Electric Dirt Bike: Finding The Best Trail-Blazers Of 2023. Good electric dirt bikes

Electric Dirt Bike: Finding The Best Trail-Blazers Of 2023

2021 is the year of the e dirt bike

Make no mistake about it; 2023 is the year of the electric dirt bike.

Electric dirt bikes for adults aren’t anything new either. Some actually trump electric cars in terms of what came first.

The differences between a standard dirtbike and an electric type should not go understated; electric versions are cleaner, require little to no maintenance, and are very quiet.

Most ride dirtbikes to fulfil an inherent need to explore, or perform death-defying stunts on a track. However, some see them as an off-kilter way to get to work.

We tend to look at them more as trail bikes, but you might see these two-wheelers as the ideal work companion.

Electric dirtbikes are great at tackling hills and other rural/non-rural pathways, so we can see why one might think that.

Which is the best electric dirt bike of 2023?

It doesn’t matter how steep, an electric dirt bike is up for the task

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults 2023

Now has never been a better time to get back on the saddle.

Your options are seemingly limitless, and the stunts you can perform on these things?

Like a real-world Trials Fusion (minus the wacky settings/tracks).

Performance is key when talking electric dirtbikes, which makes talking about them so fulfilling since you’re getting power in spades.

Electric parts only make the heart grow fonder, a rule that you could apply to most personal electric transport vehicles and larger types (think cars, trucks and buses).

We’ll cover the benefits of an electric dirt bike over a gas-powered two-wheeler later.

For now, understand that you have a lot to choose from. Price will vary, but that was always to be expected.

Below you’ll find an extensive list of the best electric dirt bikes for adults.

Each has been hand-selected by us at E4TP and will apply to adults only (sorry, kids).

Cake Kalk Electric Trail Bike

Price: £12,699 Top Speed: 56mph Street Legal: Yes

Cake, the Swedish electric bike company, are like sugar for a lot of e dirt bike enthusiasts out there. Mainly due to the look of these motorised two-wheelers.

Take a good look at the Kalk to see the perfect example.

The majority of electric bikes in the Cake catalogue are worth looking at, in all fairness. We’ve chosen the Kalk as we felt it offered variety.

Most electric dirt bikes are rough around the edges. This Kalk has a very royal feel to it, what with its white/gold colours and high-end frame.

It’s the first street-legal electric trail bike, which might explain why it looks the way it does. That being said, riders should find no issues in putting this one through its paces across a wide range of surfaces.

We’ve seen videos of this dirtbike riding on the beach and everything.

Speed-wise, the Cake Kalk is one of the fastest out of the manufacturer’s lineup, capable of travelling over 56mph.

Range, on the other hand, can carry riders up to 53 miles on average (depending on where you’re riding).

High-speed riding — or full pelt riding — will limit its range to 22 miles total, give or take.

Battery information is displayed on the side of the Kalk, promising 51.8V. Charge times can vary from 2 hours (80%) to 3 hours (100%), which isn’t that long when you think about it.

E4TP Says: The stripped-back design of the Cake Kalk puts it head and shoulders above a lot of its peers in the dirtbike segment. You’ll be the talk of any town if you choose to go with this one.

Zero Motorcycles Zero FX Bike

Price: £12,070 Top Speed: 85mph Street Legal: Yes

Looking for something a little quicker?

We have just the thing at our second spot in the Zero FX Bike from the one and only Zero Motorcycles.

The hint is in the name of the manufacturer. This is an eco-friendly e dirt bike that goes the extra mile in almost every department; dare we say it could pose as a high-end motorbike at first glance?

Zero Motorcycles use the tag “Lean And Mean” to describe this one.

And who could really argue with that, given it has off-roading capabilities and it looks good when saddled to urban locations.

The Zero FX sports a punchy powertrain and long-legged suspension, making for a relaxed yet adventurous ride.

It comes fitted with off-road wheels and tires — not to mention front and rear brakes.

We said it was faster than the Cake Kalk because it is. The Zero FX can hit the 85mph mark, no problem. Furthermore, as an electric dirt bike, it has 78 ft-lb (106 Nm) of torque.

In other words, you should have no issues with accelerating from a starting position.

The Zero FX is one of those multi-faceted electric dirt bikes for adults. It can travel up to 91 miles if you keep it to the streets (travelling around 55mph, average).

If you’re moving at 70mph or more, expect that range to drop to around 39 miles.

E4TP Says: Want to own an electric motorcycle without paying a small fortune? Zero Motorcycles is giving you the chance to live that life with the Zero FX. Don’t let this one fly under the radar; it’s a fantastic ride.

Kuberg FreeRider Electric Dirt Bike

Price: £3,742.08 Top Speed: 43mph Street Legal: No

The hint is in the name; Kuberg’s FreeRider turns the outside into your own personal playground.

Dirt roads, mountain-scapes and beaches; you name it, the FreeRider can tame it.

This particular FreeRider isn’t road legal per se, but there are other versions (FreeRider Street) that are.

Besides, we thought we’d throw a dirtbike in the mix that prioritises the great outdoors above all else, compared to the other two-wheelers mentioned above.

electric, dirt, bike, finding, best, trail-blazers

Input can be customised with the FreeRider (between 110V and 220V). A higher output will require a longer charge time. Still, you’ll get more use out of this dirtbike between charges.

Safety is also confirmed with this FreeRider.

Sintered brake pads make coming to a complete stop a total breeze. An optimised hydraulic brake system (front and rear) only adds to the level of control riders have.

And here’s the best part. You can actually customise this electric dirt bike on the Kuberg site. You can adjust controller power up to 14kW (just know that the higher you go, the more you’ll pay).

One can also customise wheel sizes/fork to fit required specifications.

Visit the site and play around with some of the filters to see which works best for you.

Seriously, rocky ground won’t know what hit it, should you go with the FreeRider.

E4TP Says: Agile is a word we’d use to describe one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults. Kuberg’s FreeRider is a cost-effective option that doesn’t slack in terms of power/performance.

OSET 24.0 Racing Electric Bike

Price: £3,399 Top Speed: 22mph Street Legal: No

Those competing in e dirt bike racing might find our next selection rather interesting.

Introducing the OSET 24.0 Racing Electric Bike, a versatile two-wheeler owned by the likes of Oliver Smith, Chris Northover and Jack Field.

All of the names we’ve just mentioned are rather popular in the pro-riding space.

One YouTube search will tell you everything you need to know and then some.

You might have noticed the price difference, with this electric racing bike being one of the cheaper options you have right now.

This is good and bad in the sense that you won’t be able to take this one out in the street. It’s been designed for racing and racing only (at participating sites).

It’s great at performing stunts; just don’t go expecting it to have the same level of stamina as the Zero FX or Cake Kalk.

Max weight capacity of the 24.0 goes up to 90kg, making it an ideal option for adults and teenagers.

There are actually multiple versions of the 24.0 out there, each made for a different age group.

For example, if you’re interested in electric dirtbikes for kids, then the 12.5 Racing version is a fantastic starting point.

E4TP Says: Electric trail bikes optimised for racing are incredibly popular, which might explain why the 24.0 is where it is. The hype is real. This e dirt bike will win you a few trophies in competitions. Trust us.

Vector Vortex Electric Trail Bike

Price: £4,711 Top Speed: 50mph Street Legal: No

This Vector Vortex is very Tron-like. The only difference is you’ll be taking to the wild, not some vast nothingness full of neon lights.

In our opinion, the angular frame of this electric dirt bike separates it from the rest of the pack. And we couldn’t highlight this particular dirtbike without talking about the rainbow of colours it comes in.

Some will find it looks far too stylised. Just know that it’s more than capable of getting you to the top of the mountain (literally speaking, of course).

Its innovative gear system is one of the best things about this e dirt bike. Near-instant torque makes climbing easy.

The reaction time of the Vector Vortex is also lightning quick, allowing you to move around as you see fit without worry. Braking is also optimised for responsive reactions.

You wouldn’t want to spill out as your climbing a mountain, would you?

According to Vector, this is one of those fast-charging electric dirtbikes. It should take around 60 minutes to charge this two-wheeler from flat.

All that’s left to ask now is: what colour Vortex will you go with?

E4TP Says: The Vector Vortex is a bonafide mountain-climber in dirtbike form. Put it up against the tallest peaks, and we can guarantee it will come out on top. Price-wise it’s not too expensive either, in our opinion.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Price: £3,249 Top Speed: 47mph Street Legal: No

An award-winning electric dirt bike for the modern rider — we’re, of course, talking about the Segway Dirt eBike X260.

Segway — the same Segway responsible for those electric hoverboards — specialise in a variety of electrified transport.

This e dirt bike has a powerful 5,000-watt electric motor. The motor provides 250 Nm of torque for excellent acceleration (0-31mph in 4.02).

Max speed is one of the major selling points of this particular electric dirt bike. The fact that it can travel up to 47mph will no doubt come in handy.

It’s built by Segway, so expect electric range to impress.

The Segway Dirt eBike X260 can travel up to 75 miles, to be specific, according to Segway. How far it travels depends on how fast you’re going, remember that.

Charge-wise, expect this e dirt bike to take between 4 to 5 hours for some juice. The battery is said to last over 2,000 cycles, meaning you could have this battery-powered bike in your possession for many years to come.

It looks bulky, but electric trail bikes like these are incredibly lightweight, weighing in at 44kg without the battery and 55kg with it installed.

electric, dirt, bike, finding, best, trail-blazers

For those not in the know, the X260 won the RedDot Design Award back in 2018, which is the benchmark for quality in many tech-based circles.

Quality like this, for how much you pay, is a rare find indeed.

E4TP Says: What can we say about the Dirt eBike X260? We could say it’s an underrated two-wheeler from Segway? The brand is taking the necessary steps to corner the e scooter market; just don’t forget about its electric dirt bike.

OSET MX-10 Off Road Mini

Price: £2,500 Top Speed: 30mph Street Legal: No

Mini means mighty in the case of the OSET MX-10 Off-Road Mini.

That’s right, this is technically an e dirt bike intended for younger riders, but it hasn’t stopped adults from giving it a go.

In fact, manufacturer OSET lists this two-wheeler as “an electric dirt bike for all ages.”

This bike only weighs 37.2kg, but it packs an unbelievable punch, courtesy of a 20Ah 48V lithium battery.

Since this is a small-scale electric dirt bike, buyers should be conscious of their weight before riding off into the sunset.

If you weigh any more than 198 lbs (90kg), then it might be a good idea to look at another off-road steed.

Besides, mini electric trail bikes are a gimmick for the most part.

These dirt bikes have limitations, given how small they are. Take it on a track, sure. But take it anywhere else, and you’ll run into some issues, guaranteed.

Size-wise, the OSET MX-10 Off-Road Mini has 10” wheels and handlebars that raise around 805mm off the ground.

We should state that the seat/handlebars can be adjusted, but it won’t give you a lot of room to play with; then again, that is the charm of a mini e dirt bike in the first place.

E4TP Says: We thought we’d include this one to offer something a little different. Don’t get us wrong, full-scale electric dirt bikes for adults are great, and all, but mini versions like the MX-10 just hit different.

Electric trail bikes make for unbelievable races on dirt tracks

The Winner: The Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

In our opinion, the best electric dirt bike for adults is the Zero FX Bike.

Why have we chosen this e dirt bike over the others?

It’s a multi-faceted street-legal bike that is built for the great outdoors. But at the same time, it looks good in any street you park it in.

It might not be what many of you were expecting after seeing a post with the words ‘best’ ‘electric’ and ‘dirtbike’ in the same line, but who could deny its appeal?

It’s lightning-fast, capable of travelling up to 85mph, it comes with off-roading tires fit for multiple surfaces — and let’s not forget it comes with multiple configurations.

The Zero FX is easily one of the best electric trail bikes on the market, period.

And it should be at the top of your list if you’re on the lookout for a true trail-blazer.

Some of you might consider it expensive at its current £12,000 price tag. We think of it as great value for money if you’re someone who can.

If we had to pick a worthy runner up, we’d have to give it to the Cake Kalk And.

And in third, the Kuberg FreeRider.

We shouldn’t need to explain why if you’ve read every word up until this point.

Understand that choosing the Zero FX wasn’t an easy decision; it took time to work out which was deserving of the title.

There’s an electric dirtbike out there for everyone

Electric Dirt Bike: Finding The Best Trail-Blazers Of 2021

It’s like we said, 2023 is the year of the e dirt bike.

Finding eco-friendly dirtbikes is so easy these days with access to the internet.

So, if you weren’t satisfied with our offering, you’re more than welcome to go off on your own to find the best electric dirt bikes for adults.

Just remember that speed isn’t everything. Consider the size of the e dirt bike, its suspension, and how long it takes to charge.

All are needed if you’re taking these electric bikes out on the trail.

That being said, we researched this list extensively; you won’t find a better batch of quiet dirtbikes, we promise.

Which do you like the look of most? Or do you already own one of the electric dirt bikes mentioned? Leave us a comment below.

We want your take/your thoughts.

Are electric dirtbikes street legal in the UK?

The majority of e dirt bikes you come across will require a license to ride on public roads/spaces. Most are considered electric motorcycles or mopeds if they travel more than 15.5mph or have a motor capable of generating over 250 Watts of power.

How much do electric dirt bikes cost exactly?

Price will vary from two-wheeler to two-wheeler. Mini electric dirt bikes will cost around £800 on average (for a decent one), whereas high-end electric trail bikes will likely set you back up to £13,000, if not more.

How far can electric dirtbikes travel?

Range depends entirely on how far/the power mode you’re using. On average, electric dirt bikes can travel up to 60 miles. Dirtbikes made just for dirt tracks will have limited range in comparison.

What is the difference between electric trail bikes and others?

Electric trail bikes are very different from your typical petrol-powered model. For starters, the performance of the two-wheeler is significantly better due to fewer moving parts. This also means that electric dirt bikes are a hell of a lot quieter, too — damn-near noiseless to the naked ear.

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Get the Insider Scoop On The Best Electric Dirt Bikes

In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth look at the best electric dirt bikes available in 2023.

Additionally, we’ll cover everything from the latest features to performance, design, and pricing. You will also learn all the information you need to know before making a purchase.

This guide is a must-read for anyone who is interested in this exciting and rapidly-evolving industry.

In this post, you will find:

Introduction to Electric Dirt Bikes

In brief, the dirt bike market is showing interest in all things electric.

KTM and Husqvarna are already offering electric models for some of their 2023 and 2024 lineup. We have also seen plenty of new startups enter the market in the recent few years. Also, we already lost some startups such as Alta Motors.

What Is an Electric Dirt Bike?

So, in a traditional dirt bike, the power is generated by a traditional 2-stroke or 4-stroke gas combustion engine. The engine transfers the power to a gearbox. The gearbox then connects to the rear wheel using sprockets and a chain as a final drive.

In short, the electric dirt bikes are powered by an electric motor. The dirt bike chassis incorporates a rechargeable battery, which then powers the electric motor. The motor typically uses a single speed gearbox. So, no gear shifting or clutch use is needed thanks to the high revolution range of an electric motor.

Electric vs Gas Models Compared

  • Chassis design and suspension components
  • Overall weight and weight distribution
  • Power, speed, and powertrain
  • Range and operation

Next, we are going to discuss each area in more detail.

Chassis Design and Suspension Components

Surprisingly, the first major difference between electric and gas dirt bikes is quite obvious. Also, the manufacturers are not sticking to the current gas powered dirt bike chassis and form factors anymore.

Instead, these new models are designed from the ground up. As a result, they are designed with the capabilities of an electric motor and the rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, the current trends in chassis and suspension design are innovative and experimental.

Startups Are Innovating Chassis Design From Ground up

Some early models, like the Alta Motors models, were using comparable dirt bike chassis and suspension setup. This return resulted into higher overall weight and poor range compared to the gas models.

In 2023, manufacturers were experimenting with more lightweight frame and suspension design. Another key point is that the trend with many startups seem to be more towards lightweight frames and suspension. Additionally, many of these models resemble a combination of a mountain bike and a dirt bike. For example these experimental, lighter frame designs include such models as Sur-Ron X, Cake Kalk, and Segway X260.

Major Dirt Bike Manufacturers Still Use Traditional Frame Designs

The major brands, such as KTM and Husqvarna are using their current frame designs from gas powered models. In fact, the 2023 KTM Freeride E-XC uses similar frame designs as the older gas powered models.

Indeed, it remains to be seen which route is the crowd favorite. Personally, I believe both form factors will be popular. Both serve a purpose.

Overall Weight and Weight Distribution

An electric motor is lighter than a comparable gas engine. The challenge dirt bike manufacturers face is the overall dirt bike weight. Another key point is, that the current battery technology is not quite up to par yet. Meanwhile, the battery technology is not able to store enough energy to match a gas engine.

All things considered, the weight savings from removing the gas engine are outweighed by the weight of the battery. So far, the comparable full size electric dirt bikes are heavier. However, manufacturers have solved this in various different ways.

In summary, most innovations seem to relate around lighter chassis and suspension design and lowered range or power. However, the combination of all these things are making the electric models an attractive option for many riders.

Weight Distribution

Due to the placement of the battery and the motor, the electric models have a lower center of gravity. As a result, this helps with performance and handling of these dirt bikes. As a matter of fact, the lighter hybrid dirt bike manufacturers are already innovating with battery placement and motor designs. Furthermore, the goal is to rapidly match the weight and power characteristics of gas engines.

over, the 2023 model lineups are becoming competitive in the 250/300cc 2-stroke gas engine and 450cc 4-stroke engine category. At this time, one example of this development is Stark VARG, to be released in 2024. In brief, they boast great specs and it remains to be seen how well they are able to execute.

Overall Weight Drives Chassis and Suspension Design

The operational weight of a traditional gas dirt bike is around 250 lbs. Currently, there are no directly comparable full size models in the same power range category to directly compare overall weight. That being said, most electric models are lighter but may lack in overall power or range.

The KTM 2023 Freeride model is said to weight around 250 lbs, which is similar to gas powered models. Overall, the weight savings are countered with a heavy battery. Surprisingly, KTM has achieved the same weight by using a lighter chassis and suspension elements.

In short, the electric power source effectively eliminates the need for oil, gas, gas tank, exhaust and moving engine parts. The electric motor alone is much lighter compared to a gas engine and produces similar levels of comparable power.

Electric Dirt Bikes Use Lighter Chassis and Smaller Suspension Components

In reality, the added weight in electric models come from a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Traditional gas dirt bikes are generally using 45–48mm front fork diameter, while electric models favor much smaller, 35–38mm in diameter. The suspension travel is also shorter in these more lightweight electric chassis designs.

Power, Top Speed, and Powertrain

In 2023, manufacturers are balancing between maximum power, total range, and overall weight. Change one and the others are affected.

Do Electric Models Offer Less Power?

Yes and no. Power is relative. In short, the electric models do offer the same range of performance. In part, because of their much lighter weight and excellent power delivery characteristics of the electric motor and gearbox.

Today, the 2023 and 2024 full size electric model lineup offer very similar performance numbers as the comparable gas models. It is important to notice that these models are not meant to replace the gas models. The most powerful 300cc two-stroke or 450cc four-stroke engine models will still have their place.

The more comparable model range is in the 150cc range. Many stock 150cc two-strokes produce around 20hp, whereas the electric models range around 12–15hp rated continuous power.

It’s likely that in few years, electric models are starting to be very comparable to gas powered dirt bikes. This is also evident in the adult, full size dirt bike categories. Kids model range are already very close and realistically are bound to sell more than the gas models in 2023.

How About Top Speed?

Electric motor itself can produce much more power than the gas engine in the same weight category. All in all, the challenge is in the battery size, capacity, and weight. Basically, top speeds range anywhere from 40 to 60mph depending on the dirt bike model.

By comparison, one of the major differences in power delivery on electric dirt bikes is the gear box. In brief, gas dirt bikes use a user selectable gear box, with a hand operated clutch. In contrast, electric models typically have only one speed, no gears, or automatic gears and no clutch.

Gearbox Usually Limits Maximum Speed

The gearbox and the single speed is typically the limiting factor for maximum speed. Most models are limited to a maximum speed of 40mph and under when stock. However, this doesn’t necessarily affect riding characteristics since most single track and trail riding happens under these speeds.

It’s also important to notice that gas engines benefit from having several gears. Gas engine produces variable torque in different engine revolution range. In order to have enough power at a large speed range, gears are needed.

In summary, electric motor produces stable power at any revolution range. Therefore, it eliminates the gearbox as the engine power can be used in a much more wider RPM range.

What About Powertrain?

Wheels and tires are also another weight saving component. The lower overall power and different chassis design enable using more narrow wheels and tires.

Range and Operation

Up until recently, the range has been a major limiting factor to popularity of the electric dirt bikes. However, things are rapidly caching up as the new lithium ion battery technologies are getting more efficient at storing energy.

The size and weight are the primary limiting factors to the overall range. In fact, to increase performance, the dirt bike needs to be lighter or produce more power. In general, if you add more power, range is affected. Also, adding more range, more weight is added in battery weight. You catch my drift.

How Does Range Compare to Gas Dirt Bikes?

So, for all day riding, electric models may not be the choice to replace your current dirt bike just yet.

However, many mountain bikers and dirt bikers like to mix it up. Therefore, adding an electric dirt bike can help you cross train and hit the trails more often and nearby. As a result, they can supplement your dirt riding hobby, and not necessarily replace the gas dirt bike.

As a result, manufacturers have designed the electric versions to be lighter and smaller. And it seems to work well.

Back to range; it varies a lot. It all depends on how you ride. The Sur-Ron X, the model offers a range of 20–60 miles and Seg way X260 bluntly tells us 75 miles. Other models talk about 1–2 hours of riding.

You Have Options in Increasing Overall Range

It’s safe to say that these models are designed to be taken out to one full session. And many offer just that. The full charge would allow you to spend a few hours hitting the trails as hard as you like. Then take a break, grab lunch or rest while it charges for few hours and repeat.

If you’re planning ride the entire day, be prepared to sit next to a charger while others ride. Most models will take between 2–4 hours to fully charge, with KTM Freeride being the exception around 75 minutes. You do have the option to buy an extra battery and many models offer a replaceable battery feature.

My Experiences Riding Electric Models

Riding anything electric for the first time is definitely an eye opening experience. The power delivery is just amazing. This is mainly because it offers a smooth endless torque throughout the time you’re on the gas. This is similar whether you’re in a train, car, truck, street motorcycle, or a dirt bike.

My first experience with an electric dirt bike was with the Alta Motors Redshift EX enduro model. After some short adjustment period, I quickly started liking the experience more and more. It was well suited for any trail riding and typical enduro dirt biking. However, I did feel the weight difference to my then 2-stroke. Since, I have tested several enduro models and also few street bikes, such as the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

We recently wrote a hands-on review of the Electric Light Bee SUR-RON X. Be sure to check it out for detailed review.

The main differences to a gas bike is that you need to prepare for the charging process. Or get a replacement battery. If you plan to recharge the battery, make sure you have means to do so. Either find a plug or get a generator. Most cars or trucks do not have an outlet that can run the charger to recharge the battery.

Next, let’s talk about how riding is different with electric dirt bikes.

How Riding Electric Models Differ From Gas Models

  • They use no clutch or gears which affects technical riding
  • You need to re-learn controls
  • Less preparing and packing
  • Have a plan for charging time
  • You may want to use a lighter gear

Let’s discuss these topics more next.

Get Used To Riding Without a Clutch or Gears

The very first thing you will notice on an electric dirt bike is the lack of clutch and gears. This also means that the left lever is rear brake and there is no rear brake pedal.

In fact, in many conditions and riding styles, this may not be a problem. Furthermore, if you are an avid mountain bike rider, the lever configuration is familiar.

In truth, for hard enduro and technical single track riders, the lack of clutch and gears may be an issue. Especially many of the obstacles and techniques require the use of clutch. The clutch helps to modulate the power to gain traction and execute the maneuvers to overcome these obstacles. In reality, this means that most of those learned techniques fly out the window with going electric. Furthermore, you will need to relearn how to apply power and how to maneuver in slow and difficult terrain.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is worth mentioning. At the same time, don’t forget that these lightweight dirt bikes are not meant to replace your gas dirt bike. They are still the best trail dirt bike for very technical trail riding or hard enduro.

Remarkably, all your existing skills still transfer very well to riding these models.

Preparing for the Ride Day Is Easier

Overall, the biggest advantage is the simplicity. The lack of combustion engine and all that comes with it makes them fun and easy to ride and maintain.

In short, getting ready for the ride day means charging the battery and performing the normal technical checkup. For instance, no need to tune, adjust, gas up, test, or warmup the engine. Instead, you can FOCUS on the suspension and tires and be ready much quicker by turning the power switch on.

Overall, you can pack less tools and leave gas cans, oils, and fluids home. Additionally, these versions are easier and lighter to load up and get ready to ride.

Plan for Charging Time and Availability

These electric models are getting better each year. Furthermore, we are already getting closer to all-day riding battery capacity on some high-end models. However, in 2023, you still need to plan for charging the dirt bike on longer ride days.

Based on our experience, the current models offer a great one session battery life span. This means that you can easily ride a full 2 to 3-hour loop without holding back or charging.

If you plan to ride all day, you need to be able to charge the battery to continue riding.

Most locations do not offer a charging plug. Unless you’re hooked up to a trailer outlet, you need to plan how to charge it. Currently most trucks or cars do not have a charging plug you can use to charge the battery.

Luckily some models offer a replaceable battery so you can buy another one and quickly hot swap it trailside.

Few Words About Electric Models and Riding Gear

The electric dirt bikes are smaller and lighter and may seem slower. It may be tempting to use lighter riding gear. It is a similar trend than in mountain bikes.

While the electric bikes may feel safer, they are still very comparable to full size dirt bikes. This calls for protective gear same as any dirt bike. Consider using the same or similar essential dirt bike gear when you ride these things. Crashing or falling on trails will hurt the same regardless what you ride with.

That being said, many riders choose to opt for lighter mountain bike helmets, boots, and other protective gear. I would approach the gear similarly as with dirt bikes; decide based on the trail difficulty and you skills.


The periodic maintenance is generally more simple than in gas powered models. The electric motor is practically maintenance free.

In addition to the usual components, some models use a belt as the primary drive. The belt transfers the power to the gear box. Keeping the belt clean and protected does require some maintenance and checkups.

electric, dirt, bike, finding, best, trail-blazers

Maintenance and tuning are generally easier since they use more lightweight components and most areas are very well accessible. Make sure to read our general guide for setting up the dirt bike suspension for trail riding.

It’s also worth mentioning that parts availability is quickly getting better. The industry is already picking up on the opportunity to tune, modify, personalize, and replace worn out parts. The manufacturers in some cases have also used parts that are interchangeable. They use either dirt bike or mountain bike components, which increases available options for maintenance and tuners out there.

Things to Consider When Buying

  • Aftermarket value
  • Parts availability
  • Purpose and where you plan to ride
  • Range
  • Available modifications
  • Battery options

Aftermarket Value

Used electric dirt bikes are also starting to appear in the market. Check how many are available around you and what they go for. This can be used to indicate how easily you can sell the model when needed.

You can also see how easily they sell and why people are selling them. If you see a lot of models being sold as fairly new, you can ask why people are selling. Do they dislike the model and if so, test it first to make sure you like it.

The battery is expensive in all models. The lifespan in real life use is still a question mark for most models. This should be considered when buying used.

Parts Availability

As with any dirt bike, you are going to want to tune and adjust the dirt bike. This means modifying it to your weight, height, reach, and riding style. For this reason, check if it is compatible with aftermarket parts and how well.

In particular, if you buy all parts from the manufacturer, chances are you will have to stick with stock parts. You may also be subject to long wait times and poor selection.

Purpose and Where To Ride

In summary, electric dirt bikes are a lot of fun. They are also dead silent, which makes it easier to hit local mountain bike tracks and trails, if allowed.

When you are in the market, think about where you plan to ride. After all, this helps in defining the required range and riding styles for locations that you regularly visit. If you plan to ride shorter, nearby trails, the lighter models with less range can be ideal.

Available Modifications and Tuning

In general, the factory battery and controller units are usually closed, canned systems, where there is only limited tuning available. At this time, some models have an extensive third party parts and tuning community behind them. This makes tuning and modding very easy. Adjusting simple things, such as throttle response or free play can be impossible for some models and easy in others. Choose wisely based on what your plans are.

Battery Options

Firstly, many of the models out there offer few battery capacities to choose from. Additionally, if you plan to ride longer trails, buy the extended range models.

Secondly, some models are equipped with easy battery changing capabilities. This can be a very easy solution to extend your total range and ride time.

Also, check how quickly you can charge the battery to 80% and what type of charger is used. This will give you a good idea how long you need to wait between rides.

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults in 2023

You may ask yourself, which electric model is best for me? It depends.

At this time, if you want to stick with the familiar full size frame, go with the KTM Freeride E-XC. Undoubtedly, this is as close to a gas dirt bike out there right now. And it absolutely can take you where you want to go without any issues.

For nearby trail riding, I would choose either the Cake Kalk or the Light Bee SUR-RON X. They both have excellent form factor and chassis design and they feel mostly like riding a full size dirt bike.

Generally speaking, these manufacturers are ahead of the others right now. They seem to have the popularity and parts availability and likely to survive the next wave.

This list below is updated in June 2023.

Cake Kalk

The Swedish manufacturer has been in the electric dirt bike market for quite some time. And it seems they have perfected the models to dirt riding. Furthermore, they offer several models to choose from and have great parts and aftermarket tuning availability.

Cake has chosen to use a lighter, more hybrid frame size rather than full size dirt bike frame. Note that they offer several different sub-models

Related Questions

What’s the best electric dirt bike out there?

It depends on individual preferences and the riding style, but popular options include the Zero FX, KTM Freeride E-XC, and Cake Kalk. New contenders include Surron X, and Surron Storm Bee.

How much is an electric dirt bike?

The price of electric dirt bikes can vary significantly, ranging from around 2,000 to 15,000 or more, depending on the brand, model, and features. You can find affordable options from Amazon.com.

How fast does the dirt ebike X260 go?

The Segway X260 electric dirt bike has a top speed of around 46 mph (74 km/h).

Is A Segway X260 Street legal?

No, the Segway X260 electric dirt bike is not street legal and is designed for off-road use only. But it can be converted to a street legal dirt bike with little work.

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

Yes, electric dirt bikes have gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature, low maintenance, and instant torque, providing a fun and efficient off-road riding experience.

How fast is an electric dirt bike?

Electric dirt bikes can have varying speeds depending on the model and specifications, with some reaching top speeds of 60 mph (96 km/h) or more.


The electric dirt bikes are here to stay.

We are especially excited to see big full size dirt bike manufacturers challenge their gas powered models. They are offering professional level performance and affordable price ranges for most consumers.

In summary, the electric versions are lots of fun for kids, youth, and adults alike. Overall less maintenance and tinkering helps FOCUS on the riding itself. I strongly recommend testing the electric versions out whenever you get a change.


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These Are The 9 Best Electric Dirt Bikes Right Now

These electric bikes are the best models that are made specifically for off-road fun and adventures.

In the last few decades, it has been clear that there is a need to change human consumption habits to protect the environment. Hence, the need for manufacturers to implement eco-friendly measures into their products.

The motorcycle industry has taken up this challenge and has started to adopt eco-friendly means of production. And while being eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean boring — leading manufacturers as well newcomers have introduced electric powertrains to their off-road motorcycles. These motorcycles perform at par with the best gas-powered dirt bikes in the market and provide thrill-seekers with the perfect trail weapons. No fumes, no noise, no clutch, no pollution, and easy to operate, the popularity of E-bikes is on the rise. Here are the top 8 best electric dirt bikes.

KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM produces some of the best dirt bikes money can buy; the Freeride E-XC is one of them. The bike features state-of-the-art controls, energy recuperation technology, a WP suspension, an electric motor and power pack, and a multi-functional display. Cruising at a maximum speed of 59mph, the Freeride E-XC gives riders a thrilling offroad experience for up to two hours on a single charge, and the battery takes eighty minutes to recharge fully.

This sleek and fast e-bike cruises through the most demanding terrains, hardly making a sound, delivering complete operational safety without compromise. It can even go through water without posing any danger to the rider of itself.

Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike

The Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Dirt Bike is an electric motorcycle that can serve as dirt or a trail bike. It’s ergonomically designed with comfort in mind and offers a silent and thrilling experience.

The bike is powered by a 2.6 kW/h battery and delivers an impressive range of up to 38 miles. Riders can seamlessly switch from an electronic clutch to electronic progressive braking at the push of a lever. The Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape weighs 169lbs, with an impressive charge of three hours in its tank, an output of 16 horsepower, and a top speed of 45mph.

Zero DS Bike

The Zero DS is one electric dirt bike that’s worth every dollar. Among other reasons, it’s one of the most powerful e-bikes available. Produced in Mojave color, its engine cranks 46 horsepower at 4300 rpm, giving the bike a top speed of 98mph. The electric motor has an impressive range of 82 miles per charge and 92 minutes of recharge.

The Zero DS comes with a fully adjustable suspension and a low-maintenance electric powertrain that makes it a multi-functional bike. Its clutchless direct-drive transmission coupled with a 33.2-inch seat height gives the rider an easy time operating this machine.

Alta Motors Redshift MX Electric Dirt Bike

The Alta Motors Redshift MX is the ultimate definition of power. The bike’s electric motor delivers 50 horsepower, enough to push it to a top speed of 70mph. The Redshift MX boasts an illustrious 350V lithium-ion battery pack capable of pumping out 5.8 kWh giving the rider up to four hours on any terrain.

Its high-performance powertrain offers three riding modes; eco, sport, and performance mode. Bolstered by a clutchless transmission and a 261-pound orientation, the Alta Motors Redshift MX is built sturdier than other bikes in its category.

Cake Kalk

The Cake Kalk is a retro-futuristic electric bike with exceptional performance tailor-made for off-road endeavors. Weighing at 153lbs, this clean, light, agile and quiet electric dirt bike features a powerful Lithium-ion battery that pumps out 2.6 kWh. In addition to this is a 10kW motor that utilizes three different riding modes. It can ride for up to three hours on a single charge, clocking top speeds of over 49mph.

The bike uses a non-linkage rear suspension, a sturdy nineteen-inch wheelset adding durability and requiring less maintenance. This motorcycle features bodywork and fenders made from polycarbonate meant to reduce its weight to moderate off-road cruising.

The Stealth H-52

The Stealth H-52 is an electric dirt bike that has proven itself to tackle off-road trails like a pro. Motorized by a 4.5 kW motor, the Stealth H-52 is a steady and comfortable ride that can climb steep hills with ease.

The Stealth H-52 operates with a range of up to 37 miles on a single charge, with enough power to catapult riders to a maximum speed of 50mph in seconds. This silent machine lives up to its name as it operates at 65 decibels at top speed.

LMX 161-H Freerider MX

The LMX 161-H Freerider MX is a light trail E-bike developed in France and optimized for extreme off-road use. This bike is light as it weighs 92lbs. Coupled with incredible power and a rigid suspension, the Freerider MX comes out on top at crazy jumps and hard landings.

This light E-bike can propel top speeds of up to 28mph and boasts a maximum range of 50 miles. Adding three hours of off-road riding, the Freerider MX is an authentic and powerful off-road e-bike. However, it requires about 3-hours to charge the battery fully.

The Armotia Due X

The Armotia due X is an electric bike of Italian origin. Armotia Due X sets itself apart with the use of top-end components like Ohlins suspension. The bike draws its power from a 6.1 kW battery pack that produces a total of 15 horsepower. The Due X’s battery can last up to one and half hours of nonstop riding when fully charged.

An E-bike custom made for the off-road, the exclusive Armotia Due X keeps its 277lbs weight steady on any track. over, it has three riding modes to choose from.

The Tacita T-Race Enduro

The Tacita T-race Enduro is made for tackling rugged desert trails, mountain tracks and performs just as well on the road. It comes with a 34-kW motor paired with a 5-speed transmission for ultimate control. The engine produces 45 horsepower and 62.7 lb-ft of continuous torque. The T-Race Enduro is equipped with a battery system with an 80-mile.

The Tacita is unique because it has manual electric drivetrains with selectable gears, making it an electric dirt bike with the option of using a clutch.

Yamaha XE4 Electric Dirt Bike First Ride Review

Electric dirt bikes have been making waves in the motocross industry in recent years. While new bikes like the Stark VARG and Flux Primo have garnered a lot of attention, the loss of Alta has left many wondering when Honda, Yamaha, and KTM will enter the full-size electric dirt bike market.

Amidst this yearning for new technology, it’s easy to overlook the decades of perfectly tuned chassis that have been developed by the best engineers, test riders, and racers in the industry, and they are ripe for electric conversion. Luckily, we’ve got some companies trickling into this space to make electric conversions that bolt on to some of the most proven motocross bikes that our industry has created.

Enter the Yamaha XE4 Electric Dirt Bike, built by Xtreme Electric MX (XEMX).

After experiencing a few successful electric conversions (and with other future ones in the works, wink wink), our attention has been captivated by the XE4 Yamaha, expertly crafted by XEMX. Our intrigue was piqued after witnessing JoJo Toole’s remarkable performance on the bike during the ECR eMoto Race at the 2022 Red Bull TKO.

XEMX Yamaha Electric Dirt Bike Specifications and Details

XEMX makes 2 different kits, the XE2 (air cooled) and the XE4 (liquid cooled).

The XE4 is a bolt-on conversion kit that is compatible with the Yamaha 250 and 450 YZF and YZFX bikes from 2014-2019 for the 250 chassis and 2014-2018 for the 450 chassis.

The liquid-cooled version utilizes the stock YZF radiators with a small 12v pump to circulate Engine Ice. Liquid cooling is the best way to keep the motor cool, making the XE4 more efficient the cooler it runs. The XE4 also features a proprietary fast-change battery swap technology, which is the fastest battery change on the market, taking less than 10 seconds to swap fresh batteries.

The XE4 bike that underwent our testing process is built upon a 2016 Yamaha YZ250F Chassis. XEMX currently utilizes a 12T front and 52T rear Sprocket, sometimes replaced by a 12T-54T combination. The bike’s components, such as sprockets, plastic, suspension, and grips, are all stock Yamaha parts. Front sprockets are sourced from a stock YZF450.

XEMX is currently experimenting with several different controllers to determine which one provides the best overall performance. The controllers under consideration include the Curtis 1236SE, Votol EM-260S, EBMX X-9000, Fardriver, Kelly, and the A5, which is a Curtis clone. All of the controllers will undergo racing tests to verify which one works best for the bike.

The Curtis 1236SE controller, rated at 450 amps at 72 volts, was the controller we tested on our bike.

XEMX’s batteries are rated at 72V nominal and 600 Amp max output, with a total capacity of 4.3kWh. Since the batteries are custom-made, XEMX can modify the type and amount of cells to meet the customer’s needs.

XEMX has developed proprietary fast-change battery swap technology that utilizes a modified aerospace connector, delivering 600 amps per terminal. The battery compartment features the lid formerly used for the Yamaha YZF gas cap. It’s a clean, straightforward design that takes less than 10 seconds to swap fresh batteries.

The bike has three ride modes that are fully programmable, as well as a reverse, auto regen braking, and options for lever regen braking. Additionally, the bike offers optional motor sounds with a speaker, a feature we’ve never encountered before.

The XEMX Yamaha XE4 is a custom order bike, but kits will be for sale once beta testing is complete. You can see below for a breakdown of cost options for the kits.

Riding the Yamaha XE4 Electric Dirt Bike

While we’ve had the opportunity to ride the Stark VARG and Alta Redshift, it’s more common to see the ECR crew on the KTM Freeride EXC and smaller, modified electric dirt bikes like the SurRon Lightbee X.

The XEMX Yamaha XE4 provides an incredible experience. The Yamaha YZF Chassis has become a reliable platform over the years, largely due to its unique reverse motor design that creates horsepower unmatched by the other manufacturers in the pro MX scene.

Since the motor is replaced by the electric powertrain in this bike, the gas power plant is no longer a talking point. However, the design allows XEMX to adapt the space for their motor and battery.

The Yamaha chassis is renowned for its stability and surefootedness in rough terrain. The proven KYB SSS suspension is sought after by many riders and comes stock on Yamaha YZF bikes.

Riding the XEMX Yamaha XE4 is an experience that lives up to all the hype that the Yamaha YZF chassis has received in the stability and suspension department. The bike feels incredible, especially after riding sub-150-pound electric dirt bikes that struggle in rough sand whoop terrain in Florida. It’s like you’re riding a Yamaha YZF250F, albeit with an electric powertrain, which is a great thing.

If there’s any complaint about the YZF chassis, it’s that the bike sacrifices some front-end steering for stability. It’s a bike that is notoriously known for benefitting from riders that “steer with the rear”, or those who prefer stability over a sharp turning bike like KTM, Suzuki, or Honda. Needless to say, we are simply splitting hairs here, and adjustments can be made to improve the turning characteristics and front-end feel of the YZF chassis.

In our video about the Yamaha XE4 electric dirt bike, we did encounter some issues. The bike would fault if we hit a sand whoop too hard when we were hard on the throttle. Mark from XEMX explained that the sensor and magnet in the motor were slightly misaligned from each other, causing the bike to shut off intermittently. This can be a common issue in new motors, and XEMX has resolved 99% of the issue since filming, claiming it is just an issue with the older style connectors. Regardless, it’s is an issue that will be resolved before kits will be sold.

In the field, Mark from XEMX made some changes by dialing the power back as much as 20%. In other words, only 80% power was being used when we tested the bike. This particular controller we were testing was only rated for 450 Amps, and the batteries have the capacity to put out 600 Amps. Needless to say, there is a lot more power that can be created on this platform.

XEMX Yamaha XE4 Electric Dirt Bike Pricing

XEMX have not officially started to sell kits, but will make Custom Billet motors(to order) and the parts needed for those who want them first. With their complete A kit, and rolling frame prepped, it is possible to build the bike in one day.

You will need a Yamaha 250 YZF or FX 2014-2019 or 450 YZF 2014-2018 Rolling Frame.

These motors have all Ceramic bearing with a Carbon sleeved rotor. They are finished all Black. (Cerakoting or Powder coating is extra)












INR 25R Samsung (400) 18650 CELL BATTERY 500 AMP PEAK AT 84V 4KW

10 MODULES (40 18650 CELLS EACH) MOLICEL P42 and P45 Available now also.









In conclusion, the Yamaha XE4 Electric Dirt Bike is an innovative new twist on a proven chassis that is sure to give riders yearning for a full size electric motocross bike something to look into. With a powerful electric powertrain and proprietary fast-change battery swap technology, the XE4 is a true work of art.

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