Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations What s the Difference…

Integrated battery ebike

Electric pedal-assisted bikes, also known as E-bikes or electric bikes, offer a spectrum of benefits for different kinds of rides and riders, and aim to break down barriers that prevent us from taking longer, faster rides. Each E-bike in our lineup has a pedal assist motor that runs on a frame-integrated, rechargeable battery. One question we get all the time is: how long will my E-bike battery last on one charge? The not-so simple answer: It depends. We know, WE KNOW: that’s not that helpful, but hear us out. There are a lot of factors that affect just how far your battery will last, and once you understand them, you’ll be better at estimating how many miles you have before you need to recharge.

But, before you can get a clear picture of how to maximize your E-bike battery life, you’ll need a quick run-down of the technology that goes into making your E-bike… well… go. We’ve tried to put our tech jargon into simple terms here. Read on for detailed descriptions of each model of battery and motor, and how they interact on your bike.

Liv’s Four Battery Options

Our E-bikes are built with one of three batteries that power the motor: the EnergyPak Smart, the EnergyPak Smart Compact, or the EnergyPak Side Release. Also available is the EnergyPak Plus, a small backup battery. All four rechargeable batteries detach from the frame and can be plugged in either on or off the bike, depending on how accessible your outlet is.

The strength of each battery is measured in watt hours (Wh)—a unit totally different from watts, which many cyclists use to measure their own power output at any given moment as they ride. But mainly: The higher the watt hour of your bike’s battery, the more power it can hold.

The EnergyPak Smart is the highest-capacity battery available for our E-bikes, ideal for long, intense rides where you’ll be using a large amount of pedal assistance or encountering a lot of loose gravel, snow, mud, or other unpaved terrain. The slim, streamlined battery is integrated right into the frame of the bike for a clean look and feel. It comes in three different watt hour (Wh) versions: 625, 500, and 400 (if the bike you buy comes with the 400 or 500 Wh battery, it’s compatible for an upgrade). All three Wh levels of the battery charge from dead to 80 percent in under three hours.

The EnergyPak Smart Compact is our 500 Wh electric road bike battery, which has the sleekest profile designed to help your E-bike blend in with a fleet of non-electric road bikes. Both the EnergyPak Smart and EnergyPak Smart Compact have aluminum casing to help prevent overheating, for both safety and battery-life extension purposes.

The EnergyPak Side Release comes on many of our commuter E-bikes and entry-level electric mountain bikes, shaped specifically to fit into step-through models. It’s available in 500 Wh and 400 Wh and slides into the side of the downtube, rather than removing from the bottom the previous two batteries listed. EnergyPak side release’s waterproof rating is IPX5, slightly less than the rest of Liv’s batteries (IPX6, which can withstand a bit more pressure).

If you’re taking an extra-long trip where you might need extra battery life before you reach a place you can recharge, the EnergyPak Plus, a 250 Wh backup battery, is available. It’s small, lightweight, and can be mounted directly to your downtube to add more miles to your ride. It charges relatively quickly, up to about 80 percent capacity in just two hours, so you can change up your main battery and this one in a single evening.

Liv’s Three Motor Options

Our E-bikes have a motor located near the bottom bracket that gives you assistance in turning the pedals, also called pedal assist. The three motors were developed in cooperation with Yamaha, and include the SyncDrive Pro, the SyncDrive Sport, and the SyncDrive Core. All three motors are equipped with multiple sensors that detect even the slightest change in your cadence, power input, and speed. This allows the motor to blend the assistance it’s giving you into your pedal stroke in the most natural way possible; it engages smoothly and gradually, increasing input to match yours. Our E-bikes are designed to emphasize and support your own power and fitness, so there is no throttle you can push to make it go. You have to pedal—but how hard you pedal is up to you.

Our top-end E-bikes come with the SyncDrive Pro. It’s the most powerful motor with the fastest engagement, meaning it feels the most touchy of the three, so it’s great for intense bursts of power to get through tricky uphill sections or steep punchy climbs on a mountain bike. The highly sensitive motor engages even if you’re pedaling super lightly and quickly (up to 170 rpm).

The SyncDrive Sport motor comes on most of our mid-priced bikes, and offers a less-punchy engagement than the Pro. Since it’s more conservative with its power, it tends to use less battery over time than the high-powered Pro as well.

The SyncDrive Core is the lightest-duty motor that comes on many of our E-commuter, and entry-level E-mountain bikes. It offers the smoothest engagement with the most gradual increase of assistance, so it is the most battery-conserving option of the three. And—bonus—it’s also the quietest.

Electric Bike Batteries Are Installed in Different Locations.- What’s the Difference?

In daily life, the problems of bus congestion, subway congestion, and luxury taxis have mainly been solved with the popularity of electric bicycles. Using an electric bike to commute is environmentally friendly and can exercise your leg muscles, so riding an electric bicycle has become a logical choice. The battery and motor of an electric bicycle are essential components. An in-depth understanding of the battery of an e-bike can bring more benefits to the rider. The motor stores the electric energy required for the electric bicycle to travel and cooperates with the motor of the electric bike to provide a sufficient guarantee for the rider’s riding journey and riding range. According to the classification of electric bicycles, the installation position of the battery will also be different. The type of fat tire electric bike brand Cyrusher has other electric bikes with built-in battery and external battery for consumers to choose from. So, what’s the difference between a battery mounted inside and outside of an e-bike? What impact does the difference between the built-in and external batteries have on an electric bike’s performance? If you’re struggling with the answers to these questions, keep reading.

What Are the Integrated Battery and the Central External Battery? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Integrated battery:

This electric bicycle battery is also called the built-in battery. Generally, the battery’s shape cannot be seen in appearance because the battery is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is perfectly integrated with the bicycle frame to make the overall impression more beautiful and concise. Its lines are more harmonious and cleaner.

Central external battery:

The main external battery is generally located outside the frame’s top tube or down tube. This type of battery is visible on the outside, and when installed on the outside of the frame, it is easy to raise dust, mud, stones, and water on the road, which is harmful to the appearance of the battery of the electric bicycle. And may look incongruous from the overall look of the bike but can be removed more easily.

In order to show the difference between the battery installation positions of electric bicycles for those who love electric bicycles, the following table takes Cyrusher Kommoda’s internal battery and Cyrusher XF900’s external battery as examples of the difference between the two bicycles.

stylish commuter, rough road cyclist

The above table shows the difference between the different battery installation positions of Cyrusher’s two electric bicycles and their apparent advantages and disadvantages.

The built-in battery of Cyrusher Kommoda makes the overall line of the electric bicycle more smooth and more beautiful, and the battery configuration is integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle, which is not easy to be stolen during parking time. The bike is also more balanced and easier to steer in inclement weather.

Cyrusher XF900 uses an external motor. Although the external battery may receive some wear during daily riding, the Cyrusher XF900’s external battery has a relatively sturdy protective case compared to the battery design on the seat tube. It has a small lock to prevent the battery from being stolen. The overall design is not too bulky and more convenient to remove and charge.

In addition to the two kinds mentioned above of electric bicycle batteries, electric bicycles will use a dual battery system under the continuous technical support of the battery development process of electric bikes. One of the batteries configured in the dual-battery system of the electric bicycle is externally placed at the lower part of the bicycle seat tube and is generally connected to the central motor to pull the circuit line of the electric bike with a shorter cable. The other battery in the dual-battery system is built into the front frame of the e-bike, which distributes the weight of the battery evenly across the e-bike’s front and rear axles. The two batteries are discharged alternately rather than simultaneously, giving the rider more fantastic range.

What Kind of Battery Is Best for Electric Bikes?

Where an e-bike battery is installed can affect how it looks and how far a rider can ride it. Considering which battery is best for an e-bike can be a challenge. A battery pack consists of individual cells, and many factors can affect the quality of a battery. A good battery can also perform poorly without proper maintenance.

The Cyrusher fat tire e-bike uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are light in weight and are the best choice for installation in e-bike sports vehicles. Lithium batteries are also more environmentally friendly and safe to use and can be easily recharged, with high energy density and high voltage.

The battery is composed of relatively light materials such as aluminum and plastic. In most of the built-in battery designs, the battery’s compact structure and the electric bicycle’s frame design form a streamlined match. At the same time, lithium batteries use advanced technology to show more advantages in performance and weight than standard bicycle batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are used better than most conventional batteries on the market. Lead-acid and alkaline batteries are also standard but compared to the weight of lead-acid batteries and the capacity of alkaline batteries to last. Lithium-ion batteries perform better for weight and endurance.

How Do the Two Different E-Bike Battery Types Store Power?

The most significant difference between the integrated battery of an electric bicycle and the central external battery is the difference in placement. It is much the same in the way that electricity is stored. Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and easy to transport when you’re out and about, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

The central external battery is housed in a rugged case that keeps it safe and secure and can be recharged while charging.

The integrated battery is designed for easy transport, and there is a power port near the battery for the rider to connect to power when needed.

For example, Cyrusher Kommoda’s e-bike is powered by a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery that can withstand 800 charges. When you need to store power for the electric bicycle, you can directly connect it to a socket on the integrated battery of the electric bike or take out the power supply of the lithium battery separately for charging, and the indicator light will typically display when the power is stored.

When a rider needs to go on a long e-bike journey, it’s a good idea to carry an extra battery pack, which will not only help you avoid range anxiety.

If you already know the different types of integrated and external batteries, you can find a suitable spare battery pack for your e-bike by visiting our website. There are a variety of batteries to choose from. Choose the most ideal for your e-bike power system and capacity-compatible batteries.

For electric bicycles, the battery size conveys information about the capacity of the electric bike. In addition to the rider’s weight, the bicycle’s weight also affects the electric bicycle’s mileage.

Like any other charging device, you can charge and discharge it a limited number of times. It is also possible to extend the life of the battery by doing a few things that are good for the battery life of the e-bike.

Don’t let the e-bike battery run out of charge to recharge it. Riders may idle their e-bikes when winter comes, which will cause the e-bike battery to go into a dormant period, which will degrade the performance of the e-bike battery in the long run and affect its future performance, so it is necessary to keep the electric bike battery at 60% of the power stored.

Whether a built-in or external battery, they exist as the core components of an electric bicycle and play a central and vital role in the regular operation of the electric bike.

The built-in battery allows the e-bike to be perfectly integrated with the frame with the advantage of compactness, and the external battery is easier to remove. With today’s technology, we can’t prevent the battery from being depleted a limited number of times and finally fulfilling its mission of powering the e-bike for several years. Still, we can protect the battery carefully and choose the battery that best matches the performance of the e-bike and the frame and mounting position.

The battery capacity of an electric bicycle with a built-in battery or an external battery is related to the riding distance but cannot stop the rider’s enthusiasm for riding, the most wonderful thing about electric bikes is that they are an inclusive form of transportation that is not discriminated against by age and physical ability. Get out there, get active, and go anywhere with Cyrusher’s best fat tire electric bike.

EnergyPak E-bike Battery

Breeze through any ride with a state-of-the-art Liv EnergyPak battery. Liv’s innovations include: EnergyPak Smart, EnergyPak Smart Compact battery series, EnergyPak Side Release battery, and the EnergyPak Plus spare battery to pack along. Safety and efficiency remain our priority to keep you riding safely for long adventures.

EnergyPak Smart

Whether you want to ride another lap of your favorite trail, accelerate that climb, or commute in ultimate style, Liv’s EnergyPak Smart is your secret weapon for maximum capacity on longer rides. The EnergyPak Smart is well designed and smoothly incorporated into the bottom of the downtube to create a streamlined look and a compact profile that closely matches the design of standard bikes.

Charging the battery while it’s on or off the bike are both convenient options. The EnergyPak Smart offers Rapid charging, achieving 80% charge within 2 hours (EnergyPak Smart 500), or 2 hours 40 minutes (EnergyPak Smart 625). With additional waterproof protection and aluminum casing to dissipate heat, Liv EnergyPak Smart offers supreme safety in all conditions. EnergyPak Smart features a Battery Management System, which balances the charging and power supply by monitoring the whole or a portion of the EnergyPak battery. This increases battery life, efficiency, and optimizes charging performance.

New for 2021, the EnergyPak Smart holds 625Wh of battery capacity, and with the super-slim and lightweight design, makes the E-bike nearly indistinguishable from a nonelectric bicycle. Liv E-bikes are compatible for EnergyPak Smart upgrades from 400 to 500Wh, and from 500 to 625Wh.

INTEGRATED DESIGN: The EnergyPak Smart creates a minimalist downtube profile for a slim and appealing outlook.

SAFETY: The EnergyPak Smart monitors battery temperature for optimal safety, preventing overheating and extending battery life.

Smart CHARGING: Offers Smart charging with extremely Rapid charging possibilities that can reach over 80% of capacity in 2 hours 40 minutes (EnergyPak Smart 625 Wh). To extend battery life, the Smart charger is highly efficient and automatically adjusts voltage to improve the battery efficiency; plus charging can be done with the battery either on or off the bike.

EnergyPak Smart Compact

EnergyPak Smart Compact batteries are designed specifically for road E-bikes, to give you that streamlined, fully integrated look and a smaller, compact profile that closely matches the design of standard road bikes. On point with the current trends, the EnergyPak Smart Compact frames are also future proofed with an integrated design that meets the highest safety standards.

Charging the battery while it’s on or off the bike are both convenient options. The EnergyPak Smart Compact offers Rapid charging and gets the bike over 80% charged within 1.40 hours (EnergyPak Smart Compact 375) or 2 hours (EnergyPak Smart Compact 500).

With additional waterproof protection and aluminum casing to dissipate heat, Liv EnergyPak Smart Compact offers supreme safety in all conditions. EnergyPak Smart Compact features a Battery Management System, which balances the charging and power supply by monitoring the whole or a portion of the EnergyPak battery. This increases battery life, efficiency, and optimizes charging performance.

New for 2021, the EnergyPak Smart Compact holds either 500 or 375Wh of battery capacity, and with the super-slim and lightweight design, makes the E-bike nearly indistinguishable from a nonelectric bicycle. This battery provides a long lifespan of 1000 charge cycles with optimal usage. Liv E-bikes are compatible for upgrades from 375 to 500Wh EnergyPak Smart Compact batteries.

INTEGRATED DESIGN: The EnergyPak Smart Compact creates a minimalist downtube profile for a slim and appealing outlook.

SAFETY: The EnergyPak Smart Compact monitors battery temperature for optimal safety, preventing overheating and extending battery life.

Smart CHARGING: To extend battery life, the Smart charger is highly efficient and automatically adjusts voltage to improve the battery efficiency; plus charging is extremely Rapid and can be done with the battery either on or off the bike.

EnergyPak Plus

EnergyPak Plus battery backup is extremely lightweight and compact, and still has all the latest battery technology combined with an up-to-date design. Get after that epic ride or long commute with the EnergyPak Plus that takes away the worry of running out of battery when out on longer voyages. EnergyPak Plus offers 250Wh of additional capacity, which is a whopping 40% extended range for the bikes specified with the standard EnergyPak Smart 625Wh battery. In addition to being easy to remove, EnergyPak Plus has Smart charging, which allows it to charge to 80% in only 2 hours.

EnergyPak Side Release

Liv’s EnergyPak Side Release battery is innovative and future-proof. The EnergyPak Side Release lineup comes with an advanced 4A Fast Charger. EnergyPak Side Release battery features a Battery Management System, which balances the charing and power supply by monitoring the whole or a portion of the EnergyPak battery. This increases battery life, efficiency, and optimizes charging performance.

OPTIMIZED GEOMETRIES: The side release EnergyPak allows for a compact frame design so it makes it easier to get on and off the bike.

EASY HANDLING: EnergyPak Side Release design makes it easy to handle and remove the battery from the E-bike, plus the battery can be charged on or off the bike for convenience.

How Far Will My Liv E-Bike Take Me On Each Ride?

The range variations may depend on several circumstances, such as:

  • Weight
  • Tire pressure / profile
  • Wind
  • Maintenance
  • Elevation
  • Temperature
  • Terrain
  • Battery
  • Acceleration

How Long Does it Take to Charge?

Smart Charger (6A): Recharging batteries quickly is essential for getting back out to play in the great outdoors. Not only is Liv’s 6A Smart Charger is compatible with the EnergyPak Smart battery (625Wh, 500Wh, 400Wh), EnergyPak Smart Compact battery (500Wh, 375Wh), and EnergyPak Plus (250Wh), it is also the fastest way to charge and recharge. As batteries are used over many charging cycles, The Smart Charger will automatically adjust to changing battery conditions—such as low or high temperatures—by using a lower voltage so the cells are used more efficiently, extending battery life. When not using your bike for extended periods of time, set your Smart Charger to 60% storage mode with the touch of a button. This will save your battery for future use so you don’t have to fully recharge from zero before heading out for your next ride.

Fast Charger (4A): Charge your E-bike easily, whether back at home or even in the middle of the ride. Liv’s Fast Charger (4A) is lightweight enough to throw in a bag and charge the battery on or off the bike.

Luna E-Fusion Ebike Battery

When you buy a Luna E-Fusion pack you are doing the right thing by buying a product made in the USA by a quality group of Americans who really love ebikes. You are promoting a progressive company dedicated to greatness as an american ebike manufacturer. Luna is a breath of fresh air in what has been a stale and slow industry.

Luna from the beginning has been a company always improving itself and its offerings. We are relentless and fast when it comes to innovation. We know that ebikes have been left in the dark ages for many years by ebike business who did not care.

For 2 years now Luna has been working toward the goal of releasing a state of the art battery pack which offers high performance, reliability, safety, and beautiful design, and break our dependence on buying cases and batteries from Asia which has been an ordeal. Summer of 2017 Luna released the E-Fusion line up of battery packs made in sunny California.

We continue to learn, improve and innovate our designs and validate our findings with real testing. We love ebikes and we hope it shows.

Fit and Finish

Each battery case is custom made to fit your bike. Not all bikes frames are the same (every bike is a snowflake) and the craftsman at Luna do the necessary steps using the latest in technology to ensure a perfect fit. The integrated battery pack custom designed for the pack gives the Luna E-Fusion Ebike such a clean and mean look. You will not find a high performance ebike on the market with this kind of fit and finish for under 6k anywhere.

Advanced Mounting Systems

Luna first started on this Fusion project because we hated the existing mounts of chinese battery packs. With the E-Fusion pack we use cleverly engineered magnetic mounts, velcro straps, or mechanical dove tail mounts depending on what is needed to fit a particular bike.

The battery is easily removable so you can take it with you for charging, or swap out for another battery. (bike buyers can buy multiple batteries).

Note: If you need a particular mounting solution and are unsure how it works on the listing you are viewing please contact sales@lunacycle.com for details. Generally speaking, bikes with Wolf use magnetic mounts and potentially lockable reinforcement rails, bikes like Apex and Apollo mount with Allen keys, and classic custom Fusion packs use zipties or reusable metal cable ties.

Its whats on the inside that counts

Inside is the Luna battery pack even though when a pack is finished it is one piece and cannot be opened. We use a potting compound to completely seal the case which makes it extremely element proof and collision proof. The pack should not ever need opening since it is made to be rugged and robust.

USA made using the most advanced technologies available.

Engineered to be as safe and as reliable the pack can be given the currently available technology

Uses Luna’s Advanced 50 amp continuous BMS (long bursts of 80amps)

Its the outside that defines the E-Fusion

The fusion is by far the most beautiful Ebike battery every constructed and will define your ebike with its craftsmanship and artistry.

We use a combination of materials for different fusion packs to match each particular bike. We use a myriad of materials, paint and artistry to make a pack that is not just a brick, a box or a round cylinder. but a piece of art.

And because its fit perfectly to the frame we can fit the maximum size battery that the bike will ever hold.

And we dont stop there. each case we include surprise flairs and features. Each model of fusion pack will have special features to match the bike its built for.

We Use German made Rosenberg Magnetic connectors for the ultimate in convenience, reliability and water resistance

Each pack is potted with the most advanced compound which makes the case and battery pack into one piece and this fusion is almost completely water proof, salt and fog safe, and collision proof.

The Luna Fusion packs feature German made Rosenberg charge connectors which are the the most advanced charge plugs for an ebike ever offered. Their clever design means super convenient and safe charger hook up even at night, and their unique design makes your pack even more waterproof. Read this write up on Rosenburg connectors for more info.

The Best Ingredients USA has to offer

Panasonic 18650 GA Cells are guaranteed authentic and A Grade bought from a USA supplier

German Made Rosenberg magnetic charge connectors

Xt-90 spark resistant connectors for the discharge

electric, bike, batteries, installed, different, locations

The Luna BMS made to Luna Spec to make your pack robust and safe.

The most advanced potting compound which surrounds every cell like a bullet proof and waterproof epoxy.

The best battery case ever conceived, handmade with love in the USA

State of the art assembly in the USA

We utilize some of the most advanced equipment and techniques in the battery industry to insure the safest and most reliable pack.

CNC equipment here in the USA makes many custom components for each pack and aids in the final assembly.

Quality control is ensured at every step by Americans who care and believe in what we are building.

Luna Cycles is a USA factory run by Americans who love ebikes and actually ride ebikes. That is a rare thing.

The Dolphin, Whale and Shark Killer

The Luna Fusion pack is ironically a killer of the packs luna made so popular, and even coined them with their popular fish names. Luna will continue to sale Dolphins and Sharks for conversion bikes.


Each pack is charged and discharged twice in our state of the art testing machines before being sent to the customer to ensure there are no flaws inside the pack.

We do a lot of real world testing as well with each new pack design.

Each Pack design is also un38.3 tested here in the USA to ensure safety and reliable performance.

Un38.3 testing includes drop, vibration testing, shock, high pressure testing. salt and fog testing.

Good Ideals

Luna cycles is stepping up to be a technological leader in the Ebike Game.

We want to make fast and safe ebikes that look awesome and do not cost an arm and a leg.

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