • Ride Time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Frame: Steel construction
  • Suspension: Rear suspension, Double-crown front fork
  • Brakes: Hand-operated front and rear brake
  • Recommended Age: 7 years and older
  • Max Rider Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)
  • Weight: 29.7 lbs
  • 199.00 on Amazon.com

Razor MX350: Souped Up Powerhouse

Get ready for a souped-up powerhouse with the Razor MX350! This electric dirt bike packs a punch with its 250-watt motor and 24V battery system, delivering speeds of up to 14 mph. Designed for riders aged 13 years and older, the MX350 combines power, performance, and ruggedness for an exhilarating off-road adventure.

Razor MX350 Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Power: 250 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 24V (two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries)
  • Speed: Up to 14 mph
  • Ride Time: Up to 30 minutes
  • Frame: Steel construction
  • Suspension: Rear suspension, Double-crown front fork
  • Brakes: Hand-operated rear brake
  • Recommended Age: 13 years and older
  • Max Rider Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)
  • Weight: 48.92 lbs (22 kg)
  • 299.00 on Amazon.com

Razor MX500: A Balance of Power and Versatility

The Razor MX500 strikes a balance between the MX350 and MX650 models. It boasts a 650-watt motor and a top speed of 15 miles per hour. This versatile dirt bike offers a smooth ride, thanks to its dual suspension and pneumatic knobby tires.

Razor MX500 Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Power: 650 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 36V (three 12V sealed lead-acid batteries)
  • Speed: Up to 15 mph
  • Ride Time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Frame: Steel construction
  • Suspension: Dual suspension (front and rear)
  • Brakes: Hand-operated front and rear disc brakes
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and older
  • Max Rider Weight: 175 lbs (80 kg)
  • Weight: 94.51 lbs (43 kg)
  • 529.00 on Amazon.com

Razor MX650: Unleashing the Next Level of Performance

The Razor MX650 is designed for older and more experienced riders. Powered by a 650-watt motor, it can reach speeds of up to 17 miles per hour. Its larger frame, knobby tires, and dual suspension system provide enhanced stability and control, making it ideal for off-road adventures.

Razor MX650 Technical Specifications:

  • Motor Power: 650 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 36V (three 12V sealed lead-acid batteries)
  • Speed: Up to 17 mph
  • Ride Time: Up to 40 minutes
  • Frame: Steel construction
  • Suspension: Dual suspension (front and rear)
  • Brakes: Hand-operated front and rear disc brakes
  • Recommended Age: 16 years and older
  • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Weight: 94.51 lbs (43 kg)
  • 449.00 on Amazon.com

Technical Specifications and Pricing

When it comes to technical specifications, Razor dirt bikes are known for their impressive performance and reliable components. The motor power typically ranges from 100 to 650 watts, providing ample power for thrilling rides.

Battery capacity varies depending on the model, allowing for a ride time of approximately 30-60 minutes on a single charge. As for pricing, Razor dirt bikes generally fall within the range of 200 to 600, offering excellent value for the features and quality they provide. The pricing may vary slightly based on the specific model and any additional accessories included.

Motor Power, Battery Capacity, and Speed Capabilities

Razor dirt bikes are equipped with varying motor powers, battery capacities, and speed capabilities to cater to different riding preferences. The motor power typically ranges from 100 to 650 watts, providing ample torque for thrilling acceleration and performance.

Battery capacity varies depending on the model, allowing for ride times of approximately 30-60 minutes on a single charge. Additionally, the speed capabilities of Razor dirt bikes range from 10 to 17 miles per hour, offering riders the opportunity to experience the perfect balance of speed and control based on their skill level and terrain.

Frame and Suspension Details for a Smooth Ride

Razor dirt bikes feature robust frames and suspension systems designed to provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience, even on rough terrains. The frames are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures. over, the dual suspension systems help absorb shocks and vibrations, minimizing the impact felt by the rider. Whether you’re tackling bumpy trails or navigating uneven surfaces, Razor dirt bikes offer reliable suspension that enhances stability and control, allowing you to FOCUS on enjoying your ride.

Price Range and Value for Money Considerations

Razor dirt bikes are known for their affordability and value for money. The price range typically falls between 200 and 600, depending on the model and its features. While the higher-end models may have more advanced specifications, the entry-level options still provide an excellent starting point for beginners.

Razor offer a compelling balance between quality, performance, and price, making them accessible to a wide range of riders. Whether you’re seeking an introductory model or a top-tier option, Razor provides options that deliver solid performance and durability at a reasonable price point, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

Where to Buy Razor Dirt Bikes

Razor dirt bikes are available for purchase at authorized dealers and reputable retailers both online and in-store. You can find a wide selection of Razor dirt bikes on platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and the official Razor website, ensuring a convenient and reliable shopping experience.

Authorized Razor Dealers and Retailers

To ensure the authenticity and quality of your Razor dirt bike purchase, it is recommended to buy from authorized Razor dealers and retailers. These authorized sellers have a direct partnership with Razor and offer genuine products.

You can visit the official Razor website and use their store locator tool to find authorized dealers near you. By purchasing from authorized dealers, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting a legitimate Razor dirt bike with proper customer support and warranty coverage.

Online Platforms and Marketplaces

Online platforms and marketplaces provide convenient access to a wide range of Razor dirt bikes. Popular platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer a comprehensive selection of models, making it easy to compare features and prices.

Additionally, these platforms often provide customer reviews and ratings, helping you make an informed decision. When purchasing from online platforms, it’s important to ensure that the seller is reputable and offers genuine Razor products. Look for trusted sellers and pay attention to customer feedback to ensure a positive buying experience.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing

  • Warranty: Check the warranty coverage offered by the seller or manufacturer. A warranty ensures that you are protected against defects or issues that may arise with your dirt bike.
  • Customer Support: Consider the availability of customer support from the seller or manufacturer. Prompt and helpful customer support can assist you in case of any inquiries, troubleshooting, or after-sales service needs.
  • Return Policies: Familiarize yourself with the return policies of the seller or platform. Understanding the return process and any associated costs or requirements can provide peace of mind when making a purchase.
  • Authenticity: Ensure that the seller offers genuine Razor products. Look for authorized sellers or well-known platforms to avoid counterfeit or low-quality replicas.

By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and have a positive buying experience with your Razor dirt bike.

Upgrades and Accessories

Customize and personalize your Razor dirt bike with a range of mods and accessories. Enhance performance with high-capacity batteries or upgraded motors, or improve comfort with padded seats and handlebar grips. Add a personal touch with fenders, lights, and decals to make your dirt bike stand out.

  • High-Capacity Battery (Check price on Amazon.com): Upgrading to a high-capacity battery extends the ride time of your Razor dirt bike. With a longer-lasting battery, you can enjoy more extended off-road adventures without worrying about running out of power. This upgrade provides increased convenience and allows you to explore further distances.
  • Performance Motor Upgrade (Check price on Amazon.com): Enhancing the motor of your Razor can significantly boost its performance. Upgrading to a more powerful motor increases acceleration and top speed, providing a more exhilarating riding experience. With improved torque and speed capabilities, you can tackle challenging terrains and enjoy faster acceleration on straightaways.
  • Suspension Upgrade (Check price on Amazon.com): Upgrading the suspension system of your Razor enhances its ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. A better suspension system provides a smoother ride, especially when riding over rough or uneven surfaces. It improves stability, control, and overall comfort, allowing you to tackle more challenging off-road trails with confidence.

These top three upgrades—high-capacity battery, performance motor, and suspension upgrade—can take your Razor dirt bike to the next level, providing increased power, endurance, and ride quality for a more thrilling and enjoyable off-road experience.

FAQ Section

Can adults ride Razor dirt bikes?

Yes, adults can ride Razor dirt bikes. Razor offers models specifically designed for different age groups, including adults, ensuring an enjoyable riding experience for riders of all ages.

What safety precautions should be taken while riding?

When riding Razor dirt bikes, it is important to wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, to protect against potential injuries. Additionally, riders should follow all local traffic laws and ride in designated areas to ensure safe riding.

How long does the battery last on electric models?

The battery life on electric Razor dirt bike models can vary depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and usage. Generally, you can expect a ride time of up to 30-40 minutes on a fully charged battery, providing plenty of off-road fun before needing a recharge.

Are spare parts readily available for maintenance?

Yes, spare parts for Razor dirt bikes are readily available for maintenance and repair. Razor has an extensive network of authorized dealers and online retailers where you can easily find and purchase spare parts to keep your dirt bike in optimal condition.

Can Razor dirt bikes be used in wet or muddy conditions?

While Razor dirt bikes are designed to handle various terrains, it is not recommended to use them in extremely wet or muddy conditions. Excessive moisture can affect the performance of the bike and may cause damage to the electrical components. It is best to ride in dry conditions or on surfaces suitable for off-road biking.


In conclusion, Razor dirt bikes provide an exciting and thrilling off-road experience for riders of all ages. With their powerful motors, sturdy constructions, and thoughtful design features, these bikes offer a combination of performance, safety, and durability. Whether it’s the MX125 for young riders or the MX350, MX500, and MX650 for older enthusiasts, Razor has a wide range of models to suit different age groups and skill levels.

The availability of authorized dealers and online retailers ensures easy access to these bikes and their spare parts for maintenance and repairs. So, gear up, embrace adventure, and hit the trails with a Razor dirt bike, knowing you’re in for an exhilarating ride that combines fun, power, and reliability.

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Razor Electric Dirt Bikes Compared – Which Model to Choose?

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What comes into your mind whenever you hear someone talking about Razor dirt bikes? It is clear that the mention of Razor dirt bikes takes you to the well-known and respected US brand that deals with these amazing bikes.

Razor Electric Dirt Bikes

This is actually an icon of the American way of life that has suddenly become a symbol of fun and spirit of freedom.

These stylish and unique dirt bikes are increasingly becoming a phenomenon as many people find them to be source of excellent riding experience.

Combined with the cutting edge technology, Razor dirt bikes are priced affordably for anyone looking to try out on outdoor activities.

The popularity of Razor dirt bikes has gone beyond all barriers to be embraced by people of all ages, kids included. In simpler terms, these dirt bikes are designed for different age groups including you. At least you can find something that will suit your needs.

Every Razor dirt bike is unique in a way that fascinates every rider. This is attributed to the fact that these dirt bikes are designed with some special sets of features that make them excellent off-road performers. As a matter of fact, these dirt bikes make a perfect choice of a gift for your young ones.

Kids are always adventurous in nature and they will find riding dirt bikes to be more exciting and fun than anything else.

If you want to prove this statement to be true, get your kids some Razor dirt bikes and you will be surprised to see them abandon their Games Consoles, iPads and the rest of electronic gadgets just to get onto their new bikes.

This should tell you that dirt bikes are a few of the things that not only motivate kids the most. That’s why Razor dirt bikes are always impressive, adorable and a force to reckon when it comes to spending some quality time away from the comfort of your home.

That being said, you should know that buying a Razor dirt bike for your kid is one of the best investments you can be proud of in addition to making your kids happy. This is the greatest of all the gifts that your child will be grateful for many years to come.

However, you will only achieve this goal if you choose the best Razor bike for your kid from the available models on the market today.

Learn more about Razor dirt bike comparison chart illustrated in this article so you may have a clear picture of what you should take into account when buying a dirt bike for your kid or anyone close to you.

During the selection of your dirt bike, you need to consider a few factors. These are the age of the rider and comfortability of the bike itself.

Other factors like the color and model should also be of great importance especially when making your final decision on the type of model you want to buy.

Razor Dirt Rocket (Bike) Comparison Chart

Take a look at the chart below to have an idea of what you should look forward to when looking for the perfect Razor Dirt bike for your kids.

Razor MX500

Razor MX650

Battery: All Razor electric dirt bikes come with sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.

The chart gives you a comprehensive Razor dirt bike comparison among different models that you will find to be very helpful. In essence, this is a compilation of all the vital information for your convenience.

This means you can find your free time to go through the chart to familiarize yourself with the relevant information needed when choosing Razor dirt bikes. Certainly, you will find the chart to be of great importance to you or anyone else with the intention of acquiring Razor dirt bikes.

The chart is simple and easy to understand. For instance, you can tell that the Razor MX-350 ( on the chart) is the smallest while Razor MX-650 is the largest in terms of size and other underlying features.

As such, ensure that you look out for the battery capacity, riding limit, the time it takes a battery to charge fully, speed, the weight of the bike, the age limit for the rider in relation to the bike, type of suspension, size of tires, color and nature of the noise produced by the bike before making your final move to acquire a particular type of Razor dirt bike.

All these factors should guide you accordingly when choosing Razor dirt bikes for your kids and yourself. By the time you make your final decision on the model of dirt bikes you want to buy, you will confidently do so knowing that you are settling for the best bike among the rest.

How do You Choose a Razor Dirt Bike?

Choosing a Razor dirt bike is not as simple as taking a stroll in the park and coming back. You need to be fully knowledgeable about some key factors that will help you in determining the choice of a dirt bike you are looking for. Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a Razor dirt bike:

The Size of the Razor Dirt Bike

It is important to know that Razor dirt bikes are miniature versions of the usual dirt bikes for grown-ups. These little bikes are safe and quite handy when it comes to riding them along the rugged terrain or unpaved surfaces.

When choosing the best model for your young kids, you need to start by looking at their respective ages, weight, height and riding experience. That explains better why these bikes come in various sizes.

These sizes include the Razor MX-350, Razor MX-400, Razor MX-500 and Razor MX0650. Inasmuch as many people get confused about these sizes, you can clearly see that they are different starting from the smallest all the way to the largest.

Don’t go too small

Even though these Razor dirt bikes come as MX-350, MX-400, MX-500, and MX-650 for kids aged between 12 and 16 respectively, you should never dwell on this information all the time. Why is this the case?

From numerous customers’ reviews, it was discovered that the recommended ages for users of Razor dirt bikes in relation to their sizes were actually off the scale. Such observation can turn out to be a worrying trend among potential buyers but there’s nothing for you to worry about now that you can access the Razor dirt bike comparison chart for clarification.

However, it is recommended that you take into account the following:

You must go for the Razor MX-350 only if your kids are aged between 5 to 8 years. This is a perfect choice of the Razor dirt bikes for those kids that have no prior riding experience. But if your kids already know how to ride bicycles pretty well, you can let them try their skills on the MX-350.

When it comes to the Razor MX-400, it is important to know that this size can as well be a perfect choice for the taller six-year-old riders. Needless to say, you can let your kid start riding straight away on the MX-400 without necessarily going for MX-350.

If your choice of a dirt bike is the Razor MX-500 (meant for kids between 8 and 14 years old) you can allow your kids to give it a try, provided that they have riding experience. These bikes are known to have powerful 500 Watt electric engines that can deliver more torque than the smaller ones.

Razor MX-650 (for kids aged more than 10 years) is a good choice for more grown-up youngsters because these bikes feature very powerful 650 Watt engines with a maximum speed of up to 17 mph.

When choosing Razor dirt bites for your kids, you need to keep in mind that they will outgrow their bikes in a matter of time. In this case, you should think of going for slightly larger bikes such as the MX-500 rather than MX-350 so they can ride them a little bit longer.

Why Choose Razor Electric Dirt Bikes?

Electric dirt bikes have just hit the market recently but their popularly is spreading far and wide. In fact, the first ever produced Razor electric dirt bike was released in 2005 and from that time until now many riders have tried them on several occasions.

These bikes have a lot of benefits, especially to young riders. So, why should you choose a Razor electric dirt bike for your kids?

Razor electric dirt bikes have almost zero noise thus making them amazingly quiet even at high speeds. Therefore, choose this type of type dirt bikes if you don’t want to upset your neighbors from time to time.

For acceleration and handling, Razor electric dirt bikes have exceeded the expectations of many people. Their electric engines give instant torque as well as acceleration at any RPM you can think of. These bikes have no gearboxes, making them intuitive and easy to ride. No wonder they are a perfect choice for youngsters.

Most importantly, these bikes are efficient in terms of fuel consumption. This is because electric dirt bikes accelerate quicker although they are significantly cheaper when it comes to fuel consumption.

This is evident from their expenditure of at least one cent for every mile covered. As a result, Razor electric dirt bikes enjoy enormous fuel cost advantage when compared to the gas-powered models.

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when riding any motorbike. The same is true with Razor electric dirt bikes given that these motorcycles are designed to allow for extra safety.

In this regard, kids will stay safe while enjoying riding their electric dirt bikes throughout.

Every bike needs maintenance in order to perform optimally. This is the same case with the Razor electric dirt bikes. But the good thing with these bikes is that they virtually require no maintenance.

Apart from charging these bikes, the only task you need to accomplish is to assemble them. Also, the assembling does not consume much of your time or need some special skills because kids can as well do it on their own.

Razor electric dirt bikes have no emissions because they don’t burn fossil fuels to make their engines run. Instead, they use rechargeable batteries to run their engines. With no emissions, you can rest assured that your kids will not inhale harmful exhaust fumes.

Even if there is no big gap between the electric and gas dirt bikes in terms of pricing, the former is relatively cheaper.

In most cases, many people struggle to find an equivalent of the electric dirt bike when looking for the gas dirt bike of the same price, quality, and performance. As such, Razor electric dirt bikes remain the best available choices for young riders.

Final Thought

Razor dirt bikes are an excellent choice for your kids because they are cheaper, safe and easy to operate. In addition, these bikes come in different sizes to suit different ages among youngsters.

With all these positive attributes in your mind, finding the right Razor dirt bike for your kids should not be a challenging task anymore. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the Razor dirt bike comparison chart and everything else will become easier for you.

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