Electric Bike Batteries for Eunorau, X-Treme, Revi, Bakcou, Quietkat. Enduro ebike battery

Electric Bike Batteries for Eunorau, X-Treme, Revi, Bakcou, Quietkat

We carry a wide range of electric bike batteries, mostly for the brands that we carry. These include ebike batteries for Eunorau, X-Treme, Revi, and many more. Here are the ebike batteries offered by the brands we carry. If you need help replacing an ebike battery, give us a call. To learn more about electric bike batteries, you can read our Ebike Battery FAQ blog post.

Eunorau 48V/12.5Ah | 48V/17.5Ah Seat Tube Silver Fish Battery for E-FAT-MN E-FAT-STEP Eunorau from 399 499

Eunorau 48V/14Ah 48V/17Ah Second Battery Options for FAT-HS | G20-Cargo | Max-Cargo | Defender-S | Specter-S | Specter-ST | META275 META275 Step Thru Eunorau from 469 569

Eunorau 48V/15Ah | 48V/17Ah Replace and Upgrade Battery for FAT-HS Defender-S Eunorau from 499 599

Eunorau 48V/16Ah | 48V/25Ah Reention Dorado ID-MAX Battery for Fat-HD, Fat-AWD UHVO (48V) Eunorau 1 review from 499 599

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Enduro ebike battery


The frame, entirely designed and manufactured by us, has an original design that differs from the classic E-bikes on the market, recalls the motorcycle shapes above all for the central position of the engine to which the front axle and the rear swingarm are connected.

This has mainly allowed two advantages: considerably reducing the weight of the vehicle, equally giving excellent rigidity and lowering the center of gravity, optimizing weight distribution and ensuring stability and easy handling in tackling and overcoming any obstacle, both downhill and uphill.

The material used is aluminum with parts molded with cold deformation technology and CNC machined parts.

Our models are equipped with a double-plate fork (different according to the equipment) with a 200 mm front and rear stroke that allows you to tackle any obstacle. Braking is guaranteed by 203 mm disc brakes on both wheels, the front 29 “and the rear 27.5”.


It is equipped with a brushless self-supporting SEM mid-motor integrated into the frame by means of billet housings.

This immediately guarantees the feeling of a motorcycle but with reduced weights and the handling of a Mtb.

Our MotoBike has a knob accelerator control that allows you to manage the desired power and a double mapping via a button control with which you can select a power of 4000W or 2000W. This possibility allows you to overcome the most complicated climbs and obstacles that would be difficult to overcome with a traditional e-bike.

The ride, comparable to that of a traditional MTB, allows you to choose the perfect symbiosis between power and autonomy at any time, combined with the level of exercise you prefer.


Still with a view not to weigh down our MotoBike, we have mounted a compact and essential display that manages the following data in real time:

instantaneous display of the battery charger and the detail of the relative values

instantaneous motor consumption

electric, bike, batteries, eunorau, x-treme, revi

residual battery charge time proportional to the power level used

For more technical users, it is possible to vary the power delivery via Bluetooth transmitter and receiver to be connected to the controller and an application on a smartphone; all this allows you to adjust the values, customizing them according to your driving style and the routes you have to face.


As for autonomy, it is about 20-40% more than what you could get from the Sport mode of an E-MTB. Equipped with a lithium ion battery, with a capacity of 910 Wh; with a light pedal stroke and without using the engine too much, you can easily travel 40/50 km and 1,500 m in altitude, with a decidedly faster pace than a pedal-assisted bicycle, which will allow you to reach any destination.

The simplicity of replacing the battery allows the user to bring any spare battery with him; this will allow to travel considerable distances. Be that as it may, in case you run out of energy, you still have the option of going home with the pedals!

electric, bike, batteries, eunorau, x-treme, revi


The carbon covers, new in this model, enrich the design without compromising the lightness of the medium. A quick release system for fairings allows the battery to be replaced without the need for tools.


The bike has a dual transmission system that makes the engine independent of the traditional transmission. On the right there is a classic 11-speed transmission while on the left there is a transmission dedicated to the engine.

A feature to note is that the swingarm pivot is on the same axis as the engine transmission pinion; this allows, without the presence of a tensioner, to mount a chain or a carbon belt.

This makes it possible to move forward even without the use of pedaling and thus allows you to face any driving situation, even where pedaling is complicated, for example in more technical climbs, between narrow passages or on more difficult obstacles.


SEM Venom Evolution | Best electric bike | Throttle e bike | World Champion e bike | high performance bike | fastest e bike | enduro e bike | electric cross bicycle | more power

Technical data

FEATURES Electric Motobike with double transmission, freewheel pedalling and engine management via throttle grip.
FRAME SEM frame in 6082 T6 aluminum alloy with parts molded with cold deformation technology and CNC machined parts
FRAME SIZE size M and L
MOTOR Central brushless self-supporting motor, integrated into the frame by carters milled from the solid, with maximum power peak of 4.000 W
MAP SWITCH Double mapping via a button command:. 4000W maximum power peak. 2000W reduced maximum power peak
BATTERY REGENERATION READY Control unit parameters designed to offer the possibility of regenerating the battery up to 18-20% during deceleration by installing the optional kit
BATTERY Lithium-ion battery. 52V. 17.5 Ah. 910 Wh
BATTERY RECHARGING (220V) 4.5 hours. 58.8V 4A.
AUTONOMY 40 Km. Positive altitude gain 1.500 m
DISPLAY Motor and battery information with:. battery status with reset mode. instantaneous motor absorption. residual battery time proportional to the level of power in use
FORK OHLINS DH38 double crown
SUSPENSIONS 200 mm front and rear travel
DISK BRAKES MAGURA MT7, hydraulic brakes with 203 mm front and rear disc
ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION Dedicated chain transmission
FRONT TIRE Pirelli. Scorpion 29×2.6 enduro S or similar
REAR TIRE Pirelli. Scorpion 27,5×2.6 enduro S or similar
TELESCOPIC SEATPOST Excursion of 80/100/125 mm
BATTERY REGENERATION KIT By replacement of the pinion with threaded connection (free wheel) with a fixed gear pinion
ACCESSORY KIT SEM original tubular wheelstand
This vehicle is not street legal. All SEM Motobikes are specifically designed for off-road use and for riding in private areas
SEM reserves the right to modify the specifications described here above at any time without notice
This may vary depending on the rider’s weight, the type of track and the riding technique.

New Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD 2022 with a 900 Wh battery – Au-revoir range anxiety?

The 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON aims to conquer range anxiety as an innovative fun machine! We tested the flagship Spectral:ON CFR LTD for € 11,299. It tips the scales at 22 kg, and comes with a 900 Wh or 720 Wh battery, Shimano EP8 motor and RockShox Flight Attendant suspension. Is this bike the harbinger of a new eMTB generation?

The new Canyon Spectral:ON looks similar to its predecessor on paper: it still has 150 mm travel, rolls on mixed wheel sizes and packs it all into a sleek carbon frame. However, a closer look reveals the differences between the two bikes – and they’re significant! The latest iteration centres on an all-new battery concept, aiming to eliminate range anxiety. Canyon offer the new Spectral:ON in two different versions: one with 900 Wh, the other with 720 Wh. And in a package that weighs the same as the predecessor with a 630 Wh battery! The German brand claim to have reduced the design’s complexity and weight with a completely new carbon frame. In size M, the 900 Wh Spectral:ON CFR LTD we tested weighs just 22.88 kg, setting the bar in this league. With the smaller 720 Wh battery, the eMTB even manages to stay just under the 22 kg mark. What sorcery have Canyon unleashed, or did they have to make compromises to reduce the weight and complexity to such an extent?

electric, bike, batteries, eunorau, x-treme, revi

The new Spectral:ON CFR LTD 2022 in detail – less is more

The shape and design language of the bike is absolutely spot on. With its defined lines and flat down tube, the new Spectral:ON looks well-proportioned, high-quality and super-sexy! In contrast to its predecessor, they’ve removed the large cut-out in the down tube for the battery. The practical USB-C charging port on the top tube has also been ditched. Their aim was to reduce the bike’s weight and complexity. Canyon wanted to design a light and playful ebike that would make all concerns about range obsolete thanks to the giant battery, though without compromising the handling. To achieve this, the frame was redesigned and fitted with a carbon rear end. In addition, they developed their own 900 Wh and 720 Wh batteries, allowing you to choose according to your preference. The two battery options differ in length and weight: the 900 Wh battery is about 11 cm longer and 900 g heavier. To be precise, the 720 Wh battery weighs 3,862 g and the large 900 Wh battery tips the scales at 4,756 g. It also adds € 300 to the price tag. The concept reminds us of the Norco Sight VLT, which we tested extensively in our high-end eMTB group test. The Norco offered a third 540 Wh battery variant, but the battery options were limited for the European market and there was no choice due to availability issues. The situation is different with Canyon, giving you the choice between both options from frame size M and up. The smallest frame size (S) can only accommodate the 720 Wh battery, which is suitable for this target group.

The folks at Canyon like travelling light… For the presentation of their latest bike here in Leonberg, the Koblenz-based brand brought along a few Spectral:ON ebikes. Weighing in at 22 kg per bike, they were able to travel in a small van.

Canyon’s development team would have had to compromise the bike’s geometry too much with the standard battery, so they decided to design a flatter and wider battery from scratch. To reduce the system’s complexity, minimise potential weak points, and, ultimately, also save weight, Canyon moved the power button to the down tube. The new power button acts directly on the small button on the battery. The only downside is that they had to ditch the USB-C charge port, and the button feels very vague.

With the new Spectral:ON, the battery takes on significantly more responsibilities than its predecessor. For example, the frame doesn’t have an independent charge port, so charging takes place directly through the battery plug that also powers the Shimano EP8 motor. While this helps minimise the complexity of the entire system, it increases its susceptibility to faults. Should you inadvertently disconnect the magnetic plug between the motor and battery with your foot, which did happen on occasion during testing, the system shuts down and has to be restarted. The power plug and the cover don’t fit perfectly, which can cause problems while riding and in very muddy conditions.

The Battery sits right in front of the motor and can be removed from the bottom of the downtube. A chunky TPU cover protects the whole area from impacts and is secured with a rubber tab. You can freely switch between the two batteries without having to change or adjust anything, because the frame and battery-mount are compatible with both.

Canyon dispensed with all cable ports, feeding the cables and brake lines into the frame via the headset, ensuring a clean look and quiet ride. The chainstay protector helps keep the noise down, though the chain rubs against it from the fourth lowest gear down. Unfortunately, all that effort to keep the bike quiet gets drowned out by the rattling of the Shimano motor.

The spec of the 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD – In-flight service included

At Canyon, the CFR acronym (Canyon Factory Racing) is given to the top-end models with special frames that employ more advanced carbon materials and layups than the CF bikes. The CFR LTD Edition goes fully-electronic, combining a SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS drivetrain and matching Reverb AXS dropper as well as RockShox’s electronic Flight Attendant suspension system. Due to stock shortages, our Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD test bike only had the paddle shifter for the dropper post, but according to Canyon the more complex paddle-shifter with the Override mode is on its way. The latter allows you to bypass the automatic mode and switch the fork and shock into a predefined setting. The SRAM CODE RSC brakes provide reliable stopping power, paired with 200 mm rotors front and rear.


Motor Shimano EP8 85 NmBattery Simplo Trendpower Custom by Canyon 900/720 WhDisplay Shimano SC-EM800Fork RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant 150 mmRear Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Ultra Flight Attendant 155 mmSeatpost RockShox Reverb AXS 150 mmBrakes Sram CODE RSC 200/200 mmDrivetrain SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12Stem integrated 50 mmHandlebar CP 0012 760/780 mmWheelset DT Swiss HXC 1501 29″/27.5″Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI EXO/ MINION DHR EXO 2.5″/2.6″

Technical Data

Size S M L XLWeight 22.88 kgPerm. total weight 130Max. payload (rider/equipment) 107 kgTrailer approval NoKickstand mount No

Rock Shox Flight Attendant – helping you land since 2021

The Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD is the first ever ebike to feature RockShox’s electronic suspension system. In a nutshell, Flight Attendant recognises the riding situation and automatically adjusts the compression damping of the fork and shock, switching between three default settings: Open, Pedal and Lock. This is made possible by several sensors hidden inside the fork, shock and crank arm spindle that detect every slight movement of the mountain bike and communicate the data to the control unit on the fork via RockShox’s AXS radio standard. Thanks to the associated app, the system makes setting up the suspension a whole lot easier. Of course, the additional electronic components and batteries increase the bike’s overall complexity. If you want to know more about the RockShox Flight Attendant system, you can read all about it in the dedicated article in our sister magazine ENDURO.

versions of the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR

Alongside the Spectral:ON CFR LTD, Canyon also offer the CFR variant, which comes equipped with highly adjustable FOX Factory suspension, a mechanical Shimano XTR drivetrain and matching XTR brakes. We also had the opportunity to test the CFR model and while it may not feature all the latest tech, it’s performance delivers on the trail. It’s our favourite model of the range, hands down! If you’re willing to skip on the electronic suspension, you can save yourself € 2,000 and you won’t have to worry about keeping the four additional AXS batteries charged. This is the perfect choice for those who often forget to charge their batteries, especially now that you’ve got a high-capacity 900 Wh battery that lets you ride even longer without charging.


Motor Shimano EP8 85 NmBattery Simplo Trendpower Custom by Canyon 900/720 WhDisplay Shimano SC-EM800Fork FOX 36 Factory Grip2 150 mmRear Shock Fox Float X Factory 155 mmSeatpost FOX Transfer 150 mmBrakes Shimano XTR 200/200 mmDrivetrain Shimano XTR 1x12Stem Canyon 45 mmHandlebar HB0057 760/780 mmWheelset Reynolds TRE309 29″/27.5″Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI EXO/ MINION DHR EXO 2.5″/2.6″

Technical Data

Size S M L XLWeight 22.85 kgPerm. total weight 130Max. payload (rider/equipment) 107 kgTrailer approval NoKickstand mount No

From May 2022, Canyon will release 3 more Spectral:ON CF models. You can read a review of the Spectral:ON CF 8 in our “best eMTB under €6,500” in the upcoming E-MOUNTAINBIKE issue, which is due at the end of April – available for free, of course! The CF 8 relies on a FOX Performance suspension and Shimano SLX brakes. There’s also the entry-level Spectral:ON 7 and the most expensive CFR version, the CFR 9, the final of which are yet to be announced.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON CFR model range – availability and battery options

All Canyon Spectral:ON CFR models are available immediately, albeit only with the 900 Wh battery for now. Canyon have already been producing the bikes since December, so stocks should last for a while. The CF models will follow and should be available from May. Soon after, Canyon will release all other models with the smaller 720 Wh battery. The price difference between the two battery variants is € 300.

The geometry of the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR 2022

The Canyon Spectral:ON is available in four sizes, S to XL, offering a suitable option for all riders from 166 to 200 cm tall. Compared to last year’s model, the head angle of the new Spectral:ON is one degree slacker while the seat tube angle is two degrees steeper. Overall, the bike has grown across all sizes, so the new M size has about the same reach as its predecessor in size L. over, the chainstay length has grown by 5 mm to 440 mm. The 900 Wh battery is only compatible with frame sizes M and upwards. Smaller and typically lighter riders will be well-served with the 720 Wh power pack.

The new Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD 2022 in review – 900 Wh won’t make you ride better, just longer!

The riding position aboard the Canyon Spectral:ON CFR LTD is pleasantly upright and suitable for touring. You’ll find more of your weight resting on the saddle than on your hands. Nevertheless, the LTD version with the Flight Attendant suspension offers little touring comfort. As soon as the sensor in the cranks registers a constant cadence, the suspension switches to Pedal mode – even when the bias is set to Open. As a result, the suspension stiffens up, leaving bumps unfiltered. The increased efficiency promised by Flight Attendant simply results in a harsh ride aboard the Spectral:ON CFR LTD. On rough fire roads and dirt tracks, the Spectral:ON lacks the comfort required for epic one- or two-day tours, which is a literal pain in the backside. In this case, the € 2,000 more affordable CFR model with FOX suspension is much more comfortable and our recommendation for those who want to go on long rides on moderately off-road terrain!

The new Spectral:ON easily outperforms its predecessor on technical climbs. This is thanks to its adapted geometry. precisely, the longer chainstays and the steeper seat tube angle. In addition, the suspension stays high in its travel, helping keep the front wheel planted

A critical point that we have to mention about the new Spectral:ON is the lack of ground clearance, requiring you to pay attention to the position of the pedals and the low bottom bracket, both on technical climbs and descents. We encountered frequent pedal strikes during our test rides, which can quickly throw inexperienced riders off balance. When rolling off big ledges and drops, it can happen that you hit the motor on the ground, which is how we managed to break the cover. In doing so, we also managed to loosen the magnets that are supposed to hold the screws for the battery once removed.

Once you’ve charged the main eMTB battery and the four additional AXS batteries, you’ll be impressed with the bike’s intuitive handling, benefiting sporty and active riders. However, the Spectral:ON is great for beginners too, because Canyon really nailed the weight distribution. The bike is extremely playful and keen to get on the rear wheel, no matter if its with the small 720 Wh or big 900 Wh battery, which weighs around 900 g more. Although you might think the long battery would compromise the weight distribution, that’s not the case. The new Spectral:ON isn’t front heavy and the battery’s weight doesn’t have a negative affect on the handling. This is where you notice the advantages of the bike’s low weight of just 22.8 kg and the balanced weight distribution.

If you ride fast, the stiff suspension and sporty geometry make the Canyon feel nervous, robbing you of confidence. The suspension offers enough reserves to avoid bottoming out when landing to flat. It reliably absorbs even the biggest hits, but the Spectral:ON CFR LTD simply can’t iron out long sections filled with roots and blown out trails full of braking bumps. Given the carbon rims, heavy riders and big hitters with an aggressive riding style will also want tires with a thicker casing. In circumstances like these and on rough terrain, our recommendation is to use tires with an EXO casing on the front and a Doubledown tire on the rear.

2022 Canyon Spectral:ON: 900 Wh or 720 Wh – which battery is best?

No question: a whopping 900 Wh sounds tempting, but do you really need it? For the majority of riders, 720 Wh will undoubtedly be enough! So is the € 300 surcharge for 180 Wh, which is in fact “only” 20% more, worth it? In the case of the Canyon Spectral:ON we think it is! On the one hand, because it has no negative impact on handling, on the other, because range concerns are a thing of the past – even if they’re not rationally justified – and because the large battery requires charging less often. After shorter rides, you don’t necessarily have to recharge the bike after every ride, and a larger battery has a longer lifespan for the same amount of use. The bare figures speak for themselves: the € 300 surcharge for the € 11,300 flagship model means you pay just 3% more for 20% more battery capacity!

Is the 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON the pioneer of a new E-MTB generation?

We’re confident that the future holds many more bikes with 900 Wh batteries. In our E-MOUNTAINBIKE group test, we stated that 750 Wh have almost become the new “normal”, which isn’t necessarily conducive to great performance and handling. However, the German brand have mastered the integration of the 900 Wh battery in the new Spectral:ON, no detracting from its handling in any way compared to the 720 Wh variant. However, this isn’t always the case, as can be seen on other big-battery ebikes. So, we’re sticking to our guns with the motto: as little as possible, as much as necessary! capacity doesn’t just come from nowhere, inevitably meaning more weight. And that weight can have a significant impact on the handling if it’s positioned wrong or countered with lightweight components. In the case of the new Spectral:ON, Canyon were Smart, reducing the bike’s weight by simplifying the design, resulting in an impressive overall package. However, the weight-saving integration also comes with some compromises and disadvantages, resulting in a more complicated battery removal and a finicky charging port/connection between the battery and motor, for example. Despite these teething issues, Canyon have set the bar in what’s technically possible. Only time will tell whether the new Spectral:ON will become the poster child of a new generation of long-range eMTBs! However, we’re generally convinced that the industry, shops and media should provide more information about the factors that define the actual range to reduce unnecessary range anxiety rather than blindly entering a battery arms race!


The new 2022 Canyon Spectral:ON is a light-footed everyday Hero with a playful character and huge battery capacity, offering intuitive handling for both beginners and experts. Thanks to the 900 Wh battery option, range anxiety can be a thing of the past, without compromising the handling! However, it does come at the cost of a more complex battery removal and finicky charging port. Together with the large battery, the relaxed riding position makes this a great choice for touring riders – as long as it’s the CFR version with the more comfortable analogue FOX suspension. The Flight Attendant suspension of the LTD model might turn heads, but it offers no real advantages. Overall, the new Canyon Spectral:ON is significantly better than its predecessor. However, there are even better bikes for extreme terrain, both up- and downhill! Due to the low bottom bracket, you have to be careful of pedal strikes.


  • excellent integration of the huge battery
  • minimalist cockpit for a tidy look
  • beautiful shape and design language
  • light-footed and playful


  • Flight Attendant adds no real value to this bike
  • feels nervous at high speeds
  • frequent pedal strikes likely
  • finicky charging port

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Words: Julian Schwede, Robin Schmitt, Simon Kohler Photos: Robin Schmitt

X-Treme 24V/36V X-Cursion Electric Bike Battery. 24v in stock, 36v pre-order only price guaranteed

Replacement 24V Lithium LiPo4 Battery for the X-Treme Elite X-Cursion Folding Mountain Electric Bicycle. This battery is located inside the bicycle frame. Click Add to Basket, and then click upper right corner to Checkout.

If you need the Version 1 battery for our regular X-Cursion or XB-310Li that mounts behind the bicycle seat, please search the site for 24VMTN-200-XCUR-1.

Estimated shipping and delivery is 5-10 days business days if the product is in stock.

X-Treme products come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The X-Treme frame comes with a lifetime warranty. You can view the X-Treme warranty by clicking here.

X-Treme has a 15-days return warranty. You can view the return details by clicking here.

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