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UL Certified Ebikes and Ebike Batteries: Full List

While shopping around for ebikes, you may be seeing references to “UL Certification.” Or maybe you’re shopping for an ebike or ebike battery that is UL listed. Let’s talk about what UL certification means, why it’s important, and where some of the top ebike brands stand in regard to UL certification.

Ebikes use a lithium battery similar to many other common household items such as cell phones, laptops, and electric toothbrushes. In rare cases, ebike batteries can get hot and even cause fires. This can happen when ebike batteries get damaged, are charged improperly or are stored incorrectly. While ebike batteries aren’t inherently dangerous it’s important to follow all recommendations from the ebike manufacturer. Some estimate that less than 15% of ebikes sold in the US have UL certification.

It is unclear how often ebikes cause fires but in New York City alone, fires number into the hundreds per year. Check out the National Fire Protection Associations’ thoughts on ebike safety, including tips to stay safe. And if you’re looking for a fire-resistant bag check out the Bikase Battery Bag. (Amazon or 15% using code “ebikeescape15” on Bikase.com). They are also available in size large.

What is UL certification for ebikes?

UL certification is a way for consumers to know that their bikes’ batteries and electrical components are safe. This certification helps minimize fire risk and includes a review of the electrical drive train system, battery, and charger. UL 2849 certification says nothing about the roadworthiness of the ebike and is not a full evaluation of the bike but rather an endorsement of safety on the electrical aspects.

Another certification is UL 2271 which relates specifically to the battery on an ebike as opposed to all electrical systems. UL 2849 is all-encompassing and you may find ebike companies which have only certified their battery.

There are currently no national regulations around requirements for UL certification for ebikes in the US. Likely due to recent large fires, places such as New York City now require UL certification. Ebike companies are being encouraged by the CPSC to meet these standards as a way to increase safety voluntarily. If the request for voluntary compliance isn’t sufficient, a mandatory endorsement may be required in the future. Please note that while some ebikes might not be UL certified, the charger may be UL Listed.

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So where do the different ebike companies stand? Learn more about which ebikes are UL certified below and if you’re in ebike company, get in touch to be added to this list.

Aventon Ebikes: TUV certified in accordance with UL 2849

According to Aventon, their ebikes are TUV certified in accordance with UL 2849. This assures consumers that the Aventon bikes have been certified to meet critical electrical and fire safety standards. You can make sure your model is covered by clicking here.

Aventon has an excellent article about taking care of your battery. It covers all the basics of charging and care for your ebike battery, which will decrease fire risk and increase the life of your battery regardless of UL certification.

Check out our reviews of Aventon ebikes here.

Rad Power Bikes: Moving Towards UL Certification

Rad Power Bikes is not a brand-new company and currently holds the title of the largest seller of ebikes in North America. They had been following the European standard, EN 15194, which was available before ebikes took off in the US. We are glad they are also embracing UL 2849 and look forward to updates on their progress. Check out some of our Rad Power Bikes reviews here.

It is a goal of ours to certify all of our bikes to UL 2849 standards as they are released in the future. It takes time to set up the processes to get this certification and our quality team is working on it diligently.

.Rad Power Bikes

Flyer Ebikes: All of their Ebikes are UL Certified

Flyer, the company most known for the little red wagon, takes safety seriously. Unsurprisingly, they already have their bikes meeting the UL 2849 certification. Check out our review of their cargo bike here.

Not only do Flyer bikes meet the UL 2849 standard, but all electrical systems undergo extensive life cycle testing. This ensures our motors, controllers, and batteries meet and exceed our extended warranty.


In addition, all Flyer bike frames and forks are ISO4210, an international bicycling safety standard that coves both high-impact and long-term fatigue testing. This further highlights Flyer’s dedication to safety.

Velotric – The Discover 1 is UL Certified.

Velotric reports that Discover 1 is UL 2849 and UL 2271 certified. information on the Velotric Discover 1 certifications can be found in their UL certification blog post.

Velotric’s newest release, the Nomad 1, is also certified to UL 2271 (battery only) but not UL 2849 (all electrical systems). According to Velotric, the Nomad 1 is undergoing testing now and will be UL 2849 certified soon.

At Velotric, we’ve always wanted to create a bike that balances getting the best key components, while keeping costs down. This hasn’t come at the expense of safety, which is and always has been one of our core values”


Juiced Ebikes: All Batteries are UL certified

Juiced responded promptly when we requested their stance on this issue. They were proud to report that they have UL certified batteries on all of their current ebikes.

…(I) am not sure consumers understand how important this issue is. Poor quality and damaged batteries are the #1 cause of e-bike battery fires, yet very few media outlets are talking about what models do/don’t have UL certification.”


Lectric ebikes: Not UL Certified

We love Lectric ebikes, but unfortunately, they are currently not UL certified.

In Conclusion…

Ebikes are becoming more popular in the US, and ownership continues to rise. With New York City banning non-UL certified ebikes and batteries, there is likely to be more pressure for further state and/or federal regulation. We are happy to see ebike companies addressing UL certification for their ebikes and hope to see others follow suit in adopting UL or equivalent safety standards.

Electric Bike Batteries for Eunorau, X-Treme, Revi, Bakcou, Quietkat

We carry a wide range of electric bike batteries, mostly for the brands that we carry. These include ebike batteries for Eunorau, X-Treme, Revi, and many more. Here are the ebike batteries offered by the brands we carry. If you need help replacing an ebike battery, give us a call. To learn more about electric bike batteries, you can read our Ebike Battery FAQ blog post.

Eunorau 48V/12.5Ah | 48V/17.5Ah Seat Tube Silver Fish Battery for E-FAT-MN E-FAT-STEP Eunorau from 399 499

Eunorau 48V/14Ah 48V/17Ah Second Battery Options for FAT-HS | G20-Cargo | Max-Cargo | Defender-S | Specter-S | Specter-ST | META275 META275 Step Thru Eunorau from 469 569

Eunorau 48V/15Ah | 48V/17Ah Replace and Upgrade Battery for FAT-HS Defender-S Eunorau from 499 599

Eunorau 48V/16Ah | 48V/25Ah Reention Dorado ID-MAX Battery for Fat-HD, Fat-AWD UHVO (48V) Eunorau 1 review from 499 599

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Lectric XP Spare Battery

NOTE: Riders should become familiar with their average battery use based on typical weight load, terrain, weather, and other conditions.

Product Specifications:


Note: Battery Charger sold separately or with a purchase of an eBike

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Veterans Input.

The spare battery works good it helps me get back and forth to my part-time job. I am disabled veteran and this is my main source of transportation. It gets me to and from my medical appointments and therapy it has been an immense help to spare battery and the whole bike itself.

Lectric 2.0

This bike is amazing, I have over 4,000 miles on it in one year. I have changed the tires twice from being worn and I get a good price from the company on tires and tubes. I drive the bike to work and back. I have saved a lot of gas since then. The bike gets me 27 miles an hour. With a little pedaling I do an average of 50 miles a day.

What is the longevity of a battery

I am a happy owner of an early XP 1.0. I currently have 1,120 Mi on original battery. The first 800 plus was city riding paved roads the last 300s have been on dirt roads out in the country. How much longer you think it might be before I truly need a new battery? in the country on a dirt roads I’m getting 10 to 15 miles. City I was getting 20. and originally I was getting close to 50 with pedaling losing weight

What You Need to Know About E-Bike Battery Safety

At Tern, we make customer safety a top priority and only use e-bike battery systems with the most advanced technology and rigorous testing.

In a worsening climate crisis, more people are turning to sustainable modes of transportation like electric bikes and electric cargo bikes. It’s easy to see why, considering the advantages of e-bikes — which range from saving money to dodging rush hour. That said, current and potential riders need to understand that not all e-bikes are manufactured to the same standards.

Low-quality, untested, and uncertified e-bikes have recently been the headline of several negative news stories reporting on battery hazards, fires, recalls, and even lawsuits.

Tern believes riders shouldn’t have to worry about their e-bikes bursting in flames while they’re riding. That’s why our Product Development team takes extra precautions, like only using high-quality batteries manufactured with advanced technology, and testing all of our systems rigorously. At Tern, we prioritize customer safety to make sure your e-bike experience is fun and worry-free.

E-bike batteries need to be safe and reliable

If you’re one of the many people who have opted to replace their car with an electric bike, then you probably know how much time you and those close to you spend around your e-bike. Maybe you use it for daily errands, or to carry your kids or pets. You might store and recharge the battery in your house or garage.

Considering this close proximity, riders should be able to trust that their e-bike and batteries are safe to use and handle, in any environment. So what potential dangers come with riding electric bikes?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in most e-bikes, but many are untested

Most electric vehicles produced today use lithium-ion batteries. Due to their high power densities, these batteries are efficient, compact, and reliable.

Compared to cheaper lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are also more sustainable because they’re cleaner to produce, have longer life cycles, and are easier to dispose of.

However, the qualities that make lithium-ion batteries so energy-efficient also make them highly flammable under the wrong conditions, which can cause serious safety hazards.

Lithium-based batteries have a tendency to overheat, and they can be dangerous if they’re mishandled or if they’re not rigorously tested and certified. That’s why Tern manufactures all of our e-bikes with Bosch eBike Battery Systems certified to the UL 2849 safety standard — the highest standard for e-bike systems.

The UL 2849 safety standard is the gold standard for e-bike battery systems

The UL 2849 standard is a voluntary e-bike battery safety standard that demands strict testing requirements to prevent incidents due to electrical, mechanical, and fire hazards. The standard covers more than just the e-bike’s battery — it evaluates the functional safety of the entire e-bike system.

However, not all e-bikes in the market measure up to these safety standards. Certifying e-bike systems to the UL 2849 before launching them on the market isn’t legally required. And testing is expensive, so manufacturers often use cheaper, untested electrical systems or opt to test only the battery and not the entire system.

Our comprehensive e-bike systems are rigorously tested to keep riders safe

At Tern, we only manufacture e-bikes using highly tested batteries and electrical systems. We work with a battery supplier, Bosch, whose philosophy totally aligns with ours. Bosch’s e-bike battery electrical system is one of the few systems in the e-bike market that’s certified to UL 2849 safety standards — a totally voluntary certification.

They’ve developed a comprehensive eBike Battery System to operate seamlessly in compliance with the voluntary UL 2849 certification. This compliance is ensured by third party field representatives that conduct unannounced on-site inspections of Bosch products at manufacturing locations worldwide.

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This means all of Tern’s e-bike systems, including the drive unit (motor, sensors, etc), battery, charger, wiring, and display, have been rigorously tested for user safety by a third party. Tern is committed to working with companies and suppliers that help ensure the safety of every system on our e-bikes.

Our e-bike batteries use the latest tech to maximize safety

Bosch certifies all of their eBike Systems to the voluntary UL 2849 safety standard. And Bosch doesn’t test just the battery — they comprehensively test the entire “Smart” electrical system too. All e-bike batteries require a battery management system (BMS). But Bosch lithium-ion batteries have a Smart BMS that protects against battery cells overheating and detects other errors, like battery overload and over-discharging. The Smart BMS doesn’t just improve safety — it also extends the battery’s life cycle.

And when a battery is at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled. Bosch eBike Systems support sustainable recycling methods. For example, in the recycling processes used by the German GRS industry solution, more than 80% of valuable raw materials can be recovered and reused for new products.

Beyond Bosch’s Smart BMS, the battery’s individual cells are protected. Electrical isolation of each cell prevents reactions between cells resulting from increased current flow. And mechanical isolation of each cell — by means of a steel cup held in a flame-retardant plastic housing — protects against fires. The batteries are also sealed to protect against water damage.

Finally, batteries with the Smart system are produced with a higher level of automation at manufacturing plants, reducing the risk of assembly errors.

electric, bike, batteries, eunorau

If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. By manufacturing our electric bikes and cargo bikes using Bosch’s high-tech eBike System, Tern is putting in extra time and effort to bring you a riding experience that’s fun, sustainable, and safe.

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