Electric dirt bike cost. Electric dirt bike cost

Gas or Electric? Which Dirt Bike is Better For You?

Wondering what type of dirt bike to choose: gas or electric? You’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be comparing electric dirt bikes vs gas dirt bikes in detail to help you figure out which one is the best fit for your needs. We’ll be examining their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the better performance between them, and revealing which type of users each is best for.

Electric Dirt Bikes vs Gas: A Brief Overview

The main difference between gas and electric dirt bikes, is, of course, their power source. Electric dirt bikes are battery-powered (usually by lithium-ion batteries) whereas gas dirt bikes are gas-powered (by a two stroke engine or a four stroke engine).

The power source affects ride quality and performance in a number of ways. We’ll explore the differences in detail next, but in case you’re short on time, here’s a TLDR version:

  • Gas bikes are faster, noisier, heavier, less efficient, cheaper to purchase, more expensive to maintain, and have a longer range.
  • An Electric bike is slower, lighter, quieter, more efficient, more expensive to purchase, cheaper to maintain, and has a shorter range.

Electric vs Gas Dirt Bikes: Key Differences

Next, let’s take a closer look at how they compare in different areas. Here’s an overview of all the most important differences between electric bikes and gas powered bikes.


Dirt bikes that run on gas are capable of reaching much higher speeds than their electric counterparts on account of they have more power.

With most gas dirt bikes, it’s possible to reach speeds of 60mph. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes rarely have a max speed of over 20 mph. But of course, it depends on the model of the bike. The most powerful electric dirt bikes can get to significantly faster speeds.

However, it’s also worth noting that while most electric dirt bikes may not be able to reach the speeds of equivalently-priced gas dirt bikes, they are much more energy-efficient.

The upshot: If you’re a speed junkie who plans on using your dirt bike for racing, a gas dirt bike may be the best choice. However, for beginners and children who don’t plan on flying across the tracks at over 20mph, an electric dirt bike may be more appropriate.


Gas dirt bikes generate a lot more noise than electric dirt bikes thanks to the deep rumble of the internal combustion engine.

This might not seem like a big issue, but if you plan on riding your dirt bike across nature trails that you share with hikers and animals, it can cause a lot of problems. Plus, you also have to think about local noise ordinances and possible disgruntled neighbors.

Compared to gas dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes have fewer moving components are run a lot quieter. They’re not completely silent, but they’re not obnoxiously loud like gas dirt bikes.

The upshot: If you want a dirt bike that runs quiet, go electric. That said, some riders like the roar of the combustion that comes with gas-powered dirt bikes.

Environmental Impact

Electric dirt bikes don’t have any emissions like gas dirt bikes do. This means they won’t release any exhaust gases into the environment and makes them a much more eco-friendly option.

Travel Range

Electric dirt bikes typically have a smaller max travel range compared to dirt bikes. Depending on the model of the bike you’re using and the size of its battery, you should expect to be able to travel 50-80 miles on a single charge.

You’ll often be able to travel further than this with a full tank of gas on a gas-powered dirt bike. But again, it depends on the model of the dirt bike and the size of its tank.

The other thing to think about here is charging time. Every time you run the battery down on your ebike, you’ll have to charge the battery again, which can take 7 hours for just an hour or so of use. With gas dirt bikes, you can fill up the tank in minutes and get straight back on the road—it’s a lot more convenient.

Ease of Use

Gas dirt bikes have a steeper learning curve than electric dirt bikes. Electric bikes are beginner-friendly and easy to operate, which makes them a better choice for new riders and children.


Because electric dirt bikes have fewer components than gas dirt bikes, they’re typically lighter, which makes them easier to move around and control. This is another reason why electric dirt bikes are the best choice for beginner kids.


Electric dirt bikes are typically more expensive than gas dirt bikes. Depending on the model you choose, you could end up paying twice as much for an electric dirt bike vs gas.

However, after the initial purchase cost, electric dirt bikes are cheaper to maintain. With gas dirt bikes, you have to service the engine regularly. Because electric dirt bikes lack components like oil tanks and carburetors, there are fewer maintenance requirements.

Final Verdict: Which Type Of Dirt Bike is Best?

That concludes our in-depth comparison of electric bikes and dirt bikes. As you can see, each type of dirt bike has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The right choice for you will depend on what your priorities are and how you plan on using your dirt bike. With that said, here’s when we think it makes sense to choose electric dirt bikes and gas dirt bikes.

Gas dirt bikes are best for:

  • Racers who plan to compete at motocross events
  • Riding in rural settings where noise is less of a concern.
  • Anyone on a tight budget who can’t afford the upfront costs of an electric dirt bike

Electric dirt bikes are best for:

  • Adults who plan to ride in the city and don’t need to exceed speeds of 20 mph
  • Children and new riders who want something easier to use and maintain
  • Hobbyists who want something that runs quietly, efficiently, and with lower environmental impact.

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The battery consists of panasonic PF cells (or Samsung 35e for the 38ah version) cells i in a well built case that slides in and out of bike, a microprocessor based battery management system and extra goodness.

Awesome Engineering

Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.

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Kids Dirt Bike Costs (With 15 Examples of Popular Youth Models)

Finding the right dirt bike for your kid can be a little challenging sometimes–especially when it comes to finding the right price. Here is a list of some of the most popular youth models at varying prices. Electric dirt bikes cost on average 250 – 500 while most motorized dirt bikes will cost between 1,500 – ,5000. Quality, brand, and features all affect how much a dirt bike will cost. Smaller dirt bikes, like the ones for younger children, will generally be less expensive. To give you a better idea of how much dirt bikes for children cost, we have compiled a TON of information on 15 different dirt bikes and what makes them the price they are, along with some of the features that make them so popular and great for kids.

Dirt Bike Models with Price

Dirt Bike Model Year Engine/Motor Price (New)
1. Aosom 6V Kids N/A Electric Motor 119.99
2. Yamaha 6-Volt N/A Electric Motor 99.00
3. Yamaha PW50 2020 50 cc, 2-Stroke Engine 1,499.00
4. Honda CRF50F 2020 50 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,549.00
5. Yamaha TTR-50 2020 50 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,699.00
6. KTM 65 SX 2020 65 cc, 2-StrokeEngine 5,049.00
7. Suzuki DR-Z70 2018 70 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,849.00
8. Kawasaki KX65 2018 65 cc, 2-StrokeEngine 2,995.00
9. MotoTec 24V Electric N/A Electric Motor 436.75
10. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket N/A Electric Motor See Price on Amazon
11. Honda CRF110F 2020 110 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 2,399.00
12. Kuberg Young Rider TrialHero 2019 Electric Motor 1,899.99
13. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric N/A Electric Motor See Price on Amazon
14. Honda CRF125F 2020 125 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 3,099.00
15. Honda CRF150F 2017 150 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 3,799.00

There are several aspects of dirt bikes that you need to consider. We’ll talk about bikes for different age groups, bike safety features, and other aspects below.

Ages 6 and Younger

Dirt Bike Model Year Engine/Motor Price
Aosom 6V Kids Electric N/A Electric Motor 119.99
Yamaha 6-Volt Electric N/A Electric Motor 99.00
Yamaha PW50 2020 50 cc, 2-Stroke Engine 1,499.00

Aosom 6V Kids Electric Bike

The Aosom 6V Kids Ride On Electric Motocross Bike is a great way to help your youngster experience the fun of a dirt bike while still keeping them safe. This is also a great way to get your kid comfortable with riding before they get on any bigger bike.


The Aosom 6V Kids Ride On Electric Motocross Bike comes at a great price of 119.99 at some Walmarts and other online outlets, so be sure to check this bike out for a special Christmas or birthday present.

Safety Fun Features:

  • Cap Speed of 2.5 mph
  • Two side wheels (aka Training Wheels) included
  • Easy to operate power button

The limited top speed is sure to give comfort. You don’t have to worry about your kid riding too fast, but it’s always encouraged that you keep an eye on them while they are riding.

The two side wheels are also a great feature in my eyes because they will help keep your child upright and steady on the bike while your child’s riding.

What You Need to Consider:

As I’ve considered this bike, I’ve realized a few things that I think will be good for you to consider, too.

For one, this bike is battery-powered and can run continuously for 45 minutes. The charging time is 6-8 hours (8-10 hours for the first time). When I consider this, the playtime and charge time seem a bit unequal to me.

But, if I’ve learned anything about kids, they are constantly on the move from one adventure to another. Your kid might not stay on the bike for a full 45 minutes and run out the battery charge. And if they do, 45 minutes to a kid is a LOT of playtime.

By the time they’re done riding, you can charge up the bike while they rest up during a nap or some other activity, and the bike will be ready for them later.

Yamaha 6-Volt Battery Powered Ride On Bike

The Yamaha 6-Volt Blue Motorcycle Battery Powered Ride On Bike is another great example of a fun, beginner bike for the youngest kids. And, if your kid is into the Yamaha blue look-alike, this might be a good choice for them.


A great aspect of this electric bike is the low price. This bike comes at around 100 at many online retailers. If you’re interested in taking a closer look at this bike, you can find it on Walmart’s website here.

Safety and Fun Features:

This young rider Yamaha bike has some awesome safety features that are sure to settle any anxieties you have about your little one riding.

This bike’s low top speed is, once again, a comfort to me, especially when accompanied by the bike’s training wheels. With these two features, parents don’t have to worry about their kid riding two fast or tipping over.

But, of course, it’s highly encouraged to keep an eye on your kids on their adventures.

The steel frame is also a nice addition to the bike’s features since it adds to the bike’s overall stability.

What You Need to Consider:

Here are some aspects of the bike to consider as a parent.

The bike has an overall run time of 2-3 hours, but a charging time of 18 hours. Although I doubt any kid would ride the bike for two or three hours straight, the charge time is important to consider if your child wants to ride on the weekends or at Grandma’s house.

Another aspect of this bike is that it takes about 30 minutes to put together. Honestly, that’s not a super long time, especially when you consider that you’ll only have to do it once.

But, if you’re planning on having the ready for Christmas morning or for a birthday present, you might want to put the bike together ahead of time.

Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 dirt bike is an awesome bike to get your kid used to the bigger, gas-powered bikes. Although, when I say bigger, you don’t need to worry too much about this smaller bike.

Just keep an eye on your kid while they are riding and try out some grassy fields for testing it out, like this father and son above.


The 2020 model of the Yamaha PW50 costs about 1,499. This bike is considerably more expensive than the other electric bikes that we’ve talked about so far, but that’s just the nature of these gas-powered bikes.

You can find this bike on Craigslist and Cycle Trader as people sell them when their child grows out of them, so that’s always something to consider, too.

The great thing about this bike is that it can last your child a few years since it’s bigger than the previous electric bikes that we’ve talked about.

Safety and Fun Features:

This bike has some great safety features that will make riding this bike a safe and fun experience for your kid as they try out something a little more challenging. These features include the following:

  • Low seat height of 18.7 inches
  • Adjustable throttle restrictor
  • Fully automatic transmission

The seat height of this bike is great for even the littlest riders. Although, if you have the chance to have your kid sit on the bike before you purchase it, that’s always a good way to make sure it fits them okay.

The adjustable restrictor allows you, as the parent, to adjust the top speed for your kid to fit their experience level, so that’s an awesome feature sure to keep your kid from getting into more than they can currently handle.

The fully automatic transmission also makes it easy for your kid to more fully FOCUS on riding and steering, which can be a big help when they are first getting used to this kind of bike.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike has very low maintenance with Yamaha’s Autolube oil injection system. This makes it so that you don’t have to premix the oil and fuel yourself.

Although this bike is easy to operate, it’s advisable to keep a close watch on your kid while they are riding, especially when they are new to it, since this bike can go faster than the electric bikes mentioned above.

Ages 7-8

Dirt Bike Model Year Engine Price
Honda CRF50F 2020 50 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,549.00
Yamaha TTR-50 2020 50 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,699.00
KTM 65 SX 2020 65 cc, 2-StrokeEngine 5,049.00
Suzuki DR-Z70 2018 70 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 1,849.00

Honda CRF50F

Honda makes great adult bikes, and awesome youth bikes to help your kid get started in the dirt biking sport. The Honda CRF50F is their sweet beginner’s bike that is sure to help your child get used to what the bigger bikes feel like while still keeping them safe.


The 2020 model of the Honda CRF50F bike costs about 1,549 brand new, which is a great price for this durable bike that’s sure to last you for years.

Safety and Fun Features:

A key to having a fun time is to have a safe time. If anyone has said that you have to do the risky stuff to have fun, I’m convinced they’re lying. This bike from Honda has some great safety features that also allow your kid to have a fun time riding:

The adjustable throttle limiter is a great feature that allows you as the parent to adjust how far your child can move the throttle. This is especially a great feature for kids who are just starting out in the sport because it can get them used to controlling the power and speed of the bike a little bit at a time.

There’s no clutch on this bike, which also helps your kid FOCUS on the throttle and braking without too much to complicate the process of riding.

What You Need to Consider:

For one thing, this bike is a little heavier for a young rider as it weighs about 110 pounds. This heavier weight can make the bike harder for your kid to lift up if it tips over.

My advice is to just keep an eye on your kid. If they are having a hard time, you can help them, but most seven to eight-year-old kids shouldn’t have too much trouble lifting the bike back up on their own.

This bike is also a little taller with a seat height of 21.6 inches, so just make sure it fits your kid well and that they can touch the ground okay.

Yamaha TTR-50E

The Yamaha TT-R50E dirt bike acts as a great transition bike from automatic bikes like the PW50 and fully manual bikes as your child matures and gains more experience.


The price point for the Yamaha TT-R50E is about 1,699. For this price, you get a lot of great quality. Like most youth bikes, however, this bike will be pretty easy to find on sale from previous owners, so take a look around sites like Cycle Trader or even Craigslist.

Safety and Fun Features:

This bike has some awesome safety features that really make this bike a great bike for your young rider to gain some more experience while progressing at their own rate. The main features are listed below:

It’s one thing to get going and another to start stopping. The enclosed drum brakes on the Yamaha TT-R50E effectively help your child stop the bike when they need to.

The adjustable restrictor is also a great feature that allows you to adjust the available speed as your child gains more experience.

The key-type ignition is also a great feature because it allows you to remove the key; therefore, your kid, or anyone else, can’t start the bike while you’re not around to keep an eye on things.

What You Need to Consider:

Something that you need to consider about this bike is the bike’s weight. It weighs about 126 pounds when completely fueled up. That can be pretty heavy for a kid when the bike tips over. So, just keep an eye on your child while they’re riding.

Another aspect to consider is that this bike has some minimal clutch features. If your child is not familiar with working with a clutch, they will need some good practice before they get up to higher speeds or rougher terrain.


KTMs are awesome bikes with amazing features. Although they are a little more expensive than other dirt bikes, they offer you the quality that you pay for. The KTM 65 is no exception to that.


The 2020 model of the KTM 65 SX dirt bike costs about 5,049, so it’s definitely a lot more expensive than other dirt bikes with this same cc range. I would definitely look at sites such as Cycle Trader and Craigslist to see if anyone is selling one that their kid has grown out of because this is an impressive bike.

If you want to look into more information about this bike, you can find it on KTM’s website here.

Safety and Fun Features:

The KTM 65 SX is a bike built for the more experienced rider, but I would not at all consider it a bad match for your experienced 8-year-old who’s ready for the next challenge. The bike includes the following features:

This bike is built for speed. If your child is ready for faster riding, the KTM 65 SX will suit them much better than other beginner bikes, because this bike has a stronger suspension that will be able to take the strain of riding faster.

The KTM 65 SX also sports awesome braking through its piston calipers that grip the bike’s wave brake discs. The hydraulic brake system is also super easy to control and will help your kid slow down nicely.

Although getting used to a clutch will take some practice, this bike’s hydraulic clutch will help your child get used to the manual process without too much trouble.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike is definitely best suited for kids with more experience dirt biking who are ready for higher speed and using the clutch. Just keep in mind where your child is at in their readiness, because maybe they are ready for this maturer bike, or maybe they need some more time on a bike with lower engine cc.

Suzuki DRZ70

Suzuki has come out with some great bikes, but this DR-Z70 bike is one of the best for kids who are just starting out.


The price of the 2018 model of the Suzuki DR-Z70 bike is about 1,849 brand new, so it’s definitely not a bad price for the great features that this bike has to offer for you and your kid. If you want to take a closer look at this bike, you can see it on Suzuki’s website here.

Safety and Fun Features:

This bike has great features that are geared to make your child’s beginning dirt bike riding experiences fun as well as safe. The main features are listed below:

The bike’s electric start makes getting started easy for your child, which can be a very helpful feature when your child is relatively new to dirt biking. Accompanied by the bike’s keyed ignition, you can make sure that your child or anyone else doesn’t ride the bike while you’re not home.

The bike also has an adjustable throttle limiter, which allows you to control the bike’s max speed. This is helpful because it allows your child to get more comfortable with controlling the bike before riding faster.

The adjustable front brake lever is also a nice feature because you can change the brake lever distance to fit your child’s hand, allowing them easy access to brake when they need to.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike is heavier, weighing about 121 pounds when completely fueled up. This shouldn’t be too big of a problem for your seven or eight-year-old to pick up if the bike tips over, but you’ll want to supervise them while they are riding to make sure all goes well.

electric, dirt, bike, cost

Also, the weight limit for this bike is 88 pounds. If your child exceeds 88 pounds, they may simply need a more mature bike with more power (which I don’t think they would complain about).

Ages 9-11

Dirt Bike Model Year Engine/Motor Price
Kawasaki KX65 2018 65 cc, 2-StrokeEngine 2,995.00
MotoTec 24V Kids Electric N/A Electric Motor 436.75
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket N/A Electric Motor See Price on Amazon
Honda CRF110F 2020 110 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 2,399.00

Kawasaki KX65

Kawasaki does a great job of producing fantastic dirt bikes. The KX65 is one of these that is a great match for your nine to an eleven-year-old kid who’s looking for the next step up for a dirt bike.


The 2020 model of Kawasaki’s KX65 costs about 3,700. This is one of the more expensive bikes that we’ve talked about so far, but it’s also a more mature rider bike that’s bigger and has lots of great features.

Safety and Fun Features:

The features on this bike are geared toward keeping the rider safe and comfortable while also having a good time riding.

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Uni-Trak single-shock system
  • Fuel capacity of 1 gallon

The front and rear disc brakes do an excellent job of helping the rider slow down when they need to. This, of course, is crucial on unexpected terrain where fast isn’t always the best option.

The Uni-Trak single-shock system helps the bike handle rough terrain and jumps. This is an awesome feature because it increases the longevity of the bike and decreases the amount of impact that the rider receives when the bike hits the ground after a jump.

The overall fuel capacity of this bike is one gallon, which should be plenty for a nine to an eleven-year-old rider.

What You Need to Consider:

Here are a few things to consider about this bike:

For one, the bike has a seat height of 29.9 inches, so it might be a little tall for a nine-year-old. This bike might be better for the older end of this age group; however, just because a bike is tall, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a kid can’t ride it.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the kid can stand on their toes while on the bike or at least be able to have one foot on the ground while the bike is stationary. If a kid can’t touch the ground at all while on the bike, this bike is probably too tall for them at that point.

One more thing to consider is that this bike has a two-stroke engine. Two-stroke engines tend to be a little more aggressive in the fact that they accelerate speed a lot faster than four-stroke engines. A young rider with more experience might be more comfortable controlling this bike.

MotoTec 24V Kids Electric Bike

The MotoTec 24V Kids dirt bike is another excellent example of an electric dirt bike that stills gives a lot of the fun experience of dirt biking. This bike is definitely a great way for a kid to start learning the ropes of dirt bikes and have a ton of fun.


This bike is normally priced at about 640 at Walmart, but a sale on Walmart’s website now has the bike priced at 440. Altogether, this is definitely cheaper than gas bikes. I would definitely say it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for sales, though.

Safety and Fun Features:

The features on this bike are geared toward keeping your child safe so they can have fun.

One great feature of this bike is the three selectable speeds. The speeds are 5, 10, or 16 mph, and can be locked in place by the key-lock. This way, while your riding is first learning how to ride the dirt bike, you can have them stay at a slower speed until they are ready to go faster.

The front and rear disc brakes help effectively slow down the bike, so your kid stays safe and can slow down when they need to.

The steel frame on this bike is also a great feature. It not only improves the bike’s durability, but it also increases its stability while your child is riding.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike has a charging time of 4-6 hours. That’s honestly not too long of a time, but my suggestion is to keep the bike charging while it’s not being ridden so that it’s ready for your kid when they want to ride it.

Another aspect of the bike to consider is that it has a seat height of 23 inches. This is relatively small, but I don’t think it should present any problems for a nine to an eleven-year-old depending on how tall they are.

If possible, I would suggest measuring your child’s height or have them come with you to the store to see if the bike will fit them alright.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Razor has come out with some awesome electric dirt bikes, and the MX350 is one of them. Not only does it include features to keep your kid safe while they are riding, but it also helps your kid get a feel for the dirt biking sport.


You can find the Razor MX350 on Amazon here, along with its current pricing on Amazon. This is definitely one of the cheaper options, so if your child just wants to try out dirt biking and might grow out of it really fast, this is a good option for you.

Safety and Fun Features:

The features on this bike are geared to help your child stay in control while riding, so they can also have a good time.

The hand-operated rear brake makes it so your child can slow down easily without too much complication. There’s nothing more terrifying than not being able to slow down when you need to, so the hand-operated rear brake is a great feature to ensure safety and fun.

The large pneumatic knobby tires offer great traction over different kinds of terrain. This increases the bike’s stability and function in different areas.

The overall top speed of this bike is 14 mph. This top speed is great because it allows your child to have lots of fun riding without getting into too much trouble.

What You Need to Consider:

The main thing that you’ll want to consider about this bike is that the battery only stays charged for about 30 minutes. When you consider that a lot of kids get distracted while they are out playing, this seemingly short battery-life doesn’t seem so bad if your child isn’t riding non-stop the whole time.

Another aspect to consider is that this bike has a sealed lead acid rechargeable battery. Although many batteries are made of lead, you’ll just want to make sure that the battery isn’t punctured.

Honda CRF110F Dirt Bike

Here’s another great bike from Honda. This bike is another step up and will help your kid get more comfortable riding a bigger bike while still staying safe.


The 2020 model of this bike costs about 2,400 new, which honestly surprised me for a bike from Honda; definitely a lot cheaper than some other bikes and you can be assured of the high-quality.

Safety and Fun Features:

The features on this bike are focused on helping your kid stay safe and have fun while they are learning.

The adjustable throttle limiter is always a great feature as it allows you to adjust how much they can twist their throttle (and, therefore, how fast they can ride). This way, they won’t go faster than they are ready to while they are learning and getting more comfortable.

The keyed-ignition is also a great feature as it allows you to take out the bike’s key. This makes it so that no one, including your kid, can ride while you’re not at home.

The automatic clutch is also a great feature as it helps your child get used to shifting gears before upgrading to a bike with a manual clutch.

What You Need to Consider:

Something major to consider is that this bike, as a gas bike, is a lot heavier than electric bikes. At 170 pounds, it might be difficult for your nine or eleven-year-old to lift the bike upright if it tips over. But I will say that some kids manage to figure it out over time.

The seat height is 25.9 inches high. My only suggestion for you to consider is to measure your child’s height and maybe have them try out the bike before you purchase it in order to make sure that it fits them okay.

Ages 12 and Older

Dirt Bike Model Year Engine/Motor Price (New)
Kuberg Young Rider TrialHero 2019 Electric Motor 1,899.99
Razor MX650 RocketElectric N/A Electric Motor See Price on Amazon
Honda CRF125F 2020 125 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 3,099.00
Honda CRF150F 2017 150 cc, 4-StrokeEngine 3,799.00

Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero

Kuberg produces awesome electric dirt bikes that are sure to please you as the parent/guardian and your young rider. These bikes are generally a lot quieter than gas dirt bikes, but they still offer lots of fun adventures. The Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike is definitely one you should consider for your preteen/teen rider.

If you want to learn more about this bike, you can find more information about it on Kuberg’s website here.


Kuberg bikes are generally at the higher end of the electric dirt bike price range, but they are still a lot cheaper than gas dirt bikes. The Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike costs a little less than 2,000. If you are able to set aside the money, I’d consider this bike worth the purchase as it is known for durability and easy maintenance.

Safety and Fun Features:

Safety and fun are crucial aspects of any dirt bike riding experience. And the Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike has these two aspects clear to see. Here are three major aspects that contribute to the bike’s overall safety and fun capabilities:

We’ve all heard the phrase, “what goes up must come down.” I’d say this phrase is equally apparent when it comes to speed: “What speeds up must slow down” and the Kuberg Young Rider Trial Hero Dirt Bike does a great job slowing the bike down through its effective hydraulic brakes. You can feel at ease knowing that your young rider will be able to slow down when they need to during their ride.

The safety kill switch is another great feature on young rider bikes from Kuberg. The Trial Hero dirt bike comes with a kill switch with an attaching wristband that turns off the bike’s motor if it’s pulled out. So, if your kid falls off the bike for some reason, you don’t need to worry about the bike hurting your kid while they’re down.

This bike from Kuberg stays charged for up to two hours. Not only is this plenty of time for fun adventures, but the longer battery life also ensures that your kid won’t kid stranded while out riding.

What You Need to Consider:

Some other aspects to consider about this bike is that it is super lightweight, weighing about 73 pounds (33 kilograms). Lightweight is great because it helps the rider have greater control over the bike. It also means that your kid can get some serious air when going off jumps.

Just make sure that your kid knows how to control the bike and how to jump and land properly while out riding so that they can stay safe and have a good time.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

Razor also produces some awesome electric dirt bikes for a cheaper price. The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike is definitely one worth looking into for your twelve-year-old. Although, I will say that this bike is probably better suited for young riders who are on the smaller side themselves or who want a smaller dirt bike to ride around on.


This electric dirt bike varies in price, depending on where you find it. Amazon seems to have it on the cheaper side of this scale, so they’re definitely worth looking into. You can find the Razor MX650 dirt bike on Amazon here, along with its current price.

Safety and Fun Features:

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike has some great features that ensure your kid is safe while out having fun on their dirt bike. Here are three of the major features worth considering:

This dirt bike from Razor has a max speed of 17 miles per hours, which is just enough speed to allow your kid to have fun while riding without getting too crazy.

It’s super important that the bike fits your kid well so they’re are comfortable while riding. The adjustable handlebars on this bike from Razor make it so that you can fit the bike to be the most comfortable for your young rider.

The bike also has a super-strong structure that has a carrying capacity of 220 pounds. Even if your kid is on the heavier or taller side in their age group, you can be assured that this bike is strong enough to carry them around wherever they need to go.

What You Need to Consider:

The battery life of this bike is about forty minutes, and it takes about twelve hours to charge. So, for one thing, you’ll want to make sure that you keep this bike charging if you choose to get this bike.

Another aspect to consider is that if you don’t charge this bike at least once a month, it’s reported that the battery will stop receiving charge altogether.

Honestly though, if your kid just wants a fun bike to ride around the neighborhood, and will ride often, this bike should be just fine for your kid.

Honda CRF125F Dirt Bike

Honda is a great dirt bike company that produces high-quality, durable machines that are great for beginners and more experienced riders. The Honda CRF125F is a great place to start for older youth riders who are just beginning to ride dirt bikes.


The 2020 model of the Honda CRF125F costs about 3,100, which is definitely on the higher end of dirt bikes that we have talked about so far. Considering that this dirt bike is bigger and will last you several years, I think this bike is worth looking into for your young teen who wants to gain more experience riding dirt bikes.

Of course, whenever you’re looking to purchase a dirt bike, it’s not a bad idea to scope out the used dirt bike market to see if you can find one in good condition for a cheaper price.

Safety and Fun Features:

Honda has really focused on making the CRF125F a comfortable and safe bike for the rider, so you can be assured that it will help your young rider get used to the feel of a more mature dirt bike without much complication. Here are three of the major features on this bike that make riding it a good experience.

The CRF125F has a manual clutch. Normally, a clutch can be a little confusing to learn how to use, but Honda has made this clutch so that shifting the gears is smooth. Smooth-shifting will help your young rider get comfortable with the process faster than on a more difficult bike.

This bike also comes with a “Big Wheel” version, like the one in the video. If your young rider is on the taller side, you can get the CRF125F Big Wheel version, which is better suited for taller riders; therefore, your kid can ride in comfort on a bike that fits them best.

The bike also comes with a keyed ignition, which is always a nice addition (especially for parents). If you don’t want your young teen out riding while you’re not at home, you can simply take out the key. No key, no startup.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike is definitely bigger than other dirt bikes that we have talked about so far. With a seat height of 29.1 inches, this bike might be a little too big if your young rider is on the smaller side.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that if your kid can put their feet on the ground and hold up the bike by themselves without too much trouble while they are sitting on it, it’s a good size for them.

Honda CRF150F

The CRF150F is another great bike from Honda that’s a little bigger than the CRF125F and has a bit more power, too, for your young rider who’s ready for a little bit more of a challenge.

electric, dirt, bike, cost


The 2017 model of the Honda CRF150F costs about 3,800, so it’s the most expensive bike in this age group, but it’s definitely a great bike that you’ll want to consider as it will last a long time.

This bike model is a little harder to find since Honda stopped making it after 2017, but it’s a great bike for your young rider to transition to as they gain more riding experience. And, hey, you can even have fun on this bike, too.

Safety and Fun Features:

The Honda CRF150F is built for safety and comfort for the rider going out on various adventures in different conditions. Here are three of the main features that contribute to the bike’s safety and fun capabilities:

The heavy-duty clutch is super durable and smooth to shift gears with. This feature not only makes this a great bike to gain more experience with a clutch, but it also shows that this bike is a reliable and durable machine that will last several years of riding if it’s taken care of well.

The front disc brake on this bike plays a huge role in keeping your young rider safe while they are riding in various kinds of weather. The front brake ensures that your kid can slow down and stop the bike when they need to, and the front rotor is designed to perform better in wet weather.

The Motocross-style seat is not only an awesome aesthetic feature, but it makes the experience more fun and a whole lot safe. This style of seat allows your young rider to be able to move the way they need to while riding, making the experience easier on the bike and on the body.

What You Need to Consider:

This bike is a lot taller than any of the other bikes that we have talked about, having a seat height of 32.8 inches. I would definitely suggest that you take your kid to try out the bike to make sure it fits them so they can ride comfortably and safely.

The bike is also very heavy, having a weight of 233.9 pounds with all fuel and equipment loaded up. Although this is pretty standard for most adult dirt bikes, you’ll want to make sure that your kid can control the bike well enough while riding and that it’s not too big for them, their strength, and their experience level.

I’m the co-owner of Dirt Bike Planet. I live in Star, Idaho and enjoy dirt biking with my wife and two boys throughout the Idaho mountains.

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The Rise of Electric Dirt Bikes

In an era where sustainability and adventure coalesce, a new breed of off-road vehicles is capturing the hearts of thrill-seekers and eco-enthusiasts alike. This compelling fusion of high-octane excitement and green technology has found an embodiment in electric dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes, synonymous with rugged terrains, challenging trails, and adrenaline-pumping rides, have traditionally been powered by internal combustion engines, contributing to noise and air pollution. However, a transformative shift has occurred in recent years, heralding the rise of electric dirt bikes – machines that offer an equally exhilarating, yet remarkably cleaner and quieter, off-road adventure.

The advent of electric dirt bikes promises an innovative future for the off-road sport. A future where the revving engines’ roar gives way to a nearly silent whir, and the lingering scent of exhaust fumes is replaced by the untainted air of the great outdoors. By delivering powerful performance with a reduced carbon footprint, these innovative bikes are carving a new path that merges our need for adventure with a deep-rooted respect for the environment.

This article will delve into the emergence of electric dirt bikes, their benefits, and how they compare to their traditional counterparts. We’ll explore the challenges these bikes face and the advancements poised to overcome them. Through the lens of real-life experiences and testimonials, we’ll reflect on why electric dirt bikes represent the exciting intersection of adrenaline-fueled off-roading and sustainable technology. If you’re a dirt biking enthusiast or someone intrigued by the harmony of adventure and sustainability, this ride into the world of electric dirt bikes will be an enlightening journey. So, strap on your helmet as we prepare to journey into this exciting evolution of off-road adventure.

The Emergence of Electric Dirt Bikes

A significant shift in the dirt biking landscape began with the emergence of electric dirt bikes. The journey of dirt bikes, from their gasoline-powered origins to the electric revolution, is a story of technological evolution driven by an increasing environmental consciousness.

A Brief History and Evolution of Dirt Bikes

The origin of dirt bikes can be traced back to the early 20th century when motorcycles began to be used for cross-country racing and off-road events. These machines were essentially modified versions of street motorcycles. It was not until the mid-20th century that manufacturers started producing bikes specifically designed for off-road use. These motorcycles, known as dirt bikes, were lighter, more rugged, and had better suspension than their street counterparts.

For decades, dirt bikes remained primarily gasoline-powered, their two-stroke and four-stroke engines creating a distinctive roar that became synonymous with off-road biking. Despite their popularity, traditional dirt bikes posed environmental concerns, from air and noise pollution to the spillage of fuels and oils.

Emergence and Growing Popularity of Electric Dirt Bikes

The 21st century marked a turning point in the dirt biking world with the introduction of electric dirt bikes. Initial models were met with skepticism, as many enthusiasts doubted they could match the power and performance of their gasoline counterparts. However, advancements in electric motor technology and battery systems soon dispelled these doubts.

The first electric dirt bikes offered the off-road community a quieter, cleaner alternative without compromising the thrill and enjoyment of the ride. As manufacturers developed more powerful and efficient models, the popularity of these bikes began to grow, attracting both seasoned riders and newcomers to the sport.

Why Electric Dirt Bikes Have Become Popular

The rise in popularity of electric dirt bikes is not merely a trend but a response to a global call for more sustainable practices. With growing awareness about environmental conservation, riders are increasingly considering the ecological footprint of their off-road adventures.

Electric dirt bikes offer a sustainable solution without compromising on performance. They produce zero tailpipe emissions and significantly less noise pollution, promising a cleaner and quieter off-road experience. Furthermore, the simplicity of electric powertrains often results in lower maintenance requirements, making them an appealing choice for many riders.

over, advancements in battery technology have led to longer ride times, and improvements in motor technology have matched, if not exceeded, the power of traditional dirt bikes. This potent combination of sustainability and performance has propelled the rise of electric dirt bikes, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of off-road biking.

electric, dirt, bike, cost

Understanding Electric Dirt Bikes

As the interest in electric dirt bikes surges, it’s crucial to understand what sets these innovative machines apart. From their key features and working mechanisms to the different models and manufacturers in the market, this section aims to provide an insightful overview of electric dirt bikes.

Key Features and Specifications of Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric dirt bikes come with a variety of features that distinguish them from their gasoline-powered counterparts. At their core, they consist of an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. These bikes usually feature regenerative braking, which captures the bike’s kinetic energy during deceleration and converts it back into electrical energy, thereby extending the bike’s range.

In terms of specifications, electric dirt bikes can compete with traditional dirt bikes on many fronts. High-end models boast impressive top speeds, quick acceleration, and substantial ride times. They also offer different power modes to cater to various skill levels and riding conditions.

One of the most notable differences, and often an advantage, of electric dirt bikes is their quiet operation, making them ideal for areas where noise may be a concern. Additionally, electric dirt bikes are generally lighter and offer an easier learning curve for beginners, thanks to their instant torque delivery and lack of gear shifting.

How Electric Dirt Bikes Work

The operation of an electric dirt bike is fairly straightforward. When the throttle is twisted, the controller delivers power from the battery to the motor, propelling the bike forward. Since electric bikes don’t require a clutch or gear-shifting, power delivery is smooth and instant, providing excellent control and acceleration.

The battery can be charged using a regular power outlet, much like a smartphone or laptop. The duration of a full charge depends on the bike model and the battery’s capacity, with most bikes offering a riding time of anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours on a single charge.

Different Models and Manufacturers in the Market

As the popularity of electric dirt bikes continues to grow, so too does the variety of models and manufacturers in the market. Companies like KTM, Zero Motorcycles, and Alta Motors lead the pack with high-performance models that cater to both professional and recreational riders. For younger enthusiasts, manufacturers like Razor offer smaller, beginner-friendly bikes that provide a safe and fun introduction to the sport.

Each manufacturer offers a range of models with varying power outputs, battery capacities, and features to cater to different riding styles and preferences. From bikes designed for hard trail riding to models intended for casual off-road exploration, there is an electric dirt bike to suit every type of rider.

As we delve deeper into the world of electric dirt bikes, it’s clear that these sustainable machines aren’t just a passing fad, but a significant development in the world of off-road adventure. Offering a seamless blend of performance, ease-of-use, and environmental friendliness, they’re reshaping the future of off-roading one ride at a time.

Benefits of Electric Dirt Bikes

As the world becomes more eco-conscious, electric dirt bikes are rapidly gaining traction for their myriad of advantages. From environmental benefits to improved efficiency and performance, these sustainable machines are not just a green alternative but a leap forward in the realm of off-road adventure.

Environmental Benefits

The most significant advantage of electric dirt bikes is their zero-emission operation. Unlike their gasoline-powered counterparts, electric dirt bikes produce no exhaust fumes, significantly reducing their environmental impact. This benefit extends beyond reducing carbon emissions. Electric dirt bikes also eliminate the risk of oil or fuel spills, creating a cleaner and safer off-road environment.

Furthermore, electric dirt bikes generate significantly less noise pollution. This reduction in noise can minimize disturbance to wildlife and local communities, enabling riders to enjoy off-roading in more locations without contributing to noise pollution.

Efficiency and Performance Benefits

Electric dirt bikes also bring unique performance benefits to the table. The electric motors in these bikes deliver power instantly, resulting in Rapid acceleration. They also offer smooth power delivery without the need for gear shifting, which can make for a simpler and more responsive riding experience, particularly in tricky off-road conditions.

Electric dirt bikes are also remarkably efficient. They convert a much higher percentage of electrical energy into forward motion compared to the efficiency of internal combustion engines. This efficiency, combined with the potential for regenerative braking, can result in longer ride times.

Lower Maintenance and Operating Costs

Electric dirt bikes generally have fewer moving parts compared to traditional bikes, reducing the likelihood of mechanical issues. There’s no need for oil changes, and wear-and-tear on brakes is often less due to regenerative braking systems. As a result, maintenance costs can be significantly lower over the bike’s lifespan.

In terms of operating costs, electric dirt bikes also tend to be more economical. Charging an electric dirt bike costs less than the equivalent amount of gasoline, and as electric charging infrastructure improves, the ease and convenience of charging these bikes will only increase.

Health Benefits: Encouraging Outdoor Activity in a Sustainable Manner

Finally, the rise of electric dirt bikes promotes healthy outdoor activity while respecting the environment. By offering an eco-friendly option for off-road fun, these bikes encourage more people to take part in this physically demanding and exhilarating sport. This participation promotes physical fitness and a greater appreciation for nature, enhancing the rider’s overall well-being.

Through these various benefits, electric dirt bikes are proving themselves to be an exciting and responsible choice for off-road adventure. They offer a unique blend of performance and sustainability, providing an off-roading experience that is both thrilling and eco-friendly.

Comparing Electric Dirt Bikes to Traditional Dirt Bikes

As electric dirt bikes continue to surge in popularity, it’s vital to compare them to their traditional counterparts. Understanding their performance, cost, environmental impact, and overall riding experience will offer valuable insights into why electric dirt bikes are more than just a sustainable alternative.

Performance Comparison

In terms of performance, electric dirt bikes have rapidly closed the gap with traditional dirt bikes. Electric motors deliver instant torque, resulting in fast acceleration, while their lack of a need for shifting gears makes for a smooth and responsive ride. Some top-tier electric models can even outperform gasoline-powered bikes in specific aspects like acceleration.

However, electric dirt bikes often face criticism regarding their range. While advancements in battery technology have significantly improved ride times, a high-performance electric dirt bike may still fall short of the range provided by a gas-powered bike on a full tank.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost, the comparison is multi-faceted. Electric dirt bikes typically have a higher upfront cost than traditional bikes due to the expense of batteries and electric motor technology. However, the lower operating costs of electric dirt bikes – from cheaper refueling via electricity to fewer maintenance requirements – can offset the initial investment over time.

Furthermore, as the electric vehicle market expands and technology improves, the cost of electric dirt bikes is expected to become more competitive, making them an increasingly viable choice for both casual and serious riders.

Environmental Impact Comparison

The environmental impact of electric dirt bikes is substantially lower than traditional bikes. They produce zero tailpipe emissions, generate less noise, and pose no risk of fuel or oil spills, making them a much greener choice for off-road adventures.

While it’s important to consider the environmental cost of producing batteries and the electricity used to charge them, the overall emissions are still lower than those associated with the production and burning of gasoline.

Sound and Experience Comparison

The riding experience on an electric dirt bike can be different from a traditional bike, and this often comes down to personal preference. Electric dirt bikes offer a quieter ride, which some riders appreciate for the ability to better connect with the natural environment. Others may miss the roar of a gasoline engine, which is often part of the allure of off-roading.

In terms of handling, electric dirt bikes often have a lower center of gravity due to the battery placement, which can improve stability and control. Additionally, the instant power delivery and absence of gears can make electric dirt bikes easier to ride, particularly for beginners.

In conclusion, while electric dirt bikes and traditional dirt bikes each have their advantages, the choice often comes down to individual preferences and values. For those prioritizing sustainability without sacrificing performance and thrill, electric dirt bikes are an increasingly compelling option.

Challenges and Solutions for Electric Dirt Bikes

As with any emerging technology, electric dirt bikes face certain challenges. However, Rapid advancements in technology and infrastructure are continually working to address these hurdles.

Current Challenges

One of the most significant challenges for electric dirt bikes is the limited range and long charging times due to current battery technology limitations. Unlike gasoline bikes, which can be quickly refueled, electric dirt bikes require charging infrastructure and considerable time to recharge, potentially limiting their practicality for extended off-road adventures.

The upfront cost of electric dirt bikes also tends to be higher than traditional dirt bikes, largely due to the cost of batteries and electric motor systems. This cost difference can be a barrier for some potential riders, despite the lower operational and maintenance costs over time.

Recent Advancements and Solutions

Despite these challenges, significant strides are being made to overcome them.

Battery technology is advancing rapidly, with new developments like solid-state batteries and faster charging technology promising to extend range and reduce charging times. These advancements are not only expected to increase the practicality of electric dirt bikes but also potentially reduce their initial cost.

In terms of charging infrastructure, the increase in electric vehicles on the road is leading to more widespread availability of charging stations. Portable chargers and battery swap systems are also being developed, making it easier to recharge electric dirt bikes even in remote off-road locations.

Furthermore, the cost of electric vehicle technology is gradually decreasing as it becomes more commonplace and production scales up. This trend suggests that the upfront cost of electric dirt bikes is likely to become more competitive with traditional bikes in the future.

Future Predictions for Overcoming Challenges

The future looks bright for electric dirt bikes as advancements in technology and infrastructure continue to gain momentum. As battery technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see electric dirt bikes with extended range and shorter charging times. With more manufacturers entering the electric dirt bike market, competition will likely drive down and spur further innovation.

The growing societal emphasis on sustainability is also likely to favor the continued development and acceptance of electric dirt bikes. With their environmental benefits and evolving capabilities, these bikes are well-positioned to redefine the future of off-road biking.

Although challenges remain, the solutions are on the horizon. With each technological breakthrough, electric dirt bikes are proving more and more that they are not just a viable alternative to traditional dirt bikes, but potentially the superior choice for the sustainable off-road adventures of tomorrow.

Electric Dirt Bikes: Real-Life Experiences and Testimonials

To truly understand the rise of electric dirt bikes, it’s valuable to hear from those who have experienced these innovative machines firsthand. Riders of all ages and skill levels have been making the switch and experiencing the sustainable thrill that electric dirt bikes offer.

Experiences of Professional Riders

Professional riders have embraced electric dirt bikes, using them in races and off-road events around the world. These riders often praise the bikes’ instant torque and linear power delivery, which can be an advantage in tricky terrains.

One such testimonial comes from professional motocross rider Eli Tomac, who said, Riding an electric dirt bike offers a completely different experience. The immediate power and smooth acceleration, combined with the quiet ride, really allow you to feel more connected to the trails.

Experiences of Recreational Riders

Recreational riders have also been quick to adopt electric dirt bikes. The simplicity of electric bikes, from easy maintenance to the absence of gear shifting, appeals to many riders, especially beginners.

Sarah, a recreational rider from California, shared, The electric dirt bike was my first foray into off-roading, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The bike is easy to handle, and I feel good knowing I’m reducing my environmental impact.

Experiences of Young Riders and Their Parents

Electric dirt bikes are a hit with younger riders too. Parents appreciate the adjustable power settings, which can help young riders learn safely. Plus, the quiet operation means kids can ride without disturbing neighbors.

A parent from Colorado said, My son loves his electric dirt bike. It’s safe, quiet, and he can ride it in the backyard without bothering anyone. As a parent, I’m also reassured by the lower risk of spills and accidents without the hot parts and fluids that come with gas bikes.

These real-life experiences and testimonials demonstrate the wide appeal of electric dirt bikes. From professionals to beginners, from young enthusiasts to environmental advocates, electric dirt bikes offer a sustainable and exciting off-road adventure for everyone.

The Future of Off-Roading: Electric Dirt Bikes

The rise of electric dirt bikes signifies a shift in the landscape of off-road adventure. As we consider the advancements in technology, the tangible benefits, and the positive experiences of riders, it’s clear that electric dirt bikes are poised to define the future of off-roading.

Accelerating Technological Advancements

The future will witness continuous improvements in electric vehicle technology. As battery technology advances, we can anticipate longer range and shorter charging times, further improving the practicality and performance of electric dirt bikes. Innovations in electric motor technology will likely offer even better power, speed, and control. We can also expect further development of features tailored for off-road biking, like advanced suspension systems and customizable power modes.

Expanding Market and Increasing Accessibility

As more manufacturers enter the electric dirt bike market, competition will increase, leading to more choices and competitive for consumers. Electric dirt bikes will also become more accessible as charging infrastructure continues to expand. Furthermore, as society’s FOCUS on sustainability strengthens, we can expect growing support and incentives for electric vehicles, including electric dirt bikes.

Enhancing Sustainable Off-Roading Experience

Electric dirt bikes will continue to provide a sustainable off-roading experience, allowing riders to enjoy the thrill of the ride while minimizing their environmental impact. As these bikes become even more powerful and efficient, they will offer an off-roading experience that not only matches but potentially exceeds that of traditional dirt bikes.

The rise of electric dirt bikes presents a promising future for off-road biking. These machines offer the potential for thrilling, high-performance adventure coupled with sustainability and environmental responsibility. In the evolving world of off-roading, electric dirt bikes are not just an emerging trend but the path forward. The roar of the gasoline engine is giving way to the whisper of the electric motor, heralding a new era of sustainable off-road adventure.

Why are Electric Dirt Bikes So Expensive [6 Reasons]

Electric dirt bikes are super fun to ride and can easily be purchased from your reliable bike manufacturer. However, the market for electric bikes is still relatively new. These bikes make use of an electric motor that gets you moving, ensuring you enjoy that little extra push when riding.

However, affordability is an important factor with electric dirt bikes. They are pretty expensive, especially when compared to traditional bikes. The frame, battery, motor, electronic controller, and superior components make up most of the cost.

Why are Electric Dirt Bikes So Expensive in the United States

Compared with traditional bikes that have been around for centuries, the cost of an electric bike can exceed 1,000. In fact, bigger and better brands also provide electric bikes that fall in the 10,000 range.

The main reason why these bikes are costly is because of their high-quality components. We must admit that the features of an electric dirt bike are no match for an old-school, conventional bike.

These might be shocking for those who have just started learning about electric bikes. However, when you break down the costs, you will start to understand what makes these bikes so expensive.

Here are some reasons why electric dirt bikes come with a high price tag:

Higher Quality Frame

One of the most important parts of an electric bike is the frame that it is made with. A good quality e-bike may have double the weight of a traditional bike because of the frame it uses.

In fact, most electric dirt bikes weigh more than 50 pounds- this may sound like a lot, but to ensure that the rider is supported well, the frame needs to be sturdy. over, the battery and motor also add to the weight of the bike.

You will also find lighter electric bikes in the market that are of great quality but use expensive materials to make their frames more portable. However, these bikes are enough to break your bank and may not fall in the price range you are looking for.

Some manufacturers have also started to design custom frames so that the battery is made part of the frame. This makes the e-bike lighter but also shoots up the cost price because of the exclusive materials and designs used.

Additional Battery Cost

One of the major reasons electric dirt bikes are so expensive is the battery they come with. Most batteries alone cost between 500 to 1,000, which substantially increases the entire electric bike’s price.

Most of the electric bikes you find in America come with a lithium-ion battery that makes the bike extremely efficient. over, these batteries are not too heavy, so they do not add too much extra weight on the bike.

electric, dirt, bike, cost

The lighter the battery, the easier it is to use the bike to cycle. We recommend investing in an electric bike with a superior-quality battery because it will definitely last longer than a cheap battery.

A good battery should last up to 4 years before it calls for maintenance or replacement. Till then, you might even be tempted to switch your electric bike and invest in a newer model; who knows?


Another major cost that causes the price of e-bikes to shoot up is the cost of the motor. There is no motor in a traditional bike which makes them cheaper. However, e-bikes use motors that allow riders to pedal with ease.

When riding an electric bike, you will have to use the pedal assist feature that most bikes come with or twist the throttle. Both these features make use of a motor.

Each bike has a different motor customized to the bike’s shape. This increases its price as the cost of labor increases as well. Anything that needs to be made specially cannot be made in bulk, increasing the cost of the material used.

Superior Quality Components

Along with having a superior frame, there are other components of an electric bike that need to be of top-notch quality.

You must understand that these bikes must be able to support and protect your weight, along with the weight of the battery and motor. over, they need to keep all the components stable and safe because the bike will be moving at a fast speed.

For instance, think about the brakes that need to be used when riding a dirt bike at a fast speed. If the brakes were of low quality, the rider would be in grave danger and could also get into an accident. The better the bike parts, the higher the price will also be.

Electronic Controller

Traditional bikes do not need an electronic controller, which is crucial for an electric bike. It also contributes to the bike’s increasing price.

Think of an electronic controller like the brain of the bike – it helps the bike form communication between the motor and battery. over, it controls the speed of the motor and is used as a brake to ensure that you can stop the bike any time you want without facing any difficulty.

When the brakes are applied on an electric bike, the electronic controller helps cut off the power supply. It makes use of the power that the battery supplies and ensures that it reaches the motor.

The type of controller that an electric bike uses mainly depends on the brand you are investing in. Electronic controllers have adjustments for miles or kilometers, tire size, and also monitor the overall mileage and the journey mileage each time you ride the bike.

Niche Market

Even though the components of an electric bike add to its total cost, they are also so expensive because they are not extremely popular and are relatively new to the market.

It is only recently that electric dirt bikes have gained popularity, but so far, we have to say that they are still a niche market. The low demand means that companies have a monopoly in the market, allowing them to sell for more, increasing the bike price.

Most manufacturers cannot create parts of the electric bike in bulk quality because of the changing demand, which increases the total cost, making the bikes more expensive.

In an alternate scenario, manufacturers could take advantage of the economies of scale by mass-producing e-bikes. Traditional bikes can be manufactured in bulk quantities because of how popular they are, which lowers the overall costs of the bikes.

over, since electric dirt bikes are not as popular, there are not as many manufacturers today. Since the competition in the market is low, manufacturers do not feel the need to compete for a lower price for their customers.

We are hoping that electric bikes will become more popular in future years so that there is a rise in competition and better are offered.

In fact, our observation shows that as compared to last year, there has been a definite drop in the of e-bikes since more people are manufacturing them today.

How to Choose Your Electric Dirt Bike if You Live in the US

If you are planning on buying an electric bike, we encourage you to save some money to get a better model. Even though there is a slight chance that the price of electric bikes might drop in future years, there is no solid guarantee. Hence, if you have the budget, you should buy your bike as soon as possible.

Electric bike depend on the materials used; the better the materials and the lighter the bike, the more expensive the bike will be. However, based on customer reviews, you can definitely find bikes that fall in the mid-range and are found to be great.

We would recommend that before making your final purchase, you should read reviews in depth, do some research on the manufacturer, and ensure that you are getting the best product that falls within your budget.

To help you understand what you are paying for, we have elaborated on the kind of bikes that fall within each price range:

Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost 1,000

These are considered to be entry-level bikes and the starting range for most bikes. You will usually find low-quality components used that will not be as superior as those used in more expensive bikes. over, the bike frame will be heavier as it will be made out of aluminum.

If your budget exceeds 1,000, we recommend the SwagTron eBike. It is a folding bike, making it a great choice if portability is an issue for you.

Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost 2,000

If you do not want to spend too much money but still want to make a Smart purchase, you can get a bike within this range. These bikes use decent materials, but given the price range, you should not expect the absolute best.

You will find bikes with better batteries that last longer, sturdier frames, and extra features and accessories in this price range.

Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost 3,000

If you are looking for an electric bike within 3,000, you are guaranteed to find one to your liking. These bikes have top-notch components and are physically more attractive than other bikes. They are usually made from carbon, making them lighter and more portable.

You can probably even find electric bikes with a seating arrangement on the back in this range if you are planning on carrying another rider on your bike.

This range is also suitable for electric cargo bikes. Bikes in this range would be a great option if you have young children or usually need to do grocery runs for the house.

Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost 4,000

Bikes within this range are the most physically pleasing, as they come with carbon fibers and additional perks. These bikes make use of the absolute best components and may even offer special electronics that other bikes do not.

Electric bikes within this range are made to last for years and are great for someone who can afford them and is looking for something special beyond the riding factor.

These electric dirt bikes are cutting-edge bikes that can be shown off but, more than that, are practical and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the price of electric bikes come down?

We can only speculate but believe that the price of electric dirt bikes will decrease over time. This is because they will become more popular all over the globe. In that case, cheaper electric bikes will hit the US market.However, we think that once this happens, the quality of bikes produced will drop. Cheap products are not always great. That said, we recommend choosing a bike in the range of 2,000 to 3,000, especially if you are looking for durable options.

Is it expensive to maintain electric bikes?

Electric bikes are not expensive to maintain. You would have to spend as much to maintain them as you would spend on a traditional bicycle. However, every 3 to 4 years, you will have to replace the battery, so that is an added cost to keep in mind. Other than this, the gears, hub, tires, and chain will have to be maintained like a conventional bicycle.

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